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The Century Series The CenturySeries,which replacesour popularPSBSeries, is a complete re-dress in physicalappearance,accompaniedby significantacoustic updatesthat in some cases includenewdrivers. As you go up the linefrom the Century300ito the Century1000i, you will experienceincrementalgains in lowest bass response, maximumsoundoutput, and high-frequencypower-handling.All of the modelswith the "i" suffix are updates,with improvementssuch as new radiusedgrilles (which minimizediffraction effects at highfrequencies),newcabinetfinishes(in a choice of black ash or dark cherry), new radiusedport tubes (for still lower turbulenceat high sound levels),newgold-platedconnectors (includingdual sets of bindingposts on the towers to allow bi-ampingand bi-wiring),andfinished backs. The newgrilles and finishes makethe new Centuriessleekerand slimmer to fit more easilyinto living spaces.

Bookshelf Systems The Century


Thesoundof the 300i is very much like that of our amazingAlpha,but with deeper bass responsefrom its larger cabinet(whichalso housesa new 6-lj2-inch woofer) and with slightly more high-frequencypower-handlingfrom'its larger-dome(3/4-inch) tweeter, which is also a bit smoother.Likethe more expensivesystems in the series, it now has gold-platedbindingposts.

The Century 400i The400i is specificallydesignedfor those who wantthe range usuallyassociated with a big speakerin one that fits on a bookshelf.With an effective low-frequency cut-off of 38 Hz, it competesnicely in low-endresponsewith manyfar larger systems. (Thetrade-offis some efficiency;its sensitivityfor typical listeningrooms is 89 dB, as opposedto 91 dB in the 300i and 92 dB in the far larger-and more expensive-Century 1000i.) The system'shigh-frequencyresponsebenefitsfrom a 3/4-inch textile dome tweeter (alsoused in the 500i) with smooth responseand excellentdispersion.

The Century 500i Thisis thelargestsingle-woofer Century,andits simpletwo-waydesignusingan 8-inchwooferis a classicthatmanylistenersfavorin double-blind tests.Its larger wooferandinternalvolumegiveit a low-frequency cut-offpointof 32 ~z, andits power-handling is enhancedbya newvoice-coilmaterialandhigher-temperature adhesives. Aswiththe 400i a new 3/4-inch textile dome tweeter produces silky, extended highs and fine dispersion,



Tower Systems The Century 600i Thesmallestandleastexpensiveof ourtwo-woofersystems,the600i, is alsothe first of thethreeCenturytowersystems.Itstwo 6-lj2-inchwoofers,withinjection moldedcones,providethe same32 Hzbasscut-offasthe500i, butwithgreater power-handling. Combinedwiththe high-frequency powercapabilitiesof a new1inchtextiledometweeter,theyhelpthe 600isupplythegreatestdynamicrange percubicinchof allourspeakers.Anaddedmaximum-performance featureis the optionof bi-amping or bi-wiringviathedouble,gold-plated terminalsontherear panel.

(25 HzintheSubSonicIIand21 HzintheSubsonicIII).The100Ciandthe SubsonicIIareanespeciallylogicalmatchwithanyof thebookshelf Centurys,whilethe200CiandSubsonicIIIjoin particularlywellwiththe Centurytowersystems. The performanceof an all-CenturyHomeTheater systemis far beyondwhat most people haveheard,or evensuspect is possible,in a home listening room. All of our speakersare so close to each other in musical,timbral balancethat they mix and match perfectly for HomeTheater,with no sourceshift or other unwantedeffects. (Centurysystems up front also mix beautifully with our smallerAlphaor Ambientdipole surroundspeakersas surround units.)

The Century 800i With two new8-inchwoofers that employnewvoice coil materialsand highertemperatureadhesivesfor increasedpower-handling,the 800i can stir a lot of air in motion at symphonicor rock listeninglevelsin big livingrooms-with a lowfrequencycut-off of 30 Hz. It usesthe same new I-inch textile dome tweeter as the 600i and 1000i, and hasthe samewell-dispersedtop-endresponse.It is hard to makethis also-biampablespeakersoundat all stressed in evena large living room. The Century 1000i Our newadditionto the top of the Centuryseries,this is a slim, elegantspeaker with an appearancemuch like our Stratus Silver.It employstwo 6-lj2-inch woofers in a "two-and-a-half-way" designthat essentiallyuses both of the woofers in subwooferterritory while allowingone to operate at mid-rangefrequenciesas well. The result, in combinationwith the system'ssilk-textiledome tweeter, is extremelysmooth overall sound.(Ina recent reviewof the system in Stereo Review,JulianHirschreported that its on-axisfrequencyresponsewas the smoothest he has ever measured.)


Speakers for Home Theater

Allof theCenturyspeakersdescribedaboveareexcellentsystemsfor Home Theateruseaswellas musiclistening.TocompletetheirHomeTheater

performance, weoffertwocenter-channel speakers, theCenturylOOC; and theCentury200C;,whichdeliveroutstandingclarityanddefinition,andtwo subwoofers, theSubsonicII andSubsonicIII, whichprovidegut-level reproductionof thedeepestsubsonicfrequenciesfoundin HomeTheater materials.Thedifferencebetweenthe modelsineachof thetwo pairsis in power-handling, and,inthesubwoofers,inthelowestfrequencycovered

HEAR for YOURSELF: We urge you to listen to the Centurys to gauge them by your most critical expectations and decide which ones are right for your needs and taste. Bring musical material you know well to a listening session, and judge performance both on complex material and by the simple but demanding standard of the human voice. Whichever Centurys you choose, we think you will be enthusiastic not just with the way they sound and the amoun't of performance they supply for your investment, but with the way they fit into your life.



PSB Speakers Century Speaker Brochure 1997  

PSB Speakers Century Speaker Brochure 1997

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