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Recommended Illuminance For Home Use /blog/recommended-illuminance-f or-home-use/ First let us know more about illumination Illuminance means the illuminated object’s luminance f luxes per unit area. (lm/㎡), the unit is Lux. It can be measured by illuminometer/luxmeter and can be classif ied as horizontal illuminance and vertical illuminance. 1Lux means the brightness that 1 lm averagely distribution in 1 square metre place. (1 Lux = 1 lm/m2). And there is another unit of illuminance which is f oot-candle. It conveys “the illuminance cast on a surf ace by a one-candela source one f oot away”, the abbreviation is 1f tc (1lm/f t2) that is the illuminance when the luminance f lux is 1lm per square f oot. And 1f tc=10.76lux.

In order to have more perceptual understanding to illuminance, take an example to calculate it as f ollow: A 100w incandescent bulb will give out the whole luminance f luxes of 1521lm, if those luminance f luxes unif ormly distribute on a hemisphere, if we do not consider the ref lection of light on the surf ace of hemisphere, then we can calculate the illuminance of 1m away f rom light source( the 100w incandescent bulb) and the illuminance of 5m away f rom light source as f ollow: T he hemisphere’s radius is 1m, so the area of it is 2π *12=6.28 m², the illuminance of 1m away f rom light source is 1521lm/6.28m²=242.2Lux. In the same way, T he hemisphere’s radius is 5m, so the area of it is 2π *52=157m², the illuminance of 5m away f rom light source is 1521lm/157m²=9.7Lux.

T he application of illuminance and the reference standard of lighting design Illuminance can show the received luminance f lux in the surf ace of some objects. Because the illuminance can directly show the brightness of object’s surf ace, so all country are set up the lighting design standards according to the illuminance. Here I will introduce some illuminance standards f or home use in some countries, the unit is Lux. You can ref er to this in the daily lif e, and based on the dif f erent situations, illuminance is f lexible.

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Recommended Illuminance for Home Use