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Ways to Get Your Ex Back – Which Ones Work? What are the ways of getting back together after breaking up? There are several common “methods” that I can observe. Chasing and harassing. Some are so anxious to get their ex back that they just keep calling, texting and emailing. This usually make things things worse. Your ex is now hating you more. Better to take a short break and resume communications very gradually. Apologizing and begging. It seems that if you apologize your ex will not be mad any more. Well that depends on the severity of the breakup and the way you apologize. If you have apologize many times before this is not going to work. The way you apologize is very important as is the timing. So it is better to consult expert help before doing it. Making the other party jealous. This is the worse. It may work for teenagers that are not very serious about their relationships. But the other party may think that you have move on. This will complicate your relation to the point of no return. This is a gamble that you will lose for certain. Disappear and come back after a while. You are so mad you go into hiding, maybe you lock yourself in the house or you just get out of town. When you have done enough pouting you reappear thinking everything is OK again. It is not, now your ex may not give you the time of the day! Even during the cooling off period it is wise to update you ex now and then so that your ex wouldn't think that you have severed the cord. Enlisting the help of family and friends. You both have common friends, and it seems natural to ask them for help. May be they will “convince” your ex to change his/her mind. The fact is that these people are amateurs and you will never know what they say to your ex. This is another gamble that is not worth it. Writing letters. This may seem like an anachronism but it works. Your ex will be surprised and will be anxious to read the contents. If your letter is well written it may turn things around. Good luck! And before you try to get your ex back, you must know what were the mistakes that caused the breakup, otherwise it will be the same things all over again.

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Ways to Get Your Ex Back – Which Ones Work?

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Ways to Get Your Ex Back - Which Ones Work  

There are many ways to get your ex back, but most of them are bad. Which ones were you thinking of?

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