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Firstly, thanks for picking up this copy of Le Nurb, Brunel’s best (and only) Student Newspaper. And Secondly, welcome to Brunel. Whether you’re on the brink of starting you’re first module here, or in the throws of nostalgia as you return for your final year - I honestly hope that you enjoy every second of life on (and off) campus. It’s a rewarding and financially-draining experience that should be relished - and if you need any tips on how to make the most of your time with us, keep half a mince-pie open for

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fish-wrapper with a couple of quirky articles and a few spelling miistakes, but to the Team and I it is a lot more than that. It is the result of hours and hours of hard-work, sweat … and I would be lying if I said there weren’t a few tears (but that’s to be expected - it’s only thin paper and can easily be fixed with a small bit of Sellotape)

If you would like to contribute similar, unashamedly cringe worthy jokes for our next issue then please don’t hesitate to apply online at


the Brunel Bucket-List in this very issue (it’s not as morbid as the name suggests, honestly).

Le Nurb is distributed eight times a year, across campus, to a network of 15,000 students.

Speaking of making the most of your time at Brunel, I recon you should just skim-read the rest of this Editorial - then get stuck into the rest (and best) of the Paper. As Editor, I can impartially say that there are some brilliant, smart, controversial, funny, and entertaining articles that have been submitted to us, by Students, for this first issue - all presented beautifully by our excellent design team and, of course, edited to perfection. Yes, to you dear Reader, Le Nurb might just look like a battered bit of

We offer great rates to advertisers, plus discounts for on-campus clubs, societies and organisations. Find out more at brunelstudents. com/lenurb or via the Editor. To book an advertising slot for September, call Bonnie Crate on 01895 267215.

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Being part of Le Nurb is a great way to meet new people and is an ideal way to have your article read by over 4,000 people. There is also going to be alot of changes within the Student Media this year. (I can’t tell you too much for now) - but it’s another reason this is the perfect year to get involved and make your mark.

Minor News in Brief article

Minor News in Brief article

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Ok - so to sum up. Enjoy the rest of this paper. And whether you do or you don’t, why not write for the next issue? (I know the Editor … and I think I can put in a good word for you) Aaron.

Continued from page 1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent blandit nisl sed metus egestas, eu consequat quam suscipit. Donec urna ipsum, elementum nec erat eget, tristique vulputate nisi. Integer porta elit et turpis adipiscing iaculis. Phasellus a nulla leo. Morbi eget justo nisl. Aenean bibendum, ipsum nec dapibus hendrerit, mi massa viverra sem, vitae condimentum risus ante non nisi. Nulla vel leo mi. Aenean elit dui, cursus pretium mauris sit amet, egestas sodales libero. Etiam vel felis consequat, gravida mi ac, eleifend odio. Nullam laoreet tincidunt urna sed ultricies. Vivamus enim massa, pretium id neque eu, viverra blandit velit. Aliquam vitae erat cursus magna venenatis volutpat nec sed justo. Suspendisse tempus mauris tortor, ac pulvinar lacus auctor at. Proin tempus massa at velit sodales

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Stand Up For Something!

Kerri Prince You may be a Fresher who has not long arrived at Brunel, or a second year ready to be involved in ways that do not involve alcohol, a third year who wants to do as much as they can in their last year at Brunel, or even a placement or postgraduate student who wants to represent those similar to you. Standing for the Student Assembly is a fantastic way to be involved in your Student Union, to shape policy and influence direction, as well as doing something different. Whether it’s for your CV or you’re looking for something else to get involved in – running for the Student Assembly could be for you. The four sabbatical officers, the ten Union Chairs, and the eight Senior Reps that were elected in Spring 2013 will be sitting on the Student Assembly. Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to nominate yourself, run a campaign and vote for who you want to represent you on the Assembly. There will be 20 community assembly positions, which any student can stand for, as well as School Members, which will be elected by members of each of the eight schools. With motions last year ranging from supporting Equal Marriage to recognising the work of the Queen of England, it was certainly an interesting year. Make sure you get involved in your Student Union and make the

changes that you want to see. The Union is made up of representation (Officers and Chairs), advice (the ARC), entertainment (Locos and Academy), as well as giving opportunities to students to improve their personal development. There are a variety of committees you can sit on as a member of Student Assembly, such as the Catering Focus Group, the Election and Referenda Committee, and the opportunity to stand for Senate. Being on the Student Assembly is rewarding and a great compliment to your academic achievements. Keep a look out on www. or the Union of Brunel Students Facebook page to stay up to date with Union events and opportunities that we offer. Nominations are expected to open on the 16th September, with ‘I Want To Stand’ workshops running from the 23-25th September. Voting will most likely be on the second week of October, so make sure you get your friends to vote for you and run a great campaign. Nominations and elections for roles within Student Media will also be open, so keep an eye out of those. You are the students that the Union represents, both through its democratic producers and through its media outlets. Don’t let the opportunity pass. Stand up for something. Stand for the Student Assembly.

Libary 24 - 7 Chadley Richards


The Union of Brunel Students are really pleased to announce that the library will be moving to a full 24/7 opening hours for this academic year. This comes as a result of Zein, our Vice President Academic Representation (VPAR) sustained efforts, in holding discussions over previous yearsputting forward the student view that this is an important provision for our members. Zein has worked closely with the Library management in developing the proposal, work which was strengthened by the student input gathered in last July’s online survey. He said “I am really pleased to hear that after working with the library on it throughout the summer it is finally confirmed. This is something our students have consistently fed back to us as important, and I am glad that this year all of our students will be able to study in and have access to all the library resources whenever they might require. This is something that will hopefully help all of our students achieve all the great things they are destined for, and more importantly, will contribute to us achieving academic excellence together here at Brunel”. We really hope that every single one of you will utilise this opportunity and use the library to its full potential.



Register to Vote At the second Union meeting of the last academic year, students passed a Voter Registration motion which mandated the Student Union to promote registering to vote in preparation for the 2014 Hillingdon and European Union elections. If you are currently living in halls, you should be automatically registered to vote by the University which means that you would not have to fill out another form and will be able to vote come polling day.

This is a clear example of the change we, your students union can influence- particularly when we are able to demonstrate student opinion through surveys and consultation. Thanks to those who got involved with our research, thanks also to the Library management who proved so responsive to the student voice. Our VPAR had these final words to say, “I was really enthused by the level of input our students had with the survey I did towards the end of July. This research was essential in delivering a 24/7 library. I really encourage you guys to get involved in all the surveys we conduct” We wish you the best of luck for the year.

But if you’re living off-campus and haven’t registered to vote, make sure you do! There are so many benefits of registering to vote (other than actually being able to vote!). It improves your credit rating and can help you get a mortgage (not that buying house is going to be particularly easy for our generation anyway). Can you afford NOT to register to vote? Also, we could hypothetically see a General Election this side of Christmas – don’t miss out on your opportunity to have your say! There are a lot of myths when it comes to registering to vote. Here are a few truths: You do not have to be born in the UK to vote in UK elections. EU citizens can register to vote in both the European and Local Elections! But EU citizens cannot vote in UK Parliamentary elections. Another myth is that you can only


Kerri Prince vote at the ballot station. This is not true; you can register for a postal vote and exercise your democratic right to vote weeks before the election. Students can be registered both at their home address and their University address. You can only vote in ONE for the UK Parliamentary elections. But you can vote in both your home town and your University location for local elections, providing they are different Councils. As well as registering to vote at University, make sure your registered at home too! You can always register for your parents to vote on your behalf if you can’t make it home. We complain, we rant, we moan and we call our representatives the worst of names. So why not influence which person it is that you’re going to be swearing about for the next few years? Keep an eye out for information on how to register!





Hear is here Bess Browning Over the last eighteen months the Union has been working closely with the University to ensure that Brunel students gain the most from the Higher Education Achievement Recordnow standard for all students joining Brunel on or after September 2012. HEAR is a means for recording achievement in higher education, providing detailed information about your learning and achievement far beyond the traditional degree classification system (ie 2(ii), 1st etc). So what does this mean? What this means in practical terms is that the record will build a picture of your experience not only within the academic activities- including details around the nature of your programme content, and expected levels of learning- but also what ELSE you’ve done at University. A significant proportion of these opportunities will be through the Students’ Unioncommittee membership of clubs and societies, elected positions such as student reps or student assembly members, volunteering opportunities you undertake within the Unions structure will all be recorded on your file and acknowledged in your final HEAR. So what do I need to do? The Union will automatically record any elected positions you achieve (with some caveats) WITHIN the Union structures, so provided we are informed of that activity you don’t need to do anything. You will need to ensure that your club or society is part of the Union, but as 99% of them are this shouldn’t be an issue. Equally, any other activity (voluntary or paid) within the Students’ Union will also be recorded, but if you check your record and don’t see it recorded make sure you let us know- ask us- we’ll be able to confirm whether the activity is an agreed activity for HEAR or not (and if you think it should be, we can explore that too) Overall, the University and Union are invested in ensuring you develop a strong and insightful HEAR record as we believe this will strengthen your employability in the future, and ensure you make the most of your time here at Brunel. Your personal tutors (or Placement and Careers) will work with you on exploring opportunities, UBS (and other areas of the University such as Brunel Volunteers) will




always highlight where HEAR opportunities exist, and you will have access to this record (through your school) so you can see throughout your degree what your HEAR will look like. Final thoughts. The recording of your extracurricular activities is the optional section of the HEAR- you have the option before your HEAR is finalised to decide whether your committee membership is recorded or not. Make sure you communicate this to the University- as once it is finalised (post-graduation) this will be fixed and accessible in perpetuity. …and beyond? This year the Union is focussed on enhancing your personal development even further. We are currently developing a programme of training and development for students involved in our activity, and within that a clear definition of expected learning opportunities for each role. Look out for our programme, together with the icons referencing skills. For more information check out;

University webpages:

NUS explanation guidance:

and article/highereducation/HEAcievement-Report-HEAR/ (check out the pdf guide for students) And coming soon UBS guidance on





Xenia Rimmer If you want your next Facebook check-in to be “Soaking up the sun in the Bahamas”, it’s probably time you got thinking about your career. Even if you’ve already got your footin-the-door of a job you love, there are always opportunities to progress. And if you’re not exactly where you want to be, then there’s something right under your nose which could help you graduate to your dream job! It’s called social media, and it’s likely

showed that the top turn-offs for those recruiting included profanity, poor grammar and spelling, alcohol consumption and religious posts. They most favoured CV boosting posts, such as mentions of volunteering – so dust off your halo! Social media can also be a great way to get noticed, however. For each industry, there are various Twitter accounts which broadcast new job openings, as well as useful hints and tips for getting into the industry. Even if you’re not currently on the lookout, being in the loop about your

The truth is; that nowadays, whether you like it or not, your CV is no longer just your name typed in Times New Roman on a page. So, next time you’re uploading the photo album from that boat party in Magaluf, perhaps think twice about who’s going to be snooping through. that you already spend most of your day scrolling through it. So, while you’re socialising, why not use your online persona to boost your employability, too? Last year, a staggering 92% of employers admitted to using social media when it came to recruitment. Be it to find potential candidates in the first place, or to have a sneaky peek into the lives of applicants, your future boss is highly likely to have seen that picture of you in a Tesco trolley wearing a sombrero. Employers have a clear idea of what they like to see online. A 2012 survey

ideal industry is key to unlocking the potential of your future career. If you’ve succeeded in a project or your work has been published online, tweet about it! You never know which industry big-wig could be watching. It’s also good to develop a relationship with companies you’d like to work for one day. It might be a little brown-nosey, but following, retweeting and Liking their Facebook page is key to showing your interest in the company and what it does. To improve your online clout, don’t be afraid to get involved! Using hashtags and industry-specific

terms will allow you to interact with like-minded people, as well as getting your name known within your sphere. Thought provoking and industry-specific tweets often attract re-tweets, which are also great for getting noticed. As well as all this, it’s a good idea to have an online CV profile with a site such as LinkedIn. This allows you to make connections on a purely professional basis, whilst being easy to update and share. And it works! A recent survey showed that 89% of employers have hired through the website. Including a link to a profile such as this in your e-mail signature line shows efficiency, as well as giving the impression that you have nothing to hide. If you wish to spread your online profiles across various websites, such as resumesocial. com and VisualCV, go ahead. But remember, you should update each one consistently. Any profiles which remain dormant should be deleted, as they give the impression of laziness. In all, the key to finding your dream job is beaming up at you from the screen in your hands. Being shrewd with how you use social media can often get you noticed far quicker than clocking-up hours doing the coffee run (although you’ll probably have to do that, too). I’m not saying you can’t tweet your photos of cocktails with the girls, but perhaps fiddle with your privacy settings first (and put in some hours at the local charity shop…)

Brunel's Bridge Sanah Shaikh



For everyone who has attended Brunel, it has been a significant part of his or her lives. For some it may be purely an institution to get a degree for your dream job, for others partying was the highlight…nights filled with colour, laughter music and memories! And for the vast majority the library became a second home curled away in the night with pages of SPSS, Shakespeare and Foucault. But for me, what connected me to this remote place, is the people. Brunel may not be the heartbeat of London but the heartbeat of London can certainly be felt in Brunel. With people from all parts of the city, (and the out of towners) I have formed unconditional relationships with people years younger, shades different and languages apart from me. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an engineer and designed bridges and for four years I never understood the significance of this until now. Every single person has brought a piece of that bridge connecting me to him or her, whether it be through a joke shared, a lesson learnt, or just a smile as we walk through the concourse. Without them my bridge would be incomplete as I near the end of my time at Brunel. Even though it has been tough and

hard, stressful and intense without my bridge I wouldn’t have been able to walk through it all. You can never be alone here because at Brunel no matter what obstacles may come your way there is always someone to hold your hand and help you through. No one can write my dissertation for me, but I have people here who I didn’t know 12 months ago supporting me and adding to my bridge While I’ve been watching everyone graduate this summer, some of whom have been my friends some just passers by, I understood what makes the people here so unique is that while we are so very different we have all walked the same strip and shared compassion through it to make it through another day, to pass another exam and to enjoy another year.

The times I have been ill in the hospital, whether it has been for weeks or hours, I have had someone by my side, people who don’t have to be there but are through their own kindness. It is this compassion, which made me realize that people do care. As you stat a new chapter in your life or are at the beginning of your final at Brunel remember you will find genuine people who care about you. Irrespective of physiological or physical distinctions, we are the passion and heartbeat of Brunel. For me, that bridge Brunel made is symbolic, of the support, which has built my bridge with the people on my journey. Without that support I wouldn’t be able to take the steps to my next chapter.



A CROWD PLEASER I’d like to tell you a story: In times gone by, a clever person might have a great idea. A few years ago, that clever person might take their great idea (along with a business plan and a dash of optimism) along to a bank and be given the funds they need to start up. The bank would take a cut, the clever person would have support and the great idea would be shared with the rest of the world. Everyone was happy. Then the recession happened. The slump; the downturn; the hard times. Whatever you call it, it happened and sadly, it’s still happening (and will be for some time to come). So the banks tightened the belts around their pinstripe suits and stopped giving clever people money for their great ideas. But the clever people didn’t stop having great ideas. And that brings us to now. Step forward, then, the growing phenomenon of crowd funding. Not as fun as crowd surfing (I imagine), it’s a defiant response to the downturn. Members of the public have begun to find their own ways of funding the ideas and causes they truly believe in. The original concept, which dates back as early as 2006, involves members of the public pooling their money in order to support the efforts of a business or organisation they believe in. Crowd funders support a wide range of projects, from charities to product ideas and start-up businesses to start-up bands. Some crowd funding platforms also allow funders to invest in businesses for financial reward akin to shareholding, the difference being that the crowd funding is needed to get the business off the ground. Success stories of crowd funded project who used the public to, in essence, stick two fingers up at economic woes span the globe. The funding platform GoFundMe boasts $7.5 million in donations so far. In America, Rebecca Pontius raised $100,000 in public support to fund her Do Good Bus, which took locals on a bus journey where they volunteered across the country. Closer to home British initiative The Bicycle Academy raised £40,000 in just six

Xenia Rimmer days for their fledgling academy, aimed at teaching the art of crafting a bicycle. The first bicycle completed by each student is then donated to someone who really needs it in Africa. It’s not just for Joe Public, either. Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is currently using crowd funding website PeopleFund.It to support his Fish Fight; a campaign to reduce the amount of wasted fish in the North Sea. Here at Brunel, students have turned to crowd funding in a bid to see their app dreams come true. Students Joe Blurton and Sean Macro, along with friend Barry Coward are using funding platform Indie GoGo to support their start-up Project Tarradiddle. The project, described by the trio as ‘mobile micro publishing for the creative crowd’ seeks to break the modern tradition of creative writers losing out financially, by being forced to publish their work online for free. Joe, a creative writing student and Sean, a published poet, are of course responding to the gradual shift from print to online. Says Joe: “we need to make money for writers. I’m a writer myself, and I built Tarradiddle because I recognise the need for change”. The app, which would be accessible across all mobile platforms, will allow authors to write short stories, poems, episodes, journalism or even recipes and upload them, for free, to Tarradiddle. Subscribers then pay just 99p per month for access to the content and over 70% of net profit is paid to writers each month – the more popular the work, the more money the individual receives. The team have high ambitions, too, with their crowd funding target set at $27,600. Such a vast amount is required to pay for two full-time coders, a parttime coder, testing devices, servers and marketing. So if you’d like to help these clever people along the way, read more about their idea or are just interested in crowd funding as a whole, visit www.indiegogo. com and search Tarradiddle.




Making a Hall a Home Victoria Oliphant Arriving at university for the first time can be daunting, with many students having never lived away from home before. Some of you have travelled miles from your family and friends to be here, and feeling homesick is perfectly natural. Settling into your new surroundings as quick as possible is the best way to ease your fears. Your new university bedroom is a great place to start. As your new home away from home, it is important that you feel comfortable in it. A cold, bare room will do nothing to help the Freshers’ nerves!



Although your much-loved One Direction duvet set may have snuck its way into halls, remember that your bedroom may give strangers their first impression of you. Maybe consider ditching it for something a bit more contemporary… and socially acceptable. There are plenty of options in Uxbridge. Argos offers duvet sets from £6, while Wilkinson’s range from £5.50. Both shops are located in The Pavilions centre in town. And remember, you don’t know you’re beautiful and that is in fact, what makes you beautiful.

Blankets and cushions:

Winters can be cold on campus. Although there is heating, it doesn’t get turned on until well into the colder months so you might want to invest in a blanket. Blankets at Tesco start at £2.50, or look online at H&M for those starting at £6.99. Cushions can also be an easy way of personalising your room at little costthey are easy to make or you could even take some from home. But if DIY isn’t your thing, IKEA have a huge selection of cushions with prices starting at as little as £1.25. Or for something a little more substantial, take a look at the selection in Next, ranging from £10.

Chadley Richards






VP Student Activites

VP Community & Welfare

VP Academic Represenation

Here at Brunel your student experience would be a far cry from what it is without the immeasurable efforts of the Union of Brunel Students (UBS). The experience simply would not me achievable without the unseen efforts and perseverance put in by our staff and student volunteers. It is this dedication, which has seen us voted top two years running for student satisfaction beating all other London universities. Bridging the gap between the students and organisation is where you will find our 4 democratically elected student officers. Who are they, What Do they Do, are some of the questions that may first spring to mind, and here we will tell you more about them, what they do but more importantly what they can do for you.

Who are you and what is your role within the UBS?

Who are you and what is your role within the UBS?

Who are you and what is your role within the UBS?

Who are you, and what is your role within the UBS?


I am Martin, and I am the nominal head of the Union, and I also oversee the democratic process within the student union but I’m also involved with every aspect of the student union. I am essentially the lead contact between the union, university and external bodies.

I am Cam and I am your Vice President for Student Activates. So that includes all our sports clubs and societies, as well as RAG (Raise and Give) activities on campus. Just trying to make things accessibly for our students so they can engage with the union and others.

I am James the Vice President of Community and Welfare. Build develop and encourage The Brunel community both on and off campus, ensuring people are safe health and welfare are good and working on a cycle hire scheme.

I am Zein, and I am your Vice President of Academic Representation. I am here to promote, encourage and extend academic representation at the University. I lobby university on academic policy and run associated campaigns as well as the student rep system.

What is your favorite thing about Brunel?

What is your favorite thing about Brunel?

What is your favorite thing about Brunel?

What is your favorite thing about Brunel?

Team Brunel.

Drama Club

The opportunities and doors it opens for you.

What degree did you study at Brunel and why?

What degree did you study at Brunel and why?

What degree did you study at Brunel and why?

The fact that there is only one campus and you get a strong sense of community.

I studied a Law Degree, but originally I was going to study politics and sociology and changed course because I had better A Levels that expected and though Law would open more doors for me.

I studied BA Drama, because it was always something I was good at doing and because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I thought I would do it and it would lead me onto my path, and its led me down a good path so far I would say.

History and Politics and I decided to study it because I had Good AS Levels and realized my strengths lay in that region, and that’s where I could make a difference.

What are your main goals for the academic year?

What are your main goals for the academic year?

I will be focusing on things that matter most to students. Those 3 areas will be Academic Provisions, ensuring that we have world-class teaching quality and that any bad academic practices, which have existed, are eliminated. Living Conditions ensuring that on campus and local accommodation are in the interest of students, by lobbying to freeze deposit and halls fees. And finally Student Personal Development, equipping them with the skill set to get a job when they leave and excel once in employment.

To continue making things more accessible, and continue to raise more money for RAG, through some new and unique events, but to also make things fun. University is all about experience and for those students who get involved with that extra experience make sure its fun and rewarding.


There are a lot of shops in Uxbridge that offer a range of bedroom decorations that will give your halls a more personal touch. As you’re now a poor student like the rest of us at Brunel, I’m sure you won’t want to spend your nice new loan on home furnishings. Here are my cheap top tips to make your halls more homely:

Deck the Halls!

Time to Meet the Team Introducing your Student Officers

more … you. Whether of your friends from home or your adventures on a gap year, they add an instant homely feel and make great conversation starters. Have a look at getting your photos printed online. Sites such as, or normally have great deals for first time users. Urban Outfitters is a good place to look for cheap frames, or have a look at their “Frame Tape” at just £10.

Posters are great for covering up the marks on the walls left by previous tenants, or stopping you from adding more marks (you’ll need to keep it clean to get all your deposit back!). Avoid the clichés of Keep Calm and go for something a bit more originalyou might find it a useful way to start up a conversation with a stranger. Look out for the regular Student Union poster sales during your first term here. If you can’t wait until then, there are plenty of online shops with good selections. Try or for great discounts.


No matter what halls you are in, there is bound to be a mysterious stain somewhere on your carpet. Get a rug. They’ll cover any gross bits and make it a little warmer until the heating gets switched on. IKEA have a good selection of cheap rugs from £4.50, or check out the range at Tesco that starts at just £8.


Plants are an easy way of brightening any room, provided you remember to water them. If you’re just too forgetful, get a cactus- no care needed! The Student Union often hold plant sales on the concourse, so look out for those. There’s also a regular market in The Pavilions centre in town or take a look at the florist’s stall opposite the tube station. If you still think your new home isn’t homely enough, grab yourself a trophy from a night-out or liberate a supermarket trolley. Oh, and don’t forget that well-thumbed issue of everyone’s favourite campus NewsPaper, Le Nurb, on the corner of the desk (and certainly not next to the U-bend or keeping your door propped open) And remember, you’re only a Fresher once - just enjoy it!


What advice can you give our Freshers?

Pegged onto string, put up in frames or simply blue tacked to the wall, photos are easily the best way of making your room just that little bit

What advice can you give our Freshers? Throw yourself into anything and everything! Take the opportunities put in front of you, you will regret them if you don’t!

What are your main goals for the academic year? My aim is to build, develop and encourage the Brunel community both on and off campus, ensuring students safety health and welfare are in good order. I will also be working on a cycle hire scheme which will make it easier for students to commute around campus and keep healthy.

What advice can you give our Freshers? Have fun and get involved, its the one week you can just do what you want it is freedom.

Come talk to us!



What degree did you study at Brunel and why? I studied Politics and Sociology because I was always interested in finding out how society works, as well as how its runs in everyday life, even how policies were made.

What are your main goals for the academic year? Improving the student rep system, enhancing the academic develop program to implement so that more student are aware of how it could help them enhance their academic experience. To enhance the academic excellence here at Brunel so every student leaves here with a degree they wanted, not one they settled for.

What advice can you give our Freshers? Talk to everyone, be yourself, volunteer and make sure you eat well.

Martin @brunelpres
 01895 266 623

Cam vpstudentactivities 01895 66622

James 01895 266 624

Zein @BrunelVPAR 01895 267 603




The Fresher Pressure: It can only get better! Martha Salhotra For any student starting university this year, the journey adapting to the new changes approaching you will undoubtedly be a very tricky one. With the weight of having to pay £9,000 a year to study for a degree ultimately looming over us, going to university has now become more strenuous a process than in previous years. Being a fresher is daunting for anyone, and in this article I want to focus on some of the pressures you’ve already felt, are feeling or soon will begin to feel. My aim isn’t to scare anyone into thinking that university is somehow a negative in your life, but simply to show you that what you’ve been experiencing is common among the first-year student population - and also that you can work your way around these issues too! Let’s begin with the topic of finance. This is without a doubt the issue that can really prey on our minds! As students, the knowledge that we’re going to live the next three or so years spending a lot of money bogs us all down and as a fresher myself last year, I too was extremely worried. For instance the things that hadn’t mattered before like getting a bus, spending money on food, clothes or books all suddenly did. “Will I last the academic year with the money I’ve been given?” were the types of questions on my mind. Although it felt like I was over-exaggerating, the fact of the matter is that those graduates leaving university after the new tuition fees were announced will have it harder than the graduates before them. Repaying our loan when the time comes will be what looks like an extremely long and slow process, and there’s no way of knowing whether we’ll ever repay back every single penny. It’s an extremely saddening and worrying thought, but one I believe we shouldn’t dwell on too much. University gives many of us the chance to go onto careers that will (hopefully) be fruitful enough for us to feel that doing a degree was helpful. However, the greatest fear I believe is related to how to spend your money wisely and secondly, when you can start to spend. Student finance can sometimes be slightly delayed in delivering our funding, and for some this is an extra stress, which piles on the pressure of making a comfortable start at university. For those who waited, or are still waiting for the money to come in, it means having to hold on tight and just being patient but rest assured, it will eventually arrive.

Issues such as these prove that having a solid financial status is extremely important when studying at university, especially during a time when we have so many other external pressures to negotiate. As students attending university after the new tuition fees were announced, we are continually suffering when our money doesn’t arrive on time (or when we don’t have any left!). Due to this, money becomes possibly the biggest pressure we deal with on a daily basis. As students, we also have to worry about how to manage our money in the most beneficial way. When experiencing the pleasure of having independence, money and a certain amount of responsibility (unless you’re a mature student and you’ve been there, done that!) it is difficult to know how and where to spend. However, the important thing to remember it not to get carried away! I recommend that, you try to find your feet before spending, and when you do spend wisely and not too excessively. And to be blunt, you should probably refrain from spending it on things you don’t need (and that includes those alcohol fuelled nights that could potentially leave you penniless!). The student experience isn’t solely about spending vast sums on socialising, but rather enjoying the environment you’re in and the new people you meet. That being said, I do think that socialising and making friends is another challenge we face when we enter university. This desire can end up affecting us financially but also, mentally. It’s probably even more frightening for international students venturing into a new country and trying to adapt to the ways of the British. I tip my proverbial hat off to those who make such a massive move something I would never be able to do! Last year, I myself was really concerned about whether I would make friends at university or not. I knew that entering such an establishment would be a massive transition and had no idea what kind of people I would be encountering at Brunel. It’s safe to say that I have created some good relationships during my first year here, and aim to continue to do so over the next two years of my degree. Brunel seems to have a knack for selecting only the nicest, outgoing and interesting students, so I highly doubt making friends will be a worry for too long. It can be extremely difficult for someone heading into their first year of university to maintain a balance between having a social life, keeping in touch with their existing friends and also,



As we enter the second year of tuition fee hikes, Xenia Rimmer asks if we are really getting our money’s worth at University? It’s difficult to imagine a time when University didn’t come with a hefty price tag. As the years have gone by, the price of an education has risen unprecedentedly from nothing to a staggering £9,000 per year. Gaining my place at Brunel in 2011, I was lucky enough, I suppose, to

slip under the net. I was in the final year to be allowed to progress into higher education under the ‘old’ fees. In comparison to the current bill students are faced with, my £5,000 per year tuition fees seem a bargain... Almost. I use the term ‘per year’ loosely: a University year doesn’t quite equate to a calendar one. For me, term begins in October, with a few weeks off at Christmas, a reading week in February, a month off at Easter and by May, my lectures are over. Studying for a creative writing degree means a lot of hours in the library and little contact time with lecturers; so surely this might

be reflected in the course fees? NOT! I worked out my average of three lectures per week are costing me approximately £50 per hour. My very wealthy plumber charges £20. Third-year friends in Nottingham, Essex and Surrey are paying roughly the same. I dread to think what the price-perslideshow is for fresher students. So, as Universities across the country slash their entry grades to attract students, here’s a look at what cash-strapped students who decide not to go into further education could do with their £9,000 per year fee...

For £36,000, you’ll get a 4-year University course. Or...

£27,000 will buy you 3 years in education. Or...

For just £9,000, you can have 1 year in University. Or...

12 of Chanel’s finest handbags 36 Luxury world cruises 133 iPad minis

1 top-of-the-range Mini (with change for a few Starbucks’). 78 return trips to New York 1,227 manicures 27, 272 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers 18,000 Vodka Redbulls at Loco’s 540,000 Pro Plus pills 135,000 Freddo Bars 675,000 pens 27,000 notepads

The brand new Skoda CitiGo 30 first class return trips to Paris on the Eurostar 23 years of gym memberships 520 rides on the London Eye. 360 days of entry to Thorpe Park 22,500 toilet rolls 2,812 pints of beer 22,500 cans of beans 19,148 loaves of bread 300 spray tans 1,512 meals at Nando’s

2. Personal Development.


Your growth begins here, and you are in no better place to do so, than the institution named after Britons greatest inventor, perhaps only contested by to Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. It is important that you maximise the other 15,000 brains around you to aid in your development and improve your skillset. Through a curious mind, intrigue to and a talented Brunel community I have worked and helped project manage events, organised art projects, completed over 100 hours of volunteering and of course been elected as your Media Chair. Collaboration s the key, positioning yourself along side people of similar interest, drive, and ambition, because as old saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” after all. What you do outside of lecture time is arguably more important than what you do inside of them, so make sure what your doing counts.

Now this may seem obvious, but if you are anything like me you will detest a missed opportunity. Whether your ambition and passion lay in student media, sports or elsewhere you as a Brunel student are very blessed to have one of the best student union in the country. There are so many opportunities at your disposal, chances to get involved with hundreds of clubs and societies and explore your interest. Video Brunel, gave me the chance to explore my ambitions as a presenter and interview guest acts and of course Brunel’s very own students. I took the opportunity that every student has to run for a chair role and was successful, and now I oversee Le Nurb, Radio Brunel and Video Brunel. The opportunities you will receive in your time at university will be plentiful but it hinges on you to make it them a success, “Take your passion and make it happen”.

Or an education at Brunel?

A brand new V6 Luxury Jaguar More than 18 years of unlimited travel on Transport for London 3,002 large Domino’s pizzas 484 tanks of petrol

Hopefully, my relatively cheap three years won’t leave me forever serving cheep, cheep chicken at the aforesaid establishment.

Your Time starts now! Chadley Richards

maintaining close bonds with family members while trying to study for your degree. I’d advise that you shouldn’t have too much on your plate, especially if you are struggling to juggle it all. Prioritising is very important in university, and it’s here that you really begin to see whether you have the organisational skills to make it through the course. The best thing you can do is take it easy and try to make a little time for everything and everyone. Finally, another pressure faced as first-year students embarking on our university adventure is related to whether we have picked the right course or not. It’s okay to


be unsure and have your doubts initially, but one thing I must stress is that you should definitely give university a chance. Only when you experience lectures, seminars and whatever else accompanies your degree can you truly know what you wish to do with yourself. If you find yourself really reconsidering your situation, then always remember that there is always a way out! It’s not the end of the world, yet. Having worries about whether you have picked the right course is natural, as it can often take a long time for us to figure out what we really want to do in life. Do what your heart tells to you to! It sounds cliché, but it

couldn’t be further from the truth. Not wanting to drone on too much about the pressures that freshers are facing as they begin university, I’d like to finish off and specifically wish every first-year student at Brunel a happy and successful journey. Remember that the things written about above are easily resolved, and that you should be focusing on the positives of university life, which definitely outweigh the negatives. University is what you make of it. Good luck to all our first-year students joining


Your time starts now, is a saying most of us have had the displeasure of hearing, most commonly just prior to the start of another important exam. This will by no means the last time you hear this phrase being said in your time at university. From this day onward this commonly used phrase will take on a new meaning and importance in your life. There are many aspects to university life, and trying to balance them all can be a task within itself so I will give you my top three tips on how to make the most of your time and get ahead of the rest.

1. Network. I cannot emphasis enough, the importance of building both you personal and professional networks. Whilst building your personal networks may come more naturally to most, building your professional network can be a daunting task to overcome, especially when not knowing where to start. A great starting point for me was joining the networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn, allows you to connect with other professionals in your career field and also promote networking events where you are able to speak face to face with your potential boss or even business partner. There is a vast array of networking events in and around London, which you could be at, making those important connections and starting your ascent up that super competitive careers ladder.





Big City, Bright Lights Is it possible to make the Big Apple low budget?

Claire Payne From the dazzling lights of Times Square to the ever peaceful Central Park, it’s fair to say New York has rightfully earned its title as one of the world’s most iconic cities. A visit to the ‘city that never sleeps’ appears on the bucket lists of millions across the globe, with a reported 52 million tourists flocking there last year, alone. The Telegraph has branded New York the 4th most expensive city to visit in the world - I beg to differ. With a little thought and planning, that New York trip can be ticked off your To Do list without extending your overdraft and maxing out three different credit cards. Just bare in mind that it will cost a little more than a weeks all inclusive in Benidorm! The first thing to remember is that actually getting from London to New York is going to set you back a fair amount, and so this is where the majority of your budget will go. I’ve seen LHR to JFK return flights reach £2,000, maybe more. However, many airlines, including British Airways and Virgin, are known to hold sales a few days after christmas. If you take advantage of this, you may be able to bag a return trip for as little as £300. Obviously airplane fares cannot be compromised (unless you fancy swimming the Atlantic?) but once you arrive in NY you can spend as little or as much as you like. Of course, if you insist on staying at the Marriott on Broadway, then expect to pay nothing less than mega dollars (and yes, that’s a real figure) It is possible to find cheap places to stay in Manhattan, if you look hard enough. The best option for your

wallet/purse is to book a hostel. OK, so it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but you’re in New York; how much time are you likely to actually spend inside the room (hint: the correct answer is “little to none, Claire”) As long as there’s a shower that produces hot water and a bed with clean sheets, who honestly cares? The general rule is, the further out of Midtown you venture, the less it will cost but, as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Using www. I found a hostel 5 minutes from Times Square costing £47 a night which, for such a great location, isn’t bad. If you want to use the subway to travel around the city, then the 7 day unlimited pass is probably the best route to take. For $30 (just under £20) you can use the subway and bus services as much as you like. Any single journey costs $2.75, so if you plan on using the services more than 10 times, the 7 day unlimited pass will eventually save you money. If your budget is tighter than you’d like or if you just love the atmosphere of NY, acquire a free street map and make your way around on foot. The roads in Manhattan are all straight, with Streets in one direction and Avenues in the other, so it’s pretty easy to navigate. You’re guaranteed to stumble across something interesting that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen and if you think London’s underground stations are horrible, New York’s are even worse! That’s travel and accommodation sorted. What about food? With such an amazing variety of places to eat across the city, it wouldn’t be difficult to spend an absolute fortune

on satisfying your stomach (just glancing over the pricey menu at The Sea Grill in the Rockefeller Plaza was enough to induce my swift exit from the building). However, there are always ways of saving some cents. If you get caught feeling peckish, grab a traditional New York hotdog for $2. There are vendors literally everywhere. Also, restaurant promoters often patrol the Times Square area armed with money-off vouchers. Take full advantage, and grab two or three. Remember, you don’t have to eat out at a restaurant every night. There are plenty of places that offer take out pizza for a few bucks. You could head back to your hotel to eat, or even sit somewhere outdoors to enjoy your purchase. When it comes to attractions, there’s not much chance of you running out of things to do during your stay in New York. Although popular attractions such as the Empire State Building come with hefty price tags, there are plenty of things to do for little or no money (see my ‘5 Things to do in New York for Free’ for inspiration). As for Broadway shows, your best bet is to queue at TKTS on Times Square, who offer same-day tickets for discount prices. They open at 10am for matinee performance tickets and 3pm for evening performance tickets, but make sure you get there early to beat the crowds. So, now you’re armed with the facts, think about whether or not your ‘New York Dream’ is achievable. I’d say it isn’t as far out of reach as you think it is.


5 Things to do in New York for Free

DO’s and DON’Ts in NYC

1.Public Library

DO - avoid areas where you don’t feel safe. In general, New York is much safer now than it was 20 years ago, but it still isn’t the safest place in the world. If you don’t feel comfortable somewhere, leave. Simple.

Situated on 5th Avenue, this sounds boring but the building itself is definitely worth a look. The artwork on the ceilings is quite impressive and there’s a little shop selling an array of books, including one making fun of the Brits!

2.Central Park

Covering 843 acres, Central is one of the biggest urban parks in the world. It’s a great place to relax away from the busy streets. Spend $1 on some nuts and feed the resident squirrels they’re incredibly tame.

3.Brooklyn Bridge

I’d recommend crossing this mile long bridge on foot and staying in Brooklyn until nighttime. That way you can enjoy the view of Manhattan skyline in daylight, and then again when it’s lit up at night.

4.Staten Island Ferry

Instead of paying for a boat tour, take advantage of this free service in order to get a closer look at the iconic Statue of Liberty.

5.Bronx Zoo

Much more impressive than the popular zoo in Central Park. Wednesday is ‘donation day’ so if you can ignore your guilty conscience, you can visit for absolutely nothing.

DO - tip, to a certain degree. I found that tipping isn’t as strictly monitored as I was lead to believe. However, waiting staff do depend on tips as they are paid the bare minimum, so it is expected that you make some contribution. DO - swap the Empire State Building for the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. It’s cheaper and the views are much more breathtaking. DON’T - fall for ticket touts. They are everywhere in the Times Square area and yes, they are willing to lie to you in order to sell tickets. Don’t buy tickets to anything you haven’t researched beforehand. DON’T - assume the green pedestrian man means it’s safe to walk. Seriously, the taxi drivers do not care. Make sure one isn’t speeding your way before you cross. DON’T - smoke in the parks. They may be outdoor areas but smoking is strictly forbidden in all of New York’s public parks.

Born in the USA: Why should you should start working at an American summer camp. Inah Dela Cruz


Working abroad is a dream shared by thousands and thousands (and thousands) of students around Britain every year. One of the most popular options to make this dream a reality is helping out with the numerous summer camps running every year in America. In fact, the “J1 Student Visa” gives students the option to stay an extra month to travel around the country after camp packs up. According to the American Camp Association, 11 million children and adults attend camp annually in the USA. With around 10,000 camps all over America, many British students fly across the Atlantic to experience this phenomenon. And this summer, I was one of them. I decided to work at Tripp Lake Camp, a summer camp for girls ages 8 to 16, located in Poland, Maine. Let me tell you, in all honesty, I consider working in Tripp Lake Camp as one of my best and most treasured memories. I loved every second of it. And these


are just some reasons why I think students should consider trying out this experience for themselves when Summer rolls around in a year’s time:

Learn to be independent:

Although being at University already establishes a sense of independence, being in a foreign country, away from your family and your friends is a whole different challenge. Without the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are only a short bus, or train ride away. Or that you can pick up the phone and make a (domestic and therefore, reasonably-priced) phone call to reach them means that when homesickness and cultureshock hits, you will learn to endure these challenges will become more independent and mature.

Get a chance to explore America

As the J1 Visa allows International Camp Staff to stay for an extra month in America after their jobs wrap-up,

most British staff travel all around the country to experience the different cultures it has to offer. Although experiencing the melting pot that is New York City was enough for me, friends from camp travelled from the East Coast to the West, visiting cities such as Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the capital, Washington, DC. With the array of sights, food and shops that these cities offer, such cultural experience is definitely a must.

Develop your skills

Working in a summer camp can also help you develop a variety of skills that will be beneficial in future jobs. With the different roles of camp staff, you will learn how to build positive relationships with the campers and colleagues, leadership skills, good communication skills, teamwork and responsibility. Such skills will make anyone wellrounded and will certainly attract future employers. Plus, there are much more arduous ways than road-tripping around the US, to get the same CV-fodder.


Meet friends that you’ll keep forever

One of the best things that happened to me while working at the summer camp was meeting all my new (American) friends. As everyone will be away from home, the strangers that you meet at the start of the summer will quickly become your family. With the amount of time you spend with camp friends, you’ll definitely feel a sense of camaraderie that I assure you: you won’t feel from anywhere else.

Discover your true self and become more confident

Working in a camp is also a place for self-discovery. While working in a summer camp is a whole new experience it also provides everyone a place where they can truly be themselves without any fear of judgment from anyone. The challenges that you will face will become much easier with a support system provided by your camp family, whether it be singing or

dancing in front of a large audience, swimming, rock climbing or even swinging your way through a ropes course -- over 50 feet up the air (I’d like to point out that I’m not just talking about metaphorical support -- there were also more physical, harnesses providing support). With many camp programs such as Americamp, Camp America, CCUSA and Camp Leaders to help you out along the application process, working in America for the whole summer is now easier to achieve more than ever. Why not try out this worthwhile experience yourself and end up creating memories that will last a lifetime? Go on … Why are you still reading this? Get online and apply. You won’t regret it.





new Term, New Start, New Diet...

Evil Dead (2013) Review.

Your Fashion Week Fix

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So we’re all back for the new term and no doubt we’re all looking to get rid of those few extra pounds that we have put on over the long summer holiday. It’s typical for anyone to put on a few pounds when you go away as the different cuisines look exciting and irresistible, or just sitting in your house as the fridge and its contents are the only thing there to keep you occupied. Now we are back at uni again, some of these pounds are likely to come off as you get back into your busy lifestyle but some of them are likely to remain as one of the main causes of weight gain in alcohol, and we all know we aren’t going to give that up - we are students after all. If you are anything like me, and not willing to give up this guilty pleasure, there are other ways to lose the weight. No one really likes to diet and there isn’t really a student friendly diet out there to satisfy our palette and our pockets, and let’s be honest, who really has time for most of them. But for those of you who are dedicated and want to go all out and lose weight fast and effectively, I would

suggest the 7lbs in 7 Days diet by Jason Vale, especially for those girls who want to trim the belly and thigh fat. It sounds impossible or unrealistic but I can tell you it works, after witnessing a family member undergo this diet with very positive results. It is a juicing diet that abolishes solid foods for an entire 7 days and swaps it for 6 juices, smoothies or soups made entirely from freshly juiced fruit and vegetables. Weight gain is often a result of unused fat and carbohydrates due to overeating and lack of exercise. This diet reacts against this by not including any carbohydrates so the body uses the store that it already has. 7lbs is the minimum that you can lose and it will burn the fat as opposed to converting into muscle. However, it can become quite tedious. It requires buying a lot of fruit and vegetables - money that could be spent on nights out and Subways - and requires a lot of time spent peeling, chopping and juicing fruits and vegetables - time we would rather spend sleeping.

diet is a protein-based phased diet that helps you maintain your weight as a lifestyle as opposed to a quick fix solution. The first phase attacks your metabolism in order for it to speed up by only eating protein-enriched foods, followed by the second phase which requires the addition of vegetables to gradually achieve the desired weight loss. The final two phases aim to make this a lifestyle by slowly reintroducing the other main food groups but under certain rules such as guaranteed protein per week and everything else in moderation.

The Original

When the original ‘Evil Dead’ was released in 1981 it caused a considerable stir with its high levels of explicit gore and horror. The film was the result of childhood friends Sam Raimi (director) and Bruce Campbell (star) who managed to raise just shy of $100,000 to make their pet-project a couple of months before Raimi’s twentieth birthday. Shot on location in a (visibly) homemade fashion, the film only received interest from film studios after a rave review from horror author Stephen King. When “The Evil Dead” was finally released it was quickly labelled a “video nasty” and was even banned in some countries. However, it gathered interest as a cult film and became a financial success on home video.

Within all diets there is a necessity to spend a little bit extra money and time as this is what provides results. So sacrifices will need to be made if you want to be successful. If dieting isn’t for you then there are other simple factors that can help maintain or lose weight: sleep, exercise, smaller portions and determination, things that we are all capable of doing.

The Remake

For those of you wanting to convert fat into muscle as well as losing weight, probably most of the guys out there, the Dukan diet may well work for you. The Dukan

Budget London for Newbies Malaika Oyortey Its that time of year again when summer blues begin to sweep in, but it doesn’t have to be over just yet! As a London Univesity, Brunel is never too far from a number of exciting things and there is always something for everyone! Whilst being a student means you have to balance your finances carefully, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on exciting things. Equally London may seem a little intimidating and extremely pricey but it doesn’t have to be! There are a number of things to do in London that can be done on a budget and here are just a few ideas. Throughout September the 2013 Itunes festival is bringing you 30 nights of live music in Camden from the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, 30 Seconds to Mars, Avicii, Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry and many more. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, the festival is absolutely free! For more information and to register for tickets head to For those with a love of theatre, it doesn’t always have to be pricey! From 7th September to early November, a revival of Midsummer Night’s Dream is taking place at the Nowell Coward theatre in Covent Garden and there are 100,000 £10 tickets available.


The cast includes Sheridan Smith and David Williams and is a must see this September. London is a mecca for the arts so why not visit some of its museums, for free. The V&A in South Kensington has a large range of free exhibitions and daily tours, which are all free. Its largest exhibitions also offer student discount and this Septembers exhibition Club to Catwalk: London fashion in the 1980’s can be seen for only £5.70 with your Brunel Student card. The exhibition is a haven for fashion lovers and exhibits the vibrant and creative fashion that boomed in the ‘80’s and displays eighty-five outfits from the top designers of the time. Best of all, South Kensington is on the Picadilly line so there are no confusing changes. Visit to buy tickets. For the food lovers The Real Food Festival is returning to the Southbank Centre from 27th – 29th September and you guessed it, its absolutely free. Enjoy samples of some of the finest cheeses, chocolates and street food on the banks of the River Thames underneath some of London’s finest attractions and watch demos from professional chefs. If you’re a film fanatic, More London Free Festival 2013 are showing free films outdoors at The Scoop at More London. Situated between HMS

Belfast and City Hall. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 11th -27th September they are showing a range of classic and contemporary films including Skyfall, Back to the Future, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and much more! No tickets are needed just bring a blanket and a picnic and sit back! Visit for more information, The “boris” bike has become an icon of London in recent years and it also means cheap transport around London! As you will soon find out most of the top attractions in London are close together and hiring a Barclays bike is a cheaper and better way to see the sights of London. The bike stands are positioned in the best parts of the city and are very easy to hire and half an hour is free! Once you know it, London is a place full of things to do. Signing up for discount sites, which send you, emails are also a good way of saving money on activities and eating out. Getting to know how to travel around London is vital so always have a tube map to hand! Don’t forget there is a whole host of activities and events that take place on and around campus so remember to keep in the know with events happening at Brunel. Good luck exploring!

32 years later and things have moved on. Hugely successful franchises such as “Saw” and “Hostel” have pushed the boundaries of what main-stream cinema-goers are prepared to watch dissected and screaming for mercy on screen. Advances in CGI and prosthetics allow filmmakers to achieve horrific levels of gore that Raimi couldn’t have dreamt of whilst storyboarding the claymation climax of his 1981 horrorhit. So when the remake of this genredefying cult-classic was green-light I was intrigued. But does it hold up? Or is this just another glossy, badly-acted, classless remake of another 80s slasher flick?

The Verdict

The first thing to say about “Evil Dead” is: it is gory. Really gory. Director Fede Alvarez is out to shock. And he achieves his goal. The sheer brutality of the mostly practical effects combined with the shaking, close-up camera angles means

the audience is never far away from the brutal events that take place in the cabin. This isn’t quite as shocking as the original was when it launched -- but it comes close. Alvarez was (clearly) not interested in making a main-stream horror film. This is dark. Its also surprisingly fastpaced and has an interesting new twist on the five-college-kids-go-up-to-adeserted-and-threatening-lookingcabin-in-the-middle-of-a-remotewood-for-a-laugh formula. This film is clearly part of the “Evil Dead” franchise but manages to carve out its own identity. Despite the lack of studioendorsed concessions on gore and the originality in the story, there is still something missing. “Evil Dead” moves through the plot quickly (and drops you straight into the action quicker than your average James Bond film, I might add) but is marred but some questionable acting from some of the supporting characters and a lot of very, very clunky dialogue. For example: “Your girlfriend just cut her f*cking arm off. Does that sound fine?” Still, amongst the waves of foundfootage and based-on-a-true-story horror movies that inundate multiplexes every October it’s nice to see something a little different. I’ll admit, it’s not without problems and it is no way near as enjoyable as the original but there is something fresh here, amidst the decomposing corpses. And who knows - the wooden acting and first-draftdialogue might pass you by if you watch it with the sound up and the curtains closed … if you dare!

For loyal fashion followers the presence of London Fashion Week will have been keenly noted this September with shows beginning on the 13th and continuing into our Freshers Week until the 17th. Whether it be watching the shows online or attending in person, LFW promises to be an exciting week for everyone with a passion for London designers and the fashion of our capital. Of course a major fashion event lends the retail world the perfect opportunity to capitalise upon the next progression in style and design. have seized this opportunity and excelled beyond the leading designers they already stock and have opened a new subsection

Warning! Shameless self-promotion: For more movie reviews, visit my blog

London Designer Outlet

Score: 6/10

“Interesting re-imagining of a cultclassic. What it lacks in laughs it makes up in sheer gory, brutality.”

Speakers, Subs, Spotify and Sonos. Jack Rivers Bose, Bang and Olufsen and (most recently) Beats are all speaker brands that are synonymous with high quality audio. But newcomer to the market “Sonos” has quickly grown from a company releasing just one or two ‘nice’ products to one that has won worldwide acclaim thanks to its product’s minimalist design (there isn’t even a play button!) and ease of use (no simple task when there isn’t a play button). The simplicity of the products has been a selling point that has been used to balance the relatively high costs associated. The entry product, the Play:3 (a product with surprising loudness and bass considering its size) costs £259 with prices going up from there. However, by starting with just one music player you’re able to expand the system wirelessly throughout your room or house. The

dedicated entirely to LFW named ‘London-Lab’. Intending to promote the talent residing in London and offer customers the chance to explore a unique angle on the designers they’ve been lusting over during the week’s showings, the London-Lab invites the world’s best bloggers to put their exclusive spin on the new collections in store. The project will no doubt be popular with street style followers and fans of London Fashion Week’s top designers. A site to visit if you’re in the market for luxury fashion or, like most students, just need a little inspiration from the world’s finest. For footage of the London Fashion Week shows we’ll miss during Freshers week and any you’ve missed from before see

Play:5 (a larger version of the Play:3 – with 5 individually driven speakers rather than 3), the Play:Sub (a sub like no other that produces a truly house shaking sound), and the Play Bar (a three foot TV Soundbar) can all be connected wirelessly to provide individual rooms or an entire house with truly superb sound. Perhaps by this point you will be thinking that I’m starting to sound a little like a salesman, or a lank-haired, bearded, still lives at home, anal audiophile. But perhaps that’s the real power of the little-known “Sonos” system. Ok, so you’re surrounded by simplistic speakers -- but how do you control the music that you want to play? Well it’s simple – there are Windows and Mac applications that allow you to have all of your music shared from them to the speakers (or you can utilise built-in access to a world of online music including Spotify and radio) as well as being able to control them from iPhone, iPad or Android

devices easily. They allow you to play different music in every room, or to combine them all to have your music fill the whole building. At this point in the article, I would like to personally apologise to the on-campus Security team who already have a difficult job controlling noise pollution around the campus, without my help. To wrap up this review I’d like to say that once you get over the initial price, and learn to live life with a missing arm


Chloe Bines

and leg, “Sonos” products are a great investment and once you start the collection you can continue to build it over time to have a sound system that anyone would be envious of and a system that any student should aspire to have. Incidentally, if you hear incredibly clear, treble-filled, tonallyaccurate and loud play-throughs of Miley Cyrus‘ seminal hit “Party in the USA” -- you’re probably near my house (no soliciting).

For those who have been at Brunel for some time now it will come as a relief, for many reasons, to hear of a new and convenient shopping destination opening just thirty minutes from Uxbridge. For those who are new to Brunel, you have come at the right time. This autumn London Designer Outlet is set to open, and thankfully, it’s a little closer to home than most central London hot-spots given its Wembley location. With eighty-five shops including both high-street giants and designer exclusives, a cinema and fifteen restaurants, this outlet looks to be an attractive alternative to leading shopping centre Westfields. The best part? The outlet village will be set to offer up to 70% discounts on all of their leading brands, so not only do we not have to travel unappealing distances, but the fashion will also cost less so that we can buy more. Everybody wins!




The Instruction Guide to Brunel Will Atkins So, you’re a Brunel student. Firstly, Congratulations! You saw past the weird looking lecture centre and clicked ‘confirm’ on UCAS, and now you’re officially here. However, there are a couple of things about being at Brunel that they didn’t put in the prospectus, and you’ll have to learn pretty quick if you’re going to fit in round here. Worried? Fear not, as here’s a handy list of ground-rules that you can cut out and keep (or fold this page over and it’ll make a handy door-stop for your bedroom)

You’re not in London

Yeah, sorry about that. Even though the website says Brunel University London, you’re not actually in London, you’re in Uxbridge, which is right at the end of the tube line. Even though you’ve told your friends you’re going to a Uni in the big city, don’t expect to look out of your window and see the London Eye and Tower Bridge. You’re still close enough to go out in Central, go sightseeing or do whatever it is you want to do in London, but remember to factor in 45 minutes of tube (or even longer if you take the dreaded Piccadilly line) before you get there.

You now hate St Mary’s

This is now a given. Think of the person you hate the most in the world, then imagine they’ve recently withdrawn all the money from your account, said some pretty nasty things to your face, posted the rest on your FaceBook wall and then in an attempt to get away from you as quick as humanly possible -- they’ve only gone and run over your dog with their car! The hatred you now feel for them is only a tenth of the hatred you’re going to have to feel for students of St Mary’s. St Mary’s are our opponents in Varsity, so for one day in Spring everyone puts on a blue or yellow t-shirt and goes to war against our detested rivals. Montague’s and Capulets. Nobody really knows exactly why we hate St Mary’s, but we do, so sharpen the pitchforks.

Costcutter doesn’t costs (it adds them)


It’s a cliché, but it’s true. While having a shop on campus is handy for emergency milk or Super Noodles, don’t do your big weekly shop there. It’s pretty small, and pretty overpriced. It’s

only a short bus journey to other big supermarkets, or local vendors and you’ll be much better off for it.

You don’t have to wear your keys around your neck all year

Are you a fresher? Are you currently wearing your keys around your neck? Don’t. You look stupid. Take them off. Unless you were wearing them ironically, or perhaps for convenience, in which case -- put them back on. But otherwise, take it off (just the keys, mind)

Welcome to BruneL I will be your guide So, you’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to squeeze all of your worldly possessions into one tiny bedroom and you’ve just said goodbye to your parents for the first time since forever. Wipe that tear. And don’t panic if there’s an array of different emotions washing over you - nervousness, excitement, probably a bit of sadness and (let’s be honest) the feeling of freedom. Calm down. Deep breaths. What’s next?

you don’t take so well to. That’s life. If you are unfortunate enough to dislike one of your flatmates I recommend keeping things amicable - it makes everyone’s life a lot easier. And why not just get out of their way by joining a society, running your very own radio show or getting a gym membership (although, those locker-rooms are not the place that life-long friends are typically made, I’m ready to be proved wrong)

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Oh, and there’s less voting off.

Step 2: Once the making friends is done, there are a few other things you have to get your head around while living in halls. Fire alarms, for example. These horrible creatures like to pounce on you when you’re least expecting it. 8.30am on a Sunday morning? Yep. You’ve literally just stepped foot out of the shower? There’s another. And seriously, security don’t care if you live on the 5th floor and were half naked when the alarm went off, they will still give you a warning if you are late out of the building.

The first thing to remember is that everybody else is feeling exactly the same. No-one knows anyone and everyone just wants to make friends. As well as your flatmates, there’s also your coursemates and then there’s hundreds of sports and clubs to choose from so there’s plenty of opportunity to find people you get along with. Of course, you will probably come across people that

The cleaners also take some getting used to. They turn up at 8am and chat loudly with no regards to your hangover, whatsoever. And they won’t stand for any nonsense when it comes to unwashed dishes. They are also incredibly anal about the small bit of carpet that is hidden by the bottom of your door and will attempt to force the over-sized hoover-nozzle under there every morning. Oh, and if you’ve

Step 1: If you take the situation you are faced with on your first day of uni out of context, it really is a weird position to be in. You find yourself with a group of complete strangers, who you now have to live with for the next few months. When you put it like that, it sounds like Day One in the Big Brother house only, in reality, it’s much better than that. Obviously.

Don’t get the U2 to Uxbridge

The U2 bus says Uxbridge on the front, and it will take you there eventually, but only once you’ve had a grand tour of some of the less desirable streets of Hillingdon. If you have literally nothing better to do for an hour, by all means feel free to get to know the local area a little better, but if you just want to get to the town centre, take the U1, 3 or 4.

You’ll probably have to jump in the pond

Jumping in the Brunel pond (over by Cleveland Road, next to reception) is the number one thing on the Brunel bucket list – the main thing that everybody wants to tick off before they leave. Many have thought about it, but only a select few have been brave / stupid / drunk enough to go through with it. At some point in your time at Brunel, someone will suggest taking the plunge, and the eternal decision whether you want to go through with it starts here.

left something dirty out over night, expect to be fishing it out of the bin in a few hours time. But remember, there won’t be anyone to clean your house next year and you will miss them. Honestly. No, really. Step 3: With those minor hurdles cleared, it’s time to talk good stuff. As well as having your friends living only a few steps away you have everything you need right on your doorstep. Bars, a nightclub, a grocery store, Starbucks and Costa, Subway, a chemist, a gym, a doctors surgery, launderettes, a bank and (dare I say it?) a library. Brunel campus has everything you could ask for. You really can’t complain about the facilities. Step 4: Then there’s the fact that bills are included in your rent installments. Okay, so the weekly rate isn’t exactly cheap but having your bills included does save a whole lot of hassle. Living in a house comes with responsibilities: choosing an internet package, providing meter readings, all of those things that you don’t feel quite adult enough to deal with yet. Halls is a great half-way house between leaving home and being completely independent. Plus … unlimited heating, water and electricity. You’ll value that next year when you’re living in darkness, wrapped in blankets, preparing for your refreshing-morning ice-shower.

Loco’s doesn’t take card

I work in Loco’s, and honestly, this is the most important rule that can be learned. There is nothing more infuriating when during a busy Friday Mega Global, someone orders fourteen Jager Grenades, eight Squished Smurfs and three Woo Woos, only to wave a card in your face after you’ve spent forty minutes making all of your awkward drinks. We don’t take card, please bring cash with you, and if you don’t have enough cash, please go to the cashpoint before ordering. It isn’t difficult, learn this rule early and tell all of your friends. The barstaff will love you for it, and trust me, they’re the ones you’ll want to keep on your side through the year or you’ll be waiting a long time for your Tropical VKs in Academy. PLEASE RECYCLE



Most importantly, living in halls is fun. When else are you going to get the opportunity to make friends and live with 9 other people from all corners of the world? Boris Johnson says women only go to university to meet a husband. Everyone else simply says university is where you make your friends for life. Make the most of it, because living in halls is probably one of the best things you’ll ever do. Enjoy every minute of it and remember the student mantra: Work hard, party harder. TOP 3 EATS 1. Zizzi - the nearest one to campus in Uxbridge town centre, just off of the Liquid end of the High Street. You can get 25% off your food bill when you show your NUS Extra Card. 2. Red Iron Burgers - a little pricey, but good quality American style dining. Situated on the High Street, opposite Nandos. 3. All Bar One - this chain offer 2 courses for £10 Sunday to Thursday. You can find them scattered around central London. The Leicester Square branch is particularly nice. TOP 3 DRINKS 1. Slug and Lettuce - on the High Street, next to the Chimes. There’s 2 for 1 on cocktails from 4pm

Claire Payne every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 2. The Good Yarn - this Wetherspoon’s opposite Tesco always have different promotions on and their cocktail pitchers are reasonably priced. 3. The Court - a central London boozer with good deals on drinks is hard to come across but this Tottenham Court Road pub offers Jägerbombs for £1.50 every Thursday. Bargain! TOP 3 SHOPPING 1. The Chimes - the local shopping centre is bringing back their Student Lock-In. On the 15th October, the Chimes will stay open until 10.30pm for students only, with retailers offering up to 30% off. All you need to do is register online and take your student card with you. 2. Westfield, White City there’s a massive range of shops and places to eat at this shopping mall in Shepherd’s Bush. Many offer discount to students with an NUS Extra card. You can get the 607 bus straight there from the Greenway (5 minutes from campus). 3. ASOS - for those who prefer shopping online, ASOS do 10% (and occasionally 20%) discount for students with an NUS Extra card.




Baptism of Fire for BruneL Handball

sport Sports

Gilbert Lewis BUHC took to the sands of Branksome Beach in Poole in August as part of the inaugural British Beach Handball Championships. The team of six players went into the tournament knowing they were in for a tough ride after being drawn in the hardest group. They opened the weekend at the deep end with a game against TID Sports, the organisers, and who also all represented GB Handball at last year’s summer Olympics. However, there wasn’t to be an upset on the cards as BUHC lost 2-0 (12-8, 14-10), albeit an admirable result for their first ever game on sand. This was followed by another 2-0 (15-14, 17-9) loss to Cambridge, again inexperience letting the 6th best team in the country take the win. There was no let-up in the run of hard games as next were the current English indoor handball champions, London Great Dane. The match again resulted in a 2-0 loss (1011, 12-16) for BUHC; however, they pushed the champions all the way, notably left-wing Will Atkins with some quick-thinking creativity to earn BUHC’s first ever two-pointer with a forward roll and shot to the delight of the crowd. The final game of the day came against Brighton 2nds, but despite making a second set comeback, thanks to Oli Barton and his 360 degree spin shot, BUHC lost on penalties to the vastly more experienced Brighton contingent, the final score 2-1 (10-11, 16-12, 0-3).

Saturday’s results meant BUHC finished bottom of their group and would progress into the quarterfinals of the plate competition. But, you’ve got to hand it to them, the following day and a change of tactics resulted in a massive 2-0 (147, 11-0) win against Ferrell Lynches for Brunel’s first victory of the weekend. Next up in the semi-finals were Thames, who are the current London indoor champions. Both teams started brightly, however with Thames fielding a former German national player Brunel couldn’t break away. When the set came to an end the score was 11-12 to Thames. The second set was a similar story, however late on BUHC made an all-important break and extended the lead to 10-6. However, Thames threw on all their best players, and coupled with some glaring misses from Brunel meant they again ran out of time, losing the set 10-11 and the match 2-0, meaning they finished 7th overall and 3rd in the Plate Competition. The tournament proved a steep learning curve for BUHC, however they’re already looking to next year, hoping to take a bigger team and get in some early practice to close the gap on the opposition. If you’re interested in Brunel Handball find them at Freshers’ Fayre or take on an Olympian at their ‘Beat the Keeper’ event on Thursday 19th 11-4 in the Quad. You can always search Brunel Handball on Facebook or Twitter.

Gilbert Lewis attempts a save against GB Player Mark Hawkins

National sports roadshow coming to brunel.

Brunel to Host England Netball for World Championship Bid

Philip Clifford

Gilbert Lewis

Following the success of last year’s Careers in Sport and Exercise Conference 2012 it will return to Brunel in 2013 having been relaunched as the National Sports Roadshow. As well as providing an opportunity for you to interact with employers, trainers and other professionals the National Sports Roadshow will offer advice on careers, leisure and fitness, and the diverse nature of the sport, health and fitness industry. There will be presentations, seminars and practical workshops involving organisations such as Chelsea FC and England Netball, covering everything from CV writing to careers guidance, as well as an elite coaching session from a GB International Athletics coach. The Roadshow will also highlight the opportunities for sport and leisure activities available during a gap year, as well as some new sports for you to try, not to mention running health and



fitness workshops with clubs and training providers based locally and nationally. To find out more and to buy tickets at just £5 each head to h t t p : // w w w. c a r e e r s - i n - s p o r t .

Brunel has taken up its place as one of only three Intensive Netball Training Centres (INTCs) in the country, alongside Bath University and an independent centre in Manchester. The INTCs are a main component of England Netball’s ultimate goal of becoming World Netball Champions by 2019. Brunel will play host to the elite netball players, with the INTC network providing them with thorough strength and conditioning programmes as well as the high quality coaching and support required to compete at the top level. The selection comes as no great surprise, as Brunel is already well known for its success on the netball court, with the netball club being one of the most popular and welcoming at the University. This meant they were able to field six teams, catering to all standards, in the 2012/13 season; a number which is more than likely to expand further this coming year. The arrival of the world class players this summer can only help to push on


the already high standard of netball at the university, giving an ideal environment for Brunel’s own players to develop further. If you’d like get involved with Brunel Netball look out for them at Freshers’ Fayre and for their ‘Meet and Greet’ Bake Sale on Thursday 19th between 1 and 4pm, on the concourse. You can also search Brunel Netball on Facebook and Twitter.




Five Sports Clubs You Should Try This Year. Gilbert Lewis With over 50 sports clubs here at Brunel, you’re going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to fitness and exercise. If you’re thinking of taking up a new sport, or you’re a seasoned veteran, but want to move away from the well-beaten track of the likes of football and basketball, then here are a couple of clubs that you may never have heard of, but might just want to try out. So here’s Le Nurb’s challenge to you this year; try at least one of these clubs, and for the eager ones amongst you, why not go for all five?


You may have already heard of volleyball, but we bet not many have actually tried it. The basic idea of volleyball is; to strike a ball over the net so that it hits the ground on the opposition’s side of the court. Not only is it a fantastic team game but it’ll work on your upper body strength and your allround fitness and health. The club here at Brunel, also known as the Blackhawks, have a great presence around campus and will always be looking for players, whether it is socially or competitively.

You can find the Blackhawks at Freshers’ Fayre, at brunelstudents. com or just search ‘Brunel Volleyball’ on Facebook or Twitter.

Jiu Jitsu

Jitsu is martial art based on unarmed self-defence and utilising the momentum of an attacker; so here you can learn to defend yourself from all sorts. But it’s also more than that. It’ll make sure you’re in good health by keeping you fit as well as working on mental aspects, such as perseverance and confidence. You’ll find the club here very welcoming to all abilities, with plenty of socials and chances compete! If you’re interested you can watch a performance from the club on Wednesday 18th between 1 and 2 on the main concourse. You can also find them at Freshers’ Fayre, or on Facebook by searching ‘Brunel Jitsu’.


The Real Outdoors Group is a club that deal in outdoor activities. This can be hiking, mountain biking, scrambling, caving, surfing…the list goes on! They travel up and down the country to reach the best places for their activities, but you’ll

probably find that a lot of them can be done right on your doorstep. They are also swift and proud to claim the pub as its second home, so whether you simply enjoy the fresh air of a hike, or go for the more adventurous caving, TROGS is a must try. You can join TROGS on Saturday 21st for a ‘Countryside Pub Walk’ between 12 and 4. Or find them at Fresher’s Fayre and brunelstudents. com or by searching ‘Brunel TROGS’ on Facebook.


Many of you may have not played rounders since primary school, so that’s exactly why you should get back into it. Similar to baseball or softball, it involves a hitting a ball using a rounded bat before running round four bases to score points, also known as rounders! The sport is simple and straightforward, no complicated rules and is infinitely enjoyable whether you’re batting, bowling or fielding. The club here at Brunel is only a year old and the perfect place to start if you want a sport to get involved with on a recreational level. Look out for their stall at Freshers’ Fayre or search ‘Brunel Rounders’ on Facebook.


Kayak is one of the many water sport clubs we have here at Brunel. But firstly, if you’re wondering what a kayak is, it’s usually an enclosed boat where you face forward, with your legs out in front using a double bladed paddle. Paddling is a low impact activity, but is great for aerobic fitness and upper body strength and with plenty of types of kayaking activities from sprints to wild water racing it’ll be sure to keep you entertained. Brunel Kayakers is a fantastic club, and having won medals at this year’s national championships you’ll definitely be in good company, whether you’re a novice or returning to the sport. Find them at Fresher’s Fayre or just search ‘Brunel Kayakers’ on Facebook.

Pick of the Freshers’ Week Events

Disappointment for Shakes-Drayton at Worlds

Gilbert Lewis

Bess Browning

If you’re stuck for what to do, then check out our picks for each day of the week!

Monday- Wacky Union Inflatable Fun Day, 12-6, Quad

It may not seem super sporty, but there’ll be plenty of things here to get the heart going. Plus you can also catch the American Football BBQ between 12 and 3 if you’re feeling peckish and have a bit of spare change to donate.

Tuesday- Freshers’ Fayre, 10-4, IAC

The IAC will be a hive of activity all day with all the sports clubs looking to get you involved. You can catch performances and even try some sports yourself. But if you do find yourself around between 2 and 4, then head to the Quad for a karate demonstration.

Thursday- Swimming Club Slip ‘n Slide, 12-4.30, Quad

Although not part of their usual training routine it’s what the Brunel Swim Club is all about, having some fun. Get your swimmers on and throw yourself down a 20 foot slide, complete with splash pool.

Brunel alumna Perri Shakes-Drayton finished seventh in the 400m Hurdles at the World Championships in Moscow complaining of a knee injury. The 2011 Brunel Sport Science graduate was among the hopefuls to bring Great Britain a medal home from Russia in August; however after clattering the third and fourth hurdles in the final she faded to eventually record a time that was almost three seconds off her personal best. The race was won by the dominant Czech Zuzana Hejnova, with fellow Britain Eilidh Child in fifth having passed Shakes-Drayton on the home straight.

Friday- Tennis Meet and Hit BBQ, 11-3, Tennis Courts

End your week with a relaxed hit around and BBQ thanks to Brunel Tennis Club. You can find the tennis courts in the Sports Park, the other side of the hockey pitch. Just remember to bring a donation for the BBQ! Le Nurb Sport hopes you enjoy all that Freshers’ Week has to offer and you find plenty to keep you entertained!

The normally faultless Shakes-Drayton returned to the UK to have the injured knee assessed, where it was found she would require surgery to fix damaged cartilage and a torn cruciate ligament, with some surprised that she even managed to finish the race. Having recorded the second fastest qualifying time in the semi-finals and a personal best in qualifying will only add to her disappointment at the season-ending injury, in what was her first global final. But, she has already set her sights on hitting top form next season.

Wednesday- Trampoline Club Taster Session, 12-4, Quad

In other World Championships news, regular Brunel visitor Usain Bolt took home four gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m after having used the facilities at Brunel in the warm-up to the championships as well as filming several promotional videos.

There’s not many clubs that can hold their taster session in the middle of campus, and who doesn’t love trampolines? With guidance from Brunel TC coaches and the picturesque backdrop of the Lecture Centre why not have a go?

Mo Farah Launches Olympic Legacy Academy with Brunel Kynthia Ola Following Farah’s memorable double Olympic gold last year and recent triumphs to also become the double world champion the Mo Farah Foundation (MFF) has teamed up with Brunel and St Mary’s to encourage home-grown sporting talent. The Mo Farah Academy, the first scheme of its kind in the UK, will provide financial and technical support to the elite sports programmes at Brunel and St Mary’s University College in Twickenham thanks to their excellent track records of producing sporting success. The academy hopes to offer the scholarships to athletes who have not only the potential, but also the desire to compete internationally, as well as assisting those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. The MFF hopes to build upon the legacy

from the 2012 Games and ensure that the next generation of young British athletes have the support and direction they need to fulfil their potential. Paul Dimmock, Director of Sport at Brunel spoke of the honour at being selected, saying, “Access to world class coaching, and valuable financial support that the Academy offers will make a significant difference to the quality of the training we can offer.” The first Academy students are will be taking up their places at Brunel this September. If you’re interested in athletics at Brunel then look out for their stall at Freshers’ Fayre or just search ‘Brunel Athletics’ on Facebook or Twitter.




Issue 1 2013/14