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Volkswagen Problem Howard A. Gutman has successfully handled over 500 lemon law and automobile breach of warranty cases including Volkswagen Problem cases.

Volkswagen’s Touareg Brake Problems

Make : VOLKSWAGEN Model: TOUAREG Year : 2004 Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC Crash : Yes Fire : No Number of Injuries: 0 ODI ID Number : 10115589 Number of Deaths: 0 Date of Failure: March 22, 2005 VIN : WVWVD63B22E... Component: WHEELS Many More.........

Summary: Driver applied the brakes and pedal went to the floor and the steering wheel failed to turn. Driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a fire hydrant. Left side (driver's side) wheel sheared off. Driver was not injured. Vehicle was towed to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic stated that a cause could not be determined at this time. *ak *bf *nm

Volkwagen Touareg Stalling Problems

Make : VOLKSWAGEN Model : TOUAREG Year : 2004 Manufacturer : VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC Crash : No Fire : No Number of Injuries: 0 ODI ID Number : 10138770 Number of Deaths: 0 Date of Failure: October 5, 2005 VIN : WVGBC77L64D... Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: IGNITION

Summary: My 2004 v6 volkswagen touareg frequently stalls after the engine is cranked. This has been a problem since we purchased the vehicle in oct 2004. After cranking you can press all the way down on the gas pedal but the car will not move at all. After a few seconds, it will sputter a little then move then sputter again then it will drive normally. There is no way to tell when this will happen and i am concerned that it will cause an accident if i start the vehicle then pull out into oncoming traffic. *jb

Many More.........


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