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Entering the Presence of God through the Prayer of Worship Entering our Heavenly Father's Presence: According to God's Biblical Pattern in the Old Testament (Exodus 25-27), our Heavenly Father set a pattern for the Tabernacle in which He would indwell, a place of worship and coming to know Him. Today, we are that Tabernacle in which the Holy Spirit indwells; the place of worship is in our hearts. Most people think of worship as going to a place or building to lift hands. True worship is an intimate relationship and exchange with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This can only take place in your innermost being, a place called your spirit man. The Prayer of Worship is when you are communing with the Father on an intimate level. In this place you experience the depth and width of God. With God all things are done according to pattern, His pattern, His way. God has set this pattern for prayer to go forth, God's way not ours, else it will fail somewhere down the line. How wonderful it is to be raptured into His awesome Presence, to a place where you are not aware of time and space anymore. You will be consumed with nothing but HIM. In Him we live and move and have our being. When entering in with God is not about you, it is all about Him! The deeper you go, there will be more of Him and less of you. The flesh (worldly ways) is not allowed to go in with GOD. In other words the deeper you go in with God, the more opportunity you will have to change into His likeness. This is where we are putting off the old man and his ways and in turn putting on the new man with Christ. Exchange takes place. It is there with Him that we are transformed into His likeness (Image). The more you surrender to God, the more you desire to be with Him. You exchange your agenda, your life, and choose to walk in His Life, His Character, His Thoughts, His Peace, His Order and His Timing, which is called being and abiding in Him. The Prayer of Worship Positions You to Abide In God!

Ladies YOU Are A Treasure, So Don't Look for A Man to Define YOU...

Article By: Sister Gail Boles Have you ever met a woman that depended on a man to define her? This is displayed in everything she does - the way she walks, talks and thinks. Wanting to be in a relationship or desiring to be in a relationship does not mean that you have to lose sight of who you are. Yes, I am in this relationship, but I am an individual with my own thoughts and feelings. I began to think about my own relationship with my husband. We have been married ten years, and not once have I ever needed him to define who I am. In the past, I was that woman that needed a man to define me. I dressed to get his attention and spoke to get his approval; only to lose sight of the real me.

After enduring the many toxic relationships, I finally decided that it took too much energy and time to satisfy the many appetites of men. I no longer needed their approval or desired their acceptance. I began to “When a person value who I seeks for a treasure; was and wherever the took pride treasure is hidden, it already has in what value.” made me happy. I found my identity in God and no man could ever take that away from me. No, a man does not define me! I can love him and care for him without losing sight of who I am. I submit a question to you; “Have you ever allowed a man to define you? Do you feel that you can't live without a man?”

Prophetess Gail Boles & Pastor Eddie Boles

I think one of the worst statements a woman can make is, “I just need a man", as if a man is the solution to your issues and the completion of whom you are. When we think of a rela-

tionship between a man and a woman, we must view God's divine order for relationships between the two. First of all, before God created the physical

nature of a woman, she already was a spirit being; yet to be revealed in the natural. God created Adam in the natural first, however, it was God who determined that it was not good for Adam to be alone. Therefore; he put Adam to sleep, created Eve

Ladies YOU Are A Treasure, So Don't Look for A Man to Define YOU...

out of Adam and presented Eve to Adam; thereby causing Adam to say Woman! God made the woman to be the helpmate for the man. God's word says a man that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from God. The woman is to be found by the man and to help him. The man is to love her and give himself for her. The man is the giver and the woman the receiver. The man gives the woman his dreams and goals and she helps them to come to pass. Returning to the woman being a man's good thing, I equate that to a person finding a treasure. When a person seeks or a treasure; wherever the treasure is hidden, it already has value. That is why a person seeks to find it. The treasure does not become valuable once it is found. Women, you are that treasure that some man is in search of. You already have worth and value.

If a man comes to make you feel valuable, then you are not his treasure. You are not waiting to be validated by a man. God validated you when he created you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God. When a man, a true man of God whose footsteps are ordered by the Lord finds you, you bring the favor of God to the man. You are able to help him. He will love you like Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it. So, until the man finds you, be happy and satisfied with being the valued treasure you are. There is truly a treasure in your earthen vessel. Be encouraged my sisters, and remember...a true man of God can spot a needy and desperate woman. As always, thanks for reading. Until next time, be em-

powered to be ALL that God created YOU to be! encouraged my sisters, and remember...a true man of God can spot a needy and desperate woman. As always, thanks for reading. Until next time, be empowered to be ALL that God created YOU to be!

Don’t me a woman be a that needs a man, ds! woman a man nee

Keep it Moving... I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward. (Amp) But I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back. (Msg)

have to guard my smell gate because the enemy, believe it or not, comes through your smell gate. Guard how you see people, even if they are being stank and nasty. Don't allow what they did to seep into your soul Often we find ourselves on a journey that requires and cause you to take up an In that m a price. Either it is in our mind, emotions, physi- offense. See them through decide oment we ha ve to whethe g o cal body, finances, etc. In that moment we have Jesus’ eyes, and allow him to it ing to be sturc if we're k or ke moving ep . to decide whether if we're going to be stuck or work out the unbalances in keep it moving. Sometimes we find ourselves in that situation. Close up your the pit, or going around that same mountain again. soul, and love yourself Going back into a relationship that we said was enough not to allow foolishness in your atmosover. So, here we go again, and again. Why can't phere. I move from this place? Why can't I just change? Well here are a couple of reasons why: Many times we have doors open from our past. We get dropped, abandoned, rejected, or 1. Low on your word. Ps 119:105 "“Thy word neglected. So, now you're left with unanswered is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" questions. Why did you leave me? Was I not good enough? What did I do wrong? I gave you 2. You are not guarding your soul. 3. You still have open doors that allow access my everything. So questions are left unanswered in your soul and although you've moved on in life, to your soul and mind. 4. Your prayer, fasting, and worship life is at those questions still linger in the atmosphere of your soul. You have to find closure in ground zero. *You can’t fight against spiritual warfare if don't God. Because sometimes they may not come and have the spiritual artillery in you* tell you they're sorry. They might not come back and give you an explanation. However, God have So, how do I make this a place where I'm able to all the answers that you need. He can clear up any keep moving regardless of what I'm going discrepancies that may be hanging out in the through? How do I come to this place of momen- cracks and crevices of your heart. You can't keep tum, flow, and grace? You have to be in the moving if you’re still holding on to what hapWord. You have to commit your life to being pened to you in the past. consistent in learning the blueprint to your vic** You may have left physically, but emotionally tory. If you don't saturate yourself in the word it's you're still there. Bring closure to every open isgoing to be very difficult getting answers to what sue. you’re going through. Prayer is one of those things you really can’t live You have to guard your soul. Be your own gate- without. It's like breathing. If you don't breath keeper. One of the things I had to learn was my you will die. So, you have to build yourself up in smell gate. A dude would walk by, and I'll smell prayer. Prayer makes you spiritually strong and it his cologne and of course I'm turning around say- gives you the power to push through adversities. ing "WHAT COLOGNE DO YOU HAVE ON SIR?” Yes girl, you have to bring it back. So Fasting breaks yokes and loosens the bands of when I walk by guys I close my nose. I don't wickedness. Trust me the devil doesn’t want you want anything coming in messing up my senses. I to fast. He wants to have legal access to keep his

Keep it Moving... (Continued) bands of wickedness in your life. Press your way in, and push yourself to fast even if it's one meal a day or fasting until 6pm. Give God your sacrifice, and I guarantee you he will receive it. He'll take your appetite for food and replace it with a spiritual move of his power and glory that's not from this world. Believe me my sister and my brother you will find yourself being able to resist things that you would normally fall prey to. Isaiah 58:6 says “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to unto the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?”

ing to fight somebody because we're holding onto stuff that we should let go. We didn't give it to the Father so now everyone else has to pay for it. Here's the truth, you'll always be a chicken in the chicken coop not able to fly no higher than the wire fence. You are prone to be killed and eaten by life. Change your status and become an eagle, fly above these issues in life. Guess what? We don't eat eagles, but we sure do eat chickens. Which one are you?

I encourage you my sister and my brother. Don't allow things in life to hold you down. Be free, love you and know you have purWorship is a lifestyle. It's what you live when pose. Everybody can't do what you do. You the instruments aren't playing. Worship is how were uniquely made to fulfill the purpose God you live before the Father. You live in the audi- has planned for you. But you won't be able to ence of one. He is who you have on your mind fulfill it if you keep allowing foolishness in your all day, everyday. Worship is that place where atmosphere, and your life. You have to step up you find peace, joy, and serenity. If you're not to the plate and let it go. You have to get it in worshipping and lying still in the presence of the you "Keep it moving", don't stop, move forward, Lord you might have a soul that's full of chaos. and straight ahead. Your purpose and destiny Trust me you can't keep anything moving beawaits you. So fly high so you'll always stay on cause you're always fighting within. So calm top. You are the head and not the tail, above and your soul, come into the rest of Jesus not beneath. You're more than a conqueror and Christ. Allow yourself to become naked before you are an over comer. You are who God says God in worship. Let him purge you, and purify you are; powerful, beautiful, handsome, you. Once God begin to sanctify you you'll be- anointed, appointed, chosen, graceful, pure, gin to feel light. You'll begin to be stable and righteous, and valued in his eyes. Don't stop, and established, not easily moved or fickle. God is don't look back. Your future and purpose awaits love, and that means that His love should be YOU. oozzzing out of our pores. You find out who God is through true worship. Heb 12:2 (kjv) Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. What he has started in us he 1 Pet 5:7 says, “Cast all your cares upon him; for will finish it (Phil 1:6). Ps 138:8 God will perHe cares for you.” These are our benefits. We fect everything that concerns you. don't have to carry any of our cares. God wants Staying the course, to care for you so you don't have to. When we Loneryl Dee Reid allow our cares to be upon Him that allows us to be free to soar, and accomplish the things He's called us to. Many times we can't fulfill purpose because we're so busy fulfilling other things that doesn't matter. And because we're out of whack now we're emotionally unstable. We snap at any little thing, and we question the things happening in our lives blaming God. Our attitude is stank and we don't know how to live life without want-

Redemption John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; 17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. Many times in life we feel alone, not understanding what is happening to us, nor having an answer to our questions. We look up and down, left and right still not finding what we do not know we are looking for. Our minds are puzzled. Everything seems to go wrong. There is a still voice speaking but we cannot hear it. Our thoughts are louder, our issues have become giants. We see a door open but it seems to be so far away because our vision has become dim. We feel trapped inside a big, deep pit. It seems like we will never be able to make it. There is a desire to give up, but the power of the Holy Spirit does not allow us to. Yes, He is our comforter. In any given time, all we have to do is cry out to Him. I remember those days when I thought I was alone. I was always searching for friends and things to do so that I didn’t have to face the feeling of loneliness. My mind was always troubled, and with questions that I was never able to answer. Why? why?, God. Yes, He was speaking but I was not able to hear His voice. At that time my thoughts were too hazy. I tried to escape through drinking, drugs, relationships with the opposite sex, but I still was not satisfied. “What is wrong with me?” I asked. I became very frustrated with myself until the day I was introduced to Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. Wow! My life has never been the same. It has been a long walk with Him. Every conversation we have builds me up, it clears out my thoughts and my vision is no longer dim. I do not have to search for friends because He is my friend. There is not a question that He cannot answer. With Him I am free. He comforts me. He encourages me. He is constantly giving me a way out. He teaches me how to make decisions and to walk in confidence. Like me, I want to introduce to you the very one that has change my life. I assure you that your life will never be the same, mine isn’t! Pray out loud, Father, I come humbly before You, admitting that I am a sinner and that I have sinned against You. Please forgive me. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins that I may receive eternal life. I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I give you my life. Enter into my heart. Cleanse me, change me, and make me new in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. Now that you have made the step of faith, found a Bible believing, Bible teaching church, where you can learn and grow. Share the Gospel with others, which is a commission. Read the Word daily so that you can build a relationship with God, and get to know Him. If you need prayer please call 813-3255730. For more information or to watch our services via UStream, you can visit our website at

Where we develop and encourage our children to know God intimately, love Him passionately, and serve Him selflessly!

It Is Back To School…. As your children begin the new school year, remember the exhortation to “Train a child in the way he/she should go, and when he/she is old he/she will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6). The primary idea behind the phrase “train up” is to provide a systematic or complete training process. God wants His children to know the Scriptures from childhood.

Prayer For our Teacher…. Praise and Honor to you Father; as the teachers step into a new academic year, restore their spirit. Renew their passion for sharing the wisdom of God and nurture their compassion for our children. Transform them oh Lord, and position them to seek to transform: Guide them as our teachers seek to guide; Father, open their minds and hearts as they seek to open the minds and hearts of our children, to the Principles of God. Help the teachers listen more deeply to your Word, so they can walk with the Wisdom that calls us all to the Kingdom of God.”

What Our Children Need to Know….because What They Don’t Know Can Hurt Them…. Children need to know that God delights to reveal Himself to all who seek Him. Knowing the Lord personally and enjoying His greatness is the highest privilege of every Christian. The Bible is the one inspired place to find out about God—His personality, His attributes, His Names, and His character. A child’s basic outlook and attitude toward life is shaped by the way he or she pictures God. Introducing your child to our awesome God, each week, explaining and discussing some of God’s attributes, names, or character traits encourages your child to know God truly and intimately. Just as a jeweler delights in each facet of a beautiful diamond, love for God will grow as you examine each aspect of His character with your kids.

Do not Forget your child’s Tithe/offering each Sunday.

September Teaching Series Sunday September 2,2012 Title-Follow the light Scripture Reference:Psalms 119:105 Sunday September 9th,2012 Title: Action Words Scripture Reference: Psalms 119:117 Sunday September 16th,2012 Title: Our God,Our Guide Scripture Reference:Psalm 119:133 Sunday September 23rd, 2012 Title: Destination Truth Scripture Reference : John 8:31,32 Sunday September 30th,2012 Title: Wisdom Warriors Scripture Reference: Proverbs 1:1-7

NOT FOR TEACHERS ONLY… The Book of Ecclesiastes The authorship is attributed to Solomon. This book is a philosophical discourse on the search for life’s meaning.  Hebrew name is Qoheleth which means to convoke, assemble or

one who addresses  Greek name is Ekklesiastes which means assembly, congrega-

tion  Latin name is Ecclesiastes which means speaker before an as-

sembly One of the key words is “Vanity”, and it appears thirty-seven times in the book of Ecclesiastes. Some key verses we tend to use every day are Ecclesiastes 2:24 and Ecclesiastes 12:13-14. The Book of Ecclesiastes can be divided as follows: Solomon’s Theme – Ecclesiastes chapter 1 Demonstration of Solomon’s Theme – Ecclesiastes chapters 2 – 6 Solomon’s Deduction – Ecclesiastes chapters 7 – 12 Other key phrases are: “life under the sun” – used 29 times “Elohim” “God” – used 41 times

Things to Think About & Suggestions for Reading the Book of Ecclesiastes: What can you discover about the meaning of life from the Book of Ecclesiastes? Look up scriptures in the Bible that give you a “hope and a future.” Ask how this book is considered in the context of the whole counsel of God Read Ecclesiastes 1:1-3 and 12:13, which are the beginning and end of the book. As you read the rest of the book, keep these scriptures in mind. As you read, learn all you can that is mentioned about the author and write them down. Make a list of some key words that are mentioned more than once in each chapter. Find key themes and key phrases and meanings. Think about how you can apply these concepts to your life. Compare scripture with scripture! In reading each verse, have you ever noticed the tiny italicized letters? If you look in the margin next to the verse, you will see these same letters. These lead you to other scriptures that relate. They also help you to understand the context of the word or verse; as well as enlighten you with the meaning of the word or verse. When you compare scripture with scripture, you will see that the Bible never ever contradicts itself.

Next Month – Song of Solomon – Find out interesting facts about this book!


“This experience taught me to be humble. Not too proud to receive help. It kept me realizing that I should trust him. I had to step outside myself”

I remember not long ago when it seemed like all was wrong. Worldly possessions I had lost almost everything that I owned. Dark days it appeared almost hopeless. There wasn’t always enough to eat. Final notice, late payment I was overwhelmed with defeat. This experience taught me to be humble. Not too proud to receive help. It kept me realizing that I should trust him. I had to step outside myself. Broken cars, lost a job, House in foreclosure, but never alone. Jesus took these situations turned them around now with a better home. I kept on tithing trying to be faithful Because I knew his word was true I kept this as my motivation It was God’s promises that got me through. He says it all works for our good. As some doors close it‘s not always understood, But why ask why when he’s all knowing Just have faith it’s not for long. He will give you inspiration, and turn your cries into a song. I know rainy days will come But we must remember we have security And even when it looks so bad We can’t be moved by what we see. I am grateful for those moments when I was at my lowest low When I had what seemed like nothing And I didn’t know where else to go. I had to run out of ALL resources so I was forced to look to him. It was then I learned a lesson Sometimes we sink to learn to swim. If I had never went through these moments When I had no other way out Then I wouldn’t have experienced the miracles that only “HE” could work out So praise him always lift him up Praise him when you’re walking in rain No umbrella or raincoat Praise him because his love remains Praise him when your bills are due, and when you’re on your last tissue roll And I promise he will show up and he will give you overflow. Don’t forget when things are better Just exactly where you’ve come Because God can’t honor us in pride but he will bless THE HUMBLED ONE. R.WEEMS

September 2012  

Africa Mission 2012

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