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Keynote Address Honorable Jejomar Binay Vice President, Republic of the Philippines ASEAN Telmin Shangri-La Hotel, Cebu City 12 November 2012 On behalf of the Philippine government, I would like to congratulate our colleagues from the government lead by the Department of Science and Tecnology through its Information and Communications Technology Office and to our host- Cebu City lead by Governor Gwen Garcia for organizing this event. I would also like to welcome our delegates to the 13th ASEAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SENIOR OFFICIALS MEETING (TELSOM) or the TELMIN. This 4-day event is a true proof of the importance of Information and Communications Technology. ICT is considered as one of the most pervasive and relevant innovation in the world today. It has connected people, provinces, industries and nations. Indeed, it has developed significance socially and most importantly economically. ICT has become a significant industry in the world today- making business processes and the lives of people easier and accessible. As this event theme’s says, “Connected ASEAN: Enabling Aspirations,” we in the Philippine Government also wants this industry’s dream become a reality. And governed by the ASEAN Masterplan for ICT of 2015 tagline “We are stronger when connected,” we hope that the Philippines can contribute to further strengthen and develop this industry side by side in close coordination with ASEAN country members. ICT has become a viable tool for economic growth. In fact, the ASEAN ICT Industry has been able to create around 11.7 million

employment opportunities, contributing to the three percent growth in the overall ASEAN’s gross domestic product in the past year. In the Phillippines, one of the many facets of the ICT industry is the IT-BPO sector. The Business Process Outsourcing is one of the strongest suites of the Philippine ICT. In 2011, this sector was able to contribute 638,000 direct employment opportunities for Filipinos, which is converted into 11 Billion USD in direct revenues. And we strongly see that we can hit 25 Billion USD direct revenues in 2016. In order to strengthen, the IT-BPO sector we have created the ICT Industry Development Program that will continue to develop and to implement comprehensive programs for sustained growth and competiveness of the ICT Industry through creating and supporting growth segments in different regions. But the ICT industry is more than what meets the eye. It also encompasses the power of telecommunications, and as quoted from the ASEAN Masterplan for ICT of 2015, 10 percent increase in the broadband use will help in the 1.3 percent increase in the overall ASEAN GDP. That is why in the Philippine government we have devised policies that would improve our internet use or broadband penetration. We have the Department of Science and Technology Office- Information and Communications Technology Office to create various programs that would address the overall ICT need of this country. And in relation with the broadband use, we have the Cybersecurity program and Internet for all. The government is starting to bridge the gap between ICT rich and ICT poor and this goal is slowly becoming a reality through the Internet for All Program. While Cybersecurity is focused in implementing Cyber Security programs that will combat cybercrimes, making business environment for ICT in the Philippines secured.

We might have the numbers and programs for the ICT Industry. But also we see that the Philippine ICT can be further improved not only for the benefit of our country but for the mutual benefit of all. That is why we in the government are so grateful that we are gathered to continue improve the overall ICT industry climate in the ASEAN region. Let me quote an old saying, “a team is only as strong as its weakest link.� I encourage all ASEAN to work as one, for the ontime attainment of the Masterplan. ASEAN countries have so much more to do in order to make the masterplan become tangible. Let us all take this opportunity for us to create a dialogue that would address the different issues and challenges that the ICT industry is facing. And by creating a dialogue comes creating solutions and programs. Such problems that we think that needs to be addressed are bridging the digital divide most especially for developing ASEAN nations. Throughout the years, the ICT Industry has become a very potent source of income for most ASEAN countries. And with a strong transparency in the Philippine Government, we assure all of you that we are one in achieving our goals by 2015- and that is to become a global player in the global ICT. We are hoping for a continued support and partnership with the ASEAN countries. We also encourage you to continually create and develop technologies that will strengthen the ICT industry. Again, I congratulate the organizers for bringing all the ASEAN countries closer to each other. We look forward to continue working with you in the coming years. This is the beginning of a vibrant future for the ASEAN ICT industry. Thank you and Mabuhay!

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