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RMN University Course Catalog Winter – Spring 2009 – 2010


The Relationship Marketing Network (RMN) puts a face to doing business. We are a group of business professionals that believe in treating our clients with respect and appreciation. Through RMN you will Build connections, Bond with your clients and business family, and Benefit from on-going growth and success. Our goal is to enhance your relationship with your ‘Business Family’ and create an environment for you to prosper. Your 'Business Family' is your Vendors, Employees, Prospects, and any one who you encounter in your business daily. Our courses create awareness, empowerment and teach the necessary skills needed in any relationship. RMN will work with your company to produce a strong ROI (Return on Investment). We look forward to meeting you and building a lasting and respectful business relationship

The RMN Team

RMN University: RMN University was created to empower individuals and relationship systems (2 or more people) - To teach business professionals how to have healthy, connected business relationships to foster business growth and sustainability.

Learn the Formula for Successful Business Relationships: 1. Implement the 3 Core Beliefs that create healthy, flexible thinking. 2. Manage Your emotions and be at choice for choosing the “right attitude” needed for any situation. 3. Shift perspective from “looking to be right” to “looking to understand” during times of conflict and choose the appropriate behavior for the sake of the relationship. 4. Build and sustain Strategic Partnerships to market and grow your business. 5. Create an environment of Respect with a capital “R” for all your “business family” transactions. 6. Using Social Media the right way to Build Relationships

Course Information:

Individual Per Session Fee: $25.00 Corporate Group Rates Available Upon Request

Facility: The CT Grapevine Business Center 159 Burnside Avenue, East Hartford, CT 06108


Session 1: “Are My Emotions Getting in the Way of My Business Growth?” Date: December 9, 2009 Time: 6pm – 8pm An inside look at what triggers our emotions and causes the team synergy to break down. Why are we so quick to judge? Learn how to approach any situation from a rational, not emotional, attitude. 3 Core Beliefs will empower you to take charge of your feelings, make better decisions and create a winning team. We will explore many typical scenarios and apply the 3 Core Belief System!

Session 2: Have You Gotten Positional in your Company? Get Back to Your Mission Statement! Date: January 13, 2009 Time: 6pm – 8pm Ok - You’re Right so Now What?! Conflict is going to happen so what do you do in your business with your clients, employees, vendors, co-workers, and the rest of your business family when they arrive? In any relationship, you will eventually experience conflict. It is at this point, that unfortunately, productivity breaks down. Individuals within the team start to operate from a positional stance, losing sight of the team goals. But CONFLICT is exactly where we want to be! It is here that potential growth can happen! You will learn how to look beyond what you want and see what's trying to happen for the company! This session will give you methods to resolve conflict and really get the win-win so that you can maintain and build healthy business relationships and thus a healthy business environment that can produce and sustain strong revenue growth.

Session 3: Designing Strategic Partnership Alliances (DSPA) Date: February 10, 2009 Time: 6pm – 8pm DSPA - What Does That Mean and How to form them? Smart business professionals know that strategic partnerships are the foundation for success. This session will teach you how to create strategic partnership alliances that will help your business grow through access to partner resources, including markets, technologies, capital and people. Successful small business owners are realizing that if they are going to make it, they are going to need help, and one of the places they are finding help is through the formation of small business alliances. Alliance is not the same as agreement! But it means having a common goal. It's collaboration! This is a tool that can be used with any relationship and is constantly being redesigned as life changes. We will teach you the skills to “DSPA” for the many business relationships you encounter.

Session 4: “What Are Your Intentions?” - Seeking the Value in the Difference Date: March 10, 2009 Time: 6pm – 8pm “Please and Thank You” are magical words taught at a young age. But along the way of life, we forget these attitudes. The results are broken business and personal relationships. This session will teach you how to put in to practice, “You get more bees with honey than vinegar”. This session will anchor your beliefs and attitudes around building respectful business relationships...especially when it's not easy! Put this in to practice and you will be amazed at how your business is affected.

Session 5: Building Relationships Using Social Media Date: April 7, 2009 Time: 6pm – 8pm If you think that Twitter and Facebook are just websites to share your family vacation highlights, then your business is missing out on powerful and inexpensive relationship building marketing tool. Social networking in business can help you to build brand awareness, position you and your company as experts in your field, address customer service issues, and yes, even increase revenue.

Topics that we’ll cover in this session include: •

Why you should take the time to “Tweet”

Social media etiquette

How to build your network of followers

What to say to your followers

What NOT to say to your followers

How to IMPROVE what you say to your followers

How to ‘layer’ your on-line presence

How to stay up-to-date on the evolution of social media

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