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A burning break Blair, TJ, Roy, Josh, Tasha, Jacob, James, Wes, Aaron, Sarah, Salif, Kate,

The Group: Lunk, Nick, Yuri,

Colin & Charlotte


@ 5:30 we all met at LOVE.

James’s side story: gets called a cop while procuring drugs. Dinner — tuna, parmesan, basil, lemon, and noooodles Tracy returns and tries to kidnap me. Girl has crazy eyes. James waits for the drugs to kick in, TJ finds some goods, Trinity Absinth Josh eats bread (x 20)

burning man

Day starts with a sing-a-long featuring the voices of James, Jacob, and Tasha. The wait by the band was a popular choice. TJ, James, and Roy (“Boy Toy Decoy Roy”) split to make Jame’s music video in honor of his friend. Blair learns to play backgammon. @ 5:30 we all met at LOVE. Leloo makes her appearance. James takes a brilliant Polaroid of the group. TJ heads into the desert to take photos. James and Leloo depart doubled up on the bike. The rest of us take a series of “fake musician” photographs as we head back towards camp. Upon returning to camp, propped up against my tent is a threatening note from the girl (Tracy) that challenged me (Charlotte) to the thunderdome the night before.


Preparation for burn

burning man

Walking towards the Burn, we establish that Kate will be the green beacon that will guide and unite us. We lose TJ (due to his new love and dub-step). Nick and Blair spin fire while we search. James takes another Polaroid and gifts the negative. We find TJ. Witness burn, attempt to circle ashes, decide to head towards the octopus.


“mom and dad would never believe this�

burning man

Buddy system established. Lose Salif. Head towards center camp. Pass through keyhole, listen in the center. Hopped on the art car “wet dream” — a skooner, or small sailboat. Jacob leaves the art car to follow the beacon (kate) and I to the giant teeter-tot. Kate and I teeter topless. “Mom and dad would never believe this”. Meanwhile, James, Tash, and Josh head to the porta-johns where they adopt Yuri and Lunk. Head to 6 and Inner Circle (the Pickle Joint). “Soul of the man” R&B dance. Pickle shots. Josh eats his first pickle.


then realize that he’s one of us! — feeling foolish.

burning man

James departs for a side adventure — “the good-bye circle” the majority of James’s camp leaves because of a bad trip. Back at the pickle joint, Josh teaches everyone the “wetsuit”. Kate and I are initially weirded out by Yuri (quiet and observant) and then realize that he’s one of us! — feeling foolish. Colin show’s up. Jacob and James grab a leg each and hoist Colin up above the pickle joint dance party. The crowd shouts “Colin!” repeatedly. Brief return to camp. Josh eats more bread. Kate crawls into bed. Tasha and James experience the cube sans pants, together. Jacob does a flip off the trampoline (accidental). Sarah gets cold (circle hug to warm her up). True Mirror. Spinning mirror outside the best. Head to tented place . Tequila shots. Dub-step. Wetsuit. The French quarter. Washboard band. Banging on walls, stomping on floors. James plays the cowbell. Jacob hangs off porch. Blair feels the pain from stomping. All huddle around a barrel fire — let sarah warm up. Head towards Ashram.


burning man

Jacob mentions his surprise at the absence of cornhole. Five minutes pass: We find CORNHOLE! Roy breaks the tie with a perfect shot. Nick gets the bucky ball rolling (a short ways). Fire-warming and Limericks. Standing on the table, shouting through the megaphone. Guy shouts spoken word to the crown — best playa porn soliloquy ever!! Tasha and Blair head towards swing. The “swing master” gets angry with blair because he pushes Tash one too many times, but still blair is “the best pusher I’ve ever seen” — some guy. A crowd begins to form around the swing.


“Music makes the world go round”

burning man

Stopped and looked at the stars. Colin uses his binoculars. Sheep Fuckin’ — Josh and Roy experience love. Disappointment at the reincarnation station. Enter thru coffin escape thru make-shift vag Big slide!!! Jacob and James surf the slide. Roy and I race (I lose). Hellevator — as described. “Music makes the world go round” — slanted shack. James revisits the French quarter. Hear Stevie Wonder, we start a dance party on an empty stage. TJ Departs, We lose Yuri, Colin Leaves, and Blair heads to bed. A chill moment at the Jazz Café.


burning man

4:00 am @ center camp — James’s set is pushed back, Jacob and josh pass out, James leans on roy Roy and Josh are last ones standing — hop on art car and rode it til the sun came up, all the way to periphery, where they found two bikes, rode home, and snuggled.


Burning notes  

Burning Man Adventure

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