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The Editorial Team Editor-in-Chief: Christer T. Luchavez Associate | Managing Editor: Nova Eloise A. Enerio Staff Writers: Jessica G. Guingao Del Jane C. Nillos Jason C. Gamalo Elvie Jane M. Ungos Sharon S. Peñafiel Ronald S. Enriquez Febbie Ken A. Masong Angelo S. Fariñas

From the Editor’s Pen Every living PSALMist once had a dream, the dream to know Christ and make Him known. Years passed, some grew tired and stopped dreaming. Others felt discouraged and kept the dream dormant. Few nurtured this dream and painfully took a step toward its fulfillment. The mantra “once a PSALMist, always a PSALMist” seemed not true to all anymore. The humble beginning of PSALM reminds us that a dream of one person is enough to awaken the Sleeping Giant - the Student World. Yet this godly dream did not only start to unfold through one man. It has drawn people together regardless of their attainments, denominational boundaries and preferences. Four decades had passed, the dream of every PSALMist stood its ground. It fought through all odds and insurmountable challenges of the present. This strengthened further our resolve, “He who began a good work in us will FINISH it.” As we enter the 44th year of our existence, I invite all PSALMists from every part of the globe to pause and remember the time when you were with PSALM. Yes, all those memories and trainings. Remember all your prayers and cries. Above all, remember how many lives have been changed by the Lord through your lives and through this ministry. Imagine how many families are transformed and how many hopeless youth are now living with hope and joy. It is all because the Lord has honored our dream. What a glorious day it’s going to be when all of us will once again dream and make every effort to fulfill that dream! Imagine what impact we can make in the Philippines and the world if all of us will unite and move together with one purpose and a clear direction! I desire that one day all of us can say “only one life and it will soon be past; what is done for Christ through PSALM will last.”

Lay-out Artists:

Jason C. Gamalo Jun Marc L. Dapitan Adviser : Gay Nuñez Ebarle

This is the DREAM…never let it go!

WHAT PSALM IS ALL ABOUT... The Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc., officially referred to as PSALM, is a specialized Christian ministry committed to discipling the students and the laity for the Lord Jesus Christ. PSALM started from a small and humble beginning. It evolved from a College Youth Center (CYC) which was established on August 8, 1969 in Zamboanga City, Philippines. Later on February 22, 1977, this ministry became a national movement that was incorporated as PHILIPPINE STUDENT ALLIANCE LAY MOVEMENT, INC and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. With that, PSALM goes to the CAMPUS with government recognition. PSALM clearly states that the BIBLE is its TEXTBOOK. It only teaches Biblical Truths, not church dogmas.

OUR VISION : A global movement that produces dynamic servant leaders committed to transforming the world. OUR MISSION: We exist to Ex.C.E.L.

Extensive in our outreach

Comprehensive in our people development Excellent in our structure and management system Lifetime in our relationships THE FIVE-FOLD PURPOSES OF PSALM 

To evangelize and disciple students and laymen and to encourage their spiritual development; to train them for spiritual leadership and witness in the campuses, in local churches, and in the community.

To equip students, laymen, and pastors for effective leadership and for church growth.

To provide a program of activities focused on social welfare and development.

To encourage appreciation of Filipino culture and talent.

To be a research center in developing materials for spiritual, social, and cultural growth.


GOD’S KINGDOM AGENDA Central to our message is God’s Kingdom Agenda: The fulfillment of the Great Commission, which takes two stages:

GRACE : On the basis of God’s justice and love, we passionately win the hearts of the youth back to God.

TRUTH: We train them for involvement in the ministry; equip them for leadership in the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth; and we nurture them so they develop Christ-like character.

THE YOUTH Foremost in our ministry are the STUDENTS. Our movement’s success starts when we see the youth become passionate agents for spiritual transformation. We are committed to guiding college students obtain knowledge with spiritual insight so they become leaders with Godly values.

THE LAY Our greatest strength is our Lay Partners. They are adult Christians with veracious integrity. They are qualified individuals, well-trained in ministry leadership, coming from diverse sectors of our society. They are our resource pool that sustains the equilibrium between the delivery of our ministry services and our financial support base.

EXCELLENCE A commitment to excellence permeates in everything we do, particularly in Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Training. We continually improve our processes and our relationship with our ministry partners so we stay efficient, relevant and costeffective, continually delivering optimum performance.


THE MARKS OF A TRUE PSALMIST By Naxidez N. Ebarle, OIC-National Director

I have just realized that we need to do MORE, for the PSALM Ministry to run another fifty years or until the Day of His Retur n. We need to do much, much MORE to strengthen our partnership, improve our management systems, provide more logistics and work like FORMOSAN TERMITES in invading the Student world, and fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ! Yes, we need to work MORE like Formosan termites , though working behind the scene, they never stop looking for new opportunities. They infect other termites to do the same. Having the very nature of these Formosan termites, we can invade the network of every person y ou make connections with. You know Zacch? He was so interested in seeing Jesus that he had to climb a tree. Jesus felt the same way. Jesus invaded the network of Zacchaeus. How? He spent time with him and built a lasting relationship with Zacch and am pretty sure that his all other friends got connected with th e Savior, too! And the followers of Jesus multiplied exponentially. But from the standpoint of Christian Educators, we have observed that this is how the young people have become today. The y oung people enrolled in the different colleges and universities have become a culture that listen with their eyes and think with their feelings. They have been so absorbed with self that even one’s self-worth is measured by what he has – ipod, ipad, notebook - or how “tekky” he could be! Students nowadays have self-centered or self-seeking lifestyle that even their priorities and concerns are geared towards self-gratification. They have passive faith. They know they have responsibility and they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. But they are indifferent to the Great Commission. They do not participate. They do not share the Gospel to family and friends. And if ever they are present in fellowships and Bible Study Groups, it is maybe because there is no other choice or there is peer pressure or perhaps, they get so conscious of what others may think or say about them. Their involvement is never INTENTIONAL, and so is their giving of tithes and offering! They are closed to the aspects of God’s Will for their lives. So rigid are they in their thinking and so myopic in their perspective that they limit God, putting Him in a box for the sake of convenience. What could have caused all these? I really doubt if it is all because of technology! To simply put it, most young people of today have no Scriptures in their heads, no hymns in their hearts, and no memory of prayer in their homes and classrooms. They disregard the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit! For these are no longer taught at home. Their parents are probably too busy to teach and empower their children. For they are caught up with new technology, Facebook and all! Or most parents get entangled with too many preoccupations, and always trying to keep themselves in survival mode all the days of their life! In most schools, only a few or exceptionally good Christian Teachers can correlate the Bible or integrate the Bible into the different subject areas like Math, Science or English; And in these post-modern times, only one in every hundred of young people attends church regularly and seriously. So how else can we expect to raise a generation of Christian scholars or Spiritual Champions given this fact? My friends, this is the very reason why PSALM exists. This is where the PSALM Ministry comes into play. This is what we in PSALM can do and will do for the Master! For a true PSALMIST, that is you and me, aims at letting others see what God is doing. By the way these are the marks of a true PSALMIST. A True PSALMIST

  

introduces the students to the family of God, speaks boldly about Jesus Christ and leads them to the saving knowledge of our Savior in great confidence. helps others to move out of this narrow perspective by teaching the Word of God through the Caring Circle Lessons, by exempli fying humility through servant leadership and by staying focused on God’s Will for his life. personally and intentionally involves himself in the Great Commission by worshipping the Lord, praying, witnessing and discipling others and by giving his time, talent and treasure.

And a true PSALMIST and a LIFETOUCHER that he is, he is

     

flexible or pro-active and assertive; enthusiastic in performing the doing of it. confident to be a blessing to the world and others by denying self. open and willing to “tend the flock” no matter what the cost may be. active in his faith and able to explain this faith and his reason for living. global in his perspective and does things with eternity in view. committed, creative, competent, compassionate, and Christ-like in attitude.

Such evidence will find and make its mark in these traits, characteristics and capacities which have to be acquired by each a nd everyone of us , by patient endeavor (walking in faith and working by grace), by following good example( imitating Christ ) and sound instructio n (reading His Word and applying it in our lives), and by being INTENTIONAL in helping PSALM climb greater heights beginning today. And the secret ingredient to all these is our OBEDIENCE to the GOD who called us to SERVE with all our heart, soul and mind. WHEN ALL IS DONE, THEN WE SHALL BECOME WHAT GOD WANTS US TO BE : TO BE THE SALT AND LIGHT OF THE EARTH.

Being that, we can raise the bar together and carry PSALM to the next level. There is no point remaining in the valley or stopping by on a plateau. May I also take this opportunity to thank all of you, for standing in the Gap for PSALM, for gladly sharing your resources to support the ministry, for giving encouragement to our workers who have sacrificed their profession for the sake of the Lord, for believing in us and for inspiring me personally in many a thousand ways. To every PSALMIST, I enjoin you to rejoice with us, for TODAY marks another milestone in the life of PSALM. Blessings!

PAT 2013 — The Ripples By Sharon S. Peñafiel

The PSALM Apprenticeship Training (PAT), is conducted by PSALM every year for those individuals who are willing to join the staffforce. In fact, last year I was one of those 7 individuals who took a leap of faith to join PAT. We named our batch “The Seven Wonders 2012.” The training that we underwent was really a blessing. We all enjoyed both spiritual lessons and the gift of friendship. This year, the same training was again conducted last May 14- June 4, 2013 in Cagayan de Oro City. Another batch of leaders responded and obeyed God’s call. It was an All - Girls batch who brought with them their obedient and passionate hearts to follow God’s will. Seven (7) of them came from various regions of Mindanao and a representative

from Cebu District, Visayas region. The following are the names of these committed ladies whose only desire is to serve the Lord through PSALM ministry. Region VII – Cebu City: Ms. Jenifer C. Sia, BSBA Region IX – Buug District: Ms. Margie A. Lindawan, BS-Public Admistration Region X - Cagayan de Oro: Ms. Mary Grace T. Dacayo BS-Information Technology, Ms. Regine S. Hinogin , BS in Nursing — (RN) Ms. Suzanne Camille B. Lazo, BS in Accountancy—(CPA) Region XII - Cotabato City: Ms. Hezel V. Bangkas, BSBA-Management Koronadal City: Ms. Jolly Ann K. Nesperos, BS-Hotel Restaurant Management

Region XIII – Butuan City: Ms. Dave Jane D. Nuñez, AB-Political Science These ladies seem to be frail and fragile in the eyes of men, but in the eyes of God they are strong, mighty and empowered to respond to His call. To all gentlemen (PSALMISTS) out there, you might be called to be a part of PAT 2013 but have chosen not to heed your calling. Please do remember this: God’s call maybe delayed but never thwarted. No one can hinder God from carrying out His plans for your life. Once God sets something in motion, no one can stop it. (Isaiah 46:11). The PAT 2013 ladies’ obedience proved this. Hear and obey and let God be praised!

-1 Corinthians 10:31

A DAY TO ENJOY TOGETHER: PSALM NSR 2013 “Work while you work, play while you play" is a very well-known statement in the west. As faith -based workers, we all have experienced great fun even while we are at work. But to have fun outside work is a far different thing. Something greater and special is achieved when workers de-stress corporately. This is the principle behind the PSALM's National Staff Retreat last April 5, 2013. So off they went – all 34 full-time staff and 6 volunteer staff – to rejuvenate themselves…TOGETHER! The day started with a ride on a 60-seater pump boat packed with food and fun! The staff headed to the neighboring island where there was a garden of corals , a very good spot for snorkeling. Without minding the scorching heat of the sun,

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

the group plunged into the crystal blue waters. It is said that "thinking is hard with an empty stomach", and so is snorkeling. After snorkeling, it's chow time!. Next stop was Bambonita Resort. While waiting for lunch to be served, some of the staff played volleyball and basketball while others had seemingly endless “chitchats.” A funny situation came up that made the waiting more enjoyable. The cook asked for extra time to serve the food, they were still having a "hide and seek" or a " Tom and Jerry" moment on the last chicken to be served. Fresh young coconut juice completed the meal. Some "natives of the sea" hitched on the activity, selling some cultured pearls to everyone in the company. The local tourist-ministers

enjoyed the bargaining- a gift to self or a pasalubong to wife, friends, parents and relatives back home. Though tummies were filled, eyes wouldn’t surrender to sleep, so we went snorkeling once again. This time, we had it in Angel's cove. The area had more to offer underneath. More schools of fish wandering below. Disposing small amount of leftovers made a close encounter with the fish. Such a great time to marvel at God's wonderful creation.

The day's event granted everyone more than enough time of rest and recreation. What a great way to “retreat” from the “hassles and bustles” of life! Thank you, Lord!

What A Better Way to Learn! By Jason C. Gamalo

I would always thank God for His loving grace and mercy throughout the years that I have served Him through the ministry of PSALM. Indeed, it is in PSALM that I have gained numerous opportunities for growth and development as the Lord’s worker especially among the youth. As a worker for the Lord, I highly value and appreciate the need to be intensively trained in different aspects of the ministry such as evangelism, discipleship, and leadership. I also equally value the significance of rest and times of refreshing. That is why I always avail of seminars, conferences, trainings, and retreats (including our very own LTI’s, NSR, and SDT) that can help me nurture my faith, strengthen my convictions, and improve my service. After spending eleven days in Manila for the Global Discipleship Congress 2013 and for vacation, I headed to Davao City for a Teacher’s Training among selected PSALM Staff. It was sponsored by the PSALM Lay in cooperation with the Exegesis School of Davao, Inc. On my way to Davao I wondered how the training would go, who exactly and how many were expected, who were our resource speakers, and what would I be learning. Without having the immediate answers, I prayed to God that He would bless and make the training fruitful. June 5, 2013. The first day of the training. Just like any PSALM-sponsored events, this training was a place where the fondness among PSALM Staff participants sparked into excitement. I found out that the theme of the event was “Teacher Na, Writer Pa.” The event, which would run from June 5 to 9, was actually a Seminar-Workshop on Effective Teaching Strategies and the Heart of Writing combined. I had only committed until June 6 because I had to go to Iligan City, my new assignment this

year, for DMPC. Nevertheless, that meant I would not be missing the entire journalism workshop because some topics on writing were incorporated on the second day. We started with a heart-warming devotional by Mrs. Emee Daquiado. You know what, a devotional time led by persons who had been in PSALM for many years would always be meaningful for me because aside from credibility and connection, I would hear from them their real-life experiences and testimonies about the faithfulness of God. Ate Emee creatively used the acronym PSALM to share her heart to the present Staff. Mrs. Naxidez N. Ebarle, or Ate Gay as we fondly call her, took over and discussed what Teaching is and shared her own Teaching Principles. As usual, she did her talk with unpredictable wit and humor. She emphasized one of the most important roles of a PSALM Staff – A TEACHER. Not just a mere ordinary teacher, but a teacher who will communicate the knowledge of Christ. I particularly liked the example of David, who served God with integrity of heart and skillful hands. “In PSALM, we must be an institution of excellence that can serve all,” said Ate Gay. Mrs. Nanette Cañoneo followed and presented her topic on Cooperative Learning. What I remembered her saying something very vital was, “Keep the main thing the main thing : That is to glorify God.” She also said that Christian teachers should be FATS – Faithful, Available, Teachable, and Sacrificial. We learned some methods of cooperative learning that we can actually employ as we teach the Team Building Laboratories of PSALM. Her husband, Mr. Basil Cañoneo, was the next speaker and he ran through the topic of Higher Order Thinking Skills, covering Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. He also shared his personal stories and his heart for raising godly children in their

school. June 6, 2013. The second – and my last – day of the workshop. A co-Staff, Mr. Christer Luchavez, shared about finishing well with joy, an exposition on the verse Acts 20:24. His talk was a challenge for us to remember our purpose and mission. Mrs. Cañoneo was back with Learning Strategies, Class Activities, and Teaching Methodologies. Although I have heard about the topic on Multiple Intelligences many times, it was still quite interesting. We had our assessment and found out where we are smart at. Mr. Jon Joaquin, an editor of the local newspaper Mindanao Mirror, talked about the technicalities of news and feature writing. I was glad I was able to join this one after a long time; the first and only time I attended a seminar on journalism was when I was in grade six, which was thirteen years ago. Mr. Joaquin is a Christian, much to the joy of everyone in the workshop. Aside from being a journalist, he is also a barefoot runner and a blogger. So we asked him about barefoot running and blogging, somehow outside but still related to his topic. Ate Gay followed with the Heart of Writing. I learned that a writer had to be precise and accurate. Mrs. Cañoneo was back again with The Art of Emceeing. Too bad we ran out of time for a workshop; however, she had discussed relevant points regarding the topic so that was a good foundation. I greatly appreciate the people behind this workshop. I can say that we had our fill in terms of skills training. I thank God for people like Ate Gay and all the sponsors who unselfishly shared their time and resources for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom in and through the ministry of PSALM. The fact is, they have shared their lives to us. What a better way to learn!

Selected PSALM Staff who joined the news wri ting workshop at Exeg esis School of Davao last June 8, 2013.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters . -Colossians 3:23

Training Reflections Thank God! I Am a PSALM Staffer… A Teacher, A Writer and An Actor!

PSALM Sta ff who joined the Teacher’s Training.

I have been longing to be developed and trained further as a PSALM staffer and a professional. The reason being is because the world has becomes more dynamic. The barometer of everything I do in the ministry is relevance--with how the Filipino youth perceive things, how they respond to the gospel and how they can be influenced to be influencers someday. Thanks to the trainings I have undergone in Davao City. The trainings were dubbed as “Teacher na, Writer Pa!” But in reality, the trainings were more than that. The trainings opened with a very powerful challenge through a devotional message shared to us by no less than the former PSALM Regional Director, Mrs. Emee B. Dacquiado. It was very challenging and personal that it deepened my love, longing and dreams for PSALM. I am an accountant by profession but I have turned out to be more of a teacher. As a discipler and mentor, teaching is my primary

task. Thanks again to the trainings I got from PSALM. The recent teacher’s training I had in Davao made me realize that there are indeed various ways or methodologies of teaching. These methodologies are very important to be effective, interactive and relevant. The Multiple Intelligence Test is very enlightening. I can now better assess and facilitate the learning styles of my student leaders and bible study contacts. The exposition of HOTS (higher order thinking skills) is very informative. It gives me a whole new look of questioning, assessing, discipling and mentoring potential leaders in the ministry. A PSALM staffer is also a writer. We communicate the gospel to the world , not only in person but even in writings and similar literatures. The Journalism workshop proves very helpful to me. I am now more equipped and confident in writing news and feature articles. This knowledge will surely help me in our district

newsletter and communications.


The last hooray was the theatre arts workshop. I tell you, it was wonderful. I loved it so much! At first, I could not imagine where this workshop fit in, in my ministry. I was not an actor and acting was the last thing I would do . I was proven wrong. The understanding of the dynamics of theatre is not only necessary but a MUST. Through the workshop, I have learned to strengthen my ability to communicate with my eyes, gestures and even facial expressions. I know that when I speak in front, I can now communicate the message that I want them to learn with passion and power. Thank God! I am a PSALM Staffer, ...a teacher, awriter and an actor! Thank God! I am a PSALM staffer… a teacher, a writer and an actor! -By Christer T. Luchavez

Me? Teacher Na?...Writer Pa? By Angelo Fariñas

But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, and in all eagerness and in the love from us that is in you—make sure that you excel in this act of kindness too. -2 Corinthians 8:7

It hasn’t been a month since I left Davao for Dipolog. Oh! I’m back again in Davao! But this time it’s a different thing. I’m back for a skills training entitled “Teacher Na, Writer Pa!” I’m not so sure if it’s the first time to have this sort of training, but anyway I’m more than glad I’m part of it! Training it is! The inputs on teaching strategies, writing skills and theatre arts are overwhelming. The sessions are awesome and the teachers are well rounded with knowledge, experience and spiritual maturity. But one area captures my

reflective senses. I have come to realize especially in handling small group that every insight in a lesson should be pointed out very well. What I mean with pointing out is not just verbalizing or repeating the main thought. Pointing out is basically making your student discover and internalize the lesson. I need to be CREATIVE as a Teacher or Leader so I will be able to engage my contacts’ intellectual and spiritual development. Through the workshop I have realized I am more of a talker than a facilitator. I upload so much information to my group like details,

background and others and because of too much talking I usually forget to go back to the main thing, to the BIG IDEA. Well, as I understand it, the main thing should be the main thing. So why teach or give them too many details if these will not keep them in track?

I thank God for this wonderful realization. I hope to be a better Teacher this time. But I pray that God will make me a better writer as well!

Everyday… My Grandest Performance By: Elvie Jane Ungos

Going to Davao to join this training excites me a lot for it is my first time to join this kind of training. It gives me more expectations like how this training can help improve my teaching styles and what are the things I need to learn for me to become more effective in God’s work. Teaching about Jesus and His Word to the students becomes my lifestyle and brings joy to me. But often times I ended up questioning myself: Am I teaching it right? Am I effective? Did they clearly understand the lessons? Questions like these are my usual companion after I finish the lesson. I always evaluate

myself and try to do better next time. So, I keep on doing what I think is right. Attending this training really helps and corrects some of my teaching methodologies. This training also helps improve my approach to launch a discussion, to make the whole class become attentive and participative in the lessons. The art of questioning, asking the right questions can help stimulate good discussion in the sessions. This training also helps me understand the different learning styles. This causes me to create a variety of activities

so that these different styles will be addressed. Discovering my intelligences helps me appreciate myself and know my potentials as well. My desire to pursue my interest in performing arts is awakened during the theater arts workshop. Putting away shame is the very thing I needed to do- by just being myself and give all best I could in this challenge. While enjoying it, I have learned that everyday should be MY GRANDEST PERFORMANCE of what God has called me to do. For the glory of my God Almighty.

God’s Minister, God’s Teacher By Febbie Ken A. Masong

Learning never stops if we are just willing to undergo the process and learn, re-learn and unlearn. It is very important that each of us in PSALM must be excellent and confident enough in our approaches and even in our speech especially that we are dealing with College students, Professionals and Businessmen. I admit that I am not that good yet. But I am trying my very best to pursue

excellence and to summon my courage to make confidence my name. And there’s another thing that sometimes bothers me since God called me to fulltime ministry. In this field, my being a professional teacher is of no use anymore. But with the seminar-workshop at Exegesis School of Davao last June 4-10, 2013 with the theme “Teacher Na, Writer Na” attended by the Editorial Team of PSALM Today Magazine, I realized that my work is not merely ministering people but

actually teaching them! This was such a brilliant idea to conduct a workshop like this, for this is such a great help for me as God’s minister. Being that, we should be a good and creative teacher of the Gospel. Aside from soaking ourselves in reading God’s Word and in prayer, we also need to soak ourselves in this kind of training in order to serve God with excellence. He deserves our best. OUR EXCELLENT BEST.

If They Can Do It, Why Can’t I? By : Ronald S. Enriquez

I never thought of myself writing an article like this one because I knew someone can do that better than I do. But when I joined the training last June 5-9, 2013 at Exegesis School of Davao, I was challenged! If they can do it, why can't I ? It was beyond expectation! At first, I thought it would be all thinking how to write and what to write that would stir my mind to death. I was afraid because I always had a hard time constructing sentences in English and I was conscious most of the time of my grammar. But you know what I experienced? Information overload, "nose bleeding,", mixed emotions, assignments, games, fun, workshop and a lot of learning.

For five days I was being stretched beyond my capacity. But really, it was worth it Once I put heart to it, I see life to it! This is what I see among the lives of our trainers or teachers. It is really a different thing when you say "Christian Teachers." They just don't teach lessons, they teach life. Each of our trainers has a different teaching style. Mrs. Gay Ebarle is very enthusiastic even while teaching the rules for past, present and future perfect tenses. Now I am resolved that I need to master the lessons first before teaching it to others by doing research and by reading books. How I enjoyed the interactive games which the Mrs. Nanette Cañoneo employed to engage all of us with her lessons on cooperative learning, creative

teaching, the art of emceeing and about multiple intelligence which helped me understand myself and others as well. The activities made my heart beat twenty times faster than usual. I was also captivated by the way News Writing was taught by Mr. Jon Joaquin, a professional writer himself. And one more thing, I would never ever forget the Theatre Workshop that paved the way for my “transformation.” Never in my wildest imagination that I would also turn out to be an actor!

What a privilege! How blessed I have been to be one of 15 PSALM staffers who underwent such a training in our lifetime. Thank you, Lord for this wonderful opportunity – to learn, to grow, and BE!

44th PSALM Anniversary PSALM Davao

PSALM Davao together with PSALM National Office celebrated the 44th Anniversary of PSALM last August 21, 2013 at its Eden Lot in Toril, Davao. Student leaders, the Lay and the Board of Directors both from Davao and Tagum Districts gathered together to grace the said event. We brought with us forest tree seedlings to be planted in the area. We arrived at almost 10 o’clock in the morning and started planting the trees while the rest were preparing the place for lunch.

Around noontime, we had a short program that was opened with a prayer and welcome address by our National Board Chairman, Engr. Jocip Ebarle. Then Mrs. Emee Daquiado shared and challenged us to support the National Training Base through Oplan 1000 @ 1000 campaign. Then Mrs. Gay Ebarle, the OIC-National Director also gave a word of encouragement. It was tiring yet a very fulfilling and creative way of celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness. We thank the Lord for the shady weather, for

covering us from the rays of the midday sun and taking hold of the heaviness of the clouds. The celebration was punctuated by a sumptuous lunch, and accentuated with a Lechon and a Roasted Turkey! It was a great day to celebrate His goodness and faithfulness in the ministry of PSALM all through these years, May the seedlings sown grow and become another testimony of the greatness of our Living God. To Him be all the glory! - By Jessica G. Guingao

PSALM Koronadal PSALM Koronadal celebrates the th 44 anniversary of PSALM as a national movement and its 23rd district anniversary last August 24, 2013. Achored on the theme. “The Marks of a True PSALMist,” Mrs. Naxidez “Gay” N.

Ebarle shared with everyone The Marks of A True PSALMist. She presented an illustration as to how such qualities may be realized in the life of the PSALMists, and how to make Matthew 5:13 become real and true in our Christian life being the Salt of the earth and Light of the world.

It was also a celebration of love and friendship renewed among the alumni, the board members, the students and the ministry partners. And this memorable evening rekindled the passion to serve the Living God through the PSALM Ministry. - Del Jane C. Nillos

PSALM Cotabato “Once a PSALMist, always a PSALMist,” quipped most of those who attended the 44th Founding Anniversary of PSALM in Cotabato City. It is a statement that affirmed the strongest bond and strengthened the indubitable identity of people who shared their lives in the ministry. Inspired by the theme “The Marks of a True PSALMist,” PSALM Cotabato joined the entire nation in celebrating the 44 years of building dynamic servant leaders, the 44 years of reaching and discipling the youth and the 44 years of God’s enduring faithfulness in the ministry. Amidst the terror which took place 2 weeks before the event when a

bomb exploded few meters away from the venue, the celebration went on. Dressed in their vintage attires, young and old flocke d Sardonyx in the morning of August 26, 2013. The celebration began with an emotional Opening Remarks delivered by the Chairman of the District Board of Directors, Mrs. Vivian L. Moreno. It became emotional since the District Director Mr. Christer T Luchavez (diagnosed with dengue, urinary tract infection and amoebiasis) was still battling for his life at Brokenshire Hospital, Davao City as she spoke. A team from the National Office spearheaded by the OIC-National Director Mrs. Naxidez N. Ebarle graced

the memorable event. Ate Gay, as we fondly call her, effectively conveyed the marks of a True PSALMists--as salt and light of the earth wherever they may be. The message was so true and powerful that at the end of the event the leaders claimed their identity : “I am a PSALMist.” Added to the excitement was the presence of church partners, donors, lay and ministry partners. The celebration highlighted their important role in this ministry and for their dedication and commitment to help the ministry go on leaps and bounds, tokens of appreciation were given to them. The celebration ended with frenzied praise jam, lifting the Name of Jesus.

PSALM Cotaba to Anniversary Celebration at Sa rdonyx

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. -1 Peter 2:9

PSALM Gensan 3-in-1 Anniversary Specials PSALM Gensan celebrated a 3-in-1 anniversary special to celebrate its 28th year as a local district; it also celebrates the 44 years of making an impact in universities and colleges since 1969, and of course it was a night of thanksgiving and fellowship re-connecting the old and the new generations of PSALMISTS. This memorable and remarkable celebration of PSALM Gensan at Phela Grande Hotel last August 20,

2013 at 6:00 o’clock in the evening. No words were enough to express our overflowing thanksgiving to our Almighty God for what He had done in and through the ministry of PSALM. The Board of Directors, Staffers, Lay / Alumni, students and ministry partners gathered together to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the ministry. It was a funfilled and joyful evening. The students

shared their natural talents in dancing, singing and acting. Of course the epicenter of the night was the message from the Word of God which was conveyed by Mrs. Naxidez “Gay” Ebarle, OIC-National Director of PSALM. Everyone was empowered and encouraged as they pondered upon this eye opening phrase: “A true PSALMist must be the salt of the earth and light of the world.”

PSALM GenSan Anniversary Celebra tion at Phela Grande Hotel, General Santos Ci ty

Island Trainings 2013 PLTI—Luzon October 24-30, 2013 Jalajala Retreat House and Training Center, Jalajala, Rizal No. of Delegates: Basic—20 Advanced– 10 Specialized—2

PLTI—Visayas October 24-31, 2013 Calvary Chapel Training Center, Mocia de Mira, Candau-ay, Dumaguete City No. of Delegates: Basic—17 Advanced– 10

PLTI—Mindanao October 25-November 1, 2013 Mindanao Regional Bible College (MRBC), City Heights, General Santos City No. of Delegates: Basic—67 Advanced– 33 Specialized—32

PSALM Dipolog Board of Directors led by M r. Emmanuel Macaranas gearing themselves for 2014 Lay Conven tion and National Assembly in Dipolog City.

PSALM Dipolog hosted a Dinner Fellowship with the OIC -ND Gay Eba rle togeth er wi th District Directors from Dipolog, Davao, Cotabato, Buug, Pagadian and Zamboanga

The members of the District Boa rd of Tagum headed b y Mrs. Ellen Pongcol Guinoo together with the Lay, the Staff and the Chairman of the Board, Eng r. Jojoe L. Ebarle.

The Board of Directors of PSALM Butuan led b y Rev. Cha rlie C. Prior together wi th the visiting Lay from Davao and Tagum with the NBD Chairman and OIC-Na tional Director.

PSALM Koronadal Anniversary Celebration

PSALM Cotabato Anniversary Celebration

PSALM Tacurong Anniversary Celebration

PSALM GenSan Anniversary Celebration

How Misery Turns to Blessing My name is Orly Tan, 19 years old, a working student. I am one of the student leaders of the Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc. – DFCAM College of Las Piùas. I was eight years old when my father died. My Mom got widowed for the second time around and she got married for the third time. My mother got addicted to gambling at the Casino. And all that changed everything. Our family life was torn apart, and life became miserable. I was then searching for God. I was in grade three when my teacher invited me to be one of the Parish Sacristans, being a Catholic. I also served as a lector and commentator during Sunday masses. Yet, as the days passed by, my problems got worse. Even though my Mom tried to restore our family by renting a room for us to be together, it did not work out because everytime she would go bankrupt because of gambling, we ended up living with friends and relatives again. Since I could not contain all these trials at a very young age, my little faith shrank into desperation. I questioned God so many times and I stayed away from Him. I would only go to mass when I felt like it. My desire to

serve Him diminished to nothingness. I learned to drink liquor and smoke cigarettes; I also got involved with immoral activities. My God-given gift of intelligence and leadership was going down the drain. I even forgot my regular habit of praying before sleeping. The only motivation I had was merely to take revenge of those people who were too unkind to be forgiven, that one day, I would have them under my feet. So all I had to do was to finish my studies and get rich.

In March 2011, I was baptized and became a member of a local evangelical church. Since then, I have become an active student leader of PSALM in my campus. What a blessing from on high!

What a miserable state I had been and this lingered until 2010. I was first year college then when two of my classmates, Joy Garin and Melnar Nario invited me to enrol in the Caring Circle Lessons - a ten bible study lessons about the gift of salvation, the unconditional love of God and how to have personal relationship with God. I learned the basic truth about God and Christianity and that became the turning point of my life. By the grace of God, I was able to understand the purpose of my life especially the call for me to obey the Great Commission of Christ.

I know that right now God is still molding me to become the kind of person He wants me to be. All I need to do is to respond to His calling. For I know, my humble service to Him will never be in vain. To God be all the glory!

Truly, there is nothing worth comparing to the life of being dedicated to God and being used as a channel of blessing to others, reaching out the youth of today and introducing them to Christ.

- By Orly Tan

Now That I Have Jesus, I Have Everything! Man is naturally made to be loved. Every man longs for love, seeks for it, and needs it. And as I grew older, my need for love also bloated to the extent that I needed someone to satisfy such need – in any way! I reached the point where the love of my family and friends was never enough for me. . So I sought for love from a man, six years older than I was. I entered into a relationship with him even though I really did not love him. I thought having an older boyfriend would make me feel loved. The relationship lasted for almost five years but my longing for love wasn’t satisfied at all. So I searched again for love from other people, from so many textmates. Yes, it was fun but love? It was as elusive as a dream. When I went back to school after three years, I was firm in my resolve that I had better excel in my studies to seek the approval of my classmates and teachers, and they might love me for being on top. But on my own, I was not getting anywhere. I was like a lost sheep trying to find my way home. Until one day, I broke up with my boyfriend. It wasn’t a serious relationship at all that was why I felt so strange when I found myself severely affected. The break up brought me too much pain for me to bear. I felt so broken, unloved, hopeless, alone, empty, and no one was there to comfort and understand me. Amidst all these, a PSALM student leader reached out to me. While she was sharing the Gospel, I realized that I was the one controlling my life. No wonder I felt lost and empty! When the truth was unfolded to me and with a heart that was totally empty, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. That very moment, at last, the One and Only One who could satisfy the love I needed so badly had found me. I enrolled in the Caring Circle Lesson. As I took every lesson, I noticed that my heart was satisfied and I was falling in love with Jesus Christ. Truly, God is love. Now that I have Jesus in my life, I have everything! When God saved me and assured me of His love for me, I was so overwhelmed that I decided to serve Him through the ministry of PSALM. I was one of the Student Leaders during my time. I attended trainings, and reached out to the students in Bukidnon State University. I got so busy in the ministry but the Lord helped me to excel in my studies. By His grace, I graduated from my BS Accountancy course. Even upon taking the CPA board examination, still it was the Lord who planned the victory. I was about to give up and thought of not taking the board exam. But the Lord “pushed me” to pursue it. How I thanked Him for making me a Certified Public Accountant. I am very blessed. I will never be where I am today if it were not for the Lord. Now that I am a PSALM alumna, the Lord has called me to continue serving the ministry of PSALM as He puts me in Bukidnon State University as a College Instructor. It’s my desire and prayer to reach out to my

students and to see them living for God’s kingdom. With all that I am and with all that I have, I will live it for God’s glory. I do not have to seek for love. I do not have to search for it. For LOVE has found me, and filled me to the brim! - By Jiffamae A. Centillas

Sonti, Del Jane, Jonah, Sharon, Jorlemae, Jomelove, & Jun Marc

WONDERSfull Rainbow The birth of each rainbow begins “The birth of each rainbow begins with millions of tiny rain droplets. These droplets serve as a type of reflector of light. White light enters one individual droplet and exits as one specific color of the spectrum. Without millions of rain droplets, a rainbow would not occur.” -Quoted from the Internet Similarly, every new cluster of staff that is added to the workforce commences with a sincere prayer in the PSALM family. Though there were doubts and confusions at first for those ones who were called, His light penetrates and illuminates the bewildered mind and makes them decide to breakthrough the clouds of double-mindedness. For all the fervent prayers that were showered, seven individuals responded, knowing the duty to reflect the ONE who was LIGHT to them with the different colors they were called to represent. They are the WONDERS that God summoned. These individuals will Win Others for Christ No matter what the cost may be with sheer Determination, Enthusiasm and Reliance on the Savior. Thru the ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow, His greatness is magnified and more recognized in every life that they touch. RED symbolizes boldness, strength, determination, passion and courage and it is well represented by Jun Marc L. Dapitan, a PSALM Apprenticeship Trainee, assigned in Davao City. His mind was illuminated by the droplet of God’s Word in Genesis 12:2-3 “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

ORANGE denotes cheerfulness, enthusiasm, encouragement, and resourcefulness and these are some of the characteristics that we can find in Sharon S. Penafiel of Tagum City. Jovial in whatever she does and always exemplifies humility in her life, a legacy she wants to share to others with Matthew 16:25 ringing like a melody in her heart, always reminding her that “whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for God will find it.” YELLOW stands for optimism, intellect, happiness, wisdom and joy – undoubtedly like Del Jane C. Nillos of Koronadal City. As the droplet travels down through the billows of confusion, His light shone on her to make her known her purpose as Jeremiah 1:5 touched her heart by saying: ““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” GREEN means durability, reliability, optimism, calmness and honest. This is Jonalyn S. Diano of Cebu City, and she will always remind us of this color. Inside this calm hue resides the spirit of strength and courage as she has been instructed by God to be strong and courageous. Not to be afraid; not to be discouraged, for the LORD will be with her wherever she will go as she continues to meditate upon His word day and night. (Joshua 1:9,8) BLUE cast peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability and we can find these qualities in Jose A. Sontillano Jr. of PSALM Manila. A silent man yet has a lot to say because He enables him when He said “ Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” (Exodus 4:12) He needs to persevere so that when he has done the will of God, he will receive what was promised. (Hebrews 10:36)

INDIGO conveys integrity, sincerity and service which are best portrayed by Jorlemae M. Ayuban from General Santos City. A lass with still personality and a heart that willingly serves, finds her way to Him when she was told in Proverbs 6:1“To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue.” This was the impression of God to her as she was called to radiate His life by being a PSALM staff. VIOLET, the last but not the least, a color that brings brings royalty and uniqueness. Just like Jomelove Joy B. Flaga of Tacurong City. A responsibility to always bring royalty to the King through her life and she is always encouraged by God in Mark 5:36 that she should not be afraid, for she only needs to believe. These WONDERSfull colors of the rainbow were the added hues and tones that paint the entire magnificent picture that HE has already made in PSALM through these years. This magnificent beauty in the sky forms a complete circle, yet only half is visible and manifested. For us to see the entire round transparent colors, we need to be in greater heights of faith, needs lots of fervent and sincere droplets of prayers and a willing heart to cast the Light that every life reflects. God needs more vessels to radiate His love in every part of the world. He needs everyone. He needs you. Just be a vessel and be amazed on how He will shine through you and use you for others to see the circumference of this seven-stripedcolored beauty in the sky. Be a part of the next group of wonders that GOD will make through the ministry of PSALM!

Staff Development Training By Del Jane C. Nillos Yesterday’s best is today’s better and tomorrow’s good. There is always something to improve for every individual who doesn’t want to settle in the status quo. It is not enough to be the best today but to be better each passing day. That’s the attitude that all our PSALM staffers have. They are not just leaders training leaders but leaders willing to be trained, for always. For this reason, bi-annual training is conducted for the staff on different but relevant topics and lessons to learn from. Last April 8-10, 2013, our Staff Development Training was held at Davao Alliance Bible College. Exciting topics

were discussed. The Art of Preaching was shared to us by Rev. Norman Naromal. Being a PSALM staff is a complete package and being a preacher is not far from the job. This topic is a sure great help to everyone. Knowing the ways, methods and kinds of preaching makes it “bite size” and easy to chew! Out of busyness, the staffers usually fail to manage their private world because of the “others first before mine” attitude.Thanks to Dr. Flor Buhay who shared how to rightfully manage our private world. We learned that by avoiding some sinkholes in one’s life, we must have time of our own - to think and reflect. And more importantly, to have a personal quiet time with God.

After giving time for one’s self and being strong inside out, the staff are now more able to SERVE well as they LEAD. That is Servant Leadership. It’s about portraying not instructing. This is what Mrs. Gay Nuñez Ebarle shared to the staff. On top of all these was the lavishness of His love. The Staff Development Training ended with a Banquet. It was a night of Food, Fellowship and Fun! Engr. Jocip Ebarle, the Chairman of the National Board of Directors shared sumptuous food for the soul and spirit that filled our hearts to the brim! More than enough to get ourselves ready for another year of service in the courts of the Lord!

The PSALM Board, Lay and Sta ff d uring the SDT Culmination last April 2013 a t Exegesis School of Davao.

Statistical Performance Areas Shared with the Gospel Received Christ Enrolled in Bible Study (CCL) Finished CCL Lesson 2 Finished the 10 CCL Lessons Ushered to Local Churches Baptized Finished Basic TBL Finished Advanced TBL Finished Specialized TBL Finished Administrative TBL

June-March 31 SY 2012-2013

June-October 2013

15,869 12,941 4,118 8,014 1,665 640 191 360 87 40 20

9,241 7,578 2,226 1,715 507 207 31 104 53 34 0

OPLAN 1000@1000 of PSALM NATIONAL LAY By Mrs. Emee Boiser Daquiado Launched last August 23, 2013 alongside PSALM’s 44th Anniversary Celebration at PSALM Davao’s Eden lot in Toril was Oplan 1000@1000. It was attended by no less than the National Board Chairman,Jocip Ebarle ; NBD members Elena Pongcol-Guinoo and Joanne Abing-Balbacal; the Acting National Director and Lay President, Naxidez “Gay” Nunez-Ebarle; the National Staff Development Director, Elvin E. Bayate; members of the District Board of PSALM Davao and PSALM Tagum; members of the National Ministries Planning Council; PSALM Lay Officers and members; and student leaders from the different colleges and universities in Davao City. What is Oplan 1000@1000? Oplan 1000@1000 is the PSALM National Lay’s official Fund Raising Campaign - that is to enlist the first 1,000 Lay PSALMists who are willing to pray regularly and pay annually a minimum of PHP 1,000 pesos on top of the pledges already committed as Board or Supporter, if applies. Strategically, with this scheme, the Prayer Base of PSALM shall be strengthened while raising at least a minimum sum of ONE MILLION PESOS annually. Who are the PSALM Lay? The PSALM Lay are the PSALM Alumni, the Associates, the Staffers, the Board of Directors, the Supporters, the Sympathizers, the Ministry Partners or anyone who is touched and blessed by God through PSALM and who continues to believe in its role, calling and ministry in God’s end-time harvest. What is Oplan 1000@1000 for? The Lord willing, through Oplan 1000@1000, we will be able to connect and reconnect with the old and new Lay PSALMists alike and lead them back to the mainstream of PSALM, rekindle the once shared passion and establish a more meaningful ministry partnership together; to provide every Lay PSALMist the opportunity to fulfill his special role in the ministry of PSALM by becoming an Aggressive Participant in reaching out every student for Christ through his faithful praying and sacrificial giving ; and to address the perennial financial problem of PSALM that has been constraining us from fully operating as a national movement . PSALM as a national movement has so much needs and concerns. It is countless. However, the Lord willing, the P 3,000,000.00 that shall be hopefully collected for the next 3 years or between now 2013 and 2016, shall be specifically and specially earmarked for the renovation of our PSALM Training Base in Talisay City, Cebu as PSALM Lay's first big project. Why the PSALM Training Base? As the Holy Temple is to the Jews, the PSALM Training Base is also to the PSALMists. For years now, the PSALM Training Base has not been used anymore as a Training Center. This Base should have been our heritage. It is a symbolic, historical, and sentimental place to most of us. A witness to our spiritual encounters. And now this place where we had been nurtured in Christ has now lost its glory. Those who have been at the PSALM Base lately could not help but cry at the sight of our dilapidated Training Base. Currently, it is being rented out for the general maintenance and upkeep of the base and to help make both ends meet. The PSALM Lay believes that it is high time to redeem the stature of the PSALM Training Base and its function as our National Training Center which, ever since, has played a vital role in our Discipleship component, the LIFE-BLOOD of our ministry. Besides, it must be our acid test to our exercise of stewardship of what God has gifted PSALM, for this Training Base is undoubtedly God’s special gift to PSALM.

The Challenge Is Oplan 1000@1000 doable? Definitely, it is ! That is if we put to heart the strong message of partnership as demonstrated by the four men in Mark 2: 1-5, who were of one faith and shared one vision of seeing the paralytic man healed. So that with all determination, they removed the roof above Jesus, who was the object of their faith, just to let down the pallet on which the paralytic was lying. These four men of compassion were up to just one thing, the healing of this man. And Jesus, so deeply moved seeing THEIR faith, said to the paralytic to rise up and walk. PSALM Lay believes that as we P.S.A.L.M. together: P S A L M

- Partnership - Shared Vision - All in One Faith - Led by Determination - Men of Compassion

we can make things happen and we should make it happen now. It is our call, and not anybody else’s! For it is us - who have met the Lord personally, been graciously touched and spiritually nurtured by God through the ministry of PSALM. So let us get our act together - for the love of God and PSALM! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0000~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may send your pledges and support to Oplan1000@1000 ($25 USD) to our Dollar Account as designated fund: PNB Dollar Account Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc. Account No. 446 509 5000 10 Philippine National Bank Bajada, Davao City BPI Account Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc. (National Office Account) Account No. 002033-1150-51 Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Bajada, Davao

ALLIED BANK Account Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc. (Lay Account) Account No. 3730 17528 8 Allied Bank – Agdao Branch Davao City

Just advise us in writing through e-mail ( ) or text 09322450929 regarding the details of said remittance and/or fund transfer, then we will verify it with the bank. We will send the Official Receipts for your records and we will also inform you in writing via email that the money has been received and charted to your designated account : Oplan 1000 @1000.

Thank you very much and God bless us all!

National Ministries Planning Council Meeting & Staff Development Training 2013 Davao City

PSALM Staffers with Davao & Tagum Board of Directors and Lay together with Ministry Partners.

OUR HEARTFELT THANKS To Engr. & Mrs. Jun-Bebot Sumogue, Jr. who sowed the seed money for the printing cost of PSALM Today. To Mrs. Luchie Pamaran-Netherton, Mrs. Tabitha Fortuna-Samuels and Mr. Isagani “Sanee”Lacson, Mr.& Mrs. Butch-Bhibbot Jereza, Mr. & Mrs. Romy-Bing Hierro, Ptr. & Mrs. Rey-Mae Pedroso Trono, Mr. & Mrs. Tino-Emee Daquiado, Mr. & Mrs. Nonoy & Genevieve Bangcaya, Mr. & Mrs. Nel-Jeejee Avena, Mrs. Esther Jalipa and Engr. & Mrs. Erds-Malou Viva, Ms. Jasmine Feliciano, Ms. Gladdys Edul, Mr. & Mrs. Jun Marc-Five Dapitan, Engr. & Mrs. Jojoe-Gay Ebarle, Exegesis School of Davao, PSALM TAGUM and PSALM DAVAO for subsidizing the cost of NMPC and Staff Development Training held in Davao City last November 4-9, 2013.

Naxidez N. Ebarle AB English , Educator OIC—National Director National Office Elvin E. Bayate AB Political Science National Staff Director National Office Fe D. Bayate BS in Secondary Education Admin and Finance Staff National Office Nova Eloise A. Enerio BTTE—CET Secretary National Office Jessa M. Gultiano BS in Information Technology District Director Bohol Anne Luselle S. Pimentel BS in Fisheries District Director Bukidnon Davejane D. Nuñez

BS in Political Science Apprentice Butuan Margie S. Lindawan BS in Public Administration Apprentice Buug Rubily F. Ang BS in Management Accounting District Director Cagayan de Oro Elven John Niño T. Lumando BS in Information Technology Campus Director Cagayan de Oro Suzzane Camille B. Lazo, CPA BS in Accountancy Apprentice Cagayan de Oro Mary Grace T. Dacayo BS in Information Technology Apprentice Cagayan de Oro Julbert N. Ranque BS in Industrial Technology District Director Cebu Jonalyn S. Diano BS in Business Administration Campus Director Cebu

PSALM STAFF FORCE S.Y. 2013-2014 Jenifer C. Sia BS in Business Administration Apprentice Cebu

Jolly Ann K. Nesperos BS in Hotel and Restaurant Mgt. Apprentice Koronadal

Christer T. Luchavez BS in Accountancy District Director Cotabato

Allan S. Yap BS in Commerce—Management District Director Metro Manila

Hezel V. Bangkas BS in Business Administration Apprentice Cotabato

Cherry May C. Bagayna BSMS—Applied Mathematics Campus Director Metro Manila

Jessica G. Guingao BSEd—English District Director Davao

Jose A. Sontillano Jr. BS in Business Administration Campus Director Metro Manila

Ronald S. Enriquez BS in Information Technology Campus Director Davao

Jingky C. Quilacio BSMS—Applied Mathematics District Director Olongapo

Jun Marc L. Dapitan BSECE Apprentice Davao

Joey G. Baguhin BSC—Banking and Finance District Director Ozamiz

Angelo S. Fariñas District Director Dipolog

Marettes S. Sejas BS in Computer Science District Director Pagadian

Isagane P. Castro BS in Information Technology District Director Dumaguete

Rio F. Babanto BS in Information Technology District Director Palawan

Febbie Ken A. Masong BS in Elementary Education District Director General Santos

Joeffrey Mar S. Cimafranca, RN BS in Nursing, MA Theology District Director Southern Leyte

Jorle Mae M. Ayuban BS in Business Ad—Economics Apprentice General Santos

Cunanan A. Pagayao Jr. BS in Technology Education District Director Tacurong

Jason C. Gamalo BSMS—Applied Mathematics District Director Iligan

Sharon S. Peñafiel BS in Business Administration Apprentice Tagum

Elvie Jane M. Ungos Diploma in Fisheries Technology District Director Koronadal

Irene L. Tomboc BS in Customs Administration District Director Zamboanga

Del Jane C. Nillos BS in Hotel & Restaurant Mgt. Campus Director Koronadal

Regine S. Hinoguin, RN BS in Nursing Apprentice Zamboanga

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

PSALM Today June-November 2013  
PSALM Today June-November 2013