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January 2013 - Le Nurb



Apartment 747 [


CHINELO ADA UDE “Is that Chris?” asks Oma, pointing to a dark-skinned guy sitting at the back among his friends. “Yes, that’s him,” I reply. It’s been six weeks since Chris gave me a lap dance in front of everyone at the first ACS party of the semester and also four weeks since he kissed me in front of the library. But still nothing. It’s almost as if he is testing me, trying to see if I will crack. He doesn’t call me; I wonder if he even has my number but then he’s part of Apartment 747, they can get anything they want. What does he want from me? He’s cute and I like him but Elizabeth said I shouldn’t get too close to anyone in Apartment 747. She won’t tell me why but insists I listen to her. Being freshman, Oma and I sit by ourselves at the front; the two skinny-glasses-wearing-shy-geekyvirgins that spend more time at the library than they do in their rooms or at socials. But Oma forced me to come. She said I can’t hide from Chris forever that I needed to make my choice and live my life. But I don’t know what I want, should I go out with Chris even though everyone is saying I shouldn’t? Or maybe they are jealous because he wants me and not them? This is not why I came to uni, but then I enjoy the attention he gives me. “You girls should come join us,” Peter says, interrupting my thoughts and holding his hands towards his table. “We are fine here,” I reply. “You definitely should come,” Peter says. I give Oma the evil eyes but it’s already too late, she always wants to be everyone’s friend and had already got up and dashed towards their table. Peter waits for me to slowly gather my things and join them. I’m sure Chris is behind this. The 747 just don’t invite people to sit with them. Apt 747 are a group of friends; some call them evil, some call them a cult and some say it’s a secret society. Many do not trust them and do not associate themselves with them, but then 95% of their members have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. So why are they feared? What is the danger in being their friend? They have not killed anyone, not that I’ve heard. They all meet in Apt 747 and then move from there. They do not go out alone. Rumour is that they do not date outside of the group, which makes me wonder why Chris wants

me. They currently have fifteen members and need to fill five spaces. I wonder if he’s testing me as a potential member or if he just wants some fun. Chris asks me how I am and how my classes are going. I tell him it’s going well. I ask him what his major is and he says chemistry and biochemistry pre-medicine. I’m shocked. I didn’t know he was that smart. I ask him for help in my biochem class and he says I’d have to help him with his writing classes. I agree. Part of me wants to get to know him away from the members of Apt 747 and also decide for myself if I wanted to date him. He makes a date for us to meet in the Library that Friday and study. I’m surprised he chose Friday, thought he would be partying, not meeting at 10pm in the Library. He is really beginning to surprise me. Maybe he is different than the rest of the 747s. By the time I turn back to the group, Oma is busy flirting with Peter. I don’t know how this girl thinks and I sometimes wonder why we are still friends. I tell her we have to go, that she has a class and she can’t miss it again. She gives Peter her number and I drag her away. I look back and stare at Chris before turning and walking off. Chris and I never met up to study and I generally avoid him. It’s the week of finals and I am buried in work and getting ready for my exams, I don’t want any distractions. I’m ready to put an end to the first semester of my freshmen year; to the Chris ordeal; and to making new friends. I’m ready to escape and spend Christmas in New York with my aunty. I’m ready to leave this University and never come back. Maybe I should transfer and leave Chris and his 747s and let Oma explore her new self. Oma has started sleeping with Peter despite him having a girlfriend in 747, but she doesn’t care. She likes the attention she gets from him and that she can say she hangs out with 747. I wonder how that girl reasons sometimes and you would never believe she had a 4.0 at the end of high school. This is supposed to be our first year doing everything together; getting nominated into the Freshmen Leader’s on Campus (FLOC) and being part of the Student Union and Student Congress. Oma had never been interested in anything political, she was the bookie type, only wanted to go to school and class and that was it. We met during our junior year in high school and although it has been hard to get her to get involved and make other friends, I wondered now if she’s taken it too far.

She started changing when she didn’t get into FLOC and I did. She also didn’t make into the President’s Roundtable and I think that affected her confidence. But I can’t stop doing what I love because she didn’t make it. We’re both pre-med students but then I came in with more college credits than her. After one semester of classes I will have enough hours to be a sophomore. But Oma wants to date; she wants to belong and her courses are the last on her mind. I’ve bailed her out on several occasions with coursework but I told her I wasn’t going to help her anymore—that I was too busy to be doing her work as well as my own. I can see my friendship with Oma coming to an end, Dad taught me never to associate myself with anyone that might bring me down and I can feel that happening with Oma. For example, if people knew I did her coursework for her, I would be expelled for plagiarism and my father would disown me. And now she’s hanging out with 747. To make matters worse, there are rumours that they are using Oma and will dump her once they are done. Everyone knows they only recruit in spring and if they befriend you any time after that, it’s because they are using you and will dump you once they are done. I have three papers to turn in and two exams to write then Thursday I will be on an 8am flight to New York. I need to find someone to drop me off at the airport since I don’t want anything to do with Oma anymore and I really don’t want to drive home the night before so my sister can drop me off. “Hey Jennifer, wait up,” Chris said, running up to me. “Hi Chris, how are you?” I ask. “Fine, you? It’s like you’ve disappeared, I never see you anymore”. “Well between classes, working, and my involvement on campus, I don’t have time to socialise much”. “So are you done for the semester?” “I will be on Wednesday, I have two exams that day but I just turned in my last paper.” “Wow you’re lucky; I’m here until Saturday for that biochem test. Shouldn’t you be taking that?” “I took mine on Monday because I’d already booked my flight to New York on Thursday”. “How was the test, was it hard? And New York, is that where you’re spending the holidays?” “Yeah, I usually visit my aunty that lives there”. “I guess Oma is taking you to the airport?” “No, I’ll either drive home Wednesday after my last exam or find someone to take me from here”. “Let me take you then, it will be

my pleasure and a way for me to make it up to you. Maybe give me a chance to apologise for being an ass?” “There is nothing to apologise for, and you don’t have to take me”. “No I insist, I have to take you. What time is your flight?” *** Four weeks in New York was the perfect escape I needed to get my head clear but now it’s time to return to reality. Chris called me and asked if I could return to campus a week early so that I can join him and his friends on their semi-annual get-away party. He said it would really mean a lot to him if I came. I didn’t know what to do. “Oma, how was your Christmas and New Years?” I ask. “The usual. We went to my uncle’s house and all of my cousins were there. How was New York?” Oma replies. “Amazing, but I’m ready to be back and run for Student Ambassador and School of Science Senator. When are you coming back? Oh, and how are you and Peter” I reply. “I don’t wanna talk about Peter. I’ll be in school the Sunday before school starts but I’m thinking of transferring”.

“Transferring? What’s wrong? Why? This isn’t you. What happened Oma?” I ask. “Just be careful, don’t hang out with those boys alone, what happened to me might happen to you. They are mean people. I just don’t want to see them ever again. I want to move as far away from them as possible. I said no and they didn’t listen.” She replies. She hangs up quickly. I call back but she doesn’t pick up. She said no? What? Did she just tell me that they raped her? They? Who are they? How many of them? What was she talking about? Chris just invited me to their camp week. Should I go? Was Oma lying? I have known her since 9th grade, she shouldn’t lie to me anymore. I start thinking about why Chris invited me for the week. Did he want them to do the same thing to me? Was his plan to rape me or watch other people do it? Was this all they were about? I have to go to that camp to see what happens. Why do they always have a vacation before school starts during their recruitment period? If they really did hurt Oma I want to make sure they are punished for it.

Issue 4 2012/13  
Issue 4 2012/13