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TOM SCOTT Vice President, Peter Smallwood, is set to run for President of the National Union of Students this year, Le Nurb can exclusively reveal. Smallwood, who was elected as Brunel’s Vice President Academic Representation last March, has made his intentions clear to become NUS President this year, after an excellent six months at both Brunel and the NUS. Continued on Page 3...








January 2013 - Le Nurb


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January 2013 - Le Nurb



News In Brief...

Editor’s Letter BESS BROWNING Editor 2012/13

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So another year has begun. 2013. For some reason, for me, it doesn’t have a good ring to it. Not like 2012 – the year of the Olympics, the queen’s jubilee, my 21st (obviously of equal importance to the former.) I always get very excited at the beginning of the year, to think ahead and wonder where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in another year’s time and where I was this time last year. Maybe you should do something

Quelle Honte

The Mayan Thieves

A woman in France spent New Year’s Eve locked in a supermarket rather than with fireworks and alcohol. The 73 year old had been feeling faint and went to the toilet to recover but when she recovered she found the supermarket completely empty. She was found by staff the next morning and did not take a single item from the shop.

Residents in a settlement in Poland are sick and tired of their town signs being stolen by Mayan believers. The town Koniec Swiata translates literally to ‘End of the World’ and Mayans were stealing the signs to prepare for the end of humanity, which was supposed to be 21/12/12. A resident said, “Hopefully they’ll leave us alone when the world doesn’t end.”


Kim and Kanye Expecting despite the next month where the gym will be my second home.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having their first child. Woop.

pinpoint as your, let’s say, ‘moment of 2012’? Our first issue of 2013 presents one of the most inspiring and innovative projects at our university. Featuring some of Brunel’s most talented engineers and designers, Made In Brunel exclusively shows Le Nurb what goes on during the project and how you can get involved. I won’t say much else but turn to the centrespread for more. We are still looking for keen writers to get involved with Le Nurb. You can pretty much write about anything you wish and it looks fantastic on your CV. Find our contact details on page 2 and give Le Nurb a go!

Sexy Saucy Surrey Recently released figures have shown that people who live in Surrey are reading Fifty Shades of Grey more than any other county. According to library figures, a fifth of all borrowings of the novel have come from Surrey alone. The books which focus on the disturbing sexual relationship between 2 characters have sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. A library spokesperson said, “Surrey readers just can’t get enough.”

Do you have an event or moment that you can

similar – What has changed since January 2012? Who’ve you met and further, who has made an impact on your life in the last twelve months? Do you have an event or moment that you can pinpoint as your, let’s say, ‘moment of 2012’? So how were your Christmases? I don’t know about you but I feel like I really went a bit OTT during the festive period. You’ll now recognize me on campus waddling around, a few stone heavier and trying to wean myself off the ridiculous amount of alcohol I consumed over the Christmas weeks. It’s cold turkey time for both food and drink! Regardless, it’s a beautiful, over-indulgent, time of year and I wouldn’t do it any differently,



Le Great Escape

All Hail Giant Izzy

Three prisoners in France managed to escape prison using a table leg on New Years Day. The prisoners used the table leg to pierce a hole in the roof of their cell. They then climbed onto the roof and fled. The prison, which was built during the 14th Century, was in serious disrepair and massively overcrowded.

A 50 ft giant rubber duck was seen sailing down the River Thames and again through Sydney leaving residents speechless. The duck, which is the brain-duckling of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, is being used to promote this year’s Sydney Festival. The duck will remain nested in Sydney harbour until the 23rd January.

The Latin Karma Sutra

A banned sex manual by Aristotle is set to be auctioned off this month almost 200 years after it was banned. The manual, which focuses on sex and pregnancy advice, was banned in the 18th Century for being too rude for sale. It has been referred to as Aristotle’s Complete Master-Piece. The ban was lifted in the 1960’s and the book is set to make over £400 in auction.

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Snownam Style

Desperate Graduate

A giant snowman in the shape of South Korean superstar Psy was unveiled in China last year. The rapper who is most famous for his global hit ‘Gangnam Style’ was unveiled in Harbin, China where a tribute concert was held in his honour. Psy and Gangnam Style was the first song to be viewed over 1 billion times on Youtube.

An unemployed graduate has spent £500 on a billboard in a desperate bid to find a job. Adam Pacitti, who graduated from the University of Winchester with a first in media production, used to advert to promote his website employadam. com. The website features his CV and a promotional video as he searches for a job in the media.

Smallwood was recently elected onto the NUS Union Development Zone Committee and said that he feels confident heading towards the election. “There are some very strong candidates I would be up against. Each person brings something unique to the election and I would be pleasantly surprised if I won.” However, some are critical on his decision to run for NUS President due to his support of the Conservative party. When asked whether he feels this would have any effect, he said: “No.

Lots of students have lots of ideas and I am standing as Peter Smallwood the NUS Officer, not as Peter Smallwood the Conservative. The vast majority of students are fed up with playing politics.” “We shouldn’t be entirely politically motivated. We should be fighting for the rights of all students regardless of their views or background.”


Continued from page 1

The position is one of the most sought after in terms of university experience and student engagement. The election will take place this April, at the National Union of Students Conference in Sheffield, after Smallwood has submitted his application at the end of January. Le Nurb sat down with Peter to discuss his plans for his campaign and his thoughts on the current state of the NUS and of higher education. Smallwood said: “My main campaign is ‘Back To Basics’. I want to engage

better with students and with unions that we don’t usually engage with and try to stop NUS from being so politically based 24/7.” “I also want to give more power and resources to members and provide a stronger national voice. I want to focus on the day to day aspects of the NUS that people really care about.” Smallwood also said he wanted to set up a stronger communication within all the national unions and get unions working together, not only nationally but regionally.


January 2013 - Le Nurb


The Life and Times of Tom Scott TOM SCOTT This January 2013 issue of Le Nurb is amazingly the 20th issue that I have had the privilege to work on. When I was elected as Media Association Chair over 950 days ago, I did not have a clue what Le Nurb was going to be like, let alone think about its future. Yet here I sit working on another issue and I am astounded on how far it has come. Not only has Le Nurb become one of the greatest student products that Brunel has to offer (not forgetting the amazing Made In Brunel – please see pages 11 to 13) but it has become something that the students really care about and have become passionate about. If we get something wrong, then the students pick us up on it and that is

“Being a part of Le Nurb is such a buzz.” only to everyone’s credit. With only three issues left this year, we are not going to stop working hard on your student newspaper and what it provides to the student body. Being a part of Le Nurb is such a buzz so if you work for us, write for us or even just read us; thank you. Being Media Chair for 3 years in a row has certainly provided its challenges. The main one being – how can I improve on what I did last year? Whether it’s working on Le Nurb or being Station Manager of Radio Brunel, nothing is ever perfect and there are always things to improve, no matter how small. I always thinking to myself, what do


will be One World Week, a week where we celebrate all the diverse

“ I am always thinking to myself, what do the students want and expect from us?” the students want and expect from us? That was the main motivation behind the launch of www. this year because the demand for instant and online news is growing, especially since most of our readers own a smartphone. Since it launched at Fresher’s Week last year, the Le Nurb website has gained over 300,000 views and our live blog of the US Presidential Election alone gained 120,000 views from all corners of the globe. The site has got some big plans ahead such as live blogging this years Varsity event in March and the upcoming Spring Elections as well. My hope is that we can reach half a million views by the end of this academic year and that Le Nurb Online continues to grow for the benefit of the entire Brunel student body. Le Nurb is also planning something big for next months February issue. As next month

cultures and backgrounds from all over Brunel, I am hopeful that Le Nurb can work with Brunel International and the UBS Projects team to get your student newspaper translated in various languages so that even more students can get more from the newspaper. It is these types of projects that I really enjoy working on and that I enjoy working with students on as well. There are other things about being Media Chair that I have the great opportunity to work on. This month was, of course, RAG’s Brunels Got Talent and I had the great honour of being the host this year. Unfortunately, I am writing this before the final has taken place so I can’t reveal who won, the 12 acts who made the final were all hugely talented and all brought something new and unique to the competition. In fact, almost all the contestants from the semi finals

were exceptional so to whoever the winner is is certainly talented. I was honoured to be the host this year and I would like to thank the RAG Chair Nicole Eversfield for the opportunity. RAG Week itself is coming at the end of January and it is always a fantastic and fun week for all involved. As well as this, there are all the campaigns I’ve had the chance to take part in. If I am honest, it would be easier to name the ones I haven’t taken part in. Several do stick out for me though. Taking part in the National Student Demonstration in 2010 was a great experience and really showed how much Brunel students cared about the tuition fees rise. I have also had the chance to be a part of Fresher’s Week, One World Week and FACE Week as well as campaigns such as Green Week and Zero Tolerance Week. There is almost always something going at the university for you to get involved with and it is a great way to engage with the student body. Of course though, this is term 2 and for all of my fellow final year students, this is dissertation time. I can expect a lot late nights in the library and endless

Facebook statuses and tweets about procrastination and how they hate their dissertation. Remember though, there is more to university life than being stuck in the library night after night. For almost all of us, these are the precious last moments that we will have at university before we face the “scary real world” so make them last. Be sure to get out the library occasionally and enjoy what else Brunel has to give. Support our sports club at this years West London Varsity against St. Mary’s,

chance for final years to rate their experience at Brunel and not just on an academic level. The survey itself takes just 5 minutes and there is an iPad prize available for one lucky final year if you take the survey. It is a great way to reflect on your time at Brunel This will be my fifth and final year at Brunel and it has been a fantastic journey for me; the highs and the lows. The last three years as Media Association Chair, head of Le Nurb and Radio Brunel

“For almost all of us, these are the precious last moments that we will have at university before we face the “scary real world” so make them last.” something I have been told will be one of the biggest on-campus experiences this year. Get the most you can out of Academy and Brunel’s nightlife because I’ve heard of some great acts booked for later this term. It is also a term to look back on our university experience and that is where the National Student Survey comes in. This is a

have been a fantastic experience and one that I can only thank the students for. After all, you voted for me three times in a row which I believe is a Brunel record but I might have to double check that. Who knows what the future holds but one thing is for sure, take advantage of every opportunity in front of you whilst you are here at Brunel. I have and have loved every minute of it.

January 2013 - Le Nurb


University applications down 6% DAISY ADAMSON

Going to university can transform lives, increase the chances of getting a job and increase your salary. No one should be put off applying to university because of worries about finance.


University applications are down by 6% according to a UCAS survey. Figures from the University and College Admissions Service, showed just 265,784 applicants by 17th December, a 6.3% decrease on the same time from the previous year. The fall in admissions is thought to be a result of the rise in tuition fees to £9,000 a year, brought into place by the Coalition in 2012.

Current third year student, Elliot Funnell thinks the increase in fees might have affected his decision to go to university.

Last year there was a rush of applicants in January, applying before the deadline.

He said: ‘I don’t think I could justify the amount of debt even if you pay it off slowly or differently. It’s still a debt and a lot more in comparison to what I am in now.’

Nicola Dandridge says: There has also been a slight decrease in applicants from Northern Ireland, where tuition fees are capped at £3,575 and Scotland, where home students do not have to pay tuition fees.

Nicola Dandridge, the chief executive of Universities UK, believes there is still time for an increase in applications before the deadline.

Further details of the number of applicants for 2013/14 can be seen once the UCAS deadline has passed on the 15th January.


Exclusive Benjamin Zephaniah & The Honours System. BESS BROWNING

Our very own Benjamin Zephaniah has been the talk of the town over the Christmas period. Benjamin, the Chair of Creative Writing has been in the national headlines with his controversial thoughts on the Honours system. In 2003, Benjamin declined his OBE on the grounds of his dislike for the word ‘empire’ and has recently been speaking out about it. Benjamin told Le Nurb: “I dislike the word ‘empire’ because the empire was so brutal to my family. I dislike the fact that it comes from the government, because the government will never honour radicals who have struggled against it. I dislike the way it rewards many people for just turning up to work.” Benjamin believes that a new system should be brought in, separating the award from the monarchy and the government. “The honours system could be administered by an independent body, made up of people who are experts in the fields and not party political figures.”

He also believes that the system should be more exclusive. “I think that the present system has lost its meaning because honours have been given to people who run fast, people who write a few poems, people who support the government, and even people who kill people (actually that’s how it started). They should be reserved for people who really do amazing things, things that are not in their line of duty.” John Lennon, David Bowie, Danny Boyle and Roald Dahl are amongst others who have also declined their OBEs. Benjamin said: “I think it is really important that people are recognised for doing extraordinary things. I am constantly working with young people and trying to get them to do their best, and I want to see them rewarded, but I really do think we should find a new way of doing it.”

End of Law Degrees? The Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock, has revealed plans to bring in new apprenticeships so that students can get jobs in accountancy and law without going to university. The Government have announced that certain companies will be given the chance to offer the apprenticeships which will give students a chance to gain a qualification equivalent to a Masters degree. Matthew Hancock said: “There is no reason why you can’t attain the same qualifications, without the degree, starting on the job training in an apprenticeship from day one.” “Higher apprenticeships, like all the apprenticeships, are employerled. So to ensure their success and go further, we need more employers to step up to take advantage of the opportunity.” IS THIS THE END OF LAW DEGREES? CREDIT: MR T IN DC FLICKR

BESS BROWNING The current apprenticeship scheme offers either a four year course to gain an equivalent to a foundation degree or a five year course to gain an equivalent to a first year’s Bachelor’s degree. The new scheme, brought in by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills will last for eight years and be equivalent to a Masters. The new system has already begun, with the Government already investing 25m into 30 different companies across the country, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Balfour Beatty, who will soon begin offering the apprenticeships. Bobby Dolan is a final year law student at Sussex University. He said: “I think this is potentially a good idea for school leavers who can’t afford University but I hope it doesn’t take away the value of a law degree.”


January 2013 - Le Nurb


One Water Removed UBS continues From Sale GEORGE BOWDEN

Brunel University has contributed a clean water pump system to a subSaharan community in Africa through sales of charitable bottled water brand One Water on campus. One Water, promoted by U2 frontman Bono, was sold solely at on campus outlets for the last few years. However, with the change of catering providers this summer, One Water has been removed from sale at Brunel. This has led to calls for the brand to be brought back so that this phenomenal success can be repeated. Profits from bottles sold to students, staff and visitors went to the clean water appeal and it has been confirmed by One Water that Brunel has now fully funded a clean water pump system. Speaking about the new pump and its previous partnership with Brunel, a One Water spokesperson said: “Brunel University’s incredible support will bring clean drinking water - and all the benefits that this entails - to our target communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Soon, more children will be playing and clean drinking water will be f lowing in even

more communities due to your generosity and support. Your life-changing gift will lead to improvements in health, education, gender equality, and economic development. We cannot resolve this vast problem overnight, but with your partnership we are making a concrete difference.” The new on campus catering provider, French-conglomerate SODEXO, has confirmed to Le Nurb that it is aware of the success One Water sales have had for the provision of clean water and that it is now working to review its offer. Sarah Barrett, SODEXO’s spokesperson at Brunel, said: “When we took over the contract (at Brunel) we introduced a new range of drinks based on our supplier relationships. SODEXO was not aware of the achievements that Brunel catering had achieved with One Water when it introduced its own drinks range. We now recognise the success that Brunel catering achieved with One Water. In 1996 SODEXO launched a global campaign, STOP Hunger, with the aim to tackle hunger and malnutrition on a global scale, raising £1.5 million since its launch.” However, profit contributions of ‘One’ products including

to be awarded for work with Childreach International TOM SCOTT


One Water have raised over £5 million since its launch with 536 registered clean water systems installed. On whether One Water will return to campus, SODEXO said: “We welcome that this has been brought to our attention and hope to sell One Water, or a similar product, in the future and are currently investigating the various options. We hope to work with Brunel students in the future on fundraising initiatives and food drives to further support our STOP Hunger campaign.”

Over £1000 for charity during Movember!

Brunel University has been awarded Childreach International’s ‘Highly Engaged’ award after continuing to demonstrate high levels of involvement in the charity. Childreach International recognised the high quality of Brunel’s engagement and communication with senior management. Vice President Student Activities, Gary O’Brien also received an individual award for event planning after he pitched an idea to Childreach that could raise a five-figure sum. Gary O’Brien said: “It has been a fantastic 12 months and the current work of the RAG committee and numerous other volunteers is incredible.

The commitment and energy shown by our students will do wonderous things for charities: communities and students alike.” The awards were given out at the charities Winter Awards ceremony which rewards the work of volunteers from higher education institutions in 2012. Last year, Brunel University managed to raise £67,619.43 for Childreach after Brunel students climbed Mount Kilimanjaro – the fourth highest total in the country. Brunel has continued its work with Childreach as there are trips to Kilimanjaro and a 10 day cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia planned for this summer.


RAG is always actively raising money for its chosen charities. During Movember 2012 this was no exception. In November each year, the month-long event involves people, generally men, growing mustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate and other male cancers. Over the years Movember has spread across the globe and not being restricted to just the UK. The aim of the charitable event is primarily to raise awareness through action and initiate public conversation surrounding an often ignored issue of men’s health. Last year, Brunel students enthusiastically participated in promoting the cause. Many students could be spotted around campus sporting a ‘tache’. RAG, and many of Brunel’s sports clubs, were able to raise a significant amount of money during the month for the cause. Different sports teams each


made contributions that added to the entire amount raised. The Men’s Hockey club raised £221.10, the climbing club raised £112.70 and the rowing club raised £28. The fencing and lacrosse club also raised £162.50 and £225.23 respectively. RAG themselves raised £358.10 which

was added to the grand total of £1107.63! Yet another successful fundraising event by all the students who supported the Movember cause.


January 2013 - Le Nurb



Fraser T Smith GLEN SHOREY From washing up dishes in a pizzeria to winning a Grammy for co-writing Adele’s hit song Set Fire to the Rain.

WRITE FOR US! Full details on page 2

Fraser T Smith came into Brunel on Thursday 29th November to speak about his journey through the music industry and give advice to all students on how to be successful in life. The event, which was run by the Brunel Entrepreneurs Society, took place in the Antonin Artaud building and was free of charge although people had to book early to avoid disappointment. Described as a songwriter, producer, mix engineer and guitarist, Fraser began speaking about his time at a polytechnic studying Business and admitted that he had “no clear direction” when he was young. Music had always interested him since the age of 14 and gradually became a potential career as he got better on the guitar. His first gig was in the pizzeria that he worked at which meant “less washing up.” After college,

he was determined “to find a way to get into music” and spent years building up a reputation in pubs/ clubs. The 41 year old emphasised the importance of sticking to your dream as he eventually escaped the music wilderness to tour with Rick Wakeman, Craig David and Tony Hadley. Fraser was grateful to Craig David who “put him on the map” and “led to working with other artists including Plan B and Tinchy Stryder who were at the beginning.” Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” and James Morrison’s “Broken Strings” were two of the songs he mentioned as being particularly proud of. 30 out of the 150 tracks he writes and produces are released each year which “can be disheartening but dealing with f lip side of success is key.” Students were told to always have clear goals in life and should use the ‘Golden Circle’ theory to achieve these


ambitions. “Begin with why in the middle, how in the next ring and then what in the outer circle. It’s an easy way to help you set

Trying to balance success with home life is just as important

your goals out because you’ll realise what drives you.” Although critically acclaimed,

Fraser remains humble and described the “amazing pinch me moment where Britney Spears’ people called and asked to meet with her to write a song.” He added: “I don’t think I’m successful, I’m still on a journey that has been amazing so far. I’m still chasing what I call success.” 2013 promises to be yet another exciting year with the award winning record producer teaming up with X Factor winner James Arthur to produce a debut album. He also said that he has been working with Lily Allen so watch this space.

Network Like a Pro According to a report by Google, people who regularly use social tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in business, are more likely to get promoted than those who don’t.


Similarly, a vast number of employers reject candidates even before the interview stage based on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Aside from the over-sharing dangers, such sites offer huge networking opportunities. “Facebook is constantly expanding and is increasingly being used as a serious business tool,” says Richard Maun, career coach and author of Bouncing Back: How To Get Going Again After a Career Set-Back. “Facebook Business Pages allow you to stream blog content, links and comments to people who ‘like’ them, while targeted

advertising opportunities may work well for your business.” Quick and simple to use (eventually!), Twitter can also help you make connections, find vacancies and much like a brand, sell yourself. A powerful tool for measuring hot topics in real time, you can keep up to date with industry news and trending topics. As suggested by Maun, “you want to establish yourself as an industry expert…tweet about industry topics, share links and answer others’ questions. You don’t have to produce all the content - you just need to be seen as someone ‘in the know’ who is worth following.”


As the biggest professional networking site in the world, LinkedIn offers an unparalleled opportunity to boost your career. Numerous companies advertise vacancies via the site which remains a useful tool for recruiters. Career coach John

Lees says ‘LinkedIn pages rank highly in search engines, so your profile may be the first thing that comes up in Google. Treat it like an online C.V and make it as good as you can – who knows when a head-hunter might see it.’



January 2013 - Le Nurb

January 2013 - Le Nurb

Business Life has launched its new portal SAMIYA SAJJAD Business Life ended the first term by holding a festive Winter Party for staff and students on 14th December 2012. The open day was held in the new Eastern Gateway building and had fun activities for students to enjoy as they learnt more about the employability programme Business Life offers. The inviting and friendly environment included an assortment of snacks, and activities such as karaoke and table football. Students that attended were able to speak to Business Life Ambassadors as they gave advice and parted general tips. The Business Life team answered questions about ‘the employability programme, the new personalised portal, and Jobsavvigrad’. The event celebrated the festive season and essentially informed Business School students about its new portal. Heather Carr, who is Business Life’s Project Leader said: “After working with students and staff about developing a personalised student portal, we are pleased to have now launched a one-stop shop where students can book employability skills workshops & events, view their recorded portfolio of achievements, download certificates and see recommended skills workshops. This is the first of its kind for students within Brunel University.” The re-vamped Business Life portal provides students with an easier and more customised interface where the portal can be accessed both on and off campus. Students can simply log via their student i.d and network password. One its’ new features also includes the ability for students to be able to print out their certificates from the site itself. Many students that have accessed the portal have found the new site to be better than before and like its simplicity. Business student Olga Tihomirova said: “I like the new design of the Business Life Portal. The navigation is straightforward and intuitive and it is very easy to use”. The new Business Life Portal is just one of the exciting things in store for Business School students. Business Life has shared that there are many more exciting events planned for the academic year. Students can next look forward to the BEST 2013 networking event that will be held in the near future.


Who said there was a recession?


Over £1 Billion was spent in 2012 downloading music, films and games, statistics released by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) have revealed. The amount of money produced by digital content (1.033b) increased by 11.4% on the previous year’s total resulting in a landmark figure. More than half of downloads purchased (£552m) are video games while music (£383m) and film (£98m) make up the rest of the sales. Director General of the ERA, Kim Bayley, praised the ‘incredible achievement’ of breaking the billion pound barrier in spite of the economy. “This reflects the huge investment in new and innovative services - which means you can buy music, video and games literally at any time of the day and wherever you are.” Sales of physical CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-rays and video games took a turn for the worse, falling by 17.6%. Figures showed CD album sales

declined nearly 20% to 69.4m copies, although digital album sales rose by 14.8% to 30.5m. The visible increase in people buying downloads comes after the news that high-street stores such as HMV are suffering “material uncertainty.” Bayley is not alarmed by this because “many people will be surprised to learn just how resilient the physical business still is- with three-quarters of entertainment sales still on disc.” “Downloads offer convenience and portability, but people still seem to value the quality and tangibility of a physical product.” 2012 will of course be remembered for the successful London Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. However, the annual figures show that it was an important year of change in the entertainment industry as a quarter of the market is now digital. Chief Executive of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI),

Geoff Taylor attributed the growth in downloads to the year of celebrations when the UK was in the international limelight. Another factor is the “new services enabled by record labels” which means that “music fans are now streaming millions of songs”. He acknowledged that “market conditions remained difficult and pressure on the ‘leisure wallet’ impacted music sales on the high street.” Taylor also argues “the quality of our music and digital innovation by UK labels means we have excellent potential for domestic growth and to increase our share of the global music market.” “We hope government will recognise the potential of digital music to contribute to economic recovery and provide more active support in 2013.” Industry experts argue that more still needs to be done, particularly in regards to illegal downloading, to make sure that the entertainment business continues to thrive.

Six Foot Long Subway



Paralympic gold medalist and former Brunel Student awarded MBE STEPHANIE WAREHAM

A former Brunel student who won two gold medals in the London 2012 Paralympic Games has been nominated for an MBE. Natasha Baker, 23, a paraequestrian rider from Uxbridge has been chosen to receive an MBE for services to sport in the 2013 New Year’s Honours List. The double gold-medalist told how she cried tears of joy as she learned she had been nominated for the prestigious award. She said: “It’s such a massive honour, it really has topped off an amazing year.” Natasha began horse-riding after physiotherapists told her it would help relieve pain in her back caused by the neurological disorder that she contracted as a baby, transverse myelitis. She hopes that her success in the dressage events in the summer games will open the sport to a wider audience: “Nobody really knew what dressage was before 2012 but now we are known as the dancing horses, so it’s great to put dressage on the map and encourage new young athletes to get involved in equestrian sports”.

GEORGE BOWDEN The stereotypes of student life include a constant need for food, satisfied only by cheap tinned beans and sliced white bread.

However a group of first-year students were keen to challenge the norms of student living by purchasing a six-foot long Subway sandwich, the first to be produced at Brunel. The super-sub took three hours to be handcrafted

by a team of Subway staff. The process included thawing the bread and platting it together, before baking it piece by piece in the traditional Subway process. The group of five, Tevin Tom, Mandeep Singh, Jordan Rugema, Christian Heath and Cristian Lacob, decided to club together to buy the feast which was delivered to them during a ceremony in the Brunel store on Friday. The £80 mega-Sub, needed a three person lift to navigate the package through campus.

When asked why they had bought the sandwich one of the group simply said: “We were hungry.” The group choose a bizarre array of fillings which included a mix of veg, Chicken Teriyaki and Meatball Marinara among others. A spokesperson for Brunel Subway, said: “This is the first six-foot long Subway produced at Brunel. While we do need a bit of notice, we will offer this service to anyone up for the challenge.”



January 2013 - Le Nurb


The Conflicts in Palestine MAX SERJEANT

The conflict in the area that is now Israel has been going on for decades and has become one of the defining problems of our time. This tiny strip of land has become one of the most important in the world, with three of the world’s greatest religions being born there and almost every empire in the western world having claimed it at some point.

“This tiny strip of land has become one of the most important in the world.” While immensely complex and multi-faceted, the problems faced in the region today roughly boils down to two different ethnic groups, with differing religions, both believing they have the right to inhabit the area and seemingly unable to cohabit peacefully. The roots of the current situation date back to Roman times when the land was populated by the Jewish people. In response to rebellion against their rule, the Romans sacked the temple in Jerusalem and exiled the Jews. The area was then settled by Muslim Arabs who have lived there since the seventh century. While coming under the control of everyone from the Crusaders, to the Byzantines and the Turks, the general population of the area remained ethnically the same until the last century. At the end of the first world war the area was under British government. In 1917, the Balfour declaration announced it to be official British policy to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and Jews started the immigration process. World war two was the pivotal moment in the history of the conflict as British power started to fade, leading to it’s withdrawal from the region. The holocaust also convinced both the Jews and rest of the world that there was a need for a Jewish homeland. As the British left, it was agreed


to partition the area into two roughly equal states, one Arab and one Jewish, however violence erupted before this could be acted upon. Neighbouring Arab countries Jordan and Egypt invaded and took The West Bank and Gaza Strip respectively, but the rest of the area became the new state of Israel. Tensions boiled over again in 1967 and Israel recaptured the two Arab territories during the Six Day War, leading to their incorporation into the state of Israel. However, there was a UN resolution which gave them the status of autonomous Palestinian zones. Economically starved and effectively second class citizens, the Palestinians have been resisting Israel ever since leading to sporadic outbreaks of violence. Israel is easily the dominant force militarily, having established a strong western style state with a powerful army; Palestinians resort to guerrilla tactics and home made weapons. The Palestinian cause has always struggled to unite, something which has cost it dearly when dealing with Israel. Elections were held in Gaza in 2006 and Hamas, considered by many to be a terrorist group was elected. Hamas is a rival party to Fatah, the party in power in The West Bank and the two often fight each other before fighting Israel. Hamas is also an armed resistance group, often firing rockets at Israeli

towns and cities. While causing few casualties, a large area of southern Israel has grown used to dropping everything and finding shelter when the sirens go off. On the other side, the huge growth in Israeli settlement in the West Bank has become the biggest issue.

“This is the situation we find today, there is an ever present simmering tension which periodically boils over into warfare.” Some of this is sanctioned by the government, while some Israeli’s take it into their own hands to settle land here against Israeli law. All of these settlements are considered illegal by the international community. The much smaller Gaza Strip has been sealed off by Israel, who have built a wall around it preventing movement in or out. This is the situation we find today, there is an ever present simmering tension which

periodically boils over into warfare. The latest increase in violence was caused when the Israeli Defence Force assassinated Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari. Hamas retaliated by firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities, killing three in a direct hit on an apartment building. In the days since Gaza has been under constant bombardment from air and sea, with 1350 separate air strikes at the time of writing. This has resulted in ninety Palestinian deaths. Israel claims to be targeting militant targets exclusively, however with Gaza being one of most populated areas on earth, civilian casualties have been high. Egypt is trying to arrange talks between the two parties in order to bring an end to the current situation but there are no signs of a ending of hostilities and the Israeli army is just outside Gaza, threatening to invade. A lot has been made of the timing of this attack with elections coming up and the ruling Israeli party struggling in the polls. There are also claims that Jabari was actually involved in trying to negotiate a permanent ceasefire with the Israelis, which potentially undermines the Israeli argument that it is the peaceful faction and simply trying to defend itself. However, even if this current crisis ends, we are a long way from finding a lasting solution to the problem. It is hard to see a way in which the two groups

would be able to live together peacefully after the decades of blood shed between them. At the same time both groups are firmly entrenched in the region and would never leave unless driven out by the other. Israel is in a precarious position, hated by it’s neighbours but with a powerful lobby in Washington – despite it’s superior military, it would have probably been destroyed by now if it didn’t have American backing. The Palestinians, for their part, have allowed internal fighting and disorganisation to prevent any coherent resistance, resulting in the terrible position they now occupy. Foreign powers, including the British, have to accept their portion of the blame for the situation, and the international community can be criticised for sitting and watching it develop. It is hard to think of a place where so many people have been killed, from the beginning of human history, right up to today and unfortunately that shows no sign of changing any time soon. Ethnic, religious and land related tensions have combined to create an explosive mix and like so often, it’s the ordinary people who end up suffering the most.

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The Story So Far...



January 2013 - Le Nurb


Meet this years managers...



Managing Director

Digital Manager

Amy Marketing Manager



Brand Communications Manager

Book Manager


Stay up to date...

Events Manager MADEINBRUNEL13

Introduction Made in Brunel is a student led organisation, showcasing highly competent, and motivated graduating students throughout Brunel University. Encompassing a host of events throughout the year, Made in Brunel aims to engage and inspire industry, opening their eyes to a rich pool of up and coming talent. Each year culminates in a main exhibition in June, which is supported by the Made in Brunel annual book, a record of the culmination of work from Brunel University’s most innovative thinkers.




Made in Brunel Founded

What is MiB?

Made in Brunel represents a diverse range of people, all with their own stories, shaping their work and outlook as aspiring professionals. In 2013, Made in Brunel will portray the students’ individuality and personalities, promoting the individuals behind the work.

Student led brand created by us to promote the excellence of Brunel’s graduating students

Made in Brunel is a hallmark of quality, representing a wonderfully diverse range of skills

It’s a multidisciplinary showcase. A platform to open people’s minds to new ideas

Made in Brunel aims to tell a story, to express our individuality




First Made in Brunel Show






Making Our Mark




Made in Brunel 08

Are you Made in Brunel?

Thinking Out Loud


Innovation That Works

Do you go to Brunel University?


Eyes Look for inspiration, fuel your creativity.

Mouth Heart Do what you love, love what you do.

Never miss a deadline.




Question everything, discover problems.



Made in Brunel evolves, constantly pushing boundries


If you think you fit this persona, and want to be part of Made in Brunel, get in touch with us!

Communicate, collaborate.

We are driven to raise awareness of young innovative thinkers at Brunel


Do you do what you love and love what you do?

Visit the show at Bargehouse from the 13th June

Take a look at Brunel Course Directory Do you go above and beyond what is expected of you? Do you want to Do you to make and go change things for the Brunel University? better?

Go with your instinct.

You are

Hands Make coffee, make stuff happen.

Get in touch to see how you, your work and course can get involved in your final year

Feet The long journey starts with the first step.

Are you ready to take the first step into your future?

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The Show

The importance of a story... Stories have been there since the dawn of the human specie, carefully depicted in the drawings of cave men; they are the foundation on which our communication has developed. They can persuade us in a way that facts and reports seldom do, and distill the authenticity of reality to draw out lessons. They exist as a way to share experiences and reveal parts of ourselves to others in order to claim a means to distinction.


The Final Show The installation featured at last years show

The culmination of all the work put into Made in Brunel is embodied in the Final year show. This is a chance for the top students to showcase their work to industry specialists, journalists and design enthusiasts alike. A great networking opportunity, which can open doors for those who are lucky enough to be there.

This year is all about promoting the personality and individuality of the students behind the brand, through their stories that have formed, directed and culminated in their journey to becoming fully fledged graduates.

Timeline The Made in Brunel story so far... Part of what makes Made in Brunel so exciting, is it’s constant evolution. Every year, a new team aims to take the brand further then the year before, so it’s constantly pushing boundries. These teams have portrayed all facets of Made in Brunel from the innovation behind the idea, to the journeys that make those ideas a reality. ne






2013 The Colour of Innovation

Journeys Fuelled By Ideas

Industrial Review

The Future...

How to get involved. If you are interested in getting involved, want to be part of the final show, share your story with us or just want to find out more about Made in Brunel then drop us a line!

In 3 evenings, over 60 professionals from across the UK attendened the industrial review evenings, continuing the success of previous years. This year professionals from industries around the UK were invited to the design industrial review evening at Brunel University. Hosted by Brunel Designplus and assisted by the Made in Brunel team, over 60 experts helped to discuss, guide and inspire over 120 undergraduate design students’ major projects. Rolls-Royce, Motorola, Ted Baker, Reckitt Benckiser, LCR Hallcrest and Charge Bikes were just some of the companies attending. This year the evenings included designs for innovative medical devices, products for the elderly and young, furniture, luggage solutions and energy harvesting projects amongst many others. Concept directions, research, materials and initial ideas were displayed to provoke further discussion and conversation with those in attendance.

The event also included representatives from external organisations already involved in some of the 30 plus collaborative projects this year. Time, expertise and materials funding all form part of the professional partnerships. Design students were enthusiastic to discuss their projects with professionals,and gain valuable feedback and connections, as well as discovering other projects by fellow students. Three evenings of networking behind, with many problems ahead it is hoped the evenings will keep developing; continuing to provide students, and the university with a continuous relationship with the companies. This is the third successful year of hosting the series of industrial evening events; helping bridge the gap between industry and final year students.

Events Rich Coomber


Sam Lester

Marketing Amy O’Connor


Ben Clarke


January 2013 - Le Nurb


O l d B Oy H a p p y H Ou r “Is on a diet thi s month .”




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3 7










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6 6








5 1






Rather Top Notch Paper Scribbles INDUBITA BLY A R ATHER FINE A DV EN TUR E

Do as Daisy Does

OUR GR ACIOUS QUEEN OF W ISDOM I put on weight over Christmas, but if I don’t eat often I feel really faint, do you have any tips on how to drop a few pounds? Well the answer is pretty obvious… maybe you have been living in a tribe for the past few years? Or don’t watch TV, so maybe you haven’t witnessed EVERY new year advert, bar the ones that make you feel bad and you have to close your eyes, because you’re not going to donate £3 a week to a charity which

probably doesn’t exist… Basically just eat healthy. You might have to eat often, that doesn’t mean you have to tuck into a Snickers every 4 minutes does it? No. I can’t really give you any tips on eating healthy - I’m a tinned spaghetti girl myself, but apparently as my athletic sporty pals tell me ‘THAT’S REALLY BAD FOR YOU’. I’d go with buying some apples or something, or if you’re a girl, just buy some Bridget Jones knickersthey work wonders. As for like fitness and that… well go for a run?

Maybe start with a walk…brisk but bouncy. But please don’t buy those lycra leggings and go to lectures in them- it just annoys me. But do some exercise and eat some nice food. You must not Facebook about it and definitely don’t Tweet about it, because nobody cares, and it just pisses off people who like to lay in bed eating chocolate hob nobs.

PS: NEVER make eye contact whilst eating a banana.


BLOODY GOOD! 1 4 3 5 2 7 6 8 9

5 6 8 9 4 3 1 2 7

7 9 2 1 6 8 4 3 5

2 1 7 8 3 4 5 9 6

3 8 4 6 5 9 7 1 2

6 5 9 7 1 2 8 4 3

4 3 5 2 7 1 9 6 8

8 7 1 3 9 6 2 5 4

9 2 6 4 8 5 3 7 1

9 4 2 7 3 5 1 8 6

5 6 8 1 2 9 7 3 4

3 7 1 6 8 4 5 2 9

7 8 5 2 4 6 9 1 3

2 9 4 3 1 8 6 5 7

1 3 6 5 9 7 8 4 2

4 1 9 8 7 2 3 6 5

8 5 7 4 6 3 2 9 1

6 2 3 9 5 1 4 7 8

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Greece Is The Word

CLAIRE PAYNE Greece may be in a state of economic turmoil at the moment, but believe you me, things really aren’t as drastic as the mainstream media are making out. Yes, surprisingly you can still take a holiday there without the fear of being caught up in a riot. Vibrant, diverse and full of history and amazing nightlife, Greece definitely has something to offer everyone. Athens, the capital city, is the obvious place to begin. The Acropolis is, without a doubt, the drawing point of the city; the ruins of a former citadel, located on top of a mountainous rock. With fantastic views over the vast metropolis stretched out below, it’s definitely worth the trek to the top. The Acropolis consists of the remains of several once spectacular buildings, most famously, the Parthenon, parts of which were constructed as early as 447 BC for the goddess, Athena. Late afternoon or early evening is best for visiting, as the temperature is beginning to cool. Make sure to purchase a drink before setting off though, as there isn’t anywhere to buy one at the top. Opposite the Acropolis is the Acropolis Museum, built in 2009

and home to many Greek artifacts dating back as early as the 5th century BC. The museum’s rooftop cafe is a great place to sit, enjoy a cold drink and look out over the ancient city. And the best thing is, if you show your student card at the entrance to the Acropolis Museum or the Acropolis itself, entrance is absolutely free. If you have more than a day to spend in Athens then Syntagma Square, Athens Zoo and Monastiraki Flea Market are all great places to visit. Besides Athens, Greece’s ‘second city’, Thessaloniki is a very popular tourist destination. As well as having culture and history which could rival that of Athens, Thessaloniki offers plenty of boutique stores and many nightclubs. Crowned number five city in the world for partying by Lonely Planet, you can find anything from rock nights to Latin bars, mainstream R’n’B to trance. Or, if you fancy something more traditional, head to a bouzoukia club. Greek clubs tend to operate much differently from those in England. Firstly, it is rare to have to go up to a bar to buy drinks. There is usually waitress service, as you would find in a restaurant. Also, where English are buying single drinks, it is common in Greece to buy a whole bottle of spirit to share between friends. If you do purchase a bottle, you also get as much mixer, ice, water and often even snacks, as you like for no extra charge. Although a whole bottle most likely comes with a hefty €100 price tag, it usually still works out cheaper to drink this way. For some of the best nightlife hotspots head to Ladadika, on the west side of the port. Aside from nightlife, Thessaloniki offers several points of interest. The city appears to


have been built around ancient ruins and so wandering aimlessly can result in stumbling across the likes of the Arch and Tomb of Galerius or the Cryptoporticus. Be sure to take time in visiting the White Tower and Aristotelous Square, both of which are located on the waterfront. Mainland Greece has many fantastic beachy destinations to offer as well as its lively cities. One resort which appears to be very ‘up-and-coming’ is Halkidiki, a

peninsula situated in the north of the country. Not many people would recognise the name as a popular Greek destination, however, over the past couple of years Halkidiki has been making a name for itself as a holiday destination, now being promoted by travel agents such as Thomas Cook and First Choice. Halkidiki is home to a variety of different places worth visiting, each beautiful in its own way. Sani Marina, just over an hours drive from Thessaloniki, offers a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere comparable with Monte Carlo, only for a fraction of the price. Its waters are the mooring place for many millions of pounds worth of yachts, but that isn’t the best part. The surrounding area has a large variety of suave restaurants, vibrant bars and chic boutiques, all within walking distance of each other. The village of Afitos could not differ from Sani Marina any more than it already does, despite being located in the same peninsula. Where Sani oozes class and style, Afitos boasts simplicity and tradition. Tiny cobbled streets wind their way through the residential areas filled with many colourful homes. There is a small church situated on a road lined with orange trees and a quiet beach with an adequate number of eateries. Afitos is one of those places which gives you a real taste of Greece. If it’s islands that appeal to you, Greece has plenty to choose from. Perhaps two of the best

are situated within 100 miles of each other in the Aegean sea, depending on what you are looking for. If partying on a beach from 12 noon until 9 in the morning sounds good, then that is exactly what happens in beach bars across the island of Mykonos. Most are 24 hour or shut only for a couple of hours a day, and so holiday makers can be found partying on the sands at almost any time of day. In contrast, Santorini, south of Mykonos, is a quieter island and is famous for its beautiful sunset which attracts visitors from all over the world. To watch the sunset, head to Oia which features the traditional blue and white buildings. It’s as if you have stepped straight into a stereotypical image of how Greece should be. Tiny winding streets lead the way to many tavernas where you can sample traditional Greek food, especially sea food such as barbecued shrimps and octopus, or quirky little gift shops perfect for buying souvenirs. So, if you’re looking for a holiday this summer, Greece has something to offer everyone. With flights for less than £200 if you book earlier enough, or package deals from as little as £250, why not set aside some of your student loan? Everyone deserves a holiday after a year at uni.


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The Finest Hour of Robert Downey Jr

AARON BROWN Having fallen in love with Robert Downey Jr’s smirky, sarcastic, egocentric character in Iron Man I jump at any chance to watch his latest character unfold on the big screen. Zodiac and Sherlock Holmes were very good films, and Downey Jr. performs admirably in both. However, he never gets the chance to completely hog the spotlight - to change the quality of the film based solely on his quickwitted line-delivery and smarmy expressions. He does in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This overlooked 2005 dark comedy, crime flick directed by Shane Black starred Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan. It

centers on a petty criminal Harry Lockhart (Downey Jr) who escapes from the police by hiding in a movie audition. He awkwardly auditions, to kill time why the cops are running around helplessly outside. He gets the part. Lockhart is then flown to Hollywood for a screen test. The producers continue to believe his out-of-breath, on-the-run criminal stunt in the audition is a clever method-acting tool, so helpfully assign him to work with real-life private investigator ‘Gay’ Perry Van Shrike (Val Kilmer). Whilst working together, the pair stumble upon a conspiracy of kidnapping and murder. Harry is being framed and evidence ties Perry to the crime. They must now work together to clear their names and solve the ever-deepening delinquency. An intriguing plot, and one that lends itself to some brilliantly sharp dialogue exchanges, gun battles and murder… Oh, and Robert Downey Jr impresses in his role. He is the narrator of the film - providing self-aware

comments throughout the 100 minute running time – playfully discussing what is happening on screen, rewinding the footage and joking about leaving certain scenes out of the movie. This is used to great effect, and instead of taking you out of the film, it increases your respect and enjoyment of the film. Think Fight Club narration, rather than the dull and over-explanatory tones that cover the soundtrack in Sin City. The comedy in the film is excellent - making the viewer laugh at uncomfortable stunts and dialogue. You know that you shouldn’t laugh but you can’t help yourself - for example, Downey Jr incriminates himself by accidentally urinating on a corpse, flooding it with his DNA, framing himself. For fans of this genre, this flick is definitely worth watching. But you have to be quick - the dialogue is fast-paced and sharp - its not up to Airplane’s level of ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it comedy’ but its pretty close. Highly recommended. CREDIT: QUICHEISINSANE

Brunel Student Homes For your off campus housing needs * Find a property to rent – the University manage some properties * Find room mates * Find a room

For the University Managed Scheme – Head Lease Scheme * * * *

£350 booking fee/deposit secures a property NO OTHER FEES TO STUDENTS Contract directly with the University – no agent or landlord to deal with Pay rent by the term

4673 0113

Brunel Student Homes (Opposite the Medical Centre) Tel: 01895 266187 Email: Or visit our website:

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Apartment 747 [


CHINELO ADA UDE “Is that Chris?” asks Oma, pointing to a dark-skinned guy sitting at the back among his friends. “Yes, that’s him,” I reply. It’s been six weeks since Chris gave me a lap dance in front of everyone at the first ACS party of the semester and also four weeks since he kissed me in front of the library. But still nothing. It’s almost as if he is testing me, trying to see if I will crack. He doesn’t call me; I wonder if he even has my number but then he’s part of Apartment 747, they can get anything they want. What does he want from me? He’s cute and I like him but Elizabeth said I shouldn’t get too close to anyone in Apartment 747. She won’t tell me why but insists I listen to her. Being freshman, Oma and I sit by ourselves at the front; the two skinny-glasses-wearing-shy-geekyvirgins that spend more time at the library than they do in their rooms or at socials. But Oma forced me to come. She said I can’t hide from Chris forever that I needed to make my choice and live my life. But I don’t know what I want, should I go out with Chris even though everyone is saying I shouldn’t? Or maybe they are jealous because he wants me and not them? This is not why I came to uni, but then I enjoy the attention he gives me. “You girls should come join us,” Peter says, interrupting my thoughts and holding his hands towards his table. “We are fine here,” I reply. “You definitely should come,” Peter says. I give Oma the evil eyes but it’s already too late, she always wants to be everyone’s friend and had already got up and dashed towards their table. Peter waits for me to slowly gather my things and join them. I’m sure Chris is behind this. The 747 just don’t invite people to sit with them. Apt 747 are a group of friends; some call them evil, some call them a cult and some say it’s a secret society. Many do not trust them and do not associate themselves with them, but then 95% of their members have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. So why are they feared? What is the danger in being their friend? They have not killed anyone, not that I’ve heard. They all meet in Apt 747 and then move from there. They do not go out alone. Rumour is that they do not date outside of the group, which makes me wonder why Chris wants

me. They currently have fifteen members and need to fill five spaces. I wonder if he’s testing me as a potential member or if he just wants some fun. Chris asks me how I am and how my classes are going. I tell him it’s going well. I ask him what his major is and he says chemistry and biochemistry pre-medicine. I’m shocked. I didn’t know he was that smart. I ask him for help in my biochem class and he says I’d have to help him with his writing classes. I agree. Part of me wants to get to know him away from the members of Apt 747 and also decide for myself if I wanted to date him. He makes a date for us to meet in the Library that Friday and study. I’m surprised he chose Friday, thought he would be partying, not meeting at 10pm in the Library. He is really beginning to surprise me. Maybe he is different than the rest of the 747s. By the time I turn back to the group, Oma is busy flirting with Peter. I don’t know how this girl thinks and I sometimes wonder why we are still friends. I tell her we have to go, that she has a class and she can’t miss it again. She gives Peter her number and I drag her away. I look back and stare at Chris before turning and walking off. Chris and I never met up to study and I generally avoid him. It’s the week of finals and I am buried in work and getting ready for my exams, I don’t want any distractions. I’m ready to put an end to the first semester of my freshmen year; to the Chris ordeal; and to making new friends. I’m ready to escape and spend Christmas in New York with my aunty. I’m ready to leave this University and never come back. Maybe I should transfer and leave Chris and his 747s and let Oma explore her new self. Oma has started sleeping with Peter despite him having a girlfriend in 747, but she doesn’t care. She likes the attention she gets from him and that she can say she hangs out with 747. I wonder how that girl reasons sometimes and you would never believe she had a 4.0 at the end of high school. This is supposed to be our first year doing everything together; getting nominated into the Freshmen Leader’s on Campus (FLOC) and being part of the Student Union and Student Congress. Oma had never been interested in anything political, she was the bookie type, only wanted to go to school and class and that was it. We met during our junior year in high school and although it has been hard to get her to get involved and make other friends, I wondered now if she’s taken it too far.

She started changing when she didn’t get into FLOC and I did. She also didn’t make into the President’s Roundtable and I think that affected her confidence. But I can’t stop doing what I love because she didn’t make it. We’re both pre-med students but then I came in with more college credits than her. After one semester of classes I will have enough hours to be a sophomore. But Oma wants to date; she wants to belong and her courses are the last on her mind. I’ve bailed her out on several occasions with coursework but I told her I wasn’t going to help her anymore—that I was too busy to be doing her work as well as my own. I can see my friendship with Oma coming to an end, Dad taught me never to associate myself with anyone that might bring me down and I can feel that happening with Oma. For example, if people knew I did her coursework for her, I would be expelled for plagiarism and my father would disown me. And now she’s hanging out with 747. To make matters worse, there are rumours that they are using Oma and will dump her once they are done. Everyone knows they only recruit in spring and if they befriend you any time after that, it’s because they are using you and will dump you once they are done. I have three papers to turn in and two exams to write then Thursday I will be on an 8am flight to New York. I need to find someone to drop me off at the airport since I don’t want anything to do with Oma anymore and I really don’t want to drive home the night before so my sister can drop me off. “Hey Jennifer, wait up,” Chris said, running up to me. “Hi Chris, how are you?” I ask. “Fine, you? It’s like you’ve disappeared, I never see you anymore”. “Well between classes, working, and my involvement on campus, I don’t have time to socialise much”. “So are you done for the semester?” “I will be on Wednesday, I have two exams that day but I just turned in my last paper.” “Wow you’re lucky; I’m here until Saturday for that biochem test. Shouldn’t you be taking that?” “I took mine on Monday because I’d already booked my flight to New York on Thursday”. “How was the test, was it hard? And New York, is that where you’re spending the holidays?” “Yeah, I usually visit my aunty that lives there”. “I guess Oma is taking you to the airport?” “No, I’ll either drive home Wednesday after my last exam or find someone to take me from here”. “Let me take you then, it will be

my pleasure and a way for me to make it up to you. Maybe give me a chance to apologise for being an ass?” “There is nothing to apologise for, and you don’t have to take me”. “No I insist, I have to take you. What time is your flight?” *** Four weeks in New York was the perfect escape I needed to get my head clear but now it’s time to return to reality. Chris called me and asked if I could return to campus a week early so that I can join him and his friends on their semi-annual get-away party. He said it would really mean a lot to him if I came. I didn’t know what to do. “Oma, how was your Christmas and New Years?” I ask. “The usual. We went to my uncle’s house and all of my cousins were there. How was New York?” Oma replies. “Amazing, but I’m ready to be back and run for Student Ambassador and School of Science Senator. When are you coming back? Oh, and how are you and Peter” I reply. “I don’t wanna talk about Peter. I’ll be in school the Sunday before school starts but I’m thinking of transferring”.

“Transferring? What’s wrong? Why? This isn’t you. What happened Oma?” I ask. “Just be careful, don’t hang out with those boys alone, what happened to me might happen to you. They are mean people. I just don’t want to see them ever again. I want to move as far away from them as possible. I said no and they didn’t listen.” She replies. She hangs up quickly. I call back but she doesn’t pick up. She said no? What? Did she just tell me that they raped her? They? Who are they? How many of them? What was she talking about? Chris just invited me to their camp week. Should I go? Was Oma lying? I have known her since 9th grade, she shouldn’t lie to me anymore. I start thinking about why Chris invited me for the week. Did he want them to do the same thing to me? Was his plan to rape me or watch other people do it? Was this all they were about? I have to go to that camp to see what happens. Why do they always have a vacation before school starts during their recruitment period? If they really did hurt Oma I want to make sure they are punished for it.


January 2013 - Le Nurb


The Return of the Guitar Band to the British Charts? [ MUSIC ] WILL MOSS

The new year always brings with it a healthy plethora of exciting new releases, and 2013 is no exception. So, will this be the year for guitar bands to retake their place in the charts? The signs are hopeful; 2012 saw The Vaccines and Jake Bugg hitting the top spot in the album charts, and Alt-J win the coveted Mercury Music Prize, yet the singles chart remained relatively untouched. Musical trends surely due a new guitar-shaped presence in the mainstream consciousness?

Birmingham seems to be the ‘scene’ for the bright new hopefuls. Having been dubbed ‘B-Town’ by the music press, there is a collection of bands that are really starting to make waves. Peace are the most prominent of these, honing gorgeous cascading guitar lines and teenage angst, the likes of which we haven’t seen for some time. Fellow B-Towners Swim Deep are also ones to keep an eye on, building a fan-base after their 2012 tour supporting Spector. Check out their song ‘King City’ to best get a feel for the Birmingham scene. From the home-counties come Palma Violets, signed to

legendary indie label Rough Trade (behind The Smiths, The Libertines and The Strokes amongst many others). There balls-out indie rock; their hit ‘Best of Friends’ was awarded the NME best track of 2012 and got them a place on the BBC Sound of 2013 List. If you want to catch them live they will be heading out with Peace in the NME Awards Tour in February. The future is bright for British guitar music, and these aren’t the only three. Check out DIIV, Stealing Sheep, Jaws and Savages for a taste of better things to come in 2013.

London Olympics 2012 – The DVD Review TOM SCOTT

The London Olympics truly were the peek of what made Great Britain great in 2012.

Especially considering that 12 months earlier we were rioting and looting for new TVs, trainers and Basmati rice. It gave us some truly fantastic sporting moments from the greatest athletes from all over

the world and, even if you were cheering from the stands or watching on the edge of your sofa, you felt as though you were a part of this great and momentous occasion. Now, watching it on DVD is another thing. I was actually quite excited about getting this box set for Christmas and being able to relive the best moments of the games as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Turns out that not only is it an entirely new experience but the box artwork might as well say “massive box of lies contained within.” Let me explain. Being able to relive the opening ceremony was not at all a bad thing. Danny Boyle’s “Isle of Wonders” was amazingly delicate, thought provoking and clever (not to mention Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself making a grand appearance). The trouble is it is the whole of the ceremony. Everything. This unfortunately

includes 1 hour and 40 minutes of introducing countries. I could watch Dodgeball: A True Underdog story in that time. Luckily, I could at least skip to the point where Chris Hoy led the heroic Team GB into the stadium. Needless to say, I felt slightly cheated by this. That’s a good 10% of the total DVD coverage. The actual sport coverage itself isn’t too bad. All the key moments from every single day is covered and the success of every Team GB medal is celebrated. The trouble is that the coverage is all highlights. You only see the last 2 laps of Mo Farah’s races and you only see Jessica Ennis’ hurdles victory that led to her gold medal. I’m not asking for the entire marathon to be on the DVD but at least give each major event enough coverage to justify its worth. The DVD also contains about 9 minutes of original footage which is just

Sue Barker standing in various London landmarks describing what we are about to see. There also appears to be a heavy focus on the football coverage, causing me to feel as though I was watching Match of the Day, at times. The closing ceremony was just as tedious as the opening, particularly when Russell Brand appeared. The trouble is that there is no sense of occasion when watching the DVD. I could tolerate the closing ceremony because I had been treated to 15 days of fantastic sport. Watching The Spice Girls and Timothy Spall on DVD just felt like I was watching some weird mash-up that makes no sense. The DVD isn’t bad. It just lacks the occasion that the Olympics brought to us. Maybe it is just better that we remember the Olympics from the summer and not try to relive it.

The Vagina Monologues at the Beck Theatre [ THEATRE ] LILY WOODS

“Don’t believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals, when it’s supposed to smell like pussy!” … was one of the lines which has pasted itself onto the forefront of my mind and the tip of my tongue from my recent visit to the Hayes Beck Theatre. Ridiculously frank and outrageously funny, but with a hard-hitting, heart wrenching undercurrent of female solidarity, going to see

The Vagina Monologues was the best girls night out I’ve had in a long time! The performance boasted an all-female cast of familiar faces: Vicky Entwistle, AKA Coronation Street’s notorious ‘loveable battle-axe’ Janice Battersby; Dancing on Ice 2010 champion Hayley Tamaddon, most famous for playing Delilah Dingle in Emmerdale; and the beautiful (despite being 6 months pregnant), ‘I recognise her face but what has she actually been in?’ Clare Vicky gave a stellar performance, perfectly

embodying both an uptight, and uneasy upper-class woman in an ‘orgasm workshop,’ as well as an 80-year-old grandma from the Bronx with a tearjerking tale. Clare was given the two most sensitive monologues though, perfecting the Bolivian and South African accents, she handled each with grace and poise. Hayley’s accents were less well executed and much of her characterization was the same for each monologue, but Ensler’s witty script carried her through. The few original 90’s references were pretty obvious and not always funny, but the episodic,

monologue form allows for constant evolving – a nod to the 2012 Olympics and cheers for Coronation Street’s ‘Rover’s Return’ and Emmerdale’s ‘Wolf Pack’ went down well. The Hayes Beck Theatre is a great alternative night out if you fancy something different but don’t want to break the bank. They have a great variety of shows with some including student discount! Check out their website:

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Lomography and the love of analogue photography [ART] WILL MOSS As the endless onslaught of the digital revolution continues ever forward, it would seem that film photography is dead. However, there are those who reject this idea, and embrace the warm, dream-like results that traditional film gives from retro plastic cameras. These people are known as Lomographers. Lomography started in the early 1990s, when a group of Austrian students discovered the Lomo Kompakt Automat whilst in Russia w- a small, all-plastic everyday camera. They experimented with different types of shot and loved the pictures that came out: hazy, lo-fi images with deep saturated colour. Trips to Russia to acquire these cameras as more people heard about them became more and more frequent, so a business was set up and Lomography was born! Lomographers reject the pretentiousness that exists in professional photography in

the search for the perfect shot. Instead they use all plastic cameras which often have light leaks and other various flaws, for exactly this reason! No one camera is exactly the same - part of the fun is that you don’t know how the photos will come out, pushing more experimentation! The dreamy, vintage feeling of the photos makes them the original and genuine alternative to modern attempts at the same effect on apps like Instagram. The desire for experimentation with photos drives Lomography; a seemingly endless number of modifications can be made to the inexpensive cameras to achieve wildly different results, from colour filters to fish-eye lenses. Cameras can be bought from the Lomography website for around £40 or if you do some research you can pick one up on eBay significantly cheaper. Perfect if you are a keen Instagram user who is yearning for the real deal.



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2013: What to Watch 5 Youtubers you MUST subscribe to [WORLD WIDE WEB]



A Good Day to Die Hard (Feb.)


Bruce Willis returns as the ‘take-no-prisoners’ cop John McClane on foreign soil for

Gamers may be familiar with the Yogscast family, that all begin with Simon and Lewis aka. Honeydew and Xephos. But yogscast2 is all about Hannah. It features interviews with developers, minecraft antics and prerelease gameplay that has included Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed 3.

with his wayward son Jack (played by Jai Courtney) to tackle the Russian Underworld, rumoured to be led by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart. Critics have fallen hard on the latest instalments of the Die don’t have the ‘heart’ the golden oldies did – so here’s your chance to judge for yourself…

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (March) With a pairing like Anchorman and 40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell and comedy veteran of The Mask and Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey, this one’s sure to be a hit! Carell moves away from his usual type-cast role of the middle-aged nerd and becomes a once-great Las Vegas magician: Burt Wonderstone. Cue the young, up-and-coming Steve Grey (played by Jim Carrey) who after a guerrilla style street magic trick completely steals his thunder and puts him out of a job. Hopefully this won’t be another generic American comedy, caught between a kid’s movie and an adult comedy – but this hilarious pairing is surely worth a shot!

The Great Gatsby (May) This adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is set to be a big one. Directed by the amazing Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet), whose typical lavish and gaudy vision gives substance to the nouveau riche existence of Jay Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). This star-studded production also boasts a cast of Tobey Maguire; Carey Mulligan and Isla Fisher, and with none other than Jay-Z working on the score.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (November) cinema screens by storm this year, and luckily, the next instalment is due to be released continues with heroine Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) as she prepares for the ‘Quarter Quell’ in the second part of the Hunger Games trilogy.

My Drunk Kitchen This is the brainchild of Hannah Hart: master of the pun, and drunken cooking connoisseur. What started as a random drunken video to a friend has evolved into a brilliantly original comedy channel. If you enjoy getting in from a night out and attempting to cook while still smashed you are going to love My Drunk Kitchen.

MrSuicideSheep Contrary to what the name suggests, he isn’t suicidal, and he’s not a sheep…. He is a promoter of amazing music and an absolute must for fans of dubstep, chillstep, liquid drum & bass and future garage. Also, I would highly recommend that everyone check out his guest mixes, which contain some astounding tracks from artists like Rameses B and Aaron Static.

devinsupertramp With a total view count of over 123,000,000, Devin is making waves on YouTube. His short and beautifully shot films show off all that life has to offer from the bears of Alaska to cute puppies, canal boarding to wingsuit racing, African tribes to the Holi Festival of Colour.

Bad Lip Reading One of the best channels to check out when you need a short break from that coursework you should have done a week ago. With over 670,000 subscribers and a million views on each video, this group has produced some incredible lip dubbing with hilarious results. You will never see Mitt Romney or Twilight the same way again. Trust me.

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Table of Tablets


The Simpsons: Tapped Out [APPS] SANAH SHAIKH

New Year’s Resolutions: out with the old & in with the new! Desktops have become prehistoric instruments that are scarcely seen and laptops are not too far behind. 2012 has seen a rise in tablets, bigger than a smartphone but smaller then a computer, and 2013 promises to increasingly operate through the invention. Whether at work, on the tube, driving or in class, the tablet is your new portal for social, educational and work premises. Ultimately it’s the new you, in a screen. And in the running for competition in 2013 is Apple with its iPad mini. The stunning and lightweight design heads this tablet as a new accessory that is perfect for eBooks and gaming, creativity as well as everything the iPad4

promises to deliver, but more compact. Its 7.9 inch screen manages to deliver to its optimum space, having more visual display compared to the Nexus or Kindle Fire. Expect this desirable tablet to explode on to the market in true Apple tradition, enhancing the domination of an iCommunity this year! Next to compete is the Nexus 7 from Google. If you’re looking for consumption rather than creation then the nexus is the tablet for you. It has the slickest software of Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean, and is comfortably lightweight to have on the go with you. The only downfall is that 3G is not enabled. However, the unbeatable price compensates for the limitations. And finally, the Kindle Fire HD is Amazon’s newest addition. Although it is a tweaked version of Android, it is seamlessly attached to Amazon content. Visuals from music, books and videos spring to life on the tablet, with its HD quality. It is stylish and ideal for entertainment consumption. So which tablet will be on your table in 2013?

the unnecessary aspects of this genre and covers the space with the colour yellow. The synopsis It wasn’t really that long ago that is simple. Homer Simpson has we were all obsessed with raising blown up Springfield and now virtual livestock and harvesting it is his job to rebuild the town non-existent crops. Farmville and find all his friends. was one of the most annoyingly Now, this game was released addictive games online and its earlier last year but after some popularity knew no bounds. initial launch issues, the game Recently though, despite is now in full swing. It is just releasing an irrelevant and quite as annoyingly addictive as frankly poor sequel, the genre Farmville but keeps it as simple of real-time management style as possible. Starting with just games has remained popular. Homer, Lisa and the Simpsons The main issue facing the family home, you must rebuild current crop of real time gaming Springfield all the way from is that it has become far too Ned Flanders house to the overcomplicated. Developers Springfield Hospital. Add in seem obsessed with adding an all of the extra scenery you extra thing here and another can buy, land expansions and thing there and suddenly you holiday themes and you have a find yourself running a city/ great game that almost anyone restaurant/business/dishwasher can enjoy. (delete as applicable) that is more The game is as quirky as the complicated than the real thing. cartoon and since we all adore Enter ‘The Simpsons: Tapped the Simpsons (don’t lie to Out;’ a game that strips away all yourself – you do) all the in TOM SCOTT

jokes and references add to its originality. The game also updates itself to match certain holidays. For example, this past holiday season, players got to unlock characters such as Barney and Sideshow Mel along with additional festive quests. The game is full of the wit and charm that is often lacking nowadays. Let me put it like this: my friend who also plays the game said to me “I can’t bear to let Grandpa Simpson feed the birds for 8 hours for fear he might catch pneumonia.” Congratulations EA. You have actually created a game that makes us feel empathy for a cartoon character. Either that, or my friend is mad. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a free app available on all modern tablets. (Not the stone ones. They went out of fashion about 5 thousand years ago.)


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From Cover... True to its name, the event was challenging, but we had a brilliant team who helped keep each others’ spirits high for the whole 9 days. Ask any member of the group and they’ll say that, above all, they had loads of fun and met some amazing people. We also gained insight into how the local community lives, and it was eye-opening to learn how different their lives are to ours. I’d like to say a massive congratulations to the whole team for all their hard work and perseverance – and to Childreach International for giving us a trip of a lifetime, one which I will never forget. Next year I’ll be taking part in another adventure organised by Childreach International, leading a team on a cycling expedition from Vietnam to Cambodia, where we’ll experience the rich history of Southeast Asia on two wheels. If you’re interested in signing up to a Challenge Event, email or visit

From Cover... some training before jumping alone. There are two courses on offer to get into the sport. Progression can be as much or as little as you choose (or can afford), but both require a day of training on the ground. After this, however, you are likely to be jumping the same afternoon. The sport is, unfortunately, limited by the weather, so there is often a lot of chilling out, catching up on work and eating junk food. We try to do a few camping trips over the year in tents and just have a blast getting to know people both from our club and other Universities. If you’re afraid of heights (or generally just jumping out of planes), we try to organize some indoor trips, where we can train in wind tunnels. So, come and have a go! If you’re ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone, get in touch! Photo Credits: Josh Rex


n Arland Craik lastminute touchdown wasn’t enough for a Brunel Burners comeback. They slipped to an 18-12 loss to the Southampton Solent Redhawks on Sunday. The defeat was Brunel’s second on the south coast this season and sees them end the year with a record of 1-2. Brunel had an odd start to the game after conceding three consecutive fouls for false starts, which saw them placed on their own five-yard line. But the next play saw the ball tossed to running back Orion Modebe, who ran 90 yards for the first touchdown of the game. Things seemed to be getting better for the Burners, when Joseph Cahill picked off the Solent quarterback’s pass for his first interception of the day. Southampton Solent then got themselves onto the scoreboard, leveling at 6-6 before Brunel’s quarterback Carlos Calles being sacked at the end of the first quarter.

Ivo Ruben Santos and Kido Diai then sought revenge on Solent’s quarterback, both sacking him in the second quarter. The game soon became a scrappy affair, with Calles seeing his first of two passes intercepted. The Redhawks came out fighting for the second half. Firstly, by sacking the Brunel quarterback and then by scoring another touchdown which put them six points ahead. Calles then found his rhythm, rushing for 30-yards by the end of the third. Things got worse for Brunel when Modebe hobbled off the pitch after being tackled heavily by the Solent defence. Southampton then finished the third quarter as they started; sacking the Burners’ quarterback for the third time. The fourth quarter welcomed another touchdown – unfortunately it was for the Redhawks and made the score 18-6. Brunel thought that they had added to the score line when they went over into the end zone,

Above: Burners take on Southampton

but the play was brought back for a foul earlier in the game. Calles was then sacked and intercepted before he found Craik with a superb pass into the end zone. This gave Brunel a glimmer of hope at staying in the game.

Head coach Jon Goddard said, “Losses like that are hard to take. The game was more than in our control and we threw it away.Personally I don't want to lose a game like that again and will be doing all I can over Christmas to make sure we don't.”

However, the onside kick from the special teams unit was recovered by Solent who took a knee to see the game out and inflict defeat on Brunel.

Brunel now head into 2013 in ninth place, with their next game scheduled for January 27th against the Reading Knights at home.

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runel Handball has seen its first major test. The up-and-coming club competed in the Christmas Handball Cup at the Sporthouse, Barking on 15th December. Hopes were running high for the teams, as recently, a Brunel University/Ruislip Eagles team had pushed aside all competition, winning the Christmas Handball Beginner’s Tournament. This was not only dramatic, with the winning goal just six seconds from the end, but the team was unbeaten and had scored 21 goals in four games. However, the teams facing them this time were far more experienced. The two teams were drawn into different groups. Brunel A got off to a flying start, beating the eventual runners-up Brentwood HC 107. This was quickly followed by a triumphant 11-8 victory

over previous finalists, London Great Danes. After a flying start, Brunel led 8-3, however two consecutive games had taken their toll, allowing London GD a late surge towards the end. Brunel B, which included some Ruislip players, weren’t as lucky in their draw. They were placed in a group with Carshalton, who would go on to win the tournament, and Olympia, who would finish in 3rd place. Their first game resulted in a 9-4 loss, despite a promising start and plenty shots on goal, the experience of the Olympia team allowed them to take the game. The following match against Carshalton was a much closer affair, with Brunel leading for most of the game, until simultaneous suspensions meant the five players left on the court could do little to avoid an 8-6 defeat. Brunel A progressed onto the semi-finals where they would meet Carshalton, who are not only an England Handball Academy, but also boast several

Above: Brunel B team vs Olympia

The Brunel Handball team

England U-18 players. This talent and experience showed; meaning Carshalton came out 7-5 winners, despite goalkeeper Daniel Colley saving a late 7-metre penalty to keep Brunel in the match. Brunel B would then play in the 5th place play-off game against London Great Dane. However, now missing the more experienced Ruislip players, line player Richard Parnell playing through tonsillitis and with a member playing handball for only the second time ever, meant they faced an uphill battle. A slow start meant by halfway London GD had an 8-1 lead, however, once settled and the right positional combinations found, Brunel replied, with winger Menelaos Photiou and standout centre-back Matt Norris pulling back four goals without reply for Brunel, with the final score 9-5 to London GD. Brunel A, in the third place play-off would face Olympia. However, the previous games had taken their toll. In a scrappy and ugly affair Brunel went


It’s been an interesting season for Brunel Women's basketball; on and off the court. We suffered a hard exit from the cup, as in the final 16 we were drawn away against Northern 1A league leaders, Bradford. After the difficult 11 hour round-trip, we came away with a 13 point loss. Although disappointing, it provided a great incentive for hard work, as well as the focus needed for our last game before the Christmas break. The league has been far more competitive this year, with a higher ability across the board.

There have been shock wins and losses from most teams. Currently, we are second in the South Eastern 1A League, so Kings College London need to watch their backs! We had a very strong final game of 2012, winning 63-15 away from home. This was with just 6 players, preventing the opponents from scoring in the last quarter. We now stand in good stead for the last leg of the season. To stand a chance of winning the league, we must ensure wins in each of our final four games - this includes beating Kings at home. We beat the College by 23 at home in our first cup game, so are hoping for the same level of support this time! So please come down on Wednesday 6th February!

We also held a very successful Give it a go session on the Quad in November. Despite the initial worries of rain and the difficulty with assembling the outdoor hoop (special thanks to the staff at student activities) we ended the day having engaged with over 100 students! This helped to promote both the men's and women's clubs, as well as helping to increase participation at the Active Brunel sessions. As well as this, we held a fund raising cake sale in December and helped to raise over £25 for RAG. Overall the first term has been busy and productive for Women's basketball. With the final league games of the season and Varsity to come, we hope for continued success in 2013.

Above: Brunel A team vs Olympia

down 8-4, Olympia’s defence ultimately winning the game by holding back Brunel’s normally free scoring team. In the final, Carshalton beat Brentwood HC 11-10 in extra time, after the teams drew 8-8 in normal time; Carshalton coming from behind twice to win the tournament. BUHC Chairman Gilbert Lewis said, “It’s been a huge learning curve for us today, we’ve come

here and been competitive with teams who have been playing for years, whereas we’ve been playing for months. For some players this was their first taste of real handball. I’ve seen some fantastic handball from our guys today and there’s plenty of positives we can take home. With the British Universities Handball Championships coming up in February, today can only a serve as a stepping stone to better things and more success.”


he first team had a T promising start to the season, with talented Freshers

signing up. Hillingdon Hospital has been a conveyer belt of players, with a record number of injuries. BUWHC filled the waiting room with broken hands and balls-tothe-face; thankfully everyone is alive and kicking for 2013. Sadly, they’re out of the cup, but can now fully focus on their league matches with help from coach Shay O’Connell. The second team had a tough start, beginning training without a coach. Luckily, there were

willing members from other teams who stepped in to help. Despite this, their luck looks set to change this year, with hopes of a recently hired coach bringing a new lease of life to the team. The third team have had a brilliant first half of the season; winning most games and gaining a good position in the league table. Brunel graduate, Sophie Hoseason, has done a fantastic job in coaching the players and hopes to continue this success for the remainder of the season. Overall BUWHC has seen a great improvement in all three teams, and looks forward to further success this year.


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Credit: Josh Rex

This month...



suiting, base jumping and sky

jump anywhere in the world, as well as compete in tournaments.

If you want to join a club, skydiving is as adventurous as it gets. The sport takes excitement and daring to the extreme, with many paths of progression such as wing

At the Brunel Skydivers club, we aim to get people involved with the sport and culture as much as possible. This means allowing them to qualify and progress

Netheravon is the largest and cheapest drop zone in the staff overseeing things. There are great student discounts, so it’s certainly worth a visit with

us. Why not tick something off your Bucket List? Everyone’s welcome to observe, jump with an instructor or be trained to jump on your own! Skydiving, of course, requires Article continues overleaf..




On 2nd June 2012, after around a year of holding fundraising events including sponsored waxes and many a cake sale, I began my journey leading a team of 30 Brunel University students to the top of the ‘Roof of Africa’ – Mount Kilimanjaro. At 5,895 metres, not only is it the highest point in Africa, it is

also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The challenge was on behalf of children’s charity Childreach International, whose Challenge Events give students the chance to take part in an exciting adventure and raise money for children in the developing world, improving their access to healthcare, education and child rights and protection.

Initially, the £2450 fundraising target sounded like a lot of money to raise, but it proved much less daunting than it seemed. Having an amazing award-winning fundraising team continuously support me throughout the year was enormously helpful, and suddenly my team had reached their fundraising deadline and we were ready to set off.

Article continues overleaf..

Issue 4 2012/13