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Best Usage Practices of Structures Swift language provides the functionality to define structures as custom data types for building the function blocks. The instances of structure are passed by its value to the defined blocks for further manipulations.

Need for having structures 

To encapsulate simple data values.


To copy the encapsulated data and its associated properties by 'values' rather than by 'references'.


Structure to 'Copy' and 'Reference'.

Structures in swift pass their members with their values rather than by its references. struct markStruct{ var mark1: Int var mark2: Int var mark3: Int

init(mark1: Int, mark2: Int, mark3: Int){ self.mark1 = mark1 self.mark2 = mark2 self.mark3 = mark3 } }

var marks = markStruct(mark1: 98, mark2: 96, mark3:100) println(marks.mark1) println(marks.mark2) println(marks.mark3) When we run the above program using playground, we get the following result: 98 96 100


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