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Lenses January 2012 one.

t u e s da y’s Th eme a yummy rec i pe & e ye c a ndy. SWEET PACKAGING

a ‘ wintery ’ inspirati on board

L emonade and Lenses started out as just an idea, as most things do. An idea

that involved bringing artists together to share their passion of photography. An idea that would create friendships between creative people. An idea that would create chatter to inspire and promote creativity through the lens. And as most things do, the ideas for Lemonade and Lenses grew some more. It grew into a blog. It grew into Tuesdays theme. It grew into asking the readers what they wanted to learn about. And it grew into a magazine.


think creative people have a problem, a flaw, that we all share. We all love taking on more then we can handle. Or as I like to say ‘biting off more than we can chew.’ How many times can you say you have sat behind your computer thinking about all the things you have to do that day? And instead of doing one of those things your mind starts to think about a future project or what you could do next? As artists it’s hard for us to sit still. We have to constantly be trying some-thing new, creating something new, or pushing ourselves to a new level! Which isn't a bad thing. If you don't do that you will never grow. And being an artist is all about growing. When Gigi and I started Lemonade and Lenses we had no idea where it would take us but we were always thinking ahead of where we could go. Even today we are thinking about what's next and I don’t think I would be writing this introduction to our first magazine if it wasn't for that. Yes, the important stuff will get done. Just not as long as there are other possibly important things to start and create running through our minds. And as you are reading this I would like to share that yes, I did stop writing this, at least three times, to think about something else. But that’s okay because in the end I am glad to be able to introduce the first ever Lemonade and Lenses magazine.... The first of many.....


njoy feeding your creative soul.......... and take inspiration as it comes.


L exi

What's Inside....

three - four :: january's cover contest winner

five - eighteen :: a bright days night nineteen :: wintery inspiration

twenty - twenty two :: interview with renee s (ribbons of red)

twenty three - thirty six :: summer princess

thirty seven - thirty eight :: sweet packaging

forty - forty three :: a yummy recipe and eye candy

forty four - sixty one :: poses & pomegranates

sixty three - sixty four :: l&l favorite tuesday's themes sixty six - seventy six :: mrs c, her loves and some lemons!!

eighty :: a thank you

Our January Contest Winner &

Casey Rose Photography is a boutique natural-light photography studio based in the greater Raleigh area. Driven by the belief that the real beauty of photography lies in its ability to showcase the experiences that connects us, Casey places a strong value on developing a personal relationship with her clients before the photography session even begins. She loves developing a friendship with her clients while designing stylized portraiture that reflects her client’s unique personality and style. Casey Rose Photography currently specializes in children, family and senior portrait photography and plans to debut wedding photography in the spring of 2012. {website} {blog} {facebook}

runner ups!! Gerald Patrick Gilfedder

Summer Cull

Britt Croft Photography Want to enter our February cover contest?? Images may be submitted to from the 1st of the month to midnight on the 7th. Please put L&L cover contest in the subject line. For image rules and more information please visit our blog or click "here". Doodlie Bop Pet Photography


A Bright Days Night

Photographer :: Dasha Danger MUA/Stylist :: Dasha Danger Model :: Madeline Hurning Assistant :: Zachary Cook



"I love art, and photography is just one of my many skills acquired through hard long hours of experimenting, failing & learning. I know that art is my only love in life which will last forever, and with that in mind, I set out to see the world and capture all of it's beauty with my camera. Fashion & Senior Portraits are my two most loved photography styles,and I wish with all my heart to continue on this path to creating more beautiful things each and every day." - Dasha





This shoot began with a deep inspiration from a fellow photographer, Amanda Diaz Photography. I saw her work on facebook, and immediately got tons of ideas for a dark shoot featuring a very gothic,sexy & mysterious look. I loved working with my model & assistant on th shoot, and creating everything with only two other people. It was a lot of hard work which I believe was well worth our time in the freezing 30 degree weather! Dasha Denger is a self taught photographer from the Quad Cities, Iowa. {website} {facebook}



* All images original locations can be found on our pintrest board ‘wintry’

twenty two.

Summer Princess

Photography: Alex Beadon Photography Make up artist: Natasha Buchanan ( Model: Lizzie Fletcher

twenty four.

twenty six.

"This shoot was done as the fourth and final part of my "Season Princesses" series. I wanted to evoke the feeling of freedom and happiness that the summer time brings and I wanted the viewers to be able to feel summer by looking at these photos. That was the main goal of these images, and I think we achieved it." -Alex

twenty eight.

My name is Alex Beadon and I am the creator of Alex Beadon Photography. I am a silly, inspired, happy, passionate, positive, creative, dreamer kind of a person. I'm a 22 year old, half British half Trinidadian - citizen of the world. My life is one big love affair with photography. I run a photography blog where I document the thoughts and adventures of being a portrait photographer. But I am also passionate about social media, marketing, and for creating beautiful Photoshop actions (which I sell in my online store). I see beauty, hope and love in everything around us. I am determined to live my life as honestly and lovingly as possible; hiking mountains, going on fun trips, cooking up deliciously beautiful meals, running a successful business, living life to the fullest and loving any excuse to celebrate. I dream of changing the world in even the smallest of ways.

thirty two.

thirty four.

{Website} {Blog} {Online Store} {Google +} {Twitter} {Flickr}

thirty six.

Sweet Packaging

Lexi Vornberg Murphy Photography Doodlie Bop Pet Photography thirty eight.


forty two.

Poses & Pomegranates

forty four..

forty six.

Photographer :: Sarah Waggoner Model :: Haley Stewart Hair and makeup :: Haley Stewart Stylist :: Sarah Waggoner

forty eight.


Sarah of Sarah Waggoner Photography is a vintage junkie, a lover of aesthetics, and most of all a dreamer. Most of her silent moments are filled with hopes and dreams for her home, future family, and business. Located in the Phoenix Valley, Arizona where it feels like summer half of the year, she also dreams of someday relocating further west to the coastline. In an average day you can find her thrifting, singing, soaking up time with her honey, and planning her next escape (by way of photography) from the every day mundane. Her adventure with photography started 3 years ago, at the age of 16. Since then she has discovered her passion and love for portrait and fashion photography. Sarah finds her inspiration through light, textures, and nature.

fifty two.

fifty four.

fifty six.

fifty eight.


Sarah Waggoner Photography Boutique portrait photography Gilbert, AZ {Website} {Blog} {Facebook}

L&L favorites from tuesday's theme.

sparkle. {11.28-12.12}

Coco.laine Photography

baked. {12.13 - 12.26}

Anne See sixty four.

Mrs. C,

her loves,



lemons! sicty six.

When styling her featured boudoir session, Margaret simply incorporated a bit of her herself – a little bit of yellow, a dash of vintage, and a whole lot of fun.

sixty eight.

A lover of all things yellow, polka dots and vintage, that’s how you can describe Margaret Janicki of Janicki Photography. Located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Janicki Photography has made the capturing of those fleeting smiles or …… an art form. Her inspiration came from her late black Lab, Baci. Always an able and willing subject, he was often found on the front end of the camera. Either sporting a vintage newsboy hat and a vintage camera around his neck to a superman costume, Baci did it all.

seventy two.

seventy four.

Margaret Janicki JaNicki Photography {website} {facebook}

Thank You! I want to send out a 'huge' thank you to everyone who contributed to our first ever Lemonade and Lenses magazine. A 'lot' of hours were put into putting everything together and I hope everyone enjoys it!! If you would like to contribute to our magazine please feel free to contact Lexi at Currently we are looking for Styled sessions Studios who would liked to be interviewed about their referral program Beautiful Studios and offices Photographers who are also moms that would like to be interviewed about finding balance Have a unique article that you would like to guest write for us

Want to advertise with us?? Contact Lexi at

Lemonade and Lenses (January)  

Lemonade and Lenses (January)

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