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The Voice The Voice of Manifestation Newsletter wants to take this opportunity to acknowledge Lady Lisa Jones on her Birthday.

Happy Birthday Lady Lisa!! Commission is an authorization to perform certain duties or tasks. Matthew 28:18-20 says, and Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. It is the desire of the Voice Team to be obedient to that authority, and to that commission. To go across the country and around the world spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. We, The Voice, encourage you to do the same. Lead some one to Christ. Be that vessel that the Father wants to use to offer salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life. This month The Voice wants to introduce our new team members, Fay Miller, Jenelle Johnson, Elaine Williams & Pat Knowles. Together we will spread the gospel. We encourage you to read Dr. Mark Jones' Words of Reflection on Page 3. Don’t forget our prayer focals on Page 4 as we corporately fast on every Tuesday. Woman of Worship (W.O.W.), Page 5 encourages us to Lead by Example. Prophetess Gail Boles encourages us to Embrace New Age on Page 8. Remember to follow the chronological bible reading, where Teacher Eva Johnson provides us help to understand on Page 14. There is more, go through the pages and allow the Holy Sprit to minister to your spirit. Remember this is the year of “Excuseless Maturity”. The Voice of Manifestation Newsletter wants to take this opportunity to acknowledge Lady Don’t forget that adds are FREE!, so if you would like to communicate with the community or partners, please email your information to Yesmin Negron at or call 813-775-5381. Partners, share the link with your friends, coworkers & family!! Till the next time, Manifest Yesmin Negron VOM Newsletter Dept Leader

As servants of our Lord and guided by scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14; If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

calling to lead a nation in prayer for our elected officials. We are praying that during these conventions, the Lord will raise up 1 million prayer partners to join with us in nonpolitical, non-partisan, 24/7 prayer for the leaders and our nation to seek wisdom and guidance of the Lord for themselves and for Vision: The Lord will raise up 1,000,000 our country. We understand that the future of prayer partners to join with us in non-political, our nation is not dependent upon the leadership non-partisan 24/7 prayer during the convenof any one person or party, but upon God's tions for the leaders of our nation to seek wis- people turning and praying to the One upon dom and guidance of the Lord for themselves whose shoulders all government rests (Isaiah and for our country. 9:6). We also understand according to Scripture that "the King's heart is like channels of Aim: To build a house of prayer consisting of water in the Hand of the Lord. He turns it churches, Christian ministries, and individuals wherever He desires� (Proverbs 21:1). Therefrom all peoples and nations; joining together fore we have confidence in God alone knowing as living stones in non-partisan, non-political that He is in Charge. We know that only in Jeprayer during the 2012 political conventions. sus will our nation find its hope and purpose. Consequently, these conventions have created Vision Background: Forty to fifty thousand the catalyst to gather his people together as one local, state and national leaders, along with body with one voice, crying out to Him alone media and delegates will be gathering in for the healing of our land. Tampa for the Republican National Convention from August 27 thru 30, 2012. As resiJoin us in 24/7 prayer for our leaders and nadents of Tampa, we know that because the tion. Sign up at The Center for Manifestation Lord is gathering our nation's leaders to our at the Conventions’ Prayer Coverage Table or city, He has also given us the privilege and re- login to sponsibility to cover these men and women in prayer. An equal number of leaders will also be gathering in Charlotte, NC for the DemocCFM Intercessory Department ratic National Convention, to be held September 3 thru 6, 2012. We are reaching out to our brothers and sisters in Charlotte to share in this

To be a true Woman of God you must live to set a Godly example. Many of us have grown up in households that have set unhealthy examples. For example: I grew up with a domineering family, we got whipped for everything, and the women were very hostile. So, when I grew up with this as my norm. When I started having children this behavior was set in my mentality. I was domineering, hostile, and I beat my kids for everything. Until one day the Lord spoke to me, and he said, "Stop beating them for everything. Do I beat you for every little mistake?" I said, No. Then he said, "Stop yelling at them. They are not your slaves." This began my journey of changing from an unhealthy example to a Godly example. Many times we don't want to change because it's our norm. We grew up with these dysfunctional mindsets, and we think it's okay. These dysfunctional mindsets go with us everywhere we go. We blame everyone else instead of pointing to ourselves.

If you've been known to go off on every little thing, no one can tell you anything because they already know your reaction is going to be with ANGER. Your children can't share anything with you because you have something slick to say with a nasty tone of voice. Listen ladies, God is after your attitude. Because it is a part of your representation of Him.

I wanted to mention that because the way we think determines our level of service to others, and the world. You can't lead by example if you always have a nasty attitude. You can't lead by example if you feel threatened by other peoples' opinions. You can't lead by example if you don't know who you are in Christ or you have an identity crisis. Your coming to church looks great. Mingling in with the congregation makes you look saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. You shine when it comes to gifts and talents. So, your spiritual life in that sense looks fine. But your personal life is a hot mess. God is always concerned about our inner man first. God has called us to be holy down on the inside. Not just these outward functions. Why? Because God wants us to be an example in everything we do. On our job, with our spouse & children, in our conversation, our service to others, our facial expressions, our temper, in our smiles, hugs, and our voice. Isn't it amazing that the Bible says 'a soft answer turns away wrath'. He's talking about our tone of voice here.

Women of God are loving, sweet, kind, gentle, patient, caring, fervent in prayer, long suffering, full of mercy and compassion. We live with a worshipful, and servant's heart before the Father.

We can't live one way in the church, and then when we get home, or at work we cut the fool. Listen, church don't start on Sunday or Monday. It starts when you're at home. We must live our best when we're out of the sanctuary. We must have a fervent heart of passion for Christ. So, when we're in other environments, people will know that we are his bride. As the saying goes "Practice what you preach". "People hear what you say, but they watch what you do". Don't preach nothing you're not living. We must be the first to do it right so that when others see us, they will follow it right.

I speak to every woman. I don't care where you've been or what you've gone through. You are a leading lady. Be the example God has called you to be. You are special in His eyes. 1 Tim 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 2 Thes 3:9 Not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us. Staying the course,


It does not take much for the mind to be battered Just one open window that has been shattered Trying to see where the pieces had fell While the adversary anticipates your journey to hell Battered and bruised with thoughts of the past Conflicting, confusing, frustrating I now feel lost Thinking how much longer will this ordeal last My life and I are no longer related to the cost When the hour of despair comes your way And there is no one to which you can share When you are lost on the highway And cannot find any sign to direct you anywhere Confused to the moment and abused with doubt Wondering how and when will you get out With your mind spinning like a ferri wheel Loosing your balance between fake and real The mind is now in need of His healing power To reconstruct through His mercy and favor Believing in His word without a shadow of doubt The Lord reminds you He is the only way out.

Embracing New Age Fit Fabulous & Beautifully 50

So many have asked me this question. What does it feel like to turn 50? First and foremost I’m blessed. I chose to embrace my age with confidence, dignity, and joy. “It doesn’t bother me becoming 50 at all. I have had amazing life experiences and hopefully, another 50 years of experiences ahead of me.” All of my experiences, for better or for worse, have all culminated to mold me into who I am this day. I have met some of the most amazing people who have influenced my life. My journey to this point in my life has been filled with many triumphs and tragedies, gladness and sorrow, for which I am grateful for. No one can truly appreciate the sweet without tasting the bitter. As I reminisce in my mind through the many roads I have traveled down, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were angels watching over me in the first most traumatic half of my life. In this second half, so far I have been blessed with the Holy Spirit to guide my path and my direction as long as I hearken to the still small voice. Embracing the wisdom that comes with age and experience and experiencing life as it is meant to be lived, it’s not about a size on the tag or a number on the scale. It’s about days filled with joy and laughter. It’s about enjoying time with good friends and celebrating another year of living. Actually I feel so much younger at 50 than I ever did at 40. I’m no longer obsessed with the size I wear or the small little flaws that seemed so huge just a few short years earlier. I have learned to embrace me as I am today. After all, we only get one shot at this journey so why focus on the negatives. Turning 50 means looking back at the choices you've made; the places you've been and embracing the amazing person they've helped you to become.

It means wearing your confidence like a smile and striding through your life- regret-free, fearless, and purposeful; appreciating just how far you've traveled yet realizing the best of the best is yet to come. It means wrapping yourself in happiness and celebrating every minute of being fifty as if it were the best time of your life-because it truly is! Excellent Things About Turning 50: You're less fearful You're not afraid to have opinions You know yourself You have a greater appreciation of life It's easier to laugh at yourself It's easier to take life less seriously You stop caring about what other people think You stop sweating the small stuff You have a lifetime of wisdom to help you make decisions You are more at peace You're less critical of your body and weight You know that eating right and exercise are the best medicine You embrace your imperfections You have a reason for forgetting things You have a reason for losing things Your inner confidence shines You can enjoy being settled in life Relaxation Your wisdom Your advice Your ability to let go Your ability to forgive others Your ability to forgive yourself Last but not least getting your dream car for your… birthdayJ Live Bold and Bloom… As always~ thanks for reading~ until next time be ALL that God created YOU to be. Embrace whatever age that you are…

Jesus is offering us salvation by choosing to believe in Him. To believe in Him is to accept Him with all of our heart as the true and genuine Son of God. When we choose to believe with all our heart in Christ, the Holy Spirit takes over, filling us with His presence. Then and only then, our heart is supplied with love, light, life, freedom, joy, knowledge, and understanding. Transformation takes place and our life is never the same. Many are complicated with the thoughts of trying to get their life in order; for instance, ending a relationship, the decision to stop smoking or even drinking, moving to a different area, getting a new car, etc. Not realizing that the freedom of all of our complicated issues come after Christ reigns in our lives. Others have walked away from a life with Christ and lost consciousness or have become insensitive to Christ. Every so often the still voice of the Holy Spirit is heard, but there is no yielding. The Voice of the Holy Spirit is speaking again, Come! My children come unto the throne of grace to obtain mercy, where you will find forgiveness of sin, and find grace which is giving purification of unrighteousness and support in difficult times, and to help in time of need. I encourage you not to think about it but to suddenly embrace this invitation that it is given to you. Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, so with a simple prayer allowing Christ to come into your heart, I assure you that your life will never be the same. Pray out loud, Father, I confess that I am a sinner, I have sinned against you. But today, I humble myself before You, acknowledging You as who You are, Almighty God. I repent, please forgive me. I believe Jesus Christ died for me. I welcome You into my heart. Holy Spirit, purity my heart, show me your ways, lead me & guide me. Fill me with your Spirit. I want to live for you. In Jesus’s name. Amen. Welcome to God’s family!! Now, I encourage you to make time to spend with God. Reading His Word, praying, and fasting are the first steps to a closer walk with Him. Find a Biblebelieving, Bible-teaching church where the Word of God is taught. And, share the gospel, which is a commission to all. If you need more information about salvation or if you need prayer, call 813-325-5730 or visit

Where we develop and encourage our children to know God intimately, love Him passionately, and serve Him selflessly!

This Months Teaching Series

Jesus showed you how to grow and to know God

Aug week 1: Jesus grew every day, just like you Aug week 2: When Jesus was twelve years old, He went with His parents to Jerusalem Aug week 3: Jesus grew in wisdom. He studied the Bible, just like other boys His age Aug week 4: Jesus showed you how to grow and know God

REMINDER……Do Not Forget to give your child money for tithing and offering. Let them know it is important to you because it is important to God.

There are two lessons in this story

Jesus is your example, not just for you but for our children. He shows us what our children should be like as a child. Remember that Jesus was a real human just like your child. He was fully God and fully human. Even more if you call yourself a “Christian.” Jesus’ example shows us we need to be saved. As children, they do not perfectly obey us as parents/ guardians. It’s not because they are a kid. It’s because of sin. It’s because at times they don’t want to obey their parents. We need God to take away our sins and give us a new heart. And that is what He promises to do if we will repent and trust in Jesus.

My name is Diana Boyce and I have been a resident of Florida for 9yrs now. I am loving living in Florida, however, I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am the youngest of seven children, mother of three, grandmother of four and a proud owner of two cats and a dog. In the spring of 2009, I found myself in need of a church home and a covering for me and my family. It was during the series teachings on the “People Piece and the “Wisdom Dynamic” that I knew that I had to become a partner and I did. I am so excited to say that I have been growing by leaps and bounds, loving my church family and no longer allowing fear and circumstances to play a part in dictating my steps. I find myself trusting God more than I ever have and more consistently relying on the fact that my steps are ordered by the word of God. I count it a blessing to be a part of CFM’s Leadership Team, along with the Prophetic Dance and Flag Ministry. I am so amazed at God and He is so awesome! I am a true witness that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ever ask or think according to His power at work in us. So no matter what the situation or circumstance, ‘Stay the Course’. Continue pressing towards the mark of your high calling in Christ and trust and know that God will see you through it all. Thank you so much Apostle for being a true father to the kingdom, and mama Lisa for keeping it real. I love you both! Be Blessed, Sis Diana

NOT JUST FOR TEACHERS Teacher Eva Johnson The Book of Proverbs The Hebrew title is Mishle Shelomoh. The Greek title is Paroimial Salomontos. The Latin title is Liber Proverbiorum and according to rabbinical writings it was called Sepher Hokhmah or “Book of Wisdom.” According to Revell’s Bible Dictionary, the Book of Proverbs are “a collection of pithy statements summing up truths learned from life’s experience.”

ONLY Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” There are also many key chapters, however, Proverbs 31 stands out and reveals a very high view of women.

What we can learn from the Book of Proverbs: The Fear (Reverence) of the Lord Successful Living/Living Skills (according to God’s Word) The Book of Proverbs can be divided as follows: Wisdom Treatise on Wisdom - Chapters 1- 9 Practical Instruction Proverbs of Solomon – Chapters 10:1 –22:16 Justice Sayings of the Wise – Chapters 22:17 – 24:22 Righteousness Sayings of the Wise – Chapter 24:23-34 Knowledge for All Ages Proverbs of Solomon – Chapters 25:1 – 29:27 Skill in Understanding Words of Agur – Chapter 30 A Code of Behavior Words of Lemuel – Chapter 31:1-9 And so much more………… In Praise of a Good Wife – Chapter 31:10-31 I Kings 4:29-32 says King Solomon spoke 3,000 Nothing is known about Agur except he was the son proverbs and he received a portion of wisdom that of Jakeh and Lemuel was possibly a King. The Bible was greater than any other man. does not give any further information about them, however, in other ancient writings they were menAs you read the Book of Proverbs, think about the tioned as possibly from the Arabian tribe of Massa, things you need to do or change in light of the wisdom but nothing is certain in this regard. Massa was one of you are learning. Do not rely on your own underthe sons of Ishmael. (Genesis 25:14 and I Chronicles standing but seek God’s wisdom in every aspect of 1:30 your life. There are many key verses in the Book of Proverbs. Many that are used by Christians and nonChristians alike but the favorites are: Proverbs 1:5-7: “A wise man will hear and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels, To understand a proverb and the interpretation, the words of the wise and their riddles. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Next Month We Will Explore - Ecclesiastes


Words can't express our love for you For all you give and everything you do God blessed us when he made the choice To allow us to hear your anointed voice Speak living words into our lives As you lead us daily without compromise The example of strength and integrity The type of leader we strive to be You've shown us love in unimaginable ways Even in the midst of our darkest days Reminding us to keep the faith To trust the lord and not go astray You've been the Father to help us grow To guide us to where God would have us to go And on this day we appreciate Every drop of love you ever gave And all the times you're at heaven’s gate Sending prayers to intercede What more could we truly need You are the Angel of this house A light that satin could not burn out A warrior who stands with armor of Christ We thank God for the blessing of YOU in our life. We Love You Apostle Mark

Victoria Thompson

Lady of Virtue: A Look at Proverbs 31:27 One of my current devotionals is from the book Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones. If you are unmarried, I highly recommend reading this book! There is a chapter in it called Lady of Virtue and it goes in-depth about being a Pearl of Great Price. One of the questions in the book asked, ‘What quality has God led you to develop from Proverbs 31’? After praying and really evaluating my character, I was lead to verse 27: She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27 [KJV] She looks well to how things go in her household, and the bread of idleness (gossip, discontent, and self-pity) she will not eat. Proverbs 31:27 [AMP] I then went to and studied the breakdown of the verse, and what every phrase meant.  She looketh well: to observe accurately, to look out or about, spy, keep watch, observe, watch.  To the ways: way of acting, i.e. her domestic concerns;  Of her household: household affairs, household containing a family;  And eateth: to cause to eat, feed;  Not the bread: bread, food, grain; Of idleness: sluggishness, laziness, slothfulness;

lazily without purpose; to run at a slow speed or out of gear  Gossip: idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true; a person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts.  Discontent: lack of contentment; dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances; a restless longing for better circumstances; not happy.  Self-pity: a feeling of sorrow (often selfindulgent) over your own sufferings, difficulties, or hardships. “Self-pity is the psychological state of mind of an individual in perceived adverse situations who has not accepted the situation and does not have the confidence nor ability to cope with it.” –J. Sober, 2003.

Excuse me, God, umm…could you not kick me in the face? This definitely spoke to what I was experiencing at work. I was being fed by idleness, full of things that hindered my growth and development in my career. God wants us to be dedicated to him in our total lives, not just at home, not just at church, but everywhere in everything: all the time! I tried to compromise my way out of correction with, “But God, I don’t gossip about people! I get bored at work and look at WonderWall, or read People Magazine…I pray for Beyonce’! How am I supposed to keep up with what’s going on with Breezy or Kanye and Kim?!” You can guess how far that got me…Then, I would complain about not having The breakdown from the Amplified version transanything to do and nobody helping me out with the lated idleness to imply gossip, discontent, and selfthings I came up with and waah, waah, waah! Talk pity. I initially didn’t understand how the Amplified about discontentment and self-pity! After reading Bible translation related to what the Hebrew version those definitions of idle, the one that hit me hard of the verse meant. So my study pursued. I then was “To look busy while accomplishing nothing or defined idleness the three words given via the Amto engage in work of little or no practical value”. I plified version. became a pro at that people! As a result:  Idle: lacking worth or basis (i.e. idle chatter, Well, those days are gone. I can’t tell you how idle pleasure); not turned to normal or appropriate many times I’ve heard someone talk about becomuse, shiftless, lazy, avoiding work or employment; ing a Proverbs 31 Woman, or saying that they are to look busy while accomplishing nothing or to en- virtuously walking with God. The truth is, half the gage in work of little or no practical value; to move

time they hadn’t really done a complete study for themselves of what that means and then apply it to their entire life. God dealt with me in this and more from just one verse. We are called to excuseless maturity, believers. The process isn’t painless, and I surely am being broken, but to God be the glory. I know what His word says is true, Jeremiah 29:11 [AMP] reads, ‘ For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.” God has big plans for us, but we must submit to correction. Be encouraged, Tori

By: Eric Durham

Reflecting Reflecting on the recent incident at the theater in Colorado, one can feel helpless in a world where senseless random violence is occurring more and more frequently. Twelve souls were lost as a man opened a exit door at the theater and unleashed a barrage of bullets in the crowd. The motive of this demonically controlled individual is still unknown, but as believers we understand that evil doesn’t have to have rhyme or reason as the expression goes. This society has glorified violence for so long that this shouldn’t even be surprising, even though it is appalling. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this horrendous incident. As men, how are we to respond to an incident such as this? My first response is to look inward and realize that without Christ I could accomplish depraved acts just like this one. This is why men need to step out of self and reach out to other young men as much as we can. We may not be able to save the world, but in the marketplace of ideas we do have words of power that can influence a generation to stand up for the higher ideals spoken about in scripture. Men we are significant! One candle can light the darkness so that a thousand can see the way. Believe in yourself and in your ability to influence the culture for Jesus, and pray for a revival in the land. Remember this quote: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Be Blessed and Manifest

Keith Lashley The word MYRRH invokes images of the Magi bearing gifts to the new-born baby Jesus. Myrrh is not as important in mainstream world culture as it once was in ancient times. Once considered more precious than gold or silver, Myrrh was transported many miles via camel caravans. This was mentioned in Genesis 37: 23-28-where it states: “Ishmaelites came from Gilead with their camels bearing spicery and balm and myrrh.” So what exactly is Myrrh? It is the rare bitter gum resin from an ugly thorny tree that grows in harsh arid regions at the edges of the Arabian desert, specifically Oman and Yemen.


So the gift of Myrrh was symbolic of Jesus’ main purpose on this earth. It was a purpose ordained from His birth, to suffer physically and emotionally, die and be buried. (Although we know that he didn’t stay buried!) Myrrh was often mixed with wine and drunk as an analgesic or pain killer. This was offered to Jesus on the cross as stated in Mark 15:23. But Myrrh had and still has an important role in the perfume industry. It was powdered and added to clothing and bedding for its aromatic properties. It was applied to the door posts of a bridegroom on his wedding night before his bride was brought to him. Song of Solomon echoes this in chapter 5 verse 5. Some Biblical scholars suggest this was a metaphor for Christ as the bridegroom and his church. As stated before, Myrrh was often sprinkled on the clothes of the bridegroom on his wedding day. Not only did it smell good, but it made an undeniable statement that he was sparing no expense for his bride. It was believed that the Queen of Sheba brought great It is harvested by cutting gashes quantities of this herb and other spices from Yemen as in the trunks of these scraggly gifts for King Solomon. When the sons of Jacob rethen collected and dried. turned to him with the request from Joseph to bring Biblically speaking, perhaps this Benjamin to Egypt, the old patriarch sent products from was symbolic of the wounds that the land of Palestine in an attempt to appease the prime Jesus would suffer at the hands of minister. The shipment included Myrrh, along with the Roman whips. almonds, pistachio nuts, honey, and spices (Genesis Or the tears that were shed by Him and for Him. 43:11). Maybe the thorns in the crown that he would wear on Myrrh was pulverized and placed in a sack to be worn that fateful day came from this very same tree? between the breasts of a woman to enhance her beauty Yet Myrrh is also known for its healing properties. and allure. Psalms 45:8; Proverbs 7:17; Song of SoloIt was used on open wounds and bruises just as the mon 1:13; and Song of Solomon 3:6 all refer to this Scripture stated, “By His wounds we are healed!” practice. But Myrrh was also used in embalming procedures by Esther and all of the other potential queen candidates the ancient Egyptians as well as in other regions of the were subjected to 6 months of myrrh treatments before Middle East. So maybe that gift of Myrrh by the Magi they could be seen by the king of Persia. (Esther 2:12) was a foretaste of Jesus’ death? The importance of Myrrh has receded Traditionally in Jewin our culture reish culture only about placed by Armani one pound of Myrrh and Cleo and even was used for embalmthe common deing as it was an expenodorant stick or sive substance. spray. However, it remains an imporBut John 19:39 states tant ingredient in that Nicodemus gave about 100 pounds of it for the certain toothpastes burial preparation of Jesus’ body. and mouthwashes and even some perfumes. Nicodemus showed his love for Jesus through this ma- And today, modern medicine continues to find pharmaterial gift of tremendous cost and rarity. cological uses for this ancient herb, Myrrh.

It is said that Myrrh has antiseptic, astringent and antiinflammatory properties. Some writings and modern websites say it is effective in the treatment of mouth and throat infections such as mouth ulcers, inflamed gums, sore throats, and tonsillitis. Myrrh has been used to lessen joint pain in arthritis and some clinical research indicates anti-inflammatory properties; but its content of steroidal saponins allows it the added bonus of reducing serum cholesterol levels. A number of studies reveal the potential to treat rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. As a salve, the herb treats hemorrhoids, wounds, and bedsores. In Germany, approval has been given for the use of Myrrh in the topical treatment of inflammations of the throat, gums, and mouth, as well as for prosthesis pressure marks. In France, it has received approval for nasal congestion from the common cold. As with all herbal compounds, consult your doctor before using this powerful agent in the treatment of any

severe conditions and particularly possible interaction with other medication you may be taking. These fragrances and especially Frankincense were familiar to Jesus because they were used in the first Hebrew temples as directed by God and were potent purifiers and laden with symbolism. But even as we recognize the potential healing powers of Myrrh, one thing we will never forget - the symbolic role it played in the lowly manger in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. And while the Magi could not have known that Jesus would be born in a stable (which we all know is a pretty unpleasant smelling place), God, the Father, knew, and made sure that not only would the smells of the stable be diluted with the pungent and symbolic, Frankincense, but that His Son, Jesus, would also be comforted and soothed with the very pleasant aroma of Myrrh.

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