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From the Chairman The recent smacking debate troubles me greatly. First of all, let me say that violence per se towards children • is completely unacceptable; • actually serves little purpose; • doesn't achieve anything; and that there are genuinely better ways of getting children and young people to do what you need them to do. Read more >

Interpreting for the Future Interpreting is a career which has massive scope: it will put you right at the heart of current affairs and allow you to travel, and no day is ever the same! Read more >

TES Resources TES is the largest network of teachers in the world, and the TES site ( features the largest collection of free teaching resources in the world - created by teachers for teachers. TES has a wide variety of resources for all levels, subjects and topics from lesson plans to classroom posters, from quizzes to videos. We've also got a fantastic collection of supporting resources helping with pupil voice and school councils. Because the resources have been created by teachers and refined according to feedback from their pupils, they are proven to work in the classroom. All the resources on TES are free, and there is no limit to the number of resources a member can download. Visit to download and share resources today.

Shipston Primary School Council Report: Autumn Term We represent our school by being their voice and giving everybody the chance to share their ideas and have a say. We encourage everyone to think of great ideas to help the school by having class council meetings every Thursday with our teachers. During these meetings we have the chance to talk about issues that affect our class, year group, or the whole school... Read more >

Cardiff Primary Schools Cardiff primary schools are to attend the second annual School Council Fun Day to promote the importance of School Councils for children to get their voices heard and to share some of the brilliant things the individual councils have achieved... Read more >

Raising the achievement of EAL students There was a really good Best Practice example on the Ofsted updates last week. Although this features a school with fourfifths of the students speaking Urdu or Arabic, the principles are obviously the same whatever the language. There are some great ideas in the example... Read more > Download the full report >

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TES Resources Interpreting is a career which has massive scope: it will put you right at the heart of current affairs and allow you to trave...