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The Uptown Gateway Council

The Association of Commercial Property Owners in Hillcrest

December 1, 2015

Mr. Marlon Pangilinan City of San Diego Planning Department 1222 First Avenue, MS 413 San Diego, CA 92101 Subject:

Uptown Community Plan Update June 2015 draft The Uptown Gateway Council

Dear Mr. Pangilinan, We represent the Uptown Gateway Council, an association of commercial property owners in the Uptown Community Planning Area of the City of San Diego. The coalition, which has been recently formed and continues to grow, includes The Greenwald Company, owner of properties on the 3700 block of 6th Avenue as well as Pernicano family, in the proposed Uptown Gateway District (Attachment 1). To date the Uptown Gateway Council represents 12 individual property owners of over seven acres of commercial land in the core of Hillcrest. The proposed Uptown Gateway District is bounded by Washington Street to the north and Pennsylvania Avenue to the south, 7th Avenue to the east and 4th Avenue to the west (Attachment 2). We will fully participate in the community planning process, as our constituency represents the large commercial property owners of Uptown integral participants in this process. We were aware of the June update to the Uptown Community Plan Update that proposed significant downzoning to our properties; however, because it was presented without changes being tracked, we anticipated additional opportunities to fully review and comment on an additional draft. As you are aware, due to the intervening holidays, we requested a minor extension of time to comment on the June draft. We are disappointed no extension was granted, although we understand the pressure the City has placed on the Planning Department to hold to tight schedules. We will continue to vigorously participate in the process from this point forward, presenting our ideas to promote a more forward thinking update to our community plan. Therefore, please consider this letter as our initial statement of general thoughts and ideas. More detailed and additional strategic approaches to responsible planning for this vital area will be forthcoming

Uptown Plan Update Letter  

The Uptown Gateway Council