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Swift When a constant, variable, property, or subscript makes use of a private type, the constant, variable, property, or subscript must also be marked as private: private var privateInstance = SomePrivateClass()

Getters and Setters Getters and setters for constants, variables, properties, and subscripts automatically receive the same access level as the constant, variable, property, or subscript they belong to. class Samplepgm { private var counter: Int = 0{ willSet(newTotal){ println("Total Counter is: \(newTotal)") } didSet{ if counter > oldValue { println("Newly Added Counter \(counter - oldValue)") } } } }

let NewCounter = Samplepgm() NewCounter.counter = 100 NewCounter.counter = 800 When we run the above program using playground, we get the following result: Total Counter is: 100 Newly Added Counter 100 Total Counter is: 800 Newly Added Counter 700

Access Control for Initializers and Default Initializers Custom initializers can be assigned an access level less than or equal to the type that they initialize. A required initializer must have the same access level as the class it belongs to. The types of an initializer's parameters cannot be more private than the initializer's own access level. 226

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