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LEMONS MILL EDITION Lemons Mill Elementary Newspaper — VOL. 1

Exciting Exhibition Night by Kamryn Camp and Carson Penn On November 14, Exhibition Night was held from 5:30-7:00. “Exhibition Night was a huge success,” stated Mrs. Mangum, a fifth grade teacher. 4 th and 5th grade worked for weeks building a project for everyone to see. 3rd grade made tornado safety shelters. Good job everyone! Some examples of projects were magic, illusion, Mr. Sketch markers, bees, pandas, elephants, the state of California, and more! Some kids used computers and some used paper and cardboard to share their projects. Attention all kids: In the spring, Exhibition Night will be back again! Start thinking! Everyone did awesome, and thank you for participating!

LME STUDENT COUNCIL By: Seaton Hockensmith

Have you heard the news? LME’S very first Student Council had their first meeting Wednesday, October 13, 2016. President Darius Williams called the meeting to order at 7:04 a.m. The members discussed new business. Two items they deliberated were the Amen House Annual Food Drive and the First Nine Weeks Academic Celebration. The Student Council plans to meet the third Wednesday of each month. So if you have any ideas you want the council to know about, tell your class representative or one of the Student Council officers. The Student Council is sponsored by

2016-2017 Student Council

February 2017

Patricia Polacco Visits LME BY: Riley Neel, Anna Pryor Baird, and Riley Ellison Author, Patricia Polacco, “rocked” our world when she came to LME! Patricia didn’t just come to tell us about her profession or her childhood, but to leave us with something to think about. Patricia Polacco inspired us all with her amazing speech. She told us about being bullied as a child because of dyslexia. She said that her illustrations got her through that difficult time. Although she had lots to tell us, one thing stuck with us. Never give up. So remember, always follow your dreams

Friendship Feast By: Anna Pryor Baird The second graders received a second lunch on November 22nd at 1:00. It was held in the primary village. They did this because their teachers thought they should celebrate and learn about Thanksgiving. They called it The Friendship Feast. The soup came from the food that kids brought in from home. The teachers made the cornbread. Lastly, they had orange Hawaiian Punch. Elias said, “This soup is delicious.” Tyler even said, “I want another cornbread.” Apparently, it was a huge hit.

2nd grade friendship feast in full swing!

Buzzer Beaters By: Courtney Dutra Wow! The Lemons Mill Elementary Academic Team is off to a great start! This year the team consists of 22, 4 th and 5th grade students. While in the meetings Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Snyder, the team coaches, along with the members of the team practice team building activities and mock quick recall matches. The academic team members acquired practice materials, such as questions to work on, at the first team meeting. Academic matches will be held beginning in January at 3:00 pm, Thursdays in the gym. Additionally, the academic team practices are held on Mondays.

Celebrating the First Nine Weeks at LME! By: Seaton Hockensmith LME sure does love to celebrate! On November 9th 2016, LME’s intermediate students had their very first Academic Celebration. To begin, Mrs. Mays introduced the first LME student council. Then, President Darius Williams awarded the students with all A honor and all A-B honor roll. Next, students who had been to school every day received perfect attendance tags! Great job to those students! After that, Vice-President Anna Pryor Baird, Secretary Kelbi Hastings, and Treasurer Riley Ellison, let our school know about the “Sweet Blessings” cake drive with a power point they had prepared for us. After that, third graders, Houston Oliver, Kara Greenwell, and Frank Ortiz presented a third grade service project, where they cleaned our playgrounds. Kelbi Hastings introduced, Sasha Thompson and Elijah Zagaruyka to inform the audience on their service project. All 5th graders made books for the preschoolers at Scott County Preschool so that they can read at home as well as at school. “Books for Little Buddies” was a huge success. Class Representatives, Riley Neel, Seaton Hockensmith, Carter Dasher, Austin LoBuglio and Carson Pennto tell about Passion Projects and Exhibition night. Then our beloved principal invited students with perfect attendance to “silly string” her. What a sight that was to see! Congrats to all that received awards and great job to our Student Council.

Catapult Construction By: Riley Ellison

On Friday, October 28th at 8:30 a.m., Mrs. Housekeeper’s 4th grade class helped Mrs. Baird’s 2nd grade class, during a STEM activity, construct some catapults. “This is a fun and new experience,” said a 4th grade engineer. “I like working with younger grades, and I think other intermediate classes should do this too.” Mrs. Baird and Mrs. Housekeeper have been doing this collaboration activity

Leadership Gifted and Talented students with “Sweet Blessings” cakes and mixes.

“Sweet Blessings” for Kirk’s Class By: Anna Pryor Baird Mrs. Kirk’s second grade class won a cupcake party because they collected 225 boxes of cake mix for “Sweet Blessings.” “Sweet Blessings” is a non-profit organization that bakes cakes for kids who can’t afford them or who are very sick. Way to go Kirk’s kiddos! The party they earned was held on October 19th at 1:35p.m. The party took place in Mrs. Kirk’s classroom. The kids appeared to love it. One kid said the fun-fetti and devil’s food cake cupcakes were delicious. Our whole school collected 824 boxes of cake mix, but Mrs. Kirk’s class deserved the prize with their huge collection. Congratulations!

The ABCs of Thanksgiving By: Anna Pryor Baird The parents must have been so proud. At 12:30 p.m. on November 22nd, the first graders performed the ABCs of Thanksgiving. It was held in the Collaboration Village. They did this presentation to show their parents what they had learned and to tell all about the ABCs of Thanksgiving. They also sang two songs, “Albuquerque is a Turkey” and “The Pilgrims Sailed Away.” Everyone sure seemed

LME Chorus Production By: Hollee Hasenbalg

Fourth grader, Anistyn Kenley with her exhibition night project!

5th Grade Experience Colonial Day By Courtney Dutra and Avery McMillan The 5th grade took a step back into history on November 20th, 2016! The 5th graders pretended to be colonists for the day and did several activities throughout the building with all 5th grade teachers. They made yarn dolls, horn books, colonial hats, whirligigs, weaved placemats, and “churned” butter. This is what 5th grade student, Avery McMillan said about Colonial Day, “If we did it again, I think that there should be more activities other than just 8. My favorite part about Colonial Day was making butter!” Another 5th grade student, Emma Tackett said this about Colonial Day, “My favorite part was making my own yarn doll! If we did Colonial Day again, we should have more time doing the activities. The games were super fun! I loved making all of the crafts too!” Hopefully, all the students learned what it was like to be a child during colonial times and we are thankful for the 5th grade teachers for putting it on! Now it’s time to talk about the true facts about colonial life.

On December 8th Lemons Mill Chorus performed “Santa’s Holiday Playlist”. It was a fun mix of drama and Christmas music. The chorus performed three times; once for intermediate students, once for the primary students, and once for their parents. Each performance was equally good. They performed with smiles on their faces and Christmas spirit in their hearts. The applause showed that the chorus crew did an amazing job. Don’t forget to give a shout to Mrs.Turay when

Fitness Club Gets a Move On By: Carson Penn and Malachi Moreno I loved it, even though it was crazy fun.” Mrs. Handy stated. Fitness Club started September 21, 2016. Every Wednesday 35 kids in 4th & 5th grades played gym activities after school. The activities were football, karate, (which all 4th graders who went to 4-H missed) basketball, fitness exercises, and racers. Fitness exercises are shown every Wednesday on the morning newscast. “New activities are a surprise,” Mrs. Handy exclaimed. “Football was my favorite,” Seaton Hockensmith noted. Fitness Club ended, October 26, 2016. “Fitness Club was successful,” Mrs. Handy said. Almost everyone

Santa’s Holiday Playlist 2016

Giddy Up for Opera for the Young By: Elise Dize On November 9th, 2016, the Opera for the Young performed for the students at Lemons Mill Elementary. The group sang the opera entitled, “Elixir of Love.” Our own students were able to audition for the event. Of the students that auditioned, 16 were selected to represent LME in the production. The Opera for the Young group travels around the United States and visits various elementary schools. The performers have costumes and the backgrounds are specially made just for this particular opera! We really en-

3rd Grader Houston Oliver and his family carving their pumpkin!

Carving Fun and So Much More By: Courtney Dutra and Emma Tackett Guess what! All of the third graders and their families got to carve pumpkins on October 20th, 2016. Lots of people came to the big pumpkin carving event! Mrs. Mays, Ms. Rodgers, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Ellison, Mrs. Schornick, grandparents, families, and the 3rd grade students were able to be in the Collaboration and Communication Villages to experience this student and family event of carving pumpkins! This is what third grader, Houston Oliver said about carving pumpkins, “I love to carve pumpkins! My favorite part about carving pumpkins is digging the seeds out. I am in Mrs. Ellison’s class and I am going to be Chewbacca for Halloween!” Another third grade student, Mckenzie Hutchison, said this about carving pumpkins, “I like to carve pumpkins! My favorite part is getting messy! My teacher is Mrs. Turner, and I am going to be an 80’s lady for Halloween.” The first step that the third graders had to do was to pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve! The families talked about the most artistic design that they wanted their pumpkins to look like. Next, the third grade students along with their families started taking out all of the seeds. The third graders made piles of 10 seeds so that at the end of the event, they could see who had the most seeds in their pumpkin! The book, How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara was the main idea for this pumpkin carving event!

VEX IS THE NEXT THING IN ROBOTICS By: Jala Trent and Darien brooks

Vrrrrooooooommmmm! Cling! Clank! Click! Hey that sounds like a robot in the after school club named Vex Robotics. The team members are Aj, Av, Bo, Bryce, Eli, Elijah, Lisa, Noah, Mason, Sawyer, and Mobile Dairy Madness Zak. Robotics club is a club were we build robots to compete in tournaments. This year it was started on October 15 2016. You can be in robotics when you’re 10-11 years old and in 5th grade. Their By: Hollee Hasenbalg meetings are held on Wednesdays, and they work Tim Crawford, and employee of the National Dairy Association, on their robot kits for competipaid a visit to LME with his cow, Jet, on October, 14th 2016 during tions. It takes place in the colan enrichment Friday. Learning from him was amazing! We learned laboration village where the


tons of information about cows and the milking process. While he was here, he showed us the step by step process of milking a cow with a machine and the technology in the mobile classroom. This classroom consisted of a truck and trailer with many ways to present. He also taught us that there are many different types of cows, not just the black and white cow you see advertising for Chick-Fil-A [Holstein cows]. In addition to these Holstein cows, there are also Jersey, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Dutch Belted and the most popular kind of cow‌the Holstein. He taught us the different types because it is very resourceful in many different situations. For example, on demand writing, job interviews in the future [vet, farmer], and building relationships with people who already know about these animals, just to name a few. The Mobile Dairy came so that all of our Lemons Mill students can have the knowledge and opportunity to see and hear about dairy cows and the dairy industry. For example; we learned the anatomy of a dairy cow, how milk goes from a cow to our very own cafeteria, the agricultural technology used on dairy farms, and the many different foods made from milk. We also learned that dairy cows can be very curious, especially when there are lots of unfamiliar faces

Vex robotics team members, Eli Lily and AJ Russell

Fall Festival Fun By: Kamryn Camp On October 14th, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at BiWater Farm, the Lemons Mill PTA set up a Fall Festival for all the kids. Thanks PTA! Did you see Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Butler working at the campfire making s’mores? They said it was “a nice and pretty, fall evening.” They claimed that they “just loved making s’mores for people and especially enjoyed watching little kids make s’mores.” There were different rides and games there also, including zip lining, a spooky haunted house, singing pumpkins, a coal mine, and a corn maze that tricked everyone. Did you know there are two ways out of the corn maze? One exit is in the front of the maze and one is in the back! Most kids didn’t see the back exit and one student that attended even said, “It took a really long time to get back to the front.” Hopefully, we can all go back to Bi Water Farm next fall. We are very appreciative of all the hard work that PTA put into it. Thanks again PTA!

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Visiting Evan’s Orchard By: Jala Trent and Darien Brooks

One day wasn`t like any other day for the kindergarteners at Lemons Mill. On October 18, 2016 the kindergarteners were able to experience an educational field trip to Evans Orchard along with kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Demuth, Mrs. Snyder, and Mrs. McAllister, as well as several parents that also attended the trip. While at Evans Orchard, they focused on learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin. They also went on a tour to see how apple cider was made. From there, they were able to pick their own pumpkins from the patch, and apples from the orchard. Additionally, they went to the petting zoo to see goats, alpacas, potbelly pigs, and other farm animals. Mrs. Snyder’s class was also able to go on a hay ride with 20 parents that came on the trip too. The kindergarteners were very tired when they finished their trip, but everyone had a great time, and returned to Lemons Mill safely. Look out for more fun times ahead with our kindergarteners!

At The End of Lemons Mill Road By: Riley Ellison, Editor -in- Chief The publication of a school newspaper is a lot of hard work. It requires staff members who are flexible, organized, available and ready to meet deadlines, and willing to work as a team. I am lucky because my staff is all of those things. The publication of the very first LME Edition has been a great experience. I am so proud to be the editor-in-chief. To become the editor-in-chief, I had to fill out a job application. Then I was interviewed by the newspaper sponsors. When it was announced that I had gotten the job, I felt surprised and excited. However, I felt confident that I could do the job. So far, it has been a blast! One of the highlights of working on this first edition was when a real-life graphic arts designer came to one of our staff meetings. Mr. Matt Hasenbalg told us about what he does for a living. He talked about key elements of graphic arts design. He also showed us some examples of it. In the near future, someone who works on an actual newspaper is coming to talk to us too. That should be fun. Looking back, this experience has taught me that being the editor-in-chief also means being everything else too. To meet deadlines, I have had to be a reporter, a typist, and a photographer. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world though. I can’t wait for the next edition.

Red Ribbon Week By: Bryce Hamon Did everyone have a good time at LME during Red Ribbon Week? It all started on Monday. The theme was wear red, white, and blue. I saw a lot of cool shirts, pants, and bows. The theme for Tuesday was Crazy Hair and Crazy Sock Day. There was a lot of crazy hair styles and brightly colored socks for sure. The theme Wednesday was dress up like a rock star. Thursday was dress up like a cowboy. Lastly, on Friday was dress up for Halloween. The reason for Red Ribbon Week was to encourage kids to avoid drugs and make wise decisions life.sports Some her kidscrazy went all out for Halloween too! It At the Right: Hollyn in Penn hair!

was a great week.

Braaains, Eyeeeballs--4th Grade Dissection! By: Riley Neel and Seaton Hockensmith On Tuesday the 25th of October 2016, 4th grade students dissected cow eye balls and sheep brains! Some of the people thought the eye balls were putrid! They learned so many new things like cows have night vision! Also, the brain is part of the nervous system. One 4th grader remarked that the eye balls were slimy and that the brain was rubbery! We interviewed first time 4th grade teacher Mrs. Conrad, and here is what she had to say. She thought it was a great experience and wished she could have done it

Giving Thanks By: Avery McMillan Gratitude means to give thanks and be thankful. Do you want to be in the Thanksgiving mood? Well, I’m thankful for my family and my house that I have. If you think about it, everyone should be thankful for being at LME, their caring teachers, nutrition meals, and being with their friends. I’m proud about it, and I want others to be proud too. Thanksgiving is being thankful and showing gratitude. It’s also about eating turkey, ham, and lots of desserts!

1ST GRADE FIELD TRIP By: Seaton Hockensmith

On Thursday November 3, 2016, first grade had their very first field trip to the Lexington Opera Center to see the musical “The Wizard of Oz.” 1st grader Micah Hockensmith said that she, “loved the trip to the Lexington Opera Center” and “believes that every first grader should get a chance to do it each year.” Micah stated her favorite part was “Munchkin Land.” She also said she liked the movie better than the play or the