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Next Health Next seeks to provide a holistic medical experience to their clients, and an efficient and collaborative environment for their staff. They seek to accomplish this by removing the notion of assigned work spaces, incorporating multiple flex use spaces, and turning the individual healthcare professionals into a patient-centered healthcare team. The intent for this design is to create a space that counteracts the high amount of depression and mental illness in Seattle caused by the urban area and dreary weather. The design was inspired by the experience of Seattle’s surrounding nature. The design incorporates many natural elements, transparency, and a wayfinding system inspired by a compass. The natural elements and compass inspiration created a color palette of blue and green with accents of red.









Scope of Work



Structural Grid 1

Natural Light



Wayfinding Strategy Wayfinding in this design is accomplished by the use of a central wayfinding hub, symbolic imagery, and transparency. The reception desk acts as the wayfinding hub and is located in the center of the design. The reception desk and wayfinding strategy were inspired by a compass. The desk surrounds a monumental column clad in copper, reminiscent of the center pin of a compass. The main hallways of the design spread out from the central hub in each of the four cardinal directions. The symbolic imagery is utilized in the signage of the design to provide communication with users who do not use the local language. Transparency is used to allow users to see other rooms in the building. This is accomplished by multiple glass walls.


Natural imagery and plantlife reduce stress and anxiety. Being able to see and interact with healthcare professionals outside of exam room will reduce “white coat� anxiety. Landmarks placed in important directional locations enhances wayfinding. Copper surfaces and hardware are antimicrobial, which will prevent the spread of illness.

Research Plan




Patients Private






Material/Furnishing Plan

Select Furnishings 5

Select Materials


Quilt Center (Collaboration with Foster Peterson)

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum sought to redesign the entrance sequence of their museum. They wanted to highlight their gift shop area, while also providing a pre-tour gathering space for guests. Another of The IQSCM’s concerns with the redesign was staying true to the original intention of the building. The IQSCM building was inspired by a quilt with separate portions of the building corresponding to separate parts of a quilt. While visiting the site, We were able to see a lack of proper care taken in regard to ADA. With this design we sought to provide the IQSCM with all of their requirements, and rectify issue of providing proper support of ADA, as well as creating a sense of the journey of quilting. From the reception desk, display cabinets, and shelving that are inspired by spools of thread and sewing; to the circulation of guests in the gift shop, which is inspired by the looping motions which are present in sewing.

ADA Research 7

ADA Research

ADA Research



Floor Plan


Circulation 9




Reception Axo

Display Type 1/ Dimension

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel Frosted Glass

Brushed Nickel

Display Type 2/ Material 11

Display Type 3


Hobbyist Retreat This woodcarver is recently retired and now has more time to practice his hobby. He worked a corporate job in a large city for many years, and he is attempting to retreat into nature as much as possible. He has worked with wood for over 20 years and has recently been working on medium to large scale projects. His projects consist mostly of animals carved from wood sourced from the same region as the animals’ natural habitat. He is also in need of a place to display his work, as he seeks to invite others in and sell his work. When he is able to, the hobbyist would like to spend long stretches of time at his retreat; because of this he needs a place to store his tools and a large amount of wood. To align with the woodcarver’s desire to retreat into nature, I attempted to create a faux sense of nature in the building. To accomplish this, I made each building slab representative of a different part of a tree. The first floor is reminiscent of the base and root system by the water feature under the stairs and the stump-like display tables. Along with two opposing glass walls to create a view into the back garden from the street. The second floor is representing the trunk. This floor has floors, storage shelves, and a workbench all made from wood. The top slab has a skylight made to look like a tree canopy to filter light similar to leaves and provide natural light for the woodcarver to work. 13


Second Floor

First Floor


Skylight Wood Shelves

Work Bench Rest Room

Backyard Display Area Street

Ideal Program

Section 1

Section 2 15


Physical Model

Physical Model 17

Physical Model


Hostel 125 Hostel 125 is located in downtown Lincoln, NE. The site is dominated by a large glass wall on the east side. This element brought in a substantial amount of natural light during the day and close to no natural light past the afternoon. The intention of this design is to create a hostel that adapts to the transition between day and night. This design makes use of lighting elements and color to create different atmospheres and moods within the singular spaces. Site Plan

Custom Furniture (Green) 19

Custom Lighting (Yellow)


Second Floor Plan

First Floor Plan



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