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KYMIRA : to cause seamless transitions Universal phone clutch and wallet organizer.

STOWAWAY : to travel without being seen

Fold out travel organizer with removable zipped pouches.


Four way clutch, wallet organizer with built in phone and tablet compartments.

MINI PHLOX : the relativity of space

Backpack tote with built-in patch pockets and tablet compartment.

COREEN : courier of creativity

DSLR camera and lens organizer. Doubles as day bag.

MINKY : the romancer of tablets

Adjustable universal portfolio with built-in stand and organization.

PHLOX : the embodiment of space

Backpack tote with built-in patch pockets and laptop compartment.

TEYME: anonymity

Convertible messenger bag, and tote with built-in laptop compartment.

ALPAQUE : stealth and equipped

Backpack with covert fold-out laptop compartment.

PANOMA : complexity simplified

Overnight duffle carryall with fold out laptop compartment.

ALPAQUE DUFFEL : composed and capable

Carry-on duffle carryall with fold-out laptop compartment.

QUADRA : the fourth dimension

Overnight messenger, brief case, tote, and backpack packaged together with built-in tablet and laptop compartments.

Lencca embodies the composition of a designer; it is inspired, driven by passion and the dedication to engineer desirable investments for our clients. Lencca started as an idea, which soon transformed into an action, in 2012. This look book is representative of Lencca’s first collection. Complete with prime materials, this line is eco-friendly and infused with superior water repellency technology. From within, each piece was designed for organization and includes protective qualities for use with personal and professional devices.

TRUE 3647 Shasta Street, Chino, CA, USA 91710

Office: 909-334-0141

Lencca True Look Book  
Lencca True Look Book  

Lencca's first collection set to debut at WWDMAGIC at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Central Hall. Booth 74840 on February 18th-20th, 2014...