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Our Vision Learning. Excellence. Opportunity.

Develop great Learning communities; build hubs of Excellence; offer endless Opportunity.

Our Mission Learning communities where ... Collaboration makes a real difference and enables every pupil to reach the highest possible standards.

Excellence in every academy; in every hub ‌ High expectations for everyone, of everyone and in everything.

Opportunity for all ‌ Experiences plus ambition equals success; because everyone in the Trust deserves the best.


Our Values Perseverance - Keep trying; never give up Respect - For everyone, every time in everything we do Imagination - See. Think. Wonder. Anything is possible Dedication - To each other and to ourselves Encouragement - Work as a team and support others Developing our LEO Values across our PRIDE


Our Strategic Objectives


Our Trust Board have agreed five key strategic objectives which will support the growth and development of LEO Academy Trust over the next five years. 1. Ensuring the provision of high quality teaching learning & assessment; 2. Increasing the wide range of opportunities provided for our pupils through an enriched curriculum at each academy within, and across, the Trust; 3. Developing new partnerships to provide further opportunities for our pupils & staff and to ensure the Trust remains a ‘capacity giver’ to the wider educational community in our region. 4. To ensure growth through welcoming further good and outstanding schools into the Trust, sponsoring & improving schools in need and creating new school provision where opportunities arise in our region; 5. Ensuring a financially sustainable Multi Academy Trust.


Our Strategic Aims To develop a family of great academies where ‌ 1. Children are safe and enjoy learning. 2. Outcomes for pupils exceed previous performance and national averages, showing a year on year increase. 3. Teachers collaborate in Professional Learning Teams and Network Learning Communities to develop teaching & learning across the Trust. 4. Leaders are valued and developed at every level, from our pupils upwards. Embedded through clear succession planning and Talent ID programmes. 5. Opportunities are provided for pupils, staff and governors across the Trust, that wouldn’t be possible as individual schools.


What makes a great LEO academy? Performance  Progress and attainment outcomes for pupils exceed national averages..  Graded Good or better by Ofsted .  An enriched curriculum, offering a wide range of opportunities for pupils.

Contribution  Want to make a difference to more children.  Wider influence across our Trust and beyond.

Impact  Build to ensure enduring success.

Our Ethos


Making an impression on the future

Culture & Climate


Keeping collaboration at the centre of everything.

LEO Chairs’ Forum LEO Headteachers’ Board LEO Network Learning Communities LEO Professional Learning Teams LEO Pupils’ Parliament LEO Parent Governors


Who We Are 3,550 Pupils 415 Staff 6 Schools

The MAT Factor


Making a difference for our children, our staff and our schools


Making a difference for our children. 

 

  

 

Relentless drive to improve the quality of teaching, learning & assessment through a large, dedicated and skilled team of teachers and leaders across seven sites in Sutton. Increased access to opportunities to participate in sport, music & the arts. Funding for disadvantaged pupils through our LEO Foundation. LEO Passport to Success for KS1 and KS2. LEO Summer Celebration for Year 6. Opportunity to represent their school on the LEO Pupil Parliament and help shape the strategic direction of our Trust. Increased confidence & opportunity to work with pupils from schools across Sutton and those in the Belleville Teaching School Alliance. Increased opportunities for extra curricular visits & residential trips. Access to the LEO Battle of the Books programme and the LEO 144 Club for KS2 & the LEO Battle of the Books programme and the LEO Club 1 & Club 2 for KS1.


Making a difference for our staff.       

ITT, NQT & RQT programmes. Staff development training & support and an annual Trust Conference. Leadership development programmes and career pathways. Shared resources & exemplification documents for all year groups on the LEO Cloud. Access to Network Learning Communities & Professional Learning Teams. Well-being programme. Specialist support for:  EYFS  English & Maths  Assessment  SEND & EAL  Disadvantaged Pupils  Central Safeguarding Team & Annual Audits  Finance & Budget Planning  Recruitment


Making a difference for our schools. 

      

Established processes and support structures: policies, governance, clerking, finance, assessment systems, estates management, HR & recruitment, marketing. Economies of scale and shared resources. Improved recruitment & retention. Extended support beyond local hub through Belleville Teaching School Alliance. Wider national community through Challenge Partners. Digital Package & Increased Broadband, at a reduced cost. Access to LEO Catering and LEO DPO for GDPR compliance. Established links with high schools in Sutton LA.

Trust Governance


Trust Members

Trust Board

CEO & Accounting Officer

Local Governing Boards

Executive Team

Heads & Leadership Teams

Risk & Compliance Committee

Education & Standards Committee

LEO Headteachers’ Board

Finance & Audit Committee

LEO Chairs’ Forum

Central Teams 2018—2019


CEO & Accounting Officer

Executive Headteacher

Education Team: Director of Education (TLA & CPD) Director of EYFS, Safeguarding & Inclusion Director of English Director of Maths Director of Science Director of IT Director of Music Director of Sport



Business Team: Director of Projects SBM Finance Lead SBM HR Lead Finance Assistants HR Assistants IT Support Premises & Estates Management LEO Catering

LEO HTB 2018—2019 Trustee (Chair E&S)









School Improvement Strategy





Pupil Voice

Education Team: Director of Education (TLA & CPD) Director of EYFS, Safeguarding & Inclusion Director of English Director of Maths Director of Science Director of IT Director of Music Director of Sport

MAT Improvement Capacity Framework



CEO & Accounting Officer

Executive Headteacher



Headteachers & Heads of School

Central Education Team

Central Business Team


How can I find out more about LEO Academy Trust?     

Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Contact us via our office at Cheam Common Junior on 020 8337 1844 Come and see the Trust in action at Cheam Park Farm, Cheam Common Infants’, Cheam Common Juniors, Cheam Fields, Brookfield and Manor Park This can be arranged by appointment.

Our Academies

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LEO Academy Trust Brochure