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Bomb squad in Uxbridge

Tom Scott Uxbridge was brought to a standstill after bomb disposal experts were called to deal with a possible car bomb outside Liquid nightclub. Uxbridge town centre was shut off on the morning of Sunday 10th April after reports emerged that a black hatchback could contain a suspicious package. With the current UK terror threat at “severe,” police took no chances and shut off the high street, all nearby roads and even Uxbridge Tube station, believing there to be a credible threat. Luckily, the black hatchback posed

no threat after bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion, with the High Street being re-opened at 1.30pm the same day. The car was parked outside of Liquid, a nightclub in Uxbridge, which is a popular nightspot used by many Brunel students and only 10 minutes away from the University itself. The nightclub was not affected by the incident and no one was harmed. The black Mitsubishi Colt belonged to an Asian woman, who does not want to be identified, who parked


there at 9.45am and had gone to work at the Odeon cinema. Police had attempted to contact the driver unsuccessfully as she remained innocently oblivious to the commotion outside. She was described by witnesses as being visibly distressed upon her return to the car, after seeing it surrounded by bomb squad officers and the state it had been left in. A witness said: ‘The car was in a bad state. The windows had been smashed by the detonation. People park at that spot regularly, so I don’t know why this incident warranted

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such an excessive response.’ Many have questioned the excessive measures taken by the police and the driver of the car is said to be considering legal action over the incident, yet the police remain adamant they made the right decision. A police spokesperson said: “The current threat of terrorism on the UK mainland remains at severe. The public expect us to take appropriate action when they report matters to us.” The next day, a spokesperson said that the incident was not being treated as suspicious or terrorism

related but have questioned why no one came forward with any extra information. “Despite a significant police presence over an extended period, no one came forward to provide information that would have enabled us to treat this as anything other than a potential threat.” With Uxbridge being brought to a standstill, the diversions of cars and buses caused considerable traffic meaning many motorists were stuck in their cars on one of the hottest days of the year.

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Le Nurb - May 2011

2 Welcome


The Team

The following foreword was submitted without providing any person or the organisation a right to reply. In the spirit of freedom of speech we have chosen to print, unedited. However, as UBS strongly disagrees with both the character and content of this, we have decided to provide a response.


Gaz Corfield- Editor So the end is nigh. Eight issues and enough stress to take years off my life, and what do I have to show for it? Well, eight issues of a newspaper and some practical experience of newspaper production to put on my CV. I won’t pretend it’s all been fun, because frankly it hasn’t. I’ve been lied about in Student Assembly reports. I’ve seen elected student officers and chairs colluding to muzzle this newspaper’s ability to report critically on the periodic outbreaks of madness in the Student Union. I’ve witnessed the most hostile election period in my four years here, and I’ve seen the SU do their utmost to keep their favouritism for certain candidates firmly away from the public gaze. I’ve tried breaking stories of importance to you, the student whose tuition fees pay for the SU’s £1m/yr annual grant from the University, only to be rebuffed by SU staff citing “reputational issues”. I’ve survived two determined attempts to force me out of my position as editor – led by people with vested interests in keeping the SU’s inner workings as secret as possible. I’ve seen elected students within the SU choose to ignore the provisions of the SU constitution; I even had the memorable phrase “Do you have any idea how much I do that isn’t in the constitution” quoted at me when I asked exactly what was going on. I’ve had documents brought to me showing precisely how the SU wants direct control over certain prominent clubs and societies – and I’ve had to tell the people bringing these documents to me that I can’t raise the issues they want me to, because the censorship arrangements for this newspaper enable the powergrabbers to have sight of it before it’s printed and to demand the removal of articles that show their true colours. I’ve done my utmost to fight all of these things and establish Le Nurb as a high quality independent student voice. I may as well have tried herding cats over a cliff. Journalism is not just about Sunday tabloids revealing which sports star’s shagging which celebrity newsreader. Nor is it about promoting one group of people and stifling criticism of them; that is PR, as far from journalism as you can get. Newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs all play their part in highlighting dubious behaviour by people in power and asking

the question: is it right that these things should be going on? Brunel students are characterised by apathy. There are countless back copies of Le Nurb, and its predecessor Route 66, sitting in this office which say the same thing, year after year. Brunel’s never been a politically inded university; the Labour society folded last year, the Socialist Students branch at Brunel’s either dead or chose not to affiliate itself to the SU and as far as I know there’s never been a Lib Dem student society. It may be unfair to use political activity as the measure of apathy, but there is a general “who cares” atmosphere whenever you mention the student union’s workings. And perhaps this is the biggest indicator that the Union of Brunel Students doesn’t represent the vast majority of Brunel students. Look at the recent elections. Although I asked Tom Scott (Media Chair) to find the figures for the election turnout, oddly enough he didn’t bother providing them. From memory I know that about 2,000 people voted in the election for SU President. Set against the 15,000 or so registered students for academic year 2010/11, that’s a turnout of just over 13%. Even the Media Chair himself only polled 1100 votes, or 7% of all the people qualified to vote. These are not confidence-inspiring figures. Now you can see why ‘your’ elected officers are so keen to keep embarrassing facts like this quiet. It’s hardly confidence-inspiring to see that the people “representing” you to the University and the wider world have a mandate that struggles to break into the double percentage figures, even though both of the posts I mention were unopposed. The mere fact that posts like these are going unopposed is in itself a sign of just how little the average Brunel student cares about the student union. So long, that is, as the bars keep selling alcohol. At the end of the day, editing LeNurb has had its ups and downs. Sure, there were a lot of downs, but the ups, especially telling the stories of student life on campus, most definitely outweighed them all. Farewell.

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3 words From Vic (because Vic wrote one word too many last issue) It Is Done

UBS response to the foreword Priya Pallan -SU President I would like to start by thanking the Editor and the entire editorial team for the hard work and dedication put into LeNurb this year. I am not going to address the Editor’s writings directly however the readership should be provided with a balanced perspective. This article is in many cases factually incorrect, and further points are either misunderstood conjecture or personal opinion or grievance. I am disappointed that the Editor has chosen to pursue his own personal objectives, rather than recognise, celebrate and thank the numerous volunteersbe they writers, designers, editors or photographers. As to the content, as stated above, much of it is inaccurate or fallacious. I am proud to have represented Brunel Students this year. I am proud that we, the Union have worked towards an increase

in student engagement in all our areas (including LeNurb), as we have done this year. I am proud that the representatives I have worked with, and myself, have worked with integrity for the good of Brunel students and UBS. Finally, I am confident that the Union will continue to grow and support our students. What this reminds me of, at the end of my term in office is the famous quote by Lincoln “you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people

some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” The Union strives to be an open and accessible organisation in all we do. We have democratic structures AND comprehensive complaints procedure s to ensure our members are involved, and we are held accountable; by the membership, by the University and from next year by the Charities Commission. If you have any concerns about the points raised, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


All articles and pictures © their respective authors unless otherwise indicated. Views expressed are those of the writers and do not reflect the official position of UBS or Brunel University. All comments and complaints about content in Le Nurb should be addressed to the Editor in the first instance: Complaints will only be entertained where it can be proven that an article or graphic is: factually inaccurate; breaches the Press Complaints Commission’s Editors’ Code of Practice; breaches the National Union of Journalists’ Code of Conduct; breaks the law; or encourages readers to break the law. No complaint that fails to satisfy at least one of these criteria will be upheld. Published by: Union of Brunel Students, Cleveland Road, Uxbridge. UB8 3PH Printed by: Harmsworth Printing Derby, Northcliffe House, Meadow Road, Derby, DE1 2BH

May 2011 - Le Nurb

News 3

Brunel is olympic training ground Ruralocity


Amy Blackford The South Korean Olympic team have signed an exclusive contract with Brunel University to use the facilities as an official training camp, for the 2012 games. The University was placed in a brochure by organisers for countries to pick. Several countries toured the campus and the facilities before South Korea signed the deal. Brunel is recognised throughout the country for its sporting facilities, both indoor and outdoor. Usain Bolt has famously trained at the facilities on offer in the

Indoor Athletics Centre on several occasions, meeting student in the process. Neil Young, head of Brunel programmes for the London 2012 Games, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer the Korean athletes access to our facilities, and hope that the hard work and dedication of the athletes that train here at Brunel will translate into success in the medal table. South Korea’s athletes will make use of the world class facilities at Brunel University for Badminton, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Taekwondo, Weightlifting and Wrestling. Other sports

are expected to be added as the Olympic qualifications are confirmed. Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London 2012 Olympic committee, said: “I am sure that Brunel University will provide excellent training facilities for the Korean Olympic Committee athletes and hope that this agreement leads to the development of a strong relationship via which both parties benefit across sporting and educational agendas.” The contract was signed on the 6th April by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Chris Jenks, and Korean Olympic Committee President Mr

Brunel goes green Ollie DeKrester Brunel University has received the Carbon Trust Standard for improving its carbon efficiency. The University has been awarded for its commitment to reducing energy consumption on campus by 7% over three years to July 31st 2010. This has been achieved through energy saving campaigns, introducing low-carbon technologies and installing Voltage Optimisation equipment in two halls of residence and an administrative building. Since 2005/06, the University has reduced carbon emissions by 2506 tonnes, despite the campus area

increasing by 57,620 square meters. Brunel’s Environment and Sustainability Manager, Bob Stiff, said: “Obtaining the Carbon Trust Standard is a reflection on our excellent efforts so far in improving our carbon efficiency, but we still have a long way to go to meet the milestones and government targets we are aiming for.” Brunel must achieve a further 7% reduction in energy consumption in order to reach their 2012/13 milestone. This will not be an easy feat, with an increasing research profile in energy expensive areas like liquid metals engineering.

However, a £400,000 long-term loan has been granted from the Higher Education Funding Council, as well as an internal investment of £100,000 to fund carbon reduction projects. Money saved from successful projects will be reinvested in future initiatives. The Carbon Trust’s Harry Morrison said: “Being certified with the Carbon Trust Standard is proof that an organisation has taken genuine action to reduce its impact on climate change. We congratulate Brunel University on this achievement.” This summer, three additional residence complexes will be

News In Brief given Voltage Optimisation and the Bannerman Centre, Wilfred Brown building and Hamilton Centre will have lights installed that automatically dim when there is enough daylight. Presence detectors will also be put in that turn off lights when rooms are empty, and work is currently being carried out to replace external lights with LED fittings. The Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit company that provides specialist support for organisations to boost business returns by cutting carbon emissions and saving energy.

X factor or royal wedding? Adam Martley The head of the Sociology & Communications department at Brunel has claimed that children are more interested in the X Factor than the royal wedding. Professor of Sociology Chris Rojek, says that because of the number of and popularity of reality TV shows and talent shows, children are more likely to watch a show like the X Factor instead of the wedding. With X factor expanding globally it seems most people are more interested in watching Simon Cowell and co.than the royal family. Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole is, it seems, more favoured by children than the Queen and the rest of ‘the firm’ who have ruled the country for centuries. He said that there was a rise in cynicism towards the Royal Family was because of their divorces and the scandal involving Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. ‘People are much more cynical about the Royal Family, largely because they are not seen as spotless. Three of the Queen’s four children have been divorced and

Prince Andrew is currently in a lot of trouble.” He also said the change in attitudes towards status and being born into wealth and power was also responsible for an increase in cynicism towards the royals. The professor said: “Getting to be famous by being born into the right bed, like Prince William, is now seen as somewhat dubious, in a way that it wasn’t at the time of Princess Diana and Charles’ wedding.” Mr Rojek claimed that children are less interested in figures who are “born into fame” and are replacing them with “figures constructed by Simon Cowell.” He continued by saying that the culture of the X Factor was attractive to children as it encourages viewers to think that big money can be made with little or no talent. “The X Factor is part of a culture that persuades people to think that money is everything. Of course, when there is so much money on offer, it re-enforces peoples’ desire to make it, when they may not have the necessary talent or skill.”

Park Yong-Sung. It was witnessed by Sir Craig Reedie, a London 2012 board member. Brunel University has a long running history with the Olympics since the games came to London in 1948. Since 2000 there have been regular Brunel students taking part, whether current or past students. At Beijing, in 2008, there were 16 Brunel University representatives, with several medals brought back with them.a The Korean athletes and their coaching team will arrive on campus on 20 July 2012 and will remain until the Games end on 12 August.

Arise Prince Willy A British brewery has released a new beer with traces of Viagra in celebration of the Royal Wedding. Drinking three bottles of ‘Royal Virility Performance’ has the same effect as one Viagra pill. The company has sent several bottles to Prince William for him to enjoy before his wedding. . The new and improved Mountain Dew A student has legally changed his name to his favourite energy drink. Previously called Dan Grey, he is now called Mountain Dew Energy. Mountain Dew Energy said “my girlfriend isn’t too chuffed but it’s got a unique flavour.” The 21-year-old said a name change was needed to help him move forward in life. Porn outsells Avatar The world’s first 3D porn film has beaten Avatar in opening day box office sales. ‘Sex and Zen: Extreme Ectasy’ took £220,000 on its first day in Hong Kong, beating Avatars measly £208,000. The film tells the tale of a sexually frustrated scholar featuring fully nude 3D love scenes Snow White and the Zero Dwarfs This year’s Panto of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs will not be having any dwarfs in it, after dwarf actors were deemed too expensive. The Wolverhampton performance will instead be using children to play Doc and company. Many have already said they will be boycotting the performance saying the Panto has ‘simply lost its magic.’

Girls Aloud Media

Words with a ring to it? A man has used the Washington Post crossword puzzle as a way of proposing to his girlfriend. The man contacted the newspaper and asked for their help. They then put in several clues so that the brainteaser read “Marlow Epstein. Will You Marry Me?” She successfully completed the puzzle and her prize was a brand new fiancé.

Le Nurb - May 2011

4 News

Stripped of strippers! Nick Birss Tough restrictions could be put in place for Hillingdon’s strip clubs after the council meets to discuss the agenda in July. A council cabinet meeting on April 6th set a provisional go-ahead. These new restrictions could allow councils to refuse licences for premises near to places of worship and schools. John Randall, MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, said: “I don’t

encourage more of these venues because I don’t want Hillingdon to have seedy reputation.” Under the Police and Crime Act 2009 local authorities already have the power to refuse new licences based on the number of existing entertainment venues in the surrounding area. Based on figures collected in November 2010, Hillingdon borough has the fourth highest amount of strip clubs in London. Spearmint Rhino has been

Gaz Corfield

closed, and the De Burgh Arms, West Drayton, faced opposition in the form of fines and penalties. A report for the council cabinet meeting states that it is the inability to regulate these venues that could see numbers rise in the coming months. Spearmint Rhino is also facing problems in Central London locations, including Tottenham Court Road, after losing many of its high-spending clients.

Campus crossing accident Gaz Corfield A Brunel student was hit by a car on the crossing by Mill Hall. The student, named by witnesses as “Tim”, was apparently aged 20 and studies electrical engineering. A black Ford Focus carrying a number of young men struck him whilst he was using the crossing at about 7pm on Wednesday 4th May. Eyewitnesses claimed that the

car struck him with enough force to send the student’s shoe flying across the road. Impact marks were seen on the car’s windscreen. One witness alleged that the traffic lights were green when the student stepped into the road. Emergency services attended the scene shortly afterwards. The injured student was seen being removed from under the car

and stretchered into the waiting ambulance whilst wearing a neck brace. The driver accompanied the victim to hospital. A police spokesman later said, “An accident occurred outside Mill Hall and Topping Lane at about 7pm. A car struck a male pedestrian who was taken to a West London hospital. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.”

New bid for PAFC Xenia Coudrille West Drayton’s representative of Hillingdon Council, Councillor Paul Buttivant is bidding for a Plymouth Argyle football club. Mr Buttivant, a property investor, has teamed up with a European developer in a bid to take over the troubled League. This month he has held several meetings with Plymouth City Council to discuss the bid and seems increasingly keen to go ahead with it. The 2010–11 season is Plymouth Argyle’s 108th as a professional club and their 86th as a member of the Football League. The club’s 23rd place finish in the 2009–10 Championship season means

they are competing in League One for the first time since 2004, when they were promoted as champions. Despite his support, it may not all be plain sailing for Buttivant as he is in competition with James Brent – a Devon based businessman who is also keen on adopting the club. Buttivant’s consortium released a press statement last month which said, “We would like to confirm that a consortium led by Paul Buttivant in joint venture with a European Investment Fund Manager is formally looking at acquiring PAFC and is working through the bid process. “We expect to be in a position

to make a formal bid very shortly, subject to clarification of certain issues by the administrator. Our aspirations are realistic and designed to create a viable football business that is sustainable, debt free and able to thrive operationally, within its financial means.” This is not Buttivant’s first attempt to gain ownership of a club; in 2004 he was unsuccessful in a bid to take over Wrexham FC, which was also in administration at the time. For now the club remains in administration, but with talks heating up as to who will take over, it may be that the new owner is a West Londoner.

Binge food ban Tom Scott A ban on mobile hot food vendors has come into place in an effort to de-clutter Uxbridge High Street. Hillingdon Council have decided to no longer consider any applications for food stalls with the ban in force as of April 27th. This is the latest move by Hillingdon Council to de-clutter Uxbridge High Street having already banned all ice cream vans and imposing strict new rules on buskers and leaf-letters. In the past year, the council have rejected proposals for a hot potato stall and a late night burger van. However, a loophole in the new

legislation does allow for one-off instances. For example, the controversial French market from September last year would be allowed to re-apply due to being classed a “temporary fixture.” Last year, local traders who ran stalls in the Pavilions opposed the 3-day French market after fears that it could affect their businesses and livelihoods. Nevertheless, many said the market livened up the high street and brought extra business to the local community, showing that allowing temporary food stalls actually has a positive effect on shoppers.

Gillian Ungless


May 2011 - Le Nurb

News 5

Uni students face horrifying debts Claire Mason Students will be facing over £50,000 worth of debt for studying a threeyear degree from next year, due to increased tuition fees and living costs. The most expensive courses are those in London, whilst students studying in Manchester receive the least, totalling £46,537 instead of £50,000 after their three-year course. These figures are based on an analysis of tuition fees and accommodation at the Russell Group of universities. Aaron Porter, former president of the National Union of Students, said, ‘These figures begin to paint a picture of just how much debt young people will be leaving university with as they start their careers and families. Even high earners could see their ability to save to buy a home curtailed for many years.” For most students attending a Russell Group university after 2012, the expense of their first year will

Brunel University

total up to £16,407. This includes £9,000 in fees, £3,807 in self-catering university accommodation, and roughly £3,600 in living costs. However, other universities not included in the Russell Group will also charge the maximum £9,000 in tuition fees., who

researched the figures, claimed that students could pay up to £400 for private rent, as university accommodation is more expensive due to hidden costs such as cleaners. Jonathan Moore, of, said: ‘Undergraduates are already under

extreme financial pressure – and this is only going to get worse as higher fees kick in. Rents in the private sector have been rocketing up but they are still some distance from matching the cost of a room in most university halls, which cover cleaners, wardens and layers of university

Students “won’t pay new fees” Ajay Nair The results of a recent survey have been released on current university students and how much of a deterrent raised university fees are. The study showed that over half of the students would not have chosen to go to university if they had to pay £9,000 per year. The poll suggested that 51% of the students that took part were not willing to pay the recently raised tuition fee. The research was put together after 12,658 final year students from 24 universities took part in the poll. The 24 universities, from which the students were surveyed, are all

planning to raise their tuition fees to £9,000 starting from 2012. The poll, which was set up by High Fliers Research, also showed that only a third of those students would have been deterred from going to university if the tuition fee was £6,000. High Fliers Research Managing Director Martin Birchall said: “Our research with the ‘Class of 2011’ shows very clearly that many of the top university undergraduates, particularly those originally from state schools or colleges, would have been put off doing a degree if their tuition fees had been £9,000 a year - the level that most leading

institutions are expecting to charge in future”. The study showed that only 27% of the Cambridge students surveyed, and 25% of the Oxford students, would be put off going to university for £9,000 a year. However, the maximum tuition fee still acted as a considerable deterrent to those students who achieved three B’s or less in their A-Levels. Analysis also suggested that female students were more likely to be put off by a £9,000 university fee. Languages, arts and humanities students were among those who were less likely to fork out the

£9,000 university fee. National Union of Students President Aaron Porter said: “What is particularly worrying is those that are most likely to be affected are from groups that are already underrepresented in our universities or are studying in subject areas already under threat due to the targeting of Government funding cuts”. The study comes after the government’s decision to treble the university tuition fees from around £3,000 to a maximum of £9,000, despite a massive outcry through a series of protests.

Student project wins BFI award Nick Birss Uxbridge Students Win National Filmmaking Award A short film produced by a team of Uxbridge College students, including a deaf student, has won a national filmmaking award. The team of three submitted their video, named “Deaf not Dumb,” to the Adobe Youth Voices filmmaking contest. The film is a rap-style piece, performed using sign language. The winners – Khayrun Nessawill, Samira Mohammed, and deaf student Maab Adam – will be flown to San Francisco to meet film executives and prominent filmmakers, allowing them to take part in creative exercises and workshops. Since its creation in 2006, this competition had not had an entry from a group including a deaf student.

Maab, an art and design student at Uxbridge College, said: “As young deaf people we have so many issues because people lack deaf awareness.” The Uxbridge College team was up against 300 other submissions and 12 short-listed films. The film was presented at the British Film Institute, a momentous occasion for those behind the production. Deaffinity, an organisation aiming to help improve the lives of deaf people, helped create the film. Maab is also due to appear in the documentary ‘Deaf Sisterhood’, which will be made by British Sign Language Broadcasting Television. To see the film visit

administration.’ All 123 universities will charge more than £6,000 for their courses, with nearly 72% intending to charge up to the maximum £9,000 for some, or all, of their courses.

News In Brief Controller Holdup A Californian man attempted to rob a convenience store with a Playstation controller. The man hid the controller under his jacket and pretended it was gun. He was thwarted in his attempts by passing by police officers that entered the store and told him to drop his “weapon”. Witnesses say the man was in fact holding the controllers “handgun attachment”. Naughty Kiki An Australian woman has been told to remove her personalised number plate after complaints that it translated into a part of the female anatomy. The woman had the number plate ‘Kiki’ which turns out means vagina in the Philippines. She had been given the nickname Kiki as a child due to her Greek heritage. Kick Ass Granny A disabled grandmother has fought off a group of youths who attempted to mug her, breaking one of their noses. The 5ft woman, who was in her mobility scooter, beat the muggers with her shopping until they fled the scene. The woman said she felt her 24 grandchildren would have been ashamed if she let the criminals get away. Good Old British Kindness Britain has come in the top five countries in the world for ‘kindness’. According to a study, the British are very likely to volunteer or give money to charity along with USA, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The worst countries in the world are apparently Turkey, Estonia, Hungary, Portugal, and Greece, with only 13% of Greeks ticking the “pro social behaviour box.”

Le Nurb - May 2011

6 News

Wills and Kate are finally married! Amy Blackford Friday 29th April finally saw the royal couple get married. As the whole world watched on the day proved to be a joyous occasion for many. Prince William and Katherine, newly appointed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, invited 1900 friends and family to help them celebrate their nuptials at Westminster Abbey. Luckily the rain held off for the royal couple and their wedding party, as well as the many thousands who camped out overnight. With the whole nation on their doorstep many were waiting to see who designed the key outfits for the day. Katherine looked every inch the Disney princess in a beautiful Sarah Burton dress. Many have likened the gown to that Grace Kelly wore when she married the Prince of Monaco, Ranier III, in 1956. Katherine later wore another Sarah Burton dress in the evening, to the reception that was organised by Prince Charles. Sarah Burton is the successor to the late, great fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

It wasn’t just the new Princess who shined on the day, though. Her younger sister Pippa Middleton caught much attention for her slender figure as she led the younger bridesmaids and page boys down the aisle. Within hours of her memorable appearance, in a sleek white dress, Facebook groups had been set up about her. Groups such as: the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society gained 31,000 followers, where as a fan page gained 82,000 followers. It is very clear that the bride’s sister had a big impact on the day. Guests of the newly married royal couple included Elton John and his partner David Furnish, David Cameron, Guy Ritchie, Sir John Major and David and Victoria Beckham. In a massive faux pas for the LA Galaxy star he pinned his OBE to the wrong lapel. Eagle eyed viewers noticed that he had rectified the problem, before the ceremony started. In another point about the couple, Victoria Beckham caught much attention for her choice of outfit. The pregnant ex-Spice Girl wore one of her own dresses, which many

thought looked more suitable for a funeral than a wedding. Many of people who had seen the ‘Royal Wedding Drinking Game’ on Facebook would have undoubtedly been absolutely wasted before the bride even got to the church, or maybe even the groom for those of who are a lightweight. Such rules included: “ If the Queen is on the screen you must be drinking because the woman has ruled the country for over 50 years.” Another rule

included, and undoubtedly the most damaging, was “Any time parallels are drawn to the Diana and Charles wedding (or any previous Royal Wedding for that matter) by commentators or otherwise, all players must consume 3 fingers/ mouthfuls of their drink.” As the couple exited the Abbey they left to return to Buckingham Palace, where they spent the rest of the day, in the same carriage Prince Charles and Diana used in their wedding, in 1981.

The now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared on the balcony at half past one for their first public kiss as a married couple. Prince Charles lifted Camilla’s granddaughter up so that she could see the crowd that had gathered outside of Buckingham Palace for the day. Le Nurb sends William and Katherine their congratulations.

Violent criminals brought to justice Gaz Corfield Rioters from the trade unionsponsored “March for the Alternative” have been arrested by police. Hundreds of individuals who travelled to London on special trains and coaches paid for by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) smashed their way into the Fortnum & Mason store in London’s Piccadilly on 26th March. Marchers also attacked other retail outlets, police and innocent passers-by. Since the march, police have been reviewing CCTV footage and photographs of the day’s destruction, as well as media

footage and other pictures uploaded to social networking websites. So far, 207 arrests have been made. There were 201 arrests on Saturday 26th March alone, 145 in connection with the Fortnum & Mason incident. 151 people have been charged, with 138 of these being charged with aggravated trespass in connection with the incident at Fortnum and Mason. Police are still seeking a number of individuals for offences including violent disorder, assault and criminal damage. Detective Chief Superintendent Matthew Horne, leading the investigation, said: “A significant

number of individuals that were intent on causing violence and damage have already been identified and arrested thanks to members of the public. These further images are released in order that those who decided to cause fear to shoppers and tourists on the day can be brought to justice.” Anyone who recognises any of the people in the montage is asked to contact the Operation Brontide team on 020 8246 9386 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

C of E crackdown on sham marriages NothingTooMuch1

Hayley Baldwin After Kate and William’s lavish ceremony, the wedding season is now upon us. However, the Church of England is not about to relish in this; instead, it is enforcing new, strict procedures. New clergy guidance is being introduced to the Church of England to reduce the number of sham marriages. This will include couples applying for licences if either the bride or groom is nonEuropean, and clergy members are urged to report any suspicions they have of the marriage being fake. These new procedures mean clergy have the right to refuse to conduct a wedding without being

considered guilty of misconduct. They are also urged to contact the police immediately if they feel threatened or pressured to carry out the marriage. According to BBC News, “over the past nine months, 155 people have been arrested in the UK” because of investigations into church and civil ceremonies. It was not just couples that were getting arrested. Last September, Revered Alex Brown, 61, was sentenced for four years when he married hundreds of illegal immigrants so they could stay in Britain. He abused his potion in the Church of St Peter and St Paul in East Sussex by marrying African men to Eastern European women.

These marriages are not just a problem for England, a spokeswoman from the Church of Wales said. They have become a “relatively new problem.” Welsh clergy will be trained by the UK Border Agency for spotting giveaway signs, what documents to request and questions to ask couples. Sham marriages are one example that the true meaning of weddings is becoming lost. This crackdown will hope to see more couples marrying for the right reasons.

May 2011 - Le Nurb


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Le Nurb - May 2011

8 Union News

UBS President Hi everyone. My name is Promise Phillips. I am a final year student currently studying financial computing and the President elect of the Union of Brunel Students. Firstly, I will like to thank the team of 2010/11 and most importantly the outgoing President, Priya Pallan. I believe a large proportion of students will agree when I say she has been an inspiration and a positive example to the entire staff that served under her. I aim to continue with the remarkable

work of the outgoing team, who collectively have added so much to the positive direction and focus of the UBS. During the election, my selling point was to empower and engage students to achieve the best for themselves while in the university. It is my intention to create or develop more avenues that will better the studying environment for students while in the university and a network to reconnect to the university after their studies. With the above in mind, I sincerely seek for the full

co-operation of all the students of Brunel University to be part of a new era that will bring about quality and excellence to the time spent while studying here.

Hi guys, my name is Gary O’Brien a current 3rd year sport sciences student, squash chair and general Brunel enthusiast...some may even say keeno. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who took time to vote for your favourites in the elections; you can expect all of the elected to work very hard for you next year especially your VP SA elect! Next year is all about increasing the status of Brunel RAG, sport and societies to a level like never before. This status will not just be increased within the university, it won’t just be increased within the

local community but to national and even international years. Lets look forward to a year where every individual at Brunel (whether part of a club and society or not) can say they have had the best year ever; where they can say that there have been more steps taken into ensuring and creating success and where they can say the union were efficient in providing as many opportunities as possible. I have many ideas that were in my manifesto, i have one of them which is currently already being worked on with the volunteering chair. You guys are the voice of this

university, i want to hear all your views and really step up on union efficiency to transfer your views into actions.

Hello everyone. I’m Avina Patel and I am so grateful to everyone who voted during the elections and have given me the opportunity to be your VP Community Welfare for a second year. I am the only returning officer next year and I want to continue all the work I’ve been doing over the past year. During this year, I have raised awareness of issues relating to the student body by organising various campaigns such as Sexual Health and Guidance (SHAG) Week, Alcohol and Drugs Week, Fairtrade Fortnight and Stress Less And Well Being. I have organised these campaigns to reach the most amount of student’s

possible and to make them as fun and informative as possible. They have all been incredibly successful and I’m hoping to have them again next year and make them even more successful. I have also resolved welfare issues relating to PHD students. So what do I have planned for next year? There are currently about 2000 students who volunteer for the Union and who don’t get accreditation. I want them all to get accredited to acknowledge all the hard work that they’ve put in and to help boost their employability status. I want to continue working with the university to become a

Fairtrade accredited university and to continue raising awareness of issues relating to students through campaigns. Last year, I split SHAG Week up into several dates throughout year so I could reach out to more students and this was really successful so I want to do this again in the upcoming year. I also want to encourage more people to start volunteering at the Union so we’ve set up an application form online at www. for anyone interested in volunteering and getting involved in Union activites. See you all next year!

The build-up and the commotion of this year’s elections are over now, and I am really grateful that I have been successfully voted into the position. Seeing the belief and support you all have given me has been very humbling, and for that I am truly thankful. I am keen to highlight what the SU is really about, how you all can make a difference as individuals and how working as a group can improve standards throughout. As your elected Vice President Academic Representation, I am here foremost for you, to support you and represent you throughout the next year. Your ideas and issues have to be at the forefront

of what I do; my manifesto was built around the concerns and issues that have been brought to my attention throughout the last three years at Brunel. I am a Social Anthropology and have been involved with the Union for 2 years. The aim of next year, for me, is to campaign and put policy in place to build stronger foundations within the University; through lecturer delivery, teaching quality, the resources available, contact hours and Student voice. Too many times, I have heard people say that things are not consistent, things are not the same. I say, lets change that.

My main aims for next year are: • TO BE TAUGHT, NOT LECTURED We need to be ENGAGED, CHALLENGED and INSPIRED. •Continue the “I LOVE MY PT CAMPAIGN” and Develop Assessment Feedback. •STUDENT REPRESENTATION SCHEME Revamp. Next year is a year to watch, with many new faces and fantastic individuals being elected recently. As a group, we have a lot to offer but we cannot do it without you. So get in touch with us. Your ideas and your involvement makes the difference.

Finally, I am deeply honoured to have been elected as President and hope you will all participate next term in what will stand out to be a wonderful year.

VP Student Activities

Finally i would just like to add that other candidates had some cracking ideas which i would love to take on board and include in my programme as i know some were well supported and will be of great benefit to us. It will be a pleasure working for the students of the best university there is....Bru Wha? Gary O’Brien


VP Community Welfare

VP AC Representation

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Union News 9

How time flies... How quickly does time fly by? It feels like only yesterday I was dropped off at Mill Hall without a friend or a familiar face, nervous and shy; little did I know six years later (yes six years, and no I am not the female Raj) I would be writing my goodbye message as President of UBS. These last two years, undoubtedly are the best years of my life and this has been down to one thing; the people. I have met some amazing students and worked with wonderful and inspirational people both within the University and the Union. The highlight of my year as President, without a doubt, has to be the demonstration on 10.11.10, where over 400 Brunel students turned out to show their disgust for the Coalition’s savage cuts to higher education. I

can still see the vision in my head of hundreds of Brunel Students in top hats, carrying banners and chanting their hearts out on the streets of London. Never have I been so proud seeing our students peacefully and passionately standing up for what they believe in. That day will stay with me forever. There are so many other highlights of the year I could sit here for a while and list them, but if I think about the best bits, it always boils down to the work and effort of fantastic people. It’s now time for a new set of Officers and Chairs to shape the Union and take it to new heights. I wish you all the best for the coming year. Make sure you take the time to relish your role, enjoy yourself and the people, the year shoots by and before you know

it, it’s over. If I can leave you with a lesson I have learnt; it would be to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way during University and in life. Always remember you will only get back what you put in, take a step outside your comfort zone and trust me you will learn things about yourself that you would never have known! It has been an absolute pleasure and honour serving as your VicePresident and President and I wish you all the best wherever your journeys take you.

Coming towards the end of my term and I have decided that it’s a strange job being an Officer of a SU. 12 months as a Student Officer is not long enough, but when you look at Greenwood and Priya I guess 2 years is too long! Being a student in Fresher’s is amazing, and being a Contact of any variety is even better, so I had no idea what to expect as an Officer. Aside from the Student Rep recruitment talks and the induction talks to over 400 new freshers every day, Fresher’s Week as a VP is pretty sweet indeed. Working with a fantastic team in the Union, the Contacts representing the Union and seeing the freshers having a damn good time – absolutely awesome. But from then it goes downhill. Emails, meetings, phone calls, web updates, articles for LeNurb, report writing, conferences and projects all

really kick off when Fresher’s is done and dusted, and none of it stops until just before you are leaving Office. I know most students at Brunel, and probably at any Uni, see the Student Officers as layabouts that get paid to do pretty much nothing but sit in the bar all day – and I agree that Greenwood portrays that beautifully – but it really is so much more. This year alone we have done so much,. Personal highlights have been my own priority campaign of I <3 My PT and the amazing joint effort of the Officers and Chairs in promoting of the National Demo against fees and cuts which resulted in 400 of you coming along! A huge thanks to the 650 of you that took the time to let me know your thoughts on what works and what doesn’t with Personal Tutoring, results are going to the University

this month and action will be taken to improve it in each School to the level that you want to see it. The success of the campaign is largely down to the volunteers who all helped out in the promo, so a big hand to all those involved. The Demo was absolutely stonking! Such a great day out but also proving that students need to be heard. Regardless of the news coverage and the focus on the violent aspects, I am still proud to have marched with Brunel’s finest. Working in your Union alongside the greatest President and Vice Presidents that the UBS has seen has been an incredible privilege and pleasure and I will always remember it as my best year at Uni. Well that’s me. 5 years is a long time and I am getting the hell out of here. It’s been a pleasure Brunel See you in the bar.

Finally leaving Brunel! BIG NEWS: GREENWOOD IS FINALLY LEAVING BRUNEL! Yes folks it is true, I am actually leaving Brunel after a fair few years. As a student it was amazing and as a student officer, it has been superb with many ups and a few downs. There have been some absolutely sublime moments such at the demonstration and achieving the sports strategy. I have met some great people along the way, but I have also met my fair share of clowns. This balance of people is why being a student officer is so great, you can educate as well as being supported on your campaigns. I would always recommend anyone going for election because it a great experience and a cracking C.V. builder. You are always learning and when I first came into the job I didn’t have a clue how to do it

(and some would say I still don’t) and this is where my first thank you comes in. UBS staff I salute you. Through your great training and support it has developed myself and the other student officers into what we are today, always fighting the students corner. My second goes to all the part timers (Sam Middlewood excluded) and chairs of the Union, especially my sports chairs. You guys have had a tough time having to work with me, but I think we got though it really well in the end, and there will always be time for a students activities tequila. To the student officers, it has been immense working with you guys. You are the best colleges anyone could ask for. I hope we have passed on all the knowledge we can to the new lot (they

don’t know what they are letting themselves in for, but we were never going to tell them that). But my biggest thanks go to all the students who I have met and have support me through my time in office. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys (because someone else would have got it!!). So what is the future for me? Well I might become a student again doing a masters (don’t worry not at Brunel), or I might hit the big bad world and get a job. I think that optimises how I have changed at Brunel and what I think of university life and I shall end it with a quote. ‘Always keep your options open, because you don’t which ones will close’


See you at the bar!

Le Nurb - May 2011

10 Union News

Volunteer Chair Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m FedEx, your Volunteer Chair. Volunteering is a great way to boost your employability and enhance your CV and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved right here in your Student Union. Check out www.brunelstudents. com/volunteer to see a list of what volunteer opportunities are available for you to get involved with. This year, I and the other chairs and officers have big plans for volunteering. We have been

working to create more voluntary opportunities in student media, project work, and voluntary work within sports clubs, so stay tuned for more announcements and opportunities throughout the year. I have been working with VP Student Activities, Joel BrasherJones, VP-elect Gary O’Brien, Union and University staff to set up a voluntary treatment team to assist with first aid and massages for sports teams. We aim to launch this in October, along with more media presence at sports matches

to provide a greater level of service to all our clubs. I am also working with the VP Community Welfare to ensure that all volunteers receive accreditation for the work they do, so if you are a volunteer then get in touch and we’ll help you out. I’m keen to hear about your ideas for volunteering or if you want to get involved but aren’t sure how to. Drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Hello! My name is Brett! I am really excited about having been elected as RAG Chair and have already dived head-first into the role! My three broad aims for RAG this year are: 1) To increase RAG’s visibility and profile as much as possible 2) To create lots of fun and exciting fundraising events throughout the year, which all students can become engaged in 3) To collaborate with as many clubs/societies that are willing to share ideas and fundraising activities I’ve already started running the

‘RAG IS RECRUITING’ campaign (please see page???? of this newspaper for further details), and am hoping that as many eager students will become involved with Brunel RAG this year as possible! Projects coming up for RAG include: the return of BRUNEL’S GOT TALENT; the launch of BRUNEL’S NEXT TOP MODEL; DARE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, as well as MEGA RAIDS (with overnight stays); sponsored SKY DIVES; and CHALLENGE EVENS - just to name a few! But firstly, RAG will be raising money for JAPAN TSUNAMI

APPEAL on 23rd May (first day of FACE Week!), by holding a “Japanese Awareness Day,” where we will be filling the whole campus with as many Japanese cultural events as possible – from sushi rolling to martial arts, calligraphy to anime screenings. Hopefully, by reading this, you’ve gotten a flavour of the many exciting events that RAG has in store over the coming year. To become involved, please visit

RAG Chair

Thanks for reading and best of luck with your exams!

Sports Fed Chair Hey! I’m Stewart Bailey and I am going into my 3rd year at Brunel in September, studying sports science. I am an active member of Brunel Squash Club and Ultimate Frisbee. Next year I will hold the positions of Vice Chair and Secretary. I also have good social connections with many other clubs at Brunel, I feel this will help me in my position as sports federation chair. My aims for next year: •To increase proximal club-to-club and club-to-union relationships, developing club unity.

•Increase the awareness and approachability of the Sports Federation Committee. •Introduce a give-it-a-go fayre during Freshers Week •Increase the support at varsity •Look to continue the huge success of the Sports Federation Ball, attempting to find a suitable sponsor for the event. If you, like me, have a big interest in sport and are keen to make a difference in Brunel sport, then get involved and keep an eye out for the Sports Fed elections!

Hello everyone my name is Danish Merchant. I am currently enrolled in second year Business Management (Accounting). I will be making some adjustments from next year, as I will make International Students strengthen towards a more commercial world. I will implement this by accelerating the awareness of World Students in Brunel by some more International events. My aim is to make Brunel a single entity for International Students so that they can feel the pleasure of being at Brunel just like it is their second home. However, we all know that there is a large majority of International Students at Brunel, so it is very important to

organise an event that represents their culture and their interest so that it can make their stay at Brunel more colourful and calm. Thirdly, my team members and I will make sure that all students are taking part in each and every event, that holds their interest. One big event that we all know is “One world week” in which all worldwide students express their culture, such as food and clothing. I promise by this coming year these types of events will be more successful and bigger then ever before. We will adopt innovative and new-fangled strategies to accelerate the interest of World Students at their level best.

Hey everyone. I’m Tom Scott and I seem to be cropping up all over this issue of LeNurb. No wonder, since as the current Media Chair, I get to organise both the student newspaper and Radio Brunel. I want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me and turned out for the elections last month. It was truly overwhelming and so appreciated – not only by myself, but all the candidates, so thanks. As Media Chair, I want to get as many students involved in student media as possible, and show them all how student media can enhance their university experience. I also want to get more clubs and societies to use

student media. It is there for them to use and to help promote themselves and their events. It’s something I like to call ‘Society Showcase’ and I want to highlight the successes of all students at this university. Currently, there are over 200 students volunteering as a part of student media and I want that number to get bigger and bigger every year. LeNurb and Radio Brunel can be so under-rated but I want students to have the most fun whilst at university and I really feel that student media can be surprisingly fun. I seem to like it! Any questions, drop me an email at

Hello guys.

higher for upcoming years and providing the foundations needed to make US greater. I am here for you, contact if you have any inquiries, worries or anything. Brunel is our home and we the students, are one family. We should stand together and show everyone our greatness. Like a good friend of mine said, BRUnited we stand. Zein “Zeeno” Owfar – Campaigns chair 2011-2012

World Students

Equality And Diveristy Media Chair My name is James Ward and I will (hopefully) be a final year Politics and History student and I am the new equality and diversity chair. There is a problem with the world – maybe not this university – but in the world. Its ignorance; people are unable to tolerate someone for what makes them different, such as disability, sexuality, religion etc. Coming to Brunel, we have a wide variety of cultures, but people come with their biases, and the only way to change that is to change attitudes. So it is my intention to hold events to celebrate difference and encourage societies to hold

events based upon their culture. I would like to propose inter-society events, such as an annual debate about Equality and Diversity or even something as simple as sport. I would also like to have a collage of about 100-200 different students in the atrium to change every term to remind us all that we are different, especially the diverse fresher’s joining our Brunel family. In addition, I feel that disability is somewhat overlooked, so that will be central to my plan in terms of raising awareness and developing our understanding of disability. Having a day where we can highlight blindness,

deafness and the impact of using a wheelchair on campus in order to show students that it is difficult; there is a certain etiquette, but we are all fundamentally the same. Finally, my big idea will be to have a large cultural festival in which every society creates an event during FACE so we can all learn something new. These are all ideas in development and what I would like to do, but I am open to suggestions from anyone.

Hey Guys, Sean here! Firstly I would like to thank everyone who voted and give an even bigger thank-you to those who voted for me. Thanks to your support, I have the privilege of being your Societies Guild Chair for the next academic year. One thing that disturbed me during the campaign was the number of those who thought voting would not make a difference, that it would just mean new posters on the windows of the SU. Well I assure you, it does make a difference. These elections

have insured that we have an excellent team of dedicated and hard working people running your SU to ensure the very best experience for you guys. I think this year will be a very exciting one, both for the Union but more importantly for our societies. It is my job to ensure that you guys get noticed, that you grow and that you achieve great things. To do this I plan to ensure that you can have access to all forms of student media to get your message and your events out there. I hope to establish a

tradition of awarding your success. By establishing a Society of Year awards and capping the year off by a Societies Guild Ball and Awards Evening. I hope to inject a bit of friendly competition and new dynamism into everything you do. Thirdly, fair funding is the cornerstone to help you achieve this. I shall be working closely with all of you to make sure this is achieved. So thanks again, good luck with your exams and I look forward to working with you all in the new year.

Peace and Love

Societies Guild Chair

Campaigns Chair

First of all, I would like to say thank you for everyone who voted for me. I promise not to let you down and stick to what I said in my manifesto, campaigns week and question time. I am really looking forward to starting my role and making things happen for us. I cannot wait to work with you to make our Brunel experience better and make our Union more exceptional. We are going to set the standards

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Union News 11

Annual Uni Meeting Ben Moxey

Much like the hot weather, exams and patching up those holes in the walls to get the deposit back it is time for the Annual Union Meeting! This year it will be taking place at 3pm on the Thursday of FACE at a location to be confirmed. The whole event is open house and students are welcome to come along to see how the Union is run and how the Officers and Chairs who you elected last year have performed their tasks over the last 12 months by scrutinising their end of year reports. Another big task of Assembly is

to pass the motions that affect the direction and running of the Union. To date, there are 4 to vote on, the biggest of these is the outcome of the No Platform Working Group. Those who were at the AUM last year will remember the long battle over the No Platform Policy, which seeks to limit the ability of racist groups like the BNP from speaking on campus. Now it has been worked on by a focus group of students and is back to be voted on. So if you are interested in student union politics, have a strong view to present to the Exec or just fancy watching the whole thing unfold then come along during FACE at 3pm! (details of the location will be available on the website in the coming days)

Election Results The election results are as follows. Thanks for voting. President Promise Phillips Vice President Academic Representation Craig Best Community Welfare Avina Patel Student Activities Gary O’Brian Media Association Chair Tom Scott Sports Federation Chair Stewart Bailey Societies Guild Chair Sean ‘Skippy’ Smith RAG Chair Brett Halsey

Campaigns Chair Zein Owfar Equality And Diversity James War Environmental Chair Melissa Wong World Students Chair Danish Merchant Volunteering Chair Alex Mitchell Academic Diversity Chair Anita Chowdry

Student Trustees Peter Smallwood Adiat Shinaba Ohenewaa Adu-Akyeampong NUS Delegate Ohenewaa Adu-Akyeampong Mohammad Ahmad Khan

Make A Difference With Brunel RAG “RAG is Recruiting” Brett Halsey Brunel Raise & Give is looking for enthusiastic individuals to take part in (and help to co-ordinate) a number of exciting events and fundraising activities throughout the academic year. There are both full time & part time positions available. - For those seeking a full time role, this will involve the planning, development and overseeing of many projects across the year by joining the RAG Committee. - For the part time role, this will involve helping to promote and volunteer at various events (wearing a snazzy RAG t-shirt, collecting donations etc). Being a part of Brunel RAG is great fun, very rewarding, sociable and looks great on your CV! You do

not need any previous experience for the roles, although one essential requirement is bundles of enthusiasm! NEW WAYS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH BRUNEL RAG Like us on Facebook & follows us on Twitter! You can also add ‘IZZY BRUNEL RAG’ on Facebook. Add her, chat to her, post on her wall - she’d love to hear from you (particularly if it’s regarding fundraising!) You can also now sign up to receive RAG MAIL. This is a monthly newsletter that will keep you informed of RAG’s latest activities and upcoming events. **Those signed up will be the first to hear about how to apply to be a RAG CONTACT for Freshers 2011!!** All of these links and sign ups can be found on www.brunelstudents. com/RAG - it’s well worth a visit! You can also email us directly at

Le Nurb - May 2011

12 Features

Enough of the abuse… It’s summer; let’s party! Richard Burgess

Welcome back from your much deserved Easter break. Did you enjoy it? Or did you do what you were supposed to do and sit all alone in your dark and dreary quarters working, revising, hoping that your efforts will pay off and that soon you will be greeted by Prince Charming, emerging gallantly from the horizon on his faithful steed, to deliver your all-important Final Transcript; and then whisk you away to the promise land where you actually get paid to do some work! For most of you, there are only 4 weeks left and then you are free (“Yay!”). For many of the postgrads; there is a lovely dissertation to do afterwards with a 31/09/2011 date written upon it (“Boo!!!”). Whichever category you fall into, you will no doubt need to take a break over the summer as it gives you some much needed change; not just taking away the work but a change of scenery, a change of routine, a change of company? Many of you will have jobs or other commitments over the summer so even a short weekend (or even mid-week) break will do nicely. Britain (believe it or not) is a great country for small, inexpensive short breaks and I’m not just talking camping (although, camping is AWESOME!). One such example is Canterbury,

JoeInSouthernCA Wish you were here instead of revising? Yep, us too. I had the pleasure of going there a few weeks ago to visit my sister, saw the cathedral, as you do, but it was also a great place to just relax. You can get there from Brunel in about 2 hours (and an hour of that will be on the tube!) thanks to the lovely direct high speed rail from St Pancras, it’s so brilliant even the most hard-core environmentalists would have to agree. Within the city walls are some great little restaurants and cafés, the best of which was a small establishment that sells fantastic cream tea and cakes. In the evening, the young-

urn’s from the local university’s come out to play, as do the buskers, and the locals, and the pensioners; even what I would assume to be the local chav’s were somewhat middle-class and after refusing to give my spare change to a beggar, who was texting on her blackberry and wearing a rather nice and clean jacket, the reply: “OK, sorry to disturb you, enjoy your evening.” If a city break is not for you then why not try a national park? The New Forest has cute, fluffy ponies! And Snowdonia has cute, fluffy…

sheep! I know where my first summer break will be, my fellow TROG’s and I will be hiring out a minibus and going surfing on the south west coast right after exams. Cue sand, sea and sun (weather permitting). Cue beer, barbecues and bikinis! Yes, frolicking about on the beach with some of my best friends at the end of exams has been one of my highlights in the last few years; and when I finally leave university I have no doubt that it will be up there in some of my favourite memories. Because let’s face it, you don’t

want to remember you student life as coming to uni, doing some work and then pissing off home with your degree, do you? I guess what I’m trying to say is enjoy your time off, make the most of it, get out of the house and do something with your friends, or if they’re being boring bastards then follow the spirit of the TROG’s and do something different and make some new friends while at it. Do yourself justice, work hard, then have some fun! (Andrew WK style if possible!). Enjoy your summer.

Time to overhaul broken NUS democracy. Rhys Jones

In case you didn’t know, there has been an election in which you didn’t vote. Liam Burns is now the president of the NUS. Whilst the basics of this, and who Liam Burns is, have been discussed elsewhere in the paper, there is someone else I would like to mentionAaron Porter. You may think that he is irrelevant now, and perhaps always has been. His leadership, though, has given rise to a coalition that stands at odds with how the NUS is operated. What I’m talking about is the campaign to set up a Democratic Union of Students. This is a growing amount of people, organised via Facebook and blogs, who think the NUS is doing a very poor job indeed in representing its millions of members. On April 14, NUS delegates voted against Motion 703, a motion that would have allowed you, the NUS member, to vote for members of the NUS’ national executive. The DUS advocates see this as “wholly insufficient on a democratic level.”

I, for one, agree. I am utterly tired of sitting around waiting to see which representative is elected by our delegates. I must question why the NUS delegates feel they cannot trust us. The election of the NUS President at the very least should be elected by us, NUS members – particularly as deligates stand on increasingly personal and radical manifestos and purport to speak for students as a whole. I do not think Liam Burns speaks for me. There is nothing practical stopping the NUS from holding elections: we manage to do it. Our clubs and societies manage to hold them online. Why couldn’t the NUS? I’m tempted to think the unthinkable – maybe, as a group, our delegates, and the NUS at a national level, don’t trust us to vote for the right people? Or perhaps, maybe holding elections would allow more people to stand as candidates and actually have to campaign, explaining to millions of students exactly why they should vote for them. If you agree, please do support the group on Facebook – it’s either that or disaffiliate. In voting against Motion 703, those are the only options the NUS has left us.

NUS Scotland Liam Burns, new NUS president - but how many of you actually elected your leader?

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Features 13

Up and coming Brighton talent - Go Cats

Ben Mitchell

Kashfia Kabir

“Creative, innovative and fun,” and not a feline in sight. Kashfia Kabir reviews emerging BrIghton band, Jojo and the Go Cats. The quirky and melodic tunes of Jojo and the Go Cats permeate through the April evening crowd of music lovers, amongst the chink of glasses and muted conversation. The atmospheric Latest Music Bar in Kemp Town has been a regular venue for this local band, who have recently become quite prominent in Brighton’s music scene. The five-piece band describe their music as ‘funky and soul-y’, each member infusing their own musical influences into the creative process, from jazz and blues, classical music, rock and roll and ska. The eclectic mix results in relaxing and upbeat songs that get you tapping your feet and swaying your body to the rhythms. The Brighton-based band

consists of Jo Mitchell on vocals, Dan Sherrington on saxophone, Jon Younghusband on bass, Luciano Baldauf on guitar, and Mike Cassidy-Hogg on djembe. The band’s origins can be traced back to when Jo met Dan at Sussex University. When not studying Philosophy, the pair started performing together at open mic nights in Brighton. ‘After dragging Jo along to my gigs year after year,’ said Dan, ‘we finally decided to form our own band, and the Go Cats were born.’ He is currently performing with three bands, but feels like the Go Cats are his ‘own special music home.’ Jo started her musical career at a young age; singing ‘Carmina Burana’ in a large vocal group in her teens provided the inspiration to become more focused on singing. Jo claims she ‘goes mad for soul music and songs that come from the heart’, citing Eva Cassidy, Carole King and Aretha Franklin as her biggest influences. Dan has been a mainstay of the Brighton music scene for many years, playing in a variety bands and going on several European tours.

Dan and Jo met Jon, who has been playing bass since he was 14, at the Portland Rock Bar in Portslade a few years ago during one of the pub’s famous open mic nights and Dan met Luciano the guitarist through work. Mike was the last link: he met Jon on a cold Brighton beach on New Year’s Eve last year and an impromptu jam around the fire led to him being involved in the band. Mike, who first picked up the djembe at university, said: ‘I love playing with the other guys, it’s brilliant. Everyone’s got different influences and they’re all just really creative people.’ ‘Jon has written some amazing songs that we have done a few of at our gigs, and everyone kind of improvises around them,’ said Jo. ‘One of our new songs that we recently wrote is called Pool Shark. A few of us went to Jon’s flat with a bottle of red wine and decided we wanted to write a song around a riff that was previously another song, but the lyrics to the other song were too hard for me to sing. So we took a riff and the melody and came up with a whole new song. It’s quite a funky song and

makes you want to move your body.’ The quintet recently recorded their first album at Riverside Recording Studio at the Sussex Academy of Music in Shoreham. ‘A very nice chap called Ryan helped us all out with our first CD,’ said Mike. The album recording has made the band start thinking about future plans, especially branching out to doing gigs in London. ‘We’re hoping we can get the CDs sold at a few local shops, do some more gigs around here and also get a following on the Internet.’ Jon believes that the current music scene in Brighton is ideal for the Go Cats. ‘I think we’re a creative, innovative and fun band to watch, fitting in with what a Brighton audience wants from live music. Since Brighton has such a diversity of people, we spend time making sure our songs are not mainstream, but also ensuring that they’re not overly eccentric, bordering on weird!’ Often described as being rather niche and idiosyncratic, Brighton offers numerous open mic nights that give aspiring musicians,

We Need Designers!

whether students or professionals, to showcase their individualistic talents. Venues like the Latest Music Bar and The Brunswick are a great place for Brightonians to discover quirky new artists, as local resident Andrew confirms: ‘I’ve not seen the Go Cats before but they’re really great, such a unique sound. I come to the Latest Music Bar quite a lot, it’s a great place to see bands that you might not hear of otherwise.’ When asked if they see this as a long-term project, Mike said, ‘Oh yeah, absolutely. Then we’re going to quit our jobs and live on a boat! Just blast music out one massive speaker and whoever wants to come and listen can just moor up around us and we’re going to create a little community on the ocean!’ Are bigger gigs in London and more albums the big dream? ‘Yes. And the boat.’ Jojo and the Go Cats will be jazzing it up at various places across Brighton this summer; for details and snippets of what this funky band sounds like, check out jojoandthegocats

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Made In Brunel: Where good ideas go on

Vic Jeg In Design, there is a guy called Guy in the metal fabrication workshop; there is a running joke about how Ron in the wood workshop “gives you wood,” and late at night, students display their towers of Red Bull cans to boast about how long they have been awake. On top of all this, you may have seen the “I love PT” posters done in “I Love NY” fashion, promoting the need

to look into the personal tutors around campus. This is also a Design department joke – there is only one PT and he is indeed loved so much that some design students wear the “I Love PT” badges with pride. Welcome to Brunel Design. Design students are an odd bunch. They talk in cryptic designer languages, hate blue foam like Superman hates kryptonite, and instead of dissertations, they have “the major project.” My major project is called the the “saving babies

project.” To explain what my project really is would be a bit confusing, and there is an thing called an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which tells me to keep it this way. I’m also designing a self-playing ukulele (no NDAs there, so I can complain about how I can’t get enough torque to make the stepper motor turn...) I’m currently modifying a Blackberry to make it more userfriendly. Just to make it more interesting for Level 3 Designers, a whole new project is restarting in

The latest incarnation of the Made In Brunel Website

September: Made In Brunel (MIB). Nobody in our uni seems to know of it except for the Design and Engineering department, but the outside world does. So what is Made In Brunel? Made In Brunel showcases the brightest creations from Brunel University’s globally-renowned School of Engineering and Design. The design team was so successful last year on making the book that people in some cases people thought they couldn’t the book because it looked too expensive to be just given away (turns out

making it hardback with a bound bookmark has that effect.) The whole event was very professional and exceedingly well done – only those involved know what chaos what happens to make this work. Last year, I helped out with MIB for a few days prior to the major London show, so I know. Let me paint a picture of my experience: it is around 2am, and Dev (last year’s MIB director) has ordered the whole book team to stop working and turn off their PCs – in the middle of the heat wave, insects have flooded the room, and the computers have made the place into a sweltering sweat shop. They all descend downstairs into the DEC (Design Exhibition Centre). DEC is normally a tidy room with various project displayed on the walls, but now it’s a workshop with a shelving unit that will be rebuilt because someone can’t use a measuring tape. Three topless males work over upside-down tables; their names are Big Ben, Oliver and Vic (yes, me.) Seeing us, the girls decide that shutting down the computers and going downstairs was a good idea. Dev shoos everyone upstairs again so we can continue with work. The next day, Big Ben (who worked throughout the night without sleep) assembles the “Box of Hopes and Dreams” – a tool box designed with lots of different tools with the notion that if anyone’s “dreams” get damaged, at least we can use duct tape to fix it. Everyone else’s dreams are put into other boxes and sent in big lorry to last year’s venue. The ill-measured shelving unit is then fixed by careful use of white paint. During all this, I run back and forth, building a stand for Dev’s skis that have a

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Is Big Brother watching you right now? Tristan Harper

Brunel University new special material he will be demoing. All the tables are now upright and wrapped; and one has a blood stain from when I cut myself on sheet metal while wiring the tables. Day 3 is The Big Move, Part 2. I am a courier since we forgot to pack the little acrylic stands that holds MIB post cards. Many people run around and panic, but we open up with pretty happy faces for D-DAY. As the day progresses, well-dressed students network, and rumours go around of a Chinese gentleman – he has a hat who and is asking the students to contact them so he can build their project. The next day, the same rumour goes around, but this time with a warning that he no longer has a hat. The students congratulate themselves by going to a pub, and when it’s all over, they pack up and send everything back to Uxbridge. This year we are doing it all again, but starting from scratch. We have thrown away the tables we used these last few years. We are now moving to a totally different venue, and the book is now being overhauled and re-branded. I couldn’t help the Made In Brunel in its build-up because I had been designing this newspaper, but I wish the team all the best. I will probably help in the final 2 weeks again downstairs in DEC... possibly topless again... The next Made In Brunel will be held in a totally new venue as well. You can see what the Engineering & Design Students have done at the Bargehouse – Thursday 9th June to Saturday 11th June. More details at

It may or may not interest our readership to know that there are precisely one hundred and twenty cameras of the closed circuit kind – that’s both of the dome (moving) and static variety – upon this architectural smorgasbord of a campus some of us call home. Now, I don’t think anyone would deny their presence to be a necessary one, both to protect those on campus and as a deterrent to anyone considering doing anything naughty, but there’s a line in the sand to be drawn somewhere, and a bigger picture to think about. Depending on who or what you read, there’s anything between 1.85 and 4.2 million CCTV cameras protecting and observing (or the other way round) residents of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The upper figure came courtesy of just about every article you could read on the subject published within the last few years up until a couple of months ago; the former appeared at the beginning of March courtesy of a study carried out by Cheshire’s deputy chief constable, Graeme Gerrard (also the lead on CCTV issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers). The results were initially published by niche media outlets before later being picked up by the local and national press. Despite the initially estimated figure being more than halved by the new research, the Daily Mail still managed to be shocked and outraged by the new findings, declaring: “Big Brother is DEFINITELY watching you: Shocking study reveals UK has one CCTV for every 32 people. It’s an astonishing statistic that is sure to send a chill down the spines of freedom campaigners.” Security enthusiasts,, took to task closed circuit television naysayers, declaring: “How can those that argue there are simply too many be treated with any seriousness when in reality, up until now, noone actually really knew!” Be that as it may, 1.85 million cameras is still approximately one for every thirty-two inhabitants of these fair isles, so still a substantial ratio and one worth considering. Add those 1.85 million cameras to those of the vehicle registration recognition variety, shop RFID tags (currently only used to track products within shop confines

Campus alone has 120 CCTV cameras but feared by some to be wheeled out further in the future), mobile phone triangulation, store loyalty cards, credit card transactions, London Oyster cards, satellites… The list goes on and the mind boggles. As technology has snowballed, so, seemingly, has anonymity, but in the opposite direction. Who we are, what we like, what we do, is no longer known just to ourselves and those we love and trust, but also to The Man. And The Man, as we all know, has an evil plan. Well, doesn’t he? The argument goes that the only ones who have a problem with the presence of closed circuit television cameras are those who have something to hide. The vast majority, it would seem, are more than happy with the levels of observation via CCTV in this country. states that: “Apart from approval ratings of over 80 per cent in public opinion surveys, CCTV also enjoys a great deal of support from MPs who love it for the simple reason that their constituents love it.” In a debate in the House of Commons on the Protection of Freedoms Bill recently, many MPs got to their feet to state their

support and approval for CCTV. Jack Straw MP, former Home Secretary and Justice Minister, said: “In the whole of my 32 years in this House, I have never had a single representation seeking the removal of CCTV monitors. Not one. The demand is there because it makes people feel safe.” So there you have it. If Jack Straw says it, it must be true. But even if the majority of UK inhabitants are happy with the presence and amount of CCTV cameras on our streets, what could be the cost of this escalating collective knowledge of who we all are? Fortunately, as things stand, legal and logistical obstacles stand in the way of a massive Big Brotheresque database being formulated, but information is continually being gathered on almost everything we do. According to civil liberties campaigning website, Big Brother Watch, an estimated £321 million was spent on installing and operating CCTV cameras between 2007 and 2010. This figure was garnered from Freedom of Information requests to local councils. Commenting on the cost, then Big Brother Watch

director, Alex Deane, said: “This is a shocking figure. Public money is being wasted on snooping surveillance that does next to nothing to prevent or solve crime. We are being watched more than ever before, and we’re being ripped off into the bargain. British taxpayers will be scandalised to see their money being thrown away like this in the current economic climate.” The fact remains though that most people aren’t all that bothered about the presence of CCTV cameras, and only change their minds when their personal space is invaded. People naturally feel safer in the knowledge that they’re around – partly due to a few high-profile cases which CCTV was instrumental in resolving – without taking much notice of them until the need arises. So, until the day that Orwell’s dystopian nightmare looks anything like becoming a full-blown reality, Brunel alumni and UK residents alike are unlikely to kick up much of a fuss about the ongoing presence of CCTV in our lives.

Le Nurb - May 2011

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Enough of the abuse… Part 2: Rooney et al. Richard Burgess

Ha! Thought you had escaped my grasp had you? No, this month I have decided to split my article into two parts, that way those of you cover-to-cover geeks have to read about me dribbling on for a little bit longer. In a way it’s just like the last Harry Potter film; the only difference being I don’t get paid so can’t milk the baying public out of 2 lots of cinema tickets and DVD’s. So then, we come to abuse which has been a running theme in my past articles, much of it is what I would call acceptable abuse (if there is such a word). But here lies the problem, abuse surrounds us all, in many different forms, printing this paper could be defined as abuse to the planet, dropping litter can be defined as

abuse to the environment; that latter may be illegal but the former is not; so where do we draw the line? I did a little research into what Le Nurb was able to publish and what not to and came across this bye-law in the UBS constitution which states: “Content from the Newspaper may only be removed by the President or Media Chair if the content brings UBS into disrepute.” I put emphasis on the word disrepute, obviously UBS wants to maintain its good image, as do we all; but does this mean that Le Nurb cannot publish anything that might discredit UBS, even if it is something that represents the overall student point of view? It is OUR union after all and should we not be within our rights to praise and criticise as we please? Some may say this ByeLaw is sensible, others may say that it is an abuse of UBS to silence their critics; is this acceptable? It all depends on which side of the fence you stand.

It’s a bit like a certain footballer that most people know about for the right reasons, but everybody knows about for the wrong reasons. At half time on Saturday 2nd April the Red Devils were in the shit! This player snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and turned the match on his head, he then said “fuck” a couple of times and the match was over. Following this potential title winning performance he said sorry to a few people; but that was not enough to excuse his rather colourful choice of celebration language. A media storm followed, 1,673,596,467 complaints (of which about 1,673,596,463 of these were from people who don’t even know the offside rule), an X-factor style 15 minutes of fame wannabe police officer claiming he should have been arrested, a referee admitting that a red card should have been shown for the offence, and a 2 match ban from the governing bodies. Was the punishment

deserved? Some say YES, some say NO, both opinions are justifiable; what is not justifiable however is what happened next week (or every other match day for that matter). On Saturday 9th, another footballer was caught using the same colourful language as Rooney on 4 different occasions, based on the FA’s punishment of Wayne Rooney, the comments of the referee and the superintendent from Wolverhampton; this player should have been shown 4 red cards, be on a 20 match ban (3 matches for the red card and a further 2 from the FA, for each incident) and been arrested 4 times. Was this punishment given? I think we all know the answer to that question. My argument is simple; if you are going to punish Rooney then surely you have to punish the other 99.9% of offending players and staff in the premiership if you are to be consistent; if you do not, then the punishment is

meaningless; after all, the RESPECT campaign is not just respect to the TV audience, it is respect to everyone: the players, the officials, the fans, the ball-boys, the peanut seller on the 52nd row behind the away goal, everyone! So was this a fair punishment, or an abuse of power to make an example out of one high profile person? Whatever side you are on, it is obvious that the FA still has a lot of work to do with its RESPECT campaign, when one player receives a ban for swearing and another is able to shoot someone with an air gun and go unpunished, something must be wrong! It reminds me of that South Park quote: “horrific, deplorable violence is OK, as long as people don’t say any naughty words.” In the mean time, the FA will continue to be angry with players so much that they will write letters to tell them how angry they are. Rooney’s will probably say: “Here’s a 2 match ban, now shut your fucking face granny fucker!”

Beating Bullying At Brunel

Tom Scott

It’s an odd way to think of it, but often it’s pretty easy to be bullied at school. You always know who to run to if anyone starts picking on you. The teacher. The headmaster. Most members of staff can generally help you with bullies. The picture is painted a bit differently at university, though. You wouldn’t expect to be bullied. You’d expect that, by the age of 18, most people would be mature enough to realise how petty bullying can be. Yet somehow, people still find themselves as the victim of bullying. You can’t exactly run to you lecturer, or to the Vice-Chancellor. You can often find yourself lost and unsure of where or who to turn to. In recent weeks, an article appeared claiming that Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson, was bullied out of her university. Apparently, fellow students were mocking her when she answered questions by shouting ‘That’s 10 points to Gryffindor!’ Whilst this story may not be true, it does show that no one is safe from bullying. No matter who you are. It’s important to highlight what facilities are available to you, as a Brunel student, and to show you their benefits to stop you hiding away in halls. The university takes bullying seriously. When you’re bullied at school, it’s usually for the most ridiculous reason you’d heard of, such as ‘he stole my crayons’ or ‘I don’t like her new fringe’. They can generally be solved in a heartbeat. Being bullied at university usually means there is a more deep-

rooted problem at the heart of it; however there are professionals here at the university to help you take the first steps. The Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) has legally trained professionals who have knowledge and experience in all sorts of issues, with bullying being a top priority. They offer free and confidential advice to all students, and through my experience, have proved pretty effective. One of the options they offer is mediation sessions. This is where you and the person who you feel is bullying you will sit down in a room with a trained official and discuss your feelings openly. According to the ARC, this method has proved to be the most effective, as the issues often can be resolved with a simple apology. Sometimes, though, mediation isn’t the answer, especially if you find the bully threatening or the bully refuses to listen. For the more serious cases, there are official Union and University disciplinaries. The results of these vary depending on the situation but have their ups and downs. The process of a disciplinary can often be long and mind-numbing but the outcome against those that hurt you can often be for the best. I personally don’t know of any cases so I can’t tell you – nor would I be allowed to tell you of any

It’s the quality of the services that count, not the quantity of them.

trix0r It might look funny, but bullying is a serious matter. outcomes from a disciplinary – but more often than not, a disciplinary can be something comforting that you need. You know that the bully gets his comeuppance at the end of the day. The ARC isn’t the only facility available to you. Brunel offers its own counselling service, which is also confidential and free. I know of someone who uses Brunel counselling to help with their bullying problems. They feel it’s often comforting to use the service to get everything out of your system; to vent all of your stress and worries on someone who is simply there to listen. It’s the quality of service that

• Being bullied at university usually means there is a more deep-rooted problem at the heart of it.

counts, not the quantity. It’s important to know that these facilities are there. There is one more option that is often the best for most students. This is where the article gets a little bit “Hollywood.”

It’s important to remember that the friends and relationships that you make whilst you’re at university are the most important in your life. You need to know that those friends are there to help you and are always going to be more supportive than any professional you speak to. In my experience, any true friend willing to help you stand up to any demon is not only a friend for life but also the best way at beating bullying at Brunel. You can contact the ARC at 01895 269169 or pop in at any time for an appointment. You can contact Brunel Counselling at 01895 265070 or attend any of their drop in services.

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Life outside the world of being a student Manvir Mudhar

Climbing up the employment ladder isn’t an easy task. Work experience is necessary when we wish to pursue a career. However, the experience is not always what we want or hope for and doesn’t always reach our expectations. We need to start somewhere. So I did. The moment I found out I had a secured work placement at the London Evening Standard, I was thrilled. The fact that I would be working at a national paper, without having gained previous experience at a newspaper before – I thought I was pretty damn lucky! I sat there most evenings dreaming about what it would be like and created an image of me being the next Ugly Betty at work, but of course a prettier version with more challenging tasks! On day one, I walked into the building and fell in love with it. It was huge, with marble tiling, fancy escalators and water fountains. It was the type of building I had always dreamt of working in. As I entered, there was an enormous screen with images of front pages for each of the papers that were based there. I was under the assumption that only the Evening Standard was there, but to my surprise four other papers were located in the same building

including, The Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Metro. All called ‘Associated Press.’ It felt great, and I instantly thought this is somewhere I’d like to work. The buzz and environment felt exhilarating. Unfortunately, the excitement I hoped for didn’t match my experience. To an extent, I felt like Andy Sachs from The Devil Wear’s Prada. Yes, that’s right, the boss’s ‘bitch’. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit of drama queen. I wasn’t exactly expecting them to allow me to write articles for the paper on the first day, but I wasn’t expecting to be inputting data into spreadsheets! Regardless of the work, the most important thing about work experience is getting the feel of working in an environment that you hope to one day work in, along with getting to know the people working there and creating relationships with them. During the middle of the week I was transferred to The Independent on Sunday where I definitely got a feel of working in a journalistic environment. Meeting deadlines, interviewing people, carrying out research and coming up with the creative ideas on the spot. However, people working at The Independent, especially many of the reporters, came across as a little anti-social. Being someone on a work placement, I had expected them to be more welcoming, considering I had no clue about how a national newspaper works

Scorpions and Centaurs Want to work on one of these? It’s not as glamorous as you think. and I was eager to learn. I felt it prevented me for interacting with others. I had more communication with the computer in front of me rather than people in the office. However, I did get the chance to go on some rather exciting expeditions to private member celebrity-like clubs. I felt like a VIP for a day! Many of the newspapers have award ceremonies. In March The Independent were holding these

awards, which meant I had the pleasure of visiting some of the venues that they were hoping to hold them in. Apart from feeling like a VIP, I did get a feel of how it was to work for a newspaper, and found that it’s not necessarily something for me. I still feel I should continue with my dream of working in broadcast, and see where that takes me. Most importantly, I found that everywhere you go, you will come

across people that you don’t necessarily get along with or who seem unapproachable. Rather than looking at it as a problem you don’t want to have, or being afraid to approach them, change your perspective, take it up as a challenge, be confident and be yourself. Maintaining good relationships is key and at the end of the day, as they all say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Setting up a Society Toby Berriman

Setting up a society is not an easy task. It sounds fun and easy, but as we have learned over the past year at Brunel Psychology Society, there is an awful lot of work involved. Our teething troubles were not helped by high turnover in our committee, due to a number of original members dropping out because the impact the workload of running the society was having on their academic work. But we have survived, and we have learned a lot of lessons in the process, some of which we would like to share here now in the hope that anyone who is setting up a society may learn from our mistakes! Have big ideas, but start small. When we first started we set up forums, twitter accounts, facebook, mailing lists, we had plans for all sorts of big events. We soon realised that, being a fledgling society with no budget and limited interaction from our members, we were wasting a lot of effort on things that were proving to be of limited use. We have now stepped back, cut down,

and are working on building up momentum. Ensure that all officers are on the mailing list from UBS. We had a number of problems this year because announcements, requests, and deadlines from UBS were only being sent to one officer and that officer was unable to check their webmail regularly. Similarly it is essential that all officers check their webmail daily. Publicity is key. For all events, and for your society in general, it is crucial to have good publicity. We have had limited attendance at some events due to our poor publicity in the past, the worst being a screening with a guest speaker which no one turned up for! Advertise your events through mailing, facebook, lecture announcements, and posters. Public posters also raise the visibility of your society to non-members, possibly bringing in some new people. Committee members must be reliable. You must know that you can count on the committee members to complete actions on time, without needing to be chased. Once a task is assigned to someone you should be confident that task is going to get done. Make use of other societies.

Where possible join up with other societies for joint events. For example our most successful event was a joint screening of Das Experiment with Cult Film Society. If nothing else, this is free extra publicity! When organising events, be aware of what else is going on. For example don’t schedule events for Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings because those times are taken up by sports clubs etc. and hangovers from Liquid Wednesdays. If you are a subject-based society then get copies of the lecture schedules for your members so you can avoid planning events for times when half of your members will be unavailable! Be ruthlessly organised. Going into our second year we have completely re-invigorated the society and some of the key changes we have made are to define roles very specifically, ensure agenda and actions are recorded at each meeting, and we have all our documents and todo lists stored on a google docs account that we can all access. This has helped massively because everyone now knows exactly what they need to do and when! We have learned a lot this year,

David Webb ‘Setting up a society reveals your hidden desire to possess your mother ...’ but we have had some great successes too. The joint screening mentioned above is one, plus we have had some successful study sessions and some more screenings. Most recently we launched the very popular PsychNews psychology newsletter with contributions from staff and

students. PsychNews is available online for free at http://www. and will be published every month. So regardless of whether you are a psychology student or not, if you have an interest in psychology, please check it out!

Le Nurb - May 2011

18 Arts & Reviews

KATY B - On a Mission Album Review Nick Birss The soulful, edgy BRIT School graduate seems to have not put a foot wrong in her career so far, despite giving critics the same ammunition they used against fellow artists such as Jessie J. On a Mission proves that she is even more deserving of praise than ever. The diversity of styles and smattering of multiple genres throughout the record make each track unique. Signed to the ex-pirate radio label Rinse FM with fellow artists like Skepta and Skream, she is clearly in more than good company. Benga’s production powers through on her first single, “Katy on a Mission;” the driving dubstep bassline makes the track an instant anthem. With Ms. Dynamite featured on her next single, “Lights On” shows through as an equally good hook-up as her collaboration with Benga. It’s a relief that On a Mission is not restricted to a few good singles. Tracks like, “Go Away” and “Disappear” are more laid- back whilst being laced with trip-pop, house and even subtle chiptune influences, showing the diversity this record offers. Katy B manages to add soul and character to each of her lyrics, making it clear that she’s far from the sea of auto-tuned, miming, female artists that dominate the pop scene. Her solid, soulful and emphatic voice allows for every lyric to be clear. Emphasising the sharp production of this record as a whole,

A powerful album to match Katy B’s bulletproof public image.

it is obvious a number of talented artists have put this together. There is no doubt that Rinse FM will be wary about the record being described as ‘pop,’ but there is no doubt in the minds of many critics that On a Mission is one of the best pop records of this decade. The fusion of Drum & Bass, R&B and Dupstep influences are never more apparent than in the track “Perfect Stranger,” produced by the mighty Magnetic Man. Katy’s UK funky and garage roots fully shine through on the track “Why You Always Here.” It’s commendable when artists remember their roots, even when they’re well and truly made in the mainstream music scene. The perfect end to her record is something not ever heard on a pop record, adding extra originality to the existing heaps of it. Katy gives a bigup to everyone that helped her get where she is: her family and friends, Rinse, and all the radio stations and DJ’s that have played her tracks so far. On most records it would sound cheesy, out-of-place and you would find yourself laughing at the artist, but not here. In Katy’s case, it makes the perfect round-up to an overall excellent record. VERDICT A fusion of influences produced a soulful, balanced and powerful record. 88888

The Smyths Live Review Matt Smith It would be hard not to have high expectations when going to see a band that have been called “amazing” and “just like the Smiths” – luckily, the Smyths were good enough to match them. The audience was packed into a fairly small room at the back of the Half Moon in Putney, and it seemed that few knew what to expect from the cover group. For the first half of their set, the band barely spoke, letting their music do the talking, which turned a slightly apprehensive crowd into a sea of dancing, singing fans. Lead Graham Sampson – the band’s pseudo-Morrissey – looked the part in his glasses and beads, drifting across the stage and handing flowers to members of the audience. More importantly, however, it was the music that bore most resemblance to the Manchester group. Even the vocals were so good that it could have been the Smiths themselves on stage. During their two-hour set, the band impressed with spoton renditions of 80’s favourites, including “Ask”, “What Difference Does It Make?” and “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.” By the second half of the show, the atmosphere was like that of a

real Smiths show, complete with questionable dancing, singing from the audience, and even some occasional moshing. Guitarist Andy Munro enthusiastically replicated Johnny Marr’s hypnotic guitar lines throughout, even adding effects to produce an authentic recital of “How Soon Is Now?” However, it was the two-song finale that really stood out, as the group clearly enjoyed giving energetic performances of “The Queen Is Dead” and “Barbarism Begins At Home.” The latter song saw the members of the band leave the stage, leaving only Tom Harris on drums and bassist Simon Hudson, whose strong solo concluded the night’s set. The audience called for an encore, and it came in the form of Morrissey’s “Everyday Is Like Sunday,” after which the final flowers were handed out and the group left to a satisfied applause. Seeing tribute bands can be hit and miss, but the Smyths’ attention to detail ensured that those leaving the Half Moon had seen the closest thing possible to a performance by Morrissey, Marr, and company. The Smyths have gigs scheduled nationwide, including a return to the Half Moon in November.


The Smyths, posing in the typical manner of a Smiths’ photoshoot.

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Arts & Reviews 19 thefml.files

Summer playlist Songs for a sunny day.

Noisia & Foreign Beggars - Shellshock Split the Atom After their last collaboration Noisia & Foreign beggars have managed to top the last offering, producing the ideal pre-drinks anthem.

Yasmin - Finish Line Finish Line - EP Trip-pop and R&B influences are fused by Yasmin in her latest single to produce the perfect song for everyday of summer.

Bradley Cooper as out-of-work Eddie Morra who discovers the perfect designer pharmaceutical.

Limitless Review (Spoilers) DIRECTED BY

Neil Burger STARRING

Bradley Cooper, Robert Di Nero RUNNING TIME

105 minutes Bradley Hoy Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro star in Limitless, an actionthriller about a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. As one man evolves into the perfect version of himself, corrupt forces mark him for assassination. Out-of-work writer Eddie Morra’s (Cooper) rejection by girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) confirms his belief that he has zero future. That all vanishes the day an old friend introduces Eddie to MDT, a designer pharmaceutical that makes him more focused and more confident than any man alive.

Now on an MDT-fueled odyssey, everything Eddie’s read, heard or seen is instantly organized and available to him. As the former nobody rises to the top of the financial world, he draws the attention of business mogul Carl Van Loon (De Niro), who sees this enhanced version of Eddie as the tool to make billions. But brutal side effects jeopardise his meteoric ascent. With a dwindling stash and hit men who will eliminate him to get the MDT, Eddie must stay wired long enough to elude capture and fulfil his destiny. If he can’t, he will merely become another victim who thought he’d found invincibility in a bottle. Everybody that leaves the cinema after watching this film – whether a city worker, or a dustman – will want this “clear pill” which turns your “normal” brain into a mega brain on steroids.

Limitless is a fairly strong and easyto-watch film, which has a good all round plot with many twist and turns. Even though Bradley Cooper’s performance is not his best, he manages to pull off both sides of his character: the out-of-work writer (bit of a bum) and the highrolling city slicker. In my opinion, the finest aspect of Limitless is that it can capture the imagination of such a wide audience. What would you do if you got your hands on MDT? VERDICT An action-thriller film all about brain power. Although Bradley Cooper may not deliver his best, he gives a compelling and believable performance. A strong film overall. 88888

Justice - Civilization Civilization - Single Zane Lowe’s ‘hottest track in the world’, the new release from Justice proves it was possible to top tracks like the huge D.A.N.C.E and DNVO.

Foo Fighters - Rope Wasting Light The first single from their newest album, ‘Wasting Light’, sees the band return to their roots with huge results.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs The Suburbs The newest release from one of biggest bands of the moment makes the ideal track for a relaxing summer.

Foo Fighters on form Wasting Light Album Review Matt Smith Foo Fighters’ new album Wasting Light is a refreshing display of their great ability to produce an album of memorable tracks. The new album is reminiscent of The Colour and the Shape, famous for “Monkey Wrench” and “Everlong.” The album is aggressive, catchy and an incredibly good listen for any fans of alternative rock and post-grunge music. Dave’s Grohl’s writing is better than ever and the songs contain some of the most interesting and memorable lyrics that Foo Fighters have released. A very good album from a consistently impressive band.

VERDICT A return to their roots has produced one of the best alternative rock records of the year. 88888

Artwork of Foo Fighter’s acclaimed new album, Wasting Light.

Le Nurb - May 2011

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Fashion Gone Economical Caz Louisa As most of us students are incessantly bankrupt and living off Tesco Value packet soups, it can become increasingly difficult to find awesome outfits for a decent price. With the credit crunch literally chomping its way through our pockets, the desire of grasping on to a pair of chewed up pumps, claiming they’re “meant to have holes in” is rising – trust me, I’ve done it. The question arises: what does one do when one is quite literally beggared? Here are a few tips on looking great this summer without busting your bank accounts. 1. Charity Shops – I know what you’re thinking. The faint, musky smell of old women combined with unwanted wedding dresses that make Kate Moss look like Miss Havisham. However, if you delve deeper amongst the tweed, the possibility of finding something decently fashionable arises. A particular favourite of mine is Traid. Holding two branches in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith, Traid has a sale every couple of months where every single item is £4 or less. Last year I found a Jasper Conran pinstripe blazer with the tag still intact, bearing a pricey £100, for three quid. Bargain or what? Teamed with a slogan

teeshirt and high waisted denim shorts, it’s a perfect addition to a spring outfit. Outside the sale, most of the items are good quality, respectably priced, and from high street stores such as Topshop, Mango, and River Island. The best thing is the money goes towards a good cause, with profits supporting work and education in some of the world’s poorest communities. They also house accessories, DVD’s, and books if you feel like a well-earned break after your shopping spree. Visit them at http://www.traid. 2. Customize – With our ohso-busy university schedules, faffing about with sequins and bits of feathers can be a slightly overbearing concept. Nevertheless, customizing clothing we already own is the ideal way to create new looks without splashing your cash. Start simple – rip up an old pair of jeans and stitch pieces of netting underneath the holes. Embroider an old denim jacket with decorative buttons or patches. If you really feel like going for gold, Hawkins Bazaar ( sells a set of tee-shirt graffiti pens for a mere £6, allowing you to invent your own designs and personalise hats, clothes, and shoes. This

can be an ideal way to illustrate your creative flair through your clothing, which demonstrates originality (something we all strive for, right?) For maxi dresses, purchase a cheap necklace and sew it on to the neckline, creating a chic, pricey looking garment for next to nothing. 3. Swap Parties - Everyone has that particular piece of clothing they borrowed off a friend for a party and longed to keep. Swap parties give a fantastic opportunity for you and your friends to sift through unwanted clothing and trade with each other. Organise a venue, gather up old clothes, shoes and accessories, and start swapping! If any items are left over, they can be put up for auction to the delight of the highest bidder. This is the cheapest and most efficient way to dispose of any clothing you don’t wear, but also to gain new outfits in the cheapest way possible. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure you’re still friends after tussling for that H&M dress; is a fashion swapping website where you can buy, sell and swap clothes with fashion gurus all around the UK - just in case.

Eleanor Perkins Timeless vintage style on a student budget.

Trend: Wonderfully White

White: the perfect elegant summer shade.

Jade O’Donoghue If you’re anything like me, you steer clear of wearing white for fear of spilling your blackcurrant squash down it at break time, or squelching in mud up to your ankles. However, for those of you out there that are more dignified, stepping out in white can be a totally glamourous way of embracing summer. White has always been a shade that comes out in the Summer, and this year was no exception. YSL  had models in crisp white tailored suits and trench coats striding down their spring/summer catwalk, and Vivienne Westwood  went for white in her spring crossover dress, making us all reach for the bleach to get our whites that bright too. This Fashionista has worked the white in the form of a summer suit. Tailored to perfection, this double-breasted jacket sits just below the hips, thus elongating her top half. With a tan blouse underneath she makes the white hue pop and it really brings out her skin tone. Her skinny fit trousers that

don’t quite reach the floor take inspiration from the ankle skimming denim trend that is popular on the high street this spring. Topshop’s “Leigh”  fit are very similar if you want to copy this Fashionista. Add some buckle brogues and oversized glasses to give the trend a geek chic feel and the outfit is complete! So, this week I’m going to ignore my fear of wearing white and go for it. Of course, I will have to be careful not to spill anything, but I’m sure I’ll be alwhite! Hint:  If you want to copy this Fashionista’s wonderfully white blazer, you can find something similar at Oasis. 

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Arts & Reviews 21

The Heeled Shoe - An accessory for success? Rosie Hayes A few days ago, for probably the first time in about a year, I decided to wear a pair of heels before going out in the evening. Most days, heels are not an option – I’m always rushing around and on my feet, and prefer the comfort of my Docs – but I took this one day of wearing heels as an experiment to see how people I didn’t know reacted. I was genuinely surprised by what I found. It seems to me that the classic black heel, or any high heeled shoe, appears to be an accessory for power dressing. When I wore heels out for my mini-experiment that day, in shops I normally went into, assistants actually greeted me as “madam,” a politeness that does not usually serve me in flats. I wonder whether the extra height attached to wearing a heel presented some additional air of authority that does not usually manifest women who are not very tall, and I for one am lacking in the height department. It’s a shame my stamina sucks so much in heels, making my feet hurt by the end of the day; nevertheless, that day was fascinating. The unfortunate truth is, everybody judges first impressions on looks. I still can’t figure out why people’s reactions were so different just from a change of shoes, or a change in height as some may consider. I love the look of heels. I think most people probably do; they are flattering, and though some may see them as seductive, I feel they convey a businesslike quality. Some may argue that the reason peoples reactions are different when someone is dressed in heels, is because it generates an air of confidence. Wearing heels probably does make most people

feel more glamorous. In fact, it changes your whole posture, so it is understandable that it may give the appearance of a person who is seemingly more confident. I wore heels on that day with an all black outfit featuring a baggy button up shirt and skinnies, like a bit of a messy goth that I am, but to go all out in the power dressing field you could always try teaming some classic heels with a tailored suit. This may work very much in your favour if you are planning on attending a job interview for any kind of senior position; or, you could just be a real gogetter who wants to make the best impression. This ‘tailored’ look is something I’ve seen on many professiownals working in London; it is classically smart, dapper and elegant. Also, it might just be me, but when I see someone dressed this way it appears so quintessentially British and equally defying of the classic 1950’s view of women’s restrictive fashion. A mix of the ultra-feminine heel and the androgynous suit will guarantee you a basic step towards ultra 21st-century power dressing. Apart from this look, other typical London fashion involves quirky scarves, stylish sunglasses or geek chic glasses, blazers with elbow patches, and even crop trousers with socks on show. These are original and far from boring looks, showing that you can really take the power dressing aspects and make them unique to you.


Dragon Age II Review Ricky Compton The second instalment of BioWare’s Dragon Age series was greatly anticipated, with the promise of a finely-tuned, more approachable, more cinematic version of the game. What was the reality? A highly dumbed-down, simplified and rather insulting sequel to the marvellous Dragon Age: Origins. The game utilises many of the same mechanics as Origins, but the simplified equipment windows, more linear storyline and rather limited exploration leaves questions. Was this game was made for fans of Origins, or simply to absorb more money out of the lowest common denominator audiences? Even customer creation is highly limited. In Origins you were able to

choose between three races and six different original storylines. In Dragon Age 2 you are just Hawke, a set character with a set destiny that’s being narrated by one of the NPCs through a series of flashbacks of your character’s life. As for characterisation, any modifications of Hawke’s face leads to some minor graphics glitches, so you may as well just stick to the default male/ female face. The storyline is quite appealing, with many of the characters feeling complete and wellrounded; however, the storyline can become rather schizophrenic and at many points the player is left wondering what he’s actually there for. Equally, the storyline changes direction so many times it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger


picture, unless you’ve watched the trailer which, as spoilers go, takes the first prize. Dragon Age 2 is a completely fine game in its own merits. It makes good use of BioWare’s chat mechanics, and the personality of Hawke is, at times, quite entertaining. However, as sequels go, BioWare seem to have lost the great ability they displayed through games such as Mass Effect 2. An ‘ok’ game but a disappointing sequel. VERDICT Despite an appealing storyline and well-rounded characters, Dragon Age II fails to better the original. 88888 Hawke: a likeable and well rounded character following an appealing storyline.


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COFFEE BREAK Giant Maze of Awesome

Coffee Break 23 All the puzzles are tried and tested by the Le Nurb team, and you can see the fastest time next to each one. Your prize for beating us? A sense of smug satisfaction, and a warm, glowy feeling in your midriff.

ROBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TIME: Likely finished by September

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24 Coffee Break




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Difficulty: 55555

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4 9 2 1 8 3 7 5 6

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Don’t be ridiculous. - Rob

I first discovered Cowley when I came to Brunel University as a journalism student in academic year 2007-2008. I was living on campus and for the first six months I had no idea that Cowley existed because I always went in the other direction, to Uxbridge, for shopping and the tube into London. Then somebody suggested that I go behind the campus to see the ancient church of St Laurence Cowley. I instantly fell in love with the community that centres around this 1,000 year old building and I’ve been living in Cowley ever since. It’s not surprising that there is such a strong sense of community in Cowley. Not so long ago it was a country village. There are residents here who remember when Cowley’s roads were unlit rural lanes and the site of Brunel University was a flower nursery. There is a lot for students to see here and I particularly hope that international students will make the most of their time in this part of England. Cowley has a Hindu temple, beautiful walks along the Grand Union canal and a beauty spot called Little Britain Lake. There are community activities in the Church Hall (5 minutes from the Isambard Complex) and big social events in the park in the summer. Brunel’s arrival and growth has brought a lot of changes to the area. I’m sad to say that being known as a Brunel student has often been embarrassing for me. Every year a small minority of students living in private housing cause countless problems for their neighbours. Loud music, broken bin bags on the street and coming home drunkenly shouting in the middle of the night are just some of the things that have disturbed local families. I know of cases when elderly people and small children have been left severely distressed by student behaviour. You and I both know that most students are decent people who respect their neighbours. It’s just a real shame that a few bad apples are spoiling the reputation of Brunel students in general. If you know anyone who behaves like that, do us all a favour and tell them they’re letting the team down. Claire George is a former Brunel University student and member of the Cowley Community Residents Association. The CCRA exists to improve the quality of life for everyone living in Cowley. Everybody is welcome to join the CCRA. FIND OUT MORE Email

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Sport 25

Awards 2011

in association with


BA L L FRESHER OF THE YEAR This is awarded to a Club Member in their First Year who has shown potential and enthusiasm on an operational and/or performance level and has stood out in front of their peers. The shortlist is: Lauren Officer (Women’s Basketball) Riana Soobadoo (Women’s Football) Thaddeus Rivett (Men’s Hockey) Alex Ingarfield (Rugby League) Vince Spurr (Rugby League) The winner of Fresher of the Year 2011 is Thaddeus Rivett. Thaddeus has played in the 1st XI this year and has helped the team with technical knowledge due to his experience in coaching. Thaddeus regularly coaches 7-17 year olds at numerous schools and academies across the county. He also plays for Southgate Hockey Club who won the England Hockey League East Conference this season and are currently in the playoffs for promotion into Premier League. His hockey skills have not gone unnoticed and he is in the U21 England training squad.

This highly prestigious title is awarded to the Club that the Awards Panel considers has provided the best service to its members and the Students Union as a whole. This can include social, recreational and competitive activities. The shortlist is: BUMS Cheerleading Men’s Cricket

Dance Sailing Squash

In this category, the panel found it very difficult to differentiate between two teams and would like to acknowledge the top two for their contribution to UBS sport. The runner up for Club of the Year 2011 is Men’s Cricket. Men’s Cricket has had a successful year already considering their outdoor season only started last Wednesday. By November, they had an increased membership of 75 and since then have participated in all Union events and raised money for RAG. They hold regular socials and training sessions for all members and are regularly present on campus. The Club has entered and won several Indoor Tournaments and competed in Varsity. The Club has developed relationships with Middlesex County Cricket Team and together have been able to heavily subsidise Level 1 Coaching Qualifications for its members to develop individuals and their club. The winner of Club of the Year 2011 is Dance. This year Brunel Dance has developed from where they were in previous years and provide a lot for their members. They introduced a competitive side and won national acclaim. They have taught at West London Academy as part of their higher education programme and have provided young offenders the opportunity to participate in the street dancing class. As well as their annual Dance Show the Club have regularly been involved in Union activity throughout the year. It is difficult to provide for a membership of over 200 but this year the Club have gone above and beyond.



This is the highest award possible in recognition in the running of their club. The winner has displayed an outstanding level of effort and contribution, which makes them invaluable to their fellow members and to UBS. The shortlist is:

This new award considers the calibre of activities and management of a club and how it benefits their membership. The areas considered include: development; opportunities; involvement; participation; social activities and administration. All areas outside the competitive nature of the club are considered. The shortlist is:

Ayman Abd-Elaziz (American Football) Orion Modebe (American Football) Jessica Drummond (Cheerleading) Lisa Eastlake (Dance) Craig Thompson (Table Tennis) Behrouz Behzadan (Volleyball)

BUMS Men’s Cricket Netball

Rugby League Sailing Tennis

Competition has been extremely difficult this year with the variety of activities and level of professionalism of our clubs. The calibre of the nominees this year was so high and close, the panel has asked for the runner up to be named.

The winner of Club Person of the Year 2011 is Craig Thompson (Table Tennis). Craig has turned the club around this year almost doubling membership to 81 members. Craig has lead on several charity events and tournaments this year. He also gained two new tables to aid training and matches and secured new venues for additional training. His efforts have allowed table tennis to enter a team into the Harrow and Wembley League and he also coaches all teams on a voluntary basis. Craig is the main reason why table tennis has improved so much this year.

The runner up for Membership Engagement Club of the Year is BUMS. BUMS membership has increased greatly this year providing many trips around the Country as well as free bouldering classes on campus. BUMS have held a very active events calendar incorporating UBS projects and held a successful Academy night. BUMS have secured funding to enable student coaches to be a self sufficient Club.



This is awarded to the club that has demonstrated the greatest development from previous years, on an operational and/or playing level. This may include membership, implementing opportunities for members and improved performance. This was by far the most contested award of the evening with thirteen clubs all showing huge amounts of improvement from previous years. The shortlist is:

Awarded to the team that; has achieved a highly recognised status has shown exceptional performance during competition; or has shown outstanding effort, consistency and persistence throughout the year. The shortlist is:

American Football Cheerleading Kayaking Men’s Rugby Union Sailing Table Tennis The winner of Most Improved Club of the Year 2011 is Sailing. The Sailing Club has increased their level of professionalism to its members. They have made £840 from their own Sailing event; The Brunel Badger and it is now recognised nationally. They have ensured each of their 50 members have sailing qualifications and have effectively developed a scheme for members to become instructors. They have implemented new ways in which to grow as a club including selling boats to replace them with training ones and have applied for several development grants. They hold successful Club socials and have international representation.

The winner of Membership Engagement Club of the Year is Netball. Netball provides multiple developmental, coaching and social opportunities for their members through 6 league teams, a Saturday social side and their coaching in schools scheme. The Club has a well established connection with charity work which has been reflected throughout the year. Strong administrative measures have been implemented this year to ensure they get good value for their members yet still remain under budget.

Cheerleading Competition Squad Men’s Cricket 1st’s Equestrian 2nd Team Women’s Football 1st’s Men’s Hockey 2nd’s The panel found it very difficult to differentiate between two teams and would like to acknowledge both of them however they did come to an agreement. The runner up for Team of the Year is Men’s Cricket 1st team. Men’s Cricket 1st team have won 2A after being promoted the previous year. They won the South East Conference Finals retaining it for the third year running. As well as their outdoor success, they have competed indoors winning SESSA Competitions and qualified for the BUCS Regional Indoor Cricket Semi Final. The winner of Team of the Year 2011 is Women’s Football 1st team. Women’s football 1st team were runners up in Premier South this season and reached the semi finals of the National Cup. As a result they will be representing British Universities at the European Universities Football Tournament in Turkey in June. As well as their 11 a-side football success, they have excelled in Futsal too reaching the final at the BUCS Championships this year and were again asked to represent British Universities at the European Universities Futsal Championships in Finland.

Le Nurb - May 2011

26 Sport

Full Colours

These are awarded to individuals who have achieved an exceptional performance, usually at an international level. These are the highest awards in recognition of sporting excellence. in association with


Awards (cont’d.) RAG CLUB OF THE YEAR

This title is awarded to the Club who has been recognised for significantly contributing to the RAG cause; this can include effort, events organised and funds raised. The RAG Chair, Stefan Archer, split the clubs into four categories based on the size of the club. He identified four clubs, one from each category, to make the shortlist. These are:

Rugby League Women’s Hockey Netball Dance The winner of RAG Club of the Year 2011 is: Women’s Hockey.

MINISITE OF THE YEAR This is awarded to the club site with outstanding visual presentation and regular relevant updated content, which has supported the activities of the club. The shortlist is: BUMS Women’s Cricket Men’s Hockey Women’s Hockey Table Tennis Triathlon The winner of Minisite of the Year 2011 is: BUMS

SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR This is the highest award in recognition of individual sporting achievement. The winner has performed at the highest level and contributed to their club. The shortlist is: Alexander Gordon (Cheerleading) Conor Kenny (Cheerleading) Wolfgang Mwanje (Dance) Ben Tibble (Men’s Hockey) Justin Pascal (Men’s Hockey) Mark Odejobi (Rugby Union) The winner of Sportsman of the Year 2011 is: Justin Pascal (Men’s Hockey)

SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR This is the highest award in recognition of individual sporting achievement. The winner has performed at the highest level and contributed to their club. The shortlist is: Perri Shakes-Drayton (Athletics) Eimear Sheehan (Equestrian) Katie Hendra (Fencing) Reisha Hull (Karate) Kathryn Holland (Netball) Claire Ricketts (Tennis) The winner of Sportswoman of the Year 2011 is: Katie Hendra (Fencing) Katie has had massive international success taking Bronze at the Commonwealth Games in Individual Sabre discipline and gained a gold medal in the team competition. Katie is currently ranked in the top five of female fencers in the UK. Katie has gained valuable BUCS points for Brunel winning one gold and two silvers over the past three years.

Athletics Ashley Bryant Ashley has represented Great Britain in the decathlon. Joanna Rowland Joanna has represented Great Britain in the heptathlon. Perri Shakes-Drayton Perri is an International 400m runner and hurdler. Her recent achievements were coming 7th at the World Athletics Championships and picking up two bronze medals at the Europeans. Cheerleading Conor Kenny Conor is a member of the National Champion side, The Ascension Eagles, and has been asked to compete in America. He has won the title of best tumbler at the National University Championships. Michelle Fredua-Mensah Michelle has represented the UK in America and has been selected to join The Ascension Eagles who are internationally known. Dance Wolfgang Mwanje Wolfgang reached the semifinals of Sky’s Got To Dance with his dance partner Ashley. They are going to represent the UK in the World Hip Hop Championships. He has won best male dancer, best freestyler and best choreography at competitions this year. Fencing Katie Hendra Katie is ranked 5th in the UK in women’s sabre in fencing. She was part of the gold medal winning team at the Commonwealth Games and won an individual bronze. She has won one gold and two silvers in BUCS Championships over the past three years. Men’s Hockey Patrick McCalister Patrick receives this award having been selected and played for the English Universities Hockey Squad. Justin Pascal Justin is an International Hockey Player, playing for Trinidad and Tobago, and has competed in Commonwealth Games. Ben Tibble Ben represents England at U21 Level having played in European Hockey Championships and in the World Cup. He is also part of Surbition squad who play in English Premier Hockey League. Oliver Wickham Oliver receives this award for his selection into the English Universities Hockey Squad. He is also a National League hockey player. Women’s Hockey Rebecca Halle Rebecca is an English U21 player competing in Test Series. Becky has also won silver at the Junior European Nations. She plays for Reading Hockey Club in the Premier League. Karate Tania Alfaioli Tania has won gold in Team and Individual Events at BUCS Championships and is one of

the best competitors in her discipline in the country. Reisha Hull Reisha has represented Great Britain at the World University Games and has won Gold in both the Individual and Team competitions at BUCS Championships. Netball Letitia Biddulph Tish has played for Great British Universities and English Universities in netball for each of her four years at Brunel. Kathryn Holland Katy has played at both English Universities and GB Universities competitions. She currently plays for Netball Superleague Team, Surrey Storm. Hayley Marsh Hayley receives this award for being in the squad for English Universities and was a member of the Brunel Hurricanes Talent Squad. Rhianne McHale Rhianne has been in the English Universities and GB Universities Netball Squad. She has played for two Netball Superleague Teams in the past few years, Brunel Hurricanes and Surrey Storm. Jessica Rose Morgan-Smith Rose is part of the English Universities Squad and also plays for Superleague Team, Hertfordshire Mavericks. Men’s Rugby Union Mark Odejobi Mark has represented England in the Rugby 7’s, reaching the final in two competitions and helping the team to a second place world ranking. He has also plays for Wasps 1st team. Sailing Emanuel Koechert Mani is currently ranked 300 out of 1900 in the World Match Racing Rankings. Mani has been placed 1st at the British Universities Sailing Association Fleet Championships as an individual for two years running. Roman Luyken Roman receives full colours for competing at International Level Regattas in Italy and Germany. Table Tennis Jack Pegram Jack recently competed in the International Wheelchair and Amputee World Junior Games for Great Britain and won a silver medal. Tamburello Tygue Doyle Tygue represented Scotland in the European Cup in Tamburello winning a silver medal. Malcolm Heyes Malcolm also competed in the European Cup representing Scotland. Tennis Claire Ricketts Claire has represented Great British Universities and has won three successive BUCS Individual Championship titles.

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Sport 27

Club Colours Athletics Hannah Jeanes Eloise Newman Men’s Basketball Matt Carpenter Daniel Dunscombe Women’s Basketball Sarita Ebbin Grace Trueman Boxing Mohammed Elkhidir Cheerleading Natalie Bow Danielle Jones Makeda Mighty Analyn Pelayre Rashana Robinson Climbing James Britton Peter Conheeney Michael Redgrave Claire Sealey Dimitris Perdikou Men’s Cricket Akill Patel Ben Woodhouse Women’s Cricket Dilushi Jayasingha Palvi Shah Dance Katherine Denton Janine Parish Sally Pearce Coleen Reilly Equestrian Emily Booth Michela Garland Eimear Sheehan Laura Townsend Fencing Christopher Mollard Men’s Football Thomas Grant Daniel Mitchell

Half Colours American Football Administration: Ayman Abd-Elaziz Orion Modebe Athletics Performance: Harvey Byrne Nathan Fox Hannah Frankson Michael Puplampu Cheerleading Performance: Alexander Gordon For Administration: Jessica Drummond Climbing Performance: Keith Peck Administration: Jason Almeida Men’s Cricket Performance: John Aston Kyle Sharp Administration: Thomas Leonard Dance Administration: Lisa Eastlake Equestrian Performance: Callum Henn Charlotte Pharez Eimear Sheehan

These are awarded to individuals who have gone above and beyond their role, and made a significant contribution to their club. Without these people our clubs could not run. Women’s Football Ciara Allan Stephanie Cripps Zoe Dalton Golf Oliver Kent Men’s Hockey Peter Brooks David Sturdy Christopher Wardale Women’s Hockey Sophie Dunford Lisa Eastlake Hannah Godfrey Victoria Hamilton Jennifer Woodward Jitsu Otto Kauhanen Judo James Diamond Karate Jason Blee Karting Christopher Owens Kayaking Matthew Smith Lacrosse Luke Flood Mixed Martial Arts Tony Davis Netball Charlotte Asdell Hayley Coleby Hayley Marsh Katie Tucker Adele Burnett Rowing Sam Stollery Rugby League Alexander Ingarfield Leon Carter Troy Elkes Robert Moss Jamie McDermott Richard Varney

Men’s Rugby Union Huw Bowen Thomas Stokes Women’s Rugby Union Clare Bond Yasmin Jenkins Alina Williamson Sailing Sam Barnes Veronica Gouveia Christopher Hulatt Andrew Jack Oliver Provan James Shakespeare Skydiving Christopher Courtney Angela Luk Brett McMahon Snow Laura McLoughlin Adam Philpot Squash Priyanga Gamage Sub Aqua Stephen Drew Swimming Rachel Keeley Simon O’Horo Table Tennis Olarotimi Akinbote William Carman Target Shooting James Starley Tennis Josh Murray Ten Pin Bowling Alex Marman Triathlon John Borton Thomas Reader TROGS Richard Watson Ultimate Frisbee Daniel Tanner

These are awarded to individuals who have displayed outstanding sporting performance, or outstanding club administration. Men’s Football Performance: Stuart Derry Jack Duffy David Kenyon Archie Lawrence Charlie McCarthy Daniel Mitchell Erkan Ozerek Sean Roberts Administration: Daniel Mlinar Golf Performance: Andrew Rideout Men’s Hockey Performance: Bradley Wherry Administration: Tristan Dollie James Spencer Judo Administration: Omar Anaz Karate Performance: Jason Blee Karting Performance: David Pittard Kayaking Administration: Charlotte Pridham

Netball Performance: Adele Burnett Men’s Rugby Union Performance: Matthew Bennett-Tomlin Patrick Brown Thomas Stokes Sailing Performance: Joel Kemp Administration: Catherine MacNeil Skydiving Performance: Christopher Courtney Squash Administration: Gary O’Brien Table Tennis Administration: Craig Thompson Volleyball Administration: Behrouz Behzadan Urszula Stopka-Farooqui

Le Nurb - May 2011

28 Sport

Athletics: Byrne continues winning ways Costas Karageorghis Intervarsity Challenge, 9 February National Indoor Arena, Birmingham

Brunel University Athletics Club opened their indoor campaign in a five-way meeting where they faced the nation’s best athletics universities – Loughborough, Bath, UWIC and Birmingham – in the annual Inter-Varsity Challenge at the NIA Birmingham. Brunel did not have it all their own way on this occasion coming third overall, but did produce a string of firstplace finishes and personal best performances. Continuing smoothly from where he left off last year, thirdyear Sport Sciences student and men’s captain Harvey Byrne (pictured) romped to an impressive victory in the 200m (21.80 s) followed by a further win in the ‘B’ string 60m dash (7.11s). He rounded off the afternoon in fine style with a 21.3s split in the 4 x 200m Relay. Brunel dominated the men’s Triple Jump in which Michael Puplampu (15.42m) and

Nathan Fox (15.09m) won the ‘A’ and ‘B’ strings respectively. Puplampu was delighted to record a new lifetime best performance that also equalled Fox’s meeting record from 2010. Making his team debut, and tackling the Senior Hurdles for the first time, James McClean certainly showed his rivals a clean pair of heels in winning the 60m Hurdles (8.35s PB). In the ‘B’ 60m Hurdles, Sports Scholar Ashley Bryant continued a purple patch in his athletic career with a fine win (8.43s). The indefatigable multi-eventer also won the ‘B’ Shot Putt (12.48m) and enjoyed a new personal best in the Pole Vault of 4.55m (3rd). Ever-reliable high jumper Matt Sloane achieved a meeting record (2.06m), but had to settle for 2nd place on the countback rule, with Birmingham’s Simon Phelan taking the spoils. In the women’s events, captain Stephanie Gaynor also led from the front in winning the 60m Hurdles (8.64s), while Club Chair Eloise Newman achieved equal

first in the High Jump with a firsttime clearance at 1.67 metres. One of the most impressive performances of the afternoon was posted by debutante Hannah Frankson who bounded to a massive 12.88m in the Triple Jump (1st), a new meeting record. The personal best effort did not come without controversy as an overzealous official began to rake the pit prematurely, losing the international business student some valuable centimetres as a consequence; Frankson’s frustration was palpable. In the same event, Rochelle Jones came first in the ‘B’ string with a personal best of 11.80m. The team in Birmingham was comprised of some established talent and many newcomers who were keen to make their mark. The athletes then prepared for a tough week in which they appeared in the RAF Invitation meeting at the EIS Sheffield on Wednesday 16 February, followed by the BUCS Indoor Championships weekend, also in Sheffield.

Daniel Dunscombe

Harvey Byrne racing through

Athletics: Brilliant Bryant brings home the bacon Costas Karageorghis

Sports Scholar Ashley Bryant

Costas Karageorghis RAF Invitation Meeting, 16 February EIS Sheffield For the second fixture of the inter-collegiate indoor season, Brunel Athletes travelled to the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, which hosts the longrunning RAF Invitation Meeting. The opposition included the three armed services as well as five universities. In the women’s competition Brunel finished a commendable second behind Loughborough, while in the men’s, they finished third behind Loughborough and the Army. Given that the meeting took place just three days before the British Universities Indoor Championships, Brunel fielded a relatively small team deciding to rest a number of internationallevel athletes. Nonetheless there was a great deal of talent on display and the team enjoyed a plethora of personal best performances. One of the leading male athletes was international multieventer Ashley Bryant who had a busy day at the office involving six events that were contested virtually back-to-back. The Ian Grant-coached athlete opened his campaign with a guest appearance in the 200m which he won with a personal best of 22.44s. This was followed by a 3rd place in the High Jump (1.80m) and further guest appearances in the 60m (7.39s), Pole Vault (4.30m) and Shot Putt (12.84m). Bryant’s coup de grâce came in the final event of the day, the 4 x 200m Relay. Joining teammates Byron

Robinson, Chris Stubbing and Toby Olubi, he anchored the team to 2nd place with a lightning-fast split of 21.7s. The Hampton-based athlete is well on course to adding to his six existing appearances for Great Britain with the European U23 Championships and World Student Games scheduled for later this year. Reflecting on his efforts Bryant commented, “I produced a solid string of performances in a short space of time and that was very pleasing.” Also performing with distinction on the men’s team were Byron Robinson who was the first-placed scoring athlete in the 200m (22.63s) and product design student Richard Larson who romped to a fine victory in the 1500m with a new indoor best 4:11.22min. In the form of his life, media student Kerry Mathurin recorded a Long Jump personal best of 6.91m and finished comfortably ahead of his rivals. The women’s campaign was opened in fine style by Triple Jumper Shakira Francis who hopped, stepped and jumped to a new personal best of 11.25m. Also on song was women’s captain Stephanie Gaynor who won the 60m Hurdles event by a street in a rapid 8.85s. Similar to her training partner Bryant, multi-eventer Jo Rowland strung together a most impressive repertoire of events. The highlight was an emphatic victory in the 800m (2:26.7min) which was supplemented by 2nd in the High Jump (1.60m), 2nd= in the Long Jump (4.96m) and a personal best of 12.24m as a guest in the Shot Putt.

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Sport 29

Athletics: Jermaine and Nathan Outfox BUCS Costas Karageorghis BUCS Indoor Championships, EIS Sheffield, 19-20 February 2011

Brunel University were among 90 institutions contesting the British Universities Indoor Athletics Championships in the ‘Steel City’ of Sheffield. The men’s team finished as runners up, narrowly behind arch-rivals Loughborough, while the women’s team finished 5th. The Brunelians accumulated a brace of golds, three silvers and a couple of bronzes, as well as a string of personal best performances. The first of the two golds was claimed by Psychology student Jermaine Olasan who leapt 7.28m in the Long Jump, “I’m really ecstatic to win my first BUCS title and hope to emulate my success outdoors in early May.” Also atop the winners’ podium was International Business student Nathan Fox who won his second indoor BUCS gold medal in the Triple Jump (15.21m). Coached by former Commonwealth Triple Jump champion Larry Achike, the Sports Scholar said, “I am very pleased with this victory, it’s an honour to represent Brunel, and I hope to make it three-in-a-row next year.” Two other horizontal jumpers coached by Achike also performed exceptionally well: Aviation Engineering student Michael Puplampu managed to get sufficiently airborne to clinch a silver medal in the Triple Jump (15.13m), whilst Media student Nonso Okolo hitchkicked his way to 4th place in the Long Jump (6.98m). Men’s captain Harvey Byrne was restricted somewhat by an inside lane draw in the 200m final, but there was nothing to hold him back in the 4 x 200m Relay where he anchored a quartet comprised of Ashley Bryant (22.2s), Dannish Walker-Khan (22.0s) and Byron Robinson (22.2s) to a welldeserved silver medal, recording a split time of 21.5s. Sports Scholar and multi-eventer Matt George enjoyed a particularly rewarding championships that included a huge personal best in the Shot Putt where he finished 4th with a heave of 13.63m. The women’s team was almost cut in half by a spate of injuries

and illness. First-year International Business student Hannah Frankson continued a run of superb form with a silver medal in the Triple Jump (12.76m). Her training partner in Achike’s burgeoning squad, Sports Scholar Rochelle Jones, was just one place behind and recorded a lifetime best (12.04m). Popular Manxwoman Harriet Pryke enjoyed a new personal best and 4th place finish in the 400m (55.74s). Women’s captain Stephanie Gaynor also finished just outside of the medals in the 60m Hurdles (8.59s) but was delighted to record a personal best during the qualifying rounds of 8.52s. The women ended the championships in fine style by clinching a bronze in the 4 x 200m Relay. Leah Moore (28.6s) headed off, handing over to Gemma Malster (23.8s), then Pryke (25.0s), and finally Georgina Malster on the anchor leg (24.5s).

Brunel 2011 BUCS Indoor Championships Full Results (Medal Tally: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze) Men Women Event ‘A’ String ‘B’ String ‘A’ String ‘B’ String Alex Ojo Dannish Walker-Khan Leah Moore 60m 6th, 6.88 7.01 (SF) 8.01 (SF) 200m 400m 800m 1500m 3000m 60m Hurdles Shot Putt Long Jump Triple Jump High Jump Pole Vault 4 x 200m

Harvey Byrne Byron Robinson 6th, 22.40 (21.90 SF) 22.54 (SF) Stewart Challis Efekemo Okoro 52.63 (SF) (50.96 Ht) 49.68 (SF) Jordan Donnelly Chris Hepworth 6th, 1:58.63 (1:52.25 SF) 1:58.93 (Ht) Adam Stainsby Richard Larson 4:06.97 (Ht) 4:08.41 (Ht) PB Stuart Campbell 9:36.15 (Ht) Ashley Bryant DNF (8.44 Ht) Matt George Ashley Bryant 4th, 13.63 PB 5th, 12.58 (13.09 Q) Jermaine Olasan Nonso Okolo 1st, 7.28 4th, 6.98 Nathan Fox Michael Puplampu 1st, 15.18 2nd, 15.13 Matthew Sloane 6th, 2.04 Ashley Bryant Matt George 6th, 4.50 7th, 4.20 Bryant/Walker-Khan/Robinson/Byrne 2nd, 1:27.87 (22.2/22.0/22.2/21.5) (Ht Robinson 23.0/Bryant 22.0/George 23.3/Byrne 21.4)

Charlotte-Rose Allee 26.80 (Ht) WD Harriet Pryke 4th, 55.74 Hannah Jeanes 2:23.93 (Ht)

Georgina Malster 25.39 (SF) Nichola Gibson 60.61 (Ht) PB






Stephanie Gaynor 4th, 8.59 (8.52 Ht PB) Rachael Williams 9.09 (Q) Hannah Frankson 9th, 5.30 (5.48 Q) Hannah Frankson 2nd, 12.76

Shakira Francis 4.99 Q Rochelle Jones 3rd, 12.04 PB






Moore/Gem. Malster/Pryke/Geo. Malster 3rd, 1:41.88 (28.6/23.8/25.0/24.5)

(Ht Allee 25.9/Gem. Malster 26.1/Moore 26.0/Geo. Malster 24.8)

Chris Smith Long Jump champion Jermaine Olasan

Football: Heartache for Brunel 4s Arvin Raj On a gloomy afternoon, Brunel 4s match against LSE 1s began at a frenetic pace and it was the latter that opened the scoring in the 29th minute, after Tom Ingram drove a shot across the keeper into the net following a clever one-two. Two minutes later he scored again with a similar goal, albeit under more fortunate circumstances. Brunel’s keeper had

been unsighted by his defenders as they tried to block Ingram’s shot. In the 43rd minute LSE scored a third when striker Tom Gay, finding himself only a yard out with the goal at his mercy, buried the ball into the net. Brunel managed to pull a goal back right on the stroke of half time as Jack Martin curled the ball beautifully into the top right-hand corner of the net from 25 yards out.

This proved to be the catalyst for the home side’s subsequent revival as they would go on to score two more goals within the first twenty minutes of the second half. In the 53rd minute Chris Glover scored from the spot after Scott Doody was upended inside the box. Then in the 65th minute, Doody, unmarked in the area, equalised the score with a diving header from a deep cross.

This remarkable comeback was checked both abruptly and agonisingly five minutes later, as Brunel defender Callum Roberts scored an own goal. Roberts, in attempting to clear a dangerous ball into the box, only succeeded in misdirecting it into his own net. Unsurprisingly Brunel were left deflated and LSE took full advantage as Jack Roberts scored in the 80th minute from a free-

kick that curled high into the net and then in the 86th, with a close tap-in. Brunel 4s were eventually put out of their misery as the final whistle soon blew. FINAL SCORE

Brunel 4s 3-6 LSE 1s

Le Nurb - May 2011

30 Sport

Equestrian: Brunel 2s Year Summary Carol Tennant As a team we have won three out of four competitions to finish top of our league (20 points and 62 team penalties clear of those who finished second) and qualified for Regionals! Individually in the league out of sixteen riders, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were all taken by Brunel riders. Callum Henn 1st (23 points) Natalie Dyas 2nd (22 points) Carol Tennant 3rd (20 points) At Regionals, the team managed to produce fabulous dressage tests with Carol, Nat and Viera all winning on their horses and Callum taking a very low 9 penalties. Carol scored the highest test marks of the day closely followed by Nat. Brunel put themselves way ahead of the other teams, taking the pressure off the jumping phase - which of course went smoothly and you guessed it we won! Which meant only one thing... we have qualified for nationals! This is the first time a Brunel Equestrian team have had such consistently good results. We’re very proudly the first ever Brunel Equestrian team to qualify for Regionals and Nationals! So NATIONALS here we come wish us luck!!!!

Carol Tennant

EQUESTRIAN SECOND TEAM Carol Tennant (team captain) Callum Henn Viera Ukropcova Natalie Dyas

Brunel success helped by Carol Tennant’s showjumping

Sailing: Southampton University wins the Brunel Badger Emanuel Köchert 11 teams with roughly 70 students from across England gathered at Datchet Water Sailing Club to sail for the title of the Brunel Badger. In team racing, two teams with three boats each race each other – and the team with the better combined positions wins. In a so called “round robin” every team was up against all other teams. Saturday’s racing covered pretty much all possible weather conditions and ensured everyone was kept entertained by storm gusts, rain and heavy rain. Allround sailing skills were required to do well on the first day and after day one the ladies from Southampton proved to have just those, not losing one match. After the races most of the sailors enjoyed the BBQ at the club, and as England beat France in the Six Nations Rugby Championship, they were in the mood, although tired, for Brunel Sailing’s famous random bus pub crawl in Central London! On Sunday morning, despite the clouds, a surprising number of sailors was seen wearing

sunglasses, in and outdoors. Everyone made sure to use their breaks ashore to catch up on sleep, good proof that they enjoyed the night in London. After all 55 matches of the round robin Southampton Ladies ended on top of the table by winning all 10 out of 10 races. Teams were then accordingly split into gold and silver fleet to decide which teams ended up in the final. The wind had other plans, not allowing for further fair racing after race 12

when it slowly died off. Winning the gold fleet was Southampton University and tied winners of the silver fleet were Reading University and Claires Court School. Brunel’s sailing team finished second overall, narrowly beating the Southampton Ladies team but beaten by Southampton Uni. This was our team’s best result of the year. Southampton’s team racing experience and their huge fleet of Fireflies make them one of the strongest in the country. Everyone

seemed completely exhausted from the two days judging by the clapping volume at the prize giving. A big Thank You has to go to all the helpers, umpires, competitors and the organiser Olly Provan, who have made this year’s Badger the best so far. Hopefully the competitors have enjoyed this regatta as much as Brunel’s sailors did and will return next year to hike like badgers for the 2012 trophy.

Rugby Union: Men’s update Huw Bowen Men’s Rugby this season have done incredibly well, reaching the final of the BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup and coming second to a spirited Brighton side. Unfortunately we also lost narrowly to Southampton in the Semi-Final of the Southern BUCS Sevens! One major point of note to round off our achievements this year is that Coach and Player Mark Odijobi is representing England 7’s! He’s already competed in Hong Kong, Adelaide and Las Vegas for England this season.

Emanuel Kochert

WRITE FOR US! Le Nurb accepts submissions from any Brunel student. See page 2 to find out how to get involved! Brunel vs. Southampton at the Brunel Badger

May 2011 - Le Nurb

Sport 31

Volleyball: A roundup of the year Ula Stopka-Farooqui Brunel Volleyball Club was established in 2009; however, 2010 was a year of dramatic changes and improvements within the club, which now is known as “Blackhawks”. The significant rise in a level of playing among all members (from recreational to competitive) and hire of a professional ex-volleyball-player coach allowed them to enter the world of Official Volleyball competition for the first time. This resulted in establishing a prominent position in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league by a Men’s team and participating in the Volleyball England Student Cup tournament, where our Women’s team lost only two games. The constant interests in the club, not only from students but also from various volleyball organizations, ensure us that we’re going to continue going in the right direction. The current Club Committee, (Chairwoman Urszula Stopka-Farooqui; Men’s Team Captain - Behrouz

Behzadan and Women’s Team Captain - Pia Malmberg) have put a lot of heart in making the Club what it is today – a successful and well-recognized sport group. Some of the events that helped them spread awareness included: Freshers’ Fayre, which generated more than a hundred students showing interest in the club; establishing a high position among other universities in various competitions such as BUCS, VE Student Cup and some other friendly matches. There were also many other sensational events that were supported by all club members; fund raising; Christmas dinner; co-host a Flirt Night! in the academy; purchasing new sport kit and being recognised in the Union of Brunel Students’ media. It goes without saying, that Brunel Blackhawks are expanding very fast and with a newly appointed executive committee, which includes devoted people with bright ideas, the Club is going BIG next year!!!

Ula Stopka Farooqui Brunel Men discuss tactics mid-match

Kayaking: What a wet and wild year Charlotte Pridham

Kayakers having fun in Nottingham

Charlotte Pridham The 2010/11 year has been a fabulous year for Brunel Kayakers. After Freshers’ Fayre; our Slip and Slide; and our free taster sessions, we kick started the year with our kayak surf trip to Polzeath which saw sun, sea, sand and some great local cider form the basis for a great weekend, gearing us all up for the year ahead. Only a few weeks later, after some coaching for our beginners and returners from our World Record breaking coach, it was time to head off again, this time to Wales for the annual Teifi Tour. After a lot of paddling on challenging white water, everyone returned in one piece ready to get dressed up and bond with the other universities over a drink and a game or two. As the cold weather set in it was time to get the extra thermals out and start working on preparing everyone for the competitions and qualifications on the horizon. And to warm everyone up after a session what better than a social in the form of Karaoke, a meal or a night on the town?!?! Before we knew it, it was Christmas and after the well earned, but not quite long enough break, it was time for the club to hit the ground running with our joint night with Sailing and Swimming in the Academy. Pirate Night was a huge success and enjoyed by all. This social was followed by our night in Central for Chinese New

year and many other socials to keep everyone going through this long and testing term! As March approached everyone took their 2 Star tests and some took their 3 Star, with a 100% pass rate we were pleased as punch, and confident, as we headed off for a practice run of the competition course we would face in 2 weeks time. The practice run definitely helped as everyone performed exceptionally well at the National Students Rodeo in Nottingham, the largest freestyle competition in the world! It was a great weekend and a good time for the club to sit down and assess the year. In quick succession there was the AGM, elections and handover and now the club is ready for the next academic year to be even wetter and wilder! This year is not yet over, however, and with Brunel Kayaking put forward for 2 awards, the Sports Fed Ball is the next big calendar event for the club. Then after the exams are finished and FACE has been and gone the club have a 2 day expedition planned, along with the surf trip for the beginning of next year to organise. If these events sound like something you would enjoy email the club for more details or come and speak to us at FACE or Sports Fed Ball. This year has been amazing and I’ll be sad to go but if you’re about next year, join up! You won’t be disappointed!

Le Nurb - May 2011

32 Sport

Le Sport Triathlon: First year achievements John Borton This is Brunel Triathlon and Cycling club’s first year of existence! We have managed to successfully form a partnership with the local Triathlon club, who, for a decreased fee, enable us to have two coached swim sessions and the opportunity for a Sunday group bike ride, every week. They also offer the opportunity for members to compete in cycling time trails; duathlons; open water swimming events and, of course, triathlons. We have members entering in a number of BUCS events, from the Duathlons which happened back in November; a Team Time Trialling (TTT) event in April; the Sprint Triathlon and a Cycling road race in May. In November, four club members (Thomas Reader, Stephen Blakeney, Daniel Harrington and Jack Gover) competed in the BUCS Duathlon at Castle Combe race circuit. This being each members first experience of a multiple discipline event, they all raced very well. Extra congratulations go to Brunel’s fastest on the day, Thomas Reader and commiserations need

to go to Stephen Blakeney who suffered a puncture on the biking leg of the race and was not able to finish. In March, our Team Captain, John Borton, competed in the Abu Dhabi Triathlon. He raced to a high standard, finishing 9th overall and winning his age group. The race was unusual, having a 50km bike leg with normal sprint distances for the swim and run, compared to the 25km that will be done in the BUCS event. In April, we took a team of three cyclists (John Borton, Douglas Baldock, William Couch) to the TTT event in Aylesbury, with our first chance at gaining some BUCS points. Due to two serious crashes on the day from other teams, we finished 12th out of 30 teams unfortunately. A great result for our first team cycling event and we hope to build on this result years to come! In May, the BUCS Road Race championships and Sprint Triathlon will take place. In both events we will be taking a number of members, and the best of luck to them in these events!



Sports Fed










Rugby Union





John Borton

John Borton powers through on his run

Judo: Brunel host London Open Judo: Brunel dominate Worthing Open Omar Anaz There are moments in history which change the world forever. July 21st, 1969 Man walks on the moon. December 25th, 1991 The Iron curtain falls with Gorbachev announcing the dissolution of the Soviet Union. February 12th, 2011 Brunel University hosts the London Open University Judo Competition! It was indeed a historic day for University sport. Brunel entered with a team of 9 fighters ranging from seasoned veterans to beginners who only started their judo career this year. The level of competition was excellent and much more competitive than anticipated. This was mainly due to the increase in the number of competitors with an impressive turnout, and also many high performance and national squad players entering the competition. The Brunel team was, however, well prepared by their dedicated coaches and showed admirable etiquette and sportsmanship as well as being welcoming hosts. A special mention goes to Sina Mahouzi who managed to cut

over 2.5kg over 12 hours before the weigh-in to make the under 73kg weight limit weighing in at a lean, mean 72.95kg! Blood flowed, literally in the case of Mark, who took exception to the centre green mat in the middle of the contest area, turning it red with his own blood. Pouria Tourian started the day in true Brunel style in his first ever Judo competition, destroying three opponents in impressive fashion before being disqualified in his last fight on a technicality! When the dust settled Brunel were left standing proudly with 4 medals comprising of; Gold for Mark Carter in the Men’s Kyu grade Open weight category; Silver for Pouria Tourian in the Men’s Novice Under 66kg category; Bronze for Ettiene Mendes in the Men’s Brown and Black belt Under 66kg category; Bronze for Alex Pearson in the Men’s Kyu grade Under 73kg category. Also proudly representing Brunel were James Diamond and Mohamad Khemari at Under 66kg; Omar Anaz and Sina Mohouzi at Under 73kg as well as Ian Johnson and Chow Chen at under 81kg.

James Diamond Sixteen hours to zero 6pm, Brunel University Our intrepid entourage congregates outside the Isambard Amenity Building as we wait for our transport to arrive, preparations are made and the route maps are exchanged. Presently our car pools pull up, everyone piles in, Destination: Worthing. Fourteen hours to zero 8pm, Are we there yet? Eventually we all arrived and checked in to our luxurious accommodation on the seafront, and set off in the manner most befitting students: in search of food. Like a plague of locusts sweeping through the sleepy seaside town, we swarmed in, devoured the last stocks in Pizza Hut’s kitchen and moved on to the bars in search of fairer game. Zero hour – 9am, and in the words of Elton John “I’m gonna be high as a kite by then”. An early breakfast and a short ride to the venue gave us ample time to register and weigh in

before getting down into fight mode. Brunel’s day could hardly have started any better, with our South coast native Mark Carter charging through his Heavyweight category against a series of tough challengers, their towering forms not phasing him in the slightest as he gallantly fought his way into Silver Medal position. Brunel’s successes continued with the brown belts, with Mohammad Khedmati and James Diamond easily dispatching their opposition in the Under- and Over-65kg categories to win Gold and Silver respectively. Of particular note was Mohammad’s performance in demolishing two of his opponents in under a minute, the second of which lasted less than six seconds! Also fighting courageously on the Brunel team was Ian Johnson who sadly met with less success but every bit the valour which so sums up a true Brunel athlete. As the competition grew in intensity, so did the opposition hurtling towards the climax that

was the Men’s Lightweight Black Belt category. These fighters are fast and deadly, but by far the deadliest, and fast becoming the name that makes any British Judoka shake in their boots, our own indomitable French star; Etienne Mendès. Against some of the most intense competition of any sport (in this reporter’s entirely unbiased opinion), Etienne kept his nerve and fought a set of seemingly endless bouts to secure 1st place and a Gold medal to show for it. Well worthy of note are our cousins from outside the university, who regularly train with us, Alex Hyde and James Newnham, both of whom picked up bronze medals in their respective categories. Lucy Newnham fought bravely but unusually for her sadly came away empty handed on this occasion against very tough competition. Brunel University’s final medal tally was 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals out of 5 competitors. Not bad for a day’s work! Look out BUCS, Brunel Judo are coming.

Cricket: Women’s roundup Palvi Shah Women’s Cricket have had a successful year by doubling the number of members from the previous year. The club has been

more actively involved with the Union and other clubs by engaging in the Brunel Cricket Indoor RAG Tournament and The Global Poverty Project for One

World Week just to name a few. As LeNurb goes to press we will have just started our outdoor season, so here’s hoping for success!

Issue 8 2010/11