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protocol tcpprotocol { init(aprot: Int) }

Class Implementations of Protocol Initializer Requirements Designated or convenience initializer allows the user to initialize a protocol to conform its standard by the reserved 'required' keyword. class SomeClass: SomeProtocol { required init(someParameter: Int) { // initializer implementation statements } }

protocol tcpprotocol { init(aprot: Int) }

class tcpClass: tcpprotocol { required init(aprot: Int) { } } Protocol conformance is ensured on all subclasses for explicit or inherited implementation by 'required' modifier. When a subclass overrides its super class initialization requirement it is specified by the 'override' modifier keyword. protocol tcpprotocol { init(no1: Int) }

class mainClass { var no1: Int // local storage init(no1: Int) { self.no1 = no1 // initialization } } 204

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