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At age 40, fathering a RELEVANT Church body in his generation both Nationally and Internationally is the primary focus of Apostle Mark T. Jones Sr. This edition of the Voice of Manifestation Newsletter is dedicated to all that he is, has been and will continue to become as the Holy Spirit continues to manifest sons of God birthed from his spiritual loins in his generation!

Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.

Ministers of Hope

Apostle & Founder Manifestations Worldwide Inc.

As I consider all that is currently transpiring in our society, my heart aches as I observe the descent of this great society. Our great American society is conforming to the same ills that destroyed the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Grecian Empire, and every other truly great entity. Almost never, are great things destroyed from enemies outside. Almost inevitably, it is the inner enemies that undermine great works. As believers the bible calls us ministers of reconciliation, and co-laborers with God. As such we tirelessly work to aid in the advancement of God's purposes in the earth, which always begin with bridging the gap between God and man. It is my prayer that believers will rise up in the authority that Christ has given us, and become bold and courageous in snatching men from the flames of hell. It is my prayer that the people of God will become dissatisfied with church as usual, but will begin to cry out to God for infallible proofs of His presence and power to be made manifest among us. Not that we need proof, but rather, so that the world will see that Jesus the Christ is alive and well, and seated in the place of power. Believers as ministers of reconciliation be reminded that we have been entrusted by God to RE-PRESENT, Him to our generation. Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.

Very often, people of purpose and destiny fail to leave an ineradicable mark on either society or mankind, only to retreat to the heavens without maximizing their God-given and intended potential. Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr. is not only maximizing what God has deposited in him, but he is also empowering the people of God to fulfill their purpose on the earth. In this season, he is a voice for the voiceless. His messages compel the attention of those who seek to discover their purpose in life and launch their destiny.

Have you ever heard someone speak and you felt compelled to soak up every word? You just want to know them, be around them and learn from them… That’s the mark of a re-MARK-able person. While many males are born with strong physical characteristics, and potentials possessing high degrees of qualities that are considered distinctive of manhood, only a few males willfully become a re-MARK -able man. I’ve constantly questioned “what is a man?” However, I thank God because in spite of what I have experienced in my past and have wrongfully endured from many that fell into the category of male, God placed Mark T. Jones Sr. in the earth realm for me to never have to question again.

I now know a re-MARK-able man. Many times when we try to describe someone the first thing we attempt to do is get the letters in their name and give poetic acronyms to speak of them. In this re-MARK-able man I can truly say I see no separation in the roles that he posses as husband, father, and leader. He walks in strength, integrity, and wisdom. He displays unconditional love, always looking for a person to reach their Godgiven potential. He has made sacrifices when it wasn’t always convenient or reciprocated. I have personally learned from a re-MARK-able man that the path of the outstanding man is not the smoothest or gentlest at times. Even in the face of adversity, resistance and ridicule this re-MARKable man has never stopped to entertain the madness. A re-MARK-able man is aware that timidity and shrinking back has no place in the path of greatness. I would admit being married to a re-MARK -able man has not been without its challenges. Sharing him with others as they learn how to embrace the relevance of a re-MARK-able man is not always easy. A truly remarkable man knows that he is forever a student and can always learn something from even the most unexpected sources. I am so excited to see this new season that God has in store for this re-MARK-able man as he celebrates a new milestone in his life. “Bay” continue to be the re-Mark-able man that you were created to be. I honor you, I love you, and I thank God for you. KEEP ON KEEPING ON BABY , YOU ARE A REMARKABLE MAN !! Happy 40th Birthday on June 6th and Happy Fathers day

Lady Lisa Jones

By using International Cuisine, it is my intention to provoke the partners of CFM to Yesmin Negron engage each other. Through this page we not only meet the “Around the world” but also the “Across the country” partners. During the month of June we celebrate, Dr. Jones birthday and Father‟s Day, therefore I take this time and opportunity to recognized our CFM father. As you follow the steps of your spiritual father Apostle Mark Jones, I would like to say “Thank You” for being not only fathers to your children but husbands and brothers, for walking in integrity, for allowing love, goodness, kindness to flow out of your life. For those men that like to cook and for those that love to eat, here is a simple healthy recipe. I hope you enjoy it. If you have a recipe with a story that you would like to share please contact me at 813-775-5381 or via e-mail

Ingredients: 6 salmon fillets (6 oz. each) 6 red skin potatoes, (baby) 5 handfuls fresh baby spinach 3 shallots, sliced 1 spoon of olive oil 2-3 cloves of garlic 1 lemon salt and black pepper (taste) Instruction: Marinade salmon with lemon, olive oil, crush garlic, salt and pepper few hrs before grilling. Sit in the refrigerator. Align grill rack with aluminum foil. Heat the grill, and put few drops of olive oil on aluminum foil. Place the Salmon on top of the aluminum foil and let it cook. Every 4-5 minutes flip the Salmon until done. While Salmon is grilling, sauté the red skin potatoes with the spinach and scallion, add salt and pepper for taste. Serve as soon as done, be creative.

The Poet’s Corner Possessing the Spirit of a Writer Sister Jennifer Cole

FATHERS' DAY TRIBUTE A father is a man of dominion and power A one of protection and cover A father is the family foundation He is looked upon throughout the nation A father is a developer He allows his children to discover His offsprings carry his name To distinguish his fatherhood claim Fathers are the source of impression There actions will always pose a question Daughters will see what her male relationship will be And sons will adapt the manhood character that they see Fathers desire a special place in his daughters heart They are daddy's little girl right from the start Fathers are their personal protector And their all time problem detector Fathers carve an imprint on their son Teaching them to love and be strong To live a positive image Leaving no fragments to damage Fathers discipline with hands of love Counsel with words of wisdom from above Sets a life of communication Their emotions they try to contain While seeing through all our pain Fathers we love you dear We thank you for your listening ear And those hugs that felt so secure Throughout our lives and our years

Happy Birthday to all of our

Covenant Partners born in the month of


Diana Boyce

Dave Bennerman

Letisha George, Davis George, Desha George, Jasmine George and Brianna

My name is Letisha George and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I relocated to Tampa directly following my high school graduation in 1997. I have been blessed with a husband, Davis George, and three children, Desha George, Jasmine George and Brianna George. I was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist as that is my family‟s RELIGON. It has been for many, many generations. I have been in that religion for most of my life. I thought I knew what is was to have a relationship with God but I truly had no idea. I was stuck in religion not really knowing what a true relationship with God was. Since attending the Center for Manifestation I have been able to understand how to live my life according to kingdom principles. I know what it is to have true peace and joy. My family and I became members of CFM in the spring of 2009 but we have been attending CFM for about 3 ½ yrs now. I am currently a part of the screen team ministry which is led by Sis. Patricia Lashley, who has been instrumental in my life as well. With her not only being there when I needed to talk but for praying for me and standing with me in faith. I thank her for being a strong women of God and for being there for me and my family. A lot of situations both good and bad have lead me to the point were I am currently in my life. I know that God has a calling on my life because at the age of 17 I was at the mercy of the enemy with no one around to help me but God. And when I should have died He saved me. We serve a mighty, powerful God who is truly awesome and in control. At the moment that I was saved I‟ve seen my entire life flash before my eyes. I believe that he saved me because there was more for me to do. There was more planned for my life than I could even understand at that time. I thank God constantly because He has been so good to me. He has always been there for me and I am striving daily to be an open vessel from which He flows. I came to this church broken and in pieces with many issues but I‟m slowly being put back together one piece at a time. To be what God has already said I am. I will always follow God‟s call wherever it may take me. I have made many changes in my life by the grace of God since being connected here. I am changing and growing daily. I thank God for Apostle Mark T. Jones and First Lady Lisa Jones for teaching us kingdom principles & logic to be what God has intended us to be. I am excited for what God has promised for this vision and my life and I‟m thankful every single day for His love and mercy.

The picture on the top of the 16th Chapel painted by master artist Michael Angelo entitled “Finger Tip of God” depicts Adam having the ability to connect with God so well that he could get as close to God as to touch His figure tip. When reading the story of Adam and Eve, I think to my self “How did Adam know it was God walking through the garden in Gen. 3:8?”

an office requires. It‟s not a condition but an experience, or a momentous occasion in one‟s life, not a character. Put the two together you get “RELATIONSHIP.” Though you would think relation and ship together mean the same thing but separate they are so different but together, they are a connection that is continuous, like one‟s character, or condition, or skill. It takes time to build character or skill. In fact to be skillful you have to continue to practice the activity for it to be a skill. You also have to be specific in the activity for it to be a skill. Character speaks of your investment without return.

What have you given to God continuously without return? We only like to pray to God to remain in His “good graces” when everything is going good, or so when we need His help we haven't been such You have to know someone pretty good to know a burden. That‟s not a skill or character. Anyone its them by the way they walk. For instance, work- can learn to write that doesn't make you a writer. ing at the church, I can tell by the brisk walk and Like wise anyone can connect with God but that jingling of keys when Michael Daniels is walking doesn't mean you‟re connected. by. Like wise the cool calm stroll that has a slight drag of the foot, I know its Dr. Jones. In Ground To be connected is to walk with God, not only Zero being it‟s 3 feet off the ground, I can hear when you pray or worship Him. It‟s a continual feet patting down on the floor. When there are 100 momentum, it‟s the building of your relationship kids running around and dancing in here it sounds or the character or your relation with Him. Its to like a bad tap dancing class. Still yet, when my create a skill of communing with Him or to hold daughter is running or dancing I can hear her out an office where it‟s the two of you. of all of that. I am totally connected with God and this month Why? Because I hear it all the time, or enough to I‟ll be talking about that and how you can be decipher the difference. connected too. I‟ll share my fun times and hard times with God. And if God walked with Enoch in Gen 5:22-24, why can‟t we have a stroll with God? Dial in this month to get Connected. You will hear I‟ll tell you why. We are so religious we take the God and when you do you'll relation out of the relationship. The word “ship” know you always could! being added to a descriptive word as a suffix denotes a condition, character, office, or skill. When Aloha—P. Al you just make it a relation its just a singular event or condition. It‟s not continued like a skill is, or as

How then can man-made things help us wish you a Happy Birthday You, who house a „birthless‟ spirit, though we know chronologically that you were physically born 40 years ago. Deathless, because you are not afraid of death. Ageless? Well, let‟s just say you‟ve been here before, for you have experienced LIFE, well beyond your natural years. This edition, therefore, is an attempt to place on record, for our own satisfaction, the out pouring from the hearts of some of your children our appreciation, adoration and eloquent expressions of gratitude for you, „the one‟ who willed to become many. What a glorious abundance 40 years of human existence has brought to so many! The loving glory of the Anointing upon your life flows like a murmuring pellucid stream bestowing its bounty and cool on millions and millions from Lake Avenue...across the country and around the world. Like a mighty river, your love for God‟s people flows with ease and grace, showering benediction on all, east or west, black, yellow, brown or white embracing all in its clasp. What a fruitful 40 years! Thousands have been corrected and strengthened, advised and admonished, sheltered and rehabilitated, clothed, fed and educated, nursed and cured, guarded, guided and transformed every day, every hour, all over the globe Apostle Mark T. Jones, how greatly indebted are we to you! We bow our hearts and our souls low in gratitude at your feet. May we continue to submit ourselves before you as “YOUR little children.” And may God grant you the strength and the years to continue to travail again and again, until Christ be formed in us. We Love You with and everlasting love CFM Leadership Team & Partners

Mark Jr.

Lady Lisa,

Dr. Jones,


Our Vision Proverbs 29: 18 “Where there is no vision the people perish. Our vision is to teach the end-time church of the essence of kingdom life, and to communicate deep, spiritual truth in a simplified manner. The center for Manifestation was released from the heart of God to be a refreshing force to the body of Christ. While the central theme and essence of this ministry is to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, in part this purpose is accomplished by retraining the saints as to what their God given roles and responsibilities in the church are. It is also the vision of this ministry to bring healing and deliverance to those who have been hindered from moving into position for the latter rains. This is the season for the manifestation of the sons of God!


Natural and Spiritual

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Happy Birthhday Tribute to our Apostle  

At age 40, fathering a RELEVANT Church body in his generation both Nationally or Internationally is the primary focus of Apostle Mark T. Jon...

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