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What do you think is the most important factor when building your team? For us, it’s personality.” ________________

Meet We focus 100% on the recruitment and coaching of ambitious and talented Financials who are ready for a challenging 2nd or 3rd step in their career.


“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity.

Richard Branson

Pushing the limit High potentials with a top sport mentality. Driven by innovation and with the pure motivation to push oneself to the limit. They have a positive, yet critical mindset. They are very eager, agile and aspire continuous growth. They want to make an impact, and will add a lot of value to your organisation.


the facts

& COACH We coach and mentor high potentials to determine their career path. To contribute to their development we organise Finance Clinics together with experts from our network. Interactive events covering various finance topics and innovations within these fields. & ADVISOR We are strong in assessing the DNA of our clients and are able to challenge and advise them. We know Finance and we know the market. We know what modern financials need and in which environment they will succeed. This way, we attract the right talent for the right company. & ENERGY Connecting talent and organisations. That is our drive and gives us the energy to push our limits every day.


THE FACTS 100% focus on high potentials in Finance Bachelor, Master and/or (studying for) Post Master Appr. 2 – 7 years of experience Salary range: €45k - €75k base Personal, network driven search approach Positions such as: Finance Manager Business Analyst/Controller Financial Analyst/Controller Project Controller Head of Accounting / Senior Accountant M&A analyst Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Compliance & Internal Audit

powered by

LEMON is powered by LIME search&connection. & POWERED BY LIME For LEMON this means that we join the extensive network LIME search&connection has, giving the financials access to a lot of interesting organisations in various stages of growth. For the existing client base of LIME, LEMON is a new partner for the recruitment of high potential financials. With the same professional, fast and transparent service as LIME. & COACHING We coach our financials throughout their entire career. Therefore Powered by LIME also means that the financials will continue to be coached by LIME if they outgrow LEMON, which off course we encourage!

LIME search & connection is a specialist search, interim management and assessment agency in Finance, Tax and Treasury. They have a focus on end responsible positions and its direct reports, the salary level varies from â‚Ź 70k up to â‚Ź 300k. Successful for more than 14 years with a very strong proposition and reputation. They find themselves in the midst of the finance community by their functional focus and by hosting communities such as CFOonLIME, FUTUREonLIME & WOMENonLIME and their online magazine LIME TIME. 4

how we work



We want to be your business partner and work for you in a dedicated way. We want to get to know you personally. Get a feel for the environment and culture, discuss the ambition and strategy of the company. And how the financial that you are searching for can add to that. What the core focus of the position will be, which projects or cases they will encounter and what the important milestones are.

We brainstorm on the background and personality a financial has to bring to be successful, and sometimes encourage you to think outside the box. There is no such thing as a purple squirrel, or a 5-legged sheep as we Dutch like to call it. You want a new colleague to be able to challenge the status quo? Don’t always go for what you know. We also want to show you financials with alternative backgrounds, experiences and skillsets that you might not have thought of! & EMPLOYEE BRANDING Based on our meeting we will write an external job profile for you, in which we capture your unique DNA and the challenges within the position. We want to make the perfect first impression on the financials in our network, which is essential to trigger and attract the best talent in finance.





Millennials want their work to have meaning and purpose. When they see the relevance of what they do, they will dedicate their blood, sweat, and tears to help the company grow.



Millennials crave flexibility in the workplace that will enable them to experience the world, spend time with their families and friends, and achieve multiple goals. Offer flexible hours and remote working opportunities to appeal to this generation.



Be mentors, not bosses! As a results-oriented generation, you don’t need to micromanage millennials. Show them what needs to be achieved and let them get the results their own way.



Instead of prohibiting them to use their smartphones and personal devices, let them use it for work. Not only will it help boost their performance, but it will also show them that you trust them.



how to manage millenials



Millenials don’t want trophies – they want validation, recognition, and reinforcement. A simple “thank you” or “great job” will go a long way.



Lay out their future in the company and talk about their career path more frequently. Make them excited they can achieve within the organization, but don’t make empty promises. Be transparent!



Hold weekly team meetings or brainstorming sessions to encourage collaboration. You can even mentor and coach millennials as a team.



Trust their abilities and allow them to take on bigger, more meaningful projects. Don’t squash them or hold them back. Give them the reigns, and they will perform higher levels of work. 6

profile example


Sven Grimbeek | Senior Financial Controller ACT Commodities

“I came in contact with LEMON through LIME because we are looking for young high potentials for our finance team. ACT has experienced an explosive growth and is a very dynamic company. Therefore we are looking for financials who are “agile”, technically strong and who fit within our entrepreneurial culture.

“In my search for a challenging next step in my career I visited several recruiters.

I was impressed with how fast LEMON was able to introduce us to very good financials. They have assessed our unique culture and what we need in this phase of the company very well, and really used this in their selection process. To this day we have been able to add 3 very good colleagues to our Finance team through LEMON. With their background and personality they will make a big impact on the further professionalization and growth of ACT. LEMON has exceeded our expectations and we will happily continue the successful collaboration.”


Mark Biermans | Advisor to the Board ACT Commodities

I wanted to find a company where I could really make an impact, build up processes and be involved in strategic discussions. And that is exactly what I found at ACT. I really liked the personal approach of LEMON. They really guided me through my search, advised me and never gave me the feeling that they were pushing me for commercial purposes. I think that is quite unique and felt like a breath of fresh air. They were really looking for the perfect match, in the best interest of both parties.”


track record 9

& TRACK RECORD We have had the honor to work for multiple interesting clients. All in the profit sector, ranging from tech start-ups backed by Private Equity to established corporates. In different life phases, they all face their own challenges, transitions and follow the strategy they believe in. We connected them to the right financial who will add value and make an impact on their journey. And who they can offer personal and professional growth as well ‌

Gerrit Keen (CFO Heineken Netherlands): “By organizing an event with us, LEMON showed several financial talents our view on data analytics and the ins and outs of our company and finance department in particular”.

“Since the spin-off from LIME at the end of 2018 we have had an amazing time. Busy from day 1, building up our network, working for amazing clients and expanding the LEMON brand. I am not only proud of the professional success that we have had, but also of the fantastic team and the fun, entrepreneurial culture that we have built together. We work hard, but enjoy, laugh and learn every day, together with our LIME family.” Claudia Jonkers | Partner LEMON


LEMON search&connection Egelenburg 2b 1081 GK Amsterdam The Netherlands + 31 (0)20 698 24 89

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