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Founded in 1963, Lemniscaat is an independent publishing house specializing in quality picture books and juvenile novels. This catalogue offers a survey of our authors and their work over the last forty years. For reading copies and other rights inquiries, please contact our Foreign Rights department: Lemniscaat Publishers P.O. Box 4066 3006 AB Rotterdam The Netherlands Tel: 0031-10-2062924 Fax: 0031-10-4141560

Rights with an asterisk(*) are reverted.

illustrated fiction

Arienne Bolt (1977) was a teacher until she gave up her job in © Huib van Wersch

order to write this book. For her, happiness is: ‘Losing yourself in a different world.’ In her books, she now creates those other worlds herself. The Last Journey of the Ballerinus is her debut novel.

The Last Journey of the Ballerinus 10+ On Ravi’s birthday, he receives a subscription to a zoo and meets Sep, an old captain. The zoo turns out to be an old circus. Ravi discovers that Benno, the ringmaster, is planning to sell the animals to the butcher. He decides to rescue the animals, and they all set off to sea in Sep’s ship to take the animals home. Illustrations: Linde Faas


illustrated fiction

© Linette Raven

Ilse Bos (1966) used to be a teacher in Dutch language and literature. Nowadays she’s working freelance as a journalist, reviewer and author.

The Bluebell Bunch 10+ There are thirteen: Pola, Wanda, Vladimir, Wally, Aznar, Knut, Wolke, Mo, Hidde, Nillem, Trina and the twins Flip and Tammy. They live together on a houseboat while their mother is away, but their pleasant life is threatened by the Care Agency. The thirteen children soon find themselves in the midst of a whirlwind of miraculous events… Illustrations: Linde Faas

Rights sold to Germany, USA


illustrated fiction

Lieneke Dijkzeul (1950) began writing short stories but was capti© Mariëlle van Gelderen

vated by children’s literature after the birth of her daughter. Her debut, Stay Strong, was published in 1990, followed by several more for Lemniscaat. Popular with children and award juries alike, Lieneke continues to be published by Lemniscaat.

Moffel and Piertje Moffel and Piertje dare everything 6+ Mole Moffel and earthworm Piertje live together in a hole under the ground and experience all kinds of adventures. These books contain a selection of their best stories. Illustrations: Doesjka Bramlage


illustrated fiction

Pieter Koolwijk (1974) is a fantasy fanatic. His short stories have been published in various magazines, and one of them received the Unleash Award 2011. His debut with Lemniscaat, Flea and Spikey, was sold and published in France, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and the usa.

Boss of the World 8+ Ivo and Mila hardly believe what’s happening when the boss of the world shows up in front of them. They become involved in a plan to save the world. And that Boss is more than a dirty tramp gradually dawns on them when they fly off in a shopping cart, end up in a supersonic space in the sewers and discover that Boss can predict the future... Illustrations: Elly Hees


illustrated fiction

Flea and Spikey 8+ Floyd, otherwise known as Flea, is rather small and constantly being bullied by Arnold. His life isn’t very exciting, until a new student joins his class. Spikey is not afraid of anything and takes Floyd under her wing. He discovers that life isn’t as ordinary as he thought.

Flea and Spikey. Chattering Flies 8+ Spikey discovers that she can speak to flies. Suddenly she has thousands of new friends. But Flea is sceptical. He notices that Arnold’s mother is up to something again. Illustrations: Linde Faas

Rights sold to Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Turkey, USA


illustrated fiction

Ben’s Boat 8+ There is a wooden sailing boat in Giel’s garden. It is the grave of Giel’s brother Ben. Giel and his parents are pleased with the grave, but the neighbours think otherwise. Yet Giel’s father will not give in. He rebuilds his house, which becomes a remarkable structure. Until it becomes clear that he has a plan... Illustrations: Linde Faas

Rights sold to Turkey


illustrated fiction

Anke Kranendonk (1959) left a career as a sports coach to start acting and singing in children’s theatres. After her third book, she has become a full-time writer, using her unique understanding of the feelings of children to create unforgettable stories.

Playing Football in Heaven 8+ Kiet loves playing football. His uncle Levy teaches him how to keep. But then Levy gets cancer. Kiet can hardly believe it. His uncle was never ill, and now, all of a sudden, he is in pain? Will he ever come out of the hospital? And what happens to their training for the football tournament at school? Illustrations: Peter-Paul Rauwerda


illustrated fiction

Captain Kees 6+ Kees has been given a boat for his birthday. One fine day, he goes for a ride in the boat with Bas, the neighbour’s dog, and his guinea pig Hector. The trip is so pleasant that Kees decides to cross the big river and take a look on the other side. Illustrations: Annemarie van Haeringen

Rights sold to Germany


illustrated fiction

Sjoerd Kuyper (1952) has written various stories for television and more than fifty books, many of which have won awards and several were turned into motion pictures. In 2012, he was awarded the Theo © Ton Koene

Thijssen Prize for his body of work as a children’s author. Kuyper writes in a style that is poetic, clear and vivid and enters with ease into the emotional world of young children.

The dive 8+ The Pontoon Bridge in Willemstad, Curacao, harbours a secret: anyone who swims under the bridge goes back to the past. With his father, Roly makes several trips to the past. But one evening, Roly’s father goes alone, and he doesn’t come back. Illustrations: Sanne te Loo

Awarded the Vlag & Wimpel and the Glass Globe in 2015, shortlisted for the Woutertje Pieterse Prize in 2015


illustrated fiction

The Big Book of Robin 6+ Who doesn’t know Robin, Sjoerd Kuyper’s wonderful five-year-old? Here we have an omnibus of all prize-winning Robin tales: Robin and Suze, Robin and God and Robin in Love. Illustrations: Marije Tolman

Rights sold to Germany

Long Live Robin! 6+ Long live Robin! is the second colourful collection of Robin stories, in which all the familiar characters return: daddy, mummy, Knor, Suze and granddad. Tiny toddler events become enormous adventures. You can leave that to Sjoerd Kuyper! Illustrations: Marije Tolman


illustrated fiction

Robin and God 6+ So what is it with God? According to Robin’s father, God doesn’t exist. But grandpa thinks that God does exist, and also thinks he knows a lot about it all. It turns out that God is not so simple – certainly not when you think up as many questions as Robin. Illustrations: Marije Tolman Awarded the Gold Slated Pencil in 1997 Rights sold to Germany

Robin and the Shooting Star 6+ It’s summer, and Robin lives in the new house near the school. With Robin and the Shooting Star, Sjoerd Kuyper again proves the irresistible appeal of the little boy. Illustrations: Marije Tolman Awarded the Silver Slate Pencil in 2012 Rights sold to Germany


illustrated fiction

Elle van Lieshout and Erik van Os (both 1963) have been writing children’s books, Š Lot van Os

songs and poems together since 1990. Previous collaborations published by Lemniscaat include Lovey and Dovey, the Miss Mouse books, and How Much Does the Gray in an Elephant Weigh?.

More than a Year with Julia and Ot 5+ They always know best, just like all young children: Julia and Ot, sister and brother. In cheerful stories about everyday events that every parent will recognise, we enjoy a whole year in their lives. Illustrations: Sandra Klaassen


illustrated fiction

Š Soraya Ebrahimi

Beatrijs Oerlemans (1966) went to Law School and the Writing School in Amsterdam. She engages in innovative sustainability projects, and writes children’s books.

The Stargazers 8+ A little ship floats on the ocean, with a remarkable crew on board: Martin, his cat Max, and their neighbour Rose. When they see a meteoric shower, everyone makes a wish. That brings them past other islands, remarkable people and dangerous animals. Illustrations: Peter-Paul Rauwerda

Rights sold to Germany, Turkey


illustrated fiction

Tjibbe Veldkamp (1962) wrote several picture books, stories for young children and youth novels. Lemniscaat © Ton Koene

has published his illustrated books  Orphans and Tom the Tamer, the hilarious adventures of Bert and Bart and the youth novel Tiffany Dop, which was awarded a Silver Slate Pencil.

Bert and Bart and the Zombie Army Bert and Bart Save the World 6+ Bert and Bart are fond of reading zombie comics, but their mother wants Bert and Bart to become more sportive. She hires a Brain Squeezer who takes away their comics. Bert and Bart come up with a plan to defeat them. In Bert and Bart Save the World, Bert and Bart are protecting the world with thei anti-Zurgh weapons. Their mother disapproves and takes the weapons away. Then a spaceship lands on top of their house… Illustrations: Kees de Boer

Rights sold to France, Germany


fiction / Ya

Margaretha van Andel (1959) lived in China and Pakistan before settling in Friesland. When she returned to the Netherlands, she worked in a juvenile detention centre for a while. Today she is a full-time author.

In Transit ya It is the year 2275. Rheyn b-71 and Levya c-35 have completed their studies and make a trip to the reserve of the mysterious growlers, a type of ape that looks very much like humans. The trip has radical consequences, both for the boys and for the growler that crosses their path. Aag.


fiction / Ya

I ya Daniel has been in a wheelchair for three years, ever since he got into an accident while joyriding. Then he discovers that he can swap places with a Daniel in a parallel world – a Daniel who isn’t paralysed, and who lives a completely different life.


fiction / Ya

Alyze Bos (1960) grew up in a village in Friesland, where she made up stories to escape the boredom. After working as an actress in a children’s theatre group for a while, she decided to commit her stories to paper. Her debut, The Three Golden Monkeys, was published by Clavis. The Abominable Snowman is her first book with Lemniscaat.

The Abominable Snowman 10+ When Eefje is walking through the park at dusk, she comes eye to eye with the Abominable Snowman. She survives the meeting, but nobody believes her. When the monster breaks into a snack bar, everybody thinks it was a tramp. Eefje decides to prove that the tramp is innocent and that she was right all along.


fiction / Ya

Wim Bos (1967) completed the four-year writers’ course Prose for Children at Scriptplus, part of © Tom Resink

Amsterdam University. He also gives historic tours of the city, specially for children, as The Torchbearer. But his favourite thing of all is to write exciting historical children’s books.

The Lijp Kot Gang 10+ Amsterdam, eighteenth century. Since his father left two years earlier to hunt whales, eleven-year-old Pontus has been living in the Chaplain’s Orphanage. One day, he finds a half-dead man. Before he knows it, he is accused of murder. He finds a hiding place with the bandit Lijp Kot, but to stay there, he has to join their gang of thieves. And his father had always been so insistent that he should never stoop to stealing…


fiction / Ya

Guido Bottinga (1963) wanted to become a children’s books writer from an early age. In 2006, he debuted at Lemniscaat with the highly acclaimed A Sister from an Airplane, written from his experiences as an adoptive parent. Winter Champion followed soon. For The Relatives, Guido Bottinga extensively researched the First World War.

The Relatives ya Luka and William go to Ypres to research the First World War gas attacks. Luka’s aunt gives her some reading material for the trip: a box of letters from the fiancé of her great-aunt – a German soldier who fought in Ypres. As soon as Luka and William are on their way to Ypres, strange things start to happen. They find out things that will change their lives forever.


fiction / Ya

White Holes 16+ Niels is highly intelligent, but a loner. When he is nine, he meets Mr Bergmans, a brilliant astronomer. They recognise in each other an insatiable thirst for knowledge of the universe, and as years pass, their friendship tightens. Then Bergmans does something that makes their life shake on its foundations... and something that destroys everything they had together.


fiction / Ya

Carolien Ceton works as a freelance journalist for several magazines; for example De Groene Amsterdammer and Groen Links Magazine. She has written a book about Simone de Beauvoir. High above the Clouds is her debut in children’s literature.

High above the clouds 8+ Loosje is not having an easy time at home; sometimes her mother simply doesn’t know how to be cheerful. Fortunately, Loosje is not alone; she can speak to her father on an old Bakelite telephone. Then, on her ninth birthday, Loosje’s mother surprises her with a beautiful gift.


fiction / Ya

Jesse Goossens (1969) is an editor, translator and author. With Lemniscaat, she published her ya novel It’s a Wonderful Life. With Marije Tolman, she created Jumping Penguins, about weird and fantastic animal facts.

It’s a Wonderful Life YA While her friends party in Europe, Anna is sent to her uncle in Bakerton, Pennsylvania. Anna feels betrayed. But how was she to know that she would feel at home in Bakerton? She learns about life, this summer. And a little more about herself as well… English translation available Rights sold to USA


fiction / Ya

Mireille Geus (1964) writes children’s plays and has contributed to Sesame Street. She teaches Creative Writing in Amster© Ilona Kamps

dam and also coaches writers individually. The author of several books, Geus won the Golden Slate Pencil – the most prestigious children’s literature award in the Netherlands – for Piggy in 2006.

Joe & Me ya It is Joe’s last masterful move: when he hears he is going to die, he takes his son Woelie on a train trip. It will be a trip to get to know each other. It will be a trip to have Woelie get himself together. It will be a trip to say goodbye.


fiction / Ya

Piggy 10+ Twelve-year-old Lizzy is a quiet, mildly autistic girl. The manipulative Piggy sees Lizzy as an easy mark, yet she wants to befriend her as well. Piggy hatches a plan for revenge on the boys who tease them, but she needs Lizzy to be her accomplice. How far will Lizzy allow herself to be pushed before she stands up for herself? Awarded the Golden Slate Pencil in 2006 and nominated for the Deutsche Jugendliteratur Preis in 2008 Rights sold to Germany*, Japan*, Lithuana*, South Korea, Spain, USA*

Sitting Bull 10+ Grandma cannot live on her own any longer, so Valentine’s father decides to take his mother in. Valentine simply has to put up with the situation. At first, he is convinced that Grandma is old and boring, but it doesn’t take long for her to steal his heart. She is clever and fun and not at all senile yet. Or is she?


fiction / Ya

Annet Huizing (1960) lives in Utrecht. She lives on the water, cycles through dunes, plays the accordion, gardens, keeps (and loves) toads, writes children’s columns and made her debut at Lemniscaat with How I Accidentally Wrote a Book.

How I Accidentally Wrote a Book 12+ Katinka wants to be a writer. Lidwien, a writer and Katinka’s neighbour, gives her writing tips. Katinka writes and rewrites her life, because her mother died years ago and her father is in love. Meanwhile, Katinka hears more about Lidwien’s life. And then Katinka accidentally writes a book. Awarded the Silver Slate Pencil in 2015 Rights sold to France, Germany, Slovenia, USA


fiction / Ya

Mariken Jongman (1965) studied history in Groningen. She writes plays for children in which she also acts and sings. She debuted in 2005 with Rits. The author’s contract for All Animals Living and Free stipu-

lates that no animal may be put under stress if the book ever is adapted to the big screen, and that if this does happen, the animal may spend the rest of its life in an animal care home.

All Animals Living and Free 8+ Gijs’ classmate Dietie tells him that she is a member of a secret society, and that Gijs has been selected as a new member. It is only on his first secret mission that he finds out what the society is about: he became a member of a society that sets animals free. And things do not go to plan‌


fiction / Ya

Rits 10+ Due to problems at home, Rits is staying with his uncle, who spends his days drinking beer and reading magazines. Rits tries to bring structure to his uncle’s life and keeps a diary in which he writes everything down – even about his friendship with a girl named Rietje. Rights sold to Germany, Korea, USA

Kiek 11+ In a true-to-life story, fourteen-yearold Kiek Florijn, rebellious, enterprising yet vulnerable, starts looking for her unknown father. All she knows is that he used to play bass in a band. As her quest continues, she unravels more than she had hoped for. Rights sold to Germany


fiction / Ya

Love, Love and More Love 12+ Kiek decides that she wants to make love for the first time. But how do you go about doing ‘it’ for the first time? She also has to deal with a father who is insecure about his lifestyle, not being a rock star anymore. And as if Kiek hasn’t got enough on her mind already, the boy she has a crush on, falls for her mother?! Awarded the Best Book of Groningen Award in 2012


fiction / Ya

Anke Kranendonk (1959) left a career as a sports coach to start acting and singing in children’s theatres. After her third book, she has become a full-time writer, using her unique understanding of the feelings of children to create unforgettable stories.

Here We Go Again 12+ Sean’s life is in chaos. His sister, brother, mother, father all have troubles of their own and do not make life any easier for him. Anke Kranendonk has a unique ability to convey the confusion and angst of adolescence and shows how Sean is eventually able to deal with his problems and reconnect with his parents.


fiction / Ya

Lynn! Lynn . Lynn . 10+ Linda (Lynn) slowly discovers that she isn’t made up of parts of other people’s personalities. She is a person of her own: a little tough, a little funny, a little boyish – just Lynn. Lynn . takes place Lynn’s last year at primary school. Lynn gets those strange butterflies in her tummy when she thinks of Joeri, she arranges for Fenna to go with them to school camp, and at camp, everything gets out of control. In Lynn ., Lynn is gradually growing up – and she is faced with grown-up problems. Anke Kranendonk’s finest book about Lynn this far... and that is saying something! Rights sold to USA


fiction / Ya

Marco Kunst (1966) is a philosopher and writer – of children’s books, radio plays, essays, poems and a novel for adults. Lemniscaat published his books The Key Bearer, Fly!, Kroonsz, and reissues of his books Wiped and Isa’s Dream.

Fly! 10+ Whenever Marius cycles to his granddad’s, he passes the Vreugdendal Clinic. He tries not to look at the mentally disturbed people behind the fence. Then he falls out with a boy who is rumoured to be crazy. Marius starts to doubt himself. At what point do you become crazy? Illustrations: Philip Hopman Awarded the Vlag & Wimpel in 2014 Rights sold to Germany


fiction / Ya

Wiped 12+ Sigma-fi-alpha-277 is swiped off the metro platform by a rail cleaner. After a wild ride, the machine throws him on an enormous dump far outside the City. This is how Sig finds out that there is a world outside the safe and protective environment he grew up in.

Kroonsz ya Amsterdam, 1670. Wessel’s father, the renowned doctor Zacharias Kroonsz, is conducting a study that defies all laws: he claims that he can reveal people’s lifelines. And if he can, perhaps he can go even further... But then fate strikes. Rights sold to Germany


fiction / Ya

The Key Bearer 10+ Timeo grew up in the forest. He longs for the day when he can enter the city of Myr, but he knows that’s impossible: his parents have fled the city, because the king wanted them killed. But that all changes when the monster Gruwel advances upon the city. Only Timeo can save Myr. Rights sold to Germany

Isa’s Dream ya Isa wants to be a star. But when she is completely slated during a talent hunt, she swallows sleeping pills and falls into a coma that opens the door to the Interior, the mythical world of her inner being.


fiction / Ya

Sjoerd Kuyper (1952) has written various stories for television and more than fifty books, many of which have won awards and several were turned into motion pictures. In 2012, he was awarded the Theo © Ton Koene

Thijssen Prize for his body of work as a children’s author. Kuyper writes in a style that is poetic, clear and vivid and enters with ease into the emotional world of young children.

The Big L Hotel 11+ When his father has a heart attack, Kos and his three sisters are in charge of running the hotel in the dunes. But that is easier said than done. Kos’ father turns out to have big debts, his sisters go their own way and meanwhile, Kos is in love with the prettiest girl in the universe. Awarded the Silver Slate Pencil in 2015 Rights sold to Germany, Slovenia, South Korea, USA Film rights sold to Warner Bros


fiction / Ya

The Red Swan 10+ In the fall break, Jacob stays over at his grandfather’s. Grandpa slips off the roof and gets injured. A neighbour tells Jacob that his grandfather can only be healed if he finds the red wooden swan that grandpa lost as a boy. Jacob goes looking in the forest and finds himself in a fantastic world of bloodcurdling adventure.


fiction / Ya

Eva Moraal (1982) studied History and did research at the InŠ Ton Koene

stitute for War, Genocide and Holocaust Studies. She obtained her doctorate at the University of Amsterdam on a study about ego documents from Camp Westerbork.

Current ya These are the days after the Great Flood. The country is divided into dry areas, and areas at risk as the water rises. Nina is a Dry. She is forced to go to a school in the Wetlands, where she has to join forces with Max, a Wet, to work on an essay. Nina and Max soon get fascinated by each other’s world. Rights sold to Germany, Turkey, USA


fiction / Ya

Marloes Morshuis (1970) is an independent copywriter and works as campaign coordinator and editor. Cooking for the Emperor is her first children’s book.

Cooking for the Emperor 9+ Eleven-year-old Mick cooks for his life. For seven days he has to make something that the emperor enjoys. One problem: the emperor doesn’t like anything. If Mick wins the struggle for life or death, he won’t only save himself, but also all the people banished by the emperor, including his own parents. If he loses, a grisly punishment awaits... Rights sold to Germany


fiction / Ya

Joyce Pool Š Stefan Krofft

(1962) studied at the Pedagogical Academy in Leiden. She lives on the island Texel, where she teaches high school. She has written both historical fiction and contemporary stories.

The Castrato ya Italy, around 1700. Angelo is chosen to follow vocal training at the Conservatory in Florence, but what he did not know was that he would be emasculated. Castration is irreversible. His voice will never change. He will never have children. He will never get married. Is this the life he will choose to lead forever? Rights sold to USA


fiction / Ya

Kate Howard: Bloodline ya Joan is the governess of six girls who have to be made ready for a life of nobility. When one of the girls is given the honour of becoming a lady-inwaiting to the fourth wife of King Henry viii, Joan goes to court with her. But what seemed like a dream position, turns into a nightmare.


fiction / Ya

Anna van Praag (1967) is an author, world-traveller and journalist. She has published many children’s and © Ilco van der Linde

young people’s books, with, for example, Leopold. She made her name with her detective series about Isabel Snoek. Her books Ring around the Rosies and A Most Extraordinary Girl are published by Lemniscaat.

Ring around the Rosies 12+ Sita and Lot live in Spain. They have been best friends for years, but they are slowly growing apart. To make matters worse, Lot’s parents’ marriage breaks. Lot has to build a new life with her mother. And she discovers Sita has been keeping a big secret from her... English and Spanish translations available Rights sold to Japan, usa


fiction / Ya

A Most Extraordinary Girl 15+ Alicia is eleven when her parents join Casa Nostra, group of successful people who play and party together. Under the wings of the beautiful leader SofĂ­a, she learns to know love and celebrate life. Until her wonderland ceases to exist and Alicia finds herself among the debris of her former life. Rights sold to usa


fiction / Ya

Jowi Schmitz (1972) is a journalist for major Dutch daily newspapers. She has written theatre reviews and nowadays focuses mainly on human interest stories. She lived in New York for quite some time. There she worked on her debut novel for adults, in Starbucks’s and subway stations. My Name Is Olivia… And I Can’t Do Anything about It is her first juvenile novel. Jowi lives on a houseboat.

My Name Is Olivia... And I Can’t Do Anything about It 9+ Olivia and her father live on a small boat in the garden of a barbershop. Temporarily, says her dad. But how long is temporarily? And how do you get away from a boat in a garden with a father who doesn’t know what to do, without a mother, but with lots of memories of how life was before? English translation available Rights sold to Belgium*, Germany, Egypt, USA


fiction / Ya

Tjibbe Veldkamp (1962) wrote several picture books, stories for young children and youth novels. Lemniscaat © Ton Koene

has published his illustrated books  Orphans and Tom the Tamer, the hilarious adventures of Bert and Bart and the youth novel Tiffany Dop, which was awarded a Silver Slate Pencil.



Bas’ father keeps trying to make contact with his late wife Anna. Caught up in his personal grief, he unintentionally neglects his sons. When Bas receives a text message on his mobile from ‘Anna’, his father is more convinced than ever that he has succeeded in contacting her. Bas decides to find out who sent the message. Awarded the Vlag & Wimpel in 2007


fiction / Ya

Tiffany Grace 12+ Tiffany is miserable at home, until she holds a baby and is startled by feelings of love and tenderness. She decides that she wants to hold on to that feeling. In the course of the adventure she then gets mixed up in, she realizes that extreme measures are sometimes needed to achieve what you wish for. Awarded a Silver Slated Pencil in 2010


fiction / Ya

Ellen van Velzen (1983) has recently finished her doctorate in evolutionary biology at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. She currently works at the University of Potsdam, Germany, with mathematical models of plankton dynamics. The Young Kitemaster is her debut.

The Young Kitemaster 10+ As long as people can remember, the village Jani lives in has been surrounded by hundred of kites. Nobody really remembers why; the inhabitants no longer believe in the evil that threatens the village. Until the threat emerges from the forest‌ Rights sold to Germany, South Korea, USA


fiction / Ya

Anke de Vries (1936) lives France. Her first book was published in 1972. She tends to write in two categories: books set in Holland that usually focus on contemporary issues such as discrimination, child abuse and environmental problems, and those in France which are more mysterious and adventurous. All of her books show her deep feelings for people facing the problems of today’s world.

Scars 13+ Clara spends the holidays with her grandmother, far from the town where everyone knows what happened to her. Paul has cycled from Holland, leaving behind a year full of illness. When they meet, an old man with whom Paul stayed for a night dies. Did he fall down the stairs, or was he pushed? And what does this have to do with the horrible events that are tormenting Clara?



Thea Beckman (1923-2004) is the most famous historical fiction author for young people in the Netherlands. Her books have been awarded countless prestigious prizes and remain popular for readers of all ages. With an uncanny ability to bring other times and settings to life, Beckman’s characters are always grounded in the reality of the human condition.

Give Me Space! 12+ Triumph of the Scorched Earth The Wheel of Fortune Kidnapped! 12+

This trilogy, set during

Kampen, 1399. Gerlof

the Hundred Years

and his uncle embark

War between France

on the Saint Anna for

and England, gives

his first commercial

readers a distant mir-

voyage. When the ship

ror as they see the dev-

runs into a notorious

astation, suffering and

gang of pirates, Gerlof

oppression of war.

and his uncle are taken hostage.


Rights sold to Germany


Crusade in Jeans 12+ When Dolf time travels from the twentieth century to the middle ages, he lands in the middle of a children’s crusade. Awarded the Golden Slate Pencil in 1974 and the Prix de la Divulgation Historique in 1976 Rights sold to Brazil, Finland*, France, Germany, Greece*, Hungary*, Iceland*, Indonesia*, Japan*, Poland*, Russian Federation, Slovenia*, Spain*, Czech Republic*, USA*

Other Thea Beckman classics:



Paul Biegel (1925-2006) is one of Holland’s most highly acclaimed writers for children. His timeless fairy tales and stories capture the hearts of children and adults all over the world. Influenced by © Mark Kohn

Tolkien and the Grimm brothers, Biegel created his own inimitable style with multi-layered plots and lyrical fantasy filled with fairies, witches, dwarfs, giants, robbers, and royalty.

The Salt-Water Goldfish 6+ Paul Biegel’s finest stories have inspired the most colourful images from Mies van Hout. These combine to form an indispensable collection for every child’s nightstand and every classroom. Illustrations: Mies van Hout



The Big Little Captain 6+ This omnibus features three separate Little Captain stories, Biegel’s indestructible little hero. Illustrations: Carl Hollander Awarded the Golden Slate Pencil in 1972 and nominated for the Golden Slate Pencils of all Golden Slate Pencils in 2004 Rights sold to China, Denmark*, France*, Germany, Greece*, Italy, Japan*, South Africa, Spain*, Sweden*, Turkey, UK*

King of the Copper Mountain 9+ King Mansolin’s heart is failing. While a miracle worker undertakes a long journey to fetch the herb that will save him, animals visit the king and tell him their most exciting adventures. Illustrations: Harmen van Straaten

Rights sold to Denmark*, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation*, South Africa*, Spain*, UK*



Robber Hupsadaisy 8+ Hupsadaisy becomes a robber on the day his mother dies. Like Robin Hood, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Fearing nothing and no one, he bravely rescues a beautiful young lady. Illustrations: Carl Hollander

Rights sold to France*, Germany, Greece*, South Africa*, Spain*, UK*

The Red Princess 8+ The princess has never stepped outside the gates of the royal palace. When she leaves the palace, she is abducted by three robbers. And she has the time of her life! Illustrations: Fiel van der Veen Awarded the Silver Slate Pencil and Silver Slate Paintbrush in 1988 Rights sold to Denmark*, France*, Germany, Greece*, Japan*, South Africa, Spain



I Wish I Was Different 8+ A clumsy nearsighted and overweight boy desperately wishes he was different. Perhaps the Great Wizard will fulfill his wish if he learns the seven-times table? He discovers that learning multiplication – and especially the seven times – indeed makes him different. Illustrations: Sandra Klaassen

Virgil of Tuil 6+ Virgil and a hundred other dwarves live in the heath. His companions love their quiet life, but Virgil longs for adventure and decides to look for it in a far more crowded place – a city where humans live! Illustrations: Mies van Hout

Rights sold to Germany, South Africa*, UK*



Night Stories 10+ This collection of stories is framed by a dwarf who is visited by a storytelling fairy each night. He can hardly wait for nightfall for another installment. By turns exciting, funny, and moving, Night Stories is perfect bedtime reading for reluctant sleepers. Illustrations: Charlotte Dematons Awarded the Golden Slate Pencil in 1993 Rights sold to Denmark*

The Gardens of Dorr 10+ Vengeful witch Sirdis casts a spell upon Notyours that turns him into a strange flower. The spell can only be broken by planting the flower in the right garden. To find the garden, Iamyours must go to the city of Dorr. Will Iamyours’ love be strong enough to break the spell and bring the dead city of Dorr back to life? Illustrations: Charlotte Dematons

Rights sold to Germany*, Japan*, Turkey*, UK*



Lieneke Dijkzeul (1950) began writing short stories but was capti© Mariëlle van Gelderen

vated by children’s literature after the birth of her daughter. Her debut, Stay Strong, was published in 1990, followed by several more for Lemniscaat. Popular with children and award juries alike, Lieneke continues to be published by Lemniscaat.

Ball! 10+ Rahmane’s dream comes true when he is talent-spotted to play soccer in Holland. Even though his career really takes off, the price is high. Rahmane realises he will always be between two worlds, Holland and Africa. Still, he is prepared to pay this price to follow his dream. Awarded the Vlag & Wimpel in 2005 Rights sold to Germany, Portugal, South Korea*



Evert Hartman (1937-1994) began his writing career with adult thrillers and turned to children’s books in 1978. Hartman encouraged his readers to think for themselves by choosing controversial topics with no easy answers. His books continue to be popular with both youth and adults.

The Invisible Light 11+ Leny is thirteen years old when she discovers she has second sight. She realises that she sees things that are invisible to other people and is tossed between trust and scepticism and disbelief from those around her. Gradually, she learns to find a way to live with her gift. Rights sold to Denmark*



War Without Friends 12+ Arnold’s father is a member of the Dutch National Socialist Movement. Arnold belongs to its youth division, but he moves from blind acceptance of his allegiance to the Movement to doubting it, disliking it, and finally rejecting it. Awarded the European Prize for Topical Juvenile Literature Rights sold to Denmark*, Iceland*, Spain*, UK*, USA*



Hanna Kraan (1946-2011) made her debut with her stories about the Wicked Witch, which were animated for television. Her books have been translated all over the world. She also wrote popular stories about the squirrel Krik and his friends Domper and Melle.

Come and Dance, Wicked Witch 6+ There’s a party in the forest! Will the Wicked Witch come and dance? A party where all the animals in the forest come, but the Wicked Witch does not appear, wouldn’t feel right. Illustrations: Annemarie van Haeringen



I Am Krik, Krik Am I 6+ Hanna Kraan describes wonderful adventures through the eyes of Krik the squirrel, Domper the toad and Melle the blackbird, providing a humourous view on human activity. Wonderful, witty stories for younger readers! Illustrations: Mies van Hout

Rights sold to Slovenia

Here Is the Wicked Witch 6+ Who doesn’t know the blackbird, the hare, the hedgehog and the owl? They all live in the same forest as the Wicked Witch, who regularly shakes things up with her magic spells. This book contains a selection of the best stories about the Wicked Witch. Illustrations: Annemarie van Haeringen

Rights sold to Germany, France, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia, Usa



Jan Terlouw (1931) was a member of the Dutch Parliament and the Minister of Economic Affairs. In spite of his public duties, he still found time to write and has become one of Holland’s most successful author of books for children. He writes about contemporary issues, using his experience in politics to explore topics such as democracy and the use of power.

Winter in Wartime 10+ Holland, World War ii. Fifteen-year-old Michiel’s father has just been executed by the Nazis and the grieving son becomes involved in the Resistance. Dare he expose his family to more danger? Awarded the Golden Slate Pencil in 1974 and nominated for the List of Honor for the Hans Christian Award in 1974 Rights sold to Denmark*, France*, Germany, Iceland*, Italy*, Japan*, Poland*, South Africa, Spain*, Sweden*, UK*, USA, Vietnam*



How to Become King

The Gorge 10+


For over forty-five

When Katoren loses its

years, the country of

king, six ministers


form a provisional gov-

has been split up by a

ernment. Years later,

deep gorge. When Yon-

Stark declares that he

der finds the rem-

wants to be king. The

nants of an old diary,

ministers set him

containing notes on

seven impossible tasks.

plans for a bridge over the gorge, he goes to

Awarded the Golden Slate


Pencil in 1972, Best Austrian Juvenile in 1973, and the

Spanish translation

European Award, Province


of Trento, Italy in 1973 Rights sold to Iceland*, Rights sold to Brazil*,

Italy*, Spain*

Denmark*, Finland*, France*, Germany*, Greece*, Hungary*, Iceland*, Indonesia*, Ireland*, Italy*, Slovakia*, South Africa, Spain*, UK*, USA*



Simone van der Vlugt (1966) was a success with the publication of her first book, The Amulet. Her popularity has continued to grow and she has the nominations and Š Ton Koene

awards to prove it, including ones from the Young Jury and the Dutch Children’s Jury. Her thrilling historical fiction is thoroughly researched and remarkably wide-ranging.

The Guillotine 12+ France, 1789. Sandrine de Billancourt is the lone survivor when her aristocratic family is murdered by the National Guard. She escapes and finds refuge with a poor family, adapting to her new life of hard work and suspicious people. Honorable Mention from the Zoenjury in 2000 and nominated by the Dutch Young Jury 2001 Rights sold to Germany*, Spain*



Blood Money 12+ Holland, 1653. Reinout joins a merchant ship of the United East India Company. When a

The Amulet 12+

large part of the crew

1630. The witch-hunt

falls victim to scurvy

is in full swing. Nina

The Red Wolf 11+

due to the greed of

is said to be a witch

It’s 55 B.C. The life of a

the captain and the

and needs to leave the

military scout is dan-

Company, Reinout

city. Dressed like a

gerous and often

seizes power and

boy, she embarks on a

short, yet this is what

turns pirate.

long journey during

Rufus does for army of

Nominated by the Dutch

which her visions

the Roman emperor

come in handy.

Julius Caesar. When

Young Jury 1999

he is captured by the

Rights sold to Germany*,

Rights sold to Germany*,

enemy, his life



changes radically.



The Bastard of Brussels 11+

Black Snow 11+

Brussels, 1565. The

Holland, 1845. Work-

city is terrorised by

ing conditions in the

Jehanne 11+

public executions of

mines are grim. With

France, 1425. The

anyone who criticizes

her entire family em-

story of the legendary

the Catholic Church.

ployed by the mine,

Joan of Arc. A true,

Brewer Crispijn needs

Emma Mullender real-

tragic story of a young

to flee the city. But

izes that she is not the

girl who has the di-

that is difficult for

only one who thinks

vine task of saving

him: he not only

labourers have a right

France in the war

misses the city, but

to a decent human

against the English.

also Eva, the maid’s

life. Nominated by the Dutch


Young Jury 2003 Rights sold to Germany, Rights sold to Germany



Rights sold to Denmark*


Butterflies 11+ Guilt tells the story of thirteen-yearold Zoe, who is psychic: she can see dead people and visions of the future. When her best friend Evi is killed in a horseback riding accident, Zoe guilt overwhelms her. Could she have prevented Evi’s death?

Guilt 11+ In Butterflies, Zoe goes to a new school. She slowly constructs a new life with new friends and learns that she is not responsible for the things she is able to see. Then she uses her gift to solve a crime committed at her school years before.



Anke de Vries (1936) lives France. Her first book was published in 1972. She tends to write in two categories: books set in Holland that usually focus on contemporary issues such as discrimination, child abuse and environmental problems, and those in France which are more mysterious and adventurous. All of her books show her deep feelings for people facing the problems of today’s world.

Bruises 10+ Judith tries her best to help her mother, but her mother still gets angry very often. She hits Judith, sometimes so badly that she’s covered in bruises. When Judith befriends Michael and visits him at home, she sees that her mother’s moods are not the norm. Awarded the Dutch Children’s Jury Prize in two categories in 1993 Rights sold to Denmark*, Germany*, Italy*, Mexico*, South Korea, Sweden*, USA*



Belledonne Room  12+ Robert finds a note-

The Secret of Maurice Bonjour 10+

book and a bullet

Maurice Bonjour is a

broken into: chairs are

among his grandfa-

Frenchman who has

broken, flower pots

ther’s belongings. Cu-

lived in Holland for

smashed on the floor

riosity leads him to

many years. The chil-

and the walls covered

the French Alps. Nominated for the European Prize for Juvenile Literature,

Messy work 9+ The school has been

dren in the neighbour-

in slogans against for-

hood adore him. Until

eigners. Two weeks

one day, Brigit makes

later, the same thing

a shattering discovery.

happens again. Who

Province of Trento, Italy, 1978

can have done it? Awarded the Silver Slate

Rights sold to Finland*, Pencil in 1976 Germany*, Iceland*, Italy*, South Africa*, Spain*, USA*

Awarded the Dutch Rights sold to Germany*

Children’s Jury Prize in 1991


Lemniscaat Rights Guide 2016  

Lemniscaat is one of the oldest and most well known children's book publishers in Holland. Founded in 1963 and still independent today, Lemn...

Lemniscaat Rights Guide 2016  

Lemniscaat is one of the oldest and most well known children's book publishers in Holland. Founded in 1963 and still independent today, Lemn...