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Marketing of Food Products

Diane P. Jonathan S.

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Introduction RED BULL ENERGY YOGURT Company Red Bull launches a new product : RED BULL ENERGY YOGURT Target : French market Main characteristic : Taurine 3 differents flavours: - Exotic Fruits - Red Berry - Peach

Red Bull Energy Yogurt

SWOT Analysis COMPANY Strengths: - Innovation - Marketing efforts - Large target - Quality Weaknesses : - Expensive communication - Company doesn’t diversify - Lack of innovation - High price

SWOT Analysis MARKET ď śOpportunities : - Growth of energy market - Public opened on aproval of new products ď śThreats : - Strong competition - Strong legislation - High negociation with central - Torine can be dangerous for the health

PESTEL Analyse Political

Economical • A lot of taxes • Strong unemployment •Recession

• Strong reglementation about torine • A lot of work laws • Polotical stability


Red Bull


• Product protection (patent)

• Demographic growth rate in France: 0.55% • Trend: energy food, neutrecetical food…



• Increase of environment protection: recyclage, non wasting, alternative power…

•High technology

Segmentation ON THE MARKET FOOD The ultra-fresh nutraceutical market : 2 segments : - The practical segment - The segment to promise health Market yoghurt represents 2,200 million euros or 56% of sales of the ultra-fresh market Nutraceutical represent 900 millions of sales of the ultra-fresh market

Target Young people

Active people

18 – 25 and the 25-35 years Have a night life

Every worker Sportive people

And people who don’t buy yoghurt

Personas Is 28 years old Unmarried

Begin a new job, in international

Likes High Tech goods

Practices sport John Doe Likes restaurant

Likes pub and Club

Positioning Practical segment

Health segment


Original concept




No competitor




Large target




Easy and playful to eat




New taste


Dietetics Transportable




Market Plan TV giveways

sponsoring mailing 10%



social network

5% 50%

Planning for products & brands PRODUCT The core product : Red Bull yogurt : natural ingredients - plenty of flavors - little fat – Taurine. The actual product : Characteristics, design, quality and packaging of Red Bull yogurt. The augmented product : Help line / complaint phone service – packaging – distribution. Red Bull Energy yogurt goal : Create a bundle of benefits that will best satisfy consumers and their needs.

Planning for products & brands PRODUCT Quality : Made in France – ISO norms - competitors (Consumers reactions to a product) Features : Taurine/Vitamins – More nutrition, more energy – Sports/Concentration/Reaction Design : Recognition to the company – Logo (To optimize the consumer’s satisfaction ) Packaging : First to contain and protect the product But also attracting, describing, promotional schemes, required informations…

Planning for products & brands BRAND Branding : Consumers view a brand as an important part of a product, and branding can add value to a product. Loyalties – Preferences – Habit – Differenciation Legal protection – Youth culture (Extreme sports, Dance music, Motors sports…) Red Bull : Feeding & Lack of energy – Quality & Value Taurine & Vitamins – Liveliness & Energy

Pricing objectives The selling price of a product innovation depends on several factors and objectives A product innovative, original, modern and fun Our product

Sveltesse geste minceur


2,20€ 6 bottles

2,43€ 6 bottles

2,90€ 6 bottles

Distribution The distribution network will be extended to the territory, mainly in urban areas where the youth population is dense. The choice of some signs of large and medium distribution depends :  On the product image  On the distributor's implantation  On the volume treated, its shelves and its organization  The chosen distribution channel Selection of snack and fast food

Communication ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES With TV broadcast : Sports events, serie or movies displayed on TV the weekend or evening With the magazines : Sports one, girly one (Voici, Oops, Public…) Through the social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… Direct marketing : Flyers, in supermarkets, in strategic places Partenerships : (Red Bull shows) or Sponsorships with an international football team


Advertising Prototypes ALWAYS HIGHER, ALWAYS BETTER.

Advertising Prototypes Do you need energy & vitality for your sports challenges?

Advertising Prototypes Fed up with tough mornings ?

Communication LEGAL & REGULATORY SOCIAL What is legal or not ? France has introduced the taurine since 2008 and we can trade it freely now. So there are no problems with the sales of a yogurt with taurine as long as this is legal. At the regulatory social level, yogurts are not regulated in France as long as they respect the norms for consumers. The mix of our two main ingredients is allowed. (we van find it even in childhood milk)

Communication ETHICAL ISSUES ď śAs we know France is a huge consumer of milk products. ď ś The market of yogurts is very competitive and attractive. Consumers always wait for new products. We innovate and we make low prices.


Plan for customer services & internal marketing  Importance of customer service for mutlinational (reputation, long-term viability of the product)  The customer is king, the customer is right !  Which means? A free 24/7 customer service phone number and surveys.  Why internal marketing? Effectivenness of employee, quality of production and satisfaction of customers  How to settle a good intra marketing? Chart of behaviour, triple rewarding system, good environment of work and meetings.

Conclusion RED BULL ENERGY YOGURT Company Red Bull launches a new product : RED BULL ENERGY YOGURT Target : French market Main characteristic : Taurine 3 differents flavours: - Exotic Fruits - Red Berry - Peach


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