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Guidelines for international students



Welcome to Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais - CEFET-MG! We hope you are excited to begin your studies/exchange program in Brazil as an international student at CEFET. Being organized and prepared before you leave home will make your staying much easier. Thus, these following instructions are meant to guide students from PEC-G, PEC-PG, exchange students and IAESTE programs into their stay on a whole range of matters relating to institutional procedures as well as other services offered in our campuses.



USEFUL INFORMATION BEFORE YOU ARRIVE Two weeks before you arrive, the International Affairs Office, Secretaria de Relações Internacionais (SRI in Portuguese) - Welcome Committee will send you an e-mail with some documents attached. These documents give the student a guideline about home stay useful items, Federal Police Registration instructions, city maps and general institutional information.

ONCE YOU ARRIVE 1. Check list Once you have arrived at Campus I, you are required to bring the following documents to SRI, located in the Administrative Building - second floor: • Original passport • Two passport copies (one is for us and the other for your identity card) • Two recent individual 3x4 passport photos, white background. 2. Complete forms At this dependence, you will complete four different forms: • Your Student Identity card form (carteira) • The personal mail account opening requirement • Personal information data form • Confirmation of PLE (Português como Língua Estrangeira) course 3. Orientation manuals Right after you have completed the forms mentioned above, you will be given some survival documentation such as a city guide for international students, the medical services manual and our restaurant instructions, in order to get you informed about CEFET services policies and some relevant issues about your new city. 5

4. Academic Record/ Registro Escolar (only for PEC-G students and regular exchange students) Going to the Registro Escolar sector will be a necessary step, since it allows you to be informed about how your current course and other academic procedures work, that is to say, keeping track of your official university records of enrollment and academic standing, in order to avoid potential academic contingencies. Registro Escolar facilities are located in the main building at Campus II. One of our SRI members will take you there at once after you have completed all the forms needed in SRI. For future queries about the academic system of the institution, please drop by RE (Registro Escolar) office from Monday to Friday, from 08:40 to 10:40 /14:40 to 16:40 / 18:40 to 20:40, contact Marina Conceição da Silva by email or make a phone call to (31) 3319-6731 / (31) 3319-6732 You can also find the online version of the Academic Student Regulation in Diretoria de Graduação site:, then access <Regulamentos e Normas>. Important: Subjects and communication with SRI It is important an immediate communication with SRI in case you are presenting any problems with your coordinator. Additionally, regarding the subjects you are about to take or you are currently taking, any discrepancy in your schedule or any superposition of subjects presented need to be informed at the earliest in order to solve the situation. We understand that potential academic problems in terms of your subject schedule may arise, that’s why you need to be prepared in case your schedule does not come out as you were expecting.


Student Assessment and courses dispositions (only for Regular exchange students) 1. Regular Academic Exchange students are supposed to fill in a learning agreement form in which he/she will specify the subjects to enroll. The form needs to be submitted to Secretaria de Relações Internacionais office by e-mail (before classes start), so that the course coordinator may check available subjects and if the prerequisites are necessary or whether the candidate have them. Changes in any subject may be previously agreed between the student and CEFET-MG. (See chart below). 2. Classes are taught in Portuguese. Many professors do not speak any foreign language. 3. The student is supposed to attend at least 75% (seventy-five per cent) of the total hourly load specified for each subject. 4. The student who obtains a final score (Nota final - NF) equals or higher than sixty (60) points and a minimum frequency of 75% of the total course load for the subject will be approved. 5. According to the subject, the evaluation of the school performance may be theoretical, practical, or a combination of both. 6. The theoretical evaluation is aimed at determining the degree of student learning from the theoretical content of the course, being expressed by a Nota de Teoria (NT) and ranges from 0 (zero) to 100 (a hundred). 7. The practical assessment is aimed at determining the degree of student learning from the practice of laboratory activities, being expressed by a Nota de Laboratório (NL) and ranges from 0 (zero) to 100 (one hundred). 8. The teacher can use several types of homework as a tool for didactic-pedagogic assessment according to the content of the course and its specificities. Teaching classes and evaluate the performance of students is faculty´s responsibility. 7

9. The school performance assessment should be distributed throughout the semester and no such assessment covers more than 40% of the total points of the discipline. 10. Final score x frequency x performance: Final Score Range



Final Score Performance

90 to 100

≥ 75%




80 < 90

≥ 75%



Very good

70 < 80

≥ 75%




60 < 70

≥ 75%




BUDDY PROGRAM (students in Belo Horizonte) The Buddy Program is a SRI International program which matches domestic students (peer support volunteers) with new incoming international students. Buddy Program is open to everyone interested in obtaining orientation throughout the stay in Belo Horizonte. The orientation is given by a CEFET current student with proficiency in English and he/she will be pleasantly able to advice you in everything related to transport, food, main reference places in the city and other relevant tips to help you out having a more pleasant stay in BH. Meetings between you and your “buddy” can be arranged whenever you both find an appropriate time to meet up. In case you are considering to join this program, let the SRI welcome committee member know about your interest.

Student identity card/access card: carteira Your Student Card is your evidence of being a student or staff member at CEFET. It is a temporary card and allows you to get access to our campuses, the Library, restaurant and more. If your card is lost (or stolen) then you should report it straight away and obtain a new card. Lost and stolen cards should be reported to the Prefeitura located on the first floor in Campus I. Before a student or intern goes back home, he/she must return the card to the SRI office or to the Prefeitura. 8

Dining Service/Restaurante The Student card will provide you access to a meal plan. Thanks to CEFET Feeding Programme (Programa de Alimentação Escolar), each single meal has a cost of R$1, 50 which you will pay by charging your Identity/Access card. Lunch and dinner are offered from Monday to Friday, having a whole range of meals and one vegetarian option as well for each day. You can check everyday meals by visiting the Secretaria de Política Estudantil website: http://www.assistenciaestudantil. Schedule: • Campus I: 10:45 to 13:30 for lunch/18:00 to 19:15 for dinner • Campus II: 11:00 to 13:15 for lunch/18:00 to 19:15 for dinner Important note: if your card is not activated yet (it takes it two days), you will be able to access the Dining Hall by buying a voucher and paying the regular price for it (R$5,00). You can find more information in the dining service brochure given.

LIBRARY/BIBLIOTECA Borrowing books from the CEFET Library In order to borrow books from the Library, you need to complete an additional registration form in the library of the main campus where you are enrolled. The CEFET libraries are located in every single campus, being 11 libraries in total. The collection consists of a variety of materials including: books, journals, technical manuals , theses, dissertations, monographs, CD-ROMs, videotapes, brochures, etc. Staff and students from CEFET may use the libraries as there is a free access to the general public providing the following services: borrowing, renewal, reservation, bibliographic exchange, among others. The access to the library database and e-books will be through an online platform (Sistema de biblioteca do CEFET-MG terminal Sophia Web.) in which you are asked to create a unique login and password.


How to get access to the Library Collection Click on “Sistema de Biblioteca” in the left side of the CEFET home Page. 1. Once you have entered to Sophia System start up your search by selecting the type of search (rápida ou combinada) and other options such as: author, title, ISBN..etc 2. Select the library located in the campus in which you need to do your search 3. Click on BUSCA CEFET-MG libraries system 1. Campus I – Belo Horizonte • tel.: (31) 3319-7163 / 3319-7164 / 3319-7165, • e-mail: 2. Campus II – Belo Horizonte • tel.: (31) 3319-6717 / 3319-6716 / 3319-6718, • e-mail: 3. Campus III – Leopoldina • tel.: (32) 3449-2306 • e-mail: 4. Campus V - Divinópolis • tel.: (37) 3229-1165 • e-mail: • e-mail:


THE PERSONAL MAIL ACCOUNT-UNIFIED ACCOUNT / CONTA UNIFICADA The Access account, “conta unificada” was created to unify the access to informatics institutional services. A unified account allows access to the Academic System, Moodle Networking and Wi-Fi. Soon, access to other systems such as the Library System and the authentication of computer labs will only be possible through the unified account “conta unificada”. You need to be enrolled in a course and have the following personal data (name, date of birth, mother’s name and passport number). Contact the Academic Record facilities (Registro Escolar) from your main campus if you need any help in this process. Click on the link: Conta unificada, fill <matricula> number to authenticate, enter your personal data and your personal email. Then validate the received email and register your new password. After the registration, you can change your password through the same link above. For students who completed the Unified Account registration, an institutional e-mail will be created. The e-mail has the following format: (Ex: Important issue: CPF (Registration of Individuals) /Cadastro de Pessoa Física The CPF is the document for registration of individuals in Brazil. It is not obligatory for foreigners, but it is necessary to make certain purchases and to open a bank account in Brazil. All you need to do to obtain the CPF is to go to a Banco do Brasil Agency or the Caixa Econômica Federal or to a post office (Correios) and request it. You will need to take an ID document with you, such as an ID card or a passport. You can find more information at: PessoaFisica/CPF/InscricaoResidentesBrasilExterior.htm. Contact: Departamento de Recursos em Informática CEFET-MG - Campus I Administrative Building, P floor 11

PAYMENT / BOLSA AND OTHER BENEFITS IAESTE One month after the start date as an intern you will receive your first payment (as long as SRI has received your frequency declaration from your coordinator). The SRI office will let you know when your payment order is ready. Remember to get your money up to 5 days after the payment order generates at any Banco do Brasil agency, thus the SRI would not need to generate a new order which takes longer to process. There is a Banco do Brasil Agency near Campus I, which is located on Av.Amazonas, 4.766. DIVINÓPOLIS Banco do Brasil S/A Rua São Paulo, 151 Divinópolis - MG 35500-006 LEOPOLDINA Banco do Brasil Praça General Osório, 133 Centro - Leopoldina - MG

ALÉM PARAÍBA Banco do Brasil Além Paraíba - MG (32) 3462-7877


Banco do Brasil (Rua Goiás) Rua Goiás, 1409 Divinópolis - MG 35500-001 CATAGUASES Banco do Brasil Rua Paulino Fernandes, 13 Cataguases - MG 36770-024 (32) 3422-2889

PEC-G PEC-G students may have the possibility to get a monthly assistance (providing the achievement of a satisfactory performance), received through a banking deposit into a banking account. Students from PEC-G agreement have to look for housing options by their own, since our institution does not take responsibility about this issue. The student must explore a whole range of options offered in Belo Horizonte such as <Repúblicas estudantis> (Fraternities/ sororities), rooms to rent in an apartment or hotels...etc. Important considerations: • CEFET will not be a rental guarantor since financial liabilities of a tenant including paying the rent in the event that they fail to do so, is not an obligation of our institution. • The frequency of attendance to PLE course is one of the requirements to receive assistance (BOLSA). Regular Academic Exchange Students/ Acadêmico Regular: These students do not receive a monthly aid in cash, but a monthly housing payment (homestays mainly) which cover 100% of the accommodation fee. • Host Families: Host families are carefully selected and visited prior to having a student from our Institution. Furthermore, you have the option to change your housing in case any problem arises. Let us know your concerns about this issue as soon as you feel you need orientation.


PORTUGUESE AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSE / PORTUGUÊS COMO LÍNGUA ESTRANGEIRA (PLE) The Portuguese as a Foreign Language Course (PLE in Portuguese) will be offered for free to exchange students and foreign interns currently enrolled at CEFET in Belo Horizonte. This course will provide students a cultural and dynamic insertion to Brazilian experiences as well as better Portuguese language throughout a 30 hours intensive course. Students will be placed in a course divided into three main modules: language, drafting production and Brazilian culture. At the end of the course, the students who accomplish it successfully will receive a proficiency certificate. Do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of this excellent language learning offer! Further Information: Information about the courses and enrollment procedures: Jerônimo Coura Sobrinho Portuguese as a Foreign Language Course Coordinator / PLG Telephone: 33197074 (Secretaria de Relações Internacionais do CEFET-MG)

EXCHANGE EVALUATION / FICHA AVALIATIAVA DA SRI It is truly meaningful for us to be informed about your appreciation and personal assessment about your CEFET experience so we can know which issues are needed to be improved. At the end of your exchange program, you are required to complete a form with some simple questions about our program and send it back by email.


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Guidelines for students at CEFET-MG