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September 2012 - Le Nurb

Things you never knew about Brunel. There are students from 110 different countries at Brunel.

Brunel racing team (our formula student team) were British champions in 2002.

Some of the fish in the pond are 25 years old.

Before a refurbishment of Locos, there used to be a moose head hanging in the bar. It was later given to a Rugby house on Kingston lane in 2005.

Parts of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ were filmed on campus. The university used to be a flower nursery There is a nuclear bunker on site. The large cluster of trees between Cleveland Road and the main car park used to be a train line for the nursery.

The School of Info Systems building used to be a hospital for infectious diseases. Margaret Thatcher, Jeremy Clarkson and Lee Mack all have honorary degrees.



Someone once windsurfed across the pond dressed as A group of engineering Isambard Brunel. students once dismantled a lecturer’s mini and put it on The Howell Centre used to top of the Lecture Centre. be on stilts. The media office used to be a Brunel has an MRI, a flight prayer room. simulator, a Ford Fiesta rally The library entrance used to car and a 3D body scanner. be via stairs on to the first all Brunel students floor opposite Subway. were once banned from Portsmouth Union due The Isambard statue is lifesize. to an incident with a fire extinguisher and a Locos is named after the minibus (and the Brunel old train line. Rugby team!) Heinz Wolff used to have a TV show on the BBC, helped put the first woman into space and even has a Nintendo DS game. recycling finds fake underground maps confusing

Sometimes, things don’t always go to plan. But don’t panic There is always somebody around that will help you out. Here are a few crucial contacts if things go t*ts up. The Medical Centre – 01895 234426 or 01895 266904 The advice and Representation Centre - 01895 269 169 Call Security on 01895 255786 if you are in trouble. Counselling Services – 01895 265070 OR EMaIL:


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