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VP Team Experiences Long Term Talent Management Start Date XX.XX.XXXX End Date XX.XX.XXXX

About the application Aqui colocaremos direcionamentos gerais para a área (não se preocupe que OD fará isso)

About the Position When is recommended to an LCs planning to realize more than 100 exchanges. LC to have this position? Area the team leader will be Program Management working: Job Description 1:

Generate team member experiences demand through Jovens Talentos portfolios focused on specific needs

Job Description 2:

Generate team leader experience demand through Jovens Líderes portfolios focused on specific timelines

Job Description 3:

Supply team experiences demand through several recruitment models, considering specific backgrounds and skills

Job Description 4:

Track the project-based structure timelines, guaranteeing that operations are working well

Job Description 5:

Guarantee quality of team experiences through NPS and TPP

Job Description 6:

Generate team experiences and supply them in new markets for expansion

# TMP # TLP # TXP Measurable results expected % TXP RE/ X RA % TXP RE / X MA from the Team Leader: TMP/TLP % of accuracy in TMP (real vs % of accuracy in TLP (real vs TMP/TLP Principles Preparation required from TMP/TLP Flow Project-based structure the Team Leader before Jovens Talentos and Jovens Líderes program timelines and definitions start the role: Recruitment Models Supply and Demand Management for TXP

Expansion strategies, rules and models

Details of working conditions: Learning points that the Team Leader might obtain during the experience Additional information a potential candidate may require for the position Required/Preferred Competencies and hard skills Preparation that will be provided for the participant

Specify other details of working conditions Operations Management Program Management Project management

Advanced Entrepreneurial Outlook (Required) Project Management (Preferred) Results orientation and Stakeholder focus (Preferred)

VPTXP Job Description  

JD about VPTXP in Brazil.