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Fire Brigade Strikes

Rugby League Win

“We will march”

December 2010

Get him to the O2!

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Brunel DID March 2010

Pro-Chancellor to get lordship in 2011

Amy Blackford

Riot squads, injured policemen and fire extinguishers being thrown off roofs were some of the astonishing scenes that distracted attention away from a peaceful protest that had begun earlier on the 10th November 2010. Fifty two thousand students joined the National Union of Students to express their concerns about the proposed cuts to education budgets. Brunel students marched proudly with top hats and whistles united against the coalition Government. Extremist political parties had set up stalls to catch the attention of many students that were caught up within the day’s events. In scenes that swept the nation, students were arrested for entering the Millbank Centre, home to the Conservative Party Headquarters, causing it to be evacuated. Police failed to control the situation effectively and the rise in violence saw the Brunel University students proudly leave the chaos behind them after completing their peaceful protest. Aaron Porter, president of the National Union of Students, said he was “deeply disappointed at the actions of a small minority of those 50,000 who attended”. He added: “I know from the hundreds of emails and tweets I’ve received that the vast majority of you share my view that

Gaz Corfield

Adil Khan Deshmukh

Some of Brunel’s 400-strong contingent at the 10th November protest their actions were shameful, dangerous and counterproductive. We did everything we could to organize a peaceful and responsible action, but sadly it was hijacked and our press coverage overshadowed. But we must move forward, heads held high.”

The actions of those responsible for the negative press coverage through their violence, have been widely criticised by those that were there to demonstrate their beliefs in an acceptable manner. A vote on fees is due soon.

Please Recycle

The Pro-Chancellor, Sir Robert Balchin MEd DLitt DL, is to be appointed as a working peer in the New Year. The Queen has signified her intention of conferring life peerages upon those nominated by the Prime Minister’s Office, meaning that Sir Robert will be created a Baron in 2011. He will be known as Lord Balchin. Sir Robert devised and ran the programme for autonomy in state schools and was also Chairman of the Grant-Maintained School Foundation from 1989-98. He has been a teacher, lecturer and company director and is the founding Chairman of The English Schools Orchestra. He is also Honorary Colonel of Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force. Brunel’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chris Jenks, said of Sir Robert: “He has worked tirelessly to improve education in this country and we are delighted that he continues to play such an active role in the progress and development of Brunel University.” Jonathan Isaby, the prominent Conservative journalist, first suggested that Sir Robert should be ennobled in 2009. A reader on Isaby’s blog suggested that: “… many believe he would be a perfect candidate to become a reforming minister in the next Conservative Government, bringing his years of expertise and passion for raising education standards to bear on state education.” The Labour Party has criticised the coalition government’s appointment of new peers. Chris Bryant, Labour MP for the Rhondda Valley, who infamously posed in his underpants for a gay dating website, claimed that “the number of new peers announced yesterday [19th November] was further evidence of plans to create ‘artificial majorities’ in both the Commons and the Lords.”

Le Nurb - December 2010

2 Welcome

Foreword from the Editor

Gaz Corfield - Editor Festive greetings to you lot. Here’s part of a rather cute editorial that the New York Sun published for Christmas 1897, in response to a letter from a little girl called Virginia asking whether Santa existed. Merry Christmas! Gaz … all minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the countless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished. Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your papa to have men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders that are unseen and unseeable in the world.

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World still flat, Pope still Protestant

Housing Fayre & student officers’ updates









Strikes, demos and general misery

Anarchy? Not quite

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Horoscopes and Sudoku

Grown men run around grabbing balls


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December 2010 - Le Nurb

News 3

Formula Student Gaz Corfield There are a lot of things that happen on campus which simply pass the majority of students by. RocSoc’s nights in Academy, for one, and the Arts Centre’s termly theatre production; this latest one is apparently called Lust, and, according to the blurb on the Facebook event, promises “a great night of breast grabbing, dry humping, ball cupping, sexsimulating fun that you are sure not to forget.” More tea, Vicar? But, all of this aside, we also have some more serious schemes. Like the Formula Student project, which is hidden away from public view in the bowels of Tower D. After several weeks of hearing a mate talk about nothing but Formula Student, my resolve weakened and I agreed to go and see for myself what all the fuss was about. I spoke with James Luetchford, the Test

Team Principal, about the car. “We have 12 level five students who act as managers for the project, and about 34 level 3 undergraduates who design individual components and manufacture them.” Brunel’s FS team are a curious mix; their dedication to the project comes both from a genuine love of solving engineering challenges and the desire to gain valuable experience for their CVs. Neil Whitehouse, the team’s marketing principal, said: “In engineering everyone asks for pure experience which is not what you get from a traditional engineering degree.” This approach pays dividends as far as the FS team are concerned. Last year Brunel finished 6th after competing at both Silverstone and Hochemheim in Germany. For a competition involving over 100 teams from Europe alone, these are impressive results.

News In Brief Snow much?

Christmas Box Success

Snow has snow hit snow Brunel snow and snow the snow capital snow this snow week….snow. Much of the country has ground to a halt with a simultaneous ‘Oooo it’s all white’. The government were asked to comment, but Number 10 said that David Cameron was too busy building ‘an awesome snowman’. Nick Clegg however had to stay in and do chores.

The meeting house was laden with charitable donations on Wednesday 24th November for the shoe box appeal. Campaigns Chair Martin Zaranyika was there to greet people along with the Christian Union making it an enjoyable day. Zaranyika commended the effort of sports teams for their generous contributions to the campaign in November’s Student Assembly meeting.

RIP Tom Scott’s Hair We report with great regret that Tom Scott, Media Chair, has been assaulted by a crazed cutter of hair. Many people, understandably, will need counselling after learning of this tragic event. Feel free to express your condolences by sending gifts to the Le Nurb office, located next to Student Activities.

Nichtgoogle German home-owners in Essen have been subject to vandalism after they chose to opt out of the Google Street View scheme being rolled out in the country. Notices saying ‘Google’s cool’ and eggs have found their way onto the doors of those who have demanded that their property is blurred out on the internet giant’s Street View system. Nearly 250,000 Germans have requested to opt out of the service, though other Germans seem to be embracing it by setting up fake pictures for the world to see including a naked man, climbing from the boot of his car and a baby being born on a Berlin street. Declan Hunter

Formula Student mechanics working on this year’s entry

If you’re a Brunel student then chances are you’ve seen those Minis with a giant can of Red Bull gracing the roof, or the trucks pumping out music so loudly you can hear it round the corner. It’s also likely that you’ve secretly wished for one of your own. But what exactly are they and how can you get the chance to drive one? I had the privilege of riding in one of the trucks with Matthew Bridgeman, a Sports Science student in his third year, as he delivered free cans of Red Bull to student houses in Uxbridge, and handed out cans to passers-by. I asked Matthew how he came to work for Red Bull and what it involved. He told me his particular job was specifically catered towards students and he applied online, was successful and attended Red Bull’s week long training course, Flight School.

Accounts published recently show the detailed spending of the Coalition government since taking office. The highlights of the accounts are the revelation that £1000 was spent making a diamond-encrusted dog collar, £5000 on team-building at a chocolate factory and a whopping £26,000 on training about holding ‘difficult conversations’. Presumably these conversations go along the lines of ‘You know that job you USED to have…’

Obama spares turkey In a stunning example of Presidential grace, Barack Obama has pardoned a death-row inmate, a 45-pound turkey called ‘Apple’. In a tradition going back to Bush Snr. The President of the United States has had the power to pardon a turkey from death at Thanksgiving. Last year, ‘Courage’ was allowed to waddle free, sent to Disneyland to join its fellow free birds. This year however, Obama has allowed ‘Apple’, and its mate ‘Cider’, to go to George Washington’s home to roam the grounds.

Get Jonny Mudd to the O2

A load of (Red) Bull? Charlotte Bale

Government spend money … did they have any?

“They rented out an ex army base in a secret location. They took us there at 6 am and we were put in tents, and given freebees. We had lectures, games and group activities. On our second day we had a boot camp led by marines, were we ran through obstacle courses, did pushups and got extremely dirty. “We also got to hang out with Freddie Flintoff, a Red Bull athlete, and were treated to our own private air show by the Red Bull Matadors. We were shown how to drive the Minis and the Red Bull event vehicles, which were Swiss Army Trucks. It was an awesome experience, the job is amazing and every week is different.” If Red Bull Flight School sounds like something you would like to do to help fund your studies, you can apply online on the Red Bull UK website: http://www.

Amy Blackford Brunel University legend Jonny Mudd unfortunately failed to make it through to the OpenMicUK finals, held at the O2 Arena on 15th January 2011. There is an amazing opportunity that could launch the talented singer into the finals as part of a wildcard entry. You can text ‘Wildcard40’ to 84222, all texts cost £1 and people can vote as many times as possible. Financial Maths student Mudd, 22, has continued to impress crowds, often performing in Academy and raising money for RAG in Freshers Week this year. The top prize is a two year record and management deal and £50,000. Mudd believes that it was the lack of ticket sales and supporters that stopped the judges putting him through rather than ability as crowds voted for their friends.

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Le Nurb - December 2010

4 News

Baghdad extremists target Christians in series of bombings Shoruk Khaddour Five people were killed by bomb attacks targeting Christian areas in the Iraqi capital. The attacks on November 10th targeted the six predominantly Christian districts in Baghdad and have left more than 30 people with serious injuries. The atrocities follow the capture of a Catholic church on October 31st by extremists that left more than 50 people dead. Iraqi police have named Camp Sara, Sinaa Street and al-Ghadeer in central Baghdad among the areas targeted by the extremists. An interior ministry source said that the attacks on Wednesday the 10th were directly linked with the siege of the Catholic cathedral. The official also said, “These operations, which targeted Christians, came as a continuation of the attack that targeted the Salvation church.” The Islamic State of Iraq – a branch of alQaida – claimed responsibility for the attack on the Salvation church and vowed to launch more attacks against Christians. They claim they are avenging the imprisonment of two Muslim women who are being held by priests in Egypt. Several Christian leaders in Britain have

Churches have been attacked in Baghdad urged for Iraq’s remaining Christians to flee the country. After addressing a congregation of Iraqi Orthodox Christians at a memorial service in London, Archbishop Athanasios Dawood said, “If we stay, they will kill us”. Juleit Hana, a 33-year-old Christian, said, “It’s not worth

staying in a country where the government is not able to protect you, even when you’re sitting in your house.” However, church and political leaders in Iraq have urged the Christian community to stay in the country which has been their home for more than 2,000 years. Attacks on

Christians have been taking place ever since the 2003 invasion with churches bombed and priests kidnapped and brutally killed. Only 500,000 Iraqi Christians remain in this fragile and torn country from the original population of over a million.

Family Club to support students with young children Jaymini Lakhani The idea of a ‘Family Club’ in Brunel has been brought forward in an attempt to help student parents. Filiz McNamara, International Student Services Manager for Brunel University, has told how she and Chris Chung, Chair of Brunel International, approached Barbara Jenks, wife of the Vice-Chancellor, with the idea of creating the Family Club. The proposal was inspired by the story of a young wife of a student that they had heard about; she had a three month old child and her husband was studying for a PhD at Brunel. She later developed post natal depression. Together, they found that the lack of child care and support at Brunel played a big part in the struggles of student parents. By developing the Family Club, they allowed students to get involved in activities with their children and encouraged networking with people in similar situations, making it possible for them to help each other out. The club was also a way of making clear to other people the struggles which student parents go through. In the past year the Family Club has held some very successful events. These included Easter egg hunts, Christmas cookie baking and film nights (in conjunction with the Film Society), which they try to host every month, but due to the lack of funding for the club, this proves very difficult. At the moment, the funding comes

Family Club visits the Academy for a Halloween party from the events organised by Brunel International. The Union has become much more supportive as they target the ‘non-traditional’ students of Brunel, according to President Priya Pallan at November’s Student Assembly meeting. Space is needed for these events to be

held in a way to accommodate everyone The Family Club has been allowed to use the Academy for events such as the Halloween Party on the 3rd of November, which was another successful event held by the club. A major question for student parents is

Recycle: Because your planet is worth it.

why there is no longer a nursery at Brunel. Most London Universities have this facility, as well as family accommodation, yet Brunel has failed to cater for this demographic, making it more difficult for student parents to cope with the struggles of university.

December 2010 - Le Nurb

News 5

Newspaper on an Apple Adam Martley A pioneering idea to make a newspaper available to Apple iPad owners will be launched by major newspaper owners. News Corporation’s CEO Rupert Murdoch and Apple CEO Steve Jobs are set to launch a ‘newspaper’ on Apple’s iPad next year, according to reports. Murdoch’s and Jobs’ companies have joined forces to create The Daily, the first newspaper specifically designed for tablet computers. Costing just 62p a week, The Daily will be automatically dispatched to iPads and other similar devices, removing the need for users to seek out news content themselves. Apple is famous for its popular consumer

electronics which include the iPod, the iPhone and its Mac computers. News Corporation’s assets include book publisher HarperCollins, entertainment company Fox, part of BSkyB, part of ITV and UK newspapers The Sun, The News of the World and The Times. The media conglomerate is currently attempting to buy the rest of BSkyB, which has led to concern that this would result in a less diverse and less competitive media. It is thought that The Daily will be used by Murdoch to support his model of paying for online news. In June, the Times’ website went behind a ‘paywall’, meaning users now have to pay to access online content. The News of the World’s website has also recently gone behind a paywall.

World Economic Forum

Rupert Murdoch unveils plans for iPad newspaper

Patois translation of Bible angers critics Akeem Maull Nicol This month the Bible Society of the West Indies launched the Jamaican patois version of the Gospel of Luke, one of the books of the New Testament, in Toronto, Canada. The book called ‘Jiizas- Di buk weh Luuk rait bout im’ was launched at the York University’s Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC). The translations have created a mixed response in the Christian world. Those opposed to the project estimated at a cost of £500,000, have voiced concerns over the dilution over the value of the scripture. Karl Johnson, president of the Jamaica Council of Churches offers a counter argument, he said, “Sacredness is not in how the Bible is written, it’s in what it stands for.” Patois is an ‘unofficial’ language spoken in Jamaica. It is how many Jamaicans refer

to the creole dialect which emerged when Britain invaded it in 1655 and brought slaves over from West Africa. Although widely spoken in Jamaica, Patois is still sometimes considered as a “low-status” language, according to Hubert Devonish, a linguistics professor at the Kingston campus of the University of the West Indies. An additional issue is that Patois spoken in different parishes within Jamaica are very different from each other. On speaking to British-Jamaicans who left Jamaica in the 50s and 60s for Britain, several remember their inability to read Patois poems by Louise Bennett that were published in the national newspaper, The Gleaner. Patois is often spoken informally and people don’t frequently write it; this is a possible issue with the translation. However Jodianne Scott, the translator, has said the aim of the project was to make

the Bible available in the heart language of the people. This also makes the Bible more accessible as it is already translated into 451 languages, leaving 4,421 languages still waiting for even just one book of the Bible to be translated. Karl Johnson, president of the Jamaica Council of Churches, said “Anything that helps people understand the word of God is good. There is nothing wrong with translating the Bible into someone’s native tongue.” The Bible has been translated into other dialects, including Haitian Creole and Gullah, which is largely spoken by AfricanAmericans in isolated coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. The project has been going since 1993 and the New Testament is expected to be finished in 2012. The translation of the whole Bible is due for completion in 2020.

Steve Snodgrass

Bible translation provokes criticism

Plain cigarette packets? Rebecca Chaouch The Department of Health aims to protect children and potential smokers by making cigarette packets less visual and attractive. The department said plain packs should also encourage people who are trying to give up smoking. As a first step towards this new public health plan, retailers are asked to cover up their displays of cigarettes. Hopefully, this will change young peoples’ attitudes to smoking without any pecuniary loss for sellers – according to recent research published in Tobacco Control. Director of policy and research at Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), Martin Dockrell, claims that: “Helping smokers who want to quit and protecting our children from the tobacco ad means this will be an enormous leap forward for public health, perhaps even bigger than the smoking ban”. Jean King, Cancer Research UK’s director of tobacco control adds: “Plain

or standardised packaging will help stop the pack from being the industry’s silent salesman and recruiting another generation into using a product that kills half of all long-term users.” But smokers’ group, Forrest, does not see the point in striking at cigarette packs to stop people from smoking. Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: “There is no evidence that plain packaging will have any influence whatsoever on smoking rates. Also, the policy is designed to discriminate against smoking and stigmatise the consumer, which is totally wrong.” Since the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act prohibited tobacco advertising, promotion or sponsorship in 2002, packaging has become the main marketing focus for cigarette companies. The Department of Health claims that the number of smokers has fallen by a quarter in the past decade, yet smoking still costs the NHS about £2.7 billion a year.


Are plain cigarette packets a thing of the future?

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Le Nurb - December 2010

6 News

Flat-screen TVs Given To Scottish Prisoners Shoruk Khaddour Hundreds of flat-screen TV’s have been ordered by the Scottish Prison Service for inmates, in what is claimed as a means to meet energy efficiency targets. The Scottish Prison Service has said that the TV sets will not be costing the taxpayer any money because the inmates will be charged for TV access. A spokesman for the SPS said: “The SPS are seeking a future supply of in-cell televisions which are energy efficient to meet our green targets.” He added: “Inmates are charged £1

per week for television and we have approximately 7,800 prisoners at the moment. There is, therefore, no costs to the taxpayer…televisions are not a right but a privilege, and prisoners have them at the discretion of the governor.” Labour has voiced its anger at the 1,600 19-inch sets ordered for the Shotts and Low Moss sites. Labour’s justice spokesman, Richard Baker, said: “Many of my constituents can’t afford new televisions, and particularly not swanky 19-inch flat-screen affairs. What sort of message does this send?” The televisions have been “a feature” of prisons for the SPS since 1999.

site at a price of £10.99 each, or 99p Koo Koo Kachoo Apple per song. These include Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Rosie Hayes After a long road of legal battles, the Beatles have at long last made their debut on iTunes. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, as well as the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison have given the go-ahead for the band’s classics to be sold through the online music store. Each of the band’s 13 albums, which have been re-mastered, are now on sale on the

Hearts Club Band, Revolver and Abbey Road. Starr said he was, “Particularly glad to no longer be asked when the Beatles are coming to iTunes”. The deal with iTunes was finally struck after a long trademark dispute between Apple and the Beatles’ music label, Apple Corps. Rival music websites such as Amazon have responded to the announcement by slashing prices of Beatles albums.

A Royal Engagement Rosie Hayes With a sigh of relief Kate Middleton says goodbye to her nickname, “Waity Katie”, as Prince William finally proposed to her during a holiday in Kenya. Miss Middleton, 28, described the proposal as a complete shock. In a documentary of the Prince when he was in Botswana, he said: “Africa’s the perfect place to come. The locals haven’t a clue who I am and I love that.” After seven years into their relationship, the Royals praised the proposal. Some of them felt it took a while for William to propose, but the Prince insisted: “The time is right, now.” He also joked: “I didn’t realise it was a race, otherwise I probably would have been a lot quicker.” The bride-to-be received a sapphire engagement ring, previously owned by Princess Diana, the Prince’s mother. Joining the Royal Family will, without doubt, be a daunting prospect for Kate, who is from a non-royal background. The lives of her family will change forever as they enter this union with the royals. It is already rumoured that Kate will become a style icon as people have already begun to scrutinise her dress sense. As a queenin-waiting she will be one of the most photographed women in the world,

Nick Warner

Kate Middleton, future Queen of England joining the likes of Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama. There is expected to be a souvenir bonanza because of the amount of memorabilia produced by traders which is likely to go on sale as tribute to the marriage. The big day is scheduled for April 29th 2011 and will be a national bank holiday.

Opportunities for Brunel University Graduates and Undergraduates Product Development Engineering • Manufacturing Engineering Marketing, Sales & Service • Finance • HR • Purchasing • IT


Whether you’re studying English, Applied Chemistry, Industrial or Product Design, have always wanted to work in the automotive industry or never considered it before, Jaguar Land Rover is the ultimate destination for you. Our Graduate Scheme has been carefully developed to give you the right blend of technical expertise, personal development and know-how you need for a truly rewarding career. We’re also keen to encourage new talent. So we offer three-month and twelve-month placements in Product Development Engineering for students studying engineering-related degrees. Closing date for both schemes: 31st December 2010.

Find out more by visiting

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December 2010 - Le Nurb

Union News 7 Union News

Sports and Society Update

Middlewood Meditates

places for each session. There have been mixed results so far this year, but with a lot of teams undefeated and many teams still in cup competitions we are looking strong this year. As always, I encourage people to come down and support their teams, as home support always makes a difference. In particular I would like to thank all who came down to American football’s first match, there is another on one the 5th so please come down and show your support. Our societies have been out in force with many events going on. From the regular screening that our films societies put on to the massive events that the ACS and the entrepreneurs society put on. Look out for more events that our societies are putting on before the Holidays and get involved RAG are still putting on some great events, with RAG week has also been confirmed starting on the 17th which will be concluded by a pirate invasion (if you have never been on one or don’t know what it is, you haven’t been a true Brunelian until you have been on one) I wish you all a happy December and Merry Christmas Holiday and I shall see you in the New Year!

Just a short update from me this month, as up until recently all my time was dedicated to getting your beautiful lot down to Central London on November the 10th. For those that came with us on that fantastic day, I thank you for being a part of it. The story hasn’t stopped there so get on demo for the next step! Personal Tutoring is coming along! The reason that I haven’t been loud and proud with this campaign yet, is because I want to also get the view of University staff and academics as to how effective they see the current system is in their School. After this I will be going out and talking to students, hopefully with a fantastic campaign team (apply within) during February, to raise awareness of the student survey I will be launching online ( which I promise will be quick,

At the beginning of November we saw the launch of the Union’s Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance campaign (S.H.A.G). Over two days over 200 students collected the Union’s goodie bags, which contained contraception,

a sexual health magazine, survival guide and a stress ball or personal attack alarm. It was not only the Union who took part, the Terrance Higgins Trust (THT ) also participated during the launch; successfully administering Chlamydia tests to 245 students. Of course there are more S.H.A.G dates to come over the year with the next falling on the 1st-2nd December focusing on World Aid’s Day. Alcohol and Drugs It’s now getting closer to Christmas which means the party season is

almost upon us! I won’t deny that this is a fantastic time, but to ensure we are all safe over this celebratory period the Union are hosting an Alcohol and Drugs awareness campaign. As our own gift to you before the Christmas holidays commence we have decided to place the campaign between the 13th and 17th of December. During this campaign you can expect to see some very exciting eye catching stunts which will make you think about your limits, alongside a chance to try out some non-alcoholic cocktails in the Atrium.

The Advice and Representation Centre (ARC), part of the Union of Brunel Students, is once again hosting the annual Housing Fayre which is an event to provide essential information and guidance to the large proportion of students living in accommodation in the local area. The ARC is committed to promoting and maintaining the welfare of students. We offer free, impartial and confidential advice to students on a wide range of

issues, of which housing advice is one of the main concerns of students visiting the ARC. We aim to raise awareness amongst students of the housing services available to them, the issues surrounding housing, how they can find rental housing, and what to think about once they move in. The Housing Fayre will be held on Tuesday 1st February 2011, between 11am and 2pm, in the Atrium of the Hamilton Building.

In previous years the Housing Fayre has been extremely successful with over 400 students in attendance over the day. We aim to build on the success of past years and reach as many students as possible through the participation of organisations such as key departments at London Borough of Hillingdon including the Private Sector Housing Team; Community Safety Team, Off-campus Housing Office, Endsleigh Insurance, London Fire Service. Also, as a response

Joel Brasher Jones Has it only been a month since the last Le Nurb?! It seems so much longer. The national demonstration was a massive part of the month and everything went very smoothly, at least until a few idiots took it too far, and it seems likely that the troublemakers were not even students. But like I say, Brunel behaved impeccably and were the loudest there by miles (oops upside your head outside parliament anyone!) Sports Federation dinner has been confirmed and tickets are on sale at the moment. This year there is an option of paying £20 now and £20 later just so you can save some of pennies for presents for the family or some massive nights in the S.U. Give It A Go month is currently of being organised, this is where everyone and anyone can try a sport or class that UBS and Brunel Sport will put on. The classes will be free and sign up is in the first week of January. Sign up at the UBS reception, but be warned there are limited

Update on S.H.A.G Avina Patel

Sam Middlewood

Recycling, I’m lovin’ it. (not Maccy D’s though)

simple, and to the point!). Hopefully the changes which are arriving from the Assessment and Feedback Campaign are now being seen by you all on your courses and across your Schools. There are some fantastic initiatives which are happening, all of which will benefit you in your courses when you are receiving feedback on your assignments, exams and tests. More importantly they will help in your writing your next assignments – feedback is all about improvement, not just the grade you got, so don’t forget that! JUST IN – there will be a feature on the progress of Assessment and Feedback next month, keep your eyes peeled! See you on the beach, Middlewood P.S- Merry Christmas you filthy animals, and a Happy New Year

CONTACT DETAILS        fb: Brunel Academic Representation      Twitter: Brunel VPAR


to feedback we received from our student members, for the first time ever we are inviting selected letting agents to attend the event. This will give students an opportunity to review selected student rental properties and sign up to secure accommodation from Summer 2011. So on 1st February why not drop by, meet the ARC team, look out for the giveaways and get loads of information and guidance on taking your first steps into the private rental housing sector.

Le Nurb - December 2010

8 Features

London Fire Brigade Strikes

Police_Mad_Liam Firemen across the country took industrial action earlier this month

Jade O’Donoghue With the recent fire brigade strikes over changing shift hours, Jade interviews a retired fireman and asks him about the dangers of altering shift patterns in a highly hazardous job, and how efficient the covering fire service AssetCo is during an emergency. Firefighters across London went on strike earlier this month after the London Fire Brigade announced propositions to change their shift patterns: day shifts to go from 9 hours in length to 11, and the nights from 15 to 13. I spoke to a recently retired firefighter from the London Borough of Hillingdon. After 35 years in the service, firefighting is still something he feels passionate about: “It’s not just a job; it’s a vocation.” I spoke to him just as the strikes were starting. Jade: The strikes are running today between 10am and 6pm. How busy would you expect this time of day to normally be? Firefighter: It’s hard to say. If you were to average it out across the working day, it’s probably about three to four calls. But, that could be anything ranging from false alarms, to road traffic collisions to chemical

out to make it effective. It’s a tactical fight. incidents. It’s not just putting out fires. J: They’ve taken 27 engines across London - You have to think, “How far do I want to go including one from Hillingdon and one from Hayes with this?” J: Brian Coleman, Chairman of the London - and will be using an external company, AssetCo, to ensure fire cover. How well do you think the Fire and Emergency Planning, called the strikes London Fire Brigade is dealing with the task of “pointless and unjustified”. How far do you agree with that? providing cover during the strikes? FF: Coleman’s an arrogant pig. When FF: Not well at all. The response time will be increased. We have to respond asked why he was changing the shifts gave a load of within twenty “Yes, I was involved in he excuses, when minutes: the first ten the strikes in 1977... they wereand all proven are vital. You’ve got to We walked out the wrong his last one get four people there: gates and nine weeks was: “Because I can one person in charge later we got what we change them.” He’s of the water and wanted.” alienated the Fire breathing equipment, two to go in and deal with the fire and one Brigade Union. I’m not an anarchist but if person on the ground with an overall view people are willing to walk out the doors and of what’s going on. I don’t think AssetCo stay there until they get what they want, have had the full training firefighters have they will get it. J: But do you not think that in these times of had. Not even the army could cope in the recession, it’s a risky game, with lots of people 70s. J: Were you involved in the strikes in the 70s? willing to take your job? FF: The thing is, it takes 20-odd weeks to What was that like? FF: Yes, I was involved in the strikes in train people up and that’s only the first part; 1977. We wanted pay brought up to a level then it’s 4-5 years to really get into it. They can to reflect inflation at the time. We walked do that, but they know they’ll have a lot of out the gates and nine weeks later we got deaths because it will all change overnight. J: What do you think of the proposed new shift what we wanted. It was a wake up call. J: How well do you think these strikes will go times? They’ve been trialled in West Yorkshire to towards the firefighters today getting what they great success – the firefighters were offered the chance to vote back to the old shift times and they want? FF: If you walk out the door knowing declined – how do you think they will translate in the contract will change you have to stay London? Fall in love with recycling again

FF: It’s a big city. They tried them in Manchester and they didn’t work. The underlying point of this is to get rid of the beds in the stations. Get us producing more. That’s fine, but the majority of the time you don’t finish when you’re supposed to – you end up doing longer shifts. And then the danger comes because you’re fatigued and mistakes start happening. Firefighters need those rest areas for their down time. These new shift patterns are designed so they don’t have to use them, but it’s not practical. J: The London Fire Brigade claims that it’s so the firefighters can be more active in the community during the day – fitting fire alarms and offering advice on fire safety. What do you think of this argument? FF: I think doing all that is a good thing – after all, they say prevention is better than cure – but what isn’t good is that they have to take a fire truck and three people to do it. They have to have one to listen to the radio in case something comes in, then two to go into the house and fit the fire alarm because there’s a hundred things you can be accused of if it’s only one of you. All these little things govern the way they do it – it makes it difficult. Educating people is a good thing though. J: How much do you miss being a firefighter now you’ve retired? FF: A lot. It’s not a job for everybody, it’s just something you feel you want to do. I took a pay cut to join but it’s not just a job, it’s a vocation. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying retirement though! The strikes went ahead as planned and the London Fire Brigade’s contingency plans were put in place successfully. Strikes planned for Bonfire Night weekend were eventually called off and the Fire Brigade Union met with the independent Resolution Advisory Panel on November 16th to discuss a resolution to the dispute.

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How to Abuse Your Undergrad Women: Liberated or Undervalued? Privileges on one side and make your own notes/ diagrams/sex pictures on the other side. This way you won’t have to buy as much paper from the shop formerly known as Campustore, or WHSmiths, and you will save money. Bingo! By the time of reading, the People and Planet Society and members of Greenpeace will probably be building a bonfire with the intention of placing me atop it, which is fair enough. But let us think of the economics behind this. The university could save money by charging per page rather than per side; Richard and I don’t need facts or data to prove this, it’s just common sense. Burgess If Brunel charged 10p per page rather than 5p per side, then 99% of us who currently print single-sided would Richard explains how to be economical start printing double-sided overnight. and save money during this time of major This would save Brunel an astonishing economic cuts by taking advantage of amount of paper every year; and as an your undergraduate privileges. Read added bonus, they would receive an extra 5p from every printout consisting below to get your money’s worth. After the announcements from of an odd number of pages. That 5p a certain Mr Tory (Lets-Save-Some- increase will not affect us tax-dodgers Money-By-Screwing-Everyone-In-The- very much (it doesn’t matter if your Country-So-My-Pension-Is-Topped-Up- document is 1 page or 101 pages, you In-Time-For-When-I-Retire) Man; and will still pay only an extra 5p), but if you the silence from a Mr Liberal (Now-I’m- add up all the 5 pence pieces from every On-The -Front-Bench-My-Voters- Can- odd-page document that every student Go-Fuck-Themselves) Man, we have all prints off... Well, you get the picture. been left with one word on the tip of our Now until this happens, I urge all tongue... Bugger! (pardon? - Ed.) of you to print single-sided and get However, let’s look on the bright as much from the university as you side: we are here, this is life, so why can. The fact of the matter is, hardly not make the best anyone is going to Brunel University could really care about my of it? After my last save money by charging article and there is article, How to Abuse per page rather Your Postgraduate no reason why they than per’s just Privileges, I felt a should. Should Mr little sorry for the common sense. and/or Mrs I-Decideundergraduates being left out and How-Much-We-Charge-To-Print read so this article was born. After much this, please do yourself a favour: charge research and deep thought into content, per page, save the environment and I have made this simple conclusion: save money for the university. It’s a win/ there is nothing better about being an win situation for you in terms of money undergraduate than a postgraduate; and you’ll get a big pat on the back from except for the fact that you are (probably) the environmentalists. younger, fitter and a bit more exciting to As Mr Let’s-Save... has been doing be around. Although I did come up with in the Lower Chamber in the House of this: printing. Parliament, it is all too easy to sit on You’re thinking: is this article going your backside, pointing your finger and to be all about printing? Well, the saying “cut”. It is all too easy to raise answer to that is yes (mostly). And, it is drinks prices, cut money from student relevant, because we all spend lots of activities, reduce Library opening money on Brunel Self Service, be it for times and make staff redundant. And, printing or photocopying, and I’m sure it while these things are happening, we pisses you off just as much as it does me. still spend thousands of pounds every So this is how you can get more for less: year on things like paper which, quite be environmentally unfriendly and print frankly, we don’t need and can be used single-sided. The reason is simple. Brunel in a more sustainable fashion. charges printing ‘per side’ rather than On a final note: I have decided to ‘per page’, which means that printing archive my articles. So, if you’ve missed single-sided will not cost you any more my last one and would like a copy of it (I money than printing double-sided, but have both edited and unedited versions) you will get double the page area. If, just email me on for example, you are printing lecture Have fun printing safely! (What? How is notes, you can have your printed notes it possible to print dangerously? - Ed.)

Natasha Prayag and Sarah Tawfiq engaged in gratuitous self-publicity

Shoruk Khaddour Are photographs of naked women in newspapers an image of liberation or a product of exploitation? Shoruk describes the sheer importance of womankind supporting one another, and why we must always strive to achieve the best we possibly can. This week saw the 40-year anniversary of the infamous Page 3. Page 3 is a regular feature in The Sun, comprising a “glamorous” young woman posing topless and filling about ¾ of the page, while the rest of the space is taken up by her thoughts and views on that particular week’s news. Nudity was never part of Page 3 at the start of this phenomenon, but during the 70s this all changed with more visibly nude photographs of glamour models. This whole idea got me thinking about the idea of sexism and the way women are perceived in society. If we are trying to eradicate sexism and trying to teach young people, especially young men, to respect women, then should we be celebrating Page 3? Feminists will argue on both sides of this. One side will say: well, no, we shouldn’t be seen as just sex objects because women have achieved so much in their lifetime and have gone so far sometimes, even further than their male counterparts. Having Page 3 always lingering around is undermining the work that thousands of women have worked for and thousands more are dying to achieve. The other side is going to tell you: this is what women have worked for. The idea

Between love and madness lies recycling

of Page 3 is to celebrate the female form, to celebrate female independence and show that women are so comfortable in their sexuality that they should be allowed to use it and to celebrate it even if it is in a public manner. To be truthful, I don’t know who to agree with. Women are still seen as weak and inferior to men, especially in business and law sectors, where the more macho alpha-males are favoured by their bosses. And we have a right to be treated fairly and equally like those men. After all, we struggled and learnt and sacrificed for our goals just as much as they did, maybe even more. We don’t need to be labelled with ugly words or be seen as mere sexual objects not worth respect, because look at what we have achieved. But, and a big but here, women are women. They will always be women, and they should be allowed to celebrate their female form in all its glory. We’re proud of ourselves and what we can do. Why shouldn’t we celebrate it? We’re not obliged to hide our bodies (that’s not to say that we should flaunt ourselves openly and disrespectfully) and rightly so because the female form was meant to be appreciated. Appreciated in beautiful, luxurious clothes, appreciated whilst it grows a life, appreciated whilst its owner works to support a family. We shouldn’t feel shame because we are what we are; but for others to respect us we must begin to respect ourselves, especially our fellow females. Derogatory comments towards other women and using insulting words and language that demeans them makes it seem to others that it’s OK to treat us the same way. We need to support each other, not turn against each other and ruin any chance of equality we may have. When we have love for each other, then others will love us too.

Le Nurb - December 2010

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This isn’t Islam, This is Ignorance

Muslim extremists have targeted Christian minorities in Iraq

Shoruk Khaddour

After recent bombings in Iraq, leading to the death of several Christians living in the country, Shoruk describes her anger at the brutal attacks and whether the attackers have the right to call themselves Muslims. The number of attacks on Christian minorities in Muslim countries has skyrocketed in recent years. On November 10th alone, five people were killed by bomb attacks in Baghdad. What do you think? It’s wrong, isn’t it? I think it is. In no way, shape or form should those innocent people have been targeted

by the ignorant group that supposedly call themselves Muslims. Attacks against Christians in Iraq have escalated since the 2003 invasion with militant groups kidnapping priests, mutilating them and killing them in exchange for ransoms or bombing churches with hordes of people in them for the sole purpose of worship. The targets were holy buildings. Places of worship for a religion closely related to Islam. A religion which has expressed nothing but solidarity, union and brotherly love towards Muslims in every way. How dare these so called “Muslims” turn on the civilians of their own country and call them “legitimate targets” because they are Christian?! This is unjustified. These are the people that have stayed in a country that is torn and shattered by the unjust invasion of the West, as well as the inner turmoil

experienced by its own people. Muslims and Christians have lived in The Iraqi government is scattered and harmony in Iraq for 2,000 years as neighbours unable to come to a final result on how to peacefully co-existing together. Priests and govern the country. If leading politicians Imams marched together in unison against cannot come to a conclusion over how to the initial invasion or marching together to sort themselves out, how can we expect oppose the brutal killing of people on both them to help the innocent people that are sides of the religion. They march and protest being targeted by these militants, who and come together in the name of God; a unfortunately are the ones with the power God who does not know denominations in their hands? Their decision to storm the and fundamentalism and violence in His church where the hostages were being held name. resulted in the death of innocents. How can Man-made rules and laws in Islam are Iraq trust a government that has essentially determined by radical clerics who want given the militants what they wanted? to manipulate Hadiths (narratives by the To claim they Muhammed How dare these so Prophet bombed Christian areas concerning the called “Muslims” turn understanding of the and took Christians on the civilians of Qu’ran) and passages hostage because their own country and call from the Qu’ran to they deserved it is them “legitimate absurd. Apparently fit around what they targets” because these “Muslims” were think is the right they are Christian?! avenging the capture of way of living. They two Iraqi Christian women who had converted determine who has the right to life because to Islam. So they took it out on those that of their own interpretation of the text that is didn’t deserve such pain. If Christians in the supposed to be a “good guide” to life. Middle East or anywhere else in the world Unfortunately, there is no one to were to act in a hateful way towards Muslims regulate or stop these radicals from doing then there would be uproar throughout what they are doing or saying and spreading the world. They would deem it an attack on the hate that is consuming them, but we the religion of peace and demand action can condemn them. They know what they against whoever has wronged them. Yet are doing will generate controversy and when the Christians are wronged, it is ok. To publicity and will plunge their cause into an ignorant and ill-informed radical Muslim, the limelight, fuelling the hate between a Christians are sub-human and undeserving country’s own people. A people whose only of compassion. This is what goes through the wish is to fix Iraq’s broken heart. minds of the ignorant few that think like this.

Calling all historians...

2010 has seen the beginnings of the Brunel University Society for History! The

society is aimed at bringing together history students and enthusiasts from across the university; if you’re into the intricacies of the World Wars, the development of Australia, and a huge range of other historical topics, or just simply want to meet those doing the same course, this is the society for you. We meet every other Thursday (most weeks around 7p.m but check for details) with various activities ranging through debates, films, museum trips to London, drinks and Academy nights. The society aims to bring together History students in an environment outside of the lecture theatre and provides a great opportunity to meet other Historians across the year groups, which can be of a great help when you want an older student talk to about those essays! You’ll meet friends to study with or just make some great friends and have a good time. In addition to all of this we will be in the near future (check the Facebook page for updates) holding elections for the society’s committee, your chance to have a say and, with the regular meetings following it, to decide what we do in the future! To get involved go to and follow on until the History Society page or alternatively search for the Brunel University Society for Historians on Facebook for regular updates on events and how to get involved.

Recycling: Just do it

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A Police Service for Guardian Readers

Sky Yarlett

Students protesting against planned tuition fee rises

Tory Engineer

Following the student demolition rioting at the Tory HQ, Tory Engineer gives his opinion on the thin blue line and explains why he thinks they’re failing to keep the crowds under control. It is no doubt fairly obvious what this writer’s opinions on the student protests and associated vandalism are; so there’s little need to dwell on them. While TV footage provides plenty of images of the snarling, anarchist rabble that the NUS cannot decide whether to support or not, another component is less in evidence. Where are the police, or rather, the rest of them? For against the hordes of students is arrayed only a thin dayglo-green line, incapable of holding back the torrent. Certain scenes have been shown throughout the news reports: an officer dragged out of the way by his neighbour as the window behind him shatters outwards; the constable trying to stamp out a flare while the crowd around him pushes through the broken panes; and the wide eyed WPC ducking from missiles raining from above and in front of her. No wonder she looked nervous: her commanders hung her and her fellow officers out to dry, unsupported and wearing inadequate protective gear. According to the Daily Telegraph, protestors occupied the courtyard of the Millbank complex around 13:35, but police were only able to begin evicting them around 16:35. That is three hours to assemble units to restore order

and defend their colleagues. Commissioner Sir Though constables usually act faultlessly, Paul Stephenson correctly identified it as ‘an stories are twisted into something negative: embarrassment’ and apologised to the staff of the Daily Mail recently managed to turn a story CCHQ and the surrounding area. One can only of officers giving chase to gunmen, before hope he and his team apologised to officers returning to find a victim in a vehicle, into a as well, for their complete failure to organise headline about incompetence (“Police ‘didn’t notice beaten man dying in a sack in back of proper support. Assistant Commissioner Rose Fitzpatrick a van for 45 minutes’”). No sooner had Raoul said they had planned the policing of the Moat shot himself than the focus turned to march with the NUS and UCU organisers. whether inappropriate force had been used in That’s obviously the way it should be, but firing a less lethal weapon at a man who had has the Met now started taking the word of murdered one person and injured two more. protest organisers at face value without even When this level of criticism is the norm for any bothering to prepare When a service is police action, would for contingencies (such constantly vilified for it be a big surprise if as that said organisers doing its job, which is often senior members of are at best incompetent rather nasty, it shouldn’t the force decided to drag their feet over morons and at worst be a surprise when deployments? By, for actively complicit in it begins to shirk that job. example, providing preparing for a riot)? Are they not going to take even a cursory a wholly inadequate number of officers to glance over social networking sites and the protect what must surely have ranked quite web pages of associated anarchist groups to highly on a list of possible targets and then see if there are any messages making reference not bringing in specialist units until the most to possible trouble? Are they going to ignore aggressive ringleaders have already left? If so, it may well be a good strategy for what happened at a recent student march in Dublin, where demonstrators invaded a them. The protest has produced lots of images government building? If this is indeed the of students smashing things but few pictures cause of what went wrong on November 10th, of spoilt barrister’s children crying after falling then whoever was in charge is a complete over from an entirely deserved shove by a riot idiot and needs to be ejected from the force cop. In fact, most of the injuries shown are to officers, thus making them the apparent victims at high speed. But, at the risk of wandering into conspiracy (of the demonstrators that is; presumably not theory territory, is this actually a case of just bad of whichever bright spark ordered them to planning or have management hit upon a bold stand there wearing helmets without visors). new strategy? From a media spinning perspective, it’s a Criticism of the police appears to be a good result. Of course there was criticism of regular feature across the mainstream media the response, but it has attracted less attention (and admittedly now this column). Any whiff and is going away a lot faster than criticism of of ‘misconduct’ is seized upon by the press. containment tactics did. It will be instructive Recycling: Every little helps

to see what disciplinary action happens in the wake of the review that Commissioner Stephenson has promised. If nobody’s paying any attention, the whole thing might get quietly shelved. It is one thing for this sort of thing to happen at a student protest, but what happens when this new, hands off, softly-softly approach becomes applied to more serious events? Say it was used at a march by Islamic extremists with an accompanying EDL counterdemonstration. While the thought of having those two groups of people batter each other may be quite satisfying, the accompanying damage to property and danger to the general public should frighten everybody. This is why the police keep those two groups apart., and it’s why they have to take robust action at antiglobalisation demonstrations, however much readers of the trendy lefty papers scream. If this incessant negative reporting, combined with general disrespect and abuse directed at constables going about their jobs, is responsible for pushing our law and order policies towards a dangerously lax response to these events, then really we have only ourselves to blame. When a service is constantly vilified for doing its job, which is often rather nasty, it shouldn’t be a surprise when it begins to shirk that job. And when we insult the professionals who keep us safe, calling them thugs and bullies, we cannot be surprised when decent people stop applying and the job of policeman is given over to those same thugs and bullies we feared. Lastly, a recommendation: use your favourite search engine to find the Police Inspector Blog: entertaining, enlightening and often frightening, it is has informed most of the cynicism in this article.

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I Will Not Tolerate Your Intolerance

Benjamin Smith Ben explores the idea of religious tolerance as a member of the Christian society, and describes his experience of meetings with other religious societies, here at Brunel. One of the main reasons I love Brunel is its astonishing diversity. Coming from a white, middle-class town called Harpenden, my move to university promised exciting opportunities to meet people from other cultures and backgrounds. I was particularly interested in meeting people from other faiths; I’d heard the facts from RE lessons, but now was the time to meet the people behind those facts. Most of all, however, I was excited at the opportunity I would have to tell these people about Jesus Christ. Now stop. Look back over the end of that first paragraph. Do you see anything incongruous with the supposedly tolerant image I built up? If you’re at all sensitive to these sorts of things, you will have noticed that I was excited about the prospect of telling people of other faiths “about Jesus Christ” implying, of course, that I believe that this is something they need to know. ‘Religious tolerance’ is a strange phrase. In most minds it has come to mean a somewhat non-judgmental attitude, where you would never dare to suggest that what someone else believes, or chooses to do, is wrong. To suggest that another’s belief system is false is, supposedly, bigotry – despite the glaring irony that proponents of this view are imposing their own belief system as absolute truth anyway. Is this really how religious tolerance should work, by denying the propriety of

Nick Clegg: Breaker of Promises

truth statements so that no one can be offended? The answer, I’m certain, is no. Let’s take a case in point: every so often the iSoc at Brunel will put on a lecture, and I will be invited. I’ve taken time to build up some friendships within this group over the last year; I’m always happy to see them, and they are always happy to see me. I go along to their events and listen to their speakers, taking in what they say about the supposed truth of Islam. And then, afterwards, I meet up with my Muslim friends and tell them why I think they are, categorically, wrong. They think that I’m wrong, too, of course. To Muslims, Jesus was no more than a prophet: he did not die on the cross, he did not rise back to life on the third day, and he is not the true saviour of the world. They have reasons for believing the Qu’ran is trustworthy; I have reasons for believing that it is not. I believe there is good evidence for the resurrection; my Muslim friends will beg to differ. Although, in many ways, we have similar values, our core beliefs couldn’t be more different: either Jesus Christ was the Son of God, or he wasn’t. None of the above is a problem. We treat each other with respect: we’re interested in each others’ lives. Once, after an event hosted by the iSoc, we went out for a meal in a restaurant and just had a good time getting to know each other. And all this comes without having to pretend that we worship the same God, or that our differences do not matter. Differences between religions do matter, and they are important – what creates true tolerance is the willingness to show love and respect to those you disagree with. Let’s be a university community who values respect above absolute agreement and true dialogue above false homogeneity. Jesus wouldn’t have wanted anything less.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Lib Dems

Camilla Greene In a response to the proposed raise in tuition fees and the student demolition march, Camilla explores the lies told by our deputy Prime Minister and what this spells for students in years to come. Nick Clegg has a lot of explaining to do. Just six months ago, he promised every student across the country he would abolish student fees if elected, or at the very least, stop them being driven to outrageous amounts. However, fast forward to Wednesday 10th November and turn on your television, computer, iPhone or Blackberry, and you’ll have witnessed the horrific violence many thousands of students got caught in attempting to stop the coalition government from raising tuition fees. Clearly Clegg has forgotten everything he promised students and their families (both British and international families are being affected by this). During the run up to elections, he worked hard to differentiate himself and his party from Labour and the Conservatives, promising he would not allow a tremendous rise in tuition

Always Recycling

fees. Since agreeing to a coalition government, Clegg has sold out in a huge way. Only last month there was talk of removing a cap on the amount universities are allowed to charge students. Not only is this a prime example of Clegg copping out of his promises, but this is yet another factor stopping students from lower income backgrounds from applying to universities. Realistically, if students thought twice about leaving university with £15,000 worth of debt, they’re not even going to think about touching their personal statement if it means they’re going to graduate with £30,000 worth of debt around their necks. This isn’t even mentioning how crippling being a student can be with no part-time job; which, let’s face it, is hard to come by these days. It seems that this year and for the foreseeable future, the government is just not interested in getting everybody into university, as seen by the limited number of places and now with ever rising fees. Maybe we should take the hint and blame the recession for the decline in the number of those plunging into further education courses. After all, the government seems to be getting away with it.

December 2010 - Le Nurb

Riot Roundup 13

Second wave of student protests in London turns nasty Gaz Corfield Student activists once again descended on London on the 24th November to protest against the coalition government’s proposed cuts to Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and raising the cap on tuition fees to £9,000. The march, organised by the Socialist Students Party, began at Trafalgar Square at noon and rapidly advanced towards Parliament. Although the organisers had originally intended to converge on the Liberal Democrats’ HQ in Cowley Street,

Victoria, police stopped the march just short of Parliament Square, rapidly containing the protest with the aid of riot vans and fully-equipped riot police. Marchers, composed of students ranging from schoolchildren in their early teens (some still wearing the uniforms they had set out wearing that morning) to veteran protestors from a variety of left-wing extremist groups, reacted angrily to the police blockade in their path. Minor confrontations occurred, rapidly escalating into the throwing of sticks and bottles. In marked contrast to their response at the “Demo-Lition” march organised by the National Union of Students, the police swiftly took action to contain the marchers. This backfired when a police carrier was accidentally left behind. The vehicle was surrounded by a mob of students, the majority of whom had covered their faces with scarves and balaclavas, and had its windscreen smashed, police equipment stolen from within, and graffiti daubed all over its exterior. A series of red flares were also thrown into the van. As evening drew in, the police extended their cordon without warning, trapping about 2,000 marchers within their lines. For reasons that remain

unclear, senior police officers not only took the decision to ‘kettle’ the demonstrators but also ordered officers on the ground to shrink the size of the cordon, thus turning the previously good-natured crowd against them. At the time of writing, police had made 41 arrests for a range of offences including violent disorder, theft, criminal damage, burglary and other public order offences. Two police officers were injured. About 20 demonstrators were said to have forcibly entered the offices of Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes MP on the 24th. The MP later commented: “If anybody thinks that the way to persuade me or my colleagues to their point of view is to disrupt the work done by my staff or by me looking after my constituents then they are making a foolish mistake.”

Once you recycle, you can’t stop

“They planted the van here in order to create an atmosphere which is antagonistic to students. They’re distracting us from our cause. They’re setting us up.” – older man, referring to the

abandoned police carrier in the middle of the rioting mob.

Le Nurb - December 2010

14 Riot Roundup

Le Nurb’s resident floating voter delivers a diatribe against Nick Clegg Paul Dunn

“I think that cuts in EMA, massive fees and cuts in education are going to be defeated in a mass movement. I think that the key thing is how many people who have come out today.” – Naomi Byron, Socialist


“In my constituency the Lib Dems are running to the right of labour because they were scared the Tories would win.” – Marcos, 2nd year

student, King’s College London.

If I could speak to the Millbank rioters at the protest on the 10th, I’d tell them that not only were they bastards who weakened their cause, but also that they were idiotic ones. Why storm the offices of a party who are merely applying a policy that they put forward in the run up to the elections? No, the blame lies squarely in the lap of Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats. As a political agnostic, in the last general elections I decided to choose the path of enlightened self-interest and vote Lib Dem. This was mainly motivated by their campaign, which insisted that they would always oppose a decrease in higher education funding, and would abolish tuition fees. Yet what have they done since being elected? Errr… yeah. I don’t take much of an interest in politics, generally choosing to despise all of the parties evenly, but this has broken the equilibrium for me. I don’t care what you promise to do in your manifesto, as long as you actually do it. Surely that is the whole point of an election. Instead, Clegg was faced with an alliance with the Conservatives who, quite reasonably, wanted to fulfil the promises they had made to their voters. So he made the tough choice (sarcasm is so hard to put across in print) to completely abandon his principles; not only is he refusing to oppose the Tories, but he himself has admitted that the proposed legislation would be entirely impossible without his support. On the day of the Millbank riot, Nick Clegg Let your fingers do the recycling

stood in for David Cameron at PMQs, and was grilled on his policies by Harriet Harman. Clegg had this to say on his U-Turn: “We have not been able to deliver the policy that we held in opposition because of the financial situation. Because of the compromises of the coalition government, we have had to put forward a different policy.” I’m sorry Nick, but a compromise between cutting and raising tuition fees would be to keep them at a similar level, not to raise them. Clegg went on to point out that his policy on higher education was more progressive than Labour’s, which may be true, but does he really expect us to judge him on his policies even if they are diametrically opposed to his actions? I honestly have no idea who I’ll vote for in the next elections, but thank you Nick Clegg for reducing my choices by one.

“We’re protesting against cuts to EMA and the raises in tuition fees. I don’t want it to be full of upper and middleclass people. I want it to be diverse like how it should be.” – middle class schoolgirl.

December 2010 - Le Nurb

These riots are counterproductive Gaz Corfield The riots on the 10th November (at the NUS’s Demo-Lition) were disgusting. They brought shame on every student who was involved – and no matter what the official press releases might say, the vast majority of the 2,000 people who smashed up Conservative Party HQ at Millbank were students. Two Leeds Metropolitan students were the first people on top of that building, unimaginatively unveiling a banner reading “Leeds Students!” seconds after they appeared at the top. I asked their SU President what he thought of this. His response? “We cannot confirm or deny whether there were any Leeds Met students involved.” Worst of all is the part that the NUS played in all of this. Their rhetoric beforehand wasn’t that of a peaceful protest, no matter what Aaron Porter (NUS President) claimed that their intentions were. I’d go as far as saying that those who planned the route of the march (which officially terminated at the Tate gallery, a few hundred yards down from CCHQ Millbank) were hoping that the march would “accidentally” spill over into Millbank. Why else terminate a political demonstration at an art gallery? If this was a legitimate peaceful protest, the march would have finished outside Parliament. Not only did the NUS deliberately plan the march to pass by Conservative Party HQ, they also failed to provide enough stewards to control the march once it had

Riot Roundup 15

been hijacked by the left-wing extremists who always target large demonstrations in London. I witnessed the stewards all standing idly by as the march was diverted into Millbank. Some of the extremists – most of whom had covered their faces – wandered over for a chat with the stewards. What happened next simply staggered me. The stewards took off their orange bibs and wandered over to join the extremists in smashing up the building. Do you, the ordinary Brunel student, really want people like these representing you on the national stage? I suggest that having such a tarnished organisation as the NUS purporting to speak for all of the UK’s students is unwise at best and downright counter-productive at worst. The followup demonstration on the 24th November was even more shambolic. Principally organised via Facebook, the marchers gathered in Trafalgar Square and ended up being kettled by the police. When you read this, a week after the riots, you’ll probably see hundreds of photos of the wrecked van that was accidentally left behind by the police. Putting aside the notion that the police deliberately sacrificed an old van to placate the mob (as one group of rioters seemed to think), their response was inappropriate. I know, I know – the police are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I will say this, though: shutting a group of people into a confined space, shrinking that space, and then refusing to let anyone leave for hours on end, isn’t going to win you many friends. If you tried that in the Academy, you’d have a fullscale riot on your hands – and unsurprisingly enough, so did the police earlier today. Beyond Recycling

“These riots will achieve nothing. We fully condemn all of those responsible for today’s disorder in Westminster because their actions have totally destroyed any support that people may have had for the student cause. All this has achieved is cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds for cleaning up afterwards.” - Peter Smallwood, Chairman of Brunel University Conservative Future.

Le Nurb - December 2010

16 Riot Roundup

“You should be able to go to college or university based on ability, not ability to pay.” – Naomi Byron, Socialist Students.

I’m Angry at Labour Peter Smallwood The silence from the Labour party is deafening. We are now seeing the results of 13 years of Labour. 13 long hard years where so much was possible and so little was actually delivered. Labour failed to fix the roof of the British economy when the sun was shining, and now that the rainy days have come again, we simply aren’t prepared. In May, people went to the ballot box and voted for change. David Cameron put party differences aside, put his country first, and formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. He made his plans to make the most radical cuts since World War II clear from the start in order to steer Britain out of Labour’s legacy of waste and debt. In recent weeks, we have had to stomach a spending review like no other. It has and will hit the country hard. Everyone will have to pay their fair share in the attempts to rebuild the one of the world’s finest economies. The cuts to higher education were particularly painful and, yes, I was angry about them. However, I accept them. Higher education cuts will be difficult; they will be hard to accept, and future students are going to face larger bills at the end of their degrees. We can, however, draw some simple positives. It will be cheaper for the bottom 25% to attend university as subsidies are increased; the monthly pay back scheme will be less per-month than it is currently; and you will not have to pay back a penny until you are earning over £21,000. These may be small mercies, but it does dispel the myth that the poorest are being priced out. So once again, it falls to those in the middle to take the hit. Labour misguided those very people into spending beyond their means in a 13-year fun fair that ended with a crash. “No more boom and bust” they boasted. Was that not the greatest deceit ever told? This government will have to make tough and, at times, unpopular choices, and I am sure it won’t be perfect. However I urge

students, if you feel the need to continue to protest, make your feelings felt in peaceful and sensible way. That is your democratic right. You are far more likely to impress politicians if you do things in a calm and sensible manner. Labour let you down, they let me down, and they let our country down. Yes, the economic crisis was not all their fault, but being so badly prepared was. They haven’t said sorry and have watched on by as difficult decisions have been made. They have offered NO alternatives or NO answers. Simple! No sorry what they did and no answer on how they would mend the damage. These cuts are tough. Nobody likes them, least of all those driving them through. However, I urge you to remember why they are being made. 13 years of disastrous economic management. If you can take any comfort from these higher education cuts, it is this: while we may lose some sports team funding; have less campus security; see even higher prices in the student union bars; and see cuts made to teaching staff, we can be comforted to know that the government is putting that money to good use. Healing the sick in our worldfamous NHS; heating the most vulnerable elderly people as the winter fuel allowance is preserved; and feeding and protecting the children who are most in need. It is a big world out there. When you next go to the ballot box, remember how we got in this mess, remember what the outcome was. Do you really want to allow the people who got us in the mess to replace those who are sorting it out? Even if these cuts weren’t made to higher education, they would have been made to another essential public-sector organisation that affects us all: so either way we and our children will bear the financial penalty of voting for Labour. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are not perfect and heaven only knows they have made mistakes and failed in the past. But when the Tories left office in 1997 the economy was prosperous and growing. Britain being bankrupt and economicallybroken was the exact reason Labour governments were voted out of office in 1951, 1970 and 1979; it is the same today.

“We don’t get to vote and this is the only way we can show them our say. They won’t even let us protest. They’re protecting the people [MPs] who provide their jobs as well” – schoolgirl

from Gospel Oak, commenting on the police cordon separating the march from the Houses of Parliament.

Socialists flock to capitalism in action

Good things come to those who recycle

December 2010 - Le Nurb

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review Release date: 19/11/2010 Sumita Deb Director: David Yates Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson Rhys Morgan Jones Although I read and enjoyed the books, I went along to see the latest instalment in the Harry Potter franchise feeling a bit like I should have some children to take with me. Luckily, though, it’s not a childish film at all. There are segments that are truly tense: the one where Harry follows his instinct to Godric’s Hollow, the place of his parents’ murder, had me forgetting to breathe. As well as this, the new film seems to have a new sense of maturity: whether it’s the maturing of the characters or the situation they’ve found themselves in, I’m not sure. Whatever it is, this is certainly the franchise growing up, with fast-paced action sequences, the relationships between the characters growing tense, and even a glimpse at the loneliness and occasional sense of futility one must experience when undergoing as great a task as Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Arts & Reviews 17 I do have, however, one or two foibles with this film. First, and this is just something that bugs me, Deathly Hallows is far too heavy-handed in the presentation of the Voldemort-loyal Ministry workers as ‘Nazis by any other name’. It’s already obvious: there was no need to give them red armbands, funny hats, and a tendency to walk as if driven by clockwork. Second, Helena BonhamCarter’s portrayal of Bellatrix Lestrange was over the top, even by her standards. Last, and probably most importantly, the film really lacked charm. I remember watching the first, and seeing Diagon Alley exposed with that music, and really feeling excited by it. Deathly Hallows Part 1 has none of that sense of wonder, of… well, magic. All the spells used might as well be gunfire. It doesn’t help that the director isn’t given much to work with, what with the film not being set at Hogwarts, but it just doesn’t feel particularly… enchanting, or spellbinding, for that matter. Sorry. Overall, though, it doesn’t matter what I think in the slightest. Kids will still want to see it, their parents will still take them. If you enjoy the films, then this one will be no exception. I’m a cynical sod, and I managed to enjoy it, so go ahead.

VERDICT A good film by any means that’s loyal to the book. Unfortunately, the plot is a little too dark to retain it’s magical charm. 88888

Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) outside the Burrow in Deathly Hallows Part 1

F1 2010 Review No pit stop needed. Matt Smith The first thing that strikes you when you boot up F1 2010 is that it’s incredibly goodlooking. The menus are slick and shiny; you are asked to enter your driver details and difficulty setting via the medium of a press interview concerning your entry to the sport. Even the loading screens are interactive. The product’s obviously received a good polishing, and that’s all before you even get in a car. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and

are sometimes almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Each blister on each tyre catches the light in just the right way; not to mention, collisions are spectacular, with debris and damage realistically recreated, and this impression was given before even one wet race. Imagine the scene: Monaco, Monte Carlo. It’s raining heavily. Twenty-four Formula One cars are lined up, revving on the grid. Now imagine that scene in a game. Not the same, is it?  In F1 2010 it is. You haven’t seen the extent of the game’s visuals until you’ve raced in the wet. Each reflection and pool of water looks perfect

Kanye’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Album Review

Kanye doing his thing at a concert Ajay Nair Kanye West isn’t in unfamiliar territory when it comes to all things controversial, and he hasn’t failed to deliver with his latest instalment, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. Love him or loathe him, the hip hop genius has returned with an album that’s not short of brilliance. Kanye has ditched the Electro-PopRnB with an auto-tune twist, which we heard on the previous album ‘808s & Heartbreak’, for a harder-hitting hip hop sound. ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ comes two years after his earlier album. The album features production from the likes of RZA, No I.D. as well as Mr West himself. It’s safe to say that they do an amazing job too. Kanye had stopped the extensive sampling of songs for a few years after facing criticism, but the samples are back in this album, and Kanye now proves that he’s a master of the art. ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ features a star-studded line-up of musical guests, with Rihanna, Jay-Z and John Legend making appearances.

and absolutely breathtaking. Of course none of this would make any difference if the gameplay itself wasn’t up to scratch. In my opinion, the height of Formula One gameplay was reached with Psygnosis’ Formula One ‘97 for the PlayStation, and nothing since then has come close to matching its depth and addictiveness. Until now, that is. During the game’s development, Codemasters said that they were focusing on achieving realism in the gameplay. Since most people have never driven a Formula One car, it’s hard to tell if they have. What it is possible to judge, however, is that they’ve made a game that is as satisfying to play as

Recycling, it’s grrrreat!

As a concept, the album works well. It’s well written, funny at times and slightly ironic. Kanye explores dark themes, accompanied by catchy choruses and slick production. He’s not afraid to be himself, he doesn’t hold back and he lets loose on the album. It’s easy to forget that Kanye is a talented lyricist, and not just a music producer with a microphone. ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ compliments his short film ‘Runaway’, which was released online earlier this year, perfectly. A few of the songs from the new album were featured in it. One thing that stands out is Kanye’s ability to think outside of the musical box and come up with something original and innovative, he doesn’t conform to the rigid guidelines of mainstream music. With ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, Kanye is most definitely back on form.


Kanye has, once again, managed to think outside of the box and come up with something original and initiative. Kanye is back on form. 88888

it is to watch. That said, the game is not without its flaws. The amount of water on the camera during a wet race takes some getting used to, as can the rules. It’s very easy to spin after accelerating on a rumble strip, and sometimes instant replays don’t go far enough back to make use of the feature worthwhile. However, these minor blemishes in no way mar what is a brilliantly enjoyable racer.

VERDICT Formula One ‘97 has been surpassed at long last. Bravo, Codemasters. 88888

Le Nurb - December 2010

18 Arts & Reviews

Mellow Mix Emma Butcher and Callum Brown So, we figured that after an evening of heavy music at the Academy or a night of crap on the X Factor, there might be a few of you out there who want something a little more peaceful to end your day. After an hour on a cold Sunday afternoon of listening to music, combined with careful thinking, we chose a little list of widely loved and scarcely known tracks that will, hopefully, let you sleep easy. 1. Adele – Make You Feel My Love Amy Winehouse, but without the general debauchery. A genuinely touching song. 2. Laura Marling & Johnny Flynn – The Water Harks back to the days of traditional folk stories combined with Marling and Flynn’s usual acoustic loveliness. Shimelle Laine

3. Grouper – Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping Ambient girl wonder Grouper’s take on a traditional love song, played at the bottom of the ocean.

Jón Þór Birgisson - Lead Singer of Sigur Rós

4. Bon Iver – Skinny Love Simon and Garfunkel in desperate need of Prozac, performed in the middle of a wood, on a winter’s day. 5. Ellie Goulding – Your Song A soft take on Elton John’s classic. One for people who shop at John Lewis. 6. Mice Parade – Focus on the Roller Coaster Adam Pierce’s voice accompanies a lush mixture of samba, folk and noise patterns, creating a surprisingly beautiful piece. 7. Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar. Like you’ve died and gone to musical heaven. Ambient bliss. 8. Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know J Dilla’s gentle beats support Badu’s kitten like croon as she laments on which life path to take after a history of bad decisions. 9. The Noisettes – When You Were Young

Terry Shuck Artwork featuring Erykah Badu

An update of the Phil Spector classic, with this girl group’s sound creating a unique take on the Killers’ popular song. 10. The Magnetic Fields – Take Ecstasy with Me A subversive love song based on 80s pop ideals. 11. Nick Drake – Pink Moon Misty voiced folk raconteur serves up a hallucinatory vision accompanied by clean guitar sounds. 12. CocoRosie – Good Friday Billie Holiday in a blender. 13. D’Angelo – Jonz in My Bonz D’Angelo could sing the phone book and it would sound good. 14. High Places –From Stardust to Sentience Deconstructed drum ‘n’ bass with a smattering of Joni Mitchell references. 15. Radiohead – Nude

Ian Burt

Haunting and spacey. Gained recent popularity when it was featured on Skins.

Nick Drake

Recycling is for life, not just for Christmas

December 2010 - Le Nurb


Outside the New London Theatre Natasha Prayag WarHorse is a poignant, theatrical adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s highly acclaimed children’s novel, based on a boy’s quest to find his horse. Set during the bleak First World War, WarHorse encompasses friendship, love and dazzling, life-sized mechanical puppetry. The story begins with a young boy, Albert, and his young horse, Joey, bought in a drunken sale by Albert’s capricious father. After years of bonding, the horse is sold to the British Army where he is shipped to France in a bid to aid a British cavalry unit on the front line. The play unfolds into a heart-wrenching story of friendship as Albert joins the army in search of his beloved horse. The audience watch as Albert and Joey overcome waves of wartime brutality and pessimism with the idea of being reunited once again.

Arts & Reviews 19 The woes of war effect Joey and Albert, who slowly realise they will never be together. The story meanders from positivity to despair within the flick of a curtain, with a dramatic finale enough to leave even the iciest of hearts a melted puddle. The life-sized puppets are magnificent in their own right. Carefully constructed; the audience soon forget the stage-men controlling the horse’s hooves, head, mane and tail and soon become entirely enthralled by the absolute beauty of the design and sheer clarity of acting. It is certainly one of the cleverest and preciselycreated pieces of theatre I have seen, and I am generally not a fan of the theatre. Apart from being performed in something resembling a 1980s Odeon from the darkest reaches of the Twilight Zone, and charging twenty-nine pounds for four G&Ts, the New Theatre, on Drury Lane, is an intimate venue perfect for emotional provocation and exaggerated lighting. Most of the audience found the experience an overwhelming one. The combination of overstated lighting used to reflect the atmosphere and dramatic musical accompaniment, both vocal and instrumental, lent intensity to the play’s overall effectiveness. The cleverly incorporated goose puppet adds the needed humour to the play (for a mechanical goose who does little more than squawk back and forth, he does a great job).


If a horse puppet can make a whole theatre cry, myself included, then it is definitely worth seeing. 88888

Love Goes Down - Plan B Dionne Boateng The latest single from Ben Drew (aka Plan B)’s album: The Ballad of Belmarsh; is ‘Love Goes Down’. This is the fourth single off of the album, and like the previously released songs, this latest instalment is a sweet soulful R&B love song. The single could easily pass off as a backing track for a waltz on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ due to the song’s floaty melody. The video to the song sees Plan B resume the role of his alter ego; ‘Strickland Banks’, a soul singer wrongly arrested and sent down for a crime he did not commit, as seen in his earlier video ‘She Said’. In the video, Plan B performs the song on stage in front of a big crowd, the stage bearing a strong likeness to a 1960s ‘Top of the Pops set’. As the song says, it’s an apology to his love interest (as seen in the video) for his wrong doings. Lyrically, the song is nothing new in terms of love songs, but I can’t fault the catchy and memorable chorus. Unlike other songs of this nature, it does not make me want to gag, instead I find myself humming along to the chorus so Plan B must be doing something right. As well as being a catchy song, the theme of the video is very amusing too, even though artists such as Cee-Loo

Green, have used similar old school 1960s style concepts, as seen in his latest video ‘ Forget You’. In conclusion, I think this song is a guaranteed hit; you cannot fault a catchy chorus and the video is pretty entertaining. It’s clear to see why Plan B won Best UK R& B/ Soul Act at the MOBO awards back in October.

VERDICT Lyrically, nothing new. However, with a catchy chorus and enteraining music video, this song should be a hit. 88888

A rather intimidating Ben Drew

Gil Scott-Heron at the Brixton Academy Akeem Maull-Nicol Gil Scott-Heron is a musician and poet best known for the political song ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’. ‘I’m New Here’ is his first album in 16 years and sees the California native experiment with some electric elements as opposed to the jazz and folk sounds so often attached to him. Clad in rough attire, the man acclaimed as the ‘godfather of hip-hop’ appeared before the Brixton audience followed by his band, which consists of former members of his previous bands The Midnight Band and The Amnesia Express. 62-year-old Scott-Heron looked weathered, but his rustly voice, muffled diction and charm won the audience over within an instant. The people that stood before him held on to each and every word he spoke. At the start of the performance he talked of his recent release from prison, making the show all the more special. In front of the keyboard Scott-Heron played hit number ‘Winter in America’, which made the Academy erupt; with the saxophone and keyboard’s backing, the wonder of live music was felt throughout. The highlight of the performance came when Scott-Heron played ‘The Bottle’, which he referred to as the ‘Celebration Song’. The audience swayed to every beat; lips curved and faces squinted, all entering into a trance from the vibe Scott-Heron put out there. Faces of awe littered the venue when the band did their solos; the saxophone,

Gil Scott-Heron Vinyl Cover flute, drums, piano and even the harmonica caressed the ears of the Academy. This was not a one man show, it was as if Scott-Heron spoke, the instruments listened, and magic happened. The audience were mostly in their mid 30‘s and upwards but there were a few youthful souls. The musician, who has been sampled by the likes of Kanye West and Common, played out the Academy leaving the audience both aware of where he has come from, and, at the same time, highlighting the declining standard of music sold to the masses today. He is an artist. His word is his art; and the Brixton Academy was his canvas.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj’s Debut Studio Album Sedem Ama

Now, every single Friday is pink! Why? The day has finally dawned for the release of Nicki Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday. For months the anticipation has grown for Monday 22nd November 2010; just to hear what the Harajuku Barbie has managed to create after the success of her mulitple mixtapes and countless collaborations. There has been plenty of optimism surrounding Nicki’s Pink Friday album, especially after her appearance on Kanye West’s single Monster which she aced with her lyrics, accompanied by her wild alter ego. Critics have pondered over what else she could do; how far does Minaj’s talent go? Well, the US Hip-Hop singer-songwriter and rapper has indeed lived up to the hype that has surrounded her since her 2007 mixtape Playtime Is Over. With the great tracks that appear on the album, Pink Friday could arguably be her greatest achievement to date. Is this a surprise, though? Signed to Lil’ Wayne’s record label Young Money alongside the likes of the multi-talented star Drake, Pink Friday was bound to have an input of the best efforts from Nicki.

Recycling every day helps you work, rest and play

So, what do I actually think of the album? It must be admitted that every track is a non-skipper, and with the assistance of artists such as music superstars Rihanna, Kanye West and Natasha Bedingfield, Nicki has produced a hot album alongside the hottest in the indstry. Even though we have already seen some Pink Friday tracks released, such as Your Love, Right Thru Me and Check It Out (featuring Will.I.Am), there are still several songs which can be considered hits, such as the mellow tune Moment 4 Life featuring her Twitter “husband” Drake. The album doesn’t include much of the hard rap which we’re used to hearing from her, but nevertheless it’s a pleasure to hear Nicki use her vocal skills more throughout Pink Friday. Overall, Nicki has definitely fed fans with what they wanted to hear! A must buy album; it is even available in a deluxe edition which has been extended to 17 tracks. Now we wait to see Ms Minaj on tour!

VERDICT Nicki has fed fans with what they want to hear whilst producing a more vocal and less rap filled album. 88888

Le Nurb - December 2010

20 Arts & Reviews

Vegas or Bust?

Born for This Paramore at the O2

Ricky Compton Bethesda have become infamous over the years for creating games that are immersive, time consuming, extremely fun and, well, pretty flawed. When making games on a scale such as the Fallout or Oblivion series, it’s hard to get a perfect result. For this reason, the announcement of a new Fallout title brought with it mixed emotions. Fallout: New Vegas is set three years after the estimated end of Fallout 3 during the year 2281. Set in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Mojave Desert, Fallout: New Vegas keeps the gritty wasteland feel that many gamers grew to love in Fallout 3. However, unlike the ruins of Washington DC, Las Vegas wasn’t hit directly by the nuclear war. As such, there is a far greater sense of civilisation, the biggest example being the New Vegas Strip, lined with casinos, huge lights and bustling life. In terms of gameplay, nothing fundamental has changed since Fallout 3. although many of the game mechanics have had a touch-up; Fallout: New Vegas supports a new ‘Hardcore Mode’. Contrary to what the name suggests, this mode has nothing to do with difficulty; instead, ‘Hardcore Mode’ increases the realism of the game introducing starvation, dehydration and exhaustion among other elements that can affect the gameplay. Hardcore Mode really does add an extra segment of gameplay that makes the experience of the game far more rewarding. As well as Hardcore Mode, crafting has been greatly improved. You can now craft weapons, ammunition, medicine and food. A faction system replaces karma levels as the main factor of NPC behaviour (although karma is still present) and will greatly influence the way the storyline unfolds. On top of all this there’s new guns, a new gun modification mechanic, new perks, double the locations of Fallout 3, 163 unique quests, and Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without a collection of gambling mini-games such as Blackjack, Slots and an original game

Matt Smith

Promotional sculpture at release event Caravan (created exclusively for Fallout New Vegas). In conclusion, expect much rejoicing from veteran fans of the series as the game provides everything that was great about Fallout 3 and then tops it (although you may wish to go straight into Hardcore Mode for the added differentiation and increased depth) . However, Fallout: New Vegas is also a great game for gamers who’ve never touched the series before, it very approachable and will provide you with countless hours of fun. Despite the good bits, yes, the infamous bugs are still there, and yes the game is likely to have occasional fits and crash, but that’s like judging a toddler for wetting the bed: we know it’s going to happen, so why draw attention to it?


the game performs in the way you’d

expect it to. It’s buggy in places and there’s

mentionable glitches, but the experience is still so immersive that it really just doesn’t matter.


incredible game throughout and a must-

have for RPG fans. 88888

A Black Day for Black Ops? Ricky Compton Call of Duty: Black Ops is another incarnation of the ever popular, ever generic first person shooter that’s become more popular than a mixture of puppies and explosions. Having detached myself from the clutches of Call of Duty around the time of Call of Duty 4, Black Ops was the first ‘modern’ Call of Duty game I allowed to be inserted into my Xbox. Furthermore, I was genuinely pleased... to an extent. The game operates the same way it’s always done; go somewhere, shoot some people, slow-mo it a bit and throw in a few cut-scenes here and there; a pretty tried and tested formula, which works in theory. However, the new Call of Duty has poor scripting, and the gameplay often gets upset if you don’t play how it wants you to, with annoyances such as indestructible enemies who haven’t yet fulfilled their purpose of blowing up a bridge. Now, there is no denying that this game

Paramore have a lot of critics; and with little variation between most of the songs on their three albums to date, this is hardly groundless. The depth of their lyrics can’t hope to match that of, say, Muse, and the majority of their fans are screaming adolescent girls, but they can certainly entertain. Support band Fun were a little disappointing and generic, but they did play a solid cover of Queen’s ‘Radio Gaga’ towards the end of their set. Credit has to go to B.o.B, who was performing to an audience that was really outside of his genre. Despite this, he got a very positive reaction from the audience, especially when Paramore’s Hayley Williams appeared to perform ‘Airplanes’ with him; the screaming was ear-piercing. After opening with some of their louder songs, including their new single ‘Playing God’, everything went a little quiet, with Williams and guitarist Josh Farro performing a spot-on acoustic version of ‘Never Let This Go’. As the lights went back up on the rest

of the stage, a sofa appeared with a small drum kit, and the band gathered together to perform more acoustic numbers, including ‘Misguided Ghosts’ and the brilliant ‘When It Rains’. The gathering in the centre of the stage was a warm intimate touch, showing the depth and variety of Paramore’s sound. This personal set was followed by more of their heavier songs, including ‘crushcrushcrush’, and the set closed with ‘The Only Exception’, during which the sold-out 23,000-strong venue was illuminated by almost as many phones and lighters. It was really a sight to see. The encore featured just the songs that anybody would have expected: the singles ‘Brick By Boring Brick’, and ‘Misery Business’, during which You Me At Six’s Josh Franceschi appeared to contribute to the vocals. As the song finished and the band stepped forward to take a bow, it was clear that nobody in the arena was going home disappointed after a flawless performance from the Americans. Each song was performed with great energy, and lead singer Hayley Williams consistently proved herself to be a great entertainer, motivating the crowd when speaking in between the band’s many strong numbers.

is enjoyable, however, when Treyarch go for a ‘psychological thriller’ approach to a first person shooter, it simply leaves the gamer behind. You are Alex Mason, and from the game menu (without even selecting an option) you see that you’re strapped into a chair, with a silhouette behind a pane of glass above you. The game then throws you back into pain-induced flashbacks of the Cold War. Within these flashbacks, you meet a Russian and a CIA agent, who then flash back to their own memories. Overall, the storyline goes a bit haywire and plays out like a poor scriptwriter has been told to recreate Inception but failed quite badly. Multiplayer, as always, is where the core of the community lies. The multiplayer has introduced the new mechanic of credits, which allow you to buy and unlock new weapons, perks and kill-streaks as you level up. However it’s still as unbalanced as always. If you’re buying the game now, a week after release, you’ll be facing off against players with more experience,

Hayley Williams - Lead Singer of Paramore

who have unlocked better weapons and kill streaks, and who know the map layouts to a ridiculous extent. So, you’d better be a quick learner. Then there’s Zombies, a game that worked the first time, but which is now ubiquitous in First Person Shooters, to the extent that Black Ops’ version seems sluggish by comparison. Overall, the Call of Duty experience is the same as it’s always been. It’s fun to run around shooting random NPCs and other players in multiplayer, but there’s only so much that a franchise can draw from the same mechanics. If you want to play Black Ops, go and play any Call of Duty since Modern Warfare and you’ll get the same experience, just with a slightly lower definition. Is the game enjoyable? Yes. Is it a revolutionary game? Not by any means.

VERDICT Brilliant concept but, with a disappointing lack of originality, it leaves me wondering whether they’ve run out of ideas. 88888

The future’s bright, the future’s recycled

Call of Duty Black Ops box cover

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Frame & Shame 21


that evening


that evening

All photos by LeNurb chief photographer Adil Khan Deshmukh

Don’t leave home without recycling

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22 Coffee Break

Coffee Break Sudoku Moderate Difficulty: 55555











1 3 4





ROB’S SCORE: 16 in 10 mins




5 7




















ROB’S TIME: 6m 20s




9 6

Ratings: 11-15 average

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Crosslogic


1 1







Find as many words as possible using letters from the grid. The words must be four letters or more, and contain the central letter, but each letter may not be used more than once. There is at least one word that uses all nine letters in the grid.


5 3









BEN’S TIME: 23m 00s



5 4

Difficulty: 55555





Difficulty: 55555



All the puzzles are tried and tested by the Le Nurb team, and you can see the fastest time next to each one. Your prize for beating us? A sense of smug satisfaction, and a warm, glowy feeling in your midriff.


BEN’S TIME: 21m 38s



16-21 good

22-26 excellent

27 godlike

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Fiasco Difficulty: 55555

Harry and his friends decide to share the last of a packet of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour beans. None were impressed with the flavour of their bean, so each decided to show off their skills by casting a different spell on them. Who cast what spell on which bean?



1. The boy with the cardboard flavoured bean cast a spell which made noise. The earwax flavoured bean was very quiet.


2. Harry’s bean was a either red or blue.


3. Hermione’s bean, which was not purple, grew almost out of control.


4. The red vomit flavoured bean was levitated.


5. Hagrid’s bean, which was not red or blue, exploded after a failed illuminating spell.


6. Neville’s orange bean did not speak. 7. The green bean questioned where the orange bean had gone.


8. The snot flavoured bean was blue. The green bean did not taste like earwax. The purple bean was mud flavoured.

Levitating Exploding


Growing Vomit Earwax Cardboard Snot


Not sure where to start? Read Clue 7 carefully we’ve filled in everything it tells you to begin with.


Recycling gives you wings!








December 2010 - Le Nurb

Coffee Break 23

Horoscopes LIBRA (September 22-October 22)

Gazing through windows at hot blonde females who’ve just stepped out of the shower is probably illegal. Stop drooling and wipe up that mess you’ve made. Vile pervert.

You know how sometimes you feel like running through campus naked? Well you’re an idiot. It’s December. This month do the exact opposite of what you think you want to do.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

The person you’re seeing is mentally unstable. You’ll go out for a meal with them and they’ll strangle you when you’re not looking. Who knows, perhaps you enjoy that kind of thing.

You are a vile excuse for a human being and don’t deserve to survive the winter. Turn off all your heaters and don’t unlock your door for anything.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

If your name begins with a vowel, you should probably think about getting it changed. Nothing good can come of this.

You are cooler than David Hasselhoff’s fridge, everything you do this month will work perfectly, and you’ll probably end with a supermodel or a rock star. I hope you’re happy, smug prick.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

Goosestepping around campus is a tad insensitive. Try skinning live babies, dipping them in salt and roasting them in front of the lecture centre instead. You can flog them as a savoury snack.

The peculiar alignment of Jupiter’s moons holds absolutely no significance for you this month. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, unless they’re wearing a coat made of dead rabbits.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 19)

It will snow at some point. Quit moaning, get out there and throw snowballs at people. Just don’t throw them at security: they’re not employed for having a sense of humour.

Santa thirsts for your blood. If you don’t leave him at large bottle of brandy, you’ll be lucky to get a lump of coal.

VIRGO (August 23-September 21)

PISCES (February 20-March 20)

Your flatmate’s incessant loud music has finally driven you to the edge. You want to go postal. Well, don’t. Wait till they’ve gone out and put prawns behind their radiators.

The end is near, stock up on candles and canned food and head for the wilderness. If you see visions of apocalyptic fire, you are one of the chosen. Or just high.

5 9 4 1 2 7 6 3 8

1 7 8 6 4 3 9 2 5

6 4 9 7 1 8 2 5 3

7 8 5 2 3 9 1 6 4

2 3 1 5 6 4 8 7 9

4 5 6 9 7 1 3 8 2

8 1 3 4 5 2 7 9 6

9 2 7 3 8 6 5 4 1

1 8 5 6 2 9 3 4 7

4 2 3 7 5 1 6 8 9

7 6 9 3 4 8 5 1 2

5 9 8 1 6 2 7 3 4

3 4 6 5 9 7 8 2 1

2 1 7 4 8 3 9 5 6

8 3 4 9 1 6 2 7 5

9 5 2 8 7 4 1 6 3

6 7 1 2 3 5 4 9 8


3 6 2 8 9 5 4 1 7

Hard Sudoku

Easy Sudoku

Last Month’s Answers


ARIES (March 21-April 20)

achy, arch, archly, ashy, cash, chair, chairs, char, charily, chars, chary, chrysalis, clash, crash, hail, hails, hair, hairs, hairy, hays, hiss, larch, lash, rash, rashly, rich, richly, sash, slash

Ratings: 12-16 17-22 23-28 29-00

average good excellent godlike




Start Year

Mrs Dixon




Mrs Andrews

Pie the Teacher



Mrs Blair

Tenpin Bowling



Mrs Staton

Bake Sale



Mrs Ware

Dunk the Teacher



Recycling, it’s an anagram of Cycle Grin and Clingy Rec

Le Nurb - December 2010

24 Coffee Break

Letters to the Editor Dear Sir, I was entertained to read an article by Ben Vallely on the front page of your Election Special edition entitled ‘Eastern Gateway construction starts’. The article states “Believe it or not, this area is set to transform into a new administration building…” – well actually, it is not and never has been. This area is set to transform into a new building for the Brunel Business School with a state of the art auditorium for the use of the whole university. Relocating the Business School on this site will enable us to consolidate all of its activities in one place, further when BBS moves from its existing locations this will enable us to relocate and, significantly, to colocate the activities of all the other Schools in the University which are currently spread across the campus. This will benefit us all. The article also cites “Many critics have complained about the delays experienced with this project, also questioning its financial significance.” Well let me explain: in the wholly necessary time it took to complete the planning for this project building costs went down because of the recession; an additional, but short, delay was caused through the critical necessity of ensuring that all legal requirements were met thus protecting

Dear Sir,

the University from potentially expensive litigation and massive delay. Further the plan behind this development, which requires no new borrowings, is to better enable this University to carry out its core business, namely learning and teaching, research and the generation of new knowledge. This will in turn generate further income. None of these alleged “Many critics” have ever made themselves known to me and they cannot include our Council, our Senate and the last three UBS Executives who have all approved the plans. It is regrettable that this imaginative and forward looking initiative which cannot fail to enhance the future student experience should be met with such uninformed comment rather than celebration. Construction work will complete around Easter 2012 and I very much hope that LeNurb will take the opportunity to tour the facilities with me when the building is opened. Professor Chris Jenks Vice Chancellor Editor’s note: the original article should have been credited to Amy Blackford.

Seen in Uxbridge town centre opposite the new sweetshop near to the Slug and Lettuce.

I would just like to extend my gratitude to the protestors who blamed the police and Transport for London for the hike in tuition fees. These bold, brave citizens, unmotivated by any sort of rabid pack-mentality or desire for self-aggrandising photo ops under the banner of some vague notions of socialist political upheaval, clearly indicated the forces trying to increase the amount they’ll have to pay to attend university; to wit, a bus-stop and a police van. On a serious note, however, the call for the government to be held accountable to their policy claims is a genuinely worthy one which I fully support. But those who, over the last fortnight, have used the genuine feelings of outrage held by many members of the public in the UK as a platform for meaningless violence should feel ashamed. They have used the protests merely as a means of, at best, advancing their personal ideologies, which seem to be based on little more than a Che Guevara poster and some misunderstood and misapplied N.W.A. lyrics. At worst, they have used the protests as a means of releasing some pent up, middleclass-aspiring-to-be-seen-as-working-class rage. To my mind, the photograph in this week’s papers of a man standing on the wrecked police van, gripping imaginary triggers and seeking the approval of the crowd is indicative of the vanity behind these people’s actions. It is the same sort of vanity which leads to fire extinguishers being thrown from the top of buildings. The decent students and young people of the United Kingdom deserve the right to fair treatment from their government. They do not deserve to by lowered in the estimation of the general public by manic yobs who have no more moral integrity than a bunch of football hooligans. Yours faithfully, G.S. Need a public rant? Want to thank someone for something? Maybe you just want to muse about events on campus. Whatever you want to say, you should email the Editor at! Messages should have “Letter to the Editor” in the email subject line, and be no longer than 300 words, unless by prior agreement with the editor.



������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������� ���������������������� �������

iThink, therefore iRecycle

WRITE FOR US! Le Nurb accepts submissions from any Brunel student. See page 2 to find out how to get involved!

December 2010 - Le Nurb

Sport 25

Rugby League: Barbarians brush aside Essex Chris Ashford On Wednesday 17th November, the Barbarians played their third league match of the season facing Essex, a younger team not to be taken lightly. After missing training the evening prior due to dangerous fog, Brunel walked onto the pitch with less practice than they would have liked. This, however, was not to shake the nerves of the steady players, and an eager start helped fill the gaps left by not training. Two early trys from Matt Shepherd and Captain Vince Spurr, followed by two swift conversions from the Captain, put the Barbarians into a 12-point lead. Brunel took the second-half performance of their previous match against St. Mary’s straight into the start of this match, where they were playing full and skilful sets. Essex sneaked a try soon after, however, bringing the score to 12 – 6, leaving a close gap which was not to change much for the rest of the match. The Barbarians found themselves clambering through sets and missing key tackles at times. Essex soon found the weaknesses and played them to their advantage. By half time, Brunel realised the strength of the forwards was needed to help fortify the wings. Whilst the sets at the beginning of the second half were correctly carried out, they made a number of small errors leaving Essex with a reason to punish them.

ADVERTISEMENT Choose Healthy Options

We will all no doubt be offered many treats over Christmas; with 1000 calories in your average Christmas meal and another 500 in your Christmas pudding with brandy butter as well as the chocolates and biscuits between meals, it is not surprising that many of us end up consuming more calories than we are using over the Christmas period.

Here are Lucozade Sport’s tips for remaining in top condition over the festive period: •

• • • •

Eat a healthy meal before you go out to a party or visit family where nibbles will be on offer, you will be less tempted to fill up on crisps and chocolate Include a serving of vegetables with your meals When you are eating out, choose a baked potato or new potato’s instead of chips Try crème fresh as a tasty alternative to full fat cream with your puddings if you are partying hard remember to keep hydrated by drinking a glass of water to every alcoholic beverage and eating a good breakfast the morning after If you are exercising remember to drink Lucozade Sport Lite which provides essential fluids, electrolytes and energyreleasing B vitamins to keep you hydrated and performing to your best.

Brunel soon found their feet and played a heroic 10 minutes, delivering three consecutive trys. Matt Shepherd found himself tallying his tries, and it was not long before he scored his fifth try of the match. A number of noble attempts from Mo Badjie were rewarded with two tries, whilst all the time Essex were managing to push up when they were on the attack and target Brunel’s

weaknesses. Some quick footwork from Joel BJ allowed him to claim a try as well. At this point in the match, Devin Nicholson was making sound judgement calls and James Plant was running in low at shin height in the hope of a double knock out. Alex Turner had a consistent match, pushing forward quickly and precisely gaining assists in a number of tries.

The Barbarians came close to scoring many more times, including a scoot from Chris Ashford that took him across the try line; however, the attempt was unfortunately held up. The final 10 minutes saw a significant drop in the Brunel defence, and Essex were allowed to dance through. Sporadic passing and tackling resulted in a slower finish to the match, but with heads held high and against a good opposition, Brunel took away the win they wanted. The Barbarians saw a number of personal victories during the match and each player walked away knowing he’d put his minutes in effectively. Unfortunately the team allowed their form to slip at times and let Essex get the better of them during some defensive plays, which resulted in losing points. A valiant effort from Matt Shepherd saw him awarded coach’s man of the match which was undoubtedly deserved. The Barbarians took a lot from the match as a team and can now focus on key points to take into the next few games. They remain a close-knit team that is yet to be defeated in the league.

FINAL SCORE Adil Khan Deshmukh

Leon Carter drives Brunel forward

Brunel Barbarians 52 - 46 Essex

Keep in shape this Christmas with Lucozade Sport We all know that Christmas is a time for seeing loved ones and enjoying the festive period which means that we tend to overindulge in what we eat and drink. Christmas is also a time where we take time out from our training and team sports and relax a little. To ensure that you remain healthy and keep a balanced diet Lucozade Sport has come up with some tips to keep you on the right track during the Christmas period. We’re not saying that you should be on the treadmill everyday but by watching what you are eating and drinking and trying to fit in some exercise means come January you won’t have to double your sessions – so go on and enjoy that mince pie!

Motivate yourself with FitCoach

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All Brunel University Sport Members are entitled to a 20% discount on Lucozade Sport products! Simply enter code BRU20L at

Vorsprung durch recycling!

Le Nurb - December 2010

26 Sport

Cricket: Brunel Men dominate BUCS Indoor Regionals Tom Leonard The Men’s Cricket team travelled to the HECC Sport Centre in Hertfordshire with high hopes of coming back victorious after last year’s domination of the BUCS Indoor Regionals, and this year was no different. Playing in a group of three teams, Brunel had to win both of their games to seal a place in the Semi-Finals, and first up was UCL. Captain Kyle Sharp won the toss and put UCL into bat, which proved to be the right choice. The first over was bowled by Adam Warden (0-21), whose consistency led to an early run out, with Jonny Aston and Tom Leonard carrying out the good work. Again, excellent bowling from Aston restricted the run flow and Kyle Sharp took another easy run out. From then on, UCL did not recover from the loss of early wickets, with only 22 runs on the board Leonard (1-20) took the third wicket in his first over. A slight fight back from UCL was short-lived, as tight bowling from all the bowlers, along with very few mistakes in the field, resulted in two more run outs. A final wicket from Aston (121) saw UCL reach 81 all out by the 11th over, a score well below par. Brunel’s run chase did not get off to a

good start; Leonard was bowled first ball and Ben Woodhouse was run out for just 4. UCL’s enthusiasm in the field was flattened, however, as both Simon Bell (27 not out), and Kyle Sharp (27 not out) combined some fluent, low risk shots and sensible running between the wickets to ease the team’s total to 59. BUCS rules state you must retire on 25, therefore Aston came into bat, only to be run out without scoring. Despite this small blip, Bell returned to seal the win with Warden (2 not out). After a long wait between games, a

confident Brunel side were ready to take on UCL’s medical branch - RUMS. After witnessing RUMS concede 208 runs in the allotted 12 overs (that’s 17 per over!) and bowled out for 54, we saw this as a great chance to get back to Loco’s early! Sharp won the toss again and promptly put RUMS into bat. Again the decision paid off, and Brunel took 3 wickets in the first 2 overs. Excellent keeping from Woodhouse produced 2 lightning-fast stumpings and Aston’s economic bowling (2-9) put the pressure on RUMS. The follow up bowlers

kept things tight and Bell (1-18) took his first wicket of the day. The rout was complete with an unfortunate mix up between the batsmen creating a run out. Warden (2-14) again found an edge, with Sharp taking another catch, resulting in RUMS scoring 56 all out in the 9th over. The run chase this time round had very little drama to speak of, with Brunel reaching the target in the 6th over. Leonard made amends for his golden duck with a positive 24 not out, and Simon Bell carried on his good form with 15 not out. The team as a whole played extremely well and everyone contributed in both games. Despite the ease in which Brunel qualified for the semi-finals, which take place in February, the team will be working hard to go that one step further than last year and make the National finals.


Adil Khan Deshmukh

Simon Bell in action

Tom Leonard Simon Bell Ben Woodhouse (WK) Kyle Sharp (Captain) Jonny Aston Adam Warden Will Knibbs (Fresher/Scorer/Reserve)

Brunel Sport Results Wednesday 3rd November 2010 Team Men’s Badminton 1s Men’s Badminton 2s Women’s Badminton1s Men’s Basketball 1s Men’s Basketball 2s Women’s Basketball 1s Men’s Fencing Women’s Fencing Men’s Football 1s Men’s Football 2s Men’s Football 3s Men’s Football 4s Men’s Football 5s Women’s Football 1s Women’s Football 2s Golf 1s Golf 2s Men’s Hockey 1s Men’s Hockey 2s Men’s Hockey 3s Women’s Hockey 1s Women’s Hockey 2s Women’s Hockey 3s Lacrosse Netball 1s Netball 2s Netball 3s Netball 4s Netball 5s Netball 6s Rugby League Men’s Rugby 1s Men’s Rugby 2s Women’s Rugby Men’s Squash 1s Men’s Squash 2s Men’s Squash 3s Men’s Table Tennis 1s Men’s Table Tennis 2s Men’s Tennis 1s Men’s Tennis 2s Women’s Tennis 1s Men’s Volleyball

Score 2–6 2–6 N/P 56 – 58 N/P 62 – 63 N/P 96 - 90 0–0 1–0 3–1 5–6 1–5 3–2 4–0 N/P N/P 3–1 12 – 0 2–5 0–2 2–6 0–5 N/P 47 – 25 35 – 26 84 – 0 36 – 24 17 – 55 17 – 38 34 – 14 Walkover Brunel 14 – 17 30 – 10 N/P N/P 2–1 5 – 12 6 – 11 N/P 2 - 10 6–6 N/P



Glamorgan Brighton 1s London Met UCL 1s UCL 1s Cardiff 1s Essex 2s Imperial 3s Royal Holloway 2s Bucks New Uni. 2s UWIC 1s St. Mary 1s Reading 1s Essex 2s Reading 2s Bath 1s Imperial 1s Kent 2s UWIC 1s Hertfordshire 1s Roehampton 4s Chichester 3s Brighton 2s Roehampton 1s St Mary 2s Queen Mary 1s Kent 2s UCL 1s Portsmouth 2s LSE 1s Kent 1s Royal Holloway 1s Hertfordshire 1s -


Wednesday 10th November 2010 Team Men’s Badminton 1s Men’s Badminton 2s Women’s Badminton1s Men’s Basketball 1s Men’s Basketball 2s Women’s Basketball 1s Men’s Fencing Women’s Fencing Men’s Football 1s Men’s Football 2s Men’s Football 3s Men’s Football 4s Men’s Football 5s Women’s Football 1s Women’s Football 2s Golf 1s Golf 2s Men’s Hockey 1s Men’s Hockey 2s Men’s Hockey 3s Women’s Hockey 1s Women’s Hockey 2s Women’s Hockey 3s Lacrosse Netball 1s Netball 2s Netball 3s Netball 4s Netball 5s Netball 6s Rugby League Men’s Rugby 1s Men’s Rugby 2s Women’s Rugby Men’s Squash 1s Men’s Squash 2s Men’s Squash 3s Men’s Table Tennis 1s Men’s Table Tennis 2s Men’s Tennis 1s Men’s Tennis 2s Women’s Tennis 1s Men’s Volleyball

Recycling: you either love it or hate it


2–6 N/P 4–4 62 – 103 54 – 78 53 – 64 135 – 104 Postponed 0–1 0–3 0–4 3–5 N/P N/P N/P 3–3 1–5 6–1 Postponed Postponed 3–2 Postponed Postponed Walkover Portsmouth 61 – 15 35 – 46 40 – 19 29 – 27 27 – 33 40 – 5 Postponed 22 – 23 27 – 44 69 – 10 Postponed Postponed N/P 3 – 14 7 – 10 10 – 2 2 – 10 Postponed 0–3



Oxford Royal Holloway 1s South Bank 1s Surrey 1s Sussex 1s Surrey 2s Imperial 2s Glamorgan Sussex 1s St. Mary 2s Portsmouth 5s Portsmouth 1s Royal Holloway 1s Kent 1s Reading 2s Surrey 2s Oxford 1s Royal Holloway 1s Royal Holloway 2s Portsmouth 2s Gloucester 1s Portsmouth 1s St. Mary 1s Portsmouth 3s LSE 2s St. George’s 4s Oxford 2s Brighton 1s Brighton 2s Swansea Hertfordshire 1s Portsmouth 2s Kent 1s Essex 2s Kingston 1s Royal Holloway 2s Chichester 1s Surrey 1s


December 2010 - Le Nurb

Sport 27

Squash: Teams Update Gary O’Brien With the addition of a third team into BUCS and with a fresh introduction of talented Freshers, things are looking good for the Brunel Squash teams this year. And how well have they done? Barring the opening day of the season, when the 2nd team had to play the 3rd team, all teams have won every match in their league and cup campaigns. The 1st team have welcomed Royal Holloway, travelled to Portsmouth and

Reading, and left their mark on all teams, taking all the points and topping the table with a game in hand. The 2nd team also top their group with a game in hand after beating the 3rds and Reading. Possibly most impressively, the 3rd team have won every match since the opener, including wins at Portsmouth 2nds in the cup and Surrey 2nds in the league. Winning their game in hand will put them 2nd behind Brunel 2s. There is a fantastic vibe in the club this year. All 80 members are really getting

involved, and the vibe on match day is phenomenal. Clair Phillips is doing a fantastic job as sports massage therapist, and no team looks like losing at the moment. This forthcoming week (8th December) you can see the 1sts at home at 2pm, entertaining Hertfordshire 1sts in what should be a high quality encounter. You can still join up and get in on a fantastic club. See us at www.

Adil Khan Deshmukh

Men’s 1st and 2nd teams

Volleyball Men Record First Win Adil Khan Deshmukh

Adil Khan Deshmukh

Brunel on the attack

Coming off the back of two away defeats in the league, the Men’s Volleyball team started the home campaign with a convincing victory over Chichester. The team has been very fortunate to acquire a highly qualified Brazilian coach, Marco Leites, who has a PhD in Volleyball! The first set started off as a close affair, with the score developing into 10 – 10. Brunel broke away with a combination of good play on their part and sloppiness

from the opposition, and secured the first set by the comfortable margin 25 – 17. In the second set, Brunel were extremely dominant; they got out of the blocks very quickly and securing a significant winning margin of 25 – 13. Chichester were lucky to get the 13 points they won in the second set. The third set consisted of Brunel maintaining a several point lead throughout, leading to a third set victory of 25 – 18 and a 3 – 0 victory in the best-of-five sets match. Overall, Brunel’s performance was

confident and their superiority over the opposition was showcased in this one-sided score. Team Captain Behrouz Behzadan had previously mentioned that the “team needs to get more training slots,” as the lack of a team-only training session had led to the first two defeats and caused the team to play with “a lack of harmony.” It can be seen now that team members are really starting to gel with each other and more practice and matches can only help the team continue victoriously.

Brunel Sport Results Wednesday 17th November 2010 Team Men’s Badminton 1s Men’s Badminton 2s Women’s Badminton1s Men’s Basketball 1s Men’s Basketball 2s Women’s Basketball 1s Men’s Fencing Women’s Fencing Men’s Football 1s Men’s Football 2s Men’s Football 3s Men’s Football 4s Men’s Football 5s Women’s Football 1s Women’s Football 2s Golf 1s Golf 2s Men’s Hockey 1s Men’s Hockey 2s Men’s Hockey 3s Women’s Hockey 1s Women’s Hockey 2s Women’s Hockey 3s Lacrosse Netball 1s Netball 2s Netball 3s Netball 4s Netball 5s Netball 6s Rugby League Men’s Rugby 1s Men’s Rugby 2s Women’s Rugby Men’s Squash 1s Men’s Squash 2s Men’s Squash 3s Men’s Table Tennis 1s Men’s Table Tennis 2s Men’s Tennis 1s Men’s Tennis 2s Women’s Tennis 1s Men’s Volleyball

Score N/P 4–4 5–3 79 – 58 46 - 64 67 – 35 N/P 125 – 108 0–6 0–5 1–0 0–7 1–2 3–1 0–0 1 – 15 N/P 7–0 4–2 1–1 0–5 Postponed 1–5 1 – 15 31 – 33 38 – 36 32 – 41 Postponed N/P 39 – 18 52 – 46 31 – 3 Postponed Postponed 4–1 3–0 Postponed 15 – 2 12 – 5 12 – 0 10 – 2 10 – 2 3–0

Opposition Kings 2s Reading 1s Kingston 1s Portsmouth 1s St. Mary 1s Portsmouth 1s UWE Hartbury 1s Chichester 1s Sussex 1s Kingston 1s Uni. Of C. Arts Gloucester 1s Brighton 1s Bucks New Uni. 1s Canterbury CC 1s Sussex 1s Imperial 3s Exeter 1s Portsmouth 1s Brighton 3s Essex 1s Bath 1s Chichester 1s Brighton 2s Brighton 3s LSE 3s Essex 1s Surrey 1s Imperial Medics 2s Hertfordshire 1s Reading 2s Reading 3s Bucks New Uni. 1s UCL 1s Kings 2s Chichester 1s St. George’s UCL 1s Chichester 1s


Wednesday 24th November 2010 Team Men’s Badminton 1s Men’s Badminton 2s Women’s Badminton1s Men’s Basketball 1s Men’s Basketball 2s Women’s Basketball 1s Men’s Fencing Women’s Fencing Men’s Football 1s Men’s Football 2s Men’s Football 3s Men’s Football 4s Men’s Football 5s Women’s Football 1s Women’s Football 2s Golf 1s Golf 2s Men’s Hockey 1s Men’s Hockey 2s Men’s Hockey 3s Women’s Hockey 1s Women’s Hockey 2s Women’s Hockey 3s Lacrosse Netball 1s Netball 2s Netball 3s Netball 4s Netball 5s Netball 6s Rugby League Men’s Rugby 1s Men’s Rugby 2s Women’s Rugby Men’s Squash 1s Men’s Squash 2s Men’s Squash 3s Men’s Table Tennis 1s Men’s Table Tennis 2s Men’s Tennis 1s Men’s Tennis 2s Women’s Tennis 1s Men’s Volleyball

Go recycle. I’m on a horse.

Score Walkover Bath N/P Walkover Brunel 85 - 91 Walkover Brunel 54 – 49 122 – 96 Postponed 3–4 2–1 (P) 3 – 3 N/P N/P 3–0 2–0 4–2 Unknown Result 1–1 4–1 N/P Walkover UWIC N/P N/P 7 – 11 54 – 16 43 – 42 28 – 29 57 – 5 N/P N/P 10 – 96 17 – 12 N/P Postponed 3–0 Walkover Brunel 2–0 17 – 0 N/P 4–8 N/P 4–8 0–3





Queen Mary 1s Oxford 1s UEL 2s Kent 1s Essex 1s Uni. Of London 1s Bournemouth 1s TVU 1s Kingston 2s Portsmouth 1s Canterbury CC 1s Hertfordshire 1s Reading 1s Portsmouth 1s Imperial Medics 2s UWIC 1s Reading 1s Bristol 1s Kent 1s St. Barts R. Lndn 1s Westminster 1s Exeter 2s Sussex 1s Portsmouth 1s Royal Holloway 2s Imperial 3s Hertfordshire 1s Brighton 1s Essex 1s Portsmouth 1s Kings College 1s

Le Nurb - December 2010

28 Sport

Le Sport American Football: The Burners’ first stand on the Gridiron SPORT CONTENTS

Stefan Archer Site 5, and everybody on it that day, was able to bear witness to the first time the Brunel Burners would proudly take the field against Kings College Regents. The outcome can only be described as one of the most exciting shows of determination from forty young individuals that Site 5 may ever see. The Burners were able to set the pace for the rest of the season by winning their first ever game, 8-7. As the match began, the Burners defence set a strong wall against the Regents running game, making every yard a hardfought battle. Due to a lack of experience, however, a touchdown was conceded towards the end of the first quarter which was then converted. Heads within the squad began to drop due to the Burners’ offence being unable to gain territory in the face of a strong defence, forcing the Burners to punt the ball away. These heads were soon lifted due to an excellent punt from Quarterback Joel BJ, landing the Regents on their 1 yard line. A clear sign of heart and determination saw defence captain, Sky Modebe, break through a number of blocks to tackle the running back in his own end zone resulting in the safety making the score 7-2. The score was frozen for the remainder of the quarter, with both teams showcasing fantastic defence including 2 sacks from the Burners’ Defensive End Jermaine Hagan. Where many teams may have gone into the second half downhearted with a defeated attitude, the Burners came out stronger then ever. With two completed

Adil Khan Deshmukh

Orion Modebe returning a punt passes to Receiver Jason Taylor and Tight End James Putnam, the Burners offence began to build momentum. The Regents did what they could to break this momentum, but with a combination of the Burners offensive line overpowering the defence and some defiant movement from Running Back Marcus Kumolu, the Burners rushed for a 24 yard Touchdown. Believing the momentum would continue, the Burners attempted the extra points, but the Regents stood their ground. The Burners were unable to convert the

touchdown, leaving the score at 8-7. This, however, would not be the final sentence of this historic day, as the Regents came back hard. Trick play after trick play meant that the Regents found themselves within the Burners’ 10 fighting hard for a win they believed they deserved. The Burners defence made their stand which was admired by all taking the Regents to fourth down and then a turnover. The Burners offence showed what could only be a mixture of inexperience and fatigue by fumbling on the Burners 5 yard
















Brunel Barbarians vs Essex

BUCS Indoor Regionals

November 3rd and 10th

Meet the team

Brunel vs Chichester

November 17th and 24th

Burners vs Regents

Short Course Championships

line twice, giving possession to the Regents. The Regents attempted field goals on both occasions, but due to the valiant efforts of Promise Phillips and Charles Adebanjo, both field goals were blocked and the clock ran out for the Regents. Overall this was a great first performance from the Burners. It allowed them to pick up a win, but the time for rest is far from us. If the Burners want to continue this success and get the all-important 4 wins which will secure their place in the play offs, the hard work needs to continue.

BUCS Short Course in Sheffield Metin Ayhan

Brunel were represented in the 50m breaststroke


At the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, the water remains calm, after Brunel Swimming competed in a weekend of fierce competition and fast swimming at the BUCS Short Course Championships. Brunel swam a fine team performance amongst a competition scattered with GB Olympians such as World Record holder Liam Tancock. The swimmers stepped up at the meet and produced some outstanding swims. The main highlight was the new Brunel record in the women’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay. The very respectable time of 1:58.20 Please Recycle

was clocked by Jenna Turner, Rachel Keeley, Sian Finney and Alice Woodyatt, who anchored the relay. Jenna Turner also lit up the pool with her performances in the 50m and 200m Freestyle, earning her a place in the finals for both events. It was the first taste of competitive swimming for first years Nathanial Cole in the 50m Backstroke and Sam Fletcher in 50m Freestyle. Both swimmers displayed confident performances, representing all the dedication shown in training. Brunel took a total of 13 swimmers and 5 social swimmers to experience the competitive atmosphere on poolside and a successful night out at Sheffield Hallam.

Issue 4 2010/11