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What's this? Well, we know it's the earth(!) but we'll donate £25.00 worth of goods to the first School Council that can tell us the name that we have already adopted for it.   Now let me see. What could it be?...   Teachers (and pupils!): Here's the clue: A French beverage, large, sad, sincere.   A bonus £10 if you fully explain the clue, as well as get the answer right.   Email to enter this fun competition.   Enjoy

From the Chairman - You can do it if you try! Let's talk "confidence". Let's talk "aspiration". Let's talk about the link between entrepreneurship and leadership. Just reach out, young people. You can do it if you try. read more  >

Hand Hygiene

Featured School – Hollywater

Another excellent school for you – this time, Hollywater from Hampshire. Sarah Kitching, Deputy Head, writes. read more >

You couldn't make it up! Why do I need landing lights on my roof? Health and Safety. Click here for a little seasonal light relief about a man with a white beard – you know who.

Antibiotics Awareness

Which is best, handwashing with soap or

The Health Protection Agency need us all to get the message on this

hand sanitisers? Which kills the germs best? Not sure? Nor were we. We all need to know. So we asked. Here's the answer we got >

subject because it's important that we do. To find out more (and for competitions, posters and prizes), click here >

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Newsletter 08/12/10  

Newsletter 08/12/10

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