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DESKTOP Is an accumulated visual archive of the haphazardly stored images that I transfer onto my computer’s desktop on an almost daily basis. Reference photos, funny pics, guilty pleasures, and my own working files are often deposited into digital black holes (pictured above), where they stay, frozen, until I decide what purpose they serve to, and for me. With DESKTOP I seek to find a universe in which to celebrate, and certainly utilize these acquired as-

sets. Every image in this volume of DESKTOP appears sequentially in order of finding it within a single desktop finder window. Please note, not all images used in DESKTOP belong to me. Most actually, do not. I have no intentions to reap any profit from this publication. My only intent is to visually compile and explore the images that I collect and to ask the question, is it possible to know a person by knowing the things she, or he has stored on their DESKTOP?

DESKTOP Vo. #2 Desktop screen grab taken on 12.10.13 Images herein span between: big-news.jpg - grass_man.jpg

Desktop Vo. #2