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September 2012 - Le Nurb

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The system brings much-needed unpredictability, flair, and creativity

MATT SMITH On September 6th the Eurogamer Expo 2012 social event took place at East Village in London. Among other games at the club, I was lucky enough to play a few matches of FIFA 13, set to be released this autumn. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming days and weeks… Pulling up a seat to watch a match in progress as soon as I got through the door, I became worried that EA had settled back into old habits: simply re-releasing FIFA 12 with updated kits and squads. Not much has changed graphically, but this is commonplace in football gaming. The FIFA series hasn’t undergone a huge makeover since FIFA 10, but the developers have spent

controls and match experience. FIFA 13 continues this trend. Once you get your hands on the controller (and the ball at your feet) the changes become clear. The lives up to the hype, meaning a lot more thought goes into every pass. Lose your concentration while playing it across the defence your opponent through on goal. Equally, a properly weighted ball to around a marker and spark a fastmoving break. The system adds further skill to passing and brings much-needed unpredictability,

There are many other subtle differences to last year’s installment, too, and they’re the kind of hidden gems that players will still be uncovering by this time next year. There is a wealth of options available to both attacking and defending teams, with feints, multiple jumps, changes to the number of men in the wall, and encroaching (with resulting bookings) all playing a part. One highlight (a favourite among the players at East Village) was a new free kick routine: the taker can to volley. Set pieces like these will the game to learn once it is released on September 28th.

and tested formulas that came to dominate FIFA 12 ties.

Upgrade your student experience

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A run down of some rather useful apps to add to your phones arsenal to help with the challenges that lie ahead.

ahead of your reading list. The library catalogue is great for searching for books, but rather than scavenging for scraps of paper to scribble down the codes, this app allows for one tap and then instantly takes down all the details. It is the fastest, simplest and most user friendly QR code and barcode scanner available. The Brunel Library catalogue has a QR code attached to every book, and once you scan, the book name, author, code and its location in the library is printed on your screen. Storing everything you scan, this app allows you to quickly trace back the books you scan to make referencing that little bit less painful! Scan app is completely free and available to download from the Apple App Store, Android App on Google Play and on Windows Phones, as long as your phone has a forward facing camera. iPhone and iPad users can also automatically sync scan history to the web. This app will also help you to locate information from various places too: magazines, websites – genius! FOMO (fear of missing out) no longer exists with this app!

that is perfect for capturing all your ideas and to-do’s on the go. This is extremely useful when it comes to sorting your lectures from your seminars! Create searchable notes with text, pictures and bullet points with a-to-do list and check boxes; then keep your notes in sync using free Microsoft SkyDrive online storage access, so you can edit and manage them from virtually anywhere! Colour code your notes, take photos of classroom boards, jot down class mates comments, so when it comes to writing up your assignment you have all the information from your study sessions in one place.


43 Things

(Requirements for this app include a Windows Live ID (hotmail or live email address) and supported web browser on your phone.)

So you’ve made it to university, that’s one goal achieved! But don’t stop there, because as a Brunel student you have the potential to keep on reaching your targets, aspirations and dreams. Here is the world’s most popular goal setting community, so keep your life list in your pocket! Available on the iPhone app store, you can add your short or long-term goals, like completing a book; applying to a job; volunteering or Discover what’s really important to you and motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Keep track of your progress or note your thoughts and ideas by composing an entry about your goal and sharing it with others. You can also take a photo with your iPhone and attach it to an entry. Slide the Progress bar anywhere from 0 to 100% complete, or tap the “I’ve done this” button when you’ve reached your goals. Being able to visualise your success is key and will further keep you motivated and drive your personal development!

Finally one to keep your pennies protected! This is a free app with instant discounts for shopping, entertainment and food - like Pizza Express in Uxbridge! We’re all familiar with the skint student stereotype, so take advantage of money saving offers All vouchers are easy to browse and can be downloaded and used immediately, or saved for a later date. The app uses GPS to search for the very best deals close to you, so you can plan ahead and save money in your pocket! Available on all smartphones, don’t worry if your student loan hasn’t dropped... vouchercloud has!

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