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History of the exhibition

● the history of the development of the Russian pet industry inseparably associated with «ZOOSPHERE» ● within 20 years «ZOOSPHERE» has greatly contributed into the development of the Russian pet industry and has become the primary meeting platform for thousands of specialists ● now «ZOOSPHERE» is the largest Pet Show in Russia and its 22th edition signalizes a new qualitative step to the future

● «ZOOSPHERE» has helped many Russian and foreign companies to promote their brands and occupy the leading positions on the market


EXHIBITION ● business meetings ● social programs


lectures seminars round-table discussion workshops

ZOOSHOW ● ● ● ●

competitions trainings contests special programs


CONTEST OF NEW ARRIVALS ● presentation of pet food ● competition for the «best menu» for pets INTERNATIONAL GROOMING COMPETITION AND MASTER CLASSES ● competitions ● cosmetics seminars ● master classes


AQUARIUM DESIGN COMPETITION. TROPICAL HABITATS ● aquarium design competition ● 10 nominations

COMPETITION TERRARIUM DESIGN ● aquarium design competition ● 10 nominations

Exhibition sections 

products for dogs: fodders, treatment means, hygienic goods, accessories, garments, toys

products for cats: fodders, hygienic goods, accessories, toys

aquariums: decorative fish, aquariums, lighting, compressors and other equipment, water plants, feeds

terrariums: terrariums, accessories, feeds

products for fancy birds: cages, aviaries, birdhouses, feeds, accessories, toys

products for rodents: houses, cages, feeds, hygienic goods, accessories

products for exotic pets

Exhibition sections         

veterinary products services: grooming, hostels, etc. insurance training / schools professional associations and unions charity funds and organizations, pet shelters, pet fans’ clubs accessories for garden pets educational institutions literature: publishing houses, books, reference books

Signs of approvement

Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition industry

Official support Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Government of St.Petersburg

Government of the Leningrad region


PETS International

Northwest Veterinary Association

Pet Industry Association

China International Pet Show

Zoomark International 2012

Pet + Global

KOPET 2012, Korea Pet Expo

Pet Expo Romania

IIPTF India International Pet Trade Fair



Aquarama, Singapore For Pets PVA, ExpoPraha

Exhibitors «ZOOSPHERE» 2012: - more than 240 exhibitors from 14 countries - over 9 000 visitors (professionals) - total exhibition space 18 234 m²

Trade characteristic of exhibitors

(from the total number of respondents) 52,0% 50,0%

Dog supplies Cat supplies


Products for small animals and rodents Products for birds

35,0% 34,0%



Veterinary medicine




Supplies for the animals in the garden Publishing and Printing Other Associations and educational institutions State structures

3,0% 2,2% 1,1% 1,0%


Goals of participants

(from the total number of respondents) 88%

Demonstration of new products

84% 83% 83%

Search for wholesale customers Exchange of experiences, cooperation Stimulating sales

81% 80%

Improving the company image

Market / identification of demand


Definition of enterprise competitiveness Obtaining data on customer preferences Selling their products at the exhibition Formation of the product range or correction

75% 73% 71%


- ÂŤZOOSPHEREÂť is aimed at all decision makers on the Russian market, from retail networks to independent dealers

Characteristic of visitors by the type of the company Retailers


Wholesale Trading Company






Community organizations, unions, clubs Autority of state. Management Educational Institution Research Company Media Publishing

5,0% 2,0% 2,0% 2,0%

1,0% 1,0%

Visitors profile Visitor’s characteristic of «Zoosphere 2012» 14% 2%





Top management

Middle management

Skilled worker

Sole trader




TRAVEL SERVICES ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Travel services Hotel accommodation Visa support Transfer and transport services VIP services Social program Airplane and/or train tickets Booking services Guide provision services Receptions


Contracting and sub-contracting Technical examination Wi-Fi Audio, video, TV equipment and computers Telecommunication services Electrical, water-supply, sewerage system ● Billboards, panels and flags ● Transportation ● Storage

MANAGEMENT ● Participant and visitor registration ● Technical support ● Temporary staff (promoters, interpreters, etc.) ● Logistics ● Customs services ● Catering ● Restaurants ● Security ● VIP services ● Transfer services ● Parking

Communication tools 



Match making


Visitor’s guide

Direct mailing

Call center


Russian Pet Market

Russian veterinary market is included into the list of ten largest and fast-growing world markets

By the year 2015 Russian market of pet fodders will reach $2,16 billion and become the third in the world in terms of growth

Perspective market segments are: animal hygiene, zootechnical products , pet care services and veterinary medicine

St. Petersburg pet business annually grows by 20-30 %

Russian pet business is growing dynamically by developing new market segments of pet goods and services. St. Petersburg is one of the leading centers in the World’s Pet Industry!

There are 60 million pets living in Russia, including 30 million cats and 21 million dogs. Around 50 % of all St. Petersburg families have a pet.

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia

Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 to be his "window on Europe", St. Petersburg combines its fascinating Russian heritage with a distinctly European outlook. Considered the cultural heart of modern day Russia, St. Petersburg is rapidly regaining its reputation as one of the Great Cities of Europe. It is also world-known as a large-scale economic center possessing substantial financial, industrial, research and investment resources. All these make St. Petersburg one of the leaders in the Russian exhibition industry. And JSC “Lenexpo� has always been and remains the major exhibition venue of the city. Many outstanding monuments are situated here, and among the most-known are: the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Kazan's Cathedral, the Peter and Paul's Fortress, the Admiralty, the Hermitage, the Smolny Cathedral, etc.


Organizing committee: 142 A, Sedova str., Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 192174 Tel.: +7 (812) 240 40 40 ext. 257, 258, 230 Mobile: +7 (921) 334 08 54 Venue: Lenexpo exhibition complex, halls 7, 8, 8A 103, Bolshoy prospect V.O., Saint Petersburg


Zoosphere 2013 International Exhibition of Goods and Services for Pets