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Le Nurb - September 2012

BBs gets a new home


“ A building fit for the 21st Century”

“Eastern Gateway houses the main reception, a 400 seat lecture theatre and an art gallery”

New year and a new building for Brunel Business School.

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Brunel Business School has moved to a new setting, as the building on Kingston Lane is finally complete. The new Eastern Gateway building also serves as the main reception of Brunel University. The School, and its students, are expected to start using the building at the start of the new academic term this September.

The Brunel Business School was previously located around different parts of the University’s campus. This included the Elliot Jacques, Michael Sterling and Russell Building. But as construction of the building finished earlier this year, and on schedule, the new building gives the Business School a new home with new seminar rooms, lecture halls and office spaces; and they can all be found in the same place. The Eastern Gateway building, located facing the Kingston Lane roundabout, is directly opposite the Mary Seacole building. With over 100 members of staff and over 2000 students, the new space will provide “7000m²

over four f loors, with 4000m² of custom designed space” to facilitate its faculty and students. The buildings interiors and exteriors are both modern built and also built to be ecofriendly to provide a “very green environment to work and study in”. With this new working environment, Brunel Business School hopes to “invigorate the community spirit in the school and provide state of the art facilities” for everyone to enjoy. Students joining this academic year, including those returning back to Brunel this year, have the opportunity to be the first users of the building and its facilities.

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7000m2 over four floors. with 4000m2 of custom designed space to facilicate its faculty and students

Many have already been anticipating its opening and the time has finally come. As stated by Brunel Business School themselves: “Staff and students are excited to occupy this excellent space and enjoy some of the best facilities on the entire university campus”.

Brunel ready to help stranded students ZK GOH Brunel University has offered to help foreign students at London Metropolitan University (LMU) stranded by a decision to withdraw their visas.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) stripped LMU of its visa sponsoring licence late last month following concerns over the right of some of its non-EU students to remain in the country legally. The move left some legitimate LMU students in limbo, and Brunel International say they are offering support to LMU and some of its students. Acting director of operations at Brunel International, Claire Collingwood said: “We are in contact with a

LMU students who are looking for possible alternatives and we are discussing their options with them on a case by case basis. We will also be offering our help to staff and students at LMU when the proposed Clearing house opens in September.” Currently, non-EU students at LMU face being made to leave the UK without completing their studies as their visas are no longer being sponsored by one of UKBA's “highly trusted sponsors”. However, Collingwood said there was no chance of something similar happening at Brunel. “Brunel has a detailed system in place for monitoring of compliance with the rules from application stage, to enrolment, and through regular monitoring of attendance/engagement throughout a student's course,” she said. “There is no reason for Brunel students – past, present or future, to be concerned.

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Brunel University has a licence and is a highly trusted sponsor. The UKBA's recent check of Brunel's compliance was successful and the UKBA have expressed no concerns.” While the news comes as a blow to the British higher education sector as a whole, Collingwood insisted that LMU was an “isolated case”.

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“Brunel International will be working hard to ensure that potential students, parents and overseas education partners understand that there are no concerns for students interested in studying at Brunel, and that the UK, and Brunel University, is an excellent choice for their studies,” she added.

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Issue 1 2012/13