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W elcome!


To The U ni v er si T y of The y e a r? Includes:




Free Fresher Guide for all you nervous, lost and confused newcomers! Never fear, Le Nurb is here!

Brunel has been shortlisted for an elite award at the Times Higher Education Awards.

Brunel will battle against Exeter, Nottingham, Plymouth, Strathclyde and Sunderland Universities for the title of University of the year 2012. The award ceremony will take place on the 29th November where Brunel will also be up for the awards of Best Business School and Outstanding Student Support.

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Le Nurb - September 2012

This Month... 04

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Our past experience for the best freshers evaaa!

06 NEWS What did Brunel get up to this summer?

10 UNION NEWS 12 15

CENTRE-SPREAD a timetable of everything fresher week-wise


This is the pretty part :)

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September 2012 - Le Nurb


News In Brief...

editor’s letter BESS BROWNING Editor 2012/13

Pope Goes Green

Veggie Mac

Good morning Freshers! Firstly I would like to welcome you to Brunel and introduce you to Le Nurb, your one and only student newspaper.

Pope Benedict XVI has been given a brand new electric car for his own personal use. He was given a Renault Kangoo after he stated his concerns for the environment. No word yet on whether this will be the new Popemobile or not.

McDonalds have launched their very first vegetarian restaurant. The branch, which was opened in India this month, has fallen to public demand so that India’s Muslim and Hindu community can eat there.


ou can pick up a copy every month from various places around campus and as all Returners will see, the paper has had a bit of a makeover. I’d love to know what you think so drop me an email on editor@ I’m very excited for everyone arriving at Brunel

position and you’re not the only nervous one. Before you get confused, Arts and Reviews is a thing of the past and is now called Culture, starting on page 21. The section has had a complete revamp and now includes a travel and lifestyle section. If you’re already flicking through the

The Bolt Robot US military have developed a ‘robotic cheetah’ that can run faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. The robot managed to achieve speeds of over 29 mph, beating Bolts 27.8 mph in the 100m Olympic final this summer. Many say it is a matter of time until Brunel offers the cheetah a chance to train at its state-of-the-art facilities too.

Don’t hide away in your room – embrace the experience, everyone in your hall is in the same position and you’re not the only one. this week because as you’ll see from pages 15-18, your Freshers’ week is absolutely jam-packed with activities and events that you can sink your teeth into. Make sure you find us on the Le Nurb stall on Tuesday’s Freshers’ Fayre. Every student remembers their first week at University. You’ll meet people that will become your best friends, you’ll discover things you never knew about yourself and you’ll realize how many people can’t cook! Don’t hide away in your room – embrace the experience, everyone in your hall is in the same

paper looking for Coffee Break, don’t fear. It hasn’t disappeared and neither has Moxey’s horoscopes– It is now called Happy Hour and has even more puzzles to keep you entertained for hours. And it’s not just puzzles – we will now have a competition each issue! Don’t miss out on this one – Send in your funniest Freshers’ Week story and you’ll have the chance to win an NUS card, a must-have for all students! It is the start of an exciting and important year for all of us so what are you waiting for, let’s do this! NEXT ISSUE 29th OCTOBER Continued from page 1


fter a great improvement in this year’s university league tables, Brunel was an obvious candidate for University of the Year. Earlier in 2012, we climbed nine places in the Complete University Guide and eight places in the Good University Guide. In The Guardian University Guide, Brunel were previously ranked 82 but jumped to 44 this year making us the biggest climber of any University. We also climbed 78 places in the National Student Survey for student satisfaction. Over the last year, the university has seen great improvements in research and the quality of the staff. We have even seen the likes of nationally acclaimed academics Will Self and Benjamin Zephaniah take up posts within the University.

Practical Haircut

Ben & Jerry’s – The Porno

a mother in China, who gave birth to 4 identical twins, has discovered a neat trick to telling her 4 sons apart. She has shaved the numbers one to four into each of their heads so that everyone can tell who is who, including their teacher, classmates and even their father.

Ben & Jerry’s, the well-known ice cream company, is suing a DVD pornography company after it used a series of its ice cream names as titles of its XXX films. The company said that these films were “smearing the reputation of their ice cream” after films called ‘Boston Cream Thigh’ and ‘Peanut Butter D-Cup’ were produced.

The Ken Barlow Prediction

Naked Prince Harry: The Game

Coronation Street actor Bill Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, has predicted that the world will ‘change dramatically’ this year on December 12th (12/12/12). He predicted that humans would begin to communicate telepathically after he claims a homeopathic doctor communicated with him as he slept.

Following Prince Harry’s nudity scandal, a Dutch gaming company has released an online game based on the events of the incident. The game, called ‘Save Harry’, sees you play as the Prince as he tries to avoid being photographed in the nude by half naked girls and hotel staff. Players can also collect items to cover Harry’s crown jewels.

Cait Davies is a third year student at Brunel. She said: “Over the years that I have been at the University, it has definitely improved. You never hear about Brunel, it’s always Oxford and Cambridge etc etc, so I’m really happy to hear that Brunel is finally getting some real recognition.”

The Outstanding Student Support award recognises the support that the university library dedicates to students. Our library has developed a lot over the last two years, creating a purpose-built space for 1 to 1 appointments, internet advice and teaching spaces.

The Brunel Business School is also up for an award after a change of enterprise a few years ago. We are now 45th in the world for Business and Management in the Guardian league tables. The Financial Times league tables for MSc in Business saw us overtake Durham, Manchester and Lancaster, leaving us in 56th place overall.

recycling likes to party with Prince Harry

Promise, the student union’s President said: “It brought me great joy to hear that the university has been nominated for the THE university of the year, am very proud to be a part of this university at the moment.”



Le Nurb - September 2012

le nUrB gUiDe for freshers!

Top Ten Things you should Do..... and shouldn’t Do. When you first get to Brunel, there are some things that you have to do as a right of passage.

On the other hand, there are some things you just shouldn’t do. Consider this our warning to you .


Keep your door open & make your flatmates a cup of tea – don’t be anti-social. Be sure to keep your door open so people can come in and talk to you. Don’t lock yourself away in your first week, otherwise people will think of you like this all year.


Don’t wear a nametag – whilst you may want people to get to know you, wearing a name tag is definitely not the best way to do it. Usually a handshake or an appropriate grope are good icebreaker.


Try a new beverage – Be sure to try something new and consuming a new beverage is a great way to show off your newly found independence.


Don’t get on first name terms with security – especially during your first week. Don’t be a prat and start arguing with security. These guys have to look after you for the next 3 years so getting in their bad books in the first week probably isn’t the best way to go.


Run up the Uxbridge underpass – You’ll find this eventually but by the underpass near Uxbridge there is a nice ramp. If you ever run up this ramp, congratulations. You are now a Brunelian.



Find and meet Heinz Wolff – Not only is there a building named after him but he also has his own Nintendo DS game. Go and find the coolest man on campus.


Be careful around postgraduate students – most of them have a great distain for undergraduate students and don’t want to talk to you so be careful around them. Whatever you do, don’t make fun of their age.


Go to Freshers Fayre early – With so much free stuff available, getting there early is the only way to make sure you’ll get it all. If you end up going at 3 o’clock, everything decent will be gone.


Don’t leave your room open – when you leave for a lecture or, more likely, something else, it leaves your room open to be completely wrecked by your flat mates. For example, they can gut your room and re-arrange it in the kitchen or cover everything in unused Christmas wrapping paper. We welcome creative ideas here at Le Nurb.

6 7


Go to a lecture in your pyjamas – this may seem obvious but it is another right of passage. Realise you are 5 minutes late for a lecture, crawl out of bed, grab a notepad and run. Your lecturer won’t be impressed but your fellow students will. Check out what interests you at the Union– a shameless plug yes but all students will have something to do with the Union at some point. Be it a club or a society or even getting involved with Le Nurb, there is something for everyone. Take a picture with the Isambard Statue – if you can’t find him, then shame on you but the statue is by the Wilfred Brown building. Take a photo of you with him and send it to your auntie Betty with a postcard telling her how great Brunel is and how the weather is very average.

Don’t swim in the pond – even RaG don’t want to do this for charity.


Don’t buy a gym membership if you’re not going to use it – It may seem enticing but if you know if you’re not going to use the gym, don’t waste your money. Save it for your Xbox or shoes.


Seriously, DON’T swim in the pond – this is more of a medical warning than anything else.


Don’t get the Piccadilly Line – this is more for if you’re going to Central London. If you live on the Piccadilly Line, then you have no choice. Fact. The Metropoliton Line from Uxbridge is faster, shorter and has better trains.


Pub crawl with your flatmates through Uxbridge – it may not seem great but Uxbridge is full of pubs so it makes a great place for a pub crawl. Be sure to choose a theme. Here are some examples to help you: Golf, Star Trek, Michael McIntrye or Christmas (this last one is especially fun during the summer months).


If you do get the Piccadilly Line, don’t laugh every time Cockfosters is mentioned – that’s just juvenile. although it is hilarious. Ha. Cockfosters.


Enjoy the library at 3am – this can happen in your first week or by your third year but at some point you will be in the library at 3am trying to complete a deadline. Don’t avoid it because we all do it.


Don’t get the N207 – it goes to scary places. Stay in the safety of Uxbridge.

five fanTasTic flirTy fail-safe frases for filThy fUn for freshers. “Do your feet hurt because you’ve been running round my mind all day.” “You must be a parking ticket because you’ve got FINE written all over you.” “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.” “Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk past again?” “You can call me Fred Flintstone, because I’m here to make your bed rock.”

recycling thinks you should at least try the things that you shouldn’t do

Please Note: Le Nurb newspaper is not responsible for any injuries caused by using these lines on actual people. Users employ these lines at their own risk.


September 2012 - Le Nurb

Things you never knew about Brunel. There are students from 110 different countries at Brunel.

Brunel racing team (our formula student team) were British champions in 2002.

Some of the fish in the pond are 25 years old.

Before a refurbishment of Locos, there used to be a moose head hanging in the bar. It was later given to a Rugby house on Kingston lane in 2005.

Parts of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ were filmed on campus. The university used to be a flower nursery There is a nuclear bunker on site. The large cluster of trees between Cleveland Road and the main car park used to be a train line for the nursery.

The School of Info Systems building used to be a hospital for infectious diseases. Margaret Thatcher, Jeremy Clarkson and Lee Mack all have honorary degrees.



Someone once windsurfed across the pond dressed as A group of engineering Isambard Brunel. students once dismantled a lecturer’s mini and put it on The Howell Centre used to top of the Lecture Centre. be on stilts. The media office used to be a Brunel has an MRI, a flight prayer room. simulator, a Ford Fiesta rally The library entrance used to car and a 3D body scanner. be via stairs on to the first all Brunel students floor opposite Subway. were once banned from Portsmouth Union due The Isambard statue is lifesize. to an incident with a fire extinguisher and a Locos is named after the minibus (and the Brunel old train line. Rugby team!) Heinz Wolff used to have a TV show on the BBC, helped put the first woman into space and even has a Nintendo DS game. recycling finds fake underground maps confusing

Sometimes, things don’t always go to plan. But don’t panic There is always somebody around that will help you out. Here are a few crucial contacts if things go t*ts up. The Medical Centre – 01895 234426 or 01895 266904 The advice and Representation Centre - 01895 269 169 Call Security on 01895 255786 if you are in trouble. Counselling Services – 01895 265070 OR EMaIL:


06 N E WS

Le Nurb - September 2012

Brunel takes over the games!

The social media games


Women’s football

Eniola Aluko

Anita Asante

men & Women’s rowing

Matthew Wells

Brunel alumni (left) take the games by storm, placing in the finals of multiple events.

Nine alumni athletes competed in the Olympic Games back in July and August and two competed at the Paralympic Games. Team GB Hockey captain and Sports Science graduate, Kate Walsh was one of the undisputed heroes of the Games after coming back from a horrific injury to secure a bronze medal alongside her teammates. Walsh suffered a broken jaw after being accidentally hit in the face earlier in the tournament, but showed the Olympic spirit by coming back to help the team. She said: “I loved every minute of

Beth Rodford

men & Women’s hockey

Matt Daly

Kate Walsh


Abi Oyepitan

Brunel’s tradition of creating top sportsmen and women continued this summer with a number of ex-students taking part in the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Perri ShakesDrayton

Paralympics Tom Aggar Rowing

Sarah Grady Wheelchair Basketball


I loved every minute of being out there.

The buzz around London 2012 was huge, many claimed it was the first Olympics to embrace social media; here’ s a look at some of the conversations that lead the pack.

being out there. I love playing for this team, I love leading this team and that’s all my thoughts were on once I fractured my jaw - getting back.” Another Sports Science graduate was the track athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton. The 2012 Games were an Olympic debut for ShakesDrayton and she impressed by coming third in her 400m hurdles semi final and helping the 4x400m relay team finish 5th.

Usain Bolt

962,756 total mentions ES


Michael Phelps


total mentions

Also worth an honourable mention is the Paralympian Natasha Baker. Whilst she may not have attended Brunel University, the Uxbridge local won gold in the Paralympic Grade II Equestrian event meaning there is now a golden post box in the town centre.

Tom Daley


total mentions


725,000 total mentions

TOP SPORTS Basketball




total mentions

Korean olympic team credit their success to Brunel STEPHANIE WAREHAM The Republic of Korea finished fifth in the medal table and state success was due to Brunel training facilities and “delicious” Korean food.

“Korean media descend on Brunel” Brunel University Photostream Flicker

The Korean Olympic team have dedicated their sporting success to their pre-Games training camp at Brunel. The team, who arrived on the 20th July, had access to the sport halls and exercise studio on campus as well as the 50m swimming pool at the Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex

in Gatting Way, Uxbridge. Lee Kee-Heung, the team’s Chief Delegate, said: “This is the best thing we have done at these Olympics as a delegation. The training base allowed athletes to train with proper partners, served them delicious and nutritious Korean food, and offered medical care.” The Republic of Korea finished fifth overall in the Olympic medal table, taking home 28 medals, including 13 golds. The athletes’ training camp attracted huge media attention back home, with a number of popular newspapers and TV channels covering their arrival on campus.

recycling was invented by Brunel himself

“It’s gold for Korea’s Women Archery Team, You’re welcome”


September 2012 - Le Nurb


Usain ‘lightning’ Bolt says thank you to Brunel


The fastest man on two legs, Usain Bolt, gives a shout out to Brunel University for their suppor t during the Olympics.

6.9 Million total number of social media posts mentioning London 2012 from July 1- 25


N A F E N I ONL 47.6%



F 77%

L x 31%


0-20 21-35 36-50



They really show us a lot of love and we get a lot of support from everyone there, so thank you guys

of fans planned on sharing Olympics

87% related news over social media outlets 71%

plan to use social media regularly

12% plan on never using social media



N 2012

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, struck gold three times at this year’s London 2012 Olympics. The reigning Olympic champion followed his Beijing success with gold in the men’s 100m final, 200m final and 4×100 relay.

They really show us a lot of love and we get a lot of support from everybody there, so thank you guys.”

During an interview with BBC Sport, the athlete made special mention of Brunel University and thanked everyone there. He said: “Brunel is awesome! The university has really done great for us. We come here every summer [and] that’s where we stay.

The University has been a training ground for the gold medallist for the past couple of years. Bolt had been training every summer prior to the games at the University in preparation, where he used the campus’ indoor athletics track and facilities. Every time he was on campus, there was always a buzz. News of the athletes’ presence on campus spread like wildfire at University, where many students tried to snap pictures of the world famous athlete in action. Brunel University’s active involvement in celebrating the London Olympics was something

“Bolt “lightening” up the Indoor Athetics Centre” Brunel University Photostream Flicker

Brunel plays host to canadian athletics Paralympic team. The Canadian Brunel’s London 2012 Athletics contribution Paralympic team were welcomed to continued the Brunel campus with the Paralympics. for their pre-games training camp.

“Atheletes praise Brunel’s facilities” Brunel University Photostream Flicker

The team of twenty-two athletes arrived on the 22nd of August and took advantage of the universities sporting facilities before leaving on the 29th for the Olympic village. The university offers some of the best sports and athletics facilities in the UK.

These include an indoor centre for track and field, an outdoor six-lane 400-metres track, and exercise facilities for fitness and weight training. As well as the state of the art Indoor Athletics Centre and outdoor facilities, Brunel was chosen due to the cutting edge research it has done into factors that could help the Paralympic athletes. The facilities at Brunel were also praised by the Canadian Head Paralympic Coach. At the time of writing the athletics team had won nine medals in total; one gold, five silver and three bronze and had the chance to add to their tally with two days of competition remaining.

recycling is still attempting to graduate

everyone within the University felt proud of, especially having been host to an Olympic athlete like Usain Bolt. Brunel student Tanabe Ayane said: “I felt really proud of my University when I knew that Usain Bolt has trained at Brunel. I think it is a wonderful thing that Brunel University could have become a part of London 2012 and supported Olympic athletes by providing the facilities to them.” Bolt has just finished the last leg of his athletic season at the Diamond League in Brussels. But the world certainly waits and wonders as to when this selfproclaimed ‘living legend’ will next hit our television screens again? Can Bolt strike Olympic glory a third time? Rio 2016 awaits.


08 N E WS

Le Nurb - September 2012

BBs gets a new home


“ A building fit for the 21st Century”

“Eastern Gateway houses the main reception, a 400 seat lecture theatre and an art gallery”

New year and a new building for Brunel Business School.

WRITE FOR US! Full details on page 2

Brunel Business School has moved to a new setting, as the building on Kingston Lane is finally complete. The new Eastern Gateway building also serves as the main reception of Brunel University. The School, and its students, are expected to start using the building at the start of the new academic term this September.

The Brunel Business School was previously located around different parts of the University’s campus. This included the Elliot Jacques, Michael Sterling and Russell Building. But as construction of the building finished earlier this year, and on schedule, the new building gives the Business School a new home with new seminar rooms, lecture halls and office spaces; and they can all be found in the same place. The Eastern Gateway building, located facing the Kingston Lane roundabout, is directly opposite the Mary Seacole building. With over 100 members of staff and over 2000 students, the new space will provide “7000m²

over four f loors, with 4000m² of custom designed space” to facilitate its faculty and students. The buildings interiors and exteriors are both modern built and also built to be ecofriendly to provide a “very green environment to work and study in”. With this new working environment, Brunel Business School hopes to “invigorate the community spirit in the school and provide state of the art facilities” for everyone to enjoy. Students joining this academic year, including those returning back to Brunel this year, have the opportunity to be the first users of the building and its facilities.

Brunel University Photostream Flicker

7000m2 over four floors. with 4000m2 of custom designed space to facilicate its faculty and students

Many have already been anticipating its opening and the time has finally come. As stated by Brunel Business School themselves: “Staff and students are excited to occupy this excellent space and enjoy some of the best facilities on the entire university campus”.

Brunel ready to help stranded students ZK GOH Brunel University has offered to help foreign students at London Metropolitan University (LMU) stranded by a decision to withdraw their visas.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) stripped LMU of its visa sponsoring licence late last month following concerns over the right of some of its non-EU students to remain in the country legally. The move left some legitimate LMU students in limbo, and Brunel International say they are offering support to LMU and some of its students. Acting director of operations at Brunel International, Claire Collingwood said: “We are in contact with a

LMU students who are looking for possible alternatives and we are discussing their options with them on a case by case basis. We will also be offering our help to staff and students at LMU when the proposed Clearing house opens in September.” Currently, non-EU students at LMU face being made to leave the UK without completing their studies as their visas are no longer being sponsored by one of UKBA's “highly trusted sponsors”. However, Collingwood said there was no chance of something similar happening at Brunel. “Brunel has a detailed system in place for monitoring of compliance with the rules from application stage, to enrolment, and through regular monitoring of attendance/engagement throughout a student's course,” she said. “There is no reason for Brunel students – past, present or future, to be concerned.

“Brunel’s here to help” Brunel University Photostream Flicker

Brunel University has a licence and is a highly trusted sponsor. The UKBA's recent check of Brunel's compliance was successful and the UKBA have expressed no concerns.” While the news comes as a blow to the British higher education sector as a whole, Collingwood insisted that LMU was an “isolated case”.

recycling always tries to turn Le Nurb into a hat

“Brunel International will be working hard to ensure that potential students, parents and overseas education partners understand that there are no concerns for students interested in studying at Brunel, and that the UK, and Brunel University, is an excellent choice for their studies,” she added.


September 2012 - Le Nurb

University students unable to pay for prescriptions

Brunel welcomes new catering facilities


The preliminary research was conducted by Gurinder Singh as part of a dissertation for his Pharmacy Masters degree. Mr Singh was surprised by his findings and ‘didn’t expect so many to be so willing not to get their medicines.’ Nick Smith, 22, a second year engineering student at Brunel recently visited a doctor for a skin condition. He said: “Students shouldn’t have to pay for their prescriptions. I couldn’t pay for mine because I didn’t have the money. The prescription prices can be higher than buying over-the-counter which is ridiculous.”

The required forms are cumbersome and confusing

The current charge is £7.65 and several students aged 17 and under, with ongoing conditions could chose to forego treatment due to tight budgets. The Department of Health stated that that this is not unjustified as other forms of financial support such as child benefit and state funded education end at 19. Students are eligible for a low-income exception but they claimed that the required forms are cumbersome and confusing. Mr Smith said: “The application process is far too slow; I think it should be assessed online, individual forms for students and should allow Student Finance England to share it.” Despite submitting the forms it is highly likely that students might not qualify for the scheme one year of their study but might do another year. However, Tamsin Salfrais, second year Journalism Student at Brunel said: “I think it’s better to apply than not get a prescription at all, especially if it’s a serious condition or if it could lead to something even more serious.”

Brunel motor sport team at silverstone NIRVANA RAMTIRAT

NIRVANA RAMTIRAT A recent study suggests that many university students in England would choose not to take what the doctor ordered rather than pay high prescription costs. According to the research, 70% of students are less likely to get their prescription dispensed because of the high prescription charges that they are required to pay.


Brunel University’s Motorsport team overcame several obstacles over the year to participate at the annual Formula Student contest this summer.

“Out with the old and in with the new; Modern twists into university buildings” Brunel University Photostream Flicker

Modern revamp and new faces for the centre of Brunel

Students, both new and returning, are welcoming the site of brand new catering facilities that were built over the summer. Brunel University has replaced two long-standing facilities with brand new, better-known companies. Campus has said farewell to Café Rococo, which employs student staff, and replaced it with a more traditional Costa Coffee, including a redesigned seating area. Prontos, which is is well known for student late night eating, especially after a night in Academy, has also been replaced with a Subway sandwich shop.

It is not yet confirmed whether the facility will be open in the early hours of the morning or not, just like it’s predecessor. The changes are coming as a result of the University and the Union re-evaluating their current facilities after the last 5 years. Brunel decided that “with students paying £9,000 in tuition fees, then they should be providing more to the students and a better value for money”, according to Student Union President Promise Phillips. Some students are concerned about the impact these companies will have on campus. Politics student Jade Doswell said “ I think Subway is a healthier replacement for Prontos, but the decision to sell Starbucks on campus is terrible;

I am really disappointed Brunel is allowing such a company to profit on our premises. University services should be local and student-based, not corporatised.” Other changes include a new Starbucks machine in Loco’s, the Union bar, and changes to the Universities quick stop shops in the Lecture Centre and the Eastern Gateway. They are not the only changes expected, as more are coming in the next few months. More, the university canteen, is expected to undergo a makeover and become the Social Kitchen, whilst The Hub is expected to become a redesigned bar called Mezz by Christmas.

The chimes student Zone AMANJEET GILL Students will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts from up to 30% off throughout stores in the centre, which would not be available during normal shopping hours. There will also be live entertainment throughout the day, as well as a variety of competitions and giveaways.

student lock-in. tues 16th oct.

“Popcorn at the ready for Student Lock-In at The Chimes”

A new Student Students have Zone has been often found introduced by it difficult in finding things The Chimes to do within the borough, and therefore have had to travel elsewhere. However, now, with the help

of The Chimes, students will be able to find what they are looking for right on their doorstep. There will be a range of eventful days taking place throughout the year, from exclusive shopping days with discounts to live entertainment. The Chimes will be holding a first ever ‘Student Lock In,’ which will take place in October.

has newspaper. will recycle

Donna Watson, Marketing Manager of The Chimes said: “The idea to set up the Student Zone was to give students an exclusive place where they can find all of the latest deals, discounts and opportunities available to them at The Chimes with ease. We also wanted to have better interactivity with students and to try to create a network of students in the area.” Student Cinema Nights is also something The Chimes has been working on, which will complement the Student Lock In event. One day a week, students will be able to watch a variety of classic cult films at a discounted price.

The event took place at Silverstone on the 14th and 15th July with over 130 teams from over 34 countries across the globe competing. During the course of the year the team called Brunel Racing which comprises of Motor Sport Engineering students faced several setbacks whilst building the car which is a hybrid chassis with a speed of 100mph named BR-13. Duncan McKay, team member and Motorsport Engineering student said: “Despite the top speed being 100mph, the acceleration from a standstill is comparable to that of many supercars. For the initial part of the year the motor sport lab was being refurbished so the team had to delay building and during exam periods there were insufficient volunteers. Because of this, the team had limited time to test BR-13 before the Silverstone competition and heavy rains during the weekend where another concern. Duncan McKay, said: “But we are a British team, so we stuck it out with grim determination and the sun came out at the end of the weekend.”

Throughout the year they were plagued with obstacles

Despite the setbacks, BR-13 managed to compete in all the events but due to a stalling issue, it was unable to complete the 22k Endurance event which cost a large number of points. Nicholas Smith, Motorsport Engineering student said: “I think we did well under the circumstances. I think with the next car we design we just need to keep it a bit simpler to allow us time to test it properly.” Duncan McKay said: “I have a lot of respect for what the team achieved at Silverstone. Throughout the year they were plagued with obstacles that most teams would not normally have to face.” The team are encouraging students to come and volunteer or view the car in their new lab located at the base of Tower D.



Le Nurb - September 2012

introducing your student officers Peter Smallwood

James Ward

Gary O’Brien




James considers the student community and the welfare of students at Brunel. He oversees some of the services offered by the Union, and runs campaigns.

Gary leads the way in sport, societies and RAG activity around campus. Get in touch with him, and get engaged with Brunel life!

Peter is here to promote, encourage and extend academic representation at the University, and to lead on academic policy and oversee the Student Rep scheme. What is your nickname: Smallwood, Pete, Mr Vice President What degree did you do: Politics What halls were you in during Freshers: My House, so I love every halls equally! What was your favourite Olympic sport: Diving or anything with topless men What would your last meal be: Fish and Chips

Promise Phillips

What is your favourite movie: Brassed Off

UBS PRESIDENT As UBS President, Promise is the nominal head of the Union. He oversees its democracy and is involved in all the aspects that the Union brings you. What is your nickname: James Blake What degree did you do: Financial computing What halls were you in during Freshers: Clifton- The best halls ever!! What was your favourite Olympic sport: 400m What would your last meal be: Jollof Rice What is your favourite movie: King arthur and Lord of the Rings Return of the King (part 3) What is your guilty pleasure: Women? What do you think is the best thing about Brunel: The one campus structure Most unusual thing to happen to you at Brunel: I was shocked when this really hot girl said she liked me Best thing that has happened to you at Brunel: I guess when I got my degree, it made me happy that I have met one of my life goals Any tips to this years Freshers: ask lots of questions, QUESTION EVERYTHING! Contact Promise: Email: @brunelpres 01895 266 623

What is your guilty pleasure: Lefties :P What do you think is the best thing about Brunel: The Student Union (Obviously) Most unusual thing to happen to you at Brunel: Getting a standing ovation in Locos after singing Goldfinger or running a “Drag Bingo” session dressed as my split personality Nina VanDick Best thing that has happened to you at Brunel: I think graduating after countless months of hard work, has to be up there. It made my parents really proud! Any tips to this year’s Fresher’s: These are the best few years of your life. Embrace and enjoy every opportunity that you are presented with, leave with no regrets.

What is your nickname: Jimbob, Jimmy Ward, Socrates What degree did you do: Politics and History What halls were you in during Freshers: The Mighty Mill Hall

What degree did you do: Sports Science (Exercise and Fitness) What halls were you in during Freshers: Fleming

What was your favourite Olympic sport: athletics

What was your favourite Olympic sport: Boxing, Track cycling, wheelchair tennis

What would your last meal be: Something involving chicken with cake for dessert

What would your last meal be: Meatballs and pasta topped with cheese and herbs

What is your favourite movie: Coming to america

What is your favourite movie: Remember the titans

What is your guilty pleasure: I do not even have one, I don’t feel guilt for anything I ever do LOL

What is your guilty pleasure: Bubble baths with scented candles!!

What do you think is the best thing about Brunel: The opportunities

What do you think is the best thing about Brunel: We are here as one, a huge family that continues to push the boundaries and thrive!

Most unusual thing to happen to you at Brunel: We were in the library and this guy was acting really suspicious, he claimed he was a secret agent and we were fully questioning him and talking to him. He remained secretive about everything and then he got chased through the library by security and a library an assistant and then was removed. Turned out that he was drunk. Best thing that has happened to you at Brunel: Winning an award I knew nothing about at Graduation any tips to this years Freshers: Get involved and have fun! If you want something ask, the worst is that someone will say no!

Contact Peter Email: vp.academicrep@brunel. @BrunelVPAR 01895 267 603

What is your nickname: Keeno/ GOB

Contact James: Email: vp.communitywelfare@ vp.communitywelfare 01895 266 624

recycling likes neopolitan ice cream, buts vanilla, chocolate and strawberry

Most unusual thing to happen to you at Brunel: Spending freshers week in isolation in hospital on two drips Best thing that has happened to you at Brunel: My proudest moment at Brunel has to be everything to do with the Olympics, the attention we’ve received, the feedback from all walks of life and the many thousands of people (young and old) that we have inspired. I don’t think I have been prouder. any tips to this years Freshers? Get involved in everything you can at Brunel. Engage yourself fully in and outside of your degree. The more you get involved the more Brunel will be the reason for many of your life successes!

Contact Gary: Email: vp.activities@brunel. vpstudentactivities

September 2012 - Le Nurb



BE A STUDENT REP Have you got what it takes to stand up for yourself and others on your course? Don’t worry if the answer is no, not everyone has, but if you think you can then we need to hear from you. Visit our website for more information on how to nominate yourself -

KNOW YOUR REP Student Reps are nominated and elected by the students on their course to represent their opinions to the staff in their school. It’s important that you know who your Student Rep is and how to contact them. There should be a Course Rep for every level of every course at Brunel. They act as the link between you and the people who run your course, representing your views on what’s good and bad about your course. Each school has it’s own School Rep, they’re the next step up in the chain. School Reps are responsible for all of the Course Reps in their school. Finally there are Senior Reps, these guys are responsible for managing

Contact Peter Smallwood for more info


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Le Nurb - September 2012

freshers’ Week: surviving the Bedlam CATHERINE DAVIES This is Brunel University, your new home. Stretching out ahead of you are some new friendships, exciting challenges, a few dull lectures, a stressful exam or two, plenty of late-nights and some of the best times of your life. But before you get to all that - Freshers Week. and here is some solid advice to get you through the next seven days.Here’s how to survive the bedlam.


reshers’ week is the first impression you’ll get of university life, but it’s also the first impression your flat/ classmates will get of you. While we’re all at university to study, these next few years can be some of the best years of your life - so here’s how to make the most of that all-important first week.

“Freshers’ week is not all about partying” Most people will be moving away from home for the first time to live with a bunch of strangers, and possibly share a bathroom with said strangers. It can be stressful, but if everyone tries their best to be considerate of their new housemates the stress needn’t last too long. For example, you might not have had to share a bathroom before, or maybe you didn’t share with so many people. Instead of sitting in the shower for hours on end, remember that there may be a queue of people waiting outside the door - so keep it short and sweet!

When you share nothing more than a bathroom and kitchen with your flatmates, there aren’t many opportunities to socialise so until Brunel build living rooms into the Halls, you will need to put a bit of effort into getting to know your flatmates. When your new neighbours bring their luggage in, make a point of introducing yourself, or if you don’t feel comfortable knocking on their doors go and sit in the kitchen for a while, and make a conversation over dinner. If polite dinner chitchat isn’t quite your style, pop down to Tesco, get yourself some budget booze and invite your flatmates to a spot of pre-drinking before popping down to Academy. A good old-fashioned game of “I’ve never” is a great way to break the ice, because let’s face it; you’ll know all the interesting bits before the bottles are empty. Freshers’ Fayre is a great way to get involved in all of the clubs and societies that the university has to offer; from Brunel Entrepreneurs to the Tea Society - there is something here for everyone. While you’re out signing up for these clubs, remember that there will almost certainly be a club that suits you perfectly so you don’t need to sign up for each and every one of them. While you’re out signing up for clubs, keep an eye out for people handing out freebies. That’s right; people will be walking around handing you free stuff. Just make sure to get there early before everything gets snapped up. During my Freshers’ week, there was a marquee handing out free breakfast every day which was handy for a girl whose commute started at 7am.


Speaking of early starts, try to remember to sleep during Freshers’ week. The Academy will be open every night, so instead of heading off to every party in fear of missing something, try to sleep some nights or at least get in before 3am when you have to be up the next morning. The parties are all there to be enjoyed, but it’s hard to enjoy the Freshers’ Fayre when you’re desperately shielding your eyes from the sun. Living on campus isn’t all parties and free stuff. It’s laundry, shopping for yourself and cleaning your own stuff. If you’re in dire need of a few bits and pieces and you really can’t face the walk into Uxbridge, a quick trip to the oncampus Costcutter should tide you over for a day or two. Preferably, you could hop on the U1, U3, U4 or U7 towards the station and buy your weekly shop in Tesco, or pop into the Pavilion and take advantage of the cheap food in Iceland. Freshers’ week could be one of the best weeks of your life, but if things aren’t going to plan or


recycling never gets stuck on a zipline

you’re finding it hard to settle in, Brunel mentors will be paying a visit to each of the Campus residences, so let them know if you’re having some troubles. Don’t feel isolated, because chances are there are lots of people having the same troubles as you, or have had these troubles before and can help you get through it.

“You will meet all kinds of people at university” So don’t stress too much if you don’t fit in with your flatmates straight away. People come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. You’ll be at Brunel for a few years, and while you should make the most of every moment, you might not meet your future best mates in the first twenty-four hours. Welcome to Brunel University. It will be as fun as you can make it.


September 2012 - Le Nurb


What’s the issue? confessions of a le nurb Writer “Le Nurb accepts writers and publishes articles regardless of previous experience.”


819 days. At the time of writing, I have now been a part of Le Nurb for 819 days. As Brunel’s only student run newspaper, it has naturally undergone some changes. Editors have come and gone. Logos have been improved and then ruined. It even used to have ‘Frame and Shame’ - a regular article where they took hilarious drunken photos from Academy nights out and published them for students to enjoy. One thing that has remained though are those keen student writers. Students who take their time to contribute are the lifeblood of Le Nurb and have been for almost sixty years now. Back in the 1950’s, the student newspaper was a simple newsletter called Brunel Blazon where the most common article was about which Halls of Residence had had a fire alarm during the past week. Yet even then, it was a volunteer who wrote that article. Why is it then, that Le Nurb has become so long-standing? Student involvement in all aspects of life at university is key. Quite frankly,

One of the main reasons students from all types of degrees write for Le Nurb is because of the freedom they get when doing it. Generally, our dedicated team will dish out article ideas to writers but the resulting article can often be something better than originally expected.

CREDIT: J. PAXON REYES if students came to university, studied and then graduated, then Brunel would be a pretty boring place. Getting involved in other aspects of university life, whether it’s joining a sports club, helping to run a niche society or helping to sell cupcakes to raise money for RAG, adds to your university experience. It probably makes your tuition fees seem more worthwhile, rather than sitting in your room playing Xbox every night ‘till 3am.

At the same time though, getting involved in extra activities usually requires some prior interest in the subject. If you want to join the Cricket Club, then you probably need to know the rules and own some sort of bat. If you wanted to be part of the Labour Society, then hating everything the Conservatives say and do is a must. Yet, Le Nurb is one of the very few things that require almost no prior experience to get involved with.

something that students shouldn’t pass up.

The main reason for student involvement in this newspaper is probably the professional aspect it brings. Whether you want to get into media or not, being able to promote your professionally published work in a portfolio to Then there is the vast amount your potential employer clearly of topics that students can write has its benefits. about. When it comes to writing for Le Nurb’s news or features section, Students arriving for their students who have previous first year will be encouraged to experience with writing these get involved with as much as types of articles get more involved possible and as Le Nurb is open but the amount of requests the Le for involvement all year round, Nurb team gets from students to there’s no reason not to at least be a part of the newly developed look at how to get involved. For Culture section (formerly Arts & those doing a degree in English or Reviews) outshines everything Journalism, it is almost a must. else. Everyone has an opinion on the latest movie they’ve seen or on For me, by the time I leave how good or bad 50 Shades of Grey Brunel I’ll have been involved with is. Having the opportunity to be Le Nurb for over 1,100 days. At no able to voice your opinion, in what point have I regretted it. is technically a national press, is

london 2012: Did we get gold? AARON BROWN As the chunky silver clock in Trafalgar Square counted down towards “the most costly games ever” (The Telegraph, 26th June 2012), the press were less than f avourable about Sebast ian Coe’s lavish, sporty shindig. I was much more positive. admittedly, my enthusiasm was born of ignorance having done little research on the initial budget granted to London 2012, the continuing maintenance and construction costs or the financial plans of previous host nations. Nevertheless, I was excited by the prospect of hosting the most famous sporting competition in the wor ld. af ter all, Usain Bolt was going to be running! Then came the stomach-churning apprehension as I turned on the TV to watch the Opening Ceremony. The world was watching Britain. Judging Britain. And the spectacle being broadcast to the deprecating audience was some fields, farmers and real cattle grazing in the middle of the £486 million Olympic Stadium.

When compared to the innovative weather-modifying technology used in Beijing to ensure that it would stay dry during the performance, Emmerdale Live did not appear to be the show-stopper I had been hoping for. But I should have trusted Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle — he created a stirring opening ceremony that reflected all aspects of Britain. From the Industrial Revolution, the creation of the Internet and the ever-growing use of Facebook and Twitter to Mr. Bean and a parachuting Queen Elizabeth II -it was hard not to enjoy the show. And that was only the beginning. I do not consider myself an avid sports fan, however, in the two weeks following the Opening Ceremony I became consumed by the feverous interest in the 30th Olympiad. As Great Britain slowly rose on the leaderboard, I felt immensely patriotic for the first time since Ricky Gervais abused every member of Hollywood royalty at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. I felt a huge swell of pride and relief as Jessica Ennis crossed the line and got the gold medal, proving that her numerous sponsorship deals had clearly not interfered

with her training. The gold medals continued to grow as Bradley Wiggins washed away the sour taste of Mark Cavendish’s (and his impressive side-burns’) failure as he collected a gold in the Men’s Cycling Time Trial. Skeletorimpersonator Mo Farah collected the equivalent of his body weight in gold as he conquered the Men’s 5,000m and the Men’s 10,000m. Knight of the Realm, Sir Chris Hoy became the most successful British Olympian of all time (in terms of gold medals) and numerous other athletes were awarded medals, achieved their own personal goals or were never mentioned again. And to top it all off -- Britain finished third on the Medal Table, beating France, Russia and Germany! Admittedly, the Closing Ceremony was a bit of a disappointment. George Michael insisted on playing his newest single, Emeli Sandé sung for the third time, Muse persisted with their Olympic single ‘Survival’ and Jessie J performed with … everyone. It was down to the reunion of the Spice Girls, Russell Brand and Fatboy Slim (performing in an enormous inflatable octopus) to keep the show from collapsing. But despite feeling a little disjointed and confused, it did little to dampen the patriotic delight

recycling and the Stig are best friends

the nation was still enjoying - and is stillenjoyingnow,eventhoughthesun has completely set on London 2012. Yes, we did it. We put on a thoroughly entertaining (and expensive) Opening Ceremony, avoided any embarrassing mistakes, did not experience any apocalyptic public transport failures and circumvented the Great British weather!

All in all, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that London put on the best Olympic Games in the last four years.




Le Nurb - September 2012

The first night

(Part one of Daniella Nzekwe’s thrilling new story – only in Le Nurb)


“I suppose”.

ave you ever been on the motorway and watched the cars as they drive past? I do, it’s been a habit from childhood. Mum and I would make up stories about where the different cars were going. Today it seemed like there were more cars than usual, but we didn’t make up any stories. Maybe it was because Dad was in the car. Driving with him always means listening to some form of reggae, because that’s the only ‘real music’. So there we were, driving along the motorway listening to Bob Marley while I looked out of the window. It seemed like every car that passed had a man and a woman sitting in the front, and a blank-faced teenager in the back. They were all squashed up against the window, as the back seat was filled with boxes. Mum tried to make conversation over the music, but I couldn’t be bothered to reply properly.

This felt all wrong. I had been looking forward to starting university ever since I got my A-level results. I even had one of those cheesy pictures in the local paper. I didn’t think I could stay here on my own, I didn’t even know anyone. Well apart from the people I spoke to on Facebook, but what if they don’t like me? “Well darling I better be going, I need to do Nanny’s shopping and you know how impatient she is”. “OK”. Mum got her stuff together, but all I could do was sit on the bed. It felt as if my body was paralysed. Mum dragged me to my feet for a hug, I didn’t really want one but we stood there for ten minutes anyway.

“She’s probably just nervous”, said Dad. I don’t know if that was the right word. Nervous is what you feel when your favourite footballer is going to take a penalty shot. I had had butterflies all morning; I couldn’t even eat my breakfast.

When Mum left I went downstairs to join the activities. Now I was sitting alone in my room.

“Take that exit, Winston”, Mum said, pointing. It was hard to miss it because it seemed like everyone was taking that exit. ‘Welcome to Uxbridge, home of Brunel University’ the sign said. It took about two hours to unpack all of my stuff. I wasn’t sure what to bring so I took everything. A multi-coloured jumper poked out of the gap where the wardrobe couldn’t close. “Did you really need to bring so many clothes, Sophie? What are you going to wear when you come home?” “She just got here, why would she want to come home?” “What’s that suppose to mean? Just because you don’t have time for your daughter doesn’t mean that I don’t”. “I was waiting for that, you refuse to let the past rest, I’m here now”. “I don’t know why though, we managed fine before”. That was just for starters, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she mentioned the divorce. Dad started shouting and threatening to leave. “Well leave then, that’s what you’re fucking good at”, shouted Mum. “Do you want me to leave Sophie?” Mum didn’t wait for an answer but walked off, muttering something about having to clean the kitchen. I hated it when they did this. Mum promised that she would get on with Dad today. The one day that I needed them both, but as usual she couldn’t even do that.


I had never seen so much alcohol before, well I had in a supermarket but that doesn’t really count. The kitchen table was covered with bottles of all shapes and sizes. I nodded a hello at the various people sitting around the table. I felt slightly embarrassed bringing my bottle of apple cider, when people here were clearly used to drinking much stronger stuff. The atmosphere was electric, with constant laugher and general sense of excitement. I was sitting next to a blonde boy who kept examining his hands. No one else seemed to notice. Maybe I should start a conversation. No, what if he thinks that I’m a beg friend? Then I remembered Mum said that everyone was going to be in the same boat. “Do you drink cider?” “Yuck! I hate that stuff it tastes like toilet cleaner”.

“It will be fine”. “Look I’m sorry, I know this is your day and we are ruining it. I think I better leave before it gets any worse.” “But how are you going to get home?” “There are lots of people outside, I’m sure they could tell me the nearest train station”. I hugged Dad tight with tears pricking my eyes. He pushed a fifty pound note in to my hand. “I can’t have my Sophie going hungry now can I?” He had gone before Mum came back in to the room wearing rubber gloves and looking flushed. I don’t know why Mum felt like she had to scrub the whole kitchen from top to bottom, it looked clean enough to me. For a while we just sat on the bed listening to the flat door opening and closing. Every now and then someone would struggle past with a large box. The sound of voices could be heard next door, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. “But it’s not though is it? It’s West London”.

All that talk of dresses had me slightly panicked. Mum did ask if I wanted a few when we went shopping last weekend but I passed. I had never worn them before and I wasn’t going to start now. In the end I decided on wearing my leather jacket with metal studs and my black disco pants. Thank goodness for Facebook, I found out that the girl from earlier was called Brianna. Could you imagine me going out with someone, and not even remembering their name? I also had a look at her interests and realised that we both liked Topshop. That might be useful for later.

“Yes, but I prefer vodka”.

“This bed is hard, do you think you will be comfortable?”

“Look out that window; it’s just like the countryside”.

The student contacts had long stopped chanting and begging people to join in. That was the most embarrassing thing ever. Are we all supposed to be friends because we live in the same Hall? On the way back in I noticed a girl who I had spoken to on Facebook. I wasn’t sure what I should do but before I could decide she waved and started chatting about all the Freshers’ events. Did I buy tickets online? How many party dresses did I have? I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t have any dresses, so instead promised I would look. By the time I got to my floor, we arranged to meet at her flat at half seven for pre-drinks. All this talking and I didn’t even remember her name!

It turns out that Ryan was an experienced drinker, but was taking it easy because he wanted to remember Freshers’ week. I, on the other hand, had no intention of taking it easy. I did vodka shots, drank brandy and also downed wine in a drinking game. By nine o’clock, I was feeling warm and comfortable. Brie, as she insisted I call her, introduced me to everyone around the table. They all seemed nice. When I got up to go to the toilet the room started spinning. The door handle seemed to have moved and I couldn’t find it. Brie laughed and came to help me. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s happened”. “You’re pissed!” So this was what being drunk felt like. As we left Bishop Hall and walked down towards Academy, I started skipping. The campus was buzzing as if it was midday. Boys stood around talking in groups and girls stumbled along in their high heels. Everyone looked so beautiful and genuine. Brie smiled at me, and I could tell we were going to be friends. At that moment I felt like everything was going to be alright, there was nothing to be afraid of. This Freshers’ Welcome Party was going to be epic! To be continued in the next issue …

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Full details on page 2


September 2012 - Le Nurb

freshers WeeK evenTs gUiDe

recycling is sexually attracted to the letter F




Le Nurb - September 2012




09.00-18.00 Sports Hall Registration 09.30-16.30 academy Pyramid Poster Sale 10.00-17.00 Beldam Gallery, Eastern Gateway “The Eastern Gateway Building: From Concept to Reality” Exhibition 10.00-16.00 Quad Men’s Football Inflatable Fundraiser 10.00-18.00 Quad Grad School Photo Booth 10.00-18.00 Quad Happy Days Milkshake Stall 10.00-18.00 Quad Christian Union Inflatable assault Course 10.30-12.00 Isambard Tent Fairtrade Breakfast Bar 11.00-15.00 Concourse Union Information Point 11.00-17.00 Concourse Pakistan Society Food and Drink Stall 11.00-17.00 Quad Fancy Dress Pop-Up Shop 12.00-14.00 Quad Mini Tennis 12.00-14.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Hangover Hut 12.00-15.00 Quad american Football Cookout BBQ 12.00-16.00 Bishops Green Men’s Cricket BBQ Smash 12.00-16.00 Concourse Friends of Palestine Cake Stall 13.30-16.30 IaC Jitsu-Karate Dojo Stall & Demos 14.00-15.00 Quad Ultimate Frisbee Mini Match 14.00-16.00 Meet at the pond Uxbridge Scavenger Hunt 15.00-16.00 Meet at the pond Campus Tour 15.00-18.00 Room LC063, Lecture Centre Film Screening: ”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2” 18.00-21.00 Room LC061, Lecture Centre Cult Film Society Screening: ”Peewee’s Big adventure” 18.00-23.00 John Crank Gardens UBS Secret Garden Party 18.30-20.30 Room LC066, Lecture Centre Sci-Fi Society Film Screening: “Ghostbusters” 19.00-21.00 John Crank Gardens Squash Coconut Shy 19.00-21.00 Howell Building aCS “Take Me Out” 23.30-02.00 Concourse Dance Midnight Munchies 00.00-02.00 Concourse Christian Union Coffee Stall

09.00-17.00 Sports Hall Registration 09.00-17.00 Concourse Sweet Stall 09.00-18.00 in front of Costcutter Fruit and Vegetable Market 10.00-16.00 Bishops Green Wellbeing Batak Wall and Giveaways 10.00-16.00 IaC Freshers’ Fayre 10.00-17.00 Beldam Gallery, Eastern Gateway “The Eastern Gateway Building: From Concept to Reality” Exhibition 10.00-18.00 Quad Grad School Photo Booth 10.00-18.00 Quad Happy Days Milkshake Stall 10.30-12.00 FCC Contact Basecamp Fairtrade Breakfast Bar 11.00-14.00 Quad Psychology and Zombie BBQ 11.00-15.00 Concourse UBS Information Point 11.00-17.00 Concourse Pakistan Society Food and Drink Stall 12.00-14.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Hangover Hut 12.30-15.00 Bishops Green People and Planet BBQ 13.30-16.00 Quad athletics Shot Put Competition 14.30-16.30 Bishops Green Fire Brigade Interactive Workshop 15.00-16.00 Meet at the pond Campus Tour 15.00-21.00 Room LC261, Lecture Centre Nordic Society Scandinavian Film Marathon 16.00-18.00 Quad Build Your Halls Mascot 17.00-19.00 Isambard Tent Language Café 18.00-20.00 Room LC106, Lecture Centre atheist Meet and Greet 18.00-21.00 Room LC061, Lecture Centre Cult Film Society Screening: “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” 18.30-20.30 Room LC066, Lecture Centre Sci-Fi Society Film Screening: “Donnie Darko” 19.00-20.30 Room LC111, Lecture Centre Skydiving Meet and Greet 19.00-22.00 Meeting House Christian Union Evening Meeting 19.00-00.00 John Crank Gardens UBS Film Fest 19.30-late Loco’s Tory Welcome Drinks by Conservative Society 00.00-02.00 Concourse Christian Union Coffee Stall

09.00-16.00 Sports Hall Registration 10.00-17.00 Beldam Gallery, Eastern Gateway “The Eastern Gateway Building: From Concept to Reality” Exhibition 10.00-18.00 Quad Grad School Photo Booth 10.00-18.00 Quad Happy Days Milkshake Stall 10.30-12.00 Lancaster Contact Basecamp Fairtrade Breakfast Bar 10.30-15.30 Netball Courts Netball BBQ 11.00-15.00 Concourse Union Information Point 11.00-16.00 Quad Slacking and Cakes by Climbing Club 11.00-17.00 Concourse Pakistan Society Food and Drink Stall 11.00-18.00 Bishops Green/Quad/John Crank Gardens UBS Fun Day - Dunk a UBS Officer 12.00-14.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Hangover Hut 12.00-16.00 Bishops Green LGBT Picnic (Bring Your Own) 12.00-16.00 Quad anime BBQ 12.30-15.00 Quad RaG Welly Wanging 13.00-14.30 Quad Hour of Power Taster Session 13.00-15.00 Cemetery Pitches Ultimate Frisbee Taster Session 13.00-16.00 arts Centre Hands On Our Pottery 13.00-17.00 Concourse Entrepreneurs SIFE Cake Popping Bakery 13.30-16.00 John Crank Gardens Champagne BBQ by the Conservative Society 13.30-17.00 John Crank Gardens Volleyball Game 14.00-15.00 athletics Track Triathlon Taster Session 14.00-16.00 Isambard Tent anagkazo Christian Drama Musical Concert 14.30-16.30 Bishops Green Fire Brigade Interactive Workshop 14.30-17.00 The Hub, Hamilton Centre Economics and Finance Meet and Greet 15.00-16.00 Meet at the pond Campus Tour 15.00-16.30 Room LC107, Lecture Centre The Rock Foundation Ice Breaker 17.00-19.30 Room LC067, Lecture Centre anime Film Screening: “Pokemon, The Movie” 17.30-18.00 Room LC112, Lecture Centre Target Shooting Presentation 18.00-21.00 Room LC-E, Lecture Centre Cult Film Society Screening: “a Clockwork Orange” 18.00-00.00 The Hub, Hamilton Centre Psychology Social 18.30-20.30 Room LC066, Lecture Centre Sci-Fi Society Film Screening: “Men in Black 3” 19.00-20.00 IaC Judo Demonstrations 19.00-21.00 Isambard Tent Wine Tasting Masterclass 19.00-23.00 John Crank Gardens Live Music Society acoustic Stage 00.00-02.00 Concourse Christian Union Coffee Stall

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THURSDAY 09.00-16.00 London London Trip 09.30-16.30 academy Pyramid Poster Sale 10.00-12.00 Meeting House LGBT Coffee Morning 10.00-17.00 Beldam Gallery, Eastern Gateway “The Eastern Gateway Building: From Concept to Reality” Exhibition 10.00-18.00 Quad Grad School Photo Booth 10.00-18.00 Quad Happy Days Milkshake Stall 10.30-12.00 Mill/Fleming Contact Basecamp Fairtrade Breakfast Bar 10.30-18.30 Hamilton Centre atrium Fairtrade Fayre 11.00-15.00 Concourse Union Information Point 11.30-13.30 Bishops Green Women’s Hockey Challenge & Pie Throwing 12.00-14.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Hangover Hut 12.00-15.00 Exercise Studio Fencing Taster Session 12.00-16.00 Quad UV Bike Marking - TBC 12.00-16.00 Quad Recycle a Bike 12.00-16.00 Isambard amenities Building Islamic Society Meet and Greet 12.00-18.00 Quad UBS Roller Disco 13.00-14.00 Room LC062, Lecture Centre Economics and Finance Lecture: “Introduction & How-To” 13.00-15.00 Site 5 Lacrosse Taster Session 13.00-16.00 arts Centre Hands on our Pottery 13.00-17.00 Quad aCS BBQ 13.00-17.00 Concourse Entrepreneurs SIFE Cake Popping Bakery 13.30-15.30 Netball Hall Cheerleading Taster Session 14.00-15.00 Concourse RaG Contact Towel Run 14.00-16.00 Quad Zombie and air Soft Game 14.00-16.00 Bishops Green Harry Potter Society Picnic and Quidditch 14.00-16.30 Room LC067, Lecture Centre anime Film Screening: “Howl’s Moving Castle” 15.00-16.00 Room LC115, Lecture Centre Entrepreneurs Members Social 15.00-16.00 Hillingdon Leisure Centre Sub aqua Trial Dive 15.00-16.00 Meet at the pond Campus Tour 15.00-18.00 Sports Hall Target Shooting “Try It” airgun Shoot 15.00-18.00 Cemetery Pitches Hit the Pitch Softball Tournament 15.30-17.30 Netball Hall Women’s Basketball Staff vs Students Game 16.00-18.00 Loco’s Equestrian Meet and Greet

Le Nurb - September 2012

16.30-19.30 John Crank Gardens Sports Sciences Students Fun Run and BBQ 18.00-21.00 Isambard Tent Masters’ Students Dessert Night 18.00-21.00 Room LC061, Lecture Centre Cult Film Society Screening: “This is Spinal Tap” 18.00-21.00 Howell Building aCS Homecoming Ticketed event. 18.00-22.00 Quad Miniscule of Sound 18.30-20.30 Room LC066, Lecture Centre Sci-Fi Society Film Screening: “Forbidden Planet” 19.00-21.00 Quad Rock and Roll Bingo It’s bingo. But not as you know it. 19.00-22.00 Isambard amenities Building Dance Club Movie Night 19.00-22.00 IaC Jitsu Taster Session 19.30-20.00 Quad Fire Poi Show by Circus Society 19.30-22.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Café 360 20.00-22.00 Quad Circus Society Workshop 00.00-02.00 Concourse Christian Union Coffee Stall FRIDAY 09.00-16.30 academy Pyramid Poster Sale 10.00-17.00 Beldam Gallery, Eastern Gateway “The Eastern Gateway Building: From Concept to Reality” Exhibition 10.00-18.00 Quad Grad School Photo Booth 10.00-18.00 Quad Happy Days Milkshake Stall 10.00-18.00 Quad Relentless BMX 10.30-12.00 Bishop Contact Basecamp Fairtrade Breakfast Bar 11.00-15.00 Concourse Union Information Point 11.00-15.00 Sports Hall Women’s Cricket Game 11.00-16.00 IaC One Big Game of Touch Rugby by Women’s Rugby Union and Men’s Rugby League 12.00-14.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Hangover Hut 12.00-16.00 Concourse Nuts and Fudge Stall 12.00-16.00 Quad Equestrian Mechanical Rodeo 12.00-18.00 Quad RaG “Eat Balls for Poverty” BBQ 13.00-15.00 Cemetery Pitches Ultimate Frisbee Taster Session 13.00-15.00 Quad ‘TOWIE’ My Contact 13.00-15.00 Bishops Green american Football 40-Yard Dash Competition 13.00-16.00 arts Centre Hands on our Pottery Everyone’s welcome to come and try your hand at making pots in Brunel’s own pottery workshop.

13.00-17.00 Hamilton Centre atrium Gaming Workshop 13.00-17.00 Concourse Entrepreneurs SIFE Cake Popping Bakery 13.30-16.30 IaC Jitsu-Karate Dojo Stall and Demos 14.00-15.00 Bishops Green Sub aqua & Swimming Slip and Slide 14.00-15.00 John Crank Gardens Christian Union Lunch Bar and Talk 15.00-16.00 Meet at the pond Campus Tour 15.00-17.00 Quad Women’s Basketball Face Painting 15.00-17.00 Exercise Studio Table Tennis Open Session 15.00-18.00 Quad UBS Giant Twister 18.00-20.30 Room LC061, Lecture Centre Cult-Film & Sci-Fi Society Screening: “Night of the Living Dead” 19.00-21.00 The Hub, Hamilton Centre LGBT Welcome Drinks 20.00-23.00 Isambard Tent Christian Union acoustic Night 00.00-02.00 Concourse Christian Union Coffee Stall SATURDAY/SUNDAY 12.00-15.00 John Crank Gardens Kids’ Family Club: Mad Hatters Tea Party ACADEMY EVENTS Sep 23, 21.00-Late The academy Nightclub and Loco’s Welcome Party Sep 24, 21.00-Late The academy Nightclub Freshbook 2012 Sep 25, 21.00-Late The academy Nightclub Headphone Disco Rock vs Rave Sep 26, 21.00-Late The academy Nightclub and Loco’s Battle of the Halls ft. Pendulum DJ Set Sep 27, 22.00-Late The academy Nightclub and Loco’s Brain Freeze ft. Tempa T Sep 28, 21.00-Late The academy Nightclub and Loco’s Mega Global Freshers’ Ball Sep 29, 22.00-Late The academy Nightclub Reloaded

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opinionated: Stereotypes and Other Liqueurs: Do you have to get drunk to enjoy University?

Should Universities Ban Freshers’ week?

ne night last year, I O was out with friends and someone offered me an

still remember the I excitement I felt before I started university. I wasn’t

alcoholic drink. I politely turned it down, explaining that ‘I was not thirsty’. In return, I was given a look as if to say I had ‘I LOVE JESUS’ tattooed across my forehead. Is it such a crime that I did not come to university for the excessive nightlife? Many people see moving away from home and starting university as a chance to finally spread their wings without the eyes of Mum and Dad and everyone else cramping their style. Some take this as an excuse to binge their lives away. Not me. Personally, I was given more independence before coming to university and got all of that out of my system - I think there’s a parenting tip there. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good night out and the odd drink here and there but I don’t smoke or do drugs.

“Why go through all the trouble of having an amazing time if you won’t even allow yourself to remember it the next day?”

I do not choose to do this for religious or cultural reasons; I just simply don’t see the point. I am not labelling or judging those that choose to do so – please, go ahead, be my guest – but don’t expect me to hold your hair up while you puke the night away in the loo. There needs to be a clear distinction here between those students that have a good time - be it in or out of the clubbing scene – and those that seem to only be satisfied when they are legless. Facebook and Twitter is teeming with comments from students from the latter group: ‘OMG can’t wait for Freshers’, already stocking up for a mad week’ ‘Gonna get smashed 7 days in a row #freshersweek’ Unfortunately, this stereotype is loud and kicking in university. I have witnessed some near atrocities and heard stories crazy enough to turn my head in disgust. Working as a student mentor for younger students, I often get asked this question.


“It can be hard for those not into drinking and clubbing to feel included or feel like they are making the most of their experience.“ It can be a laugh watching your friends get drunk and make a fool of themselves, but that soon becomes annoying and embarrassing when you are left playing the chaperone. I tell my mentees that drinking and socialising do not have to always go hand in hand. I think this is a common misconception that is causing more harm than good amongst young adults. Who said that you MUST drink to enjoy uni? Do I have to be a black gang member from a ghetto to enjoy rap music? Do I have to be a liar to become a good politician? (Maybe that wasn’t the best example, but you get my point). Those that believe you do I think are in the wrong place, for the wrong reasons and are probably mixing with the wrong people. Stop caring so much about what others will think and meet like-minded people through societies and other events, whatever it is that you are in to!

thinking about the degree or how I would get on with the work; it was all about Freshers’ week.

“I couldn’t wait to make new friends and party day and night” However, I must admit that Freshers’ week gave me much more then I was hoping for. No one prepared me for the tears and that empty feeling that home sickness leaves. Nor the panic I felt when it was over and I didn’t feel like I had made as many friends as I thought I would. Despite the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have changed it for anything; it felt like the first week of being an adult. The University of Bristol was considering cutting Freshers’ week down to three days because they thought students drank too much. Talk about stating the obvious, we all know that the majority of students spend most of Freshers’ drunk - but that’s their choice. The government and student bars have promoted smarter drinking; what else can be done?

“I think that universities should begin to look at the reasons behind why students binge drink, rather than blaming them for it.”

recycling always goes to Nando’s with a sombrero on

DANIELLA NZEKWE I drank a lot during my Freshers’ week, so that I would feel more confident when meeting new people. Plus I knew that I didn’t have to go home after. It is also worth remembering that not all students drink to the point of collapse. What about all of the other things that Freshers’ week has to offer? It gives you a chance to meet the people you have been talking to on Facebook. It’s a time to settle into your Halls, explore the campus and adjust to your new life. I remember bursting into tears on my second day in Halls, because I couldn’t get my internet to work. I went downstairs and a student contact came up to my room to help me. The student contacts are really superheroes because they are always willing to help and no question is too small or silly. Having that week to build support networks is really important, as this will help you to have a more successful first year. I do think that Freshers’ week could have a festival-style layout. It would be nice to have different bands and artists performing around campus. Not everyone likes clubbing or listening to the same type of music. Ultimately, Freshers’ week is what you make it. If you asked five people what Freshers’ means, you would get five different answers. My Freshers’ week was like a discovery of freedom and choice; everyone has the right to feel that. University is like a crash course in adulthood. It’s the first time that most of you would have lived away from home, and been in complete control of your life. That’s something to be celebrated. What do you think? What did Freshers’ week mean to you? The debate continues Twitter @presidiva_dani




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how to... make the most of Brunel and london CLAIRE PAYNE oving into Halls is M absolutely one of the most nerve-wracking things

you will ever do. Let’s face it, if you aren’t even the slightest bit worried about moving into a flat with nine complete strangers, you’re probably more of a machine than a human. Nerves aside, living in Halls is one of the best things you will ever do, and Freshers’ week is just the beginning... There is no denying Brunel certainly knows how to do Freshers’ week. Last year’s events were fantastic and this year they’re set to be even better. However, the events held at Academy are not the be all and end all. Spending the first night in your shared kitchen with your flatmates, a pack of cards and the customary astronomic amount of alcohol (might as well live up to the student reputation, right?) can be so much better than clubbing the night away. It gives you a great opportunity to get to know the people you’re going to be living with for the next eight months. If you’re stuck for ideas there’s nothing like a round of the student favourite: Ring of Fire. There are so many different sets of rules but I recommend including a ‘Never Have I Ever’ card. Instant confessions, just apply alcohol.

Trust me, you will find out things you wouldn’t normally discover in ten years! If Ring isn’t for you, check out www. The games are listed in categories such as ‘card’, ‘endurance’, and ‘luck’. The rules are always explained and there are hundreds to choose from. As well as partying hard during Freshers’ week, make sure you head down to the Freshers’ Fayre (Tuesday 25th September, at the Indoor Athletics Centre), to see the vast range of clubs and societies on offer. Joining a couple of things will guarantee you some new friends besides those on your course and in your flat, but with the added advantage that you will all have something in common. If you want to fully abuse the chance of leaving with a bag of free stuff, you should get to the Fayre early. The Athletics Centre will be open from 10am. Do be careful not to give away your details too quickly - if you sign up for everything you see you will be completely bombarded with emails! Only put your name down for things you are really interested in, and remember, putting your name down doesn’t mean you’re obliged to join. It just means you can receive more information.

“nothing about Us, Without Us”

CREDIT: INCURABLE_HIPPIE After the excitement of the first week is over, you want to make sure you get along with everyone in your flat as well as possible. I believe there is such a thing as harmonious living! Here’s the number one golden rule: never, ever, ever use other people’s things in the kitchen. This is probably the most common cause of flat fallouts! You might think it’s ‘just a bit of milk’ at the time, but it is a bit of milk you haven’t paid for. Using people’s plates and not washing them up is equally as annoying. Other than that, I would recommend getting everyone’s numbers in the first couple of days - you don’t know when you might need to get hold of someone. Of course, it’s not just new people you have to get used to when you move away to university, but a new place as well. If you don’t know Uxbridge town, as I didn’t when I moved to Brunel, you will quickly realise it isn’t quite the London highlife you were expecting. However, it does have everything you could possibly need. The town centre is easily reached on foot (around a twenty minute walk) or on the U3 (Cleveland Road) or U4 (Kingston Lane). Don’t take the U2, you will regret it!

If you’re after a food shop, there is a Tesco Metro in the town centre and a large Sainsbury’s behind the bus station. There’s also an Iceland in the Pavilions shopping centre. Out of town, there is a two-storey Tesco in Yiewsley, accessible on the U3 or by foot (around thirty minutes). If you’re in desperate need of any single thing I would recommend the Costcutter on campus, but don’t rely on it for all of your food unless you want to extend your overdraft. Besides supermarkets, Uxbridge has a wide range of clothes shops, fast food chains, coffee shops and everything else. Big brand names such as River Island, Starbucks, McDonalds, HMV and Waterstones are scattered along High Street as well at in the Chimes shopping centre and the Pavilions. If you fancy leaving town, Central London is around forty minutes away on the Metropolitan line, and just under an hour away on the Piccadilly line. Or you could hop on the 607 bus which will take you straight to Westfield shopping centre in White City. Now that’s out of the way, I can tell you about the one thing all students are keen to explore: the nightlife.

ToP 5 TiPs for sUrviving BrUnel



npacking, exploring campus, making new friends or reuniting with old ones, Academy nights, joining clubs and societies as well as preparing for your first week of lectures. Freshers Week is a time that you’ll never forget! Alongside all those things, I hope many of you are interested in contributing to the democratic procedure of the student union. Elections. Boring? Unnecessary? What’s the point because it seems that nothing gets changed? Or even that you don’t know what you want to change? All common responses I get when I try to encourage students to get involved in student politics. This isn’t party politics. You don’t have to be a member of a political party or society. You don’t have to vote nationally or even have an interest in national politics. All you need is to care about your student union and what happens to it.

In previous Union and Student Assembly meetings, topics that have been discussed and voted on include green issues, LGBT working groups, Brunel’s participation and involvement in National Demonstrations that the NUS had organised and the no-platform policy, which limits extremist groups from freely airing their views not in the form of debate. Student Assembly is what you make it. Any student can bring motions to Student Assembly for it to be voted on and a decision made by the democratically elected body of students. In Freshers Week, nominations for Student Assembly will open. Any student is eligible to stand for election and vote. Student Assembly is made up of all Officers and Chairs who have already been elected in Spring (minus Postgraduate Chair) and

Uxbridge is home to one major club chain - Liquid. Wednesday is student night, with Fuzzy Logic happening every week. Cheap drinks and free entry (before 11pm) but make sure you don’t blow too much of your student loan. The Fuzzy Logic nights are often themed and some even have special guests. Last year saw the arrival of Keri Hilson and TOWIE’s Mark Wright. As well as Liquid, Uxbridge has a lot of pubs and bars on offer. The Metropolitan, on Windsor Street, is a Brunel favourite as it has £1 shots every Wednesday night, or if you’re a lover of cocktails try The Three Tuns on High Street. If you want to venture out of Uxbridge, Watford is probably the nearest place for a good night out, with a large Oceana among its clubs. Brunel also do take-overs throughout the year. This is when the university hires a load of coaches and drives students with tickets directly to some top clubs in London. The £15 you pay covers thhe cost of travel and entry. The take-overs are popular, usually selling out. Previous take-overs have taken place at Fabric, near Barbican, and Embargo 59 in Chelsea. If you want to organise a night out in Central London independently, try Tiger Tiger at Piccadilly Circus or Ministry of Sound on Southbank. If you ever need more information, the best people to talk to are your mentors who will be popping into your kitchen every now and again to check everything’s OK. Do make the most of them; they can give any advice having been there themselves. So, now you know all there is to know, go make the most of your first week - you’re only a Fresher once!

the remaining positions are 20 community members who are elected by a cross-campus ballot, and 2 positions within each School which are elected by only members of that School. Student Assembly will elect a Chair, a Vice Chair and appoint members to various committees. Being a Student Assembly member lasts only one academic year and the basic requirement is to attend the meetings that occur once a month. If you are interested in Student Assembly but don’t wish to stand

for election, you are able to attend meetings but not able to vote, or alternatively you could join one of the Standing or Working Groups we have. student assembly is a great opportunity to voice your opinions and make changes to the place you’re going to spend a lot of your time over the next few years. Don’t miss a chance to have your say on how the student Union can be changed for the better. Be the change you want to see.

recycling has been in every building on campus, except Faraday

Be prepared for the fire alarms. Yes, they will test how quickly you can make it down several flights of stairs at 8am, and yes, some people will attempt to put beans on toast in a toaster (seriously!). Don’t leave your dirty kitchen stuff out overnight unless you are willing to fish them out of a dustbin the following day. It’s a procedure the cleaners have to follow. If you do have a problem with a person you are living with, confront them about it politely. The chances are they won’t have been aware it was affecting you. Always buy tickets for Mega Global online, otherwise you could be queuing a very long time. Be careful not to party so loudly that security come to your flat. If you receive multiple warnings, it can count against you when you’re finding a house for your second year.


























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Welcome To cUlTUre




lifestyle apps


Travel recycling invented the Mo-Bot




















fashion rating






Le Nurb - September 2012

creamfailed [ MUSIC ]

Creamfields, ‘a true Mecca for ravers’… Not so much when it’s underwater. BESS BROWNING

is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world. It is legendary, a true mecca for ravers, and year after year world some of the greatest names that ever spun discs to create magic, has now spread to Australia, Brazil, Portugal, even setting up decks in the Middle East. The British one alone attracts 55,000 brings together a community of welly-wearing, UV painted, bum wiggling ravers who all share a passion for electronic music and the feelings and vibe it creates. So what happened this year on the August Bank Holiday? Ever

with rain falling for most of the weekend. It’s almost part of its tradition. But on Sunday of this year, the organisers decided to throughout the site. It all started on Friday with silent disco ravers, listening to the likes of Brookes Brothers and Kissy Sell Out. On Saturday, a highlight of the night was the ever wonderful Annie Mac who has become an icon in discovering new dance music. Her own venue, the ‘Annie Mac Presents’ tent also featured an electrifying set from The Chemical Brothers. Steve Angello from the recently split Swedish his set, and towards the end of the night the Radio 1Xtra tent was a popular venue for drum and bass heads, showcasing the likes of Andy C and Flux Pavilion. However, with torrential rain falling throughout the

Saturday night and seemingly no precautionary measure put in place, the main arena was running right through the campsites. The entrances were blocked with knee-deep lakes and shockingly, there seemed to be a real lack of security present to help the crowds attempting the walk back to their tents. On the Sunday, rumours spread and with staff having equally no knowledge of what was happening, the revellers turned to social cancelled. 2012 was a disaster. The organisers have already dished out refunds to try and win back However, it’ll take more than a pay-out to persuade me to go to

Jaw Dropping cinema

SKYFALL The bond girl; the suit; the guns; the action. Check. The latest edition to the 007 collection is directed by the brilliant Sam Mendes (American Beauty and Jarhead). This is going to be a true James Bond

CLOUD ATLAS ‘Everything is connected’ - this epic looking

than ‘Quantum of Solace.’ Plus, we are introduced to Q for the

of David Mitchell’s best-selling 2004 novel. It spans six time periods and, starring a whole host of incredible talent, and explores the idea of how the actions of individuals impact one another in the past, present and future.

LIFE OF PI Whenever you hear the phrase: ‘based on the bestselling novel’ it’s always followed by the sighing concern of the book-worms. However, judging from the spectacular, goosebump generating trailer, this heart-wrenching tale of struggle, adventure and the fascinating understanding between boy

Release date: October 26

Release date: October 26

potential to do the novel justice. Release date: December 21

LOOPER A new, interesting age-old concept of time travel. When the time calls for an assassination, the mobsters send their prey 30 years in the past where the protagonist awaits with a gun. “All well and good” you say? All well and good until his future self, in the form of Bruce Willis, is delivered as the victim! Release date: September 28

first class Performance for less [ THEATRE ]


FRANKENWEENIE A classic Tim Burton; it is a homage to the and a remake of his own 1984 comical animation contains his trademark dark undertones, seeing young victor reanimate his beloved dog with monstrous consequences… Release date: October 17

ToP PicK

VERONICA GRUBB if you think your student budget can’t stretch to a theatre ticket, you couldn’t be more wrong. cheap tickets are available from websites and ticket booths but also check out these alternative tips for a


beforehand, and tickets are usually limited to 2 per person. Alternatively, queue up about an hour before a show starts and you can buy the tickets which have been returned/not sold. The prices of these vary depending on the venue, but are often heavily discounted. Standbys/returns aren’t always available.

Theatre-land’s best kept secret: turn up on the day before the

Pay What You Can

should arrive depends on the show’s popularity) and you can get brilliant seats at reduced prices; from Matilda at £5; the Donmar Warehouse at £10; to Shrek at £30. Not all theatres take part in this so check

A selection of fringe theatres operate a pay what you can ticket policy, for which you queue from about an hour before the performance on certain days. Participating theatres include: Arcola Theatre

(Tuesdays), Tricycle Theatre (Tuesdays) and Old Red Lion (Thursdays). The Royal Court Theatre also releases 10p standing tickets an hour before performances... 10p! Join A Ticketing Scheme There are numerous free membership schemes offering cheap tickets, and mainly aimed at students under 26! Mousetrap Theatre Projects; Theatre Fix; and Masterclass are just a few of said websites. Masterclass also run free workshops with distinguished theatre makers, recently including Rupert Goold and Danny DeVito. Furthermore, there are several theatre schemes recycling likes pi

like The National Theatre Entry Pass £5 tickets; the Regents Park Open Air Theatre Breeze membership offering £10 tickets; and the ENO Access All Arias membership offering £10 and £20 tickets. Most theatres also do substantial student discounts. Follow Shows On Twitter You need to be a keen tweeter, but as we’re constantly plugged into our iPhones it shouldn’t be hard to spot when a venue/ show advertises an exclusive promotion code for its followers. You’d be surprised how often this happens!

matilda the musical;

cal adapted from the Roald Dahl classic, by the brilliant comic mind of Tim Minchin.

ToP PicK

Twelfth night With a legendary cast this is a guaranteed hit at the Globe Theatre.


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fifa 13



The system brings much-needed unpredictability, flair, and creativity

MATT SMITH On September 6th the Eurogamer Expo 2012 social event took place at East Village in London. Among other games at the club, I was lucky enough to play a few matches of FIFA 13, set to be released this autumn. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming days and weeks… Pulling up a seat to watch a match in progress as soon as I got through the door, I became worried that EA had settled back into old habits: simply re-releasing FIFA 12 with updated kits and squads. Not much has changed graphically, but this is commonplace in football gaming. The FIFA series hasn’t undergone a huge makeover since FIFA 10, but the developers have spent

controls and match experience. FIFA 13 continues this trend. Once you get your hands on the controller (and the ball at your feet) the changes become clear. The lives up to the hype, meaning a lot more thought goes into every pass. Lose your concentration while playing it across the defence your opponent through on goal. Equally, a properly weighted ball to around a marker and spark a fastmoving break. The system adds further skill to passing and brings much-needed unpredictability,

There are many other subtle differences to last year’s installment, too, and they’re the kind of hidden gems that players will still be uncovering by this time next year. There is a wealth of options available to both attacking and defending teams, with feints, multiple jumps, changes to the number of men in the wall, and encroaching (with resulting bookings) all playing a part. One highlight (a favourite among the players at East Village) was a new free kick routine: the taker can to volley. Set pieces like these will the game to learn once it is released on September 28th.

and tested formulas that came to dominate FIFA 12 ties.

Upgrade your student experience

[ APPS ]



A run down of some rather useful apps to add to your phones arsenal to help with the challenges that lie ahead.

ahead of your reading list. The library catalogue is great for searching for books, but rather than scavenging for scraps of paper to scribble down the codes, this app allows for one tap and then instantly takes down all the details. It is the fastest, simplest and most user friendly QR code and barcode scanner available. The Brunel Library catalogue has a QR code attached to every book, and once you scan, the book name, author, code and its location in the library is printed on your screen. Storing everything you scan, this app allows you to quickly trace back the books you scan to make referencing that little bit less painful! Scan app is completely free and available to download from the Apple App Store, Android App on Google Play and on Windows Phones, as long as your phone has a forward facing camera. iPhone and iPad users can also automatically sync scan history to the web. This app will also help you to locate information from various places too: magazines, websites – genius! FOMO (fear of missing out) no longer exists with this app!

that is perfect for capturing all your ideas and to-do’s on the go. This is extremely useful when it comes to sorting your lectures from your seminars! Create searchable notes with text, pictures and bullet points with a-to-do list and check boxes; then keep your notes in sync using free Microsoft SkyDrive online storage access, so you can edit and manage them from virtually anywhere! Colour code your notes, take photos of classroom boards, jot down class mates comments, so when it comes to writing up your assignment you have all the information from your study sessions in one place.


43 Things

(Requirements for this app include a Windows Live ID (hotmail or live email address) and supported web browser on your phone.)

So you’ve made it to university, that’s one goal achieved! But don’t stop there, because as a Brunel student you have the potential to keep on reaching your targets, aspirations and dreams. Here is the world’s most popular goal setting community, so keep your life list in your pocket! Available on the iPhone app store, you can add your short or long-term goals, like completing a book; applying to a job; volunteering or Discover what’s really important to you and motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Keep track of your progress or note your thoughts and ideas by composing an entry about your goal and sharing it with others. You can also take a photo with your iPhone and attach it to an entry. Slide the Progress bar anywhere from 0 to 100% complete, or tap the “I’ve done this” button when you’ve reached your goals. Being able to visualise your success is key and will further keep you motivated and drive your personal development!

Finally one to keep your pennies protected! This is a free app with instant discounts for shopping, entertainment and food - like Pizza Express in Uxbridge! We’re all familiar with the skint student stereotype, so take advantage of money saving offers All vouchers are easy to browse and can be downloaded and used immediately, or saved for a later date. The app uses GPS to search for the very best deals close to you, so you can plan ahead and save money in your pocket! Available on all smartphones, don’t worry if your student loan hasn’t dropped... vouchercloud has!

recycling believes that The Life of Brian is historically accurate



Le Nurb - September 2012


Simple, easy-cook dishes to help steer you away from ready meals. 1. Ingredients Ideas -1 breast of Chicken or 1 person serving of Pork, Turkey or Quorn. -3-4 Green Beans -1 Carrot -1/2 a bag of Stir Fry Vegetable Mix -Two hand-fulls of Bean Sprouts -Half a Red, Yellow or Green Pepper. -1/2 an Onion or 4-5 Spring Onions. -Soy Sauce -1 serving of Rice, Noodles or Pasta


Recipe to small pieces & the meat into bite size amounts

of Soy Sauce and stir everything around, so there is an even coating (You may wish to add noodles slowly to stop them sticking together!) joy!

amount of oil until soft in the wok the noodles/pasta. Add rice to the water now (if you choose rice, it takes longer!) slightly browned in the wok ing put in the noodles/pasta

4. Ingredients: Serves 2.

pasta & add them to the frying pan or wok


1 Sir fry


2 Pitta Bread Pizza

cook for around 5 minutes in the wok

turkey (or chicken) Recipe:

water for 10 minutes & then drain salt and pepper to taste. Stir in the meat & cooked vegetables 2. Ingredients: (depending on how hungry you are!)

3 Tuna Pasta Bake 3. Ingredients: Serves 2.

toppings you fancy… Recipe: (You’ll probably need little instruction for this one, but here they are!)

cooking slice cheese (enough to cover the top of your baking dish)

degrees (Gas mark 5) ing to packet instructions

explore: The old orchard Those longing for a slice of the countryside may be disappointed with Uxbridge’s urban setting. However, a short journey on the U9 bus to Harefield may just be your cup of tea. From there you are within reach of a series of lakes and a stunning walk along the Grand Union Canal. A short walk from the Dunster Close stop is a pub called The Old Orchard with a breathtaking view of the rolling fields, canal and boating lake.

bubbling & enjoy!

And if all else fails...

bake in oven for about 15 minutes (until cheese is bubbling and golden coloured.)

4 Spanish Omelette

Dinner: Prezzo Try a traditional stone-baked pizza at Prezzo - or maybe pasta, risotto or calzone. The menu is full of all kinds of delectable Italian dishes and the openplan and clean design of Prezzo gives it a relaxed vibe - perfect for a night out!

Uxbrigram [ LIFESTYLE ]

New to the area? Take a look at what Uxbridge can offer. It may surprise you! #explore #uxbridgefresher DIANNA REID OLLIE DE KRETSER Do: fassnidge Park When the weather is suitably summer-y go and check out Fassnidge Park. Situated in the heart of Uxbridge, it covers four acres and offers tennis courts and a skate park, as well as a bandstand for local events. Originally a memorial park, this is a pretty place to sit and watch your new world of Uxbridge go by...

and serve

puree, cheese and any other toppings.

size chunks & stir in with the tomato soup. -

with a drop of olive oil & pour in the mixture. Cook until lightly set then turn to brown the second side (or finish under a hot grill if you find this easier)

pitta & flip it

empty into baking dish Cheese. Recipe:


see: odeon If you fancy a chilled night out, getting to know your new flat-mates, the Odeon cinema (located on the topmost floor of The Chimes Shopping Centre) is the place to go. It is open every day of the week, Wednesday being the busiest (no guesses why!) and even has an IMAX screen. The perfect place to kick back after the rush of last minute essay hand-ins!

shop: The chimes Uxbridge’s town centre hosts ‘The Chimes’ shopping centre, found just off the main high street. It is a perfect place for any shop-a-holic let loose with a student loan, or for those looking to dress to impress at Mega Global! There are 76 stores (with a fair few offering student discount with an NUS card) from including French Connection, Topshop and Topman, Republic and much more! You’ll definitely not be going back to halls empty handed…

recycling always listens to

Travel: With an oyster Uxbridge tube station is located at the heart of the town centre, where you can catch the Piccadilly or Metropolitan Line into central London (the latter is A LOT quicker!) Attached to the tube station is the Uxbridge bus hub where you can catch buses to and from campus: take the U3 to Cleveland Road (outside Mill Hall and the pond) or the U4/U1 to Kingston Lane (opposite the sports field) as well as the N207 night bus to and from Marble Arch in central London. An Oyster card is a pay-as-you-go smartcard; paying £5 deposit for an Oyster entitles you to discounted fares on any TFL bus and tube – and you can even top it up at Costcutter on campus!


September 2012 - Le Nurb

looking fresh on campus This gent rocks Autumn/ Winter’s hottest trend ‘British Heritage’ to the full with a structured plaid blazer and statement knotted waist belt. He takes a more subtle approach to colour blocking with his aqua blue and yellow under garments completing his suave look.

Autumn is all about British Heritage



Brighten up your wardrobe this autumn by adding splashes of colour and bold patterns to stand out from the crowd. Our street style model sets a polka dot shirt with a black blazer for a smart, preppy look - yet a funky twist comes from the wide framed canary-yellow glasses and a cherry red, polka dot bow tie. Accessories are always big! They can be used to incorporate colour into a casual outfit, so enhance black or grey outfits with bright handbags, daring glasses, bold socks and outrageous hats to create a courageous fashion statement.

This style guru works this season’s staple: the leather jacket - but with a feminine twist by putting the traditional rocker’s jacket with the mismatched prints of her chiffon skirt and clutch.

Be bold with polka dots

Rock the leather jacket

all photos courtesy of Marine Lazarus For more information and to see her full works visit

Accessorize with autumn colours

Layer up those patterns

Showing that the long sleeve polo is not just for the guys, this fashionista puts a waistcinching belt on to maintain the million-dollar hourglass figure. She infuses Autumn/Winter’s never-dying colour: tan, through her accessories.

Our street style model rocks this printed, extra-long shirt, teamed with sheer tights and leather ankle boots to give her outfit an edge. Long shirts and blouses are a nice alternative to a dress; or for a casual, day look pair with flat, white pumps. Add a leather jacket on top to roughen it up, or couple with a cropped blazer and boot wedges to dress up the outfit for a night out.

Long shirts are the new causual

recycling still uses an original i-Pod because they’re still cool

Why wear one outfit when several looks combined are even better? This autumn layering different fabrics and patterns will be the new way to showcase your wardrobe. Our street style model has paired a mid length grey skirt with a lace top and printed jumper top it all off. The urban edge derives from the loosely fitted leather jacket and sunglasses, while the pretty white socks and black, open-toe wedges add a cute, feminine touch. This outfit definitely screams “Pretty Girl Rocks!”



David Why did you Cafarelli decide to get studying involved with the Aviation challenge event? Engineering with Pilot The main reason Studies that attracted me was because I wanted to share such an amazing experience with my friends, as well as the fact that it was a fundraising event. All of the hard work fundraising was extremely well paid through being able to visit one of the wonders of the world: The Great Wall of China. We had the opportunity to experience the amazing country itself, such as their culture and gastronomy whilst being lead by amazing guides... What else could you ask for? What kind of fundraising did you do? Fundraising events were held both outside and inside the University. These events varied from social gatherings, to selling food on the concourse. Selling glow sticks in Academy turned out to be a clever venture (because we were conveniently let in as RAG guests… No entry fee!) Also asking around is a great way to fundraise, especially as family friends can be quite caritative.

Le Nurb - September 2012

challenge yourself



Trekking the Great Wall is one of many challenges available through Childreach International. You can get more information and register on their website:

What was your favorite moment of the trip? My favourite moment was climbing up to the Nine-Eyes Tower, which is the largest-scale watchtower of The Great Wall in Ming Dynasty. It was the highest point of our hike (1600 meters above sea level!)

How did it feel trekking the Great Wall?

Trekking the Great Wall was a wonderful experience, the landscape is absolutely mind blowing, while actually being on parts of the Great Wall that were not restored added an extra feeling to the whole thing. There were parts that were completely submerged in thick jungle, but also sections in which the wall would stretch clear for miles and miles. The trek was mild, but there were portions in which we would be travelling uphill for hours on end, plus the intense heat didn’t help! However, the hard trek uphill was rewarded with the amazing



and, in my opinion, the most difficult part of the trek. Yet once we reached the top, it became my favourite moment of the trip. We built some steps out of old stones to get to the top of the tower and enjoyed the view from the roof for nearly an hour - we were eventually made to come down by our pressing schedule, although we definitely did not want to leave! The view was incredible, and the fact that we had worked so hard in order to reach it, it gave me an immense feeling of self-satisfaction – it is a moment which I will never forget.

Do you have any advice for others looking to get involved? Definitely sign up for this; although the fundraising is challenging, and there will be times when you think you will not make it, don’t let this bring you down. Plan and organize thoroughly, and execute the events and any crazy ideas that come into your head! Use your entrepreneurial skills to think of ways of how to make money and, I can assure you, that all your efforts will pay off. Good luck!

vistas over the mountains of China and The Great Wall snaking its way through them. The hikes were immensely enjoyable, and sharing it with friend made it even better!


Rich in culture and low on price. It’s time to consider Lithuania for your next cheap get away. in the heart of the city… and shoot almost any gun you like! Shotguns, MP5’s, UZI’s, you name it, they have it.

When looking for a cheap holiday, your average Joe probably wouldn’t consider Lithuania. However, this often overlooked country has much to offer, like its fascinating history and friendly people - and it’s only a two and half hour flight from London! The first stop has to be Vilnius, the historic capital of the country. The centre is full of momentous buildings and churches in the Baltic Baroque style, with quaint cafes and restaurants lining its snaking avenues. The lively nightlife would be sure to keep you en-

tertained and many of the bars have their own quirky decoration; you wont find any bar or club chains here! There are many things to occupy oneself with, namely, a visit to the self-declared “Reish neighborhood, now home to the city’s artist community who proclaimed the area a republic has its own very obscure, yet interesting constitution, containing articles such as “a dog has the right to be a dog.” The thought-provoking and wacky pieces of art and sculpture.

The castle and its views of city are definitely a sight to behold; from the topmost tower, you can see the juxtaposition of late medieval architecture and soviet tower blocks stood side by side – this can be explored further at the KGB museum, dedicated to bringing the dark side of Lithuania’s recent past to life. The Jewish museum also hones the country’s large Jewish community, and is a good day out.

If you want to travel further afield, the cities of Kaunas and Klaipeda are both excellent places to visit: clean and atmospheric, with plenty of things to see and do. If you are looking to relax and unwind in Lithuania, the Curonian Spit on the Baltic Coast is the place to stay. This sand bar stretches 98kms just off the main coastline, forming a lagoon between itself and the mainland. The spit is sparsely populated and covered in tranquil forests. It is a bizarre, surreal landscape and

One of the best things to do in Vilnius, however, is to go shooting. For a very reasonable price, you can visit a crumbling, ex-soviet police training centre recycling is now scared of the Wierwolf

defiantly worth a visit! Villages are dotted along the sand bar, the friendly locals and abundance of bars and restaurants lend to it a easy-going holiday feel. The Baltic beaches are also beautiful and perfect spots for relaxing in the summer sun, but beware: the water is freezing! Lithuania is a quaint country, with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet! There is plenty to see, do and enjoy, and take in the enriching history. It is also very affordable - a beer costs about £1.30!


September 2012 - Le Nurb

h a PP y h oU r “It ’s pu z zleta st ic .”









7 3




6 9 2

3 6






2 7










9 4






5 3



4 6


4 3







Find as many words as possible using letters from the grid. Words must be four letters or more and contain the central letter, but each letter can only be used once. There’s at least one word that uses all nine letters in the grid.

1. Make sense of the following:




“111 is a racehorse 112 is 12 11111 race 112112” 2. Put each number from 1-25 inclusive into the grid, so that each row, column and corner-to-corner line adds up to 65.


1 8


13 16 25

How did you do?



16 -21





3. Which letter is missing from the wheel?




0 -3



Katie Price

recycling still can’t pronounce the word Sudoku






Le Nurb - September 2012





March 21 to April 20

April 21 to May 21

May 22 to June 21

Stay focused, you are wasting too many bullets.

You are a strong-willed and forthright person who is happy to speak your mind. The average Taurean is one who enjoys arguments and confrontation and seeks out a thrill to make life complete. Basically what I am saying is you are the type of person who would masturbate at a wedding.

A big promotion is just around the corner for you at work. Sadly, you work in an oval building.




June 22 to July 22

July 23 to August 22

August 23 to September 21

You have a vivid imagination and think that MI5 are following you. Wait… that guy sitting on the other table! Wasn’t he at the checkout of Costcutters at the same time as you? DON’T LOOK! Okay, I also think you are being followed. If you have a cyanide pill, you know what to do now.

Your depression is very strong. I recommend crying about it. Lots. And sad music, that helps too.

Judging by the fact you are basing your future on planetary positions in the Zodiac, your life is pretty much going nowhere.




September 22 to October 22

October 23 to November 21

November 22 to December 21

You won’t stop until you get to the top, keep on with the force don’t stop. Touch me and I feel on fire, ain’t nothin’ like a love desire. Ooooh.

You will get good or bad news from a young, middle-aged or old man or woman. And if I’m wrong then I owe you a fiver.

Sagittarians are an indecisive people. Sadly, I’m Sagittarius. I think.




December 22 to January 20

January 21 to February 19

February 20 to March 20

Love could well be in the air as the celestial bodies are in constant movement. Search high and low for that special someone, although having the Moon in Uranus could make walking tricky.

Time travel is/was/could be possible. You will/have/ might discover(ed) it while studying for your degree at Brunel. Let’s be honest, it’s more likely you do that than learn to count/have sex/say ‘ask’ properly on your Business/Engineering/Law course.

Remember that apple seed you ate last year? Well your next bowel movement could be more arboreal than you had hoped. Geronimo!





amour, amours, armour, armours, aura, auras, opus, ours, paramour, paramours, pour, pours, puma, pumas, purr, purrs, rump, rumps, rums, soup, sour, spur, sumo, sump, umps, uproar, uproars.

27+ OMG THATS GREAT 22-26 :D 16 -21 :) 11-1 5 :| 4-10 :( 0 -3 Katie Price

Wordfinder 2 5 7 1 9 4 6 8 3

9 3 8 2 7 6 5 1 4

1 6 4 5 8 3 2 9 7

4 8 5 7 6 2 9 3 1

3 1 2 4 5 9 7 6 8

6 7 9 8 3 1 4 5 2

5 4 3 9 1 7 8 2 6

8 2 1 6 4 5 3 7 9

7 9 6 3 2 8 1 4 5

6 3 2 8 7 5 1 4 9

7 1 5 9 6 4 8 2 3


4 8 9 1 3 2 7 6 5

3 2 1 5 4 6 9 8 7

8 5 4 2 9 7 3 1 6

9 6 7 3 1 8 2 5 4

1 4 6 7 8 9 5 3 2


2 9 8 6 5 3 4 7 1

5 7 3 4 2 1 6 9 8





recycling believes in these horoscopes as if they were law

Win an nUs extra card for sending in your funniest Freshers’ Week story. We’ll print the winning entry in the second issue of Le Nurb, out next month. Just drop an email with the subject line ‘Competition’ to Closes midday on Friday, October 5.

2. 1.


‘T’ is missing - clockwise from the the top-right, they’re the first letters of ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, etc.











11 9 13 17 15

2 18 7 14 24

5 16 23 20 1

111 is a racehorse. 112 is one, too. 111 won one race. 112 won one, too.



September 2012 - Le Nurb


sTicK WiTh Us! KELLY TAYLOR Whether you’re a pro player or the girl who only ever played in PE lessons, everyone is welcome to join Women’s Hockey! We’re one of the biggest and best clubs at Brunel, with three awesome teams who love to play matches every Wednesday. Our team meet at training every Monday night, as well as making the most of the packed social calendar. Not only do we offer various we introduce RUSH Hockey, a version of the game with fewer rules and even more fun! This will be open to everyone,

including non-members, so feel free to contact us for more info. We want you to maximise your membership, with our many socials and tours. The fancy dress events are a favourite for getting to know the team! at the Fresher’s Fayre or come down to our trials and Fun Day on 26th September from 11am-1pm at the Sports Park. Everyone’s welcome and we look forward to meeting you - have an amazing Fresher’s Week! For more information, contact Kelly, Women’s Hockey Chair on 07720921653.

serving ToP Tennis RIYAD MCCOLLIN


aving received Beacon Status from the LTA earlier this year, Brunel Tennis Club is on the up. The club began just 3 years ago, rising from just 20 members and now boasting a record 92 members and 3 teams!

Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open, we hope to have

who will get involved in both social tennis and teams.

during Fresher’s Week. We are looking for a range of new members, from absolute beginners to tennis fanatics,

On and off the court, our club knows how to have fun! With regular themed socials and casual nights out, we keep our

club on the go! We have a mini site at, as well as a Facebook group and Twitter (@BrunelTennis), which we update regularly to keep our members in the know.

score aT BrUnel

Following the departure of former chairman, Josh Murray, we look to Dan Fisher to continue our huge success. He takes charge, helping lead our club to more titles, after winning Most Improved Club of the Year at 2012’s Sports Federation Ball. With GB’s success at


We at Brunel Women’s Football are welcoming new

BrUnel sQUash - noT from concenTraTe ISAAC FREDERICKS


our years ago, Brunel Squash was just a couple of keen guys with a vision. It’s now one of Brunel’s leading clubs. We have three coaches, including James Hyatt, an England Squash coach and England over 45s number 2, associated with us. This year, we’ll be offering even more

With the momentum of British Tennis behind us, we hope to improve on the domination that BUTC displayed last year, and take Tennis to the top of all the clubs at Brunel!

coaching opportunities to our players. This will include sessions dedicated to fitness, technique, training routines and match practice. Previous chairman and now VPSa, Gary O’Brien has formed a strong working relationship with Brunel Student activities in recent years. We aim to be a club that truly supports our Student

Union, who do so much for us throughout the term. We have bonds with many other clubs within the University, including; rowing, tennis, netball, frisbee and women’s hockey. This has led to great joint social events and inter-club competitions. Most importantly, it has formed friendships and unity within Brunel.

No matter whether you’ve never played before, or are an award-winning county player, Brunel Squash welcomes you! Perhaps you just want to keep fit and have a good time? With a friendly, enthusiastic environment, good social calendar and great atmosphere, we are more than your average sports club!

recycling was the flag bearer for Paraguay in the opening ceremony

second teams. Both teams play in the BUCS South Eastern 1A League. This year, we are striving for promotion, with new members to enhance the squad. We train up to twice-a-week and have matches each Wednesday. as well as offering competitive football with quality training, we enjoy regular social events. If you are interested in becoming a part of BUWFC, trials will take place on 26th (TBC) and 28th September at Site 5. For more information, visit us at the Fresher’s Fayre or contact



Le Nurb - September 2012

shoTs, shoTs, shoTs PAUL ROUND (CHAIRMAN OF BUMHC) Whether you’re an established hockey player, or simply feel inspired by the action that took place at the Riverbank arena this summer, BUMHC is the right club for you. at Brunel University Men’s Hockey Club, we have 3 teams. They play on a regular basis, each Wednesday in the BUCS league, with all three playing at a competitive level. If competition isn’t for you, we also have a Saturday team, playing in a local league, as well as mixing with

Women’s Hockey each Sunday. BUMHC isn’t all about the action on the pitch; we are proud to offer an active social aspect alone, we have weekly socials planned, which include; pub golf, an ice-skating trip and, most importantly, our annual Christmas meal. us during the Fresher’s Fayre! Trials will be held on Wednesday from 1pm-3pm and you’re welcome to join us for a drink in Loco’s afterwards! We hope to hear from you soon.

r U reaDy?

Play The fielD HaNNaH WRIGHT

BOBBY COLES Brunel Men’s Rugby Union is a competitive and sociable club. We experienced great success second team promotion! Rugby has become a performance sport at Brunel, with our team playing in an enhanced, driven environment. Training now includes strength and conditioning sessions, video analysis and sport psychology.

physiotherapy is available, too! as well as victories at both of players have gained Level One Rugby Coaching awards. This was thanks to support from our coaching staff, one of whom has played professionally and works with the England Sevens squad. visit our stand at the Fresher’s Fayre on 25th September.

Brunel Women's Rugby is open to ladies of all abilities. Whether you want to try out a new sport or further your game, our club wants you. Last year, we took on many new players, many of these were new to Rugby. We hope to attract this year’s Freshers, too! We currently compete for the BUCS Trophy, as well as playing

in the BUCS South Eastern 1a League. in the league table of 2011/2012. This was a great achievement for the team, showing our improvement and representing the hard work we put in. This hard work continues during our training sessions, each Monday (7pm-8.30pm) and each Friday, 6.30pm-8pm, on the Cemetery pitches.

It’s not just on the pitch that our team are close friends. There is a great social life associated with the club, with get-togethers after matches and themed nights out. So, if you want to make friends or just try something new, come along to our trials and meet the girls. They will be held from 7-9pm on Monday the 24th and between 6-8 on Friday the 28th at the Cemetery pitches – everyone’s welcome!

give iT a shoT! MICHaEL CROBIN


ant to practice target shooting in a competitive, yet friendly environment? Then join Brunel University Shooting Club! No experience is needed; you can learn everything with us... We offer four types of shooting: 10m air pistols at 25 yards, .22 shotguns.




available monthly. Our exciting social calendar includes everything from paintball to pub crawls, as well as joint events with other clubs recycling always wears regulation length blades

and societies. This allows you to really get to know one-another (however, we do ask that you save the drinking until after the shoot!) Whether you’re interested or just curious, meet us during Fresher’s Week! Our committee is held on Wednesday at the Lecture Centre). Or, come to our trials on Thursday at 4pm in the Exercise Studio (Ground For more information, e-mail:, visit our website: www.brunelstudents. Facebook!


September 2012 - Le Nurb


caTch Us on The reBoUnD Brunel Women’s Basketball has been constantly improving, with last season being our most successful. The term culminated in winning the league 1a South, with a single defeat by only one point! as a club, we compete weekly, with training sessions three times per week. Shortlisted for Club and Team of the Year at the 2012 Sports Federation Ball, we’re ready to win this season! as well as having social and competitive members, we have links to the active Brunel Scheme, providing training for those with little experience in the sport.

Of course, we fully support our fellow Brunel teams, attending most Men’s Basketball home games. paced game and brilliant club, visit our stall at the Fresher’s Fayre or come along to our Festival Face-Painting Event on 28th September!


Right: Brunel Women’s Basketball Club, 2011/2012 Credit: Dan Dunscombe

give Us a ‘g’, give Us an ‘o’...

yoU never KnoW UnTil yoU Tri!




riathlon is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world. We think it’s the most addictive, too! Brunel University Triathlon Club welcomes swimmers, runners and cyclists of all abilities. Most members are new to at least one of our three sports, so all standards are well catered for. With regular cycle rides of the local area, short, sharp runs around the athletics track and swims coached by Hillingdon Triathlete’s Club, we have plenty to get your heart racing.

Socialising is big for us, too. as well as organising gettogethers, nights out and our annual Christmas meal, we like to do things a little out of the ordinary... Last year, in amongst training, we squeezed in a three-day cycle trip from Brunel to Paris! This year, we want to become a bigger, better club and are open to ideas for our next big adventure. If you’re looking to try out an exciting new sport, as well as make friends with people who share your passion, Brunel one for you! Come along to our Triathlon Taster Session during Fresher’s Week at Brunel athletics Track. The session will be held by a Triathlon coach on 26th September from 2-3pm and will cost £2 per person.


hen you see cheerleaders, do you think of short skirts and screaming girls? Well, think again! Over recent years, University Cheerleading has gone from strength-to-strength, proving that Brunel Cheer is about amazing stunts, gymnastics and team spirit.

Come down to the Fresher’s Fayre on 25th September at 10.15 to see our special performance, or join the taster

This year, we boast three squads to suit all abilities and interests. Our competition and dance squads compete against other Universities, as well as all-Stars in up to three competitions each year, across the country. We have a successful record, with our Games Squad cheering for Basketball, american Football and other Brunel sports teams. They also represent us at the annual Varsity Competition against St Mary’s University.

recycling managed to score 11 points in the diving from the judge from Italy

session on 27th September at 13.30-15.30 in the Netball Hall. We look forward to meeting you!



Le Nurb - September 2012

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If you have any questions on joining sports clubs/societies then email VP Student Activities Gary O'Brien at or visit student activities on the concourse. In our next issue meet Gary O'Brien and hear about his exciting plans for this coming year.

This month...

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nterested in trying a new sport? Looking for something a little different? Then, why not try Lacrosse? It’s fun, exhilarating and open to all levels.

Whether you’ve played before or have never even heard of it, we have a great team of mixed ability players, eager to help you. If you want to meet people, have fun and increase your confidence, our doors are open.

Come down to the Brunel Men’s Lacrosse taster session on 27th September. The session will run from 1-3pm on Site 5, where you can meet our team and try out the game. Be sure to find our stand at the Fresher’s Fayre

– we’ll be there to answer any questions. See you there!

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his summer, the Olympics drew attention to modern fencing. Did you know, however, that the sport has a long tradition in Universities and schools? Though you might think sword-


in academia, it extends as far

back as the 15th Century! In academic fencing, known as Mensur, training is seen as a traditional method of forming character and personality. a result of this is that there is no such thing as a winner or a loser. although we do not fence Mensur here at Brunel, our club encourages the development of all members with elegance and enthusiasm.


Brunel Fencing Club is active, with training sessions twice a week. We’re passionate about our sport and are thrilled to welcome new members this year. as a small group, we are extremely sociable and friendly. Both motivated teams have always performed exceptionally in the league, balancing passion with fairness.

Our dedicated coach trains beginners and experienced fencers alike, with all kit provided. If you’re interested in trying an exciting and unique sport, as well as testing your mental and physical endurance, come and see us – we’d love to meet you!

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