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LENURB November 2008




A word from the brain of Ben Moxey, Union of Brunel Students Media Officer.

Ben Moxey

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Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! Doesn’t it?..... According to all the high street stores, its been Halloween for some months now and Christmas is only round the corner. These odd people must live their lives several months ahead of everyone else in what I like to call ‘High Street Savings Time’ That said, Halloween is a damn good excuse to get drunk in daft costumes, as the new RAG officer, Niall, proved with his RAG pub golf, evidence is on brunelstudents gallery. On that note, well done to all “... Halloween is a damn good the new officers on their election. It was a whirlwind of an election and excuse to get drunk in daft I’m sure may of them wont have costumes...” time to touch the ground before the spring elections are here! We also have the goodness of SHAG week in early December. This is a big week, where we drive the message of Safe Sex and Sexual Health. Its a really important campaign at university and there really is something for everyone to take from the week...even if its just free condoms On that spent note, I bid you happy reading. This is the last LeNURB till after Christmas, so I wish you seasons greetings......oh bollocks, now I’m in ‘High Street Savings Time’! Bah Humbug!

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The older, the better? Mara Arts

World News Ringo’s Ultimatum Rebecca Wilcock Ringo Starr has posted a video blog on his official web-site asking, with “peace and love” that people do not send him fan mail as he is far too busy to sign memorabilia. He said, "Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it's gonna be tossed.” The 68 year old former Beatles drummer has just finished working on his new album and has recently completed a tour of the USA. Mentos Coke Fountain World Record Rebecca Wilcock

Research has pointed out that men in their fifties are way more romantic than men in their teens or twenties. Half of elderly men will regularly surprise their lover with gifts such as chocolates, flowers or perfume. Not even a quarter of 25-year olds would do the same. And a stunning 75% of men aged 50 think saying ‘I love you’ every day is a most romantic gesture. This is of course both good and bad news to the female students: no, your boyfriend is not very romantic right now but yes, it will get better. Just stick with him of another….30 years and you will be amazed! Cannibal chef Lucy Palmer

A chef who killed, cooked and then ate his lover A new world record for the most Mentos fountains has been found guilty of murder. Anthony Morley, was set by Belgian students by firing 1,360 Coke the first ever winner of Mr Gay UK killed Damian geysers simultaneously. The previous record was set Oldfield at his home. Mr. Morley then walked to a in the US when 973 Coca nearby takeaway and Cola bottles were launched “...Research has pointed out that men in confessed to the killing. their fifties are way more romantic than simultaneously. Students Police found lumps of men in their teens or twenties....” dropped a tube of Mentos human flesh on a chopping into a bottle of Diet Coke board in Mr. Morley’s causing jets of Coke up to 29 feet high. The craze kitchen and chewed cooked piece of human flesh has caused a 20% rise in Mentos sales although the in the bin. He will serve a minimum of 30 years in urban myth that drinking coke directly after eating prison for the crime which the judge said “plumbed Mentos can cause death has not yet been proven to depths rarely encountered in our court”. be true.

Burn Baby Burn! Lecture Inferno? About the most exciting thing that’s happened at Brunel since… well ever really: on Tuesday 14th October at approximately 4:15pm there was real life fire on campus in the lecture centre. Students swarmed out of their building in their droves to be herded onto the quad to get a glimpse of the sort of thing most students can only dream of halfway through a three hour lecture. There was even a fire engine and everything. I’m not sure it gets more exciting than this!


Computer game to help international students ‘fit in’ Mike Ryder

Olympic Stars shine in London Rebecca Wilcock Olympic and Paralympic athletes

We all know that coming to took part in a parade in London to celebrate their incredible university can be an eye-opening performance at the Beijing experience for many students and Olympics this summer. The athletes followed the Coldstream for most, university is the first Guards on floats from Mansion time away from the shelter of House to Trafalgar Square, via St Paul’s, Fleet Street and the Strand. The athletes were led by Chris Hoy, the UK's home and family protection. For most successful Olympian at a single games for 100 years. Thousands of fans international students, this can be came from all over to greet their sporting heroes. At the end of the procession the athletes were invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, the an even more daunting Duke of Edinburgh and the Princess Royal who is President of the British Olympic Association (BOA) and an International Olympic Committee member. experience and so based upon his own experiences of coming to Britain for the first time, Nipan people's cars as you come in from Maniar at Portsmouth University losses elsewhere. Sort it out Britain! the Academy at 2 am… However, has created an online computer there's a line between that and game ‘C-Shock’ to help overseas Unruly dangerous students doing dangerous things, like students fit in with life in Britain. up for eviction cutting brake lines and etching The site has already had over Gareth Corfield stuff into car bonnets and doors, 16,000 hits, though many as some people have apparently international students still find the Apparently, groups of students been doing. My source tells me main problem in coming to living in houses around the local they're in the process of being Britain is that age old student area have been making their evicted, as a result. Treat your concern: money. It’s a nice idea neighbours with a little respect admittedly, creating a “.... Treat your neighbours with a little after all, you'll have to put up with game to help students respect - after all, you'll have to put up them for the next year or two and settle in, but until with them for the next year or two....” they can make your lives student funding in this neighbours' lives a nuisance. We've surprisingly miserable if they put country is sorted out properly all done it from time to time; the their minds to it. universities are forever going to massive housewarming party exploit the international market when you move in, staggering and charge overseas students over around the street and bouncing off the top fees to make up for their

NEWSFLASHES: • Obama’s election victory has sparked off a spate of Kenyan babies named after the 44th US President • An original sketch of Winnie the Pooh, by artist E.H. Shepard, went for £31,200 in auction • A jogger in Arizona ended u taking a fox for a run, when the rabid vermin bit into her arm and refused to let go. She was forced to run to the nearest doctors to have the fox removed • Councils in the UK have banned Latin phrases from use. Ergo, there will no longer be words of Latin origin. e.g. Vice-Versa etc...... • 52 cows were killed in Uruguay when a lightening storm struck the wire fence, against which they were leaning. The farmer has said its a very rare occurrence...which is a shame as I prefer well done


Heinz Wolff’s Gravity The aim is to work your way through the 100 levels, using obstacles to guide a ball to press THE red button On hand to guide you through the escapade is the Prof himself, with handy little hints!

A Screen Shot of the upcoming game

Check it out at: http:// gravity.deepsilver .com

Professor Heinz Wolff Jay Patel

As I sit in his office, Professor Wolff adjusts his seat, ready for the interview. He is every bit the quintessential professor, ranging from his oversized glasses designed only for those intelligent, to the tufts of hair much in the similar vein to Dr Emmet Brown in ‘Back to the Future’. I start the questioning-

said he wanted me to do chemistry. But I said I would prefer to do a mix of science and engineering thus I am more an engineer that a scientist.”

What is the likelihood of us finding life on other planets in our lifetime? “There are two questions there. In the sense of finding life on another planet, Are science and or engineering a within the sense of looking at it as dying art? something physical, the closest “I spend a good amount of my time possibility would be Mars. Possibly trying to enthuse students into doing one of the moons, Titan maybe. science, with over 30 years of TV The question of whether or not in our Where did you study? programming being one of the many own lifetime is a question of the world “At University College London. I did numbers of ways within which I do. economy. I worked in the space it late in my life, I was going to be a The better off the country is, the less industry myself, for the best part of 20 chemist at Oxford in 1946, but I got a they want to do science and years, off and on. If the world really postcard one morning asking me to engineering. In places like Botswana, made up its mind and decided to send delay coming up to university as all a man-mission to Mars, to the servicemen were stand on the shores of what “... I think life may not be that uncommon, but coming back from the may have been an ocean war. I was only 17/18 at intelligent life may not be so common....” with fish streaming along is a the time. I got myself a nearly everybody wants to do science very romantic notion. I think life may job, teaching in Oxford in a and engineering, and are quite not be that uncommon, but intelligent department of Haematology. I ended fascinated by it, whereas places like life may not be so common. up going to university five years later Japan and Israel, which are To scare you a little if you don’t mind, and took a degree in Physiology.” technologically advanced, and this is not my theory, but once life rises therefore less people want to do to the form of our intelligence, on its engineering and thus look to more Why science? discovery the likelihood of us blowing arty type subjects.” “It was never really in doubt, even ourselves up or knocking ourselves when I was four years old. My father back to something which is pre-


intelligent is going to be high. We are, at any given time probably, the only form of intelligence of our kind within the universe.”

So I think one should work hard, play hard and make friends, but also get yourself ready to become the population of a democratic country.”

How do you remain so cool? Why Brunel? “I used to work for the National Medical Council and, in 1983, “Do you mean as in not losing my temper? I am interested in young people; I get a lot of public exposure via things such as I recognised that my current employer was going to clip my wings as money was getting short. I had a previous relationship television and my lectures. I think this impression of coolness comes from the fact I walk around London. I go by bus, I don’t with Brunel as I had lectured, there so I went to see the Vice Chancellor of the time, to set up an institute in Bio-engineering get limousines and think I have some sort of celebrity status. It which would be at no cost to the university. My absolute answer helps by the fact that I eat in the canteen everyday like an ordinary person. I think my central European look helps as to why Brunel was because it would have meant I needn’t too.” (This man is super-fly! - Ed) have to move, as it was only 9miles down the road. It was, of course, not the most complimentary thing to tell the viceIf you had an imaginary dinner party, who would you chancellor, but I more or less levelled with him and started in 83’. The institute started off as a couple of porta cabins which invite? I built myself and then sold back to the university, which are “I did this in the past at an AGM presentation. My wife and I still there and now part of the were hosting a dinner party on the 21st school of social science. “... So I think one should work hard, November 1852. I, of course, invited I liked it here, and as a result I play hard and make friends, but also Brunel as he was the contemporary cool have only ever had three get yourself ready to become the one at the time. The Oschilds were employers. I should have retired population of a democratic country...” invited but they couldn’t come. To at 65 but i just didn’t and went complete the list I invited J. Herschel, on to run the institute longer than that. I still run a team of W.H. Fox-Talbot, W.H Perkin, J. Lister, H. Bessemer, C. people and intend to die at my desk.” Babbage, M. Faraday, Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron; W. Siemens and Charles Dickens.” If you could give advice to a new student what would it be? Professor Wolff emits an aura of charm, knowledge and that which only come from someone who has seen a lot in his time. “The years 18-22 are the ones where you can develop into an Not only is he a brilliant bio-engineer, but an icon to this adult, from a teen. In these years it is important to do your university. Within the 45 minutes I spent interviewing him, he degree, but also to spend some time in becoming adults; discussing things on a level of what the world is coming to and imparted knowledge, wisdom and many a funny anecdote to help me on my way. If you ever have the opportunity to meet the state of the world economy. At a multi-cultural university the man, take it as one to just listen and be carried away into like this, there are opportunities for discussions which contradict and also discussions about peace which one wouldn’t his treasure cove of a mind. Professor Wolff, Brunel students salute you! be able to do at somewhere like Exeter where there is a more uniform population.

The Man: The Legend

• • •


•Born in 1928 in Berlin •He moved to the UK the day World War II broke out, aged 10 •After leaving school he worked at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford and then the Pneumoconiosis Centre in Cardiff •From there he moved to London, to read Physiology and Physics at UCl, gaining a first class honours degree •His work in the field of bio-science led him to coin the phrase ‘Bioengineering’ in ’54 •Was made an honorary member of the European Space Agency in ’75 •His work in the field of bio-science led him to coin the phrase ‘Bioengineering’ in ’54 •Joined Brunel Uni to found the ‘Brunel Institute for Bioengineering’ in 1983, studying heavily in weightlessness in space flight Co-founded ‘Project Juno’ which sent Helen Sharman to MIR Space Station, making her the first Brit in space Well known to the British public as the eccentric, but loveable Professor from ‘The Great Egg Race’, a ‘Scrapheap Challenge’-esque TV show from the early 80’s Despite collecting honorary degrees from the open university, UCL, De Montford, Middlesex, Oxford Brookes and several fellowships to various notable institutions, Prof Wolff has remained at Brunel, continuing his strive to excite the young to the world of physics. If you see him round campus, usually in the refectory, shake his hand and wish him well!

Security on Campus Brunel University in association with UBS

certain issues on the spot without the involvement of the Police“. Director of Resources and Operations, Paul Thomas added “Our involvement in this scheme is a reflection of our commitment to ensure that Brunel University remains a safe and secure campus and also to ensure that our security staff and their relationships with the local police are of the very highest standards.” The new powers available to Security staff include: • The ability to stop and demand the name and address of anyone behaving in an anti-social manner or committing specific offences listed under the act • Confiscate alcohol from anyone drinking in a designated alcohol free area, such as Hillingdon including the Brunel Campus

The Brunel University security team are to receive recognition under a Home Office initiative called the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS). The scheme, which starts on 1st December, is the first such scheme in London and it is a real accolade that Brunel Security has been chosen as part of the pilot scheme. In order to participate in the scheme Brunel Security staff received advanced training and were required to have reached approved standards of competence, training, supervision and accountability as well as undergoing enhanced vetting. As a result our staff will display the national CSAS badge and more importantly will have both additional legal protection and powers. Security Manager Chris Hoad explains, “Community Safety Accreditation Schemes have been made possible through the Police Reform Act 2002 and aim to promote and develop improved cooperation between the Police and their partners, or the ‘extended police family’. Accredited persons such as our security staff are granted limited but targeted powers by the police which are appropriate to their role and which meet local needs and priorities. The Scheme will provide security staff with powers to address


The Security teams will also benefit from increased legal protection as it will be an offence to assault, resist or obstruct staff in the course of their duties. With these new powers the Brunel Security team will be able to deal more effectively with a range of issues such as anti-social behaviour and will complement our own Campus Police Constable Jon Walls in ensuring that living, studying and working at Brunel remains a safe and enjoyable experience.

Brunel Must Go Green! The Green Society

is published annually in the Times Higher Education. (for the full league see: http:// greenleague2008)

identify the areas that need most improvement. Over the year the Green Society will be running a petition calling for an audit as the first step towards a greener Brunel. They will also be running actions around the Manifesto and organising a Green Week with lots of exciting events in February 2009.

The ranking is, and should be, a disappointment for Brunel given that we have an Institute of the Environment here. This is “.... our institution is 84th of 129... the why the Wednesday the 12th of November ranking is, and should be, a disappointment Green saw the launch of the Green Society for Brunel....” Society are Manifesto, calling for Brunel to calling for improve its environmental performance. effective action to improve Brunel’s To read the Green Society Manifesto, At the moment our institution is 84th, environmental performance. sign the petition, and for more of 129, in the ‘People & Planet Green information on the Green Society The first and largest demand of the League’, which ranks all UK please visit the web-site: universities on how green they are and Manifesto is for a full environmental audit of the campus so that we can

Brunel Entrepreneurs Rikky Taylor

The month of November ignites the long overdue coming of ‘Enterprise Week’! This single week of the year is a national celebration designed to develop and inspire young people into realising and releasing their entrepreneurial talent. This commences from the 17th November to the 23rd and believe me when I tell you that the Brunel Entrepreneur Society has something special just for you! The week will kick start on Tuesday 18th November with our workshop “How to sell yourself ” held by exBBC ‘Apprentice’ contestants Tre Azam and Sophie Kain. They will be teaching you the essential skills, needed to be taken seriously by potential investors to secure that £100,000 investment for your business. On the Wednesday there will be another workshop held by HSBC to provide you with the fundamentals in developing that crucial business plan. On Friday we will be collaborating with Elevation Networks and giving you a rare evening with some of UK’s


finest entrepreneurs. With The Apprentice’s first ever winner, Tim Campbell, coming down to spread his wisdom, and Levi Roots, the man behind that Reggae Reggae sauce to name just a few. This is a must for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

( a social networking website focused on travel and lifestyle, Tope Ajala co founder of Firebelts and the managing director of Isiah’s Barbers situated in Uxbridge, and finally TWO Enterprising Young Brit Award Winners Tanya Budd (2006) with her product Hypo Hoist and For those of you who aren’t familiar Nathaniel Peat (2007) who was the with the society yet, we promote double award winner and founder of innovation and free thinking. provide Safety Box. you with transferrable skills and, more Entrepreneurship is all about taking importantly, a platform for like big risks and taking those blind leaps minded students to work together and of faith in your own ability. Utilise form partnerships. The society this your time at university effectively, grab year has a new committee, a new hold of every opportunity, build those vision, re-branded and amazing events networks, crystallise your goals, scheduled to support students in develop a plan, set yourself a deadline maximising their potential. and execute it to perfection. There are To set the scene, for the new 2008 three types of people in this world: academic year we launched on the those who make things happen, those 30th September with a fantastic event who watch things happen and those held in the Newton Rooms called who wonder what happened. Which ‘Where Are They Now?’. We invited one are you? past and present students from Brunel that had successfully begun their own Drop us a message at entrepreneurial venture. We had multi millionaire Peter Ward who was the or visit our web-site founder of Where Are You Now

Campus Swagger

Fashion Alert! Knee-high socks, nu-rave colours and pink: All in right now!

Kelly Dolan

Where else are you going to see preppy-geek chic, urban skater-boys, nu-ravers and an embrace of African culture all in the space of a mile? People forget that Brunel is a community all of its own, and with new students arriving to start the new academic year, we await a fresh fashion craze. Is it the freedom of university life that inspires us to attempt a new image?


look for girls, with a cutesy, colourful take on the preppy look. To add maturity, the likes of Katy Perry add a touch of oldschool glamour with tight-fitted jumpsuits and perfect hair, but with lectures at 9 in the morning and a mass of mainstream, mundane shops in Uxbridge this look is only for the most passionate fashionista (although TK Maxx in the Pavilions can be let off - waging through the amass of jumble sale style piles and rails you may find something precious lurking beneath!).

Student fashion is about being proud of who you are. It’s now cool to be smart, with geek-chic stepping in and taking its claim over urban artists such as Kanye West and Strapped for cash, but want an overhaul on your look? It’s Pharrell Williams. Oversized, rimmed glasses are the easy if you know how (becoming an avid fan of Gok Wan foundation to this look, coupled with crisp shirts, fitted is a good start, ladies!)…he’ll jeans and matching tell you that accessories are Converse shoes. Braces “.... Is it the freedom of university life that key and can change a whole should be reserved for inspires us to attempt a new image?....” outfit. If you want the preppy the brave-hearted but, look, try a scarf around your for those who attempt neck with a fitted shirt or even use as a head band with it, they can work with a formal look or even casually with backcombed hair! It’s also important for the girls to know baggy jeans (You reading Heinz? - Ed). Emerging from the geek look comes the urban skater tribe what suits their body shape; ruffles on blouses and shirts can hide a small bust and curvy girls should try nipping in of past hip hop lovers, choosing to rebel against the the waist and wearing flattering, tailored trousers (because, conventional hoodlum tracksuit apparel and remixing the let’s face it girls, your skinny jeans have seen better days!). standard stereotype of the urban scene. A fresh rucksack For the fellas, embrace the African tradition of wooden and trainers teamed with a bright t-shirt completes the bead necklaces with a preppy jumper for a modern take on statement and it’s all about individuality! Nu-rave fashion has become a mainstream craze, worn originally to electro ethnic fashion or try mixing up patterns for a retro style and house raves, yet the clashing colours and re-emergence clash…it won’t fail to get you noticed! of 80’s high-top trainers and fluorescent leggings are being So I’m guessing you’re thinking, after my attempt at a ‘how-to’ guide on uni fashion, why should you make a worn out of the raves and into the day, usually with key fashion statement? Apart from gaining that much-awaited emphasis on one bright statement of clothing. independence, you’re in a new Culture and heritage is of growing importance to Brunel environment students, with societies such as the ACS hosting the event ‘Culture Experience’, which promotes student fashion lines meeting such a variety of with a catwalk show. Showcasing on the night was SLAM Clothing, which fits into the nu-rave/retro scene with their people from all sorts of unique ice cream design boasting fans such as DJ Ironik. backgrounds Students are now finding innovative ways to bump their that you won’t loans up through creating their own clothes and selling them, with the added bonus of not seeing your shirt being be able to help modelled by an army of student sheep created by the likes but gain of Topshop! Clone armies are reserved usually for nights at fashion ideas! With a little creativity you might be the Academy, which set a theme such as the Pink and Chav surprised at the difference it makes…start switching up your style while you can - when you leave university and Nights, giving you and your friends the opportunity to get dressed up together! An obsession with pink is translated in enter your ‘sensible’ career path your only fashion choice will be a sensible striped shirt or a sensible plain one! the imitation of harajuku girls in Japan, with as many accessories, patterns and pink that you can possibly fit in one outfit. Knee-high socks and pink blush finish off the

Racial Divide? Break down the walls! Amankwa Annorbah-Sarpai

Coming to Brunel is very reflective of the composition of London’s community. As you walk down the main strip of the university, a buzz of complexions, dialects and accents whizz around you frantically in every direction. Yet, although we have such a great cultural and ethnic mix within the university, which is one of the uni’s strong points, we as a student body are not as integrated as it may seem.

which is why we stick to those who can more easily relate to us. However, university is a place where it’s a chance to interact with a plethora of people from different backgrounds in order to widen our perception of the world, yet it is harder to do so if people stick together in their own familiar cultural and social groups and hesitate to venture out towards the rest of the community. Alternatively, it could be argued by some that Brunel in no way holds place to such division to such an extent, that Examples of the variety of social groups within the with such a large cultural mix Brunel students can’t help university highlight a few examples of racial divides. The but be integrated within their university experience, thus inherent extent of keeping close to those who are more like making it much more vibrant and exciting. The university you prevents students from exploring all the social is diverse and integrated at every level, from the opportunities representation of the student available, and union officers, to the flats we “.... university is a chance to explore and go share, to the numerous therefore keeping in beyond our comfort zones, to strengthen us lectures and seminars we line with certain groups. There are and make us more ready for the wider attend with all our peers. many factors that Events such as Global and world....” perpetuate such Liquid bring all Brunelians segregated behaviours together under one roof with within the university, and events such as raves, due to the an eclectic mix of the latest tunes, highlighting a common promotion of certain music genres. thirst and interest for fun surrounded by a good vibe. Music is an element that can that unify and bring people together but it can also create divisions as there is such a wide selection of music genres that are not necessarily cohesive or compliment each other. The Academy nights cater to certain music genres on different nights and therefore certain types of crowds, for example Bollywood and Bhangra nights cater to a predominantly Asian crowd, whereas Red Stripe and similar events that consist of music such as Bashment, R’n’b and Hip Hop cater to a predominately African-Caribbean crowd, and likewise events that ‘Play’ hosts usually attract another different faction. The point is that the type of groups that attend particular events usually socialise with each other in and out of uni, and are less likely to mix with an alternative group. There are other interests we have that those in our closest social circles also share, such as fashion interests and style of clothing, similar life experiences and social upbringing,

The question is, is there a problem with a cultural and ethnic divide in Brunel University, or is it just a reflection of how society is composed? Although some big cities like London and Birmingham have a great cultural mix, a lot of inhabitants are quite segregated - not necessarily by choice - from those who differ from them. This would create a comfort zone for them as they live, work and go school around what is familiar and similar to them. University is a chance to explore and go beyond our comfort zones, to strengthen us and make us more ready for the wider world; attending such a culturally rich and diverse university like Brunel is only an advantage and strengthens our life experience. As a student body we should continue to be as fun-filled and accepting as we are, yet open our arms wider still and embrace our cultural diversity. If we are not as integrated as we possibly could be, then mix, mix, mix and open up your hearts, mind and time to give change and difference a chance!

If you would like an article in LeNURB, send me an email for more info at Next month we will have our first ever agony aunt column! Email the old dears at We will also have a letters page, so if you want a rant or wish to congratulate us on the wonderful job we’ve all done, no really, we are that narcissistic, email us at


Film Reviews Burn after Reading Helen Murdoch Length: 95 minutes Starring: George Clooney, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton Director: Joel and Ethan Coen

attempts at blackmail. As with all Coen Brother films the plot is entirely long-winded and almost immaterial, but their unique style will have you laughing continuously. This film is a refreshing departure from the seriousness of “No Country For Old Men”, but if it’s plot that you’re looking for then this film has plenty of it; whether it makes sense or not is dependent on taste. The cast are outstanding, with Clooney and Pitt sticking in my mind the most; however Tilda Swinton’s character is extremely difficult to like and seems almost pointless at times.

Coen Brother films are not for everyone as they have very confusing plots, but for me this is doesn’t matter as the actors Following this year’s Oscar success of their movie “No Country For Old Men”, the Coen Brothers deliver a film with that they attract are phenomenal. It is refreshing to see actors of this calibre move away from no similarities “.... as with all Coen Brother films the plot is entirely their usual roles and take on a whatsoever. new challenge. Pitt is long-winded and almost immaterial, but their “Burn After Reading” entertaining as the camp unique style will have you laughing continuously....” is a comedy in the same clueless gym trainer and J.K vein as their cult Simmons – who you may classics “O Brother recognise as the father from the smash hit comedy “Juno” - has Where Art Thou” and the “Big Lebowski”: quirky, hilarious, a fantastic cameo as the director of the CIA. and with a convoluted plot which is ultimately irrelevant. If you fancy a laugh with some friends or you’re just a fan of the actors, go and see this movie as it’s the most original The movie has a stellar cast including George Clooney, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand, but it is comedy script to come out of Hollywood for a long time. Brad Pitt who stands out from the rest of the cast, playing the hopeless gym trainer Chad. The story revolves around the blackmailing of John Malkovich’s disgruntled ex-CIA employee and Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand’s futile

The Women Lubna Begum Length: 114 minutes Starring: Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith Director: Diane English A comedy with an all-female cast? You’d be forgiven if your first instinct of the film screams ‘chick flick’, and you won’t be misguided. A contemporary remake of a 1939 film of the same name, ‘The Women’ follows a close-knit circle of Manhattan socialites, which primarily consist of: Sylvie


(Annette Bening), the editor of a women’s fashion magazine; Edie (Debra Messing), married with children, and another on the way; Alex (Jada Pinkett Smith), a writer and open lesbian, and  Mary Haines (Meg Ryan), married to a wealthy stockbroker (who is having an affair with the perfume spritzer girl at Saks), with Eva Mendes taking on the role as seductress and resident man-eater. With Mary as the central character, the film explores how the “...definitely not one for the breakdown of her guys: watch this if you want marriage tests her to kill a few hours with a nofriendships, brainer....” leading her to evaluate her own sense of self, and how gossip travels and is dissected in New York’s high society. An all-female film set in New York inevitably leads to comparisons with Sex and the City; indeed the opening sequence which credits the actresses by simply having shots of their shoes doesn’t help. However, while Sex and the City’s

witty dialogue, innuendo-filled one-liners and relatable situations built up likeable characters (and a solid fan base); the characters in The Women are one dimensional and sloppily developed in comparison. For example, a short cameo from Carrie Fisher sees the character go from being a friendly acquaintance portrayed as a successful writer, to a gossiphungry blackmailer within the space of five minutes. This lack of character development makes it difficult to sympathise with the women’s struggles, and one can understand why the list of reputable actresses failed to make an impact with their performances. The script also tries too hard to be quirky and, while there were a few laughs (mostly from Annette Bening’s character), it all feels a bit forced. Nevertheless, the chick flick aspect will appeal to the majority of ladies, as will a desire to

see how the extra-marital affair story pans out. So overall, not the kind of film you could see again, and definitely not one for the guys: watch this if you want to kill a few hours with a no-brainer. Although the charismatic actresses and the situations do hold your attention, the film leaves a lot to be desired

Music Reviews Seasick Steve: I Started Out With Nothin’ & I Still Got Most Of It Left Joe Sommerlad

For his third album and major label debut, Steve Wold picks up where he left off on Dog House Music (2006) by continuing to pan for hobo blues gold in the murky rivers of his past. His freight-car days may be well behind him, but thankfully it seems that all that Hootenanny champagne has yet to go to the boy's head. Ditties like 'Chiggers', about cotton field ticks and reminiscent of Leadbelly's 'The Boll Weevil', or 'Thunderbird', an ode to the hillbilly Lambrini that did for Townes Van Zandt's liver, don't come easily to a man without a little hard living. These songs stomp along nicely, but the record also benefits from its more reflective passages like 'Walking Man' or the soulful, Ruby Turnerbacked 'Happy Man'. Another excellent collaboration is with Grinderman on 'Just Like A King': Nick Cave and friends always know just when to inject a little sweat and sleaze into the proceedings. Perhaps most poignant is the album's conclusion, 'My Youth', in which Steve strums a home-made guitar and contemplates his ageing: “Where'd it go, all my youth?” He's still got his memories though, bless him.

If the world really does end in the next few months - if we all get swallowed up into a black hole somewhere in the Swiss countryside, drowned in a Biblical flood of melting ice or blown across the universe because Acting President Palin pressed the wrong button - only two living beings will survive: the cockroaches and Seasick Steve. While everyone else is lying dead on the pavement clutching useless banknotes in their charred “...While everyone else is lying fists, Steve will still be pushing on down the road, dead on the pavement, Steve will trundling a shopping cart be still pushing on down the road full of junk and smiling a in his shopping trolley...” crooked smile. “I can't lose what I never had and you can't take what I ain't got,” he croaks on opener ‘Started Out With Nothing'.’ I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that. In his trademark trucker cap, wife-beater vest and dungarees, Seasick Steve looks like a man who's seen too much of life to let a small matter like the apocalypse get him down. “Life savings” mean something altogether different when you're a drifter from the train-yards hauling a bindle over your shoulder.

So, in a nutshell then: more of the same. Well he was hardly going to turn out a six hour electroprog space opera, was he? Times are hard enough...

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Some Differences Dale Maw

Don’t get me wrong, Canadians enjoy their I remember it like it was yesterday. There I stood outside beer. You Heathrow Airport at Terminal 3, fresh off a twelve-hour lot, on the connecting flight, a suitcase in one hand, a piece of paper other hand, take the meaning enjoy to a whole new plateau. in the other containing the details of how to retrieve my How else can you explain the commonplace sighting of a other suitcase that had somehow managed to disappear sixty-five year old lady savouring her pint at the local pub? during my journey from Toronto to England. “Great Or the fact that you’re willing to drink your beer warm start,” I thought to myself, “I hope everything goes this rather than waiting that extra hour for it to chill? You know smoothly over the next three years.” As if on cue, I felt my who you are. first drop of English rain. “Not a problem,” I reasoned, Anyway, as I made my way up the stairs to the Hub I could “no foreigner is stupid enough to forget to pack an umbrella hear the commentary for the Man United (or, as I like to when they come to England.” The only problem was, this call them, “the New York Yankees of Football”) foreigner wasn’t “... Where could a lonely Canadian student go game blaring from the television speakers. Perfect. smart to blend in with these fast-talking English I would now have a conversation piece to work enough to folk? What is the one common bond that with. Before I left Canada, my one and only carry that links us Canadians with these Brits? I’ve got English friend had warned me to refrain, under absolutely any circumstance, from using this one umbrella it! Beer!....” single solitary word around the English populace: in their ‘soccer’. What was the first question I asked a complete carry-on luggage, on the off chance that one of their stranger that night when I finally mustered up enough bloody suitcases happened to get lost… That’s when I courage to speak? “Who’s winning the ‘soccer’ game, turned to my new ‘mate’ and told him to start the meter. I mate?” Damn it! The look I got in return was the same guess he forgot to tell me that I could have simply hopped look I would have gotten had I told a Man United fan that on the U3 to Uxbridge for a measly 90p. Welcome to the the city that gave the world The Beatles, also reigned life of an international student. supreme in English football. By the time the cab pulled up to Galbraith Hall, I was so I’ve been in England for the better excited to start my new life here in England that I had forgotten all about “... I’m going to miss the little part of two years now and I must my lost luggage. “This isn’t going to be things, like the way Londoners say I’ve started to embrace this so bad,” I assured myself, “at least there’s say “is it” in situations that country and will quite miss it when I not a language barrier for me to grammatically make absolutely have to return home to Canada next year. I’m going to miss the little overcome.” Whoops. Wrong again. The no sense...” things, like the way Londoners say first six people I met asked if I was “is it” in situations that grammatically make absolutely no “alright.” I’m well aware now that they were merely saying sense. I’ll miss the general passion fans have for their ‘hello’, albeit in some roundabout way. At the time, respective football clubs, as evidenced each and every however, I thought they were just extremely nice people Saturday by the inordinate number of ‘f-bombs’ dropped who were concerned about my general well-being. Or, that during each match. And I’ll miss the way bus drivers drive maybe they could see that I was feeling a tad bit ill from my right by you unless you flag them down. Okay, I won’t miss first experience with roundabouts. After responding with that last one. But all in all I’ve come to realise that we some awkward answer like “I’m fine…ah, why?” I Canadians and you Brits are pretty much one and the same. proceeded to make my way up the stairs to my new I feel as though I finally fit in here in some strange way. dwelling space in Galbraith Hall. Sure, you say ‘rubbish’ while we say ‘garbage’. You use a After a quick shower and a short nap, I was ready to head ‘lift’ while we use an ‘elevator’. You join a ‘queue’ while we out into my new surroundings. But where? Where could a join the ‘line’. You say “football,” we say “soc…um, lonely Canadian student go to blend in with these fast‘football’.” Okay, maybe we still have some differences. talking English folk? What is the one common bond that links us Canadians with these Brits? I’ve got it! Beer! “Where to, mate?” Did he just call me ‘mate’?


A Student’s Life

Moral Dilemmas, annoying girlfriends and the birth of the quote book. Michael Ryder

We’ve had a bit of a moral dilemma in Bellclose Road recently. It all started when Tom was sorting through the household mail and asked me, “Mike, do you think it’s wrong to open other people’s mail?” He passed me a bulging A4 brown envelope addressed to one of the house’s previous female occupants that was marked in large letters below the address: ‘OVER 18s ONLY’. Now if anything is going to tempt someone into opening mail they should perhaps just throw in the bin, it’s those three words. I opened the letter with some small amount of trepidation… I stop. I stare. I do a double-take. “Tom, there are boobs.” “You what?!” “Tom, there are boobs!” I can hardly believe the words myself. I open the packet a little further and, yes indeed, there are boobs; and a lot more too besides. It turned out that the previous female occupants of Bellclose Road were subscribed to a sex-toys catalogue, and so Tom and I spend a very educational half an hour or so perusing the catalogue filled with some very strange and perverse devices. ‘Eye opening experience’ is certainly one way of putting it. It then occurred to us to put the vibrator adverts on David’s pillow for when he returned home later, just in case he came back with his girlfriend Amy, or even worse, Amy and her mum. The idea still makes me chuckle now. I swear I’m a good person really, it’s just sometimes Dave deserves it! So does Amy come to think about it…

that I’d also become his personal assistant. Fortunately the calls have stopped now as David has taken to taking phone calls in situ so to speak. “..“Tom, there are boobs.” I’ll leave the “You what?!” “Tom, there are boobs!”..” rest to your imaginations. Needless to say, we’ve now started a tally chart in the quote book of how many times David has taken phone calls on the loo. It’s actually gotten to the stage now he’s become so conscious of it he tries to hold on but Locke’s association theory seems to be doing its trick on him. Let’s just say the count is quite high… Talking about the quote book, if there is one thing you all take out of this article this month; it is that you should all have a house, or a flat quote book. It’s amazing. Since its inception over a month ago, it has been filled with some of the funniest (unfortunately mostly un-publishable) material you will ever read. It’s gotten to the point now wherein Dave has said more than his fair share of rude and slightly disturbing comments that have been recorded in the sacred book and we have had to ban parents and girlfriends from ever looking in it. We’ve also used it as a method of recording house records and shotguns.

Now the rule of shotgun is quite an important rule in our house. Just like on Friends where Ross makes his list of celebrities he’s allowed to hit on if he ever meets them, we have a similar thing with celebrity shotguns. The only rule You see, David’s girlfriend Amy has become a bit of an is that at least two other house issue in the house of late. I made the mistake a long “....Dave, Barry and I shot-gunned ‘Boomer’ members must be present from page 63 of the sex catalogue for Tom. I when the shotgun is made. time ago of letting her wonder when he’ll notice....” This has led to some quite have my mobile phone competitive shot-gunning late number when she thought he had got himself lost on the French Alps during at night by Barry who is unnaturally good at the game, the Snow-club ski trip last year. In all fairness this was quite because I always forget about the game and he’s very fast a likely event given David’s tendency to get himself lost, so on the draw. The only thing we have to watch out for is the I sympathised at the time. What I did not expect, however, mystery housemate *cough* Tom *cough* who has a habit was the incessant phone calls throughout the course of the of adding random people to other people’s lists. I looked at my list only yesterday and found apparently I have shotremaining year whenever she couldn’t get in contact with gunned Bill Oddie and Kerry Katona. I’m not sure which him. Half the time I found myself replying, “Well he’s in is worse! I’m none too fussed though… Dave, Barry and I the bathroom at the moment; if you could just wait, say, thirty seconds for him to finish I’m sure he will get back to shot-gunned ‘Boomer’ from page 63 of the sex catalogue for Tom. I wonder when he’ll notice… you.” I clearly didn’t realise when I became Dave’s friend


The name is Obama Jay Patel

Change will not occur over night, and in reference to above, media commentary that the questions of racism have finally been addressed, are unfounded and most certainly incorrect. Martin Luther King dreamt not of the day a black man would be President, but “…that one day the nation would rise up and live out the true Now many of you out there may “...Hope, leadership and the prospect meaning of its creed: "We hold have switched off during the of change in light of a world falling, these truths to be self-evident, that build up to the US elections. albeit slowly, to its proverbial knees. A all men are created equal.”" Surely it was a given as to who “blank sheet to rest nation’s hopes America has far to go in realising the victor was going to be? on.” this dream, but for now, they need However the election of the first Afro-American as the next President of the United States of to step up to the plate and take mantle as the worlds leading America is significant past the edges of history and the ‘once democratic power to re-build true democracy, re-entrust the worlds financial markets and to help make the place we all thought impossible’ decision the people of America have taken. Eight years ago, America was in political turmoil. The call home safe in the face of uncertainty. Presidential election was a farce, and asked serious questions of their Democratic ideals. How was it a man who received The name is Obama! thousands more votes than his opponent end up coming second? ‘That’s the system, get over it’. On what should have Final Thoughts been a celebratory day the inauguration of President George Bush II, in January 2001, was met with rain, concern and Out of the turmoil emerges one emblem, an engraving — silence. Imagine this! Hundreds of Kenyan children have been born over the past few days with a distinct similarity. They share a name. A name now synonymous with hope, with change and the inability to say “no we can’t”.

A young Negro at dawn in straw hat and overalls,

What then proceeded can only be seen as eight years of complacency, international insecurity and now the most challenging financial situation of a generation. The President elect must now rise to one of the most difficult handovers in US history, is he up for the challenge? Over the course of this presidential election, many spoke about the inabilities and inexperience of the democratic candidate. Indeed since, many have said that the underlying issues of racism have now been rid with the election of a black President. The challenges that the new President now faces are numerous and lie deep both in the American psyche and indeed their pockets. What America and indeed the world now need is exactly what was promised so very eloquently and characteristically. Hope, leadership and the prospect of change in light of a world falling, albeit slowly, to its proverbial knees. A “blank sheet to rest nation’s hopes on.” The words ‘yes we can’ are simple yet affective. They provided a nation with the inspiration to allow grass roots citizens to feel they had a real say in the development and future of a nation. They galvanized and empowered people to be swept away on a tide of optimism and belief.


An emblem of impossible prophecy, a crowd Dividing like the furrow which a mule has ploughed, Parting for their president: a field of snow-flecked Cotton Forty acres wide, of crows with predictable omens That the young ploughman ignores for his unforgotten Cotton-haired ancestors, while lined on one branch, is A tense Court of bespectacled owls and, on the field's Receding rim — A gesticulating scarecrow stamping with rage at him. The small plough continues on this lined page Beyond the moaning ground, the lynching tree, the tornado's Black vengeance, And the young ploughman feels the change in his veins, Heart, muscles, tendons, Till the land lies open like a flag as dawn's sure Light streaks the field and furrows wait for the sower. Derek Walcott

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Le Sport Out of the Blue

front is not the Tottenham way and perhaps he should think about bringing Defoe back to the Lane. (Thats just not happening - Ed, a Pompey boy)

The Hand of God rises again

Ben Moxey Diego Maradona has taken the Argentina hot-seat, a Ollie Willis month after Alfio Basile resigned from the post. October 25th shall go down in football history as the Baslie found the job increasingly pressure-filled and quit after day Tottenham Hotspur saw sense. The day they sacked a manager who could not speak coherent English to his English losing 1 - 0 to close rivals, Chile. This left the door open to many names including Sergio based team; the day the club decided to get rid of the two-tier “...Maradona’s first task is to face Batista, the youth coach and system and finally sacked the Scotland in a friendly. He should Miguel Angel Russo of San Director of Sod-All (certainly not expect a warm welcome to the Park, Lorenzo. But these names were Football anyway); the day Harry due to his theatrics in 86…..if anyone swiftly put in the shade behind the considerable size of the name (and ‘the great escape’ Redknapp remembers that...” weight) of Diego Maradona. replaced them - out of the blue The 48 year old (I know! 48! He’s lived all of those and some) (literally!). first hinted at the gig the day after the defeat. "I think that the After Juande Ramos’ reign (his one day has been and gone), Spurs sit bottom of the moment has arrived for those that gave joy to all the Argentineans in 1986. I would love to be the coach of Premier League after Argentina, who wouldn't like to have the chance of being the their worst start of all time, but Redknapp has coach of Argentina?" he told the TyC Sports channel. been employed with just Even though Argentina are well placed in the table to qualify, 3rd behind Paraguay and Brazil, the general consensus is that enough time to save this much troubled and volatile man, with only 23 games them from relegation. managerial experience, is woe fully under qualified. He has saved teams Only time will tell however. Now he is officially placed in the who, like Spurs, were destined to go the same job, his first test (a huge test in the eyes of this writer) is to way as the Titanic: West take on Scotland at Hampden Park in a friendly on November 19th. He should expect a warm welcome to the Ham, Southampton and Portsmouth, and now Tottenham Park, due to his theatrics in 86…..if anyone remembers that? will be hoping he can steer them to safety. With their first win finally under their belts, Spurs and their fans must be praying that Redknapp understands that one up-


is a major shareholder in both West Ham and Landsbanki, and though West Ham officials insist the Hammers will not be affected, it is hard to believe. Dan Ross Chelsea and Manchester City are lucky – they both have Credit-Crunch: the two words on everybody’s lips. Although it has surprised me of late that seemingly nobody in ‘sugar daddies’ at their helm, and any debt they have is football is talking about it. It seems to have slipped through currently not a problem. Manchester United and Liverpool however, face an uncertain future, with £660m & £350m of the football fan’s net of conversation topics. People seem to think that these two simple words will not affect our beautiful debt respectively, giving them annual interest payments of £42m & £30m. On the face of it, these clubs may not seem game. They are wrong. At the start of October, Football like they have a Association chairman Lord “... Chelsea and Manchester City are problem; but Triesman claimed lucky – they both have ‘sugar daddies’ United’s pre-tax profits were only that domestic at their helm..” marginally football is £3billion in debt – warning a top club higher than their interest payments last year - the scale of this could go bust in the current problem goes far beyond what we can see. On the surface, the Credit Crunch seems like it means so little economic crisis. to those in football, as the sport carries on regardless. But it This is entirely plausible. Leeds United are a shining could mean so very much. It could mean Newcastle fans not seeing their club sold; it could mean the Premier League example of what can go wrong when a club takes a losing Barclays as a sponsor; it could financial gamble, and although they survived, they mean clubs not reaching are currently fighting to get performance targets out of League One. The worrying thing is that the situation at Leeds happened at a time when borrowing in football was due to a lack of at nowhere near the level it is today. With more clubs buying signings; it could mean the FA (£400m players or paying wages based on television rights and in debt) have to sell sponsorship deals, and with more people using vast loans to off stakes in buy clubs that then need re-financing, the Premier League needs to take a long hard look at itself. Wembley. It could even mean The impact that the credit crunch has had so far is obvious. that we can say With so much of club owners’ cash tied up in affected goodbye to watching Brilliant Brazilians in Bolton and business, winning or losing off the pitch is becoming as important as on it. Take recent revelations at West Ham: their Flamboyant Frenchmen in Fulham because of a much owners have been hit hard by the global Credit Crunch as discussed salary cap. But at least the national side will profit… Iceland’s second-biggest bank, Landsbanki, fell into receivership. West Ham chairman Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson

Football’s Crunch-time

1st is the new 2nd It seems winning ain’t what it used to be Just ask Felipe Massa. The Brazilian showed up for his home grand prix with one aim: win the race. It was all he could do. If he could win and Hamilton finished in 6th, the crown was his and the Brit will have let it slip once more. Massa did his part with aplomb, taking pole, on his way to a flawless final win of the ’08 season. Hamilton was there to burst the bubble though. As Massa crossed the line to set off Brazil in a flurry of celebrations (flurry seems the appropriate word), what no-one was watching was the Toyota of Timo Glock, Woking’s new son, limping into the last corner. The entire of the UK went from head in hands, to leaping and screaming in joy faster than you can say ‘Isn’t that Timo Glock?’ While I salute Massa and his stunning drive in Brazil, for he was the driver of the day, the full congrats go to Messers Lewis and Anthony Hamilton, who have tirelessly worked to get from karting to Formula Renault to GP2 and then F1 and have had success at their back the whole way. Well Done, Hamilton!


The Death of Daniel James by Ben Moxey First of all, it’s worth me clarifying this article and saying that I am not a parent. I don’t have an emotional link anything as strong as that of a parent loving their child, the feeling of pride at their success and support in their setbacks. So while I cannot fully comprehend the loss and sadness of the James family as they got a phone call from the Nuneaton hospital in 2007, as they flew to Switzerland in cold September and as they watched their son, Daniel, slip away from this world, aged only 23; I can only commend them on their bravery.

could muster); I do not have the ability to contemplate what that walk felt like for Julie and Mark, Daniel’s parents. On their return to Britain, they were taken into custody by West Mercia Police after a phone call to the police by a ‘concerned’ member of public. This is because it is still an offence under the 1961 Suicide Act to “aid, counsel or procure the suicide of another” with a jail term of fourteen years awaiting those that do. And so to add to this tragedy, Julie and Mark must now face the ignominy and ordeal of investigation, when all they wish to do is mourn their little boy, the boy who scored his first try, the boy who was close to graduation, the boy who became a man.

In March 2007, Daniel James was similar to a lot of you out In the end, I don’t wish to influence you, the reader, on my there in reader-land. Enjoying Uni, studying hard (most of beliefs over the incident. I don’t wish for rugby to be made the time) and learning to stand on his own two feet for the safer, I don’t wish for scrums to be banned, I don’t wish for first time and forge friendships of a lifetime. He was also suicide to be easy and I don’t wish for you to allow me to tell continuing a life-long love of you what to think. rugby, representing club and “...Julie and Mark must now face the country. On Friday 9th March he ignominy and ordeal of investigation, I simply tell you that no man should played for England Students when all they wish to do is mourn their be confined to a situation they no against France (and roundly little boy...” longer wish to be in, confined to a thrashing them). After that he cell not of their own making. Daniel returned to his club, Nuneaton Rugby Club on the Monday James was unlucky to receive such injuries and his parents only to be involved in an all-too regular occurrence in Rugby, reacted with bravery and courage to help their son become a collapsed scrum. This one however ended with ultimate free from the shackles of his broken body. Some people have tragedy, he suffered a dislocation of his C6/C7 vertebrae, hit out, saying that they will receive judgement on the final crushing his spinal cord and reducing his body to an day, that God will met out deserved punishment (for there immobile heap in seconds. He had become a tetraplegic; he are people as petty as this). had lost all use of his body from the chest down. I believe if there is a God, He will understand. I believe if there is a final reckoning, it is between you and ‘An intelligent young man of sound mind’, was how his father described him. But now he was tortured, he struggled your God – no one else. to come to terms with his new life. He tried on several occasions to take his own life, including overdose and starvation. For a human to be driven to the point of suicide by such painful and devastating means shows the true anguish he felt in his new and restrictive body.

Daniel James died by assisted suicide on the 12th of September 2008. He was 23.

The decision was made his parents to charter a flight to Berne to visit an assisted suicide clinic, where it is legal to aid someone in ending their life. This decision, as I’ve said, must have been heartbreaking. While I recently got to say goodbye to my grandmother on her deathbed, she was elderly and in the end-stages of cancer and, though that walk from the bedside was searing and sapped me of my resolve, that had held enough for me to utter the words ‘Good bye’ (being all I

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Issue 3 2008/9  
Issue 3 2008/9