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Work and travel in

America or Canada

Spend your summer holiday exploring North America, making lifelong friendships and gaining invaluable CV-enhancing skills Summer Camp USA is a low cost programme offering you the chance to be a role model to kids as a camp counsellor Work Canada provides you with a flexible working visa – exclusively available through BUNAC Work America allows flexible work and travel anywhere in the USA

For more information visit

KAMP sets you up with a summer placement in the USA helping with the day-to-day running of a children’s camp.

Find out more at a LONDON presentation Work Canada 19th May 2009, 3pm Please call (020) 7251 3472 to book your seat at these FREE talks held in the BUNAC office.

020 7251 3472


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Le News Tokyo comes to Oxford Circus

mobility access to the DJ booth.

By Mara Arts

• There will be completely new furniture and colour

London’s busiest crossing is getting a make-over this year.

schemes throughout

As a part of the improvements that are going to take place in the whole West End, Oxford Circus will undergo a £5m

VP services and marketing Raj Patel said “We are really

redevelopment project. The main change will take crossing

excited about the changes going ahead this summer. It has

pedestrians diagonally over the junction as well as straight ahead.

been a long time in preparation, as we have tried to ensure that

This design is taken from busy Tokyo crossings. The London

some of the current problems we experience in the club are

council is redesigning the West End in order to make it look its

alleviated in the new design. One of the key features for me is

best before the fantastic 2012 Olympics. The new Oxford Circus

that we will be able to separate areas of the venue to allow a

is planned to be finished before the Christmas lights are switched

smaller, more intimate clubbing experience for private parties and

on this November.

smaller events, where attendances are lower and can provide the space without compromising the atmosphere. Enabling our

Academy’s Facelift!

members to queue in the atrium for a pyjama party rather than in

Raj Patel

the wind and rain has also got to be a plus point!

The Academy nightclub on campus is due a significant refurbishment over the summer with the following key changes:

We are also proud that the majority of the cost of this project has been covered by money we have put aside over the last few

• The entrance will be moved to the Atrium so customers can queue in the warm and out of the rain!

years from the bars profits, so in this time of economic uncertainty we are able to fund this project ourselves and are not

• The problematic dance floor and slate flooring will be replaced

having to borrow the money from either the bank or to the University.

• A soft seated VIP area will be created • The space around the top bar will be expanded and

In the next couple of weeks the UBS will be publishing some

glazed to ease congestion and create a smaller “club within a

visuals of what the new Academy will look like and what returning


students can look forward to in September. Keep your eyes on

• The DJ booth will be reshaped and the staircase adapted to ease congestion and to allow full

The G20 By Mara Arts of April In the early days to a G20 London was host rs of the 20 de lea summit. The untries [well, most powerful co for the most up to date information.

rld gathered 19 really] in the wo s the together to discus . This rn tu economic down spend to an pl resulted in the new on rs lla do over 1 trillion trillion (A s. re su economic mea es!) Those 20 is a 1 with 12 zero out a ‘historic’ leaders spoke ab ‘unprecedented summit, and an

ldof was less deal’. Sir Bob Ge ndered if this positive, as he wo help the plan was going to countries. poorest African ts weren’t too Green movemen ey point out pleased either; th does not that the new deal environmental include any new plans.



Where did you study? I did my first degree in Philosophy and Sociology at Surrey University, all of my postgraduate work (including a teaching qualification) was in Sociology and took place at London University.

recruitment across all subject areas. We then put a whole series of other elements essential to a ‘research-intensive’ university into place, including study leave, inaugural lectures, research centres and so on. The RAE has provided Brunel with a focus, a shared motivation and a cohesive purpose.

When did you realise you wanted to Do you feel you have reached your become an Academic? I knew I would become a teacher when I was at targets?

We have certainly reached our targets in this Grammar School and I decided that I wanted teach at a university. When I arrived at Brunel, it RAE, it would have been difficult to imagine us doing any better both in terms of quality and felt as if I was home. income.

Other than running the Uni, what do you do in your spare time? Other than running a University there is no time…however, for 30 years I was a very active rock climber and mountaineer. Now I like reading beyond higher education policy, fine art and watching cricket whenever I can find a day. I also like motor sport.

What do the results mean to the students?

The results of the RAE will enhance the student experience in a number of ways. First of all, the additional income will go into additional staffing and improved research facilities which will also improve teaching capacity and quality. Second, the RAE results will dramatically enhance the University’s status in the academic What exactly is the RAE? The RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) is an community both at home and abroad. This means that we will be more attractive to exercise designed by the Higher Education students, both undergraduate and Funding Council, steered by the Government, to assess the quality of research taking place in postgraduate and thus the quality of our student body will continue to improve. Also we universities across the UK, in all subject areas, will become more attractive to prospective staff and to allocate funding to support Quality and our staff retention, will improve which Research. It is this funding that has risen at means that students will be taught by higher Brunel by £4.6millon per annum, because of the increase in both the quality of our research, but and higher quality academics, who will stay longer and provide a greater continuity of also because of the greater number of academic staff that were entered this time. The experience. RAE has been going since 1986 and it now Where do you see the Uni going takes place every 7 years – this means that from here? your performance stays with you for 7 years both in terms of funding and kudos. Brunel will Where do we go from here? Well, onwards and experience a growth in each over the next 7 upwards. I am very ambitious for this years. University, we are upwardly mobile and we are moving fast. We are already planning for the 2015 RAE which will be called the Research How did we do in the last one Excellence Framework, where we will develop (2001)? rapidly towards high achievement in that In the 2001 RAE, Brunel only entered 61% of its exercise. I have already applied for membership academic staff, as opposed to the 89% in 2008, of the ‘1994 Group’ which is an association of and although we achieved high quality results in several areas, our volume was insufficient to universities located just under the ‘Russell Group’. They are all research intensive and very ensure a high level of funding. This time we successful – places like Exeter, Lancaster, entered 200 more members of staff and our quality has gone up right across the University. Queen Mary and East Anglia. This will give us a louder voice on the national stage and further enhance our reputation and standing. I would After these results, what like to explore further links with the University aspirations did you have for 2008’s of London and build a new Business School at RAE? the Eastern Gateway, opposite the Mary I joined Brunel in 2004 when it aspired to being Seacole Building. We will stabilize our student ‘research-led’ but it did not appear to me that population, improve our teaching and learning there was a clear strategy in place to execute facilities and systematically improve the quality this desire, but I had the autonomy to generate of our existing buildings. These are exciting one. We began by a systematic review of each times to be at Brunel! subject area assessing both overall research culture and individual performance. This was By Jay Patel, UBS president followed by a wave of strategic academic staff

A dream: to dance “Ok, take a deep breath. She just went over the routine. It’s straightforward, right? Hang on a minute, what was after the first four steps? Was it that twirl? No, wait, it was that jump thing and then you go straight down? Damn, I don’t remember. I’m sure it’ll come back to me. I’ll just watch the others. Plus, I’m at the back, so if I make a mistake no-one can really see me.” (Music starts: New Kids on the Block – Click, Click, Click)

thought I knew the next eight steps, so I joined in. I fell back and topple over the girl behind me, as if we were tiles in a game of dominos. Everyone stopped and looked at me. The music stopped and there was complete silence. My face went bright red. I could feel the beads of sweat dripping down my face and my heart began hammering twice as fast as the beat of music that was blaring from the speakers. So, that was one of my first street dance classes in September last year. No, not a great start, but hey, at least I tried. I love street dancing, but I never thought that I had the ability or the talent to be as good as all the other dancers I had seen in my class or on the TV. I remember the first time I saw someone street dance; it

“Ok here we go...1, 2, 3, 4 and back 2, was as if they were from another planet. I couldn’t keep 3, 4, and now what?” my eyes away. I wanted to glide and spin just like them,

I looked around and see everyone doing the routine perfectly, and me standing there like a puppet, waiting for someone to pull my string so I could continue. I

but I never thought it was possible. I used to look at my dream to dance in a floating cloud that was too far away to reach. That was until someone told me to never give up. Life is too short to be standing still and wanting

that dream. I would remain at that point forever. Instead,

journey. Nerves started kicking in and my stomach

fulfil it and take the first step.

would begin to hurl as I went on stage. However, as the shows progressed, so did my confidence. I’d go on stage

So, I joined Brunel Dance in September 2008. I had this rush of excitement and a pinch of anxiety. During my

dancing like a diva and didn’t care in the world who was watching.

first few classes, I felt like a robot; tense and uptight. I focused so much on the other dancers and the few

(Music starts: Remix of Beyonce – Single Ladies, and

people that watched us practice, rather than myself. As a Britney Spears – Gimme More) result I’d make mistakes. However, as time went on I

“Ok, here we go. This is your last show, give it your all and enjoy it! 1, 2, 3, expressing how you felt. The more I started to be myself, 4 and back 2, 3, 4...jump, twirl, go down the better I became at dance. and back up. Ok. This is going really well, I haven’t fallen over as of yet and I feel as Throughout the year, I made some amazing friends. I if I could dance here all night! Just the changed as a person. Dance made me confident and last few moves now; hop, arms in and out, made me believe that all things are possible when you spin round, move left and right, arms in take the first step in making a dream come true. the air and down. I did it!” began to loosen up like a ball of string. I let go. I realised that dance wasn’t about impressing; it was about

Months flew by, and (with a drum roll) it was time for

Brunel Dance Remix Show 2009. During the first couple of shows, I felt like I was at the start of my dance

By Manvir Mudhar

Separated Diversity? brace it ity and em rs e iv d al ing but think e individu in my flat ause of th d c e e v b li e and of w, I , outside at we hav name a fe w th o to s n e s it ti e t ti ie u c ie so abo my soc 30, I despite ve taring at Hall, Flat cessarily es we ha e y m n re ti t o t o As I sat s a n m il lt K fe that oint of , ny friends tting our inst the p r screen n’t have a em. By le id th d oved aga m compute ties and pite ople join socie lack. Des ferent pe ut what to if ts B o n d t b e o g a d n in g tu g re s in n we bri think cultural ote their ryone n me: iating the Sure, eve awned o that prom c d r. s e re b it p , th lu p e c te a g ri to w in e ssing all races nce to be terests, w ces addre rences of ividual in ts the cha fe d n if a in d w Most pie with l would runel sequently of others in Brune have sub roup full ithin the B g w a diversity b e v m a e h as th route into a clu ow I interests unity, I kn ted them common e it m e m m m a th d s o a e c e k th ta ple nder are all f for exam ing so we re the wo which we n guilty o in e e b but in do and explo e b nel e typ . : The Bru certain clu restrict th ivity of it members avoiding nwillingly u and posit re e y, w a t y e I, in any w that we g cause the Not that Society. nights be of people y it rs e White” iv o d b, we o h “t is r . o in h ” it dim In this clu lved w o Asian o o v “t in intend to e . e tence rried m knowledg Britishvious exis is has wo ct and ac b a e th o p s s d s A n it re a d n a em nces as first it may se r’s differe uring my couldn’t e d I h , t g th n u u o a b o h e h l, c b T e a b e Cari at Brun m ther rities and to say, I a nder whe nel I our simila o e ru s v w a ti B t a ll t u g e a b e r w n a ye help t way we at ed the pt to this so th in the bes iately join our attem g o d n s e in ti o t m ri o d w n im r o ould Brunel, nces . Here at g that it w can w in ur differe o s w o h n o a n w te li k o e ra , n n b k Bru ACS cele beans slight lly be ne of the ther Carib ledge our iled to rea ersity is o o w iv fa f o d o e n r v ll k u a c o fu h a e b we to was and really continues ans that I amongst comings ings that rt th o h s and Afric t a accepted d will ity th uld all gether an the divers e’s. to sume wo ls e s s e c a u e ra to n ld b o o y m h d ry e rea eve uch rs interests, . Events s re a many yea the same round us e a v Yes, we a do so for a is h a d – n a o s ti pu stitu n. nd d Week litan cam , stories a ithin the in One Worl w rs a s a fe cosmopo e s e th t middle e opened as me jus on in the lobal hav eriences G p x e . little Lond k c tte la will – doors to re all b y Charlo B sex if you lly closed se we we le u ia d a rt c a id e p M b t f a o d th rity of ration an Murphy e various t the majo cial integ o s I have me but with th h the roug ote ly one of friends th that prom is definite my close societies nel. is ere bout Bru S and iduality th g the AC t things a a in re in g jo their indiv ted the end, from the y segrega paration I guess in nsequentl o c also a se f o y a use ey m y original ures beca ple that th despite m other cult same peo to g n ri b ave come n trying to ought, I h th this. have bee I , s g in halls Brunel ha em. While livin alise that re towards th e te and nce of th to celebra e friends The existe been able had Whit y e , th n e a s e u b nds beca fro-Carib Asian frie Jewish, A nd LGBT Muslim a

ter n and ban ys. Great fu u g y tl s o been a tty m there have ier and pre h s g a u e o h c th u , d m all roun erything is d my ? I ev at tarnishe rt ta s I . n rd cidents th a a in c rw w o re tf ought fe e h h ig a str Well w ver! The th lexia s re y e fo v D d fi d in n e a m m nt ility Brunel so d innoce The Disab n makes helpful an came to ear kitche y lly ’ a rs re to e n h e e s e u e b of our fr , and d rvice have ll I made years ago s went se but all in a e the c r, e e n m d d ta g u s in h iv s m g me ircu d apart from m and various c and share bout to ork for the at friends a w re g to m e a y it I m n o . u s opport part time h ey have ences. uly (whic reat experi tra cash, th J g x e e in e m o nel m te s o a s earn gradu of the Bru I’ve meet new been part , e l) to v a a e e h m I rr d u le is seems s also enab o e much me, which learned s g program ivulge som d n d n ri d a to n n a d e e ts m g n t nts across chan stude any stude nd out of ation, whils m a rm to in fo le in b th e o ila sid ava ntral much, b needed in ng into ce arning so have also ity. Travelli ces and le d rs n n e e a ri iv e n s p u x re e e th I lectu sharing uctural eople, y mentor, many str to meet m out other p d b e n a v o r d re n cts, e o o s L m b o much bout rnal conta on the and also a build exte re s e to e h c d n s e e e g ri a g e n xp ma chan their life e ork on my ch campus. y CV and w vide so mu e m g ro e p d g v y ri in e ro b h p th x T e U im som t to meet myself. say it had urse, s. I also go o ill c k s y m w I’d like to h ie it w rted interv s. assistance when I sta hat is on campu ut it back beyond w g in o g e p s re students a ‘retro’ abo e o c m m s ti d e eI n m g la o y in s gre law degre urpass ith all that ired and s ughout my u ro q h re T n y a in 2004, w lly s a safe to run s, and eve technic ke things reat friend te. But it’s a g re m e c n m to o o s c s n d e o an lot tati mad core my expec ely been a were hard me, has definit e of them ssible for o m p o s s in a h t g n ly u e that there th o th w how to provem as smoo all still kne my e ent and im to w m , p rd s a lo le g e g v re a e of d much especially with legal e transferred mes campus is moved 3 ti me of them s and the I o a . S re n . a n o t ti s fu a o e e d m hav hav accommo rs did ou should ampus, the eye. Y away, othe s across c k c lo ! b p t m n easier on a nd moved re v a fe re if e d to have th to to re ho had t all seem rd befo w u a b b le , m p ts a o n e Is e p n m e see ke t th place at I can ta which kep h mething th s very muc Ed) o n s – o e d ti e m ta t re p h g a g ry d e (A tau e be n as ve provide a There hav ther nt Union w . o e e t d s m tu a h S le it e t w h a T , e d, but forward ood times started, th entertaine utilise them d not so g hen I first n to a W , d s t. e e n g a m re n ti e fe a b dif good students m ther grey to miss this pus was ra m going to I’ w o . n d k to e I s v t whole cam e bu all the ntranc after I mo st of my ke with me separate e o ta h m ll it r I’ w fo y. t, s it lls e a s hon via univers Living in h real e memorie hair users a taste of nces, all th us wheelc e e r ri m fo e e p v U x a S e g t e e e th rs grea law degre t required and of cou eing rs, lifts tha friendship ifference b d d n a ly n n o fu cellar doo e f h o degree ret nd uni life. T e that my nd top sec nd floor, a g a u d s ro le y g w e o k e n th ic k on mag say e. ll the that I was s were a I’m glad to s taught m y flatmate erience ha ons. Now, m ti p f x a o e in t b is s o m th o m c and therefore ere nds who w ie fr ir e th d guys an

MY Brunel By Tanvi Vyas


A home away from home My heart was

neither of us

thumping as I

particularly fond of

opened the door. I

the choice of venue,

stepped in, my

neither of us with

boyfriend following

very high

me, neither of us


sure what to expect,

As much as I yearned to

hallucination of a proud,

find that the university

‘out’ Brunel from years ago.

LGBT - lesbian, gay,

I expected to see a

bisexual and transgender

tumbleweed drift past and a

union - was alive and

drag-queen sitting, weeping

kicking, I expected to find it

in the corner.

deader than a flogged

Imagine my surprise

horse, another ghostly

when we were given the

warmest of welcomes:

people that night. I was

with these people I

quite what the LGBT at

handshakes, smiles and

immediately struck by

knew that I could be

Brunel will become, I’d

conversation all rolled

how diverse and


bet an awful lot of

into one. I hope I made

accepting the group is.

a good impression, but I

They’re a kind, funny

honestly couldn’t tell

and interesting lot, with

you. I was dumbstruck of events, and overwhelmed by the urge to scream, ‘Where have you been all my We ordered drinks (whose names I shall not repeat) at the bar, and wandered nervously over to the back of the pub, where a large, vibrant group were seated, six different conversations all interweaving. We weren’t sure which one to jump

That’s a feeling many often take for

questions, concerns

granted, but I certainly

and thoughts that

won’t be doing it again.

they’re willing to share

It took nearly two full

with you. They come

years, but finally I’m at a

from all over the

point where I feel my

country, indeed all over

student experience has

the world. They’re

finally begun. I met

studying everything

other people who made me

“I expected to see a tumbleweed drift past and a drag-queen sitting, weeping in the corner....”

into, so took the safe option and stole the couch. We weren’t allowed to maintain this temporary shyness for long. Instead, we were introduced to each and every member, all smiling and genuinely happy to meet us, and I could feel all my misconceptions melting away. That was the night I was introduced to, and became part of, the LGBT union at Brunel. It was also one of the most important nights I’ve had at university. I learnt a great deal about myself and other

take a prominent place in university life, make

“Being gay and out and open with others was not something I could do: with these people I knew that I could be myself.”

by this fortunate change

uni life?’

money that it’s going to

accept and

possible, they’re into

appreciate myself for

music and sports, and

exactly who I am, just

just like many student

that little bit more. All

groups, they like to

the drinking, talking and


bingo (even though I didn’t win) was great,

But what really

but what really mattered

stuck with me, sat there

was that I’d found a

in a small, average pub

small, but brave, group

with excellent company,

of people, who I could

was that I’d found

talk to, learn from and

something at Brunel

support. And

that I’d always known

occasionally get drunk

was missing – an


amputated limb in my student experience if

The university LGBT

you will. As opposed to

continues to grow, as I

feeling uncomfortable

knew that it would.

on campus, as though I

Something that good,

had to watch my back

with people that

because being gay and

interesting, can’t really

out and open with

help but multiply,

others was not

develop and evolve.

something I could do,

Although we’re not sure

new and encouraging contributions to the student experience, and as such transform the

impact Brunel has on people’s lives, and what they take away with them into the world. For those of any background or sexual orientation that want to take part in this thrilling experience, remember that it all began with a small group of hopeful students, in a small little pub. Come along on a Thursday evening, open the door, step inside and join us. I guarantee you’ll be greeted with handshakes, smiles, and conversations, and if you’re lucky, a lot of free drinks.

By Alexander Straker

Le ARTS Saving the Hedgehog

But still – in the last 3 or 4 years we’ve got some

By Jorge B.

fairly bland and boring levels, repetitive enemy formations,

It was 1991 and good ol' Nintendo unleashed a fury

the same bosses over and over, alongside ‘facepalm’-

of, now, iconic games into a market, crying out for a slice

inducing robot designs. The problem is that recently you'd

of quality: Super Mario World, F-Zero, the latest Zelda.

whack boost, boost and more boost to go fast, fast and

These games become ridiculously popular, leaving poor

more fast. This is not what Sonic's all about. You may as

old Sega to come up with a competing mascot. After

well be sitting there watching him run around by himself.

several KFC buckets, pints and maybe a few joints, game

In the older games, both 2D and 3D, you’d be able to go

designer Yuji Naka gave birth to the cheeky, hot-dog-

faster as a reward for knowing the level and being precise,

loving blue hedgehog – Sonic –now one of the most

but now it’s like travelling on auto pilot.

popular, and well recognised characters of today. The first four games on the Mega Drive (Genesis, to

Save the Hedgehog! Have 10 or so worlds split up into 3 levels each, unique enemies and bosses for each

you Yanks) were and are incredible. You briskly move from area and 4, 5 or so characters and a mixture of 2D and left to right, nabbing coins, bopping onto robot animals

3D. Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360, Sony PS3, PS2 and

and you even get to beat up a fat, ginger fellow at the end Nintendo Wii) and Secret Rings (Wii) are a great step of it all. It’s almost unparalleled platforming (well of course

forward, and hopefully a sign of good things to come for

there’s still Mario, but we’ll leave that for another time); not the best darn hedgehog this side of Mobius. too fast, nor too difficult – a perfect blend. Like a cup of tea, with the right amount of sugar and milk. Oh and

The Boat That Rocked Review

chocolate biscuits.

By Mara Arts

As the years passed by and Sega needed some cash, Sonic grew older and his makers tried new tricks. Sonic 3D? No. Sonic R? Not too bad. Sonic the Fighters? Strange, but good. Sonic Adventure? Nice and warm. Sonic Adventure 2? Sizzling. For the most part, the

Length: 129 min **** (4 stars) Starring: Bill Nighy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans, Jack Davenport and Tom Sturridge Director: Richard Curtis

Adventure duo are a great take on 3D, a little hard to control, but fun, and mostly works through good speed,

Days like these there isn’t much to laugh about. The

smart level design and an amusing story. Then came the

weather is completely unpredictable and the economy is

gimmicks. A gun? No thanks. Sonic Heroes? Gotta be

depressed. So when you decide to spend your last bit of

kidding. More recently he’s brandished a whopping huge

hard-earned in the cinema, what can be better than a

blade in Black Knight; it’s an interesting idea, but just

comedy set in the days when all was well? Or so Richard

doesn’t work!

Curtis (Love Actually) must have thought when he made

The hedgehog's also roamed the handheld world on

The Boat That Rocked, as it is set in the super-swinging

the PSP, DS and GameBoy Advance, and for the most

sixties; in 1966, to be precise, when rock and roll was

part they've cracked it: no gimmicks like guns or swords,

blooming with bands such as (of course) The Beatles, but

not stupidly fast, or snails' pace, and most importantly:

also The Kinks and The Who. The BBC however, only


broadcasted this outrageous modern music for 45 minutes a day, max. Soon, passionate rock and roll-DJs

They invented the Remix! By Amy Thacker

7th of On the 5th to the ea ll th tre came March, the Howe ht lights, ig alive with the br d amazing an thumping bass the Brunel in d talent presente Dance Show. mine Some friends of ginners’ Be e th recently joined invited d an b Street dance clu Show to e nc Da me along to the rm. For a very watch them perfo ticket, with the reasonable £3 a music and a promise of good bar I was there. “We With the theme of ix”, the show Invented the Rem an electric, was packed with ent of dancing eclectic assortm ics new and to remixed class

featured old. The opening different dancers from the onto the stage groups bouncing ne for the rest and setting the to say the of the evening. To roughout the styles of dance th e would be an night were divers In the first act, understatement. e performed on a raunchy routin ixed song chairs to the rem wed by a “Fever” was follo tin number. ballroom and La cluded salsa The show also in emporary, dances, tap, cont t, and jazz. Irish, street, balle and break g The body poppin larly cu dancing was parti gasps and g in impressive, evok routines. e th applause during show the e th From the start of g and in pp cla re audience we g the cheering, makin and fun. ely liv atmosphere

Luckily for me, e of the I had gone to on and I was s, ow weekend sh to see the fortunate enough The revealing “Football Strip”. m the football performance fro ly entertaining, team was certain ed that they and the boys show nd their skills have talent beyo on the pitch! e that a lot It was clear to se work had of effort and hard e dancers and been put in by th ing the Dance organisers; prov n-Competitive club’s title of No for 2007/2008 Club of the Year ed. And of to be well deserv oney raised course all the m went to RAG. great All in all it was a liceman, po to night. From pliés erything it the show had ev it a dazzling needed to make ment. night of entertain

found a solution by starting pirate

jealousy) but that is actually not too

masterpiece, but it’s definitely worth

radio stations on boats in the North

bad. The actors are obviously


Sea. The Boat is set on such a ship,

enjoying their parts and the whole film

and tells the tale of the (slightly

breathes that male-friendship-feel. No

Slumdog Millionaire Review

fictional) radio station Radio Rock.

big drama, no emotional scenes. The

By Mara Arts

Carl (Tom Sturridge) is sent to his

Boat can be considered as the male

Length: 120 minutes

uncle by his mother (a small but lovely equivalent of Love Actually, since it is

**** (4 stars)

performance of Emma Thompson) to

more about sex than about romance

Starring: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto,

learn proper manners. Quentin (Bill

and therefore probably bearable for

Madhur Mittal and Anil Kapoor

Nighy) happens to be the boss of

men. That’s not to say that women

Director: Danny Boyle

Radio Rock and instead of learning

will hate it; first and foremost we are

It seemed to appear from

manners, Carl learns all about sex,

talking about a very funny comedy

nowhere: a film with a fairly unknown

drugs and rock and roll from the

here. True, there are quite a few

cast, set in India, directed by a Scot.

colourful group of DJs on the boat.

superfluous scenes and the film is

That was late 2008. Come February

But there soon is trouble in paradise

longer than it could have been, but it

2009, and the 2009 Oscars, Slumdog

when the government decides to do

is never boring. The only thing that

Millionaire was the most talked-of film

whatever they can to shut down

bothered me was the excessive

of the season. It was nominated for

these sinful radio stations. When the

showing of people listening to Radio

10 Oscars of which it won 8: both

DJs decide to go on broadcasting no

Rock. Those shots became quite

actors and director shot to sudden

matter what, things turn quite nasty… annoying and slowed the pace of the Apart from the dramatic ending

movie down.

the whole film is positive and upbeat.

But apart from that, The Boat

No less than 62 songs are featured in

That Rocked is a positive film, packed

it, and the cast contains a whole lot of with good music and set in one of the big names. There are only a few

most upbeat eras of British history.

actresses involved (women are not

It’s a bit too spun out to be a

allowed on the boat to prevent

worldwide fame. All this publicity meant that when I went to see the movie, I knew a lot about the people involved, but hardly anything about the story. So what is the story? In a nutshell: boy from the slums of Mumbai becomes a contestant in the

Indian version of Who Wants To Be A

Because the film’s main themes

therefore no publicity for the

Millionaire? and knows all the

are family and love, everyone can

upcoming plays and lunchtime shows

answers. Because of this, he is

relate to it. This, combined with the

is ever given.

arrested on suspicion of cheating. As

upbeat ending, is probably why the

he explains to the policemen, we see

cinema was still packed even though

should join the Arts Centre or at least

fragments of his childhood

Slumdog had been running for 11

acknowledge the work that they do

experiences in which he learns the

weeks already.

and the effort that goes into the

answers to the questions. The police

To end with the big question: Is it

I propose that the School of Arts

productions they put on. I solemnly

release him and then the boy, Jamal,

really the best film of the year, as the

believe that given the right publicity

has to play for the final question of 20

Academy thought? Well, personally I

the Howell Theatre would be packed

million rupees, which is the climax of

think that it is quite impossible to pick

out on every night. So much work

the film.

one film a year as the ‘best one’, but

goes into these productions that I

Slumdog Millionaire is certainly in my

think it is a shame that the building is

top ten!

not packed out. For this production

I have to admit, it took me several months to go and see Slumdog Millionaire. As I said, I hardly

the cast spent days handing out fliers

knew anything about the story but

After Juliet Review

and trying to pre-sell tickets on their

what I did know, didn’t interest me

By Helen Murdoch

own time; if you are at all interested in

that much. But still, it had won all

It’s a well established rule that if

watching a musical or play then come

those Oscars, so it probably wouldn’t

you wanna mess around with

hurt to see it.

Shakespeare, then you better do it

Next year the Arts Centre will

right. Sharman McDonald’s “After

once again be putting on productions

I went to the cinema. I expected a

Juliet”, Brunel’s most recent

in the first and second terms, if you

romantic drama set in India. I got a

production, is a new take on the

are interested in participating then

film that combines a love story almost

classic tale of Romeo and Juliet; the

please go to the Arts Centre and

as dramatic as that of Romeo and

action centres on the aftermath of the

enquire. There is also lots of

Rarely have I been so happy that

next time.

Juliet, with the coming-of-age story of lovers suicides with their friends and

information on lunchtime and evening

a poor Indian boy, and with the

concerts. Or add ‘The Arts Centre’ on

classic story of two brothers growing

relatives being the focus of attention. Now, Shakespearean language


up and separating their ways. Even

isn’t for everyone, so thankfully the

better: all this was shot beautifully

play is written in modern prose with

“Elvis Perkins in Dearland”

and it had with a happy ending, too!

just a hint of the Bard. This play is

By Joe Sommerlad

(And who wouldn’t be cheered up by

also a lot funnier than the depressing

**(2 ½ stars)

the Bollywood-style dance that is

and ultimately tragic love story that

performed during the ending credits?)

we all know. The characters Gianni

towards Elvis Perkins. Having lost

The fact that Jamal takes part in Who

and Lorenzo intercut the drama of the

both of his parents in tragic

Wants To Be A Millionaire? makes the

play with bouts of comedy. These two

circumstances – his father Anthony,

whole thing exciting as well. Halfway

characters were played expertly by

star of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

through the film I wanted him to win

modern drama student Solomon

(1960), passed away from AIDs-

so badly, I was on the edge of my

Onibeju and Drama/Film and TV

related complications in 1992 while

seat, quietly cheering him on.

student Laurence Johnson. Their

his mother died on board an

Although admittedly, I do that when

comic timing was perfect and I found

American Airlines plane during the

I’m watching the show at home too,

myself sitting in the front row trying to

September 11th attacks – Elvis is a

so that might just be me.

stifle my ‘cackle laugh’ which rarely

young man alone in the world and

comes out! I thoroughly enjoyed all

well-acquainted with sadness. His

Slumdog Millionaire is a film which

the performances by the cast and I

first album, the earnest Ash

tells us about a life in India and how

respect the energy that they all put in

Wednesday (2007), enjoyed broadly

hard it is for the poor to survive. But

to making this play a success.

favourable reviews but this follow-up,

For people with normal nerves,

there are a lot of laughs in it too, for

Watching this play I did find

It's hard not to feel sympathetic

Elvis Perkins in Dearland, is a

example when the young Jamal and

myself wondering why it was that

disappointingly ho-hum affair.

his brother give a German couple a

Brunel does not publicise these

tour around the Taj Mahal, claiming

events and give funding to the Arts

Wednesday offered pleasingly simple

that it is actually a hotel with a state-

Centre. Some of you may not know

acoustic arrangements, Perkins is

of-the-art swimming pool!

that the School of Arts has on

joined here by what sounds like an

affiliation with the Arts Centre and

entire high school music department

While Ash

and the results are mixed. At times there is plenty to like.

he goes one better: “I don't mind if you dream out loud”.

The regimental drumming of a marching band or the

Ouch. You can practically here the boys down in

sudden interruption of brass blaring out of the darkness

marketing clicking their cold dead fingers appreciatively

enliven proceedings no end and evoke the atmospheric

and reaching for the phone. From here, Dearland lurches

folk theatre of the Decemberists. At others, Perkins'

on aimlessly through the Big Book of Twee Imagery,

accompaniment becomes too cluttered and succeeds

starting with blacksmiths and on to hummingbirds,

only in dwarfing his trembling vocals (somewhere between rainbows and trees. Such haggard old tropes serve only Win Butler and Ray Davies), which gives the record an air

as meaningless set-dressing and add nothing. By the time

of desperation. The poor lad seems to have thrown

a genuinely interesting image is conjured, such as “the

everything he can think of into the studio in the wild hope

abacus of the rain” on '123 Goodbye', it's too late.

that something might strike a chord. Dearland opens for

Everyone's gone home and the janitor is stacking chairs.

instance, with a jungle noise soundscape that has no bearing on the proceeding song and is never returned to. The real problem here is that Perkins

From the son of Norman Bates with a pure Sun Records name, I had hoped for something a little more deranged and raucous than this. Although Elvis

simply has very little to say for himself. 'Hours Last Stand'

Perkins in Dearland has some nice moments amidst the

and 'Doomsday' are his best efforts by a country mile.

confusion, I just wonder if the world really needs another

The latter finds him pondering eternity and asking, “Do

album like this and am inclined to think not. A shame to

you let it bother you?” He is defiant and even satirical

add to Elvis' woes but it had to be said.

here: “Though you voted for that awful man I would never refuse your hand”. Elsewhere though, Perkins seems utterly at a loss. The bogus poetry starts early and gets worse, not least in 'Shampoo' where he actually bothers to pronounce: “Yellow is the colour of the sun”. On 'Hey',

Poetry Sunrise

By Shane Jinadu

kness, r a d r a e n In wake u o y d e h c t I wa nix on e o h p d r a kw with an aw your cheek

a student’s life By Michael Ryder

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally

in the last LeNurb of the year than late-night train

found a time at which you can get on a


First Great Western train from West Drayton and actually find a seat. Quite

Well frankly, yes I do, and you’ll be pleased to learn that the train journey thing is just a warm up for the big climax that’s coming up in a moment. You

an achievement really, given FGW’s

can all rest assured that it truly is something of a

penny-pinching with their train services

fantastic climax though because it involves a....turtle.

to London, but I’ve somehow done it.

To keep you all in suspense for a little bit longer

I’ve somehow pushed investigative journalism further than it’s ever been before and achieved what some have

though, I think I shall continue with my train-related story and in a roundabout way to reach the point I am trying to make. The reason you see, Barry, David and myself

called the impossible. Yes, I can

were standing in the cold at Slough station in the

officially announce to you all here now

early hours of the morning was, in part at least,

that the best time to get a seat on a train to London is… 00:40.

because FGW are rubbish, but mainly because the three of us had taken something of an impromptu trip to see Simon Amstell do a trial stand-up gig in a small theatre above a dingy pub in Camden. Quite

Well, you didn’t think you would be able to get a seat on a FGW train when other people want to use the train as well now did you? The reason we were all getting a train at 00:40 towards London will be revealed shortly, but needless to say it involved David, Barry and myself and much ‘loving-in-thecold’ at Slough train station in what was certainly the coldest night we’ve had this year. “So what’s all this about then Mike?” I hear ye cry. “Surely, you have better things to write about

the event you might say, and indeed you’d be right. You can no doubt appreciate the enormous magnitude of said event when you come to realise we didn’t even know we were going until 8 o’clock that same evening when Barry rushed into my bedroom and told me the tickets he had bought some months back were for tonight and that if we really rushed, we could just about make it in time. It was a good job then that David was already in Ealing,

A new guest at Bellclose Road: Clive the Turtle

for otherwise with all his faffing about when getting

haven’t the foggiest, but for now at least we have

ready we’d never have made it!

decided that his name is Clive and he lives wherever

What I think this experience reminded me of

we put him in the house. I know some of you out

more than anything is the great joy that can be found

there will probably be thinking it’s probably not the

as a student in the simplest of things. Nights like

best of ideas to leave the care of one of nature’s fine

these, spent doing random things in random places

creatures in the capable hands of my housemates,

on the spur of the moment are what help make

but you will perhaps be surprised to learn that we

student life interesting and certainly go some way

have all really taken the care of ‘Clive the Turtle’ to

towards off-setting the ridiculous fees we pay for the

our hearts, and truth be told we pour more love on

weak return we get. Who’d have thought two years

our little friend than perhaps a turtle should warrant.

ago that I’d be living with a housemate who spends

I mean for a start when we leave the house we are

his entire life dedicated to winding people up, an

always careful to make sure we leave the toilet seat

Irishman obsessed with popcorn and a man (I use

up, and that the turtle is well provided for in terms of

the term in its widest possible sense) who believes

crumbs in the kitchen of pieces of lettuce provided

in unicorns.

from the fridge. At nights we even fill the bath for

Actually, now I come to think about it, there’s actually one more person I should add to the above list of residents at Bellclose Road. I forgot to mention Clive. For the uninitiated out there – and perhaps because I haven’t mentioned this in these pages before – we at Bellclose Road have for a long time been interested in the idea of owning our very own goat. At a push, if no goats were to be available to us, a sheep would have probably done, or even in David’s case, a unicorn. What I did not expect the other day then, was for Tom to come home with his very own turtle. What we’re going to do with it yet, I

him to let him have a bit of a swim. Too much love to give a plastic turtle? I think not!

Amankwa Annorbah-Sarpei


The dawning of the FACE

such as the Entrepreneurs and

many others in different fields of

festival highlights the

Hindu Society, for events such as


variation of hues, accents and

the ACLT ‘Heroes Wanted’ blood

nationalities that zip around

drive (Check out LeNews of Issue

ethnic minority or ethnic majority

us frantically on our voyage

5). This, alongside other events,

alike, not to be idle and clouded by

through campus. Splashes of

proves them to be a productive

the success of Obama and other

diversity drench our five

and valuable component of Brunel

men and women championing

senses as we bear witness to

Student body, which also

heights in their fields. Rather you

the magnitude of variety in

highlights qualities of perseverance

should use their achievement as a

which Brunel offers to us as

and hard work for its members and

platform to support each others’


other students that are expected in

dreams and to persevere to great

the workplace.

heights, to strengthen your

Brunel ACS (AfricanCaribbean Society) led this year by

All the multiple clubs,

But I ask you readers,

community but not to exclude

Francesca Danmole, is a

societies, music genres, events

others. No man is an island, for if

significant element and integral

and friendship groups can make it

so it would be very lonely at the

part of Brunel Student life. Being

very easy to become segregated at


the largest society of its kind in the UK it aims at enhancing the awareness of African and Caribbean Heritage to all through ‘Celebrating and Elevating a Positive Image of

Taking pride in one’s self

“ should use their achievement as a platform to support each others’ dreams”

Ethnicity’. Formed by an eclectic

and the people like you is very important and therefore the ACS is commended. As they have led by example, you should also extend your arms out to others and embrace the

Uni. However, regardless of these

diversity which lays home at

mix of colours and creeds, it

differences, to embrace and be

champions beyond the colour of

tolerable of them only enhances

someone’s skin, but rather parades

your Uni experience and broadens

cultures and interests of others is a

a culture of strength and passion

your mind. John F. Kennedy

learning experience and can open

that aims to embrace and

identified that “If we cannot end

up a world of opportunities for an

overcome. It offers its members

now our differences, at least make

individual. Maya Angelou once said

fun opportunities to showcase

the world safe for diversity” and

“that in diversity there is beauty

talents and interests, to network

although Brunel is far from being

and there is strength”, and this

and build skills. They have held

an international superpower such

reflects the composition of the

successful annual events such as

as America, it has to account for a

Brunel Student body, however I

‘Homecoming’ which offers a

cultural diverse student body

ask those more reluctant to

stage for poets, designers and

which we should pay homage to.

embrace and tolerate groups such

singers etc, and even workshops

This can be achieved

Brunel University. Being open minded to the

as the African-Caribbean Society,

such as ‘Back to the Future’ which

through our own actions and

Hindu Society, Hellenic Society,

exemplifies models of success.

acknowledging positive images of

Islamic Society, Christian Union

Not only does it aim to strengthen

successful men and women. There

and the plenty of other clubs and

the community in which it is

is a plethora of African and

societies Brunel has to offer, to

dedicated to, but also aims to

Caribbean icons out there ranging

open up your mind and overcome

integrate students into the broader

from Trevor McDonald to Diana

ignorance and allow individual and

context of Brunel University life.

Abbott to Malorie Blackman and

collective success to prevail!

For example, they successfully cooperated with other societies

Travel Photography and words by Adam Boix St. George’s day is celebrated in many other nations and regions around the world apart from England. One such place is Catalunya, a region in north-eastern Spain that surrounds Barcelona. Their patron saint is St. George (St. Jordi in Catalan)as well, but they celebrate St. George’s day in a completely different way. There are street parades and parties that attract huge numbers despite it still being a working day. However the traditional exchanging of gifts between boys and girls is the most significant part of the day. On this day, if a boy is in love with a girl he buys her a rose , and if a girl is in love with a boy then she buys him a book to show his intelligence. This is a fairly simple tradition to honour and one that covers the city with rose and book stalls for the day. My picture above from this year’s St. Jordi’s day is of one of those stalls in the middle of a busy junction, demonstrating how they fit this great tradition in with such a busy working day, to keep St. George’s day special.

Looking back... to know the people I shared a flat

Recently, I had the tear-inducing task of compiling my Yearbook

with, I found that the more I discovered about them, the more I I uncovered about myself: who knew

entry – I had to go through old pictures, selecting ones which were representative of my Brunel

, was a natural at Bollywood dancing an expert at the art of origami (which

journey; answer a few questions about memorable experiences and

has kept me very entertained during the more tedious of my lectures), and

career goals; and then write my thank-yous and goodbyes.

that I find Nigerian Nollywood movies scarier than Jeepers Creepers!

So here I am, suddenly I find myself nearing the end of my

Thanks to my neighbours, I can add all that to the ‘hobbies/talent’ section

k undergrad experience, looking bac ia on the past three years with nostalg if and quiet contemplation, wondering e I appreciated it enough... did I mak the most of it all? Apart from leaving Brunel with a degree, what have the

of my CV! Outside of halls, another unexpected place I always seem to make friends is in the library. In first year the library was ‘The Jam,’ but e now as a final year student, this plac

t past three years meant to me... wha have I learnt? Have I changed at all?

has become my second home! to Although nowadays, I often retreat

Perhaps surprisingly, the things I value most from my time at Brunel

the library to escape my noisy neighbours in the hope of peace and quiet, I hardly ever find myself in the

(obviously aside from the enhancement of my academic ability!)

a red zone. I think absolute silence is of bit nerve-wracking – it reminds me

are the friendships I have made, and how the experience has changed my

an exam hall, and I always seem to

outlook – opened my mind. *Cue the sentimental music

find myself distracted by people coming in and out of the area, every

as I reminisce*

of time the door opens I lose my train

When I first started uni, back in 2006, my friendship group was

thought. At the beginning of last


distinct – I was always with the sam people, we looked the same, spoke the same, and even wore matching

outfits on multiple occasions (horrific know – I’m ashamed to admit it!) But r a few months in, after meeting othe students on my course, and getting

of November, I had the last 800 words a 2,500 word assignment due in two I

days and decided I’d complete it in ld one afternoon in the library, so I cou go out and celebrate a friend’s 21st that evening. Sitting alone at a six-

seater table, I spread my books out and got to work. No less than half an hour later, I was deeply engrossed in a


debate with eight other people had been complete strangers to

me before joining my table, about the pending presidential election, whether or not Obama could really win, and what that would mean to each of us n personally and culturally – four Asia students, three Black, one Chinese and one White. Of course, I left the library that evening with only fifteen ed words added to my report, and end up being almost two hours late to my friend’s 21st! But it was worth it, two of the people I met that day helped me transport four suitcases to my car the other day for the Easter break(!), and I still speak to the others on Facebook sometimes. *Reminiscence over* I often hear people say, ‘show w me who your friends are, and I’ll sho you who you are,’ and it makes me smile. My friends, and fellow Brunel alumni, are a representative microcosm of the UK today, progressive, dynamic, diverse. Our uni is home to over thirty societies and clubs that students can become involved in which promote unity and cultural exchange – looking back now, I really regret only joining one! And apart from that, you can meet new people everywhere! I genuinely think we don’t realise how lucky we are... as my mum says, youth is wasted on the young! By Camilla Robinson

Le Sport Rugby League: Most improved club 08/09 By Ryan Lewis & Leon Carter The university's Rugby League side, Brunel Barbarians,

squad. However, our aims for the season took a severe knock with a huge list of injuries in the first four games; including four

has had a tough first season in the BUCS league to say the

of our most experienced players who were so badly injured

least! Things looked promising after the first game - a friendly

they were forced to quit Rugby for good. As a result we found

with Aberystwyth University Exiles where we triumphed 22-16

ourselves often barely scraping

and 17 members signed up in time for our first competitive match, enough for a full

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ks Karate kic arse!

al Title) & ing Nation Kata (hold am Kumite Bronze – Te u – Gold – onstantino ) • Lee C ational Title (holding N Team Kata ite Team Kum & Bronze – Littek • James old – arshall – G M tt • Ma lding Kumite (Ho Individual itle) National T Gold – Mathieu – s s • Ro lding Kumite (Ho Individual – Team itle), Bronze National T Kumite Silver – chanjala – • Will N Kumite Individual old – Team l Peat – G • Danie al Title), ing Nation Kata (hold & Bronze am Kumite Bronze – Te l Kata – Individua ronze – Squire – B • Jamie ite Team Kum Kata & hies – Team p o Tr 2 • in the UK Best club

together a team in the first few months - and trust us, it’s

personal bests. Having only started race training last

not ideal to go without replacements in a game so

October, and the fact they were up against some of the

physically demanding.

best racers the UK has to offer it was never going to be

Slowly though, we have recuperated and began

easy, but a qualification spot looked possible. A top 15

to build on the basics ready to push forwards.

finish would see one of the 100 racers go through to the

Membership has swelled to just under 40, many of whom

final. With start numbers of 80-84 we were already

are new to Rugby League - and some to Rugby

looking at a disadvantage. Faced with an increasingly

altogether! Recent results have been promising too -

rutted course Capt. Owen was first out the gate and

there was an agonizing loss against Warwick University

looked set for a quick time till a fresh patch of ice saw an

(12-18), and the team has scored 4 or more tries in its

end to any chances of a qualification spot, thrown wide

last 4 games!

he lost speed and time putting him 2 seconds behind the

Off the pitch the team has seen nothing but

leaders and in 38th place. Xander Marrit, Nick Monk and

positives. Our committee has received plaudits from the

Matt Gross all tried to better the course but a top 30

RFL and Student Rugby League; a tour to Blackpool

finish was the best we could manage, not bad for the

filled with Rugby, drinking and rollercoasters was a great

first year of a fledgling Race Team !

success; and joint socials with Horse Riding and Women's Hockey have been successful!

Time for the boarders. The icy over-ridden track was now becoming dangerous and unforgiving, as several boarders missed gates, or caught edges and got

BUISC, Xscape Milton Keynes, 25/02/09

a face full of snow. But not for Brunel, Luke Ogden,

By Alison Louise Kenny

Roland Skinner, David Elmer and Sam Middlewood all

An early start for the Brunel Snow Race Team as we

finished, to gain some well deserved BUCS points!

impatiently waited on one of our racers to scramble out

Seasoned boarder and resident OAP Baden Knifton

of bed, who inevitably provided morning entertainment

grabbed a glorious second place to qualify for the

in his hung-over state as he clumsily stumbled onto the

Castelford final. Needless to mention, special

departing minibus. It turns out ‘going on the lash’ a

congratulations to Sam Middlewood who managed to

night before one of the biggest snow sport races isn’t

set a personal best of completing the course without

the best idea! Fear not, the Race Team’s preparation for

being disqualified. One step at a time!

the British Universities Indoor Snow Sports

P.S…BUISC, Castleford, 04/03/09

Championships (BUISC) did not merely consist of

After a lengthy 5-hour solo trek up to Castleford,

alcohol assisted socials, but thorough race training and

post-graduate ‘keano’ Baden Knifton was ready to roll.

fitness sessions. The Race team were raring to go,

Having done extremely well in the qualifiers, he relied on

excited by the mere sight of snow and engulfed by the

his years of experience and a little luck (he’s only human)

competition factor (perfectly demonstrated by Northern

to show the UK student snow sports scene what he’s

Luke’s wacky singing). The race was on, and we were

really made of. Brunel sent one man to conquer all, and

not only challenged by the zigzag icy slalom courses,

so he did. Now, not just a Brunelian boarder, but the

but by some of Britain’s top seeded racers!

best boarder in the whole of the UK! Topping the list with

Milton Keynes’ ‘SNO!Zone’ welcomed hundreds of

an electric time of 15:43 seconds, Baden Knifton struck

skiers from all over southern England for this regional

gold, leaving the rest of the boarder slalom riders coated

qualifier. The format was simple, 15 minutes to inspect

in snow. A massive congratulations to Baden for his

the course, 15 seconds to prove you’re the best your Uni

outstanding achievement and to all Brunel competitors

has to offer. Hosted by BUSC (British Universities Snow

who took part. Bring on next year!

Sports Committee), this regional qualifying event was well organised and had a buzzing atmosphere. Ladies first. Being the only female skier brave (and

TamBrunel in the European Championships

stupid) enough to race, I stood at the top of the run,

By Jason Littlefield

watching the first few seeded girls attack the course

It began with all the England and Scotland men’s

aggressively, so much so that the slalom poles kept

and women’s teams all meeting at Stanstead for an early

being ripped out the ground. Intimidated and

flight out to Sardinia. After meets and greets, and

challenged, I gave it my best shot, being careful to not

reunions of friends, all the players boarded the flight to

lose control, but gain as much speed as possible. My

the European championships held in windswept

cruising run put me in the top 30, but that unfortunately

mountains to Oristano. After a nights rest, the games

wasn’t enough to qualify for the finals.

started with an opening ceremony with honourable

Similarly, our skiing army of gentlemen did not disappoint, setting some brilliant times as well as

guests including members of CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italia) and the mayor of Oristano.

For those not in the know, Tamburello is a court

Mac had Formula One fans old and new alike, up at the

game that is over 400 years old, similar to tennis, but

crack of dawn on March 29th for the start of the new

involving tambourine-like ‘racquets’ and no net. The first

Season, where anything could happen (and usually

match included two of our very own Brunel University


students, Jason Littlefield (2nd Year Sports Science) and

One British driver stands out from all the rest

Malcolm Heyes (2nd Year Sports Science), who both play

already… however it isn’t the reigning World Champion. It

at TamBrunel on Thursday evenings from 4.30. Jason and

seems the ball is firmly in the court of our forgotten son,

Malcolm were playing for the Scotland Men’s team, the

Jenson Button, who finally looks forward to a season

game was against Catalonia. This match ended with a

with a winning car.

loss of 13-6. To up the defeated sprits, the local spectators

Writing shortly before the Spanish Grand Prix, the first in the “European season”, Brawn GP, the fairytale of

celebrated by flattering the Scottish team after the game

Formula One, sit high on top of the Constructor’s World

taking photos and asking for autographs. The next game

Championship table after four events. Jenson Button, in

was against the formidable finalists France. The loss of

turn, sits atop of the Driver’s table, with three wins out of

13-2 was only justified by France going on to compete in

a possible four. Not a bad start considering just two

the final against Italy. The last stand was against

months ago, he didn’t have a job this season.

Germany, the game which surprised most of the umpires

It’s amazing that a team that have been left in the

by lasting a good hour. The score went up and down like

cold when Honda pulled out of the sport in early

a yoyo, ending with a final burst by the Germans to

December due to the global economic crisis, have

defeat Scotland 13-11, a very close match indeed.

managed to keep the drive and passion that’s got them

With all games lost there was one last thing to do for

to the grid complete with a winning car. As a lifelong

Jason and Malcolm to do, which was to enjoy the island

Formula One fan, I personally hope that they can

and watch the upcoming carnival from the comfort of the

maintain their performance throughout the season, along

hotel balcony. The streets were lined

with the resurgent Toyota

with sand and straw ready for the annual

and Red Bull teams who

Sartiglia, a medieval tournament now

seem to eventually be

celebrated as a carnival. In this, the

getting up to speed,

most surreal masked horsemen gallop

following years of

their horses at full pace through the

investment for very little

street doing acrobatics and trying to


pluck stars out of the sky. People

Let us all hope that the

packed the pavements and temporary

New Era of Formula One,

bleachers were set up outside shops to

complete with British

watch the horsemen. It was a spectacle

Drivers at the front of the

not to be missed.

pack consistently, can

Even though all games were lost, it was the enjoyment of being on the island and meeting

continue for many years to come.

the people in the tournament that made it somewhat of an anticlimax when the aeroplane experienced

Brunel Equestrian Club

turbulence through the clouds whilst landing at

By Laura Smith and Kayla Garland


As two Freshers we took part in the trials against

Come and play Tambourello at TamBrunel and it

new and old members and managed to both make the

could be you going next year representing your country,

University’s Equestrian A TEAM!! We currently have two

however if you just fancy a hit about and check out what

teams that compete for Brunel, however, with the rising

the game is all about you’re more than welcome!

number of members this year, next year we will be able to have three! But it’s not all competing, our club also offers lessons - group or individual - and events such as mini

The Dawn of a New Era

league jumping and dressage for members to attend,

By Ben Vallely

which so far have been a great success.

Welcome to Formula One 2009…The Chain has not

Having only been in the club for just short of a year

been broken, and the BBC have the coverage back

we already felt comfortable enough to run for committee

where it belongs. Their iconic theme tune from Fleetwood

positions for next year with Laura successful as Treasurer and Kayla becoming Club Captain!

We are not only about riding though... Our social events

horse in order to try and win overall to make it to

are not to be missed! All members of our club were very

Regional’s, then hopefully Nationals!

welcoming, which came as a bit of a surprise after

This year gave great opportunities to improve our

experiencing how snobby horse riders really can be but

riding ability as, after each dressage test we got some

we are all the same, normal students who can never

feedback from the judges to help us improve for the next

seem to afford anything.

competition. It was a great confidence booster when we

Some of our social events have included club meals

came 1st at our home competition and the morale in our

in restaurants, takeaways, going for drinks, themed

team was high as we continued to do well throughout

nights out – last time we were Pirates! - cake sales to

the competitions. Unfortunately, this year neither team

raise money for RAG and our theme night at the

made it to Regional’s, but this only means that we can


improve for next year with new members potentially

Joining the club in Freshers’ week, we found it beneficial to settling in to Uni life with the committee

improving the teams! In order to train for the competitions we have a nice

helping organise lessons and socials to keep us all busy

little yard called Littlebourne, a twenty minute bus ride

and push away those initial, but short, home sickness

from town. It offers a range of lessons to all abilities and

feelings. We have met some of our closest friends

we have organised fun events for those who do not want

through the riding club! (Corny but true)

to try out for a team, but enjoy the riding!

If you make a team at trials, then this means that

Overall, joining the team for us was a great

you, as a team of four individuals, have to ride against

opportunity for us to get stuck in and meet new people.

three other Universities. The competitions are based at

It was also a great hobby to continue at Brunel, and for

each Uni and you will ride for four competitions. Each

all those out there that have never tried it before, it’s a

competition shows your ability to work as a team and as

great opportunity to start something new!

an individual to ride as well as you can on a strange

gainst conspire a ometimes s n luck, and some rotte t r s e fa ft a is d it n u a you, or circ ended the The outdo ree teams ly British e th v e lo th e 9th th d eason in 2 fun, an akes it pionship s m m s a y h t of a c lw o a ) r 50th (C u ou weathe e minute y 5th (B) and n 4 o ), s (A a g n ti dry interes ng teams. round on a 52 competi as e pounding b u n o a this year h y c te llely ext minu The aim of n e th h d By Ben Va lis n a b track, marily esta stop your been to pri club, and be trying to s ld to a u e h o u c it d r an official p a u s e a y g s a in e t m a lv a h e rd ours or ste Well, w drive forwa helmet vis ing to Club. After next year to e a legacy ll whilst try runel Kart a n e , B r in th fo ra l n a e s ti e v b dent’ torren p to lea an ith the Stu and develo of the control of ulting a mix-up w g s in in re p rt e a rs e k a k e o the majority y g n s e e u h W io ! w v rt t, re a a p k th g a year Union in aquaplanin graduate in possible, l set-up e a lly te it a it v ic f m s o y m s h o s p c e club to b in the lo as often as so if enables th t, , s nel Kart Clu w re o ru n te B , in m rk n o o o fr time k strength. paperw depending ground in every wee trength to s e o g th m o ff to fr o h t o is o g a club finally g members w want to join ’ll do trips re 2008! e u y w o a ) y F to If s r’ rd e o h ff e socialising for Fres (and can a cing, love unded by th ra to s e a v lo re t e a w ! th k We ave fun, ith 50 every wee etitive side to simply h t as well, w p o e g v m o e lo c w d a n e a s is us out at There respon for our not check e teams g y re h in th w in h n jo it e w rs th , t the , the nonmembe to the club seems tha Fayre 2009 alification it u rs r; Q e a h is e e s y th l re F ra to inaugu of the club rite entering in ity Kart titive side rs least favou e e p ’s iv e m n e o te U v c it ti h ti m s Com a Lewis compe for the Briti KC). After fun as the orld, a Mr. U s w a (B e t nly s th ip o h ju in s u n o r y e driv that of our Champio nd we state ctually one me good a a o , s is e s h , id a it n s o n w e ilt y, ft Ham as o es to ark hairy da go Karting hen it com uckmore P to w B s e t v d a a n h n ie ’s w y fr o d t o bes racing d in our ord to, nob s up interest you can aff three team it, as we to drumming in u o in Kent, all g y y, leavin to force lif a g u in Q o e’ll g to ! d rt r spo ave fun! W manage ledge Moto very few t want to h s f o ju e ll n a o We acknow s ly y a ms Brunel so we on answer an e three tea xpensive, st be happy to ities to hav ur rs fo e ! Racing is e s iv ip n ip h ay have, ju s U tr n g ons you m l” Kartin Champio ti ia s e c e th o u q “s to n in o go ing entered owever, h. Motor Rac s a term. H get in touc ue with all to tr n or five time is w o s d A re tu n ts e n v e o m d e ele when we t Sandown however, th a Circuit a . d the Dayton be ha of fun can Park, a lot

rt Brunel Ka Club

SPORT FOR ALl By Dan Ross have been at the forefront of

raise the public’s awareness and

the men's basketball victory

disability sport internationally for

knowledge of disability sport, and

over the USA in the bronze

the last decade or so, Britain must

to start to provide the

medal play-off, Lee Pearson’s

now ensure that when it comes to

acknowledgement that disabled

9th successive gold medal in

building on success they do not get

sportspeople and paralympians

Whether your favourite was

dressage, or 13-year-old Eleanor left in the starting blocks (pun

deserve. It was disappointing to

Simmonds’ first gold medal in

intended). We are now, as a nation,

see every gold-medalist from the

the ‘Water Cube’, Team GB

in the perfect position to push

Olympic team receive some sort of

created many magical moments

disability sports forward with the

honour in the New Year’s list, whilst

in September last year, in what

2012 Paralympics coming to

17 golden Paralympians were

was lauded as the greatest ever


omitted. It would be fantastic to

Unlike many other places,

see greater coverage of disability

finished a terrific second in the

Brunel University has not rested on

sport on television in the build-up

table after amassing 102

its laurels, recognising the

to 2012, particularly considering

medals, 6 more golds than the

importance of the development of

our obvious wealth of talent. It

USA, and more than doubling

facilities, access and support, and

would also be great to see more

the total of their more able-

last year it was announced by the

promotional opportunities for the

bodied compatriots at the

London 2012 Organising

sports and their stars –

Olympic Games a month earlier.

Committee (LOCOG) that Brunel is

appearances on popular

Paralympic Games. Great Britain

to be included in the Paralympic

programmes like ‘A Question of

the likes of China and the Ukraine

However, the performances of

Pre-Games Training Camp Guide.

Sport’ would help make these more

in Beijing highlighted Britain’s lack

Over £250m has been spent on

mainstream. And, though it is

of improvement upon their medal

facilities at a University already

slowly beginning to improve, more

haul in Athens, and showed this

proud of its diversity and inclusivity

integration and easy access for

was in stark contrast to many

– celebrated in the highly

anyone to quality sporting facilities

competing nations. Yes, Team GB

successful wheelchair basketball

should be a priority, as should

impressed in Beijing, but are we

exhibition matches in previous ‘One

quality coaching.

improving? Or just relying upon the

World’ weeks, run by the Brunel

generation we developed whilst

Dyslexia and Disability Service.

organisations don’t make full use of

many nations could not?

Brunel also recognises that

the resources available to them, it

scouting should be a priority,

doesn’t mean that you can’t! Check

catching on, and disabled athletes

having hosted successful ‘Talent

out the advanced facilities you have

across the globe seem to be

Identification Days’ as part of their

at your fingertips as a Brunel

receiving the training they require

2012 programme.

student, and make use of them.

The rest of the world is

to gain elite status, and the recognition they deserve. Whilst we

But hosting such a major event is also the perfect opportunity to

But even if the sporting

As former physiotherapist lecturer at Brunel, and Team GB

There is no better place than University, and no better time than now to get involved in sport – so even if you aren’t going be starring at London 2012, make sure you take few

Paralympic physio Linda Mitchell

advantage of the benefits it will

said before the Beijing Paralympics

sports a try to find out what you

provide and put your best foot

like. Remember that no one is good

forward (again, pun intended).

‘The benefits of regular exercise

at anything until they have

are so important to general health

practiced, but until you have a go

and well-being… My

you won't know if you can do it, or

recommendation would be to give a

whether it's something that you enjoy.’

Issue 7 2009  
Issue 7 2009