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Shores of Rhode Island


I don’t know why I decided to go to Rhode Island. I guess it just popped into my head and I wouldn’t let the idea be. Rhode Island. I had never been there before, so why not? I was never one to turn down a trip, ever. So I packed up my cameras, my boyfriend, and my clothes and drove six hours north. My only regret is that I was only there for two days. My first day, I went to the Southernmost tip of Rhode Island called Point Judith, specifically the Lighthouse and Narrangansett Pier. The second half of my day, I met up with my cousin and we found ourselves in Newport to walk through the Cliff Walk and check out the mansions. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the homes.

Rhode Island

All of my attention went towards the gorgeous ocean. The next day, we found ourselves at Sunset Farms for Narrangansett’s 16th annual PumpkinFest. Unlike the festivals held during the summer for tourists, the festival that day was small, warm, and geared towards locals. I was even mistaken for

a University of Rhode Island student because the man had assumed that all outsiders went back to their respective homes until next summer. All in all, the place was beautiful, and totally worth the cumulative 12 hours.

Point Judith

Sunset Farms


Rhode Island Road Trip  
Rhode Island Road Trip  

Trayes Photoj fall 2012