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Matthew10:7-8 And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. It is important for us as Christ’s representatives to go and preach the gospel, introducing Christ as Lord and Savior. We have to teach that He died for our sins; that there is a chance to have eternal life with Him. As Christians, we become so involved in our own lives, concerned about what we want and what we don't have. We are continually thinking about our children, husband, work and life status; which is nothing without God. Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. The reality is that this is a commandment that was given to us by God. Today, I challenge you with a question; Are you preaching the gospel? I am not speaking about getting in the pulpit and preaching a sermon. I am talking about going to the grocery store, knocking on doors around your neighborhood, visiting the hospitals; in essence, telling someone that Jesus offers eternal life. Also, what about praying and declaring healing in someone's life at work? Remember that one sows, the other waters, and God gives the increase. Voice of Manifestation Newsletter will continue to go across the country and around the world spreading the gospel. As we go e-mail to e-mail, speaking in the lives of an audience that is hungry for the Word of God, He gets all the glory and honor. Please read Dr. Jones’ Words of Reflection. And remember to visit page 10, “Redemption”, where with a simple prayer accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior will change your life forever. Also very important is the continuation of the chronological bible reading. Teacher Eva Johnson, using “Where in the World Is….” pages 14 & 15, provides background information for each book of the Bible. This helps us gain a better picture and insight into each book we will be reading. Additionally, see “Diary of a Single Christian Man”, Standards vs. Preferences by Bro Michael Daniel. Finally, don’t miss the MWW Community Humanitarian Recognition recipient, Mother Kay Glenn. If you are interested in joining the newsletter’s team or would like to communicate with the community or partners, please email Yesmin Negron at or call 813-775-5381. Partners, share the link with your friends, coworkers, & family. It is very simple. Email the link, its FREE!! Till the next time, Manifest!! Yesmin Negron VOM Newsletter Dept Leader

These are critical times for the world. Paul, the Apostle described them as "perilous times". Many are living in despair and disillusionment, and still others have no hope, no peace, and no joy. More than ever before, the church has an opportunity to shine as examples of Christ's love and compassion in the earth. We have the solution to the ills of the world, furthermore, Christ in us is the only hope that the world has. It is time for the church to realize who we are, and to begin to rise up and declare the the glory of the Lord in our generation. It is time for our light to shine brighter than it ever has before. It is time to do exploit for our God and King, and for the advancement of His kingdom. Oh, that the church would RISE UP! Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.

The Life of Jesus Christ here on the earth was a demonstration and model of what true Son ship with the Father should be. He went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. Beloved, that is what we are all called to do. It takes faith to do what Jesus Christ did. So how do we get there? The answers to all of life's challenges are in His Word, The Bible. God said in Jeremiah 1:12 (AMP) For I am alert and active, watching over My Word to perform it. Jesus Christ is the Lord of my Life. Sickness and Disease have no power over me. I am forgiven and free from sin and guilt. I am dead to sin and alive unto righteousness. I am free from unforgiveness and strife. I forgive others as Christ has forgiven me, for the love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ bore my sins in His Body on the tree; therefore I am dead to sin and alive unto God and by His stripes I am healed and made whole. Jesus Christ bore my sickness and carried my pain. Therefore I give no place to sickness or pain. For God sent His Word and healed me. Father, because of Your Word I am an overcomer, I overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil, by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. You have given me abundant life. I receive life through Your Word and it flows to every organ of my body bringing healing and health. Heavenly Father, I attend to Your Word, I incline my ears to Your sayings. I will not let them depart from my eyes. I keep them in the midst of my heart, for they are life and healing to all my flesh (Prov. 4:20-22). As God was with Moses, so is He with me. My eyes are not dim; neither are my natural forces abated. Blessed are my eyes for they see and my ears, for they hear. No evil befalls me; neither shall any plague come near my dwelling. For You have given Your angels charge over me. They keep me in all my ways. In my pathway is life, healing and health and there is no death. Jesus Christ took my infirmities and bore my sickness. Therefore I refuse to allow sickness to dominate my body. The Life of God flows within me bringing healing to every fiber of my being. I am redeemed from the curse. Galatians 3:13 is flowing in my blood stream. It flows to every cell in my body, restoring life and health. The life of 1 Peter 2:24 is a reality in my flesh, restoring every cell of my body. I present my body to God for it is the temple of the LIVING GOD. God dwells in me and HIS LIFE permeates my SPIRIT, SOUL, and BODY so that I am filled with the fullness of God DAILY. My body is the temple of the HOLY GHOST. I make a demand on my body to release the right chemicals. My body is in perfect chemical balance. My pancreas secretes the proper amount of insulin for life and health. Heavenly Father, through Your Word You have imparted Your life to me. That life restores my body with every breath I breathe and every word I SPEAK IN JESUS CHRIST NAME.

James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

apologies don't free you. You free yourself when you forgive, let go, and release.

When we make the decision to release people and situations, it brings forth freedom, direction and clarity. The Matthew 6:12 powerful feature about release is it gives you the ability Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. It is a to undo what has happened. You get to refresh that principle that gives freedom in the inward man. chapter of your life. You get to start over with a clean fresh slate. Now, you can allow God to write out your Many times we as Christian love to quote the (B) part of new life according to his plan and purpose. James 5:16 "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. However, the (A) part of that scrip- Now, that you have released these life situations and ture is just as important as the second part. "Confess people, you can move forward. Living for Christ beyour faults one to another, and pray one for another that comes easy, there's no complications in your walk with you may be healed. We deal with offense, grudges, Christ. You have momentum, forward thrust. You can annoyances, displeasure, unforgiveness, resentment, now pray with fervency and passion. You don't hold an bitterness, wrath, wounded feelings, hurts, and many offense with anyone for any reason. You're able to love other encumbrances. We must be willing to identify everyone in spite of who they are. You're able to emand confront the things that bring legal access for the brace life with open arms. You can move as God enemy to keep strongholds in our lives. moves, and see the winds of his glory carry you from faith to faith and glory to glory. No, you're not perfect, We have been with ourselves for so long we don't real- but you have embraced maturity as your lifestyle. ize that these issues exist, and it has a negative impact There are no more cry babies nor temper tantrums. God on our lives. In Matthew 6:12 says Forgive us our is your center, and he is truly Lord over your life. debts, as we forgive our debtors. It is a principle that gives freedom in the inward man. For every person who embrace these concepts, we speak to everything that has died or been delayed. We prophWe have been abused, abandoned, rejected, dejected, esy to the four winds in the realm of the spirit. We lied on, talked about, betrayed, misunderstood, miscommand finances, resources, wisdom, knowledge, uncharacterized, etc. I'm sure one of these fit your past derstanding, greater works, power, authority, kingdom profile. These past experiences comes to hold us in pris- logic, truth, intelligence, and beauty to be released to us ons that keeps us from having a true relationship with now in Jesus name. Amen God. And, sometimes, because it's so painful, we prefer not to identify these deep rooted issues in our lives. We don't because it goes against our "That's just the way I am" excuse. We make everybody pay around us because we could never make the one that hurt us pay. You must let go of the debts you have added up in your heart over the years. Matthew 6:12 says to forgive your debtors which means release it, let it go. The bible didn't say hold on to the debts until the other person apologizes. No, He said to forgive immediately. Remember,

This past month, Beyond Waiting has been focusing on building singles up in their financial knowledge. After having a night of money management style analysis and a financial planning seminar in conjunction with Parenting with Purpose, the participants are more than ready to face financial During our 4th Friday meeting, we completed a freedom and prosperity with purpose! Here are a Money Management Style Scale that helped us few tips given out during these meetings. identify our money management style and skills and learn techniques for more effective money Knowing your financial dreams and dangers help management. There were 5 unique styles: Spendyou achieve your financial goals. ers, Savers, Conscientious Managers, Amassers, It is important to indentify needs versus wants and and Risk Takers. The characteristics were listed ask yourself whether these items match your val- and all who were present were surprised to find ues. Once you have all the important needs listed, their money management style fit precisely to consider making them into goals. their actual lifestyle. We then discussed the charUse the SMART Goals model when setting goals: acteristics and how to change or improve our fiSpecific nancial outlooks. Measurable Attainable Now is the time to protect your financial goals and Realistic avoid financial dangers. Planning financial strateTime Bound/Oriented gies for a lifetime and applying biblical principal Make short-term (3 mos. or less), medium-term (3 is the best way to go. It’s never too late to get on mos. to one year), and long-term (more the one the right track. year) financial goals and follow through with them. Blessings, The single most important habit that will help you achieve your financial goals is a spending plan, Tori also known as a budget. Identifying spending leaks (places where money that seems to be disappearing are actually going) aids in saving money. Check your credit reports at least once a year, it’s free! Keep your personal financial information safe. Balance your checkbook at least monthly. Burn or shred financial records that you no longer have use for. Avoid filling out forms for promotional contests and clubs. Avoid shopping when you feel anxious, angry or depressed.

As we draw closer to the Lord’s return, many believers are beginning to faint. Consequently, some believers have allowed the distractions and cares of this world to snatch their focus. Their once cultivated Kingdom disciplines have now been relegated to mere obligations and pastimes. Commitment levels have waned, due to a frantic pace of performing a myriad of futile activities. Oppression, depression, suppression and repression have all gripped the core of some believers. And, it appears there’s no end in sight. Still, others have continued to live their lives, oblivious of the gravity of their state. Some are still Impervious to the voice of the true and living God. Yet, the Lord continues to vigorously pursue you. Will you release all to Him? Will you, this day, allow the Lord to be “I am” in your life? Will you throw caution to the wind and allow Him to emerge and live through you? Will you, this time, be for real in totally submitting everything unto Christ? Will you be resurrected through Jesus? Will you allow your dreams, your expectations, your concerns, your issues, your fears, your doubts; your life’s totality to be wrapped up in Him? Revelation 3:3 states, Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. Also, Hebrew 12:2-4 reminds us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God, For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. Don’t allow your minds to be so consumed with “chatter” that you faint. Because as we review Jesus’ life - endured the cross, shame and contradiction of sinners – we have no reason to faint. Therefore, wash your face and lift your heads. There are many promises throughout God’s Word. Nevertheless, the overriding theme is faith in God through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Be still and know that He is God. Trust God’s heart towards you. Above all, trust Him. For though the waters are rising all around you and the fire burning within your lives, know that the Lord is with you. Only believe!

Psalm 124:7: We have escaped like a bird from the fowlers snare; the snare has been broken and we have escaped. Romans 12: 1 -2: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Galatians 5:1: Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Psalm 144:1 Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. Acts 28: 5 But he shook off the creature into the fire and suffered no harm. Hebrews 12:1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith The enemy is trying to pull some of you back into your old mindsets, and others he is trying to pull back into old habits and bondages that you were delivered from. It is imperative that you get out now because it is much easier to break out of a rope than it is to break out of iron shackles, which is his intention. It all starts with a wrong thought that was not dismissed. It is God's desire to raise you up and move in your life in a new and fresh way; but, you must continue in a forward direction. Do not allow yourself to be ensnared once again in the things that you have been set free from. Do not be lured back into that very thing that you have been delivered from. Release yourself from anything that will bring entrapment and put you back into bondage. You don't have to struggle with negative thoughts that try to infiltrate your mind if you would take every thought captive. Release the hurtful memories from the past that bring pain and sorrow. Allow God to set you free from the things that war against your soul that bring fear and confusion. As you learn to recognize the tactics of the enemy, you will not be manipulated by his trickery and beguiled by his cunning ways. His plan is to entice you and distract you from the purpose and plan that God have for your life. This is his way of taking you off the course and the direction that He’s taking you in. Remove yourself from anything that is contrary to His word, which is hindering your walk with

God, so that you will be set free from this tug of war. God is well able to turn those situations around in your life that is causing weariness to your soul. He desires to do things in your life that are above your human reasoning, but you must first come before Him in total surrender and submission. He will bring you into new beginnings and times of refreshing if you will allow Him. Don't be enticed by unfamiliar voices that lead you astray. Follow after the peace in your heart and trust Him to bring you refreshment. When the weights of the world try to weigh you down and discouragement comes against you, shake it off. When pressure comes and trouble arises, don’t allow these things to bring turmoil and confusion, but shake it off. Don’t allow things to distract or derail you of your purpose. Let nothing catch you off guard, and don’t lose your focus. Don’t submit to ungodly or vain imaginations. When thoughts come to bring dismay and disillusions try to bring fear, don’t receive them. When people come against you with lies and accusation, shake it off immediately so that it doesn’t affect you. Release and forgive that person so that the situation doesn’t cause a root of bitterness in you through unforgiveness. Don’t allow the enemy to get a foothold, but know that God will bring justice. Do not panic when adverse situations arise; He will bring you out of that place of difficulty. When the enemy comes against you in any form, rather than submit to his schemes, shake it off. Shake off whatever it is that robs you from entering this place of peace. Know that God understands your fears and concerns of what your future holds, but as you come in to this place of peace, God will give you direction. Trust Him to provide all your needs and bring your dreams to fulfillment. As you spend time in God presence, the cares and concerns of this world will wash away. All the pressure that you have been experiencing will dissipate as you enter this place of rest. Just as Paul shook off the snake that tried to attach itself to him and bring death, you too must shake off that which comes against you to steal, kill and destroy. Put your trust in God, cast your cares on Him and as you learn to shake off the cares and burdens that try to attach themselves to you, you will find peace even in times of distress. As always, thanks for reading. Until next time, be EMPOWERED to be ALL that God created YOU to be!

if I was okay. I was not able to give him the right answer because I was not sure of what was going on with me. Later, I found some friends that introduced me to Christ. I started to read the bible and understand that the relationship I had with this man was not in the will of God. I found all excuses, such as “we get along well” or “we are not bothering any one”. But the truth was that God was not pleased with it. I was being drawn by God in such a way that I could not resist. Yes, I can freely say that since then, my life has not been the same. I am so glad He drew me. It is the best thing that happened to me.

People make repetitive mistakes that cause long or short term consequences or suffering. The lack of knowing how to deal with daily challenges brings frustration. Therefore the question comes to mind, “Why me?” Or, “Why is it that everything I do never works?” It seems like when you make a right turn you should have made a left, or when you went forward, you should have stayed where you were. Not having an answer for anything that goes on in your life creates a void and emptiness inside of you that you are not able to describe. There is something missing, a question. There is an unsatisfied desire that you don't know where it is coming from. It doesn’t matter what you do, it seems not to work. Never think that you are the only one. I remember going through this turmoil. I had a relationship with someone that was not in the will of God. At that time, I didn't understand why I was so confused. We were together for a few years and everything was going fine. I kept asking myself, why I feel this way. There were days that I wanted to see him; then when he came to visit, I wanted him to leave. I remember him asking me

I believe there is something going on in your life that you don't understand. And its okay, God has the answer. Today, I want to take a moment to introduce to you the One that gives all the answers, the One that gives peace, the One that will never leave you nor forsake you, the One that loves you unconditionally. His name is Jesus Christ. So I invite you today to make a step of faith and receive Him into your life. Let’s Pray: Father, I confess that I am a sinner, I have sinned against you. But today, I humble myself before you, acknowledging You as who You are, Almighty God. I repent, please forgive me. I believe Jesus Christ died for me. I welcome You into my heart. Holy Spirit, purify my heart, show me your ways, lead me & guide me. Fill me with Your Spirit. I want to live for you. In Jesus name. Amen! Welcome to God’s family!! Now, I encourage you to make time to spend with God reading His Word, in prayer and fasting. Find a Bible teaching church where the Word of God is taught. And, share the Gospel, which is a commission to all. For more information about Center for Manifestation, please visit If you need prayer, call 813-325-5730.




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Faith is real ________________, compositionally. The lord of your __________ has to bow down to the King of Kings. To walk in faith, one has to have a systematic __________ for the renewing of your mind. Faith's purpose is __________ ______________, until it materializes. It takes information to get imagination, and imagination to manifest an __________. Creative faith starts with ____________. Creative faith means that all words are in ____________ with the revelation that was released. God ___________ the processes to bring to pass His purposes concerning your life. DOWN

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With faith, there is no _____________, because God is not the author of ______________ (1 word). Through faith we know the whole world was created through _______. You're creating your world through your _____. God wants to be ____________ at the level He reveals Himself. God is managing your welfare & manifesting His __________, simultaneously. Through faith, we _________________.

Namaste CFM Family! We are going to start this month’s session of Teaching Champions with a vocabulary lesson. Merriam Webster defines advocate as: noun-one that supports or promotes the interests of another and verb-to plead in favor of. Without question, as parents and guardians, we want what is best for our children. Yet, unfortunately, there are many of us that allow the educational system to decide what is best for them. It is imperative that we take the initiative to educate ourselves on the standards, expectations, policies, and practices that have been established [and those that are in the process of changing] at the local and state level—and, most importantly, how they affect our children. Thus, this session of Teaching Champions will offer a few suggestions— ones you may not have considered otherwise—on how to advocate on behalf of your child in the public school system. ☼Become knowledgeable of school and district policies [and changes] that affect your child. ☼Attend and/or serve on your child’s schools advisory council and PTA committee as well as attend your local school board and town meetings ☼Prior to local, state, and federal elections, educate yourself on candidate positions concerning education ☼At your child’s school, request to review the Community Resources

Notebook to obtain information regarding programs and services available in your community In the event you have questions or concerns that require immediate attention, following are the steps you should take: 1. Contact your child’s teacher 2. Assistant Principal 3. Principal 4. Area Director [name and contact number can be obtained from school site] Assistant Superintendent of Administration [813.272.4070] Remember, you and only YOU are your child’s first and best advocate. Point to Ponder—“…the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom shields and preserves the life of him who has it.” Ecc 7:12 [Amp] Until next time… Best Regards,

Felecia L. King

Teacher Eva Johnson

Following the Chronological Bible Reading …..Joshua and Judges The Book of Joshua I. It is the first of the Historical Books – (See chart) II. Joshua conducted three successful, victorious, major military campaigns Meaning of the name Hebrew name – Yehoshua – Yahweh is Salvation Greek name – Iesous Naus – Joshua son of Nun (Iesous in Greek is actually Jesus) Latin name – Liber Josue – Book of Joshua According to Jewish tradition, the authorship of the book of Joshua is attributed to Joshua, himself, except of course, the account of his death. Joshua was born a slave in Egypt and became Moses’ personal assistant. He was one of the twelve spies, along with Caleb, who came back from Canaan with a positive report about the land because he believed God. He became not only Moses successor, but a conqueror. Joshua’s strategy – Divide and Conquer! The book of Joshua can be divided in 3 sections: Jordan River, land of Canaan, and the settling of the 12 Tribes. In this book, you will discover how Joshua divided the land for the 12 tribes; what the Cities of Refuge are and learn about the distribution of the Levites – who were actually scattered among the tribes. Some Key Verses in the Book of Joshua are Chapter 1:8 and Chapter 11:23. Some Key Events that you will be reading about: A Prostitute named Rahab; Miracle at the Jordan River; The Day The Manna Stopped; The Commander of the Lord’s Army visits Joshua; The Miraculous Conquest of Jericho; Achan’s Fatal Mistake; The Battle at Ai; Who Were the Gibeonites?; The Mistake of the 5 Kings; Joshua Asks for a Time Change!; The Defeated Kings; The Actual Ages of Joshua & Caleb; The Wedding of Othniel & Ascah; Joshua’s Last Words.

Things to Think About As You Read The Book of Joshua-Why was Joshua victorious? What was the secret to his success? What can you learn from Joshua’s victories? How about that little incident in chapter 22 – how did Joshua handle it? -On your own, do a little research about Rahab – find out why she is important in this story and learn about her genealogy. -Do you see any similarities between Moses’ leadership style and Joshua’s leadership style? -If you could pick a new title for the book of Joshua, what would you call it? The Book of Judges The book of Judges is the second book in the historical line of books of the Bible. (see Books of the Bible chart) When you read it, you might ask – “What happened to Israel after having such great leadership as Moses and Joshua?” But if you would be honest with yourself, you will actually at times see yourself in this book. Sometimes following the same cycle of defeats and victories, defeats and victories, when God wants us TOTALLY FREE AND VICTORIOUS ALWAYS, TRUSTING ONLY IN HIM AND HIM ALONE! Meaning of the name The Hebrew word for judges is Shophetim = which means judges, rulers, deliverers or saviors. The root word Shophet has the idea of justice and settling disputes. The Greek word is Kritai = judges. The Latin word is Liber Judicum = Book of Judges. (Note: If you have been reading these articles from the beginning, you will notice by now that the Latin word “Liber” means “book.”- See, you have just learned Latin!) Jewish tradition attributes the authorship of the book of Judges to Samuel. The entire theme of the book of Judges is found in Judges Chapter 2 verses 10-23. The cycle is found in verses 16 -19. It was one of sin, suffering, supplication and salvation and back to sin again. The following information below is quoted from The Revell Bible Dictionary: “The author of Judges clearly organized his material to make a theological point: A pattern begins in Judges Chapters 1 and 2. After Joshua dies, the next generation intermarried with the Canaanites and turned to idolatry. God then disciplined his people at the hand of enemies, until in desperation they turned to the Lord.

The next 14 chapters (3-16) tell the stories of twelve judges in chronological order: Othniel (Judges 3:911); Ehud (Judges 3:15-30); Shamgar (Judges 3:31); Deborah (Judges 4:5-5:31); Gideon (Judges 6:118:35); Tola (Judges 10:1,2); Jair (Judges 10:3-5); Jephtah (Judges 10:6-12:7); Ibzan (Judges 12:8-10); Elon (Judges 12:11,12); Abdon (Judges 12:13-15); Samson (Judges 13:1-16:31). Each story follows the same pattern.” Some Key Verses in the book of Judges are Chapter 2:20-21 and Chapter 21:25. Some Key Events - The Angel of the Lord Speaks to the Israelites; The Left-handed Judge; The Fat King; Shamgar and the Oxgoad; Story of Deborah & Barak; The Woman Jael; The Story of Gideon & the Oak Tree in Ophrah; Gideon’s Name Change; Gideon & The Fleece; The Original Story of the 300; Abimelech the Murderer; Jotham’s Parable; Abimelech’s Death; Jephthah, The Warrior; Jephthah’s Vow; The Story of Samson; Micah’s Story; Concubine, Homosexuals & the Sin of the Benjamites; Civil War between Tribes. (The book of Judges has the most interesting dramatic stories imaginable. Read and re-read to get the BIG PICTURE. These stories would easily make a 5 Star Movie rated PG-13 on some and rated R on others. What do you think?)

Look up in a Bible Dictionary each Judge to get a better insight into who they were and how they ruled. Things to Think About: -What caused this cycle of defeat to continue? -Are you experiencing a cycle like this in your own life? -How can this cycle be destroyed in our own lives? -What have you learned ultimately from reading the book of Judges? -Why do you think God allowed this book to be written and a part of the Holy Bible?

How can we put a price on our Savior and Christ How can we not recognize His love and sacrifice How can we say we love Him but yet not feel His pain How can we not imagine the welts covered with blood stain His body was hung to a cross made of wood In an upright position hands and feet nailed as He stood A crown made of thorns he wore as He was mocked Lord and King Yet through it all he bore the weight of all our sin His remnants were cast as lots then dispersed While given a bitter drink to quench His thirst Beaten and ridiculed to the grave Yes for us His life He gave Now we have received that second birth Because of His death and resurrection from this earth For no longer shall our soul despair For Jesus died to make our pardon clear At this time we can never forget what our Savior has done For our sins on that cross His body limply hung His mission accomplished was the plan As our fate was placed in Our Savior's hand Written by Sis. Jennifer Cole.

Where we develop and encourage our children to know God intimately, love Him passionately, and serve Him selflessly!

This month lesson series is centered around MISSIONS & GIVING TOPIC: What is Missions CONCEPT: Doing for others who can not do nothing for us in return Never let the things of life, keep you from doing what God has hidden in your heart…. all those things you were purposed and designed to do. ~K. Davis~

Teaching Our Children to Give and the Principles of Giving

These are principles we are teaching our children to own early in life!   

Money for God Money to Spend Money to Save

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Sometimes, we may feel like our Christian journey is as trying as walking through a hot desert all alone without shoes. Life in general, whether you’re a Christian or not, is very trying. The Christian walk becomes more challenging for those in the faith because of the added awareness of our accountability to God, each other, and to our environment. BUT, I recall hearing our Apostle speaking about the power of perspective; how we can reframe our experiences mentally. That was a powerful word indeed. As men, we don’t have to walk around as though the weight of the world is on our shoulders. We don’t have to be put off by the attitudes or judgments of those who never even take the time to reach out to get to know who we are; but try to overspiritualize things, saying they “discern” when someone “isn’t right.” Oh, really? What happened to coming to a person in love and telling them where they’re erring? We don’t have to subscribe to a world where competition, overly critical assumptions, and comparison are the order of the day. We also don’t have to distance ourselves from the church or people when we “discern” that they’re treating us like anathema. Today, I reflected on how I let someone down. I had given my word on something and didn’t deliver as I had hoped to. In the midst of being critical and extra hard on my self (as usual), an inspired word came from within to encourage me. I had to stop and thank the Holy Ghost. I started thinking about how I give of my time, when I am able, for the work of the ministry. I partner financially and with my prayers. I refrain from sin and examine myself daily. Everyone else’s opinion of me is irrelevant. Men, God wants us to be at peace and be free. Sometimes, we take ourselves on many mind and emotional trips because of adverse situations and/or adverse people. We have to ask God for the strength to keep moving forward everyday while walking in love toward everyone. We must have the mental toughness to reframe our experiences. I think this is what the Spirit was showing me today. Sometimes we fail, but when we do, that’s a time to press into God all the more for his help, guidance, and strength. May you be at peace. Amen

So many times we mix up what our standards are with what our preferences are. We say things like "He/She HAS to be..." and then we rattle of things like good credit, or has a nice car, or has to weight a certain number, or be certain height, or age, or even be hairless from the waist down. In my observations through the years I have been forced to ask the do any of these things really matter to having the perfect companion? What about someone's sense of humor? If you're a dry humor type person, or a corny joke type person wouldn't you want someone who "gets you"? What about the most important thing, their walk with God? If you're a mature Christian, should you be with someone who is immature in their faith? If you're a woman, you should want someone who can be the spiritual head of your household. Someone you can trust to lead your household. Therefore, shouldn't their maturity in Christ, and their strength of character have a place on our standards list. The mistake we make all too often is we put too much value on a person's looks, and/or status, and as a result we put those things in our standards list instead of our preferences list. We all know that we can get someone who looks like LL Cool J or Haley Berry, or Brad Pitt, and they can be abusive or a bum. So let's try to put the proper things in our standards list, and leave our preference list UNDER our standards. For example, on my standards list used to be all this useless stuff. Now, I have narrowed it down to only 2 things. 1. I ask that she loves You more than she loves me, because if she can do that, that alone will show her strength of character. 2. I ask that she make the conscious decision to love me on a daily basis, because I KNOW I'm gonna drive her crazy, and love is not a feeling but a decision. (That's a topic for another article) This has been another Diary of a Single Christian Man. I am your host Alex. If you have any questions, comments, snide remarks please email me at

April 2012  

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