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Operational Procedures Television, Foxtel, Telephone, Internet, Wi-Fi, Air- conditioning, Spa operation, Dishwasher.

4 In Case of an Emergency

Fire safety, first aid, security and safety, emergency procedures, resort by laws.

6 8


Resort By-Laws Resort Facilities

24 24

Surf Spots and Surf schools


Family Friendly Beaches


Local Fishing Spots / Charters


Diving & Snorkeling Tours


Family Activities


Arts & Culture Museums, galleries, theaters

Pool, steam room, BBQ, tennis court, games, business services, weather, babysitting services.


Cinemas, Pubs and Festivals

Local Directory


Scenic Drives & Scenic River Tours


Scenic Walks

Grocer, banks, post offices, libraries, cinemas, churches


Restaurants and Cafes


Golf Courses





Farmers, weekend markets


Health and Fitness


Beauty Therapy


Yoga, pilates, gym

Lennox Beach Resort

Hangliding, ballooning, sky jump, horse riding, whale watching



Product & Service Charges


SERVICES Telephone Operating Instructions & Directory

Your apartment telephone offers you direct dial local and international call services, plus voicemail services. Each apartment is equipped with a local telephone book located in the kitchen. (N.B. directory assistance – 12455 - cannot be dialed from units – please call reception for assistance).

Your Direct Incoming Telephone Number and Voicemail

Each apartment has a direct dial telephone with an individual incoming number to enable guests to make and receive calls on a 24-hour basis. Your direct incoming number is located on your telephone. Eg: Apartment 23 Direct Incoming Number 02 6618 0023 Apartment 01 Direct Incoming Number 02 6618 0001 If the red light is flashing on your telephone you have a voicemail message. To Retrieve Voicemail press *(star) 91 and then follow the prompts. To dial an Internal Number Reception Dial 9 Restaurant Dial 144 Room-to-Room 1 then Room Number - e.g: To call Room 23 Dial 123, Room 01 Dial 101 To dial an External Number Dial “0” for an outside line and then the number you require Phone calls are recorded through the switchboard and are charged to your account. Local calls are 70 cents per 30 minutes and STD calls are calculated depending on distance and length of time. If you wish to know the charge for a particular STD call you have made, ring through to reception and we can advise call cost. To dial an International Number Dial “0” for an outside number then “0011” for international followed by the applicable country code of the country and the telephone number you require. International Country Codes are available in the Telephone book

Foxtel, TV and DVD operation - The resort receives a Foxtel “Hotel Selection” of 12 channels. The system does not display the program information on your TV. To check programming on the internet go to: www.foxtel.com.au/content/dam/foxtel/ business/pdf/In-room_Guides_Movies.pdf

• Available Channels: • Fox Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 • Sky News • 4 Movie Channels - Premiere Movies. Movie Masterpiece. Action Movies, Disney Movies • NatGeo Wild • Nickelodean The television in your apartment will display the Foxtel feed after scrolling through the "Free to Air" Digital TV Channels ie. Following channel 88. Channel 113 is an "in-house" channel with video footage of the local area and activities of interest. Press either “INPUT” or “MODE” on your remote. It will show a choice of: DTV -DIGITAL TV channels- all "Free to Air" and Foxtel channels. or AV- Select to use your DVD Player

Internet - Resort guests may use a dedicated computer and printer with free internet connection, available during office hours in reception. We have a free WI-Fi provider called Tomizone Wi-fi providing free wireless internet services to our apartments. To use this service: 1) Search for local wireless network connections on your computer or mobile electronic device. 2) Connect to the strongest Tomizone Hotspot signal 3) Open any browser (eg Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) 4) The Tomizone welcome screen will open and request a password. (in lowercase: lbresort7 ) 5) You will be connected to the internet and can then go to the browser bar and type in any web address. For assistance: Ph: 1300 881 862 Option 2 or email: help@tomizone.com or www.tomizone.com If an encrypted service is required another free wi-fi is available in the reception area only: Lennox Beach Resort. Password in lower case: lbresort Alternatives are local internet cafes: • Free-wave restaurant/cafe (opens 10am) • Lime café (opens 8am) Both café’s are located minutes from the resort on Ballina Street and have free Wi-Fi access. • or there is a PAYG inter¬net café at the Sea-Grass grocery store (80M away on Ballina Street) • If you need to use a computer (at a small charge) then visit the Council Library located 200M away in the Community Centre building alongside the playing fields in Park Lane.

Lennox Beach Resort




Security & Safety

There are fire alarms located throughout the buildings and

Lennox Head is one of the friendliest, safest places in

in the basement car parks. It is important to familiarize

Australia. However, crime exists even in Paradise, and you

yourself with the location of all fire exits. Refer to the fire

should be alert in particular to opportunistic crime and

evacuation procedure outlined on the following page (5) of

take sensible steps to avoid becoming a target.

this compendium.

To assist with the safekeeping of your valuables please fol-

Please note: Fire alarms are an essential service device and

low these security tips:

vandalising of these will incur a fine of $250. Do not interfere in any way with smoke detectors or fire devices.

Please ensure your apartment is locked whenever

These units are for your protection. Removal or willful

you go out, and do not leave any valuables lying

breakage is a criminal offence.

about in your apartment. Do not leave your personal belongings out on your balcony

First Aid


To arrange first aid for minor emergencies, please contact

– please engage this for added security whilst you

reception (dial 9). For more serious cases medical assis-

are inside the apartment.

tance should be sought – refer to “Emergency Services” numbers in the telephone section below.

Emergency Services Police

River St, Ballina 000 or 6626 0599




Cherry St, Ballina 000 or 131 233

000 or 6681 6000

Ballina Hospital Cherry St, Ballina 6686 2111 Chemist

Ballina Rd, Lennox Head 6687 7451


2/48 Ballina St, Lennox Head 6687 6190

Medical Centre Next to Resort on Park Lane 6687 7444


Lennox Beach Resort


Each unit entry door is fitted with a security latch

Please ensure that you lock your vehicle and do not leave any valuables in your car.

If you have any security concerns during your stay please notify Reception.

Access to foyer doors is by key only. Please ensure that the foyer door is securely locked behind you



Should you see smoke, flames, or smell

Do not leave fire escape doors open.

burning –

Do not carry any items in the fire escape.

Notify management immediately (dial 9

Personal safety is more important than

to contact Reception)

personal belongings.

Indicate your unit number

Advise the location and nature of the inci


Assemble in the Medical Centre car park next to the resort entrance.


management at the Assembly Point.

Should the fire alarm sound you will be •

contacted by Reception via the PA system with

Staff to supply a guest list to the Fire Brigade.

further instructions. In the event of a fire, you will •

be instructed to proceed to the fire assembly

Do not return to the building until it is declared safe.

area. • 2.

Report any missing persons to the

Keep well clear of the area to allow the

Break glass on red fire alarm panel in foyer for

fire service and other emergency services

Fire Service –

to operate freely.

this will activate the fire alarm. (A fine of $250 applies for misuse together with termination of


If the corridors are full of smoke and not usable:

your letting and no refund for time unused.)

• 3.

Stay in the unit.

Should you leave your unit, close windows and

Show yourself at the window.

doors to restrict the spread of fire.

Await the fire service.

Take your unit key with you. 8. 4.

Fire fighting equipment is located in the car parks.

Notify guests in the adjacent unit if safe to do so. 9.


Every unit is fitted with both a smoke and

Follow the signs to the emergency exits – the

heat detector.

main foyer entrances.

Our fire system can track the zone where the

Evacuate the building in an orderly

alarm was activated – the unit which activated the

manner using the main lobby stairs, (if

alarm will have a small red light glowing on the

safe to do so) which will take you clear of

foyer ceiling, just outside the unit. Smoke alarms

the building.

in particular may be activated by smoke from

If the electricity supply has been disabled


the security gates in the car park will not open & you will not be able to exit this way. •

Do not panic.

Lennox Beach Resort





Smoking is not permitted inside the apartments, in the stairwells or the basement. A minimum $200 charge will be levied and additional tariffs may be charged for the period the apartment is unable to be rented. Smoking is only permitted on apartment balconies with doors closed. Do not hang towels or other items of clothing over the balconies please use the drying rack provided in your apartment. No animals of any description are permitted in any part of the resort premises. A charge of $500 will be levied to cover clean up costs. We strictly enforce a "NO PARTIES or EXCESSIVE NOISE" policy and visitors must leave the premises by 11.00pm. Guests are responsible for the behaviour of any visitors whilst staying at the resort and will be held liable for any damage they may cause. The management of this resort will not allow excessively noisy, offensive or unruly behaviour, damage or destruction of property, or any act, which prevents the enjoyment of the resort facilities by the other guests. Please ensure children under the age of 13 are under the supervision of a responsible adult, particularly when in the car parking area, tennis court, swimming pool and spa. Upon departure please leave the apartment in a clean and tidy condition. All used pots and pans washed and cutlery and crockery cycled in the dishwasher. Please ensure that all excess rubbish is disposed of in the bins provided in the basement car parks. Failure to dispose of excess rubbish may result in a $50 fine. The management reserves the right to terminate tenancies that breach these by-laws and no refunds will be given for time unused.


Lennox Beach Resort


Lennox Beach Resort





- The Lap pool is heated in Winter.

Please be considerate of other guests and limit your noise levels during early mornings and in the evenings.

Jacuzzi Spa - The Jacuzzi Spa is heated to 38 degrees Celcius throughout the year. The Bromine bacteriocide can sting the eyes and we recommend you do not immerse your head. The air blower is operated by an air switch on the pool side wall.

Steam Room - The steam room is located in the pool area. The temperature is set at 45 degrees for both comfort and health reasons. The steam room is operated by pressing the Green button alongside the door. Press the button “once� only as a second press cancels the operation. The steam generator is silent and takes about 20 minutes to reach operational temperatures. We suggest a warm up in the Jacuzzi Spa whilst you are waiting. Under no circumstances can any glassware including bottles be taken into the pool, spa or steam room. Glass is permitted in the BBQ area however we ask that you take great care


to prevent any breakages.


Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by a responsible adult from inside the pool area. For the safety of all guests we ask that parents prevent children from climbing and jumping from the lap pool waterfall into the main pool. Please note the pool and BBQ areas are monitored by closed circuit security cameras.


Lennox Beach Resort


Barbecues Stainless Steel gas barbeques are provided free of charge and located on the pool deck area for use on a first come, first served basis. Please be considerate of other guests wishing to use this facility. Please leave the BBQ and utensils clean for the next guests to use (do not remove the utensils from the BBQ area). Bottles and glass are only permitted around the BBQ area. No glass is permitted in the pool, spa or steam room areas.

iwok asian restaurant

Tennis court Court hours are 9:00am – 5.00/6:00pm daily. Specially designed ½ tennis court racquets and balls are available for hire at our reception. Please call reception during office hours (dial 9) to make a tennis court reservation.

Board games and Videos A selection of board games, playing cards and DVD video discs are available for your use from reception.

Business Services Reception can assist with photocopying, faxing and mail services that you may require during your stay with us. Services provided can be charged to your room account. Please refer to Product & Service Charges at the back of this Compendium. Incoming guest mail (including guest faxes) are kept at reception for your collection (we will call your unit to advise arrival of these items).

Baby Sitting Services Holiday Angels www.holidayangels.com.au/index.html Email: info@holidayangels.com.au Phone: Contact Jo Malcolm on Mobile 0410 312 839 Price: On application maximum of 3 children per child carer (minimum booking of 3 hours). Provides a range of luxury services to make your holiday a truly relaxing experience, Their child carers are available day and night, so don’t miss out on that movie, concert or restaurant meal. They provide conscientious childcare for your children in your home or holiday accommodation. Any parents wishing to speak to the Child Carers direct are able to do so and references are available upon request. Jane Fenech Childcare: PH: 0421 821 896 E: janefenech7@gmail.com References, reports, First aid certificate available

Lennox Beach Resort



ADMINISTRATION OFFICE HOURS Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5:00 pm Weekends/ Public Holidays 9.00am – 3.00pm The on-site managers are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day. To contact us after hours dial ‘9’ on your phone and follow the prompts.

KEYS Please take your keys with you whenever you leave the building. Lost keys will be charged at $30 per set.

PARKING Designated parking spaces are allocated for each apartment. Please park in the space allocated for your apartment number. The basement car parks will safely accommodate vehicles up to a maximum 2 metres clearance height. The garages have a panel lift door operated by your room key at the key station from the outside and a white wall mounted press button from the inside. The doors are normally locked open between the hours of 8am and 9pm. Visitors’ parking is provided at the front of the resort near the reception area and not in the basement car parks. We reserve the right to have illegally parked cars towed away. Parking is at your own risk and no responsibility will be taken for any damage or theft from vehicles.

DEPARTURE PROCEDURE Please vacate your apartment by 10am on the day of departure. Please return all room keys to reception prior to departure. Early checkout - if you are checking out prior to office hours, please settle your account with reception the day before departure and leave your keys in the "After Hours Letterbox" located to the right-hand side of the reception doors. Late checkout -can only be provided subject to prior arrangement with Reception and is dependent on incoming bookings and cleaning rosters. Upon Departure – please ensure all used dishes, pots and pans are washed and left in the dishwasher or upon the sink. Our cleaners will clean out the kitchen tidy bins however please remove excess rubbish and place it in the bins near the stairwell in the basement garages. Please make sure you place only glass bottles and cardboard in the recycling bins. # Failure to comply may incur an extra cleaning and rubbish removal charge.

REPEAT BOOKINGS Our policy is always to give first option for repeat bookings to house guests who are currently in residence. So if you would like to reserve or book an apartment for some time in the future, or to extend your current stay, please contact Reception (09) and we will offer you our best rate.


Lennox Beach Resort


CANCELLATION POLICY A cancellation fee of 1/3 of total tariff applies for bookings cancelled less than 14 days prior to arrival (21 days during high and peak season, public holiday weekends and special events) unless a replacement booking can be found for the entire period at the same rate. In any case, a $100 administration fee will be retained. Once the apartment is occupied, there is no refund of tariff in full or part for the period booked.

LOST PROPERTY Any items found in the resort grounds or left behind on departure will be held for 4 weeks before being donated to charity. Any food or beverage items left in the apartment will be disposed of immediately. Management will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items. Items will be returned on a COD basis.

WEATHER FORECASTS AND ‘WHAT’S ON’ NOTICE BOARD Check out our weatherboard outside Reception – it’s updated every morning with full weather conditions including tide times, plus local markets and events.

GETTING AROUND Car Rental Ballina Byron Rental Cars

6687 4009

Avis (Ballina)

6686 7650

Budget (Ballina)

13 27 27

Hertz (Ballina)

6686 4852

Motorcycle Hire & Tours (Byron)

6685 6304

Taxis & transfers (taxi fare to Ballina airport approx. $30) Ballina Taxis (inc. maxi taxi)

6686 9999 / 1800 065 870

Byron Bay Taxis & Limousines Xcede

6685 5008

Silver Fern Taxis -Lennox Head

0487 501 751

A2B - Lennox Head to Byron

0456 661 119

Airport Transfers

6620 9200

Ballina Byron Mini Bus – Lennox Head

0432 276 157


Local Bus Services Blanches Bus Co

02 6686 2144

Byron Easy Bus Gold Coast Bris A/port

02 6685 7447

Byron Night Shuttle

1300 786 738 (Fri/Sat evenings)

Kirkland’s Bus

1300 367 077

Bicycles Sunrise Cycles


Lennox Beach Resort




SEAGRASS GREEN GROCER The Seagrass Green Grocer is located directly across

1a/56 Ballina St, Lennox

the road from the resort and sells fruits and vegetables,


some grocery items, breads, deli items, home made


dips, cakes and slices for take away and freshly

*located across the road

squeezed juices.

from the resort

IGA SUPERMARKET Supermarket that offers, fruit, vegetables, meats, cakes

3/84 Ballina St Lennox Head

and bread.

Ph : 02 6687 7594 Open 7 Days 6.30am - 8 pm

JORDAN’S FARM FRUIT SHOP Supermarket offers, fruit, vegetables, meats, cakes and

3/84 Ballina St Lennox Head


Ph : 02 6687 7594 Open 7 Days 6.30am - 8 pm

IGA, WOOLWORTH’S, COLES, K- MART, TARGET, ALDI There are a number of large supermarkets located in

Ballina - 10 minute drive

Ballina at Ballina Fair (Woolworth’s, Target), Ballina

along the coast road

central (IGA, Coles, K-Mart) and Aldi (Ballina Industrial

heading south towards


airport. You will pass all of these shopping complexes.


Lennox Beach Resort


CELLARBRATIONS BOTTLE SHOP Taking care of all your liquor needs

81/84 Ballina St Lennox Head Ph : 02 6687 7463

LENNOX HEAD PHARMACY Open hours: Mon- Fri 830am-530pm, Sat 830-12:30pm,

2/64 Ballina Street

Sundays CLOSED.

Lennox Head Phone: 02 6687 7451

BANKS The Southern Cross Credit Union has an ATM and provides a wide range of banking facilities. (Travelers Cheques can only be cashed and issued to Southern Cross account holders). There is also an ATM at the IGA Supermarket. Full banking services are available in Ballina and Byron Bay.

POST OFFICE Lennox Head Post Office can cash American Express and Cash

Ph: 6687 7240

travelers’ cheques. Thomas Cook and Visa travelers’ cheques can only

Open 8.30am-5pm

be cashed in conjunction with a purchase.

Monday to Friday

LIBRARIES Lennox Head - located next door at the Lennox Head

Lennox Head

Cultural Community Centre - Mackneys lane


Ballina - located in River Street next to information





Crn Kerr & Fox St, Ballina

6686 9091

Dendy Cinemas

108 Johnson St, Byron Bay

6680 8555

Lounge Cinema

Gordon St, Byron Bay

6680 9055

Pighouse Flicks

The Art Factory, Byron Bay

6685 5828


Byron St

6686 2094

Catholic Church

Ballina St

6681 1048

Uniting church

6 Rutherford St

6686 8846

Lennox Beach Resort





Located in the resort, this restaurant is a favourite amongst locals


and offers authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine. Excellent and

7 Park Lane, Lennox Head

affordable, Iwok is a popular choice for groups and families.

Phone: 6687 7478

Fully licensed it also has a lovely atmosphere for an intimate

Tuesday to Sunday for lunch

dinner and cocktail for two.

11am- 2pm and 5pm till late

GROOVERS CAFÉ & RESTAURANT "Groovers" pride themselves on quality and freshness using local

1 2/63-65 Ballina Street

ingredients and produce as available. They have a wide variety of

Lennox Head

meals and something to tempt the most discerning of taste buds. All

Phone: 6687 6882

cakes, pastries, pastas and more are made on the premises with great skill from a team of qualified chefs. Award winning coffee is brewed by experienced baristas. "Groovers"is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days and dinner Thursday through to Saturday. They are fully licensed and allow BYO. For bookings please phone, 02-66876882. We are located in the Lennox central complex at the pedestrian crossing.

LEX THAI This is an authentic Thai Restaurant located on the main street. The

90-92 Ballina St , Lennox

food is delicious and made by Thai nationals who are now residents

Head Phone: 6687 7695

of Lennox Head. Exquisite and authentic Thai cuisine from recipes

Open every day 5pm till late

handed down the generations. http://www.lexthai.com

LENNOX HEAD PIZZA AND PASTA Offers lovely thin-crust pizzas, pastas, salads and gelatos. Also have

2/56 Ballina Street, Lennox

lunch specials Mon-Fri. Located in the main street just around the


corner from the resort.

Phone: 6687 7080


Monday to Sunday: Lunch from 11am & Dinner from 5:30pm Sun - 11am - 2.30pm


Lennox Beach Resort


FREEWAVE Lennox Heads first Japanese sushi bar and restaurant. It also offers

3/62 Ballina Street, Lennox

casual eats such as burgers and bacon and egg rolls with an oriental


twist as well as a full a-la carte Japanese dinner menu and sushi bar.

Phone: 6687 7129

Owned by a local and his Japanese partner they fuse together a

Monday to Sunday: 10am -

creative menu using top quality ingredients offered at an excellent

4 pm


Wed- Sat 10am - 9pm

PANCHO VILLA MEXICAN Offering Mexican fare for visitors and locals of Lennox Head since

1/62 Ballina Street,

1989. A unique atmosphere for a relaxed dining experience for all age

Lennox Head

groups. The menu features a wide range of flavours and tastes, with

Phone: 6687 6171

traditional favourites and house specialties.

Tues to Sunday 6pm


till lateSun - 11am - 2.30pm

SHORTY’S Shorty’s is a wine bar/restaurant serving tapas by French Caribbean

4/63 Ballina Street,

chef Ludo who makes wonderful little tasting plates, main courses,

Lennox Head

specials and desserts. Live entertainmant. Shorty’s has cool, funky

Phone: 6687 4358

decor and is a great place to meet friends for a wine or cocktail.

Wednesday to

info@shortys2478.com.au instagram#shortys2478

Sunday 6pm till late

THE TANDOORI PLACE Specialises in North Indian cuisine especially Tandoori (Clay

7/63 Ballina St, Lennox Head

oven cooking).

Phone: 6687 7768


Open every day 5pm till late

LIME CAFE A popular café that serves great coffee and delicious food for

70 Ballina Street,

breakfast and lunch. Gluten free and vegetarians are well catered for.

Lennox Head

It is also well priced and located in a lovely sunny spot in the centre of

Phone: 6687 7132


Open 7 days

THE POINT CAFE Offers a huge menu selection for both breakfast and lunch. Great

Lennox Head

selection of fresh juices and smoothies. Caters for large groups inside

Phone: 6687 5820

or pull up a chair outside and enjoy the morning sun. Also great for

Open: from 6.30am

families as the children’s park is opposite the cafe.

Lennox Beach Resort




CAFES CONTINUED THE BREAM HOLE - FISH AND CHIPS A long time favourite amongst the locals. Specialising in all things

71 Ballina St, Lennox Head


Phone: 6687 7034 Open 7 days: 11.30am - 3pm & 5pm - 7.30pm

IN THE PINK Amazing home made ice creams and gelatos. Also serve organic

1/76 Ballina Street,


Lennox Head Phone: 6687 5552

FISHY FISHY Offer a wide selection of the best local produce with fresh seafood to gourmet meals and fish and chips - outdoor seating areas are provided for a relaxed lunch or dinner. 3/80 Ballina Street, Lennox Head Phone: 6687 7129 Open 7 days from 11am http://www.fishyfishy.com.au/

QUATTRO RESTAURANT Offering an extensive mouth-watering menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a focus on traditional Italian cuisine and wood fired pizzas. Quattro provides a relaxed atmosphere, chic décor and offering delicious quality food with excellent friendly customer service for any occasion, casual or intimate dinner experience. http://www.quattro-restaurant.com/lennox-head/ 90-92 Ballina Street, Lennox Head Phone: 6687 6950 Open Open 7 days till late

Monday – Friday from 9 Saturday – Sunday from 8


Lennox Beach Resort


SEA CHELLS Offers an open airy seaside modern atmosphere for diners to enjoy

5 /80 - 84 Ballina Street,

a gourmet breakfast through to lunch and dinner. Using the finest

Lennox Head

quality ingredients for burgers, wraps, baguettes, salads, coffee, fresh

Phone: 6687 6757

juice, smoothies, milkshakes, vegetarian and gluten free options.

Sun - Thurs 6am – 6pm

facebook@seachellscafe or instagram@seachellscafe

Fri /Sat 6am - 9pm

MARIUS A chilled contemporary cafe by day and tapas bar by night.

90-92 Ballina Street,

Marius is a purveyor of real food with a focus on Hispanic/ Latino and

Lennox Head

Latino American flavours and gets rave reviews from locals. Offers

Phone: 6687 5897

$35 buckets of Coronas or $25 pitchers of Sangria every Friday and

Monday to Thursday

Sat night from 5pm till late.

7AM -3PM


Friday to Saturday from 7AM - late Sunday 8AM - 3PM

BEEF AND BEACH BALCONY RESTAURANT The restaurant is upstairs and offers ocean views in a stylish and

Cnr Byron Street &

comfortable setting. Great seafood and steak options along with an

Ballina Street,

extensive Modern Australian menu & wine list. Can cater for

Lennox Head

weddings, conferences or large groups and is child friendly.

Phone: 6687 5769


Open 7 days

FOAM RESTAURANT The menu offers modern Australian menu that is innovative and

41 Pacific Parade,

uses quality local fresh ingredients. Directly opposite the beach with

Lennox Head

great views of the water the restaurant offers a top quality fine

Phone: 6687 7757

dining experience for that special occasion where you can indulge in

Wed – Sat lunch

superb food, wine and service. Choose from a la carte or

from 12 noon and

degustation style featuring Southern European-inspired dishes and

evenings from 6:00pm

an excellent wine menu.

Sunday Lunch – 12 -4pm


WILLIAMSBURG Situated near Lake Ainsworth, directly opposite the beach. It has been

50 Pacific Parade,Cnr

serving breakfast, lunch & coffee since 2007. They deliver a relaxed

William St. Lennox Head

dining experience, whilst retaining high quality food, coffee and

Phone: 6687 4333

friendly, efficient service to eat in or take away.

Open 7 days from 7.30am


Lennox Beach Resort




RESTAURANTS CH’E BON FRENCH RESTAURANT Ch’e Bon is a great family French Restaurant located in Tintenbar, just

5 Fernleigh Rd, Tintenbar

10 minutes drive. The cuisine of Ché Bon has its origins in the

Phone: 6687 8221

Bourgogne region of France and is typical of that area. Both owners

Tuesday to Saturday -

are originated from France and the authenticity of recipes used by

Dinner 6pm

Chef Rodolphe, have been handed down to him by his mother, grandmother and generations before them. http://chebonrestaurant.com/

HARVEST CAFÉ AND BAKERY Located in the quaint village of Newrybar only 15 min´s away from

18 Old Pacific Hwy,

Lennox Head. They showcase the diversity of fabulous fresh, local,


organic food (often from the owners own family garden!). They have

Phone: 6687 2644

alfresco dining on spacious veranda´s of the cafe. They also have a

Open 7 days from 8:30am

restaurant that is set in a charming, early 1900´s historic cottage with

for breakfast and lunch.

a cozy fire and elegant bar. A recent addition is the Bakery where you

Dinners on Thursday,

can pick up freshly baked bread and deli items. Great for special

Friday and Saturday

occasions, casual breakfast or lunch. Bookings essential.

evenings. http://harvestcafe.com.au/

ELTHAM VALLEY PANTRY Situated between Lismore and Byron Bay in the Northern Rivers region

713 Boatharbour Road,

of NSW. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea lovingly


prepared by their chefs using fresh, local ingredients.

Phone: 6629 1418

The cafe offers a tranquil dining experience with tables available

Tues - Fri 10am until 3pm

inside our renovated farmhouse, on the shady verandahs or outside in

Sat - Sun 9am - 4pm

the garden under the pecan trees.

http://elthamvalley.com.au/ pages/home.asp


Lennox Beach Resort


FARMERS MARKETS Farmers markets are increasingly growing in popularity in this region. It’s relaxed, fun, and all about quality of life and the environment, for the produce is mainly organically farmed and grown locally, reducing transport costs: and the carbon footprint. TUESDAY Rainbow Region Organic Market, Lismore

7.30am - 11am

THURSDAY 8 -11am

Byron Bay - Butler St Reserve

Ballina Twilight Markets (Summer only) on the River off Fawcet Street.


4 - 8 pm

FRIDAY 7-11.30am

Mullumbimby Showground SATURDAY Bangalow - Bangalow Hotel Carpark


SUNDAY Ballina - Kingsford Smith Drive on the Richmond River

WEEKEND MARKETS Knox Park Memorial Park Butler St Reserve Lismore shopping square.

Community Centre, Lennox Head The Channon Stuart Street, Mullumbimby Knox Park, Murwillumbah Circus Ground, Canal Road, Ballina Lismore shopping square

Bangalow Showground, Bangalow

Community Centre, Lennox Head Nimbin Community Centre

Lennox Beach Resort





Offering gym facilities as well as health and fitness classes such as

Park Lane entrance 90 -92

zumba, pilates, yoga and more. OPEN 24 HOURS 150M away on

Byron Street, Lennox Head

Park Lane opposite the community centre.

Phone: 6687 7002


YOGA AKHANDA Times: Tues (gentle), Thurs (Dynamic) 6-7.30pm

Lennox Head Cultural


Centre, Park Lane. Contact: Jessica Cohen 0468 348 015 or ujaliyoga@gmail.com

YOGA SATYANANDA Takes a very holistic approach to the goals of yoga, Classes will include

Lennox Head Cultural

asana, pranayama, meditation, deep relaxation, and internal cleansing



Park Lane

Times: Yoga for Surfers Wednesday night’s 6-7.30pm

Contact: Daniel Rawson

Gentle Restorative Sat 9-11.30am



JENNYSYOGA HATHA These classes are made up of asanas (stretching), deep Breathing and

Scout Hall, Mackay Lane

deep relaxation.

(off Park Lane) Lennox

Times: Thursday 9-11.30am

Head Contact: Jenny


Stephenson 02 6687 5140

YOGA WITH MARIA Times: Tues & Thurs : 6.00am, 9.30am. Sat 7.00am.

Lennox Head Surf Club,

Tues & Thurs 6pm. Booking essential.

Pacific Pde


Contact: Maria 0432290622


Lennox Beach Resort


LENNOX HEAD IYENGAR YOGA Offer daily Iyengar classes, workshops, overseas retreats, yoga/accom-

Sanctuary Village Hall,

modation packages.

Ross Lane


Contact: 6689324

WHITE LOTUS YOGA (SIVANANDA AFFILIATED) The centre offers drop-in classes for different levels of experience,

2a Castle Drive,

pregnancy yoga, self-development courses and yoga courses

Lennox Head

Times: Monday, Wednesday 6-7.30pm and Sat 9-10.30am.

Phone: 66 875 769

Also run weekly satsang, meditation classes and retreats.

Contact: PH:(0) 477 943 697 or (0) 403 838 750

We try to keep information up to date but advise to book into classes before you go as times are always changing.

LITTLE YOGINIS Age appropriate classes for 2.5yrs and up, Including postures,

Scout Hall, Macay Lane (off

games, songs, meditation and other activities call for the times.

Park Lane) Lennox Head Jacqui McPherson 66875982

LIFEWORKS PILATES Pilates exercises work on strengthening muscles and

56 Greenfields Rd,

lengthening others to help stabilise the spine, pelvis, shoulders

Lennox Head

and legs to create a solid base of support and promote

Contact: Alison

centering (good posture).

0415 784 214

http://www.lifeworkspilates.com.au/ Lennox Beach Resort




RIPPLE MASSAGE This is a day spa and provides great service that comesto you. Offers a

Contact: 0438567906

range of specials and packages. Great for couples or girls weekends or


organise a voucher for a friend of loved one.


SPA VEDA Massage, facial, waxing and more, the Spa Veda is located just across

3/66 Ballina Street,

from the resort on the main road and offer a day Spa, Medi Spa and

Lennox Head.

Beauty treatments six days a week and in the evenings.

Phone: 6687 5122

Free eyelash tine with every pedicure for guests of the resort.

VILLAGIO SPA Relax and restore your mind body and soul, with their highest quality

Shop 5-56 Ballina Street.

natural healing products and five star treatments. They do massage,

Lennox Head.

facials, waxing, pedicures and more. The are located minutes away

Phone: 0431068681

from the resort on the main road.




We are providing a directory only for your convenience and do not endorse or take


responsibility for services provided.

Lennox Beach Resort


INNER BEAUTY Beauty therapy Clarins and Pelactive stockists. Their treatment range

5/71 Ballina St, Lennox

is extensive and they specialise in luxurious facials, Intraceuticual


oxygen treatments, hot rock massage, pedicures & manicures with

Phone: 66875477

warm paraffin gel finger & toe nails, they also offer the necessity


treatments of waxing and tanning.


REMEDIAL MASSAGE Gabrielle specialises in treating the soft tissue of the body which may

Skennars Head (10 mins

become injured or painful. Your treatment will involve a physical


assessment followed by application of soft tissue massage techniques

Phone: 0413 468 535

and stretches used to correct the problems identified.


MONTANNA DAY This day spa offers Luxurious Roman Spa, Lilli Rose Beauty

Lennox Head Hill

Treatments, Montanna Day Spa, Tennis, Coffee and Hand Massage,

(5 mins drive)

special occasion relaxation, waxing, facials and lots more.

Phone: 02 6687 5567


Open from: 10am – 5pm daily

KIVA SPA AND BATHHOUSE The Kiva Spa and Bathhouse combines some of the ancient and time

1 McGougans Lane,

honoured healing bathing practices from around the world. They offer,


Hydro therapy contoured spas; Wood fired saunas, Oxygenated cold

(30mins drive)

plunge pool, Tropical garden setting, Therapeutic and relaxing mas-

Contact: 66844811

sage, Organic Eminence skin care and 5 treatment rooms.

KIVA SPA AND BATHHOUSE Five star day spa, steam room, relaxation and beauty therapy www.thebyronatbyron.com.au/ Broken Head Road, Byron Bay (15 mins drive)

Lennox Beach Resort




Information sourced from the surfingatlas.com

LENNOX POINT Drive towards Lennox Head lookout, park atop, follow the trail and cruise down (just watch out for spiky vegetation). Getting in and out here can be a challenge, as polished, small slippery rocks lead the way. But when the groundswell from S-SE comes in, winds are absent or W-NW the ride is great. Chill in the lineup, enjoy the serenity and amazing backdrop. A world class right point that can barrel and have you surfing FAST for over 300m. Best conditions are a cyclone swell or decent ground swell but Lennox can break on any swell over 2ft. Best on SW to SE winds. For experienced surfers only.

LENNOX REEF Lennox Reef is a flat, submerged boulders reef off the southern corner of Lennox beach, just in from the famous Lennox Point. Due to the water depth, it is best surfed at higher tide as the rocks do tend to come to the surface on low and make paddling and duck diving dangerous. When the offshore wind is blowing the peaks out here can be really fun and the crowd factor is usually low. The paddle is quite long from the beach (maybe 150 - 200m) but is flat water until you get to the reef it self about 100m off shore. Best in a small to medium swell.

BOULDERS BEACH Just south of Lennox Point, Boulders (named after the basalt rocks that have eroded to form the beach) is suited to the experienced surfer. Boulder Beach has been referred to as the backside of Lennox Point. Boulder’s is a step up from Flat Rock (see below)- it can hold reasonably big swell and, with its rocky shore and tricky entry points, is not a place for the novice surfer.

FLAT ROCK Flat Rock is a long flat rock platform in front of a popular camping ground. Easy to find as it is well sign posted and just off the coast road south of Ballina. The wave can get really good but is usually a slowish right hander that tends to section. Waves are fun and well suited to intermediates and beginners. The rock platform provides good protection from SE wind so a sneaky afternoon session can be had when everywhere else is blown out.

NORTH WALL Easy to find, follow the East Ballina signs and then go towards the river. North Wall is the north side of the man made break wall where the river meets the sea. There is a road to the break and a car park. When every where is 2ft North Wall is 4ft! A swell magnet of a place. On its day it is a serious take off and fast down the line wave that often meets with a closeout near the beach. Best left to experienced surfers once it is over 3ft. Great spot to check when the wind goes to the SE too, as the break wall offers protection in the onshore wind.


Lennox Beach Resort


SURF SCHOOLS KOOL KATS They specialise in surfing lessons that get you to your feet and riding waves

Tel: 6685 5169

safely. You can join an introductory, 4 hour group surf class, commit to

Mobile: 0419 207 965

some serious fun with a 3 or 5 day learn to surf package or choose one a


great value private surf lesson. It is available all year round with a choice


of 2 group surf lessons daily and private surf lessons for 1 person, 2, 3 or more by appointment. Board Hire (1day) $20 + wetsuit $25

SUMMERLAND SURF SCHOOL They surf at three locations - Ballina, Evans Head and Lennox Head. Regular

Simon & Lorraine Freeden

2 hour Surf Lessons held daily from 9am - 11am Ballina /

Phone: 0428 824 393

Lennox area Cost $50pp, 3 lesson packages (3 x 2hrs) $125pp. www.summerlandsurfschool.com.au/

MOJO SURF SCHOOLS They are the ultimate surf school, lessons are for 4 hours,

TEL: 1800 113 044

Equipment- surfboards and wetsuits are provided.


Need to bring swimmers and towel and funds for your surf photos. Bookings are essential. Prices – Half Day ($69), 2 day – ($119), 3 day – ($169)


Beginner (1 lesson) 2 hour Package- $49.00 Intermediate (Level 1) 4 lesson minimum package - $35.00, reinforcing what you have already learned Intermediate (level 2) -4 lesson Minimum package- $35.00, Mastered the basics http://www.cheynehoran.com.au/surfschools.asp?loc=4

BYRON STAND UP PADDLE Stand up Paddle (SUP), is now the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Phone: 0434250830

SUP gives you an all over body workout which is gentle and low impact. SUP is easy to learn in one lesson. In each lesson you will learn: Equipment knowledge, paddling safety, Correct paddling technique and stance, controlling the board, using paddle for stability and Front sweep/back sweep turns. http://byronstanduppaddle.com.au/


Please contact reception on 9 if you would like to make a booking or enquiry


about any of the tours listed in this compendium

Lennox Beach Resort





THE BOAT CHANNEL - SEVEN MILE BEACH, LENNOX HEAD Take a right out of park lane onto Ballina street, then and left down Rutherford street all the way to the end approximately a 5 minute walk. Also known as Lennox Reef covers 1.5 km’s along Seven Mile Beach. The reef, directly in front of the main street, contains a vast variety of marine life and is a favourite snorkeling spot. As it is protected from the south it is really safe for swimming, surfing, fishing and family outing activities. This is a popular local spot for swimming training. No toilets or showers.

MAIN BEACH - PACIFIC PARADE, LENNOX HEAD It is a great surfing and swimming area patrolled by lifeguards and volunteers from September to the end of the Easter break. It offers café and toilet access from the surf.

LAKE AINSWORTH A fresh water lake stained by the tea trees that line its banks this favourite shady spot is a great family swimming and picnic area with easy access to the surf just north of the village of Lennox Head. Toilet and BBQ facilities.

FLAT ROCK - 38 FLAT ROCK RD, EAST BALLINA Adjacent to the Flat Rock Tent Park this area remains a favourite for families as it is protected from the south. Is safe for swimming and provides great surfing waves for beginners. There are also plenty of birds and sea life to explore in the rock pools. Toilet facilities and camp shop.

SHELLY BEACH ROCK POOLS- SHELLY BEACH ROAD, EAST BALLINA A wading pool at Shelly Beach has been built into the rocks and is perfect for toddlers. The beach itself is patrolled in school holidays and has toilet and shower facilities.

SHAWS BAY - BRIGHTON STREET, EAST BALLINA This beach is a calm family swimming spot, with shade and picnic facilities. This is an easy walk across the North Wall which leads to another favourite picnic park and swimming cove of the Richmond River. Toilets and BBQ’s.

THE SERPENTINE - RIGHT TURN OFF HILL ST BEFORE THE BRIDGE, BALLINA This sandy area along the banks of North Creek offers a refreshing swimming area and, with its large areas of shallows, is a favourite family area. It has great wading areas for toddlers due to its shallow spots and has huge trees providing shade on the beach. Toilets across the road.


Lennox Beach Resort




Daves Bait & Tackle Shop

Anglers can wade out from the southern end of Seven Mile Beach

All your fishing needs

across the reef of exposed black rock to fish for bream, mackerel,

271 River St, Ballina

snapper and the occasional big jewfish.

Phone: 6686 4289

For the more adventurous (or foolhardy) there is a spot just south of Lennox, near shag rock, known as ‘The Spike’. Some people have lost their lives fishing from these rocks and others have been known to rope themselves to a metal pole thoughtfully driven into the rocks as a safety measure for anchoring anglers when a freak wave breaks

Ballina Boat Hire

across the exposed rock ledge.

No licence required

In the right conditions, boats can be launched from the southern

268 River St, Ballina

end of Seven Mile Beach through a break in the reef known as ‘The

Phone 0402 028 767

Moat’. With a boat it is possible to go outside and fish the pinnacle reef located just off the Point.

http:// www.ballinaboathire.com.


CHARTERS PAULS FISHING EXPEDITIONS This excursion offers, 5 Hour excursions on a beautiful 4WD Beach

Tel: Paul 0407 416 575

whenever possible, Tuition by PFIGA registered Beach Fishing Guide.

Email: paulsfishing1@yahoo.

All legal catches prepared for the dinner plate & chilled, Pickup & Drop


off (Byron to Ballina coastal zone) , Small parties from 1 to 4 ADULTS




Phone: 0423892913

Target species include Whiting, Bream, Tarwhine, Tailor, Jewfish and Longtail Tuna depending on time andconditions. The guide, Alex McDowell goes to every effort to give clients the best chance of catching fish on the day. This includes searching for the best locations to suit the conditions and collecting live or fresh bait when possible.Techniques and stretches used to correct the problems identified.

Lennox Beach Resort





Julian Rocks has earned a reputation as being one of the most prolific

Tel: 1800 008 755

fish dives in the world. Whales, Dolphins, Manta Rays, Leopard Sharks,


the endangered Grey Nurse Shark and three species of Turtle are all common visitors to Julian Rocks. There are more dive sites in the Byron Bay area. However, Sundive is Byron Bay’s only 5 Star Dive Centre.

SEA TURTLE SNORKEL TOUR No experience necessary, here the reserve is home to three different

Tel: 1800 243 483

species of sea turtle, an assortment of rays including mantas,


hard and soft corals, friendly wobbegong sharks and over four


hundred different species of fish. All of this is only a five minute boat ride from Byron Bay. A snorkel trip to Julian Rocks Marine Reserve includes the boat ride, equipment hire (mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit) and a free snorkel lesson (if required).

BYRON BAY FREE-DIVERS Qualified AIDA & PADI instructor Scott Wilson has vast experience in the waters around Lennox Head and Byron Bay.


Lennox Beach Resort


Tel: 0412 526 453

Lennox Beach Resort




ACTIVITIES LENNOX KIDS PLAYGROUND This kid’s playground is about a 2 minute walk from the resort and is located just off the main street of Lennox Head. This is a nice little park that is covered and has slides and is great for toddlers and little children. It is also next to the beach and several cafes.

LENNOX HEAD SKATE PARK Great skate park that the local kids ride on, just down the road from the resort next to the Lennox head Community Cultural Centre, approximately a 1 minute walk.

MACADAMIA CASTLE Pacific Highway Knockrow NSW (between Byron Bay and Ballina). Approx 10mins drive from Lennox Head Offers an animal park featuring a wide range of local animals. Families can have a fun day with native birds, animals and reptiles. They have petting nurseries, cafe, barbeques and picnic area, mini golf, playground, a train ride and an adventure tree house. Tel 02 6687 8432 Open 8am to 5pm daily http://www.macadamiacastle.com.au

SUMMERLAND HOUSE FARM & WATERPARK 253 Wardell Road, Alstonville (20min) Summerland House Farm is a beautiful, working Macadamia and Avocado farm set in the hills of the Alstonville Plateau. The Farm has a wide range of attractions including Tractor Farm Tours, Mini Golf, Water Park and Playground, ‘The Grocer’ – a regional food showcase, Cafe, Nursery, Gift Shop and Museum, pick your own produce. If you are visiting the area, Summerland House Farm is a ‘must do’ experience and a memorable, inspiring organisation as it is a not for profit organisation that provides employment for people with a disability. Tel:6628 0610 Open 7 days from 9am-4pm http://www.summerlandhousefarm.com.au


Lennox Beach Resort


KIDZ WORX PLAY CENTRE 8 Martin Street, Ballina Tel: 66816141 If the weather is bad and you need a place to entertain the kids then visit the Ballina Play centre. The kids will have a ball. There is a great climbing section, ball pit, cubby house, cars and of course the jumping castle. Get there early to avoid the crowds. There is a cafe there too.

BALLINA TEN PIN BOWLING Clarke St, Ballina Tel: 6686 5342 Ballina 10 Pin Bowl is the ideal option for a wet weather activity or simply to add some fun to your day!

BALLINA NAVAL & MARITIME MUSEUM Regatta Ave, Ballina Tel: 6681 1002. Fantastic exhibits. Fascinating museum open 7 days 9am - 4pm Interactive maritime displays and one of the largest collections of Naval and Merchant Ships in Australia . View a working steam engine and the original Las Balsas Raft.

BALLINA POOL AND WATER SLIDES River Street, Ballina Great local pool to take the family swimming for a day out if the beach is too rough. There are two fun water slides, a shorter slide for a gentler ride, and a longer, faster slide for the water slide enthusiast. There are plenty of shaded areas to setup up, have lunch and hang out with your friends and family. There consists of three beautiful pools including a 50m Olympic pool (heated), a Learn-to-swim pool and a Toddler pool all situated across a large lawn area with palm trees adjacent to the Richmond river. Tel: (02) 6686 3771 Open: Weekdays: 6am to 6pm, Saturday: 8am to 6pm Sunday and Public Holidays: 9am to 6pm Prices Water slide: Standard Fee (all ages) $15.00 (includes pool entry fee) Pool Prices: Adults $3.70 Child $3.00 (under 12 months free)

Lennox Beach Resort




ART GALLERIES IN THE REGION Mackay Harrison Galleries - East Ballina


David Lanes Studio Gallery - Tintenbar


Northern Rivers Community Gallery - Ballina

and type in ‘Art galleries’ in

Barebones Art Space - Bangalow

Lennox Head for a

Wayward Gallery - Byron Bay

comprehensive listing across the area

THE TWEED RIVER ART GALLERY- MURWILLUMBAH Open from 10:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday to Sunday.

2 Mistral Road

The Tweed River Art Gallery offers magnificent panoramic views of the

Corner Tweed Valley Way,

Tweed Valley. The stunning building houses six exhibition spaces, a


performance area, an education/workshop facility, a library and the


Gallery Cafe which serves fine food, coffee and delicious cakes. It


overlooks the beautiful Tweed Valley landscape.


The Gallery collects artworks of two main themes:

Phone: (02) 6670 2790

Australian portraits of all eras and the mediums, as well as works by regional artists depicting the local area.


Lennox Beach Resort


BALLINA MARITIME MUSEUM Located behind Ballina Council Library and Swimming Pool in River Street. An amazing museum featuring seafaring adventure, nostalgia, pioneering and wartime history. The premiere display features the only remaining raft from the epic Las Balsas expedition which famously crossed the entire Pacific Ocean from South America and landed at Ballina in 1973. The Las Balsas raft on display is the only one to survive the incredible 14000 Km journey from South America to Australia sailing from Ecuador in 1973 and drifting for 179 days across the Pacific Ocean via the Galapagos Islands, The Cook Islands, Tonga and New Caledonia. The expedition first saw land close to Mooloolaba in Queensland. The bad weather and the prevailing currents carried them down the coast to Ballina, NSW. A documentary chronicling the expedition was subsequently produced, titled “The Pacific Challenge� and can be viewed and purchased at the Ballina Maritime Museum.

BYRON COMMUNITY THEATRE The Centre hosts a range of functions for the most needy people in

69 Jonson St,

Byron Bay. Over the last 31 years the Centre has played a key role in

Byron Bay

establishing many local community services. Great place for local the-

Tel: 6685 6807

atre productions that are held. http://www.byroncentre.com.au

BALLINA PLAYERS THEATRE CLUB One of the oldest, largest and most successful amateur theatre clubs in NSW the Ballina Players present many musical and theatrical productions each year in their large and comfortable licensed theatre in Swift St, Ballina. Check the local paper for details of their current performances.

TINTENBAR UPFRONT On the second Friday of every month it gives the opportunity for

Tel: Peter 66877644

performers of all kinds: musicians, poets, comedians, dancers, and

or Narelle 66878777

others to strut their stuff in a wonderful old hall, with engaging

to confirm

performances and warm audiences. You are able to bring the kids on the Friday for a warm down. Doors open at 630 for a 730 start. $5 / $3 go to worthy charities. BYO drinks, snacks, comfy chair. http://www.tintenbarupfront.com/book-a-spot.html

Lennox Beach Resort



CINEMAS BALLINA FAIR CINEMAS Admission Pricing: Adults: $12.00, Students: $10.00,

Cnr Kerr & Fox Sts, Ballina

Concession: $10.00, Children: $9.00


Every Wednesday all seats/all sessions $9.00 only

Tel: 6686 9091 http://www.ballina.info/

DENDY CINEMAS Arthouse, Foreign and some blockbusters. Often run film festivals. Set

108 Johnson St, Byron Bay

in a comfortable cinema with a bar and coffee lounge.

Tel: 6680 8555 http://m.dendy.com.au/ default.aspx

PIGHOUSE FLICKS The ultimate in cinema technology and locally designed, created and

1 Skinners Shoot Road,

installed custom seating. Providing the Byron Shire with a venue for

Byron Bay

international, blockbuster and art-house films, film festivals and

Tel: 02 66855828

private events.

Prices range from $10-$14

Located at the Byron Bay Brewery (the old Piggery).


PUBS The Lennox Point Hotel

Ballina RSL


Tel: 6686 2544

Tel: 6687 7312

240 River Street BALLINA NSW 2478.

This hotel often plays live music and has a


great lively atmosphere. Check the "Lennox

The regular entertainment calendar is grow-

Wave" for the gig guide or go to the website

ing all the time and offers a wide range of

for upcoming events. Pub bistro downstairs

local and national talent.

and 1st class restaurant upstairs. Ocean views from the restaurant level. Pacific Parade and Byron St. Lennox Head

Shaw’s Bay Hotel

Club Lennox

Address: 3 Brighton Street, East Ballina

PH: 6687 4313 10 Stewart St, Lennox Head Relaxed atmosphere, live entertainment, excellent dining. Sunday afternoon sessions from 4-8pm have live music offered in a family friendly environment. raffles, free wi-fi http://www.clublennox.com.au


Lennox Beach Resort


Tel: 6686 2034 Come down on Sunday afternoon and dance the afternoon away to live music under the giant Norfolk Pine trees by the bay.

FESTIVALS EASTER LONG WEEKEND - THE NORTH COAST BLUES AND ROOTS FESTIVAL Blues festival is a blues and roots festival that is held near Byron Bay every year over the Easter long weekend. Australia’s premier blues and roots festival, with multiple marquees and stages and more than 200 performances of the best blues, roots, folk, soul and world famous artists. www.bluesfest.com.au

JUNE - THE LISMORE LANTERN PARADE As dusk falls on the longest night of the year in June a 1,000 lanterneers and performers create a dreamscape of lanterns, giant illuminated sculptures and dancers. Spectacular outdoor theatre performance features lanterns, original music, pyrotechnics. www.lanternparade.com

JUNE - LOVE LENNOX FESTIVAL - BALLINA COAST & COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL ‘Love Lennox Festival’ is a street fair with loads of activities and fun events held in June each year. The Ballina Coast and Country Music Festival features some of the best country, folk, buskers and street performers at venues in most clubs and hotels around the Ballina township on the June long weekend.

JULY - SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS - near BYRON BAY Over three monumental days, revellers can shuffle their feet between 80+ of the hottest local and international acts on offer, all in the beautiful surrounds of the Byron Shire. People come from all around to visit this festival. www.splendourinthegrass.com

JULY - BALLINA FINE WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL - SKULL CANDY GROM FESTIVAL BALLINA FINE WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL - Celebrated over 3 days the first weekend in July at the Ballina Racecourse, a huge and entertaining event including a myriad of regional food and wine producers with tastings and live entertainment. SKULL CANDY - Top junior surfers make their way from all over Australia and New Zealand to Lennox Head for their shot at a title. Held in the 1st week of the July school holidays this is the largest Junior surf comp in Australia.

AUGUST - THE BYRON BAY WRITERS FESTIVAL The Festival has grown from a single venue event to fill four huge marquees and venues around town and sells 45,000 individual tickets. The most significant and respected contemporary Australian writers have participated through lectures, lunches, panels, conversations, launches and readings. www.byronbaywritersfestival.com.au

OCTOBER - BYRON BAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Held over 10 days, Multiple Venues, 200+ films, 50+ Sessions, World & Australian Premieres. www.bbff.com.au

NOVEMBER - THE BALLINA PRAWN FESTIVAL n The Ballina Prawn Festival is a whole day and night of fun, laughter and community. Delighting both young and old Festival visitors can enjoy exciting rides, great music; delicious food and can even join in the hilarious DIY Raft Race!

DECEMBER - THE FALLS FESTIVAL 3 Day Music Festival held at the "Splendour" site near Byron Bay over the New Year holiday break.

Lennox Beach Resort




DRIVES COOLAMON SCENIC DRIVE - APPROX. 30MINS FROM LENNOX HEAD. Coolamon Scenic Drive can be accessed via the Pacific Hwy turnoff; you’ll see a dirt car park and lookout atop the hill, or via Dalley St in Mullumbimby, which becomes Coolamon Scenic Drive. One of the most scenic routes in the Byron Shire with stunning vistas on one side and lush hinterland on the other. The spectacular view over Byron Bay, north to the Tweed Coast and south to Ballina is arguably one of the finest you’ll see in the area. Two lookouts are located along the drive, one where Coolamon Scenic Drive meets the Pacific Highway at St Helena and the other approx 7km along the drive. The scenic Drive takes you to Mullumbimby and beyond back to meet the Pacific Motorway at Ocean Shores.

TOURIST ROUTE 32 (The Channon, Protester Falls, Nimbin, Uki, Mount Warning National park, Murwillumbah, Tweed heads) Approx. 80km Drive. Leave the Lismore Visitor Information Centre. Continue down Molesworth Street until the third roundabout where you turn left over Fawcett’s Bridge. Turn right at the roundabout and then left at the next roundabout into Terania Street. Follow this road until the Dunoon Road turnoff, going under the railway bridge. Take this road and go past the showground on your right and follow the signs to The Channon. For more information and details on the drive visit the website provided. http://au.totaltravel.yahoo.com/listing/1062703/australia/nsw/northernrivers/ballina/touristroute-32/

TINTENBAR - KILLEN FALLS (15 MINS) Enjoy a scenic drive in the hinterland, make a stop at Killen Falls, located off Friday Hut Road.


Lennox Beach Resort



RIVER TOURS ECO CRUISES & KAYAKING - BYRON BAY Tel: 0410016926 http://byronbaycruises.com.au/cruises-a-kayak-tours/river-cruises Winter - April to September (non daylight saving time) Morning 10am - 11.30am & Afternoon 2.30pm - 4pm. Pick up Byron 9.15am Return 12pm & Pick up Byron 1.30pm Return 4.30pm. Prices: 1.5 hours $25 Perfect for special occasions, meeting friends, family gatherings, visitors and groups.

RICHMOND RIVER CRUISES- THE RICHMOND PRINCESS Tel: 0412640350 http://www.rrcruises.com.au/ It is a 2 hour Cruise suitable for Individuals, Corporations, Events & Functions, Cruising the Richmond River is an absolute must during your visit to Ballina. Offers stunning views, interesting commentary, and delicious food served on board. Cruises leave from our boat dock in Regatta Ave (rear of Police Station). Morning Tea cruise departs 10am-12 Afternoon Tea cruise departs 2pm-4 Departing most Sundays and Wednesdays, other days contact river cruises centre. Prices- from $25 to $55 Children (5-12yrs) half price

VISION WALKS -ECO TOURS, BYRON BAY Tel: 0405275743 www.visionwalks.com This includes either a night vision walk 3.5 hours (1 hour walking) $99 Strolling through Australian bush at night time and observing native animals Minion falls rainforest walk 4.5 hours (2hrs walking) $99 for short walk and 6.5 hours (4hrs walking $149 , strolling through an ancient rainforest vegetation giving you a very Jurassic feel and you get to see the falls that rise over 100m out of the rainforest. Wildlife tour 7 hours easy walk $99, discovering wildlife and much more .........

HERITAGE TOUR www.aboriginalculturalconcepts.com They offer Half & Full Day Heritage Tours where you will see Mythological sites of significance that relate to the Dream time Stories and other Local Aboriginal Legends, explore and visit middens, old camping grounds, Bora rings, contact sites, fertility sites, initiation grounds, fish traps, hunting areas and other historical places of interest.

Lennox Beach Resort



SCENIC WALKS Lennox Head to Lennox Point (Pat Morten Lookout) Take a right onto Ballina Street from the Resort, then take your first left onto Rutherford St. Walk until you hit the beach and follow the 2M paved pedestrian pathway all the way to the top. It is fairly level walking all the way until the last section (15 mins). From Lennox Point you can continue to the top up the stairs and take in the panoramic views from Byron Bay to Evans Head. This location is a "Must See" in whale watching season (May - Sept). From here if you are ddreessed fro trekking continue along the coast all the way to Ballina (approx 2hours one way). Please note, that sections of this walk are on rocks and the path is not clearly marked. Minyon Falls - Nightcap National park Situated within the beautiful Nightcap National Park, Minyon Falls plunges a depth of around 97-104m into a deep palm-shaded gorge below. From the lookout you can admire spectacular views of the surrounding area, or take one of 2 walks down through the bushland. The walk down to the base of the falls and back is a 4 km round trip and can take up to 2 hours, while the Minyon Loop is 7.5 km and takes 4.5 hours. Both walks are quite easy going down, but a bit tougher on the way back up. Byron Light House Walk To get there, follow Lawson Street (which becomes Lighthouse Road) from Byron Bay town centre and look for the signs. You’ll need a good two hours to complete the Cape Byron walking track – but you can just complete sections. The 3.7km loop leads you on a hike through rainforest and across cliff tops with stun-ning views of the ocean and hinterland. You will wander through the shade of bangalow palms and ancient burrawangs, across kangaroo grasslands, along picturesque beaches and up to Cape Byron Lighthouse. Broken Head National Park Follow the coast road towards Byron Bay and look for the signs to Broken Head. (Approx 15 mins drive) The Two Sisters Walking Track leads off from the Broken Head Caravan Park and follows the cliff top around to a viewing platform on Broken Head. Cocked Hat Rocks are clearly visible from Broken Head. These two rocks form an important part of the Bundjalung Dreamtime. The Kings Beach Track is a short 350m walk off the Seven Mile Beach Road to Kings Beach. The walk passes through beautiful rainforest and leads to the outstanding Kings Beach. There are several other short walks down to secluded beaches if you continue along the dirt track you will come across several steep tracks leading to beautiful beaches. Victoria Park Nature Reserve Located in Alstonville, Marom creek road off Wardell road coming out of Alstonville The Victoria Park Nature Reserve Protects one of the last surviving remnants of the original rainforest, known as the Big Scrub, which extends across the entire Lismore, Byron Bay, Ballina and Mullumbimby regions. It’s a perfect spot for a relaxing day out with the family in the Northern Rivers. Stroll the easy and accessible boardwalk and you’ll immediately be transported to a tranquil tropical wonderland. Ancient fig trees and majestic black beans tower above while Bangalow palms and ferns grow up from below. Wollumbin Mount Warning National Park Get up early for a truly special hike to see the spectacular sunrise and experience the first rays of sunlight that shine on the Australian continent. During daylight hours, the walking track ascent will take you 2 hours, and the final 250m is a chain assisted rock climb to the summit. At the peak you will find comfortable seats and boardwalks to let you soak up the view of the whole Byron region. The full return walk is 9km long, and will take you approximately 4 hours to complete. 38

Lennox Beach Resort


Lennox Beach Resort




BALLINA GOLF AND SPORTS CLUB - JAMESON AV, EAST BALLINA Easily the best conditioned course in the Northern Rivers, Ballina is a

Tel: 6686 2766

true 18 championship course with fast and true 328 greens and tree


lined fairways with part of the course winding along the beautiful


North Creek. Renowned to be the best wet weather course in the entire area this is the course to head for if the weather has been inclement. The club has excellent facilities with a well stocked pro shop providing lessons, hire clubs and motorized golf carts. Handicap golfers can play in the regular daily competitions. Celebrate your round in the large modern clubhouse and afterwards in the superb Asian restaurant.

BYRON BAY - 62 BROKEN HEAD ROAD, BYRON BAY Byron Bay Golf Course is a par 72 golf course. Like many coastal cours-

Tel: 6685 6470

es, wind strength and direction plays a determining factor in how easy


or difficult the golf course plays. With holes running in each direction,


it’s a golf course that will have you questioning: “Do I have enough time to play it again?”


Lennox Beach Resort


OCEAN SHORES - ORANA ROAD, OCEAN SHORES Certainly the sternest test of golfing skills of any in the Northern

Tel: 6680 1008

Rivers the course was designed by Devlin Nagle and associates in their


first assignment after having completed their famous re-design of “The


Lakes” in Sydney. The design allows water to come into play on the majority of holes and the testing driving holes combined with plentiful bunkers and huge greens will provide a memorable excursion for all levels of golfing skill. The Country Club has an excellent pro shop, clubhouse and restaurant facilities and also caters for lawn bowling.

TEVEN GOLF COURSE - 1684 ELTHAM ROAD TEVEN NSW 2478 Just 15 minutes’ drive from Lennox Head. This is a beautiful course

Tel: 6687 8386

with a challenging 9 hole, par 31 layouts, appealing to all social golf-


ers, especially catering to holiday makers and families. No bookings


are required, club, buggy & cart hire.Bring your swimmers in summer as there are also rapids in freshwater creeks along the way!

Lennox Beach Resort




HANG GLIDING - LENNOX HEAD They Specialise in Tandem Hang Gliding and offer you the thrill of fly-

Book at Reception

ing tandem from the Cape Byron Nature Reserve and also at Lennox


Head. The spectacular views over the Cape Byron Headland on Austra-

gliding.com.au/ or call recep-

lia’s most Easterly point are second to none. Witness and photograph

tion on 9 to book

the whales, dolphins, turtles and the occasional shark from silently above them. Prices: 30 minute flight ($145), 45 minute flight ($200)

SKY DIVE - BALLINA RIVER OR BYRON BAY No experience is necessary and almost anyone can do it! Skydive the

Book at Reception

Beach Byron Bay jump from an incredible altitude from up to 14,000ft!


Price 10,000ft (30 second free fall) Mon-Fri $249 Weekends $269

yronbay.com/ or call reception

14,000ft (60 second free fall) Mon- Fri $299 Weekends $339

9 to book

There are group discounts on these prices.

BYRON BAY BALLOONING Byron Bay Ballooning is a local family owned and operated business,

Book at Reception

formed with the intention of offering everyone the magnificent


experience of flying in a hot air balloon over Australia’s most beautiful

au or call reception on 9 to



One Hour Sunrise Flight prices: $325 per adult $175 per child (between 4 and 12 years)

HORSE RIDING AT PEGASUS PARK Take a scenic trail ride through Byron’s lush hinterland, or feel the sea

Book at Reception

breeze on your face with a beach ride along isolated 7 Mile beach -


Lennox Head (south of Byron). Cater for all standards of riders – be-


ginners, nervous adults and children are our specialty. They offer trail, hinterland and beach rides as well as other types of rides which can be lessons. Prices: Beach rides 1hr Adults $80 Children $70, 2hrs (Horse surfing) $130 Adults, $120 Children. Trail rides 1hr Adults $60, Children $50. Hinterland rides ½ day Includes lessons $120 pp.


Lennox Beach Resort


WHALE WATCHING 2-2 ½ hour cruise within the Cape Byron Marine Park viewing Hump-

Book at Reception

back whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Sea Birds etc., hydrophone for listening


to whale song, trained eco guide for whale/ marine life interpretation

com.au or call reception on 9

on board, Julian Rocks tour with underwater viewing devices. Maxi-


mum group size is 12 PAX


Prices: Adult $89 Child (< 12) $55 Meeting Times: 8am, 1030am, 1pm

MOUNTAIN BIKE TOURS Rainforest Adventure tour- full day guided tour designed for all levels

Book at Reception

of riders, ride through lush tropical rain forests of the world heritage


listed Night Cap National park.


Price $99 Scenic Coastal Tour- Half day guided tour all levels of riders, the scenic coastal journey exploring remote beaches nature reserves and excluded trails. $59 Lennox Beach Resort



PRODUCT & SERVICE CHARGES Lennox Beach Resort comprises self catering apartments to help you enjoy a relaxed holiday. These are fully self-contained holiday apartments with a well equipped kitchen, an internal laundry with drier and all have secure basement car parking. The apartments are all individually owned and the owner’s have furnished them according to their taste. Initially we provide a starter kit of necessities to each apart¬ment such as toiletries, toilet paper, laundry and kitchen detergents to assist clients on overnight stays and others upon arrival. Additional supplies can be purchased from reception but for longer stays these products are better value when purchased from a local supermarket. Prices: Detergents: Washing Machine Powder, Dishwasher Powder, Dishwashing Liquid:

2 sachets for $1.00

Toilet paper:

$ 1.00 per roll

Bath Gel / Conditioning Shampoo:

$ 1.00 each

Coffee / Tea - 5 sachets:

$ 2.00 (5)

Long Life Milk:

$ 1.50 each

Room Servicing We provide linen to all apartments however keep in mind our self catering apartments are NOT daily serviced apartments. Stays of 8 days are entitled to a mid-stay service clean and linen change at no extra charge. If at any time you wish to have fresh linen supplied and / or a room service clean, please contact reception and we will happily quote our charges and arrange a time to suit you. The costs will vary according to the number of beds in the apartment and the day of the week the service is required. Eg: 1 Bedroom apartment weekday service clean and linen replacement is currently $89.00 Extra linen charges: Extra Bath Towels: $3.00 each or 4 towels for $10.00 Beach Towels: $4.00 each or 3 Towels for $ 10.00 (for duration of stay) Office Services: Photo copy - B&W only available 50c per page Fax Incoming - 50c per page Fax Outgoing – Australia $ 1.00 1st Page , 50c per additional page Fax Outgoing – International $5.00 1st Page, 50C per additional page Hire Charges Tennis Racquets & Balls (special ½ court equipment) $ 10.00 per stay. Cot Hire including baby blankets $9.00 Per night or $50.00 Per Week. High Chair Hire $ 7.00 Per night or $ 35.00 Per week Pram Hire $ 7.00 Per night or $ 35.00 Per week Extra Person Charge $ 35.00 each per night. Extra Linen Charge $35.00 Per night. Lost Key replacement $ 30.00 each 44 Lennox Beach Resort



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Lennox Beach Resort Guest Compendium (2016 revision). Helpful information for our resort guests about our facilities and procedures and a co...

Lennox Beach Resort Compendium 2016  

Lennox Beach Resort Guest Compendium (2016 revision). Helpful information for our resort guests about our facilities and procedures and a co...