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: Novell 050-894


: Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration CNI

Version : R6.1    

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1. Which policy package contains policies that are container specific? A. User Policy Package B. Server Policy Package C. Workstation Policy Package D. Service Location Policy Package Answer:D 2. Referring to ZENworks Asset Management, what is the default port that Task Server uses? A. 997 B. 7460 C. 7461 D. 7462 E. 7465 Answer:E 3. Which policy package is used to configure the Workstation Inventory policy? A. User package B. Server package C. Container package D. Workstation package E. Service Location package Answer:D 4. When installing ZENworks Desktop Management workstation agents, which information must be configured if the Novell Client is not being used to access policies and applications? (Choose 2.) A. The Workstation Manager agent B. The Remote Management agent C. The HTTP port number used by the middle tier server D. The DNS name or IP address of the back-end server E. The DNS name or IP address of the middle tier server Answer:CE 5. Which object can you associate with a workstation package? (Choose 2.) A. User B. Alias C. Printer D. Profile E. Security F. Computer    

G. Container H. Workstation Group Answer:GH 6. Which DesktopDNA.exe switch configures the DNA Engine to capture a workstation's personality? A. /C B. /A C. /P D. /U E. /DNA F. /APPLY G. /UPLOAD H. /CAPTURE Answer:E 7. In relation to ZENworks Desktop Management and disconnected Novell application launcher (NAL), what can be used to distribute applications to disconnected workstations? (Choose 2.) A. CD B. LAN C. DVD D. USB Port E. Serial Port F. Wireless NIC G. Firewire Port Answer:AC 8. You need to allow users the ability to uninstall a Novell application launcher (NAL) delivered application by right-clicking the application icon and selecting uninstall. What must be done to make this feature available? (Choose 2.) A. An administrator must enable uninstall using a remote control agent. B. The user must have administrator rights to be able to uninstall the application. C. An administrator must enable uninstall in the properties of the application object. D. An administrator must enable users to perform a manual uninstall in the properties of the application object. Answer:CD 9. If you're using the Hosts file or DNS to provide host name resolution for your ZENworks Automatic Workstation Import service, what host name must you configure to resolve to your Import server's IP address?    

A. ZWSREG B. ZIMPORT C. ZENWSREG D. ZWSIMPORT E. ZENWSIMPORT F. You use your Import server's host name, such as DA1 or NTI-PROVO. Answer:E 10. If you modify the myapps.html file on the Middle Tier Server, users who access the file from the server have the modified version of the myapps.html file downloaded to which directory on their Windows workstations? A. C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks B. C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Nal C. C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Cache\Nal D. C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Appbrowser E. C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Nls\your_language F. C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Nal\your_language Answer:E 11. Which TCP port is used by the Remote Control Listener? A. 390 B. 443 C. 1762 D. 2021 E. 8009 F. 8011 Answer:C 12. Which type of ZENworks application can be used to deliver registry keys, INI files, text files, or icons without actually installing an application on user workstations? A. MSI B. AOT C. AXT D. Web E. MST F. Simple Answer:F 13. You are installing ZENworks workstation agents and need functionality for distributing and managing    

applications to associated users. Which feature should you select during installation to obtain this functionality? A. Workstation Imaging B. Workstation Manager C. Workstation Inventory D. Remote Management E. Application Management Answer:E 14. When using a Windows Group policy in a user policy package to import an Active Directory group policy containing security settings, which file are the imported settings saved in by ZENworks? A. Zensec.inf B. Security.inf C. WGPsec.txt D. Zenpolicy.inf E. ZenADsec.inf F. Zensettings.txt Answer:A 15. Which remote management utility can you use to get realtime information about the device drivers on the controlled workstation? A. Chat B. Diagnostics C. File Transfer D. Remote View E. Remote Execute Answer:B 16. User DGrow.MKT.SLC.DA is a member of the PowerUsers.SLC.DA group. You have associated a user policy package with the SLC.DA container that configures user desktops to use the Rainy Day color scheme. You've also associated a user policy package with the MKT.SLC.DA container that configures user desktops to use the Pumpkin color scheme. You've also associated a user policy package with DGrow.MKT.SLC.DA that configures user desktops to use the Maple color scheme. Finally, you've associated a user policy package with PowerUsers.SLC.DA that configures user desktops to use the Spruce color scheme. When DGrow logs in, which color scheme will be applied to her workstation? A. Maple B. Spruce C. Pumpkin    

D. Rainy Day E. The user and the group associations are in conflict and, therefore, no color scheme will be applied. Answer:A 17. Which ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Imaging Services component is used by PXE-enabled workstations to request files required for imaging tasks? A. Ziswin B. TFTP Server C. DHCP Server D. Proxy DHCP Server E. DiNIC Transaction Server Answer:B 18. Which object can a service location package be associated with? (Choose 2.) A. User object B. Group object C. Server object D. Country object E. Workstation object F. Workstation group object G. Organizational unit object Answer:DG 19. Which file launches the ZENworks scheduler for policy management? A. SCHED.EXE B. PMSCH.EXE C. ZENMAN.EXE D. WMSCHED.EXE E. SCHEDULR.EXE Answer:D 20. Which type of application object can be distributed using a lights-out distribution when the user is not logged in? A. User-associated B. Group-associated C. Server-associated D. Profile-associated E. Template-associated F. Workstation-associated    

Answer:F 21. Where is the remote management agent password set? A. Remote operator wizard in ConsoleOne B. Application icon on the managed workstation C. Remote management agent icon on the host workstation D. Remote management agent icon on the managed workstation Answer:D 22. Which file is the ZENworks Preboot Services client? A. Pxe.exe B. Pmap.sys C. Dinic.sys D. Rsync.exe E. Pxe-c.sys F. Zimage.exe G. Rimage.exe Answer:C 23. Which type of policy package must be used for imaging operations on workstations that haven't been imported into the eDirectory tree? A. User package B. Server package C. Container package D. Workstation package E. Service Location package Answer:B 24. Which property page of a NAL application object can you use to configure a lights-out distribution of the application to user workstations? A. Options B. Registry C. Identification D. Icons/Shortcuts E. Application Files F. Distribution Scripts G. Pre-Install Schedule H. Pre-Distribution Process Termination Answer:G    

25. Which policies are included in the Service Location policy package? (Choose 2.) A. iPrint B. XML Targets C. Workstation Group D. ZENworks Database E. Workstation Imaging F. Computer Extensible G. ZENworks Desktop Management Agent Answer:BD 26. For an application to be distributed to a workstation, what defines the information required to distribute it? A. The application object B. The application's .INI file C. The application container D. Novell application launcher (NAL) Answer:A 27. You need to deliver applications to your users and workstations that reside in remote locations outside your organization's firewall. What is required to accomplish this using ZENworks Desktop Management? A. Load Nal.nlm with the -N switch. B. Implement the ZENworks Middle-Tier server. C. Load Appman.nlm with the -PASSTHROUGH switch. D. Enable dynamic NAT passthrough on the server where ZENworks is installed. Answer:B 28. Which elements are included in the ZENworks Desktop Management Workstation Inventory Software Dictionary? (Choose 2.) A. Rules B. Versions C. Identifiers D. Definitions E. Patch Levels Answer:AC 29. You are about to implement application load balancing. Which statements are true? (Choose 3.) A. It can be configured to handle server failover. B. It can be configured to optimize server utilization. C. You need to create and define at least one application object.    

D. Your duplicate application object files must be stored on a different server. E. Your duplicate application objects must be stored on the same server as the application objects. Answer:BCD 30. When configuring a Remote Control session from your management console, which button in the viewer window toolbar will send the Alt+Tab key sequence to the managed workstation? A. Toggle B. System Keys C. Alt Key Pass D. Full Screen Polling E. System Key Pass Through Answer:A 31. Which server package policy should you create to remotely turn on a workstation to allow a software upgrade? A. Rollup policy B. Wake-on-LAN policy C. Imaging server policy D. Workstation update policy Answer:B 32. In relation to a Windows group policy, which feature allows you to change the policy preference to ensure that workstation policies take precedence over user policies? A. ZEN policy loopback B. User policy loopback C. Group policy loopback D. Workstation policy loopback Answer:C 33. You are configuring the Dynamic Local User policy in a user package for users in your eDirectory tree. Company policy dictates that any local user accounts created on workstations by the Dynamic Local User policy must be immediately deleted when users log out. Which type of Dynamic Local User accounts should you configure the policy to use? A. Volatile B. Temporary C. Transient D. Nonvolatile E. Non-persistent F. The Dynamic Local User policy doesn't support this type of account.    

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