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MOTHER WIT NEWSLETTER A mother’s love always renews itself.

French Proverb

Every day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

Celebrate February 

Black History Month

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2/13-2/19

Friendship Week 2/20-2/26

Be an Encourager Day 2/1

Pay a Compliment Day 2/6

Turn Off TV Day 2/14

Valentine‟s Day 2/14

Charles Swindoll

Wish It!

Dream It!

This is one of those motivational sayings that you find on little plaques, mugs, cards and in my case-a key ring. I’ve been wondering how effective these types of sayings are for people.

Do It!

although we “wish” it, we “dream” it, we just don‟t put forth the effort to “do” it.

Do they really motivate people to take action or are they just feel good words that make you feel great for the moment, but then reality sets in and nothing happens. Life remains the same and a year later you find yourself in the same place, the same position, having accomplished nothing. I am an optimist, so I find myself wanting to believe, the sayings, the proverbs, the inspirational thoughts. Maybe it‟s not the words, but it is us who don‟t really believe that

So, here we are in February, just 2 months into a new year and hopefully you are still on track to make your dreams a reality, to reach your goals. So…… Stop waiting Take a step forward Persist Think success

February 2011

What Moms Need Most 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

A sanity check A nap Friends A housekeeper Patience Time Time off Time alone Time with God A best friend More energy Support A secretary Encouragement A dishwasher that loads by itself and a vacuum cleaner that works by remote control 16. To know that they‟re being a good mother. 17. To know that being a mother is important

In the Spotlight Name: Rebecca Birthdate: December 4 Family Includes: Husband, Son, Daughter, 2 Dogs Current Residence: “Tinley Park- America’s Best Place to Raise Kids!” Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Expect a surprise every day!! Each new day that comes your way is blessed with promise.

Favorite Magazine: Chicagoland Gardening Favorite Breakfast Food: A Belgian Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream Favorite Restaurant: Vito and Nicks II A movie you could watch over and over again: Wizard of Oz Your favorite place to sit at home: In the backyard, in the hammock during the summer


Hobbies: Photography, Gardening, Cooking

Empower yourself to take full and complete charge of your life. Reclaim the personal power that you never should have lost in the first place-and come to know that you never really did. Feel the breadth of your own power: the power to feel deeply, the power to trust your own voice, the power to create and bring forth life. Learn the true meaning of power: how to use it and not abuse it; how to stand in your power without stepping on anyone else‟s. Join with other women to empower each other. Summon up the inner will to co-create meaningful and joy-filled lives. Empower yourself to take control of your financial life and to prevent others from taking control of your emotional life. Remember.. you have the power to empower, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise has absolutely no power over you. 365 Words of Well-Being for Women Rachel Snyder

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Would you rather listen to an all news station or an all music station: “News – how geeky” If you could afford it at this minute, you would buy: A vacation to Hawaii Favorite holiday: “Thanksgiving – all the food, none of the gift-giving stress” If you could live anywhere in the world, you would live in: Bar Harbor, Maine Do you prefer to talk with people by phone, in person or via email: “IN PERSON, preferably over lunch!” Would you rather write a best-seller or be on the cover of a national magazine: Best-seller If you had to which would you choose- President of United States or world‟s richest person:Caption “Oooo, this is a toughie. You describing picture or might think President so you could affect change, but I graphic. think being rich would enable you to affect more change!!”

Mother Wit Newsletter February 2011

Minding Her Business

Caught Up in the Web

A look at Moms Who Run Their Own Businesses

Introducing Julea Joseph

Daily Worth “A community of women who talk money. They deliver practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pants…daily to your inbox.”

MW: What is Reinventing Space? Julea: My business, Reinventing Space, is an interior redesign, staging and decorating business. I actually call myself an Interior Stylist because I offer a progressive design service menu that embraces the entire home and lifestyle of the client. My motto is, "I don't just decorate your home, I celebrate its soul."  Raising Happiness MW: Why this business? Julea: I have had a knack for making a space beautiful my whole life. I ing_happiness/ This blog is mostly was nursing my son and read a fantastic article in Better Homes & science-based parenting advice. Gardens back in 1995 about a new type of designer emerging. They used Christine Carter believes that there what the homeowner already had to decorate a room, they were are happiness skills that we can called Interior Re-designers. I had been thinking about what I wanted to practice with our children that will do once the boys were bigger and BINGO I found my new career! I help them lead good, meaningful, thought it would be a perfect business to develop as they grew. happy lives. MW: How long have you had Reinventing Space? Julea: 1999, going on 13 years! After reading the article, I started taking  The Mogul Mom an interior design class or two and then after my youngest started pre school, I took the leap and took a 5 day specialty course in Interior “The Mogul Mom takes a holistic Redesign and Home Staging. approach to being a mom MW: What background do you have that is helping you with your entrepreneur and has the whole business? mom in mind, not just the Julea: Before I had children, I had a small business as a software trainer entrepreneur. Because when you‟re and consultant which help me with the business management and a mom entrepreneur, it‟s never just marketing side. I also started off as an art major in college, so the basic about business.” aesthetics of good design were well established in me. My passion for this job is my greatest asset - I just love what I do and my clients see that passion. MW: What do you like most about your business Reinventing Space? Julea: Creating wonderful, beautiful spaces for my clients in their most precious place - the home. I am in the business of making the most of a home and making people happy. MW: What are some of the challenges you have faced in owning Reinventing Space? Julea: Establishing my business. When I started my business, no one Little Brandon Smith had just been put to bed for knew what interior redesign or home staging was. So besides building a the “22nd” time, and his mother‟s patience was clientele, I had to educate the consumer on what I was selling! Over the wearing thin. years I've added other services to continue to meet the needs of my clients. I offer more traditional design services such as window “If I hear you call „Mom‟ one more time, you‟ll treatments, color consultation and assistance in renovating, etc. In the past be punished,” she warned him sternly. 5 years I began offering training and mentoring for those interested in this field ( For a while it was quiet, and then a small voice MW: What piece of advice would you share with Moms who might want called from the top of the stairs, “Mrs. Smith? to consider owning their own business? Caption describing picture or graphic. Can I please have a drink of water?” Julea: Follow your passion! Look to what your talents are - we all have them. Funnel those talents into a business, educate yourself on the business, start small and grow your business as you develop your skills and client list.

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Mother Wit Newsletter February 2011

Kid’s Corner

Teaching the ABC’s to Your Children It would be pretty easy to be a Mom if the only thing we had to do was provide the basic necessities of life for our children. Trips to the store a few times a month would take care of the food, at the beginning of every season we could replace the clothes that they had outgrown, add a decent place to live and a few items for entertainment and most children would be satisfied. However, we know that our children need much, much more than that. In my quest to be a “good” Mom, I am always looking for tools and information to help me to be the best Mom that I can be.

In her list entitled “Teaching the ABC‟s to Your Children”, Glenda Hotton, a counselor, shares some wonderful, but practical ways to provide our children with much, much more than the basic necessities of life. Always be on time, Be a model of honesty, Care about their hurts, Do acts of kindness, Every day give plenty of hugs and kisses, Forget past offenses, Give occasional “token gifts” of love, Have a happy disposition-“a merry heart”, Invest quality time, Jump for joy when they bring home good grades, Keep looking for the good and positive, Listen to their cares and woes and excitement, Make adjustments for physical pain, Never criticize them in front of their peers, Only say words that edify, Put on the heart of patience, Quietly discipline in private, Recognize each child is creatively, uniquely different and specially gifted, Spend time reading to them and listening to them read, Take care of yourself, Understand the age-appropriate behavior of each child, Voicingteaching them to share facts, thoughts, ideas, dreams, opinions, intuition, Welcome their friends, X-ray to the needs of the heart, Yesterday doesn‟t have to dictate today, Zoom in on good behavior

February’s To Do List Believe in Yourself ! Publisher: Helena B. Rogers E-mail: Website: Join Mother Wit on Facebook Feel free to share the newsletters with your friends, family, co-workers.

 Smile and say “Hello” to someone you don‟t know.  The next time you‟re in a store and you receive good service, compliment the salesperson and also let their manager know.  Pay for the person‟s order behind you when you go through a drive thru.  Make a donation to the American Heart Association in memory or in honor of someone.  “Get Moving-Add years to your life and life to your years with some daily physical activity.” American Heart Association  Forget perfection.  Support your child with prayer.  Snack healthy.  Give someone a homemade gift.  Turn off the TV

God’s hand is always there; once you grab it, He’ll never let it go. Send their e-mail addresses so that they will get a chance to be “In the Spotlight”.

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You don’t have to worry about impressing God. He already thinks you’re greateven when you first get up in the morning. Now that’s real love! Mother Wit Newsletter February 2011

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