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Leolist Vancouver: What You Should Know About Real Estate Agents

For most sellers and buyers the prospect of dealing with a property agent brings forth unidentified fears. Even as some agents are reputable and genuine and think about their client’s best interest as their main concern, there is no scarcity of unscrupulous people either that are just trying to make some good money at the expense of someone else. As a seller or buyer of a property, it is your accountability to select an estate agent carefully. So, here in this article we are sharing some important things that you should know regarding real estate agents.

What an agent can do? As per on which side he is doing work for (the sellers or the buyers), the realtor treats as a mediator between the seller and the buyer and assists to complete the property’s sale. If you are searching a best agent then you should contact leolist Canada. For their services, he is given a commission from their client (buyer, seller or both).


When doing work on behalf of the seller, the real estate agent is accountable for putting the property’s details in the different listing services of the specific area and undertaking some other important efforts like home staging to promote the property.

In the case of a residential property, an agent from leolist may start off by placing the property details on their company or personal website as per on whether he is a part of a company or works individual. Another step will be to promote the property through advertisements and postcards in offline property magazines and online too.

Apart from property marketing, the agent that lists your home is even accountable for following up with some other agents that could have customers that may have articulated interest in the real estate. An agent from leolist Vancouver is even supposed to assist you negotiates the great possible deal. He/ She are with you each and every step of the way till the property is sold; suggesting you on all matters together with procuring a lawyer’s services.

The property agent doesn’t cost the home/client seller for their marketing efforts; though, you would need to incur any involved legal cost in the selling procedure


When doing work from the side of seller, a realtor is accountable for looking through the listings of property of an area that their client is involved in. He manages with the property agent managing the property on behalf of the seller and organizes to show the premises to their customers.

An agent from the side of buyer even assists to negotiate the great possible deal for their client and is with the buyer all through the buying process. He is even accountable for approaching an expert to get done evaluation of the property. Some property agents can even provide other services like help and advice for procuring home loans.

These agents not just earn commission from the homes purchase and sale but even when a property is leased. Generally the commission is given to the property agent at the final deal settlement.