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Jung-Hee Spetter

Lily and Trooper’s Spring


New York

“Trooper, listen! The birds are really singing today.”

“Trooper! It’s spring!”

“We’re going on a picnic, a picnic, a picnic . . .”

“. . . and we’ll have a cup of tea.”


“Hooray! No school today!”

“What are we going to do?”

“We’re off to the beach.”

“Mmmmm! The sun feels sooo good.”

“Yikes! The water is cold.”

Gurgle gurgle!


“Mmmm. I slept like a log, Trooper.”

“Trooper, look at the leaves. It’s fall.”

“I love it when the leaves fall!”

“Let’s make a pile and jump in it!”


“Good morning, Trooper. Let’s go outside and play.”

“Look at the snow!”

“Woof!” – “Oh boy, Trooper! A snowman.”

“Let’s dress him up.”

Lily and Trooper All Year Round  

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