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AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION: 1 Credit Course #3013AP Prerequisite: Advanced Honors English II Advanced English III offers the accelerated student the challenge of analyzing works of literary merit written by American authors and responding to the works in compositions. Students may take the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam for college credit. Summer reading is required. HONORS ENGLISH III: 1 Credit Course #3003H Prerequisite: Honors English II Literature study consists of a chronological survey of American literature. A continuing study of grammar emphasizes the mastery of sentence structure, mechanics, and vocabulary. Composition assignments include the writing of paragraphs, a research essay, and book reports culminating in the Tennessee Writing Assessment in February and the writing of a research paper in the spring semester. Students study representative works of significant American authors and their relationship to specific periods in the United States history. In addition to the chronological survey of American literature, this course will emphasize an in-depth analytical study of works of literary merit. Commensurate analytical essays, an accelerated vocabulary program, and independent study will be utilized. A research paper is required, and the Tennessee Writing Assessment will be given in February. AP ENGLISH IV – LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION: 1 Credit Course #3014AP Prerequisite: Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Advanced Placement English focuses on critical analysis of literature through writing assignments. Students are encouraged to develop critical standards for independent appreciation of literary works and sensitivity to literature as a shared experience much like the college experience. Works of literary merit are read during the year, followed by analytical writing and discussion. Students also study accelerated vocabulary and write a research paper on a major literary work. Students have the option of taking the nationwide Advanced Placement Examination administered by the College Board in order to receive college credit for the course. Additional works of literary merit are required for summer reading and must be completed before entering the class.


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