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September 2012 - Le Nurb

University students unable to pay for prescriptions

Brunel welcomes new catering facilities


The preliminary research was conducted by Gurinder Singh as part of a dissertation for his Pharmacy Masters degree. Mr Singh was surprised by his findings and ‘didn’t expect so many to be so willing not to get their medicines.’ Nick Smith, 22, a second year engineering student at Brunel recently visited a doctor for a skin condition. He said: “Students shouldn’t have to pay for their prescriptions. I couldn’t pay for mine because I didn’t have the money. The prescription prices can be higher than buying over-the-counter which is ridiculous.”

The required forms are cumbersome and confusing

The current charge is £7.65 and several students aged 17 and under, with ongoing conditions could chose to forego treatment due to tight budgets. The Department of Health stated that that this is not unjustified as other forms of financial support such as child benefit and state funded education end at 19. Students are eligible for a low-income exception but they claimed that the required forms are cumbersome and confusing. Mr Smith said: “The application process is far too slow; I think it should be assessed online, individual forms for students and should allow Student Finance England to share it.” Despite submitting the forms it is highly likely that students might not qualify for the scheme one year of their study but might do another year. However, Tamsin Salfrais, second year Journalism Student at Brunel said: “I think it’s better to apply than not get a prescription at all, especially if it’s a serious condition or if it could lead to something even more serious.”

Brunel motor sport team at silverstone NIRVANA RAMTIRAT

NIRVANA RAMTIRAT A recent study suggests that many university students in England would choose not to take what the doctor ordered rather than pay high prescription costs. According to the research, 70% of students are less likely to get their prescription dispensed because of the high prescription charges that they are required to pay.


Brunel University’s Motorsport team overcame several obstacles over the year to participate at the annual Formula Student contest this summer.

“Out with the old and in with the new; Modern twists into university buildings” Brunel University Photostream Flicker

Modern revamp and new faces for the centre of Brunel

Students, both new and returning, are welcoming the site of brand new catering facilities that were built over the summer. Brunel University has replaced two long-standing facilities with brand new, better-known companies. Campus has said farewell to Café Rococo, which employs student staff, and replaced it with a more traditional Costa Coffee, including a redesigned seating area. Prontos, which is is well known for student late night eating, especially after a night in Academy, has also been replaced with a Subway sandwich shop.

It is not yet confirmed whether the facility will be open in the early hours of the morning or not, just like it’s predecessor. The changes are coming as a result of the University and the Union re-evaluating their current facilities after the last 5 years. Brunel decided that “with students paying £9,000 in tuition fees, then they should be providing more to the students and a better value for money”, according to Student Union President Promise Phillips. Some students are concerned about the impact these companies will have on campus. Politics student Jade Doswell said “ I think Subway is a healthier replacement for Prontos, but the decision to sell Starbucks on campus is terrible;

I am really disappointed Brunel is allowing such a company to profit on our premises. University services should be local and student-based, not corporatised.” Other changes include a new Starbucks machine in Loco’s, the Union bar, and changes to the Universities quick stop shops in the Lecture Centre and the Eastern Gateway. They are not the only changes expected, as more are coming in the next few months. More, the university canteen, is expected to undergo a makeover and become the Social Kitchen, whilst The Hub is expected to become a redesigned bar called Mezz by Christmas.

The chimes student Zone AMANJEET GILL Students will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts from up to 30% off throughout stores in the centre, which would not be available during normal shopping hours. There will also be live entertainment throughout the day, as well as a variety of competitions and giveaways.

student lock-in. tues 16th oct.

“Popcorn at the ready for Student Lock-In at The Chimes”

A new Student Students have Zone has been often found introduced by it difficult in finding things The Chimes to do within the borough, and therefore have had to travel elsewhere. However, now, with the help

of The Chimes, students will be able to find what they are looking for right on their doorstep. There will be a range of eventful days taking place throughout the year, from exclusive shopping days with discounts to live entertainment. The Chimes will be holding a first ever ‘Student Lock In,’ which will take place in October.

has newspaper. will recycle

Donna Watson, Marketing Manager of The Chimes said: “The idea to set up the Student Zone was to give students an exclusive place where they can find all of the latest deals, discounts and opportunities available to them at The Chimes with ease. We also wanted to have better interactivity with students and to try to create a network of students in the area.” Student Cinema Nights is also something The Chimes has been working on, which will complement the Student Lock In event. One day a week, students will be able to watch a variety of classic cult films at a discounted price.

The event took place at Silverstone on the 14th and 15th July with over 130 teams from over 34 countries across the globe competing. During the course of the year the team called Brunel Racing which comprises of Motor Sport Engineering students faced several setbacks whilst building the car which is a hybrid chassis with a speed of 100mph named BR-13. Duncan McKay, team member and Motorsport Engineering student said: “Despite the top speed being 100mph, the acceleration from a standstill is comparable to that of many supercars. For the initial part of the year the motor sport lab was being refurbished so the team had to delay building and during exam periods there were insufficient volunteers. Because of this, the team had limited time to test BR-13 before the Silverstone competition and heavy rains during the weekend where another concern. Duncan McKay, said: “But we are a British team, so we stuck it out with grim determination and the sun came out at the end of the weekend.”

Throughout the year they were plagued with obstacles

Despite the setbacks, BR-13 managed to compete in all the events but due to a stalling issue, it was unable to complete the 22k Endurance event which cost a large number of points. Nicholas Smith, Motorsport Engineering student said: “I think we did well under the circumstances. I think with the next car we design we just need to keep it a bit simpler to allow us time to test it properly.” Duncan McKay said: “I have a lot of respect for what the team achieved at Silverstone. Throughout the year they were plagued with obstacles that most teams would not normally have to face.” The team are encouraging students to come and volunteer or view the car in their new lab located at the base of Tower D.

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Issue 1 2012/13