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New Lemi Aromotherapy All the benefits of 100% natural essential oils, all the quality and functionality of Lemi products. This is the innovative Lemi Aromatherapy: the first professional system that integrates aromatherapy directly into Lemi beds. A unique opportunity, born from the partnership between Lemi and Camylle (leader in the creation of essences for spas), that allows you to offer your customers a complete and personalised wellness experience and to increase the value of your offer thanks to a unique and innovative device.

1 kit, 5 essences, a unique experience! The Lemi Aromatherapy Kit consists of: • 1 essence diffusion system completely integrated into the spa bed* • 5 packs of Camylle essences with different fragrances (150g packs) With Lemi Aromatherapy Kit you can guarantee the customer a personalised sensory journey based on their tastes, which they can enjoy through the creation of an experience completely tailored to their needs for the first time ever. All the customer has to do is choose their favourite of the 5 essences and transform a wellness treatment into “their” wellness treatment! *the Lemi Aromatherapy Kit is available on the Venice, Florence and Versus models.

Lemi Aromatherapy: more benefits for you More convenient to manage Clean: it doesn’t use heat or liquids to release the essences Invisible: non-bulky and doesn’t make noise as it is integrated into the structure Healthy: it is 100% natural (pure aroma) powered by Camylle

Simpler to use Long-lasting: the blister last several hours and can be used for several treatments Interchangeable: the blisters can be replaced and reused with ease Directional: the essence is diffused near to the head and does not dominate the entire cabin

A more valuable offer Customisable: the customer can choose their preferred essence Effective: the action of the essences for the customer is optimised Distinctive: you can create your own special packages by combining treatments and essences

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Lemi - Aromatherapy  
Lemi - Aromatherapy